At the Movies

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The first time I had sex in a movie theater was when I was fifteen. My folks sent me to spend two months with my aunt in Brooklyn, because my mom was about to give birth to my baby sister. I liked my aunt, and Brooklyn was a lot more interesting than the small Illinois town where we lived, so it was OK with me.

The third day I was there my aunt asked me if I wanted to go to a movie. I assumed she meant together, and asked what was playing. "You'll find out when you get there," she said, handing me some money and a piece of paper. She had written down instructions on how to get downtown on the subway. I looked up at her, puzzled, and she smiled. "I just need some private time, dear," she said. "Don't come back until seven. That's enough money for a movie and dinner, if you don't go someplace too expensive. Be careful, don't talk to any strangers."

It was my first time alone in the big city and I was both thrilled and afraid. Everyone seemed to be looking at me. Every time someone brushed against me, I grabbed my back pocket where my wallet rode, sure I was being robbed. When a man next to me on the subway tried to chat me up, I moved, sure he was some sort of pervert.

There were four theaters in the area my aunt had sent me to, and I spent fifteen minutes looking at the ads outside, trying to decide what I wanted to see. But all that work was pointless when I saw this guy going into one of them. He looked a few years older than me, and his looks got my attention right away - he had bright blond hair, obviously dyed, and wore jeans so low slung that his crotch hairs showed, with nothing but a skimpy tank-top above - all of which was enough to make me stare at him, but on top of that he had a beautiful, sexy boyish face, and an awesomely muscular sexy physique, lots of which was on display, including his very muscular arms and chest. It wasn't cold that day, but it wasn't exactly tank-top weather, either, so his bare flesh was especially noticeable. He was the hottest guy I had ever seen, and I wanted to see more.

I didn't know yet that I was gay, so I wasn't sure why I followed the sexy hustler, and if you had told me he got paid to have sex with other men, I would have been shocked and disgusted, and would have run the other way. But as it was all I knew was that I liked looking at him, so I followed him into the theater.

In the theater lobby I saw the young man at once. He had taken up a post at one side of the lobby where he could be seen by anyone entering, and was posing provocatively, his legs spread wide apart, his hips thrust out, and his arms flexed in a way that displayed his muscles. I stared at him hungrily, unable to look away. I had been taught never to stare at people, but I couldn't help myself - the handsome stud was unlike anyone else I'd ever seen, so beautiful, so sexy, so compellingly desirable - and he was showing off his looks so blatantly. He seemed to want people to look at him, he was flaunting his beauty, begging for attention. And the more I stared at him the more I wanted to do something more - I still wasn't sure what, but I was hooked.

He didn't seem to notice my attention - his stare was fixed on the opposite wall, waiting for someone else to make the first move. The way he was posing made my groin throb - his crotch was thrust forward and the huge bulge in his pants that I had not seen earlier was well displayed. I gasped as I realized that his huge cock was erect, and clearly outlined through the tight denim of his pants. I could tell he was not wearing briefs, so his fuck tool snaked down one leg of his pants, hard and sexy and demanding. I wanted to touch it. I was shocked, but also aroused by the sight. I had never seen another guy display his assets so boldly and provocatively. His cock looked enormous, bigger than any I had ever seen - bigger than my own, which the other guys at school said was the biggest they had ever seen.

After staring at the boy for several minutes I realized he was not returning my interest, and I had no idea how to approach him - he was a total stranger, and I had been taught never to talk to strangers, especially in strange places, so I went up to the counter and bought popcorn and a soda. I glanced back at the sexy muscle stud several times, and he was still there showing off his awesome body, but he still didn't look at me. Finally I walked into the theater and took a seat about halfway down in the center. I had no idea what movie was playing, but I didn't care - the thought of that boy in the lobby had me drunk with desire.

I was one of only four people in the theater at first, and looked around, curious. The movie hadn't started yet, so there was enough light to see everyone else. Other people walked in, and I watched them all, wondering who they were, and why they were in a movie theater at 3 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon. I ate my popcorn and watched the people. I almost forgot about the muscle stud in the lobby, but every time the door opened to let someone else in I looked up hopefully. Finally, looking back at the door I saw the sexy boy enter the auditorium. He stood for a couple of minutes looking around idly, then walked down the aisle to the row below mine and moved across it until he was directly in front of me. Kneeling on the seat to face me over its back he smiled. I was frozen with fear and confusion and embarrassment, feeling I'd been caught doing something I shouldn't. He leaned towards me until his mouth was right at my ear and said quietly "Why don't we go up in the balcony - I like it better up there."

Being so close to the sexy hustler I could see the fine blond hairs on his shoulders and biceps and I wanted to reach out and stroke them - he was even sexier up close than from a distance, and simply radiated health and male sex appeal. I was stunned, paralyzed, unable to move. He was feeling his muscles as he knelt there in front of me, tantalizing me with the thought of putting my hands where his were. His huge hard pecs were so close I could have leaned forward and licked them, which is what I wanted to do. I was confused and dizzy from the strange forbidden feelings flooding my body. The boy reached out and took my hand and pulled me to my feet and led me down the row to the aisle and back up the aisle to the door. At the door he dropped my hand and looked over his shoulder at me, smiling. I followed him in a daze, unable to resist him.

In the balcony the sexy male hustler led me all the way to the top row, where it was dark and hot. We were the only ones up there. The arm rests between the seats could be raised out of the way, and he raised four of them to make lots of space for us, then faced me and pulled the front of his tight tank top up and hooked it over his head so his entire torso was bare, and sort of posed for me, flexing his huge muscles and rubbing his crotch, displaying his huge hard cock through the tight fabric of his jeans - my cock was so hard it felt like it was going to rip my pants. "They'll leave us alone up here," he said. "let's have some fun." And he took my hand and placed it on the bare smooth skin of his pecs. "Go ahead," he told me, "feel me up, you know you want to." Meanwhile he was sliding one of his hands up under my tee shirt, feeling the bare skin of my abs and chest. "You have a great build for a kid your age," he said. "How old are you - sixteen?" I did have a nice build even then - I'm a gymnast, and have big lean hard muscles everywhere from the hours of training.

"Fifteen," I stammered, my hand resting on his bare chest, my heart pounding and my cock throbbing as he felt me up under my tee shirt. Fearfully I let my hands move around on his bare muscles, loving their smooth hard maleness - he flexed as I rubbed his muscles, which got me even hotter - he was incredibly sexy and handsome. I had never touched another guy that way, feeling him up, exploring his naked skin with my hands, and it was sexier than anything I had ever imagined. I wanted more - I wanted to press myself to his naked body and feel him all over and become him somehow.

The sexy muscle-boy moved my hand down to his crotch and held it there - I could feel his huge piece of meat throbbing through his skin-tight jeans - "Here's what you really want," he said. His own hand moved to my crotch, rubbing my hardon through my pants. I hadn't really been aware how aroused I was, but as he squeezed my cock through my pants it throbbed and oozed and I felt like if he kept that up I'd spurt a huge load of cum in my shorts. My eager hands rubbed his bare flesh as he stood there in front of me in the dim light half naked, sexy and available. His bare hard muscles were the sexiest thing I'd ever felt, sexier even than my own, which I loved to feel as I jacked off in the shower. He flexed them for me as I rubbed them, obviously aware what his hard male body was doing to me.

He started undoing my belt, and I gasped with shock, but didn't try to stop him. He got my pants open and pushed them down to my thighs, then pushed my briefs down too, freeing my hard cock. He used both hands to play with my cock and squeeze my balls until I was about to collapse I was so turned on and dizzy with lust. Then he worked my tee shirt up to my arm pits, exposing my abs and pecs and he leaned down and started licking and sucking on my chest. I had never been this close to another guy before, especially one so sexy, and I had never imagined anyone doing to me what the awesome muscle-boy was doing, stripping me naked in public and licking and sucking my muscles like that - it had me so hot I felt like I would explode. I clutched his head to me, wanting him to eat me up, wanting his mouth everywhere on my naked sexy teen jock stud muscle-boy body.

As he continued to explore my naked body with his mouth and hands he took my hand again, and he pulled his belly in tight and shoved my hand down inside his pants, placing it directly on his bare hard cock. He wasn't wearing any shorts, which shocked and aroused me. It seemed forbidden and sexy and it turned me on even more. And having him put my hand on his bare hard cock, feeling his huge hard maleness made me so dizzy with desire I thought I'd faint - I had never touched anyone but myself there, and the forbidden excitement of touching another guy, so intimately, especially one so sexy and unbelievably desirable, and with such a huge cock, made me gasp and tingle all over. The sexy naked stud had his mouth at my ear, licking and sucking me, and murmured sexily "Go ahead, feel it, it's OK."

I let my fingers close over the huge column of flesh, feeling its male potent hardness, squeezing it gently, thrilled by the feel of another guy's naked sex. He opened his jeans and pushed them down to his knees, giving me free access to his hard cock and I used both hands to explore his crotch eagerly while he continued to suck my pecs and lick my abs. He had me practically stripped naked by then, and was the same way himself - he had hooked my tee shirt behind my neck like his tank top, and pushed my jeans and shorts to my ankles like his. Then he pushed my arms up over my head and started licking my armpits, and I collapsed onto the seat behind me, unable to stand up I was so giddy with arousal and shock.

I leaned back in the seat, my pants at my ankles and my tee shirt up in my arm pits, naked and hard-dicked and incredibly aroused, feeling dizzy like I was about to pass out. My cock had never been so hard. Then the sexy blond muscle-boy knelt on the floor in front of me and licked me from my face to my crotch, sucking on places that made me quiver and shake and my cock throb and spurt. Finally he put his beautiful mouth on the head of my hard cock and started licking and sucking it. He didn't have to suck long - by the time he had the whole thing buried in his tight hot throat I was cumming, and he kept sucking, drinking my hot sticky boy-juice like it was milk.

When my cock had stopped pumping fuck-juice into the boy's mouth and was softening a little, he lifted his mouth from it and stood in front of me - his huge hard cock stuck straight out, its huge shiny head almost touching my lips and I stared at it hypnotized - did I dare suck it? There was a long string of fuck juice leaking from the tip and trailing down and I stuck out my tongue and lapped it up. The naked hustler smiled at me and patted me on the head. "Good boy," he said, and I felt all warm and happy.

Then he knelt on the seat straddling me and leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I wasn't sure how to respond at first, but he kept it up, and I started to return the kiss. Then he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue between my lips and I opened mine. I had kissed a few girls by then, but never like that. And never another guy. Soon my mouth was full of the taste of my own fresh cum, as our tongues met and probed each other. He had one hand in my crotch, playing with my now once more rock hard cock, and the other was all over my body. "You're a real hot number," he murmured in my ear as he licked my neck and sucked on my ear. "I want to fuck you."

I really didn't know what he was talking about. I'd said only one word to him so far, my age, and I was afraid to say anything more, for fear of breaking the spell. I couldn't believe this awesome sex god I had followed into the theater was there with me telling me he thought I was sexy, and had just sucked my cock.

"Have you ever been fucked before?" he asked, and I shook my head.

"Awesome, a virgin!" he said, grinning. "Too bad none of my johns are here, they'd pay plenty to be the first. But we don't have to tell them, do we?" He was stripping me totally naked as he fondled and stroked and licked and sucked me all over to make me his willing slave. My tee shirt fell to the floor as he licked and sucked my neck and armpits and nipples. My undershorts and sox joined them as he licked all the way down my naked legs to suck on my toes.

"I'll do it slow and gentle so it doesn't hurt - you'll like it," he growled sexily in my ear as he returned to my lips and kissed me again. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I wanted it, whatever it was - I wanted anything he wanted, just so I could be near him naked like this.

The sexy muscle boy stood in front of me again, totally naked like me now - his huge hard cock stood straight out, pointing at my lips. He stroked it a few times. "Want to suck on it first?" he asked - I nodded and leaned forward and opened my mouth and tried to imitate what he had just done to me, licking and sucking his beautiful hard pecs and abs and then licking his huge hard cock and finally opening my mouth to suck on it. It was the first cock I had ever tasted and it was soft and sweet and smooth and I loved it right away. He was oozing precum heavily and the taste was like my own cum but different - saltier and stickier. I had my hands all over his sexy muscle-god naked body, feeling his pecs and abs and biceps, and reaching around to rub and squeeze his naked ass - I couldn't believe my boldness, touching him in such intimate places, but I couldn't control my hands - I couldn't get enough of his beautiful naked jock stud body. I wanted to devour him and own him. I sucked his cock eagerly, wanting him to cum in my mouth too, wanting to drink his cum as he had mine.

"Wait, don't make me cum," he said, pushing me away from his cock "you can suck it more later," he said.

Then he made me stand and he sat on the seat and turned me away from him and started licking my ass, tonguing my hole, getting it wet and opening it up a little. He made me lean over the back of the seat in front of me, opening my ass to his explorations completely, and I submitted willingly, loving what he was doing - I had never imagined anyone could do such a thing, and if anyone but him had tried it, I would have run in terror and disgust. But his doing it seemed OK, and I let him work his spit up my ass hole with his fingers and get me loosened up a little. It felt strange but good once he got me relaxed. I was shocked at first when he licked me there, and even more when he inserted a finger and started pushing it up inside me - I gasped and he said "Take it easy, stud, you're going to like this," and the sound of his deep soft masculine voice and his sure hands on my naked body soothed me and I let him probe deeper inside, working his finger all the way in - then he got two in there and probed around and found a spot that felt incredibly good and he played with that for a while, getting me hot and desperate to cum again.

Then he leaned back, pulling me down onto his lap, pressing his huge hard cock against my tight hole. He held me there like that, his hands all over my pecs and abs and cock and balls from behind, rubbing his cock head into my hole - his huge hard cock was oozing steadily and all the precum oozing from its tip lubed my asshole further and slowly the head of his huge cock popped inside - I gasped with surprise and pain - it had hurt. I tried to pull away but he had me firmly and the naked stud pulled me towards him and I felt his huge cock start to enter me from behind - it hurt but I couldn't stop it - slowly the entire length of his monster cock buried itself up my tight virgin teen asshole. I gasped and squirmed with the uncomfortable feeling of having my ass filled with that huge tube of male sex. He had one arm wrapped tight around me from behind, feeling up my naked body, playing with my naked hard-muscled pecs and abs, and one hand over my mouth to gag me and muffle the noises I was making, and his mouth at my ear whispered comfort and encouragement, telling me to relax and accept it. He reached down and stroked my cock, which was still rock hard - "See, you like it, I knew you would," he growled sexily into my ear as he impaled me on his monster fuck pole.

Once the teen hustler had his entire huge piece of fuck meat buried up my ass he let me rest there on his lap as he licked and sucked my ears and neck and stroked my naked body with his strong hands. He rocked his hips slowly and his cock seemed to grow inside me - it wasn't hurting any more. "God, you're hot," He murmured into my ear. "I wanted to fuck you the minute I saw you outside." He lifted me a little so that his cock slid halfway out of my ass, then he pulled me down on it again. It didn't hurt, and he started doing that slowly, lifting my naked body up so his cock slid out of my ass, then letting me slide back down on it. I started liking it and started helping, raising and lowering myself, fucking myself on his huge hard cock.

I stood and put my hands on the back of the seats of the row in front of us and offered my ass to the sexy hustler and he stood and shoved his cock hard up my rear and started fucking me for real. I gasped and moaned, loving it. It still hurt a little, but just being so close to this incredibly sexy stud, and knowing he wanted my body made it worth any price. He picked up his tank top from the floor where it had fallen earlier and wadded it up and stuffed it into my mouth - "You can't make so much noise, stud, they'll hear us," he growled into my ear as he drove his hard cock up my virgin ass, forcing loud yelps from my throat. He fucked me that way, for awhile, reaching around to play with my nipples and stroke my hard cock until I came again, then he pushed me face down on the row of seats and mounted me, fucking me face down from behind, his body smothering me and his huge cock pounding into me harder and harder until he gasped and rammed it hard and fast and I knew he was cumming and then so was I again, and this time was the best of all, I had never shot so long or hard as the awesome muscle-boy fucked me like a maniac. I yelled and moaned into the gag in my mouth, oblivious to everything except the ecstasy flooding my naked teen muscle-boy body.

After he came in me we kissed and felt each other up some more, and he sucked me to another huge gushing orgasm, and then he let me suck his huge cock for a while, but said he couldn't cum for me, he had to save some for the paying customers.

Finally the sexy stud hustler told me he had to get back to work, but he asked if I'd like to do it again, and I eagerly answered yes. I told him I didn't know when I could get away from my aunt again, though, and he gave me his phone number and said to call. Then he walked away, leaving me sitting there buck naked in the top row of the balcony with a sore ass full of cum and a cock still throbbing with arousal for his sexy muscles and his huge hard cock. I looked down at the scrap of paper he had given me - it said "Derek - 555-3476 - call any time, stud".

Once I had recovered my senses I dressed and stumbled out of the theater. It was five-thirty, and I found a McDonald's where I wolfed down three hamburgers and two milkshakes. I had never been so hungry. I could feel all the cum Derek had pumped up my ass oozing from my asshole and spent ten minutes in the john cleaning my ass, wiping the muscle- boy's hot cum from inside my undershorts. I was terrified it would show and someone would guess what I had been doing.

I reached my aunt's apartment at five past seven, and knocked on the door. She let me in, and mussed my hair as I entered. She looked very happy, and I realized suddenly that she had been doing the same thing I had all afternoon - having sex. "Hungry?" she asked. "No, I ate," I told her. "What movie did you see?" she asked, and I realized I had no idea what had been playing while the sexy muscle boy fucked and sucked me. "I don't know, it wasn't very good," I mumbled. "You look tired," she said, mussing up my hair again. "Yeah, I guess I am," I said. "I think I'll go to bed." "Sweet dreams!" she called out after me as I walked down the hall to the room where I was sleeping. I dreamt all night about the sexy hustler - they were sweet dreams, all right.

I went back to that theater every Tuesday for the two months I stayed with my aunt that summer. Tuesday was my aunt's afternoon with her boyfriend. Derek the muscle boy hustler met me at the theater two more times, and we re-enacted our first encounter with further elaborations. He let me fuck him once, and I liked plowing my huge hard cock into his tight hot ass as he gasped and moaned with ecstasy - I made him cum while I fucked him, and he told me I was a great fucker.

Derek introduced me to several men who paid me to have sex with them in the theater - one of them took me to a hotel room and paid me a hundred and fifty bucks to let him spank me and stick rubber cocks up my ass before he fucked me himself. That seemed weird, but he didn't spank me very hard, so it didn't hurt much, and afterwards he took me to a good restaurant and bought me a meal that cost almost as much as he had just paid me for the sex. He said boys like me needed a lot of good hard discipline, and said he wanted me to come live with him and "Be his ward," whatever that meant. I told him I couldn't, but thanked him.

When it was time for me to return home my aunt cried and said she would miss me. I thanked her for all the movies, and she laughed. "I don't know why, honey, you never remember what they are!"