Babysitting Terry and Brad

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I had my first sexual experience with another guy when I was nineteen. I was seduced by Terry, the fifteen-year old kid next door and his buddy Brad.

I was going to the summer term at the local community college, and needed some spare cash, so when Terry's mom called and asked if I could baby-sit for a weekend, I said sure. It seemed like an easy way to earn the money, and it didn't occur to me that Terry was a bit old for a babysitter.

It had been over two years since I had seen Terry, and I didn't stop to think that he would have grown up in that time, I was expecting the cute little kid next door whom I had played with sometimes when he wandered into our yard and hung around and I could tell he had a crush on me, so I would spend some time with him and then tell him I had to study or something and he'd go home. He was so fucking cute and liked to sit on my lap while we talked and he would feel my muscles and tell me how awesome my body was. I liked that for a while, it felt good to have a kid like him admire me. I was on the football and wrestling teams, and a real jock stud, everyone at school knew me and admired me too. So I was proud of my body and liked it that he admired me. I'd had to stop that lap business when I started getting a hardon from the way he felt me up and ground his tight little butt into my crotch. He liked to push my tee shirt up and rub my abs and pecs and tell me what awesome muscles I had, and when he found out that my nipples got hard when he rubbed them he did that more and it got me hard right away and I could tell I was going to lose control if I let him keep that up, once I get really turned on I need to cum and can't stop myself. The last time he played with my muscles like that and my cock got hard Terry had slid his hand inside the waist band of my shorts and I was sure he was going for my cock, so I dumped him onto the ground and told him he had to go home, and I didn't let him do that again.

We had also wrestled some - with the difference in our ages there was no way we could really compete physically, but he would always insist we wrestle, and I would go along, pretend he was a match for me. He always insisted we strip to our shorts and wrestle "like the Greeks did". I assumed he had read something in a history text at school about how the Greeks wrestled naked, and I sort of liked the feeling of his tightly muscled teen body straining against mine. I would let him seem to be getting the upper hand for awhile, and then pin him and make him say Uncle. The last time we wrestled he had gotten a hardon and I think he shot his load in his shorts when I subdued him and unintentionally dug my knee into his crotch. I could feel his hard teen cock grinding into my leg and his whole body shake with the force of his orgasm, and when he finished cumming I let him go and he got up and ran away and didn't ask to play any more. That was OK with me, he was ok, but his hero- worship was getting tedious. Besides, it had given me a hardon too, feeling his naked teen muscles rubbing against mine as we mock-wrestled.

I arrived at the Andrews' house at 4 pm on Friday, as requested. Mrs. Andrews let me in and told me Terry wouldn't be any trouble, but he had thrown a party the last time they left him alone, so they wanted someone responsible there to keep him in line. Oh, and his little friend Brad was spending the night, so the two of them would probably be in Terry's room the whole time anyway. She showed where everything was and then Mr. Andrews showed up and shook my hand and thanked me and said if the boys did anything wrong just to give them both a good hard spanking. It turned out Brad's parents were away for a couple of days too, so I was completely in charge of both boys, and Brad's father shared Terry's fathers ideas about discipline, he had told Mr Andrews to spank his son whether he needed it or not, just to show him who was boss.

When I expressed some doubts about spanking the boys, Mr. Andrews took me to his study and showed me several paddles and switches he kept there and said not to hesitate to use them if I needed to. I was shocked, I couldn't imagine such a thing, my own dad had never spanked me. I told him I was sure there would be no need for that, but he said, "Oh don't be so sure, my son can be quite a little monster when he chooses, and that Brad is no angel either. I spanked both of them earlier today when they disobeyed Terry's mother, so they know exactly what they'll get if they get out of line. When they've been naughty, a good hard spanking is the only thing that will teach them to get back in line." He picked up one of the paddles and said "Make sure you pull their pants down and make them bend over the arm of that chair there, then pull down their under shorts too, and spank them on their bare asses - I guarantee ten swats of this on their bare asses will get their attention."

My cock suddenly throbbed and swelled as Mr. Andrews described the punishment so graphically and I pictured sweet little Terry naked and helpless, bent over the chair arm as I paddled his naked ass. "And after ten with the paddle, ten more over your lap with your hand will embarrass them thoroughly," he continued. "They hate being punished like little kids, so make sure you treat them like little boys. Just be sure you put a towel across your lap." The thought of cute little Terry naked across my knees while I spanked his bare bottom got me even harder, though I was puzzled by the reference to a towel - surely he wouldn't pee on me! I still hadn't actually seen either of the little darlings I was supposed to paddle, of course, and still thought they were the sweet little kids I remembered.

Then Mrs. Andrews called Terry to come down and say goodbye to them and Terry and Brad came thundering down the stairs. I was amazed. Terry had really grown up. He was several inches taller than I remembered, and about thirty pounds heavier. He told me later he had been working out for three years, and wrestled and played football as I had, and it sure did show. He still wouldn't have been a match for me in a real wrestling match, but he'd be able to make me work to win. Not only that, his little-boy cuteness had developed into teen stud handsome.

And Terry's friend Brad was equally impressive, a couple of inches shorter than Terry, and dark-skinned and dark-haired to his buddy's blonde, but probably a few pounds heavier, very well-developed and muscular for his age. He reminded me of a guy who had been on the wrestling team with me in high school, he'd weighed enough more than me to be in a separate class, very stocky and muscular and awesome, I had always wanted to be buddies with him but was nervous about my feelings towards him and avoided him and we never got close. When I looked at him naked in the locker room or showers I always got a hardon and felt like I wanted to lick his body all over and suck his huge hard pecs and play with his big hard dick and make him spurt a huge load of cum. He'd given me a couple of looks that made me think he might like the idea but I didn't dare approach him.

Both Terry and his buddy Brad were wearing skimpy, ripped-off tee- shirts, and skimpy gym shorts, so their six-pack abs were bared and their hard-muscled teen jock stud bodies were very much on display. I began to wonder what hope I would have of controlling them if they chose not to obey me. I was also feeling a swelling in my crotch - my cock was rising, and I had to look away from the hot teen studs to keep it in control.

When the boys reached the foot of the stairs Mr Andrews grabbed his son by the arm and said "I was just telling Todd here that he has complete authority while we are gone, and he can spank both of you if you do anything wrong."

He looked at me and I said, "Right," suddenly starting to worry about this job. The thought of spanking these two studs made my balls churn and my cock throb.

Terry started trying to break his father's grip on his muscular bicep - "Da-a-ad," he whined, "sto-o-o-p, we're not kids any more, he won't need to spank us."

"If you weren't kids any more you wouldn't have needed that spanking about two hours ago," Mr Andrews growled, and both Terry and Brad cowered.

"Da-a-a-d, please, let me go-o-o," Terry whined.

"Pull down your pants and show Todd the marks, so he'll know how it should look when he's finished with you," Mr Andrews demanded.

"Da-a-ad, no-o-o-o," Terry wailed, and Brad drew back, obviously horrified at the suggestion of baring his ass in front of me and Mrs. Andrews.

"That does it!" Mr Andrews barked. "You know how I hate it when you whine like that, you sound like such a baby. I think you need another spanking right now!"

"No-o-o-o-!" the sexy blonde teenager howled.

"Martin, come on, we'll be late," Mrs. Andrews protested.

"That's just too bad, then, we'll be late," Mr Andrews declared, dragging Terry towards his study. "Todd and Brad, you two come watch this. Maybe it will embarrass this little baby enough that he'll learn not to whine from now on. He's getting ten for whining, and another ten for making his mother and me late." He glared at Brad and said "And just be glad I don't make you join him, just on general principles!" I looked at the hunky teen and saw his eyes widen and his hands went to his rear end - it was clear Mr. Andrews really had spanked the boys earlier, and it had left a strong impression.

I glanced at Mrs. Andrews, hoping she'd say I should stay with her, but she said, "OK, you boys do as he said, or he'll be even madder."

Brad and I trailed along after Mr Andrews and his son. When we were all inside the study he closed the door and told the two of us to sit on the leather couch. He still had his hunky teen son by the arm and was dragging him along like a sack of flour. Once we were seated he let the boy go and told him to get the chair, which Terry obviously understood. He was still whining and begging his father not to do it, but he obviously knew better than to disobey at this stage. I looked at Brad and he had his hands buried in his crotch and I wondered if he was trying to hide an erection. I sure had one, but the way I was dressed mine didn't show, while in his skimpy shorts one would be very obvious.

Terry pulled a heavy wooden chair from the side of the room to the center, and Mr. Andrews sat on the edge of the seat, his feet planted firmly on the floor. He instructed his son to bring him the large paddle and a towel and Terry whined and protested some more, but fetched the largest paddle from the wall and handed it to his father, then fetched a towel from a cupboard and handed that to the older man, then stood with his head down in front of the older man. Mr. Andrews placed the paddle on the floor and arranged the towel across one leg of his pants, then reached out and pulled his son's shorts down to his knees. I could see at once that Terry was in a state of sexual arousal, even with his shorts on it was clear his teen cock was rock hard, and once the tight shorts came down his cotton briefs bulged with his erection. Mr Andrews scowled as he pulled the briefs down as well, and the sexy teen muscle-boy's hard cock sprang up and slapped his hard-muscled belly, as hard as only a teen cock can be.

I gasped as Mr Andrews reached out and wrapped his hand around his son's erection. "And what's this?" He asked, obviously angry about it.

"Uh, I don't know, sir," the all but naked boy stammered. He looked sexy as hell standing there with his ripped, muscular body exposed and his hard cock in the older man's hand.

"You don't know?!" The older man roared, dragging the boy across his lap. It was the first glimpse I had gotten of Terry's bare ass, and the results of the earlier spanking were very evident, his ass was still bright red and there were several large welts. Terry had to throw his hands out and brace himself on the floor to keep from falling as he was pulled across his dad's lap, and I don't think he was ready for the first crack of the paddle across his bare bottom. Mr Andrews was clearly very angry and grabbed the paddle from the floor with no delay and laid into the boy's already tender ass with five good hard whacks of the wooden paddle.

Terry yelled out in real pain, and flailed about on his dad's lap. "Ow- w-w-w, Da-a-a-a-d! I'll be good! Stop!"

"Not until I've given you the twenty I promised," Mr Andrews barked, but he did ease off a little after those first five. He turned and looked at me and said "You have to do this right, Todd, or it doesn't work - don't hold back, these boys are almost men and they can take it, and when they misbehave it's the only thing they understand."

He then gave Terry five more slow hard whacks with the paddle, and Terry howled each time the paddle hit his already sore ass. The sight of the naked teen stretched over his dad's lap, his arms and legs flailing as he was spanked made my cock throb and leak, and I was glad I had worn loose pants and tight briefs to control it. I glanced at Brad and saw that he was staring at the scene as though drunk, his eyes wide and glazed, and he still had his hands in his crotch, but not to hide it any more - he had one hand inside his shorts and was obviously holding a large erection, stroking it and working himself to a climax if he kept that up.

"Stand up," Mr Andrews barked at his naked teen son after the tenth blow of the paddle, and practically dumped the boy on the floor. Terry scrambled to his feet, hobbled by his shorts and briefs, which had worked their way to his ankles. His large erect cock stood out, still fully erect, and there was now a string of wet sticky precum dripping from its tip.

"Get rid of that," Mr Andrews ordered. I wondered what he could mean.

"I can't Dad, I'm sorry" - Mr Andrews went to the a chest on one side and took several things out - "Da-a-a-d, n-o-o-o-o! Ple-e-e-z!" the boy whined in obvious desperation.

"OK, that's ten more," the older man said, "and I guess I'll have to do it for you." Mr Andrews was holding a box of surgical gloves - he extracted one and pulled it on, then picked up a couple of other items and returned to his chair. Once seated he squeezed a large quantity of lubricant from a tube and then turned his disobedient teen son away from him and worked several fingers up the boy's virgin ass and then reached around his son and proceeded to masturbate the sexy youth as Brad and I watched in amazement. Mr Andrews was finger-fucking his naked teen son while he masturbated him in front of Brad and me, and I could see from the look on his face that Terry loved it - the naked teen muscle boy wailed and whined and protested as his dad poked his prostate and stroked his huge hard cock. When Brad was about to cum, his pants and groans showed he was on the verge of an orgasm, his Dad pulled his fingers from his sons asshole and picked up a large dildo and shoved that up the boy's tight hot hole and worked it in and out.

Terry yelled "Oh-h-h-h! no-o-o-o! Stop! Gonna cum!" and the sexy naked teen muscle-boy was so worked up he shot his load all over the floor in less than a minute.

Once the naked teen had shot his hot spunk, his dad dragged him back across his lap and delivered the remaining twenty strokes with his rubber-gloved hand. Terry yowled with each slap - they must have hurt like hell on top of the welts from his paddling. I understood now what the towel was for - it must be soaked with the boy's hot jism, as the naked teen's huge cock was still rock hard and spurted each time his father's rubber-gloved hand connected with the boy's naked bottom. Terry flailed and twisted, but his father held the naked boy firmly as he spanked him and Brad and I watched in awe. If I had touched my cock I would have erupted as well, I was so turned on, my cock was rock hard and throbbing and I could feel fuck juice oozing from the tip and soaking my shorts.

It was obvious Mr Andrews was in a hurry to get this over and depart - as soon as he finished with the boy he dumped him on the floor and stood up, then entered the small washroom at one side of the room and stripped off the glove to wash himself up, talking to me over his shoulder the whole time. Terry lay there naked on his back, panting and moaning - his cock still hard and spurting cum - the spanking had made him cum a second time! This boy had been trained to love punishment and humiliation.

"I don't think these boys will be any trouble now," Mr Andrews called out, "but that should give you a good idea what to do if they pull anything. Don't pay any attention to their protests, they only respect you if you give them what they deserve."

He turned and looked over his shoulder - "Right Brad? he asked my companion on the couch. Brad's face was a mixture of pain and ecstasy, and I realized he had cum watching his buddy get masturbated and then spanked. Mr Andrews stalked across the room angrily and reached down and pulled the boy's hands away from his crotch and observed the evidence - the boy's hard cock was sticking out of the waistband of his shorts, and big drops of wet sticky cum were still oozing from its tip to join the large pool that had already collected there.

"Good God!" Mr Andrews exclaimed, "you should be ashamed of yourself, son, come here." And he dragged the sex-crazed teen from the couch and bent him over the arm of a chair and pulled his shorts down and picked up the paddle and gave him ten good hard swats. Brad yelped in pain but I could see his huge hard teen cock spurting with each blow - he too loved a good spanking on his naked bottom.

Then Mr Andrews walked out of the room. "Todd, come with me, please. Brad and Terry, you two stay here pull yourselves together."

I barked "Yes sir!" And jumped to my feet and marched after him, half afraid he would try to paddle me too if I hesitated even an instant.

Back in the hallway Mrs. Andrews was all sweetness and gentility. "Thank you so much for helping us out on such short notice, dear," she told me, "and since there are two of them to look after we'll double the amount I mentioned on the phone. And here's some spending money for pizza or whatever the boys want," and she handed me a hundred dollar bill and told me to keep the change. This was turning into a very lucrative arrangement.

"I hope the boys aren't any trouble," she continued, "but since Terry asked for you to stay with them, maybe he'll be on good behavior."

That was a surprise, she hadn't told me on the phone that this was Terry's idea. I remembered the way he had idolized me when he was younger and decided he just hadn't outgrown it yet, but the thought of that hunky teenager on my lap feeling me up the way he had as a kid made me dizzy with arousal. Well, that wouldn't happen, I was sure.

Mr and Mrs. Andrews left, calling out their farewells to the boys, and I stood in the hall, my brain spinning with amazement at all that had happened. I wasn't sure what to say to the two boys, but when they did not appear I walked back into the study. The two naked teen studs were together in the washroom. Terry was bent over the sink with his bright red ass on display while his buddy Brad rubbed salve on the welts. Brad's fingers were buried in Terry's crack and the submissive blonde teen had a look of ecstasy on his cute teen face as his buddy probed into his ass and poked his prostate - his cock was hard again. Brad had his shorts pushed down, and his cock stuck out hard and dripping precum and the way he was standing behind his buddy and rubbing the slippery salve on his bare ass it looked like he was about to fuck him, step forward and hold Terry bent face down over the sink and shove his huge hard cock up the naked blonde Adonis' ass. Terry was still whining as his buddy tended to the painful stripes, and he was still crying a little. He looked up as I walked in, his tear-streaked face looking totally pathetic.

I felt a wave of sympathy for the cute sexy teen muscle boy as he whimpered pitifully, and he must have seen that, because he threw himself into my arms and started sobbing as he hugged me and cried into my shoulder. I wasn't sure at first how to respond, having a naked teen stud hug me like that was a total shock, but his real sobs got to me, and I hugged him back, trying to comfort him. But his hard cock rubbed against my crotch and my own cock started to respond, as my hands felt the boy's naked skin, and I gently pushed him away.

"Let Brad finish putting that stuff on," I told him. "What do you say I order pizza for the three of us and we watch a movie or something?" Terry pulled himself together a bit and choked out his consent and I left the two boys, grateful to be away from the sex-charged scene.

We ate in the kitchen on stools at the counter there, then moved to the media room and watched TV for a while. We all sat on the same big leather couch - it was like a bed it was so deep and soft and relaxing, and soon Terry cuddled up to me and said "Remember how I used to sit on your lap and feel your muscles Todd?"

I said "Sure," my cock throbbing at the memory. It wasn't a topic I wanted to explore, but the next thing I knew Terry had crawled onto my lap and worked my tee shirt up and was feeling my muscles the way he had as a kid.

"Boy, you're even bigger than before," Terry told me as he fondled my muscles. "Your pecs are totally awesome. Can Brad feel them too?"

When I said nothing, speechless, Brad joined in and the two of them started stripping me, they got my tee shirt off before I could say a word and were starting to feel my pecs and abs. The two boys had stripped off their own tee-shirts by then so they were practically naked too, wearing only their skimpy gym shorts and I couldn't help noticing both had erections that bulged invitingly in their crotches - I wanted to reach out and grope them but didn't dare. But both of them were all but naked and as they rubbed their tight hard teen muscle-stud bodies against me and groped and felt me up I was totally turned on at once.

When Terry started undoing my belt it was obvious the two boys meant to strip me naked and I shoved them off and tried to get up, confused and aroused and dizzy. That was difficult, given the huge soft couch we were all sprawled on, and my state of arousal - the two teens pulled me back down and as they started rubbing and stroking my hard-muscled torso in my already aroused state I couldn't resist them. Terry got the buckle of my belt open and worked his hand inside my pants and groped my erection.

"Dude, he's hard, I told you he'd dig this," Terry said as he worked my huge hard cock - "And he's got a big one."

Brad meanwhile was licking and sucking my pecs - my nipples are big for a guy, and get hard and very sensitive when played with and he had started chewing on them and I was a goner. My cock was hard and throbbing as the two teens worked me over - Brad took my hand and put it on his erection, which he had worked out of his skimpy shorts. His was big too, as I had noticed earlier when he was jerking off while he watched Terry get a bare-assed spanking from his dad. I couldn't help myself, I wrapped my hand around his erection and felt it throb and twitch in my fingers. Terry meanwhile had my pants pushed down to my thighs and worked my erection out of my shorts and before I knew it the sexy teen muscle stud had lowered his head to my crotch and was giving me a blow job - I'd never had one from another guy before and I was amazed by the unbelievable sensation of his tight hot mouth on my huge cock - a buddy had told me guys give better blowjobs than girls, because they know what it feels like, and I guess he was right - this was awesome - the boy had some trouble getting all of my cock into his mouth - I have a big one - but with some work he managed and had my entire giant cock buried in his tight hot teen throat and was sucking and swallowing on it and then I started cumming and he took it all as Brad sucked my pecs. My entire body was convulsed with the force of my orgasm, I had never cum so hard before and my cock seemed to pump out gallons of hot sticky jism and it ran out of Terry's mouth and pooled in my crotch. I could tell from the sounds he was making that Brad was cumming too and sure enough I felt his hot wet cum spurting onto my hand and arm as I stroked his huge hard teen cock.

Terry got some towels from the bathroom in the hallway and cleaned us up and once I had caught my breath I told the boys I needed to study, so I got up and went back to Mr Andrews' den - it had a desk and an internet connection, so it was the best place to set up my laptop, trying to forget what had just happened. Fortunately the boys had cleaned up, so there were no obvious reminders of what had taken place there earlier, and I was able to get my whirling thoughts under control and get to work quickly. By 11 pm I felt I had accomplished a lot, and I went back to the media room to see if the boys were ready for bed. The TV was still on, but they were both asleep, and both still naked, Brad lying with his head in Terry's lap. I suspected the sex play had continued after I left, but decided that was none of my business. Besides, even naked they looked so cute and innocent like that. I hated to wake them, but decided I had to, and herded the two of them upstairs to Terry's room before I went to the guest room I had been assigned and went to bed.

The next day was Saturday, and Mr and Mrs Andrews were not due back until Sunday night. After breakfast the boys asked if I wanted to join them for a workout in the gym and then a dip in the pool, and I gladly agreed, I had been afraid I'd have to give up my workouts for the weekend. It turned out the Andrews had a fully-equipped gym with free weights, weight machines, a couple of cycles, even its own shower room. And the small building that housed it served as well as the dressing room for the pool, so once we finished working out we could rinse off and hop right into the pool to cool off.

It was obvious from the way Terry moved and sat that his ass was plenty sore from two spankings the day before. Brad seemed to be favoring his rear end as well, but neither of the boys mentioned it and neither did I. They took their workouts as seriously as I did, and we spent an hour and a half working our hard-muscled teen bodies. There were some tense moments for me when the boys spotted for each other and me, and put their hands places that got me hot and horny. And when we were finished we all posed for one another, and the two boys used that as an excuse to feel me up pretty good, appreciating my huge hard pecs and abs, but when their hands strayed to my crotch and started slipping inside my shorts I put a stop to that and said it was time to shower.

Then it was shower time and Terry and Brad led me to the locker room, where we stripped off our thoroughly soaked gym apparel. It was the first time I had been able to examine either boy totally naked - our romp in the den the night before had been a jumble of naked legs and chests and cocks and asses and I had been too turned on to stop and observe. Now, looking at the two teen muscle-boys naked, I was impressed by their development. Both were very muscular for their age, and had dark even tans over all but a tiny area where their swimsuits had covered them. Both were also very well endowed, and sported semi- erections as they stripped naked and rubbed their crotches casually to free themselves from the tight confinement of their jockstraps. Terry's ass didn't look as bad as I had expected, the salve his buddy had rubbed on the tender welts had obviously helped. Brad's ass was marked similarly, and I could see Mr Andrews had not spared his son's friend when he spanked them both the day before. Nor did the two boys seem ashamed of the evidence of their punishment, they displayed them to me like battle scars, and rubbed each other's hot naked asses and urged me to feel them as well. I told them no as sternly as I could, wanting to make it clear I was not going to join in any more teen sex games - they were feeling each others asses and both had hardons and were taking playful swipes at each other, grabbing each other's hard cocks briefly and squealing like a couple of little boys. I told them to cut it out and stepped into the shower. They not only did not stop, they actually started grabbing at my crotch as well - I was half hard from seeing them hard and naked and horny.

"OK, that's enough," I said, "if you don't obey me I'll call Terry's dad and tell him I can't handle the two of you." That got their attention, it was clear they were afraid of Mr Andrews, and they stopped their horseplay while we showered.

Once we had rinsed off in the shower I headed back to the locker room to put on my swimsuit but Terry called out "Hey, the pool's this way," and headed for the door to the patio.

"I'm getting my swimsuit," I called back.

"We don't wear them when no one else is around," he shouted as he and Brad walked out the door buck naked. I hesitated, but then realized I would look foolish wearing my suit if the two of them were both naked, so turned and followed them. My cock swelled as I walked out the door - being naked in the open always gets me hard.

The two boys dived right into the pool and I followed, partly so my boner wouldn't be so obvious, but that didn't work for long as the two sexy naked teens started diving and grabbing at each other and me and soon four sexy teen hands were all over my naked muscles, pulling me under to dunk me, then grabbing at my cock and balls and poking into my ass. I was helpless against the two of them in the water, where my size and weight were less of an advantage, and they worked perfectly as a team. Brad got me from behind and started tickling me, and found out quickly that I am very ticklish, and with him working my sides and under my arms I was soon helpless. Then Terry went for my crotch and started squeezing my balls and stroking my huge hard cock and in no time they had my cock erupting a huge load of cum into the water. And by then Brad had shoved his huge hard cock up my ass and was fucking me, he must have had some lube ready to hand because he worked a gob of it into my ass hole and in spite of the water I was so slippery his huge cock slid right in and he started ramming my ass like a madman. That got me even hornier and I kept on pumping out my nut-load of jism. Terry meanwhile was eating my pecs and sucking my nipples which kept me even hotter. It felt like I came for hours with the two hot teen studs working me over front and rear.

When I finished cumming I finally managed to break free of the two teen muscle-boys and scrambled out of the water. I was furious. "OK that does it, you two had no right to do that!"

The two naked teen studs climbed out and stood looking ashamed and pathetic. "We're sorry, Todd," they said. "You're right, we were just so hot for your body that we couldn't help ourselves. You can punish us any way you like."

"OK, then, time for another spanking," I growled. "Follow me."

In Mr Andrews' den I tied the boys' arms behind their backs and laid them over the arms of one of the chairs and pulled their shorts and briefs down to their knees so their hot tight asses were totally bare and vulnerable. They looked sexy as hell bound and helpless with their asses raised invitingly in the air, bare and round and firm. I caressed the bare globes of flesh, fingering the welts already laid down by Mr Andrews and was rewarded with moans of pleasure from the two sexy teens. Their hot teen cocks were rock hard, and I arranged them so they pointed down in plain view - both were as hard as they could get, and oozing fuck juice, which I rubbed around on them to get the boys even hotter.

When both of the naked helpless teens were panting and moaning I started the spankings - first I gave each ten good hard whacks of that paddle Mr Andrews had used the day before. They yelped and begged rewardingly. Then I cut switches from the yard and gave their asses and legs ten more strokes with those, leaving bright red welts and drawing even louder shrieks of pain from their throats. Then I masturbated them - both had stayed hard the whole time, in spite of their yells and protests. And when they pumped out huge loads of hot teen jism I collected their cum and used it lube up their tight hot asses real good, then fucked them both good and hard. Finally I carried them to the upstairs bathroom and gave them both several thorough enemas to wash them clean, then hog-tied and gagged them and put them both on Terry's bed.

Seeing the large red welts on the boys' asses and legs, I rubbed lots of salve on them and then worked some of it up their tight hot asses to got them hard again. After playing with their naked bodies for awhile to get them desperate for release, I went down stairs and finished my studying in peace and quiet, leaving the two naughty teens to suffer.

I untied them for dinner and both were very quiet and obedient. After dinner Terry said, "Uh, Todd, we'll do anything you ask us too if you'll do all of that to us again tomorrow."