My Roommate Gives Me Nicknames (hypno)

When I decided to live in the dorms at college I pretty nervous. At my college, all the dorms are four-person apartments. I wouldn’t know who my three roommates were until moving day. It sucked, not having any friends at the same school.

When I showed up at the door of #202, it’s fair to say that I was a little nerdy. Not all pocket-protector and virgin nerdy, but I was a first year in Physics. Definitely not the type to party all night or hookup with randoms.

I was wearing khaki’s and a button-down shirt. It was summer, but I thought it was best I made a good impression on my new roommates.

Inside, I could hear a couple of guys being pretty loud. I rolled my eyes a bit and thought I should have worked harder last year to find people to share a place with. This sounded … obnoxious.

I hoped that the guys inside were just horsing around because it was moving day, not because they were disruptive. Last year, my cousin Jimmy had gotten stuck in an apartment with three stoners. Needless to say, he spent most of his time in the library instead of being able to study at home.

Still, my names was on the door, this was my place.

I took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped inside. There were three guys inside were chucking around a football. They were like fratboy clones, all board shorts and surfer-T’s. At that moment, the only way I could tell them apart was with by their hair: blonde, red, and curly brown. Blonde and red had each used a full bottle of gel that morning.

In contrast with my thin body and conservative buzz cut, it was almost a parody.

When the blonde one saw me, he changed his aim and shouted “think fast!” By the time I realized the football was on its way, it had already bounced off my face and caused a nosebleed.

“Shit!” said the redhead. The curly haired one was jumping for paper towels, shoving a wad of them under my face to catch the blood. I held them close and gave a begrudging “Thanks”.

“Lemme start over,” the blonde one thrust his hand out at me. “I’m Kevin, this here’s Jonas.”

“Call me Jay,” the redhead said. “Sorry about the…uh…blood, I guess.”

I shook Kevin’s hand. “Hi,” I said through a muffled nose, “I’m Alexander.”

“I’m Charlie,” filled in the curly-haired one.

I looked over my roommates. Jay and Charlie oriented themselves subconsciously behind Kevin, looking for cues. These guys were pack animals, and Kevin was definitely the alpha.

“It’s good to meet you,” said Kevin. “Totally a rocky start, but I promise you bro, we’re gonna be total buds.”

I couldn’t believe this. I *hated* guys who called me bro. It was my biggest pet peeve. We definitely weren’t getting off on the right foot.

It looked like they hadn’t brought any of their stuff up yet, save a six-pack and the football. “So, I guess we better bring up our things. Do need any help with your stuff?” I was going for an olive branch. “I’m going to go down and get some boxes.”

“Y’know, we should do the same. I brought a foosball table, and we could use some help getting it up the stairs.” Kevin headed towards the door and clasped me on the shoulder. “You’ll help with that, won’t’cha bro?”

We headed downstairs and started pulling boxes out of my car. One of them was unwieldy, but Kevin jumped in and said “Let me help you out with that bro!”

We unloaded the car, and the whole time I was getting tenser and tenser. Kevin kept calling me ‘bro’ in this really pointed way, like he was trying to make the word stick.

By the time we got their foosball table up the stairs and wrestled it into the apartment, I was sweating and shaking. Every time Kevin called me bro, I felt the word reverberating in my head and making my stomach fill with nervous energy. He was seriously pissing me off and I didn’t know how to respond.

“What’s wrong bro?” Kevin asked. “You look shaky bro.”

Charlie laughed. “Dude, he’s almost ready.”

What were they talking about? Ready?

I was breathing fast, like I’d just run a long way. “Stop it…” I said. “Stop calling me bro.”

I was dizzy, like I stood up too fast.

“Why not bro?” said Kevin.

I could barely stand. I could barely think.

“Want a beer, bro?”

Something inside of me snapped. The nervous energy inside me let loose.

My muscles were tensed. My skin was soaked in sweat. I could feel it coming, and it was impossible.

Deep inside my gut, I felt a spark of something well up… something different than me. Someone different than me. It felt arrogant and cocky. Entitled. Ambitious.

“No fuckin’ way,” said Jay. “This is so cool to watch.”

I felt the spark ripple outward towards my skin. For a moment, the whole world seemed to blur.

My body swelled and tightened at the same time, becoming denser with muscle and tendon. Not like I was some jock or anything, but I clearly worked out. My biceps…my….my guns swelled out. A barbed-wire tattoo accented the muscle.

My delts and pecs gained definition. A light layer of fat covered my body. I skipped leg day a little too often, but I wasn’t nerdy looking anymore.

My hair grew out, becoming longer and unruly. I felt my backwards cap settle over my black mop.

A cocky grin split my face and I looked down at my improved body. Ripped jeans and flip-flops made up my entire outfit. My chest was bare and just a little sunburnt from spending the day moving.

I flopped down on the couch. “Duh bro, ‘course I want one” I said, and pinched a beer off Kevin’s sixer. I drank deeply and belched before asking. “So, what the fuck bros? Did I win the lottery?”

Kevin grinned. “He just accepts it, no problem,” he muttered to himself, like he’d seen a magic trick and was still in awe. Then he turned to me and answered my question while Jay and Charlie looked on. “I bought this potion online. I drink some, and then I call someone a nickname for a while, and eventually they turn into the nickname. I called you bro all day, so now you’re a total bro.”

“No fuckin’ way,” I grinned. “So you can like, I dunno, call some chick ‘slut’ all night and she’ll bang you?”

I would have expected high fives from Jay or Charlie, but none came. Maybe I misread the dynamic and they were waiting for Kevin to respond.

Luckily Kevin laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess.”

* * *

We were out that night, pounding back beers off campus. The pub was full of good looking girls. I was dressed in jeans and a designer polo, and all I could think about was how much I deserved to get laid.

The first chick I tried to pickup told me to fuck off.

The second one told me I was a creep.

The third girl just laughed in my face.

I rejoined my bros for another beer and spent a good ten minutes rambling on about the sluts in this place being total bitches before Kevin motioned for me to stop.

“Alex, chill out. So, they’re not into you. The will be soon, stud.”

“Huh? What’d’ya call me?”

Was Kevin trying to hit on me? I was gonna beat his ass so fuckin’ hard…

“Relax stud,” he smiled. “I’ve got my internet potion, remember? I call you stud enough times, and nobody is gonna be able to resist you, right stud?”

Whoa, I’d forgotten about that. I’d only been a bro for a few hours, and already the memory of my old life had faded to background noise. Kevin was just helping me out.

“Hey stud!” Kevin snapped me out of it. “We’re dry,” he motioned with the pitcher, “go get the next round, stud.”

I got up to go to the bar when I suddenly felt sick. I hadn’t drank that much, maybe four or five beers, but all of a sudden I felt like I was gonna hurl.

Charlie barked a laugh. “Dude, you were right, it’s happening faster this time.”

“Yeah, ‘course it is. He’s still all worked up from this afternoon. The stud hasn’t had time to stabilize yet.”

I was confused. The room was spinning. It was happening!

I felt the same tension as before, like something was ready to explode out of me. This time it wasn’t arrogance and entitlement. The ambition was still there, stronger than ever, but with confidence and drive.

The whole bar blurred out for a second.

My body shuddered. Instead of a fratboy beer belly, my core had hardened into six-pack abs and hard muscle. My chest rounded out. My arms became more solid with hard-earned stabilizer muscles. Below my waist, I felt the burn from a well-done leg day. My ass pushed against my jeans and my cock gained another inch or two, filling out my boxer briefs.

I looked at my reflection in the pub window. My shirt had gotten more casual, downplaying to a fitted-T that showed off all my hard work in the gym. The dumbfounded look I’d been wearing all day shifted subtly, my features morphing to become symmetrical and alluring.

I could have any girl in this bar. Fuckin’ A.

Kevin, Charlie and Jay were grinning at me. “Nice,” said Kevin.

I laughed and headed off to get us another round. All the way to the bar I could feel the girls - and more than a couple of guys - staring at me. They all wanted me to take them home tonight. Whatever. I’d get to them all eventually.

For tonight, there was this chick standing by the bar. Total bombshell. She had blonde hair and a pink tank top.

“Hey,” I said, and gave her a killer smile. “You having a good night?”

She laughed and brushed her hair away from her face. “Hi. I’m Tracy.”

“Alex,” I motioned to the bartender and paid for the beer.

I got my bros their pitcher, but after that Tracy and I sort of ditched them and went to make out by the pool table. They understand, it’s not like me hooking up is a surprise. Not since Kevin started calling me stud.

* * *

It was pretty late that night when Tracy and I stumbled back into my apartment. She was ready to go, and I was fucking hard, so I couldn’t wait to get her into my room and plow her.

The guys were playing video games or something in the front room, so Tracy and I just slipped down the hall and got to it. After I came, she cuddled up like she was gonna sleep here or something. Whatever, I had to piss like a racehorse. I’d kick her out after. I slipped on some boxers and headed down the hall.

The lights in the front room were off, but there was still noise coming from there. I tried to be extra quiet, maybe one of my buddies had hooked up too.

“Oooh, yeah, fuck,” I heard Jay moaning in the dark. Alright Jay.

He was still going at it when I was sneaking back to my room.

“Oh, yeah…dude….”

Wait. What?

Then I heard Kevin’ deep voice. “Yeah, say my name, bro.”


I peered around the corner. In the dark, Kevin had Jay bent over the couch and was pounding him for all he was worth. Charlie was there too, sitting across the room and jerking himself off while he watched.

“Fuck….fuck me harder Kevin. Ooooooh. Oooh. Oh.” Jay was ready to cum. All over our fucking couch.

“What the fuck bro!?” I heard the words slip out of my mouth.

Jay cried out loudly. He was cumming, barely even registering that I was there.

Kevin, on the other hand, had pulled out and was looking at me with hungry eyes.

“What’re you looking at faggot?”

“Dude, What the hell?” I was shocked. “I’m no fag.”

“Sure you are, faggot,” Kevin spoke with that same pointed tone.

“Fuck this, I’m out,” I said. I headed down the hall to grab some clothes and get the fuck out of this place. I felt fucking betrayed. No way were my bros gay.

“Get back here, faggot!” Kevin was calling me from the other room. I stormed back.

“Stop calling me that!” I yelled. “You freaks might be gay, but I’m not.”

“Just turn him already,” Jay moaned from the couch.

“Yeah,” Charlie spoke up, his hand pumping up and down his shaft. “It’s time.”

I could hear Tracy moving around in the bedroom. The noise must have woken her up.

“C’mon faggot, you know you want my cock.”

Dammit. I felt dizzy.

“Fight it,” I muttered to myself through clenched teeth. “C’mon man, fight it.”

“Just give in to it faggot.” I tried to shut out Kevin’s voice, but I couldn’t manage it.

A chill ran down my spine and the world blurred. I felt the spark of the change forming inside of me. I felt righteous. Empowered. Proud and ready to tell the world.

I shuddered again as it burst out of me. I could feel my body changing. My ass swelled, feeling big. Feeling…sexy? Of course, that was it, it felt sexy. My cock swelled again. For a moment I thought I was getting bigger again, but then I realized.

I was getting hard. Harder than I’d ever been before.

I looked down at my body. It was pretty much the same, but I now clearly spent time in a tanning bed. My boxers had swapped for a pair of cyan briefs, which looked, like, totally gorgeous on my hottie body. My cock pointed straight out, distorting the fabric and giving my bros something to stare at.

I could hear Tracy coming around the corner. There was a pause, then heavier footsteps.

“Hey Xander,” he said and wrapped his thick arms around me from behind.

For a second, I wasn’t sure what was going on, but then I remembered. I was gay as fuck. Of course I’d taken a guy home.

Kevin was grinning even more than usual. I turned to face Tracy. He was a blond bombshell, biceps and bravado, just the way I like ‘em. As I turned, he was slipping his pink muscle shirt back on.

“Going?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got an early class or somethin’. Besides, it looks like you’ve got plenty to keep you busy here.”

“Text me sometime,” I said.

“Totally,” he smiled. “I could get in on this sometime.” Tracy kissed me once more, then ambled out of the room and into his new life as a hot jock. Some people have all the luck, you know?

I dropped my briefs and prepared to get lucky myself.

Charlie was on me in an instant, his warm mouth enveloping my firm cock. He sucked like his life depended on it. He ran his tongue up and down my most sensitive veins, flicked it just underneath my head, and sucked my balls until I thought I was going to burst. Just thinking about that BJ makes me hard.

Jay was zonked out after his orgasm, but Kevin was still looking for more. He leaned in on me and took control with a deep kiss. Kevin’s hands groped my rounded ass, teasing my hole and moving away quickly. I wanted more. I could feel an now familiar emptiness inside, making me ache for a dick to fill me.

“Oh, fuck me, please, fuck me,” I moaned to Kevin. I remembered being on top with Tracy, but where Kevin was involved, it just felt natural that I should submit.

“Yeah? You want me, huh,” he laughed at my eagerness.

“Yeah. I want you.” I mirrored.

Charlie backed off, and Kevin bent me over the couch. I felt a cold squirt of lube on my hole and a gentle finger getting me ready to receive. Kevin took a moment to slip on a condom, then started teasing my ass with his rod.

“You know what I like?” Kevin asked me, slipping his cockhead inside of me. God, he was perfectly sized - any bigger and I wouldn’t be able to take him. As it was, I had trouble concentrating on what he said.

“I said, you know what I like?” he prompted me again.

“What’s that?” I asked. I was pushing back against him, working to drive him deeper into me.

“This whole studbro thing you’ve got going on is nice, but I’m into muscles. You need more, don’t’cha, muscles?”

I could really feel him inside me now. “Yeah. I guess. I could work out more.”

“Nah, why do it the hard way muscles? You know what, muscles? There are benefits to being one of my guys.”

I was sliding up and down his shaft, feeling him hit me perfectly. Kevin’s cock was filling me up and making me feel whole.

I was also feeling weird.

“You want to be one of my boytoys, huh muscles?” Kevin spoke. Not for my benefit, but to drive in the nickname.

I could feel the spark inside me. Strong. Trained. Dedicated to the gym.

“C’mon muscles!” shouted Kevin.

I embraced the wave this time. The spark burst out of me, the world blurred, and as my body inflated, I came harder than ever. I felt Kevin cumming inside me, his big cock pulsing, tearing apart my hard-earned body.

I collapsed on the living room floor. He fell on the couch. Charlie and Jay were nearby, covered in their own cum, exhausted by jacking off to the reality of my transformation.

For the first time in my life, I felt big. Constrained by my physique. My arms wouldn’t hang flat against my sides anymore. I couldn’t stretch as far.

I writhed on the floor, feeling my oversized body and marvelling at how fucking hot I was all hulked out. I was still thinking about how much of a stud I was when I finally fell asleep.

* * *

I woke up late the next morning, covered in dry cum and sweat. I checked my phone and got up fast. I was going to be late to my first class of the year if I didn’t hustle.

Kevin, Jay and Charlie were still snoring off last night’s fun when I hopped in the shower. Ten minutes later, I was headed out the door in a too-tight t-shirt and going commando in a pair of sweats. There isn’t a lot that fits a guy like me.

All through my class, I kept getting weird looks. The prof even asked if I had the right room. Like I didn’t know my physics, just ‘cause I’ve got a body like a mountain.

Jay was making bacon and eggs for Kevin when I got back to the apartment.

“Hey, where you been?” asked Kevin. “I wanted to wake you up with a BJ, but you took off super early.”

“I had class bro, the life of a physics major. Last night was awesome, but I’ve got to keep that kind of stuff to the weekends if I want to pass all my classes.”

Kevin ate a piece of bacon and mulled that over. “You’re not a physics major Dummy, you’re in business. Everyone knows you don’t have the brains for science Dummy.”

I stopped in my tracks. Fuck, I made the wrong move. Kevin was the alpha here and it was starting to sink in that I was going to have to be careful.

“Whoa, Kev, I’m grateful and everything for all the changes, but please don’t call me that.”

“Why shouldn’t I Dummy? I’ve almost got you perfect, and I’m not stopping until you’re moulded into my fantasy.”

My head was starting to get cloudy. There was a spark of something growing inside me again. It was…it wasn’t better like the others. This one was dull. Slow. If this one got out…

“Kevin,” Jay stopped eating. “You’ve done enough with him man, if he says no, it’s no.”

“Shut-up slave,” Kevin shot back at Jay. Jay’s eyes widened.

“No man, you said you wouldn’t do it to me, not again.” He knew he’d crossed the line.

“You’ve been a good boy so far, slave, but it seems like you need a reminder about who’s in charge.”

Jay tried to escape. He almost made it out the door.

“Sit down slave,” Kevin ordered.

It was the first time I saw Kevin’s power from outside. In a split second Jay blurred like a bad special effect. When he came back into focus, he was different. His hair was buzzed short, and he was naked except for a studded collar. His head was slightly bowed. Submissive.

“Yes sir,” said Jay. He sat down across from Kevin at the table and studied his food closely, no longer daring to make eye contact.

Kevin caught me again with an evil eye. “Now Dummy, let’s finish up here.”

That was the last word. The spark inside me burst outward and a gray fog settled over my thoughts.

“Huh?” I asked. “What were we talkin’ about?”

“Nothing big. Want some eggs?”

“Sure bro,” I said. I started toward the stove, but Jay beat me to it, he was so happy to serve.

Kevin grinned at me again. “This is the life, huh slut?”

I settled into my chair and ate my eggs. My thoughts turned over slowly, and I saw my reflection on the microwave door. I was a lucky guy, all musclebound and good looking. I had my bro’s Kevin and Charlie to hang out with and our slave to make life easier. Maybe I wasn’t the brightest anymore, but I was sure gonna get laid this year. Especially if Kevin called me slut a couple more times.

“Yeah,” I said eventually. I shifted my weight on the chair, trying to keep my obvious erection from being uncomfortable. “This is the fuckin’ life.”