Camp Summersex

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It was the summer I turned twelve when I discovered I liked to be held down by other boys and then "forced" to do things. There was something about being dominated by another guy, or even better, by several guys, especially if they were bigger than I was, that excited me. Being forced to do things I would never do otherwise, especially things I had been taught were dirty or vulgar, excited me even more.

It all started at summer camp. My older brother stayed home to help our dad paint the house, and without him around to overshadow me I found I had talents I'd never known about. I was popular.

Somehow I had gotten a reputation as a good story-teller and one night when the other boys begged me to tell a story I said I would only do it if they made me. I had no idea myself what that meant, I was just drunk with the primal excitement of being out in nature with a bunch of other boys, with nothing but my own twisted fantasies to guide me.

There were five other boys in my cabin and they all got into the spirit of the game right away They used their blankets to make a private place in one of the bunk beds, by hanging the blankets from the top so the bottom bunk was all closed in and hidden, and then they all climbed in there together with me and we all had flashlights, and I told them they all had to be naked and they stripped naked right away. It was after Lights Out, so most of them were wearing just summer PJ's or even just briefs, and getting naked was easy.

Then they said "OK tell us a story," and I said "Make me."

I still had my PJ's on, and right away there were ten hands all over me and they were taking my PJs off and I was naked and being held down by all of them in the bed.

My pre-teen cock got hard and they all tickled me and two of them played with my prick and teased me until my whole body convulsed.

It was my first orgasm, a dry one, and it scared me, but one of the boys, my new friend Robbie, said "Wow, you just had an orgasm!" and everyone said "Wow, what's that!" and he said his big brother had shown him, he was fourteen and when he played with his cock - which he said was huge, of course - it got hard and spurted this white sticky stuff and his face turned bright red and he yelled dirty words like "Fuck" and "Shit!"

Everybody said "Wow" and "Far out!" and "Awesome" and then I told my story and they released me and we all went to bed.

I have no idea what the story was about, or why they were willing to go along with my suggestions and strip me naked me and feel me up that way.

Maybe it wasn't the story at all, maybe it was the getting naked and feeling each other up. That's certainly the only part I remember, so maybe it was the part that mattered to them too.

The next night when they asked for a story again I said "Make me" and it was no time before they had me naked and this time one of them suggested they tie me up and soon I was hog-tied bare-assed naked in the bed while the five of them tickled me and explored my body with their hands.

Looking back it's obvious to me that they were enjoying the opportunity to feel me up as much as the game of torturing me and making me do their will.

When I started to make too much noise, one of them put a pillow over my face and I got scared I was going to suffocate and really fought them and they hadn't tied me very well so I got free and started kicking and hitting and the whole thing turned into a free-for-all.

When things quieted down we were all lying there naked, six horny little preteens, and three of them had erections like mine, and we all started tickling one another and touching each other in private places, and this time I came when my buddy Robbie poked his finger up my butt and that sent me right over the top. I was shocked he would do that but he grinned at me later and said he'd heard about it from his older brother and I admitted I had liked it.

The night after that two older boys from a neighboring cabin sneaked into ours after lights out and said they had heard about my stories and could they listen too and we were all so awed they would ask our permission and want to be with us that of course we said Yes.

It turned out they were interested in the sex games more than the stories, and I got fucked for the first time. We constructed our private tent in the bunk bed and the eight of us climbed in there and they all got naked and then took my clothes off as I pretended to fight them. It was pretty crowded with eight of us, so it was hard not to touch each other, and by the time they had me naked the bed was a sea of arms and legs and hard penises.

I was totally awed by the two older boys, both of them had hair around their penises and when they got hard right away they were much bigger than any of us and immediately they were the center of attention and I was pissed off because no one was interested in me or my stories any more.

The two of them jerked off for us and everyone was awed by their big hard cocks and the cum they spurted. They let us little guys touch them everywhere and feel their hard cocks and balls.

I was feeling jealous, but then one of them asked me if I wanted to go back to his cabin and I was so flattered I said Sure and when we got to his cabin it was dark and his cabinmates were asleep so we had to be very quiet.

We climbed into his bunk together and got naked under the blanket and he started fondling and stroking me all over, and I liked that a lot and when he started rubbing my ass I let him, and he poked his finger up my hole the way Robbie had and I felt my cock throbbing and he wiggled it around for a while and when I didn't stop him he made me lie on my belly and he laid on top of me and pushed his cock up my ass. He wasn't very big, but it hurt like hell and I yelped and he put his hand over my mouth and started fucking me real fast and he was licking my neck and biting my ears and his cock in my ass still hurt but I was in heaven because he liked me.

The next day our counselor Scott took me aside and said he'd seen what we had done, he'd been making an inspection and he'd seen us in the bunk bed playing with each other and then he'd followed us and seen what that older boy had done to me and he was afraid the boy might have hurt me so he needed to "examine" me.

I knew Scott wasn't a doctor or anything, and he seemed nervous so I guess I knew there was something going on, but I liked him a lot, I had a total crush on Scott and would have done anything he asked so I said OK and he took me into the infirmary and locked the door and had me stand there while he undressed me.

He took his time about it and touched me gently all over as he removed my clothes.

Once I was naked, Scott told me to get up on the examining table, and he pretended to examine me. That consisted of touching me more, focusing on intimate places like my armpits and groin. Then he said I had to let him put his finger up my asshole the way that other boy had done, it was the only way to be sure I was OK.

I said OK so he put some clear slippery stuff on his finger and shoved it up there - his finger was bigger than that boy's and he pushed it all the way in right away and I yelped in pain and surprise and he clamped his hand over my mouth and told me to shut up or he would hurt me and he was poking his finger around inside me and I nodded and then he started stroking my naked body with his hand and finger fucking-me and my cock was hard and he opened his mouth and started sucking on me. I had never even heard of such a thing before but it was only seconds before I started cumming and my whole body shook with the force of it.

Then Scott pulled his finger out and asked if it had felt good and I admitted it had so he said now I had to let him put his penis up there and he lowered his shorts and showed me his cock which was totally hard and looked enormous. I said It's so big and he said I know and it will hurt at first but you'll like it once you get used to it so I said OK. I would have done anything to be with Scott.

Scott was several years older than me, and the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He was blond and tanned and muscular, and he could do fancy dives like jack-knives and he had fine silky hair in his armpits and around the base of his cock. He stripped off his tee shirt and shorts so he was naked too and he let me touch him all over.

So Scott fucked me that first time in the infirmary. He had me lie face down on the table and he climbed up on top of me and just shoved his big hard cock up inside me all at once. It hurt like hell and I tried to yell out but he had clamped his hand over my mouth again so it was muffled.

Then Scott started fucking me and I cried from the pain and that time it never felt good but he came real fast. Afterwards he told me I couldn't tell anyone what we had done. I said OK, and felt ashamed but then he hugged me and said if I kept my mouth shut he would suck my cock again the next day and I said OK because it would mean I could be with Scott again. He told me to meet him by the latrines after lunch the next day.

When I met Scott the next day he grabbed me and hugged me and kissed me. He said I was the cutest boy at camp and he had been wanting me from the moment he saw me. I was in heaven. He had a backpack and a blanket with him, and told me there was a spot he knew about where no one would see us, so he led me into the woods. We hiked for about twenty minutes, I guess, and finally reached a clearing.

To my shock and dismay, Mario, another counselor, was there waiting for us. He was lying there in the sun on a big rock, totally naked, and playing with himself. He sat up and kept stroking his dick - it was even bigger than Scott's - as we approached him. Scott walked up to him and the two of them kissed, and there was something about the way Scott acted that made me realize Mario was in charge. Mario was big and dark and masculine, with dark hair on his chest and legs, and big hard muscles, like a pro wrestler, while Scott was smaller and blond and smooth-skinned and leaner, like a swimmer.

I stood watching them kiss, feeling embarrassed and betrayed, wanting to turn and run. They separated, and Mario looked at me and grinned.

"So you're Joey, huh?" he said, grinning in this evil way that made me afraid. "C'mere," he said, reaching out his hand, and Scott pushed me towards his buddy.

"Go ahead, it's OK," Scott said, and I looked up at him and he was smiling and I was so in love with him, so that made it OK.

Mario pulled me towards him and started taking my clothes off. I stood there, letting him, looking back at Scott, who had pushed his shorts down and was stroking his hard cock, watching us. Mario got me naked, then licked and sucked my smooth soft body. It felt good, and he guided my hands to his big dick, and directed me how to stroke it and make it feel good.

"Yeah, that's it kid, you like my big cock, don't you? That's it, play with it like that. Now my balls, squeeze on 'em. Yeah, like that. Yeah, Scottie was right, you're a natural for this. Yeah."

I did as Mario told me, liking the praise and attention, forgetting some of my fear and disappointment that it wasn't just Scott and me. I liked Mario's body, though not as much as Scott's.

And Mario's big cock awed and fascinated me. He was uncut, and I loved the way I could pull his foreskin back from his huge knob to expose it, and then push it back up to cover it again.

He let me fondle his big hard muscles. His hairiness, which had seemed gross at first, was soon exciting to me. It seemed to go with his dark skin and his big hard muscles and his cocky macho attitude.

As I played with his cock, clear fluid started to ooze from its tip, and I could see it wasn't piss or cum. I touched it.

"Taste it," he told me, and that seemed gross but I looked at Scott and he was smiling and nodding as he stroked his cock so I put my finger to my lips and stuck my tongue out and tasted Mario's precum. It was sweet, and I liked it.

"Lick my cock now," Mario said and Scott nodded at me and I leaned down and stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of Mario's big cock, getting more of that precum. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed it down gently.

"Go ahead, lick it," and I wrapped both of my hands around it and pulled the foreskin back to expose the crown and then slowly licked all over the head of his cock. He moaned softly.

"Yeah, kid, go ahead, more," and he pulled my head down on his cock, pushing the huge blunt head against my lips.

I fought him, not wanting his cock in my mouth, but then Scott was behind me, pulling my arms behind my back, holding me helplessly as Mario forced his cock into my mouth.

"Go ahead, kid, you want it, open up, suck my big dick, make me cum."

Scott had his lips on my ears and was licking and sucking them and urging me to obey.

"Go ahead Joey, suck it, you'll like it, suck his cock."

I could feel Scott's cock rubbing into the crack of my ass, and knew he was planning to fuck me again. His cock must have been oozing heavily, because it felt wet and slippery.

I was confused and afraid, and realized I had no choice but to do whatever these two bigger, stronger boys wanted me to do.

I opened my mouth and let Mario shove his cock inside.

He slapped me.

"Watch the teeth, bitch!"

I pulled back in pain and fear.

Scott murmured "It's OK, just be careful, you can do it," and through my tears I saw Mario's huge cock approaching my lips again and I opened and let it in, trying to open my mouth wide enough to let it in, and keep my lips over my teeth.

"That's it, kid, you're catching on now," Mario growled, forcing his cock deeper. I gagged and choked.

"Take it easy, man, he's new to this," Scott said.

"A virgin? No shit! Awesome, dude, yeah kid, take your time, you'll get it," and he eased off a little.

Scott let my arms go and pressed his naked body against my back. He had his arms wrapped around me from behind, and was stroking and rubbing and fondling my naked boy flesh, obviously loving it. His cock was sliding between my legs, probing at my hole, rubbing in my crack, poking my balls.

I was starting to like the feel and taste of Mario's huge tool, and the sounds he was making. He liked what I was doing, and I liked that I could give him pleasure. It was sort of like I was in charge, not he, I was making his cock feel good, he wanted me, and what I could do. I sucked harder, and played with his big nuts in their sac.

Then I felt Scott's lips at my ear again, licking and sucking.

"God Joey," he said, "You're so cute and sexy, I've just gotta fuck you again," and I felt his fingers probing at my tight hot boy hole and pushing inside. He had wet them with something, because they slid in easy, and he did it several times and then he said "Here it comes, baby," and I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole and he shoved hard and I cried out.

Mario felt my mouth open wider and took that as his cue to grab my head and shove it all the way down on his huge hard cock, and suddenly I was being fucked from both ends, Scott's big cock buried up my ass, and Mario's down my throat.

I was choking on the giant cock buried in my throat, feeling like I was about to faint, and Scott was fucking me hard, so my insides felt like I was being ripped apart.

Then I heard someone shouting, and I was thrown to the ground, and when I looked up Coach Matthews was standing there, he had Scott by the arm and was shaking him, and Mario was lying on the ground rubbing his face, and his nose was bleeding.

There was a big fuss afterwards, and Scott and Mario were sent home and my folks came and took me home too after a long talk with the camp director. They never said anything about it, and neither did I. I knew they wouldn't understand if I told them I liked what the older boys were doing to me.