Brian Gets What He Wants

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I get e-mails now and then from guys who have read my stories at nifty. Most are just "Loved the story, write more!" I appreciate those. Occasionally someone asks me to exchange fantasies, but these days I decline. When I first started posting at Nifty, though, one reader intrigued me, and an edited version of my exchanges with him follows.

Hi derek -

My name is Brian. I thought your story Naughty Bobby was so hot. I dreamed of being Bobby and having you do all those things to me. I'm young with little experience but willing to learn.

Will you be my cyber coach so we can share some fantasies?

Anxiously awaiting reply,



Brian -

That's very tempting. You already know a lot about me, from my story. Tell me more about yourself - how old are you, what do you look like, what turns you on?



derek -

Wow! You really answered.

I wasn't sure the e-mail people used when they wrote stories were real. I'm glad you responded. Well I'll tell you bout myself. I'm 14 years old. Blond hair, blue eyes, 5'5", 115 lbs. Good looking, the girls are attracted to me. I have a girl friend and enjoy sex with her. I've had two other experiences with girls.

When I was 12, I was curious about sex and heard of this man that gave BJs. It started that way but soon changed to me serving him in every way possible except anal sex. I was so turned on by his big cock and power over me. I would almost come just by servicing him. The dirtier the things he made me do the more I enjoyed it. Then one day he moved away with no trace.

Since then I've been dreaming about doing it with him and other men. I see other guys in movie theaters and parks, and I know they want me, but I haven't done anything because I'm afraid of disease. A few years after my sex with this man I was tested and fortunately I didn't catch anything but this gave me a real scare. I also don't want to do it with anyone in my area because I don't want to be called a fag. I have a strict father and he would kill me. So I just read stories and JO.

But your story really got me hot and I decided to reach out for the first time.

I would like to share stories about what you would have me do to please you and I would respond to them by telling you how hot they made me.

Want to try this out? I'm hard just thinking about it.



Hey Brian -

I'll start by assuming what you have told me is true. If you are really 14, I can't offer more than fatherly advice -

Wait, be patient, never let anyone talk you into doing anything you don't want to do, always play safe, avoid drugs. Remember that my stories, and most of what is posted at nifty, are fantasy, set in a world with no AIDS, no consequences, no limits. I've done almost none of the things I write about, and would never do them. Some of them are physically impossible. Most are dangerous.

If on the other hand you are over 21, and just offering a fantasy for me to respond to, let me know that and I'll be glad to play.

Take care.



derek -

Thanks for your candor. I am over well over 21, and married with 2 children. The part of my story about meeting the gay person at 12 is true. I have had limited gay experiences but do fantasize about it way more often than straight sex.

I would like to share fantasies. I think I am a bottom since these are the stories I like and get off on.

I'll write up a fantasy tonight.



Brian's fantasy -

My name is Brian, I have blond hair and blue eyes with a girly figure and round ass. I've never had any actual gay experience but I fantasize about it all the time. I was afraid to do it and be labeled a fag. At a certain point I tired of reading gay stories on the web and thought I would try contacting one of these people. So I wrote a note to this person derek. He was very interested so we set up a meeting at his house.

I was so excited and nervous when I rode my bike to the address he gave me. I had told my parents that I was staying over at a friend's house that night. When I arrived at derek's he liked what he saw. I told him that I had no experience, and he told me to shut up and obey him. derek said be would train me to worship his cock and be his slave. He had me strip my clothing off and lay across his lap he then proceeded to spank me. Tears ran down by cheeks but my 5 inch cock was responding. derek then pushed me onto the floor and took my head and guided it to his massive cock.

"You will do exactly as you are told or I will slap your balls and that horny little cock of yours. Is that clear?" he asked.

I nodded. Yes!

"Go ahead and feel it boy, That is what you came here for. Have a good feel of what you are here to please."

His cock was hanging free. Pointing down and semi hard. At least I hoped it was a semi because it was very thick. Much thicker than mine, even when fully hard.

"Feel it," he ordered.

He was not wearing any underwear. The first thing I felt was a patch of coarse hair. And just below, the root of his thick cock. My hand encircled the base, my fingers only just touching as my small hand attempted to hold this monster. The skin surprisingly soft, smooth and hot to the touch. My hand stroked down his length. It was a long reach to feel his cock all the way to the tip. The head felt spongy and the size of a plum. I'm not sure if it was the cool air on my half naked body or the excitement of touching my first man sized cock, but a shiver rumbled through my whole body.

"You can't wait to have that in you, can you boy?"

He was amazingly long. I would guess 8 inches and not even hard.

I was scared.

derek then pushed me down to my knees in front of him. With the light behind him I couldn't see his cock, even though his open zipper was only a few inches from my face. He reached in and fished out his cock. It flopped against my face and was still mostly soft. With his fingers he pried open my mouth and his other hand guided the head of his cock in. It was all happening very fast.

The head was spongy and tasted a little musky, but not unpleasant. He placed his hands on either side of my head and without warning pushed forward. His cock quickly reached the back of my mouth and stopped.

"Swallow, and let it in," he ordered and he moved one hand to the back of my head and forced his cock into me.

I couldn't believe it. My throat opened up and he fed his cock in. It just kept on coming, slowly more and more of his length slid between my lips, over my tongue and down my throat. All the way down.

Finally his balls were pressed against my chin and his pubic hair completely covered my nose. I was fully impaled on his cock and couldn't breathe. Mercifully he was soft enough that it bent and molded to fit down my small young throat. He held it there for a few moments then pulled all the way out. I gagged as the head of his cock popped out of my throat and rested on my tongue.

"You have to breathe when I give you the chance," derek said.

I took in a deep breath, just then he pushed in.

Once again it stopped at the entrance to my throat. This time I swallowed right away, and the entire length snaked down my throat.

derek then skull-fucked my throat. Thrusting in and out only the last two inches. I could feel the big head swelling and moving back and forth behind my young Adam's apple.

"You're a natural cock sucker," derek panted as he held my head still and made small thrusting motions with his hips. "I love tight virgin throat around my cock."

My eyes were watering as my stomach gagged and retched at the intrusion in my throat. My hands were loose at my side. I had no intention of resisting. I was there for him to use me sexually and that is what he was doing. My cock was harder then it had ever been. I didn't dare touch it for fear I would cum.

Just as I was beginning to feel faint from the lack of air, derek pulled my head off his cock. Between gasps for air I pleaded with him.

"Please, no more".

He laughed and forcefully pushed his cock into my tender mouth again.

"Don't worry, I've taught many boys to service my meat. You'll be fine," he reassured me as he suffocated and choked me with his teaching tool.

I wasn't sure how long I could take this repeated violation.

derek reached down and felt my hardon.

"See, fag-boy, you're fucking horny and enjoying what I do to you." His prick was oozing a big precum stain that just kept spreading as his cock drooled.

"Lick that wet shit off my cock," he ordered as he pushed my face back onto his cock.

I felt that wet spot on my lips and face as he gyrated his crotch on my face. I opened my mouth and began licking. I tasted his precum on my tongue and my cock almost exploded right there and then. I had to concentrate hard in order to stop myself from cumming. All I could think to myself was, this is what I had been waiting for and it's finally happening, derek was using me the way I had been fantasizing about.

"That's it faggot," he said lovingly, "lick it, suck it now, baby."

I could smell the aroma of MAN coming out from his cock and balls. I slowly opened my mouth and licked the fucklube from his piss slit. His cockhead just kept drooling and I kept licking the slimy syrup from his slit. He was leaking so hard I was afraid he had already cum. I wanted his cum in me.

I felt his hand slap me once again as he yelled.

"I said to SUCK IT bitch!"

He pushed his cock into my waiting mouth and without mercy began face- fucking me, and I could feel his nutbag slapping against my chin as he fucked my throat. When he first forced it down my throat I began to gag but derek didn't care all he said was, "Bitch! I don't give a shit if you fucking choke on this dick, your job is just to suck it and please me I don't care about your feelings or your discomfort, now swallow my cock in that pussymouth!"

He pulled out and then forced it in again.

"You fucking like it don't you cunt?" he asked as he jabbed my throat.

"Mmmff" was all I could get out from my stuffed mouth. He knew I loved it and I loved the way he was treating me. My throat was hurting from his non-stop jabbing, he was merciless. I knew that I would have a sore throat by the time he finished with me, but I didn't care. I was delirious with lust and horniness, the smell coming out of his cockhairs, was driving me nuts. The feel of his nuts banging against my chin was driving me wild. I felt his hand grab me by the hair as he yanked his cock out of my throat.

"Okay fag come over to the mirror I want you to see yourself in the mirror while you suck my prick. I want you to see what a faggot looks like sucking on a REAL MAN'S fat prick," he said coldly. "Kneel in front of the mirror and watch as you suck my cock, pussy-mouth."

I crawled over near the full-length mirror and knelt. He came over and grabbing my hair he pulled my head as far back as it would go then shoved his huge uncut cock down my throat.

"Whore," derek growled, "I'm gonna use your throat like a pussy, you fucking cock-sucking faggot, now look at yourself sucking my prick".

I looked with the corner of my eyes and saw myself on my knees like a homo sucking another man's prick as his cum-filled nuts slapped my chin.

"Alright pussy-boy I'm cumming!"

I tried to push him away, but he grabbed the back of my head and held me still. I suddenly felt his eruption of cum. His ropes of cum were splashing against the back of my throat and dripping down my gullet.

"That's it boy, swallow your man's nut-juice."

derek kept on draining his baby-cream down my throat. When his cock started to deflate I kept it in my mouth and was able to taste the cum. derek looked me in the eye and knew he owned me and I loved it.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and waved it at me.

"I'm going to do something special for you since you were so good," he said.

He then starting pissing on my face. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as he aimed it at my open mouth and all I could do was swallow and try to breathe.

My cock erupted. I knew I had found my master and place in life.



Brian -

I have read your story. You are a very bad boy, and I'm going to have to punish you severely. Such naughty thoughts! Stand in the corner naked and think about how bad you have been. And don't you dare touch yourself, while I try to think of something painful enough to make you sorry for this! If you get an erection, it will be even worse.



derek -

Yes sir, sorry for that. Sir, I worship you. You are all I live for. I am willing to do anything for you. Please, please let me prove my worthiness. I want to be your boy slave. How can I make it up to you and show you my loyalty?

Your Boy


Brian -

It's OK, Bri. I've been thinking about your first message, and what might have happened if you were really that kid you pretended to be, and I were nearer that age too. Here's what might happen.



derek's fantasy -

My name is derek, I'm 19 years old. I've known I was queer since I was 10, but I've always been afraid to act on it, afraid all my friends would scorn me. I felt like I was the only queer in the world.

But then I found this web site called nifty, and once I started reading the stories there, I felt better, less alone. I knew there were other guys like me who wanted sex with their own kind, and I wasn't the only one who got off looking at pictures of naked guys, and thinking about sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. It was awesome.

The thing is, I'm not at all like those guys, I'm just an ordinary dude with an average body and an average cock. I'm not particularly athletic, I work out a little, but my body won't muscle up like the guys I lust after, I just stay skinny and geeky-looking.

Then I decided to try writing stories for nifty.

My own fantasies are pretty vivid, and when I would read somebody else's story I would start thinking about how I could make it better, so I started writing my own stories, and they got me really horny. All I cared about was keeping myself hard for as long as I could, and every time I had some horny thought I would write it down and when I got to my computer I'd type it in, and then more ideas started coming to me, and pretty soon I had my first story. It wasn't much of a story, really, just some scenes with lots of sex. Guys with big muscles and huge cocks. I don't know where the ideas came from, I had never done anything like that, but the words got me hard, and I could jerk off over and over reading some of my own stories. I'd add words that sounded sexy, and think about how to make it even hornier, and I'd spend hours jerking off and reading that shit, and revising it until every word was raw sex.

At first when I published at nifty, nobody wrote me. I was surprised, and hurt. I was afraid no one was reading my story, or they had read it and didn't like it. But then about a week after the first story, someone finally wrote. He apologized, said he figured I didn't want to hear from readers, because I didn't ask for letters. I was in heaven. He liked my story, said it had made him cum three times, and I felt awesome, it was almost as good as if I'd had sex with the guy, I felt like I had, in a way. I felt like I had control over that guy, and everyone who read my stories, I could make them hard, I could make them cum, they were my sex slaves.

Then I looked at other stories at nifty again, and noticed lots of them had notes from the author, asking people to write. I had missed that, I was always so obsessed with just the story, just getting my rocks off.

So the next time I sent a story, I added a note, saying it was OK to send me email, and the next day I got a note, but this one scared me. The writer said he was 14, and he wanted to meet me, he wanted me to make him my sex slave and teach him about all the things I wrote about in my stories. His name was Brian.

I admit I was shocked. The idea of a kid that age who wanted to have sex with me was exciting, but frightening. I tried to remember what I had been like at 14. I'd been horny all the time, I remembered that. But what if some guy had wanted to have sex, some older guy?

I remembered a couple of times hitch-hiking, when old guys, really old guys, as old as my dad, had made passes at me, tried to grope me, asked me to let them suck my cock. I'd been revolted, and terrified. A couple of times I'd had to let them, they'd threatened to beat me up and leave me naked somewhere, so I'd let them grope me and suck me and I couldn't even cum and they'd dropped me off acting like nothing had happened. One of them gave me ten dollars and said I'd better not tell anyone what had happened. I dropped the money as soon as he drove away.

But there had been one time when a really cute guy not much older than me had picked me up and asked me to let him suck my cock and he'd driven me to a wooded area and we'd gotten out of the car and walked into the woods and I'd stripped naked and leaned against a tree and he'd worshipped my scrawny kid body and sucked me until I popped my nuts. Then I got dressed, feeling weird about it, but he had watched me worshipfully as we walked back to his car and he drove me back to the highway to catch another ride.

I had liked the anonymity, and the idea that he thought I was straight, that I was trade, letting a faggot service me. What if he'd known I was gay too, and wanted to kiss him and suck his cock? He had asked for my phone number, said he wanted to see me again, suck my cock in a men's room somewhere, or meet me in a theater and suck me off while I watched the movie. I said No, too afraid to let on how much I had liked what he did to me.

But I was turned on by what Brian wrote, even if his image of me was way wrong. I wasn't the sexy dominant man he had written about. What would he think when he saw me?


I imagined meeting Brian.

I would tell him to meet me in some public place, like at a mall, and he should wear something so I would know who he was, and then I would go, and check him out before I let him know who I was. He'd have on the bright red cap I had said to wear, turned backwards of course, and he'd be carrying his skate board, wearing a tee shirt he had ripped off to show his abs, and those huge baggy shorts, looking like they're about to fall off, his underwear showing, his skinny torso exposed, with long stringy dark hair, just a tall scrawny kid.

I would sit on a bench and watch him, wondering if I dared say something to him, and then my heart would stop as he came up to me and looked at me real hard and asked "Are you derek?"

I would be unable to say anything at all for a minute, choking on fear and arousal. I'd nod my head quickly, afraid to look at his eyes. The kid would sit down beside me, grinning.

"Thought so. I saw you looking at me. I've seen other dudes look at me that way, old fat guys. My buddy Dak says they're sick old perverts. I guess I'm a sick young pervert."

He grinned and held out his hand and said "Hey, I'm Bri," and he laughed.

I tried to smile as I slapped his hand casually.

My heart was pounding. I couldn't say anything, and we sat like that for a few minutes, the noise of the mall way in the distance.

"Wanna buy me a coke?" Brian asked suddenly. I looked up, he was grinning at me.

"OK, sure."

Later, in my car, we drove to a place in the woods, and as soon as I stopped the car, Brian was all over me. He stripped off his shirt and climbed on top of me and started kissing me and undressing me. His lean, sexy body was rubbing against me and he got my shirt open and our bare chests rubbed together. Then he started licking my chest and telling me I had great muscles. I was stunned, and looked down at our two bodies. I guess compared to him I did have muscles. I laughed and hugged him.

Then Brian made me get out of the car and lean my butt against the hood. He pulled my pants down and then my briefs and started licking me all over and I leaned back on the hood of the car and looked up at the trees and sky and closed my eyes as the scrawny little skate-boarder gave me my second blowjob. I couldn't cum with him sucking me, I had to jerk off while he licked my nuts, and then he took my cock in his mouth as I shot, and he ate my cum.

"Did you like that?" he asked when I stopped gasping.

"Yeah," I said. Part of the thrill was just doing it outdoors, naked and exposed out there, where anyone might see us, but I had liked it, especially when he sucked my cock and tugged my balls while I was cumming, that made me cum even harder, not the way it felt so much as that he did it.

I lay there across the hood of the car, panting until I caught my breath, then I stood up, feeling embarrassed, and suddenly afraid, being naked out in the open. What if someone else came along?

Brian was still kneeling there looking at me, his long dark hair falling in his eyes, his baggy shorts falling off his lean narrow hips, his bare skinny chest hairless and smooth.

"Will you fuck me now," the boy asked, standing and dropping his shorts and showing me his skinny ass.

"Why?" I asked, shocked. This kid seemed like he knew way more about this than I did.

"It's what they always do in your stories," he said, as if that was obvious.

I couldn't bring myself to do what he wanted. I'd never fucked anyone before, I was afraid of it. Besides, I didn't have a rubber, and neither did he. He said he didn't care, he would let me fuck him without one. I told him I had to get home, and drove him back to the mall.

As he got out I said "Brian, be careful."

He just grinned and said "Later, dude."


At that point my imagination failed me. It was one thing to write about muscle-boy jock studs who fucked like bunnies, it was another to imagine an ordinary nerd like me getting it on for the first time with some 14- year old skater-dude he met over the www.

Did I dare write the real Brian back? Was he really fourteen? Or was he a man my own age, creating a fantasy?

I looked at Brian's email, to see if I could tell where he lived. What were the chances he lived anywhere near me? Nil. Zilch. Nada. So he didn't have to know what I was really like, either. Maybe it would be fun to carry on a fantasy with him, tell him stuff I wanted to do to him and see what he said.

I wrote back and told Brian maybe he could be my pussy-boy and sex slave, but he had to send me a picture first, and write me a story telling what he thought would happen the first time I took him to my dungeon to torture him and break him in.

Two days later Brian wrote back. The picture he sent looked like it could be real. It wasn't one I had ever seen before, at least, and I spend a lot of time surfing for free porn. I prefer pictures of muscle- dudes with big cocks, but I think I would have noticed this one if I had run across it.

The boy in the picture was cute, blond-haired, a nice body, but soft and a little effeminate, with the most fuckable bubble-butt I had ever seen. The pose probably made him look younger than he really was, he was sucking his thumb and holding a teddy bear, and looking at the camera over his shoulder while he stuck out his ass. All he had on was a pair of skimpy little pale blue shorts that he was pulling down to show off his butt.

I got hard right away looking at Brian's picture, I wanted to touch that sexy ass, and shove my hard cock between those sexy pouty girly lips. I wanted to fuck his bubble-butt ass until his cock spurted hot sticky boy-juice all over his smooth soft skin.

But it had to be a fake. How would a kid that age get a picture like that of himself? It looked too professional, too posed, too carefully thought out.

The story he sent with the picture was amazing. It was hard, raw, primal. His style was like he was talking, just a stream of sentences and part-sentences, phrases, images. The scene he described was a lot rougher than my stories. I like romance, unrequited love, finding out the guy the hero lusts after is lusting after him too, but afraid to reveal his feelings.

Brian's story was practically a rape, except the kid in it said he wanted to be used and abused. It made me hard, but frightened me.

I was glad Brian was just a fantasy, I was sure I could never live up to his expectations, if this was what he wanted.

Then again, if the picture he had sent was really of himself, it would be fun to do stuff like that to him. Something about the boy in the picture just begged for punishment - those pouty lips, that sexy ass, that look that said "Take me, use me, I need to be punished hard!"

I found myself having fantasies like I'd never had before.

I pictured that sexy little blond in the photo.

We were at a boy's school, and I was the principal, and he was a student who had misbehaved.

He'd been sent to me to be punished, and he was looking at me insolently, daringly. I lectured him, but he refused to apologize, refused to act sorry and humble the way he was supposed to.

I told him he had to apologize, or his punishment would be more severe.

He pouted and stuck out his tongue.

I gasped. No boy had ever done that before, and I was furious with him. I grabbed him and shook him. He laughed at me and called me an asshole.

That did it. Usually when a boy was sent to me for punishment I lectured him, then he apologized, and I had him bend over the side of my desk, and I would paddle him, five strokes for a minor infraction, ten for something worse, twenty if it was really bad, or the boy was a repeat offender. I never touched the boys, much as I wanted to sometimes.

I grabbed Brian and bent him over my knee. He was laughing and jeering at me. Wanting to humiliate him, I ripped his pants down. His underpants came away too, leaving his cute round rear totally bare. He wiggled his irresistible ass at me, taunting me. He turned his head to look at me and stuck his tongue out again, daring me.

I pushed the naughty youth's shirt up so he was totally exposed from his shoulders to his ankles. The bits of clothing clinging to his feet and shoulders made him incredibly sexy, rousing my anger even further.

I picked up the leather paddle on my desk and brought it down on the naked boy's bare firm ass as hard as I could, and was rewarded with a loud yelp of pain and surprise. His ass turned a nice bright red.

I swatted his bare behind again, and he yelled again.

I kept it up, out of control with rage and lust, and soon the boy was bawling like a baby, and after twenty or so strokes of the paddle on his bare ass he was limp and broken.

I dumped him off my legs onto the floor, disgusted with what I had done, I had let him make me lose my cool.

My groin was throbbing, my cock had gotten hard, the sight of that beautiful ass was driving me nuts with arousal and desire.

"Get up," I barked. I couldn't let on how I felt. The naked boy got shakily to his feet and then threw himself into my arms, sobbing.

"I'm sorry, sir, I know I was bad, I don't know what happened to me, I'm so sorry."

I hugged the boy involuntarily, and before I knew it, he was kissing me. I kissed him back, swept away with lust for his naked body. Then he fell to his knees between my legs, and before I knew it he had undone my pants and pulled my hard cock out, and was sucking it. I gasped with shock and arousal. He did it so expertly, I was cumming in no time. I grunted and yelled as my cum filled the boy's pretty mouth and he sucked greedily, swallowing it all.

I grabbed the boy by his long hair and pulled him away from my cock as the last spurt of cum shot out and hit his cute face, dripping down over his nose to his lips.

"What are you doing?" I shouted, angry. "How dare you do that?!"

I dragged the boy to his feet and turned him and slapped his bare ass hard with my hand, over and over, and he yelped rewardingly, but as I kept slapping that beautiful bubble-butt, my cock stayed hard, and I got drunk with lust, and without thinking I pushed the boy face down over the desk, and stepped up behind him and drove my cock up his ass. This would teach him not to be insubordinate! I fucked him hard and he yelped and moaned.

"OH! Sir! Please, yes, fuck my ass! Harder, sir, harder! Fuck me!"

Eventually I collapsed back into my chair, my lust sated, and told the boy to get dressed and get out of there.

Brian asked shyly if I wanted him to come back for further discipline sessions. He said he had a hard time being good sometimes, but he was sure more sessions like this would help him. I agreed he needed further punishment, and told him to return in three days.


Wet with arousal from the images Brian's request had fostered, I decided at least he and I could exchange fantasies, so I told him about what his picture made me want to do to him, and how naughty he was to think of a filthy story like the one he had sent.

I waited to hear from him again.


derek -

Sir I think I'm failing in love with you. I came 3 times reading your note. I'm a bad boy and need punishment sometimes, but I can also be very very good. If I don't write back quickly it's because my family may be watching. Just know you are always in my thoughts.



Brian -

I need to hear from you. Send me another fantasy. Just cut loose and write whatever turns you on, the more details, the better.



derek -

I had a sudden desperate need to suck your cock -- it hit me like a tidal wave. A shudder ran up my spine and I pressed my lips against your throat and felt your beard stubble scratch my tongue. Before you could fight me off, I had my hand against your cock, under your jeans, working it, and thank God, you were totally hot and hard under the denim -- Man it was all I'd hoped -- so thick I couldn't begin to tell how it looped back on itself in your briefs but it was hot as hell, and thank god, you were ready; if you didn't want it, your body sure did. My mouth got down there in a flash -- it was a huge cock, I found your head somehow, the foreskin was still covering it but stretched mighty thin now, and the whole thing could just barely get in me. I loved the way it stretched my lips, and there was already some precum I could use it to smooth my way. It was awesome taking hold of your foreskin with my lips and sliding it back, so your cock entered my mouth and I could stroke it with my tongue, lick off the drop of cream in the slit while the skin under my lips had not changed. A couple of inches of you could slide into me before my lips started to slide along your skin! Fucking awesome!!!! I had to try that again, and you didn't seem to get tired of it before I started wanting to feel you filling my mouth all the way to the back. Your shaft was as thick as the head, and by the time your piss slit landed against the soft curtain at the back, my jaw was stretched till it was sore -- but I wasn't panicking, it felt like it could stretch more if given a chance -- and meantime, you started to moan. Your breathing changed. I could feel your hips start to swivel just a subtle little bit, and you shucked your jeans down below your knees as your cock started to take over and lead in this dance. First you pulled back, and set up a rhythm where you'd re-enter only to drag your thick vein over my tongue and resheathe your glans, dart that sweet dripping plum-head forward again, only to drag it back -- but each time, you gave a velvet smack to the soft tissue shielding the entrance to my throat, and every time, I wanted you more and more to slide through that curtain, open me up with that rosy knob, let me feel you enter my throat. Man what a stretch. You were so thick -- and God knows how long. And God how I wanted it Your smell was fantastic --almost rank, sweat and body oils and pheromones lubricated you as you slid deeper and deeper into my hunger. I felt your breathing change again; you felt me stop you, and pressed softly up against that soft wet skin again and again, waiting, insistent, but waiting. I opened up all at once and swallowed you into my throat. "Fuck! Oh FUCKING YES!!!" I went all the way down, feeling my throat taking your thickness deep and squeezing you, feeling the round knob opening me up deeper and deeper, pushing against my Adam's apple. Suddenly you pulled back. I felt your glans slide out of my throat. I sighed, and then the tide turned: the whole length of you slid all the way back in....... and in and in and in, till your balls were almost up your ass. You rubbed my larynx with the head of your cock like a musician bending a note on his sax; your whole shaft filled me like a musical note, I felt myself going under again, starting to black out, but stayed awake cause the melody was so sweet. And then you slid back, it seemed like a whole foot of cock slid out of my throat and over my tongue and out to my lips. I chewed on your foreskin and wept and kissed your shaft. "O God, o God, put it back." I felt you playing with my lips, felt the foreskin again sliding across the threshold, the wet glans against my tongue then that wonderful vein sliding over my tongue, your cock head at the back of my mouth. Then you dragged it back, so the foreskin covered it again, then again, the hot dripping glans pressed tight against my throat -- then pulled back, in and back. It fucking drove me wild to feel my throat grabbing at the foreskin, to feel that velvet skin give way to the satiny tight skin on your glans, that huge rod, so hard, but I wanted it -- and feel you fucking me with it. Again and again, you pressed back into my throat a little at a time,.....So fucking hot... I came up for air, gasping...with tears in my eyes. "Fuck, man you are so hot.... Come in my throat... Please.... Please, come in my throat..." "You want that?" "oh please, man, come in my throat!" "Oh man," the look in your eyes is surprised, you dick jumps right in front of me....... I grab it, kiss the head as I catch my breath God yeah, man, you're awesome," looking you right in your beautiful eyes... and feel you slide in again, slow and smooth and deliberate; you wait while I breathe one more time, you smile, this man is my god. "Ohhhhh, man, that's so good", I hear you say as you twists your pelvis. I feel you turning me, you want me on my back, we're on the floor, your cock is sliding into my throat, you're on top of me, your back arches and your cock pulls back, I feel the head tweak my tonsils as it backs out..... Fuck I want him in me, you butt your shaft along my tongue, I want it so bad, and I feel your hands strip my shorts back and your soft mouth engulf my cock. Your cock just taps, taps, taps against the back of my mouth. I feel my hips start to surge, I'm fucking your mouth in big waves..... You're taking me... and you finally let yourself sink your full weight into me. My hands are on your smooth hipbones; it's awesome. You're all the way in me, your strong thighs are caressing the sides of my head, cradling me and locking me into place so you can fuck me completely. Your cock is in me so deep, I can feel the curve down into your asshole with my teeth. You're seething, slowly, short strokes, but with all your strength, it's coming from deep in your butt, those awesome buns are squeezing you into me, rubbing that knob in my throat slower and slower, deeper and deeper. I feel your thighs start to tremble. I open my lips to kiss your groin more fully, taste your sweat trickling off your ass and squeeze you as your glans swells to bursting, and feel your voice moan around my cock as I surge into YOUR throat. You stop dead still.....and then your hips pound me, thick fast waves, in and in and in, pummeling my throat, burying your seed so deep in my throat, fucking plunged..... I don't even taste your creamy, salty semen till after you withdraw into my mouth, where you stay until at last I can't hold you any more. You smile at me and ask when we can meet again.



Brian -

That's totally hot, dude.

I need to tend to mundane shit like earning a living for a few weeks, so I won't be able to write, but I'll be thinking of you, and all the ways I would like to use your sexy body.

Write down all your filthy thoughts, all your deep inner needs, and send them to me.

Think about how you want to be used. Write it down. Picture the places, what you do, what I do. How am I dressed? How are you dressed?

This scene you described today - where did it happen?

I bet it was in a public john, or an old warehouse, the stair well of an office building, someplace we might have been caught in the act. Did you like that, doing it almost in public? You're one of those scrawny ragged tee-shirted tattooed bicycle messengers, I'm a suited business dude. You brought me a package and when we looked at each other we knew. I told you to be in that stair well waiting for me, naked. Did anyone see you before I arrived? Were you afraid? Did that turn you on, being naked in public, waiting for me, the fear of being seen?

When we finished, I made you stand there naked while I dressed, and as I walked out someone else came in. What happened? I bet he fucked you raw, you were so drunk with sex from swallowing my hot jism that you offered your ass right away and he sunk his big hard cock into you right to the nuts and fucked you until you begged him to cum.

Next time, we'll meet at the high school gym. I know the custodian, he lets me use the place after hours, if he can watch. Don't worry, he won't interfere.

Be at the back door at 7 pm on Saturday. Wear just your tennies and an old pair of shorts that are too small for you - no underwear - and a tee shirt that is also too small. I want you to look like a slutty little street corner rent boy, begging to be fucked.

I'll be watching as you go in, and if you don't look sexy enough, I won't follow you in.

When the custodian lets you in, go to the locker room, and find the bench with the red towel on it. Lie down there, face down along the bench, with your ass at the end. Pull your tee shirt up some, and push your shorts down so your ass is half bare. Then lie there like that and wait for me.

While you wait, think about what you want me to do to you. Don't touch yourself between now and then, or as you get ready for me, or as you lie there and wait, though. I want your little dick hard and your little balls full of cum, I want you hungry, desperate for release.

Imagine what I will do when I walk in.

I strip my own clothes off and sit naked on the bench in front of you and feed you my hard cock. You suck it eagerly, desperate for my man milk, reaching up to feel my hard-muscled body, my huge pecs and washboard abs, but I pull away before I cum, then move in behind you and rip your shorts off and sink my cock into your ass all at once, muffling your sudden cry with my hand. Then I stuff my cum-soaked jock strap into your mouth to suck on as I fuck you senseless, driving my huge dong into your tight boyish ass, with each hard thrust of my cock into you your body slides along the bench until you reach the end and you grab the legs of the bench to hold yourself in place as I fuck you harder and harder and eventually, when you think you can't take any more, I gasp and shout with ecstasy as I empty my nuts up your tight little boy-hole and your own cock erupts finally too.

Your master loves his little boy, his sex toy. Do as I tell you, and I will make you happy.



derek -

Yes master, I will do as you ask. It will be difficult not to cum. Just reading your commands makes me so hot. Please don't make me wait long. I need your cock like food. Please fill me with all its contents. I need to drink its nectar. I will do anything you want.

Brian, your boy.


I had to travel on business for the next three weeks, and when I was able to write Brian again, he didn't answer. I wrote him a couple of times after that, asking for more, but he never responded. I decided not to exchange messages like that again. I miss Brian.