Dear Marty

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Dear Marty -

I want to try to explain about this afternoon, and maybe once you understand what happened you won't be mad, even though I had sex with your little brother - though I have to say, he's not so little any more. He's really grown up a lot since you and I went away to college.

I didn't mean to have sex with him, it just sort of happened. No, wait, that's not true, and I know you don't want to hear this, but Joey seduced me. He did, I swear - he deliberately got me turned on so I would have sex with him. I would never have started something like that, I've almost never had sex with another guy before - just that once with you at camp, and I know we said we would never talk about it, but I'm just saying, that's the only time I've had sex with another guy until today, with Joey. Shit, this isn't sounding the way I wanted it to. Okay, here's what happened.

I came over to see you, and Joey was there alone - he said you'd gone shopping with your mom and wouldn't be home for a while, so I was going to leave, but he said "Why don't you stay? We can mess around until they get back, it won't be that long." And he smiled so nice and looked so cute and I just thought "Why not?" I've always liked Joey.

I assure you I'd have left right away if I had known what he meant by "mess around".

He took me to his room, 'cause he said we could watch TV there, but when we got to his room the chairs were all piled with stuff, and he said "Go ahead and lie on the bed, it's OK."

So I did, I just flopped down on his bed, half-sitting, leaning against the headboard. There were some magazines he'd been looking at and I picked one up and started leafing through it and he flopped down beside me and sort of snuggled up real close so we were touching and I didn't think anything of it 'cause Joey was always real affectionate and used to snuggle up to you and me when we watched movies on TV sometimes so it seemed perfectly natural, it was just little Joey being friendly.

OK, I admit it, I liked his being so close to me - I was starting to notice how cute he is and since he wasn't wearing much - just cutoffs and a tank-top - I could see what a nice build he had. He looks a lot like you.

The magazine he'd been looking at was all pictures of body-builders, guys with lots of muscles, only it wasn't exactly a bodybuilding magazine, there were no articles, it was just pictures, and these guys were just posing to show off their bodies.

And, well, they were mostly totally naked or wearing just little pouches, not jock straps -just flimsy little pieces of cloth tied on with string and they didn't really hide anything - it just made them look more naked and sexy, especially since they were all really big, I mean, you know, very well hung and frankly most of them had hardons, especially the ones that were totally naked. Well, maybe not exactly full raging hardons, not all of them, some of them were just half hard, and it was done kind of artistically, it didn't look like porn, exactly, I mean a guy with a body like that would look sort of weird naked and posing for a camera without a boner, you know? At least I think so, I've seen some pictures of naked guys without hardons and it looked weird to me, sort of incomplete. I mean I always get one when I'm naked, and I know you do, so it seems natural to me.

I've never seen a magazine like that, I mean you and I used to look at the sex magazines downtown where that one clerk never carded us and we saw lots of pretty horny stuff with chicks and sometimes couples, and I guess the gay section probably had magazines like this, with just guys, but we never looked there. The magazines we saw did have some pretty awesome dudes, with huge cocks and lots more muscles than any guy I'd seen in the flesh up to then, but that was different, we were looking at the naked girls. But I have to admit it got me hard looking at this magazine Joey had, even though it was just these guys, it was sexy. It must have been because it reminded me of the straight porn I've seen. And they did all have great bodies, lots of muscles, and anybody would admire that, right?

But I was wondering where Joey got a magazine like that and why he was looking at naked guys anyway, and I was about to ask him when he said "Aren't they awesome? I want to have a body like that, I've been working out. You have a great body, I can tell you still work out a lot. Let me see."

And he reached out and put his hand on my bare naked abs and started stroking them, just feeling my muscles. I had on a cut-off tee shirt so my stomach was bare and before I knew it he had pushed it up so my chest was bare too.

He said "Wow, you have great pecs! You must have been working out a lot!"

Then he started rubbing my pecs and feeling them and I was feeling sort of funny about it, me half naked and him playing with my muscles like that. It was just little Joey, and he's always been very physical and friendly, so it didn't seem wrong at first, but well, it was turning me on, especially after looking at the pictures in that magazine, it was real sexy seeing those naked guys with big muscles and hard dicks and then Joey snuggles up next to me feeling my bare abs and pecs.

But I was also flattered he would admire my build, since I do work out a lot and try to look good. And he always used to admire our muscles when you and I worked out together, you remember, he would watch us and ask us to flex and pose for him and let him feel our biceps and all. This didn't seem much different than that at first. I mean we used to let Joey go pretty far, and we even got naked for him a couple of times, remember? We even let him touch our boners a couple of times, I mean we always had boners when we were naked together, and it didn't seem weird that Joey would envy those, since hadn't gotten his growth yet. I liked it when he played with mine, and when we jerked off for him. Remember how he wanted to see us squirt and we had a contest for him, to see who could squirt the farthest and you won?

But I was embarrassed about the pictures Joey was showing me, and the way he was feeling me up, and I tried to stop him. I told him to cut it out and pushed his hands away, I swear I did.

So then he started tickling me like you used to do. And like I said, he's grown up a lot. A couple of years ago I'd have had no problem stopping him if he tried to get me that way, but now he's almost as big as I am and he caught me totally off guard and started tickling me in the sides and stomach and with my body naked like that he could get at all the right places - I think he must have watched you tickle me like that, 'cause he sure knew exactly how to do it to get me helpless with laughter and begging for mercy - and before I could do anything he had me pinned down on my back and was tickling me and undressing me.

I swear, Marty, that's what he did, he undressed me while he tickled me so I couldn't stop him. He worked my cut off tee up so my whole body was naked - he did that by tickling me in the sides where you know I am very ticklish anyway, and somehow he got me to raise my arms, and when I raised my arms he got into my armpits and along my ribs and it had me totally helpless and then all he had to do was grab my tee-shirt and pull it up over my head and hook it behind my neck so I was practically naked with my whole body exposed and he just kept tickling. And while I was laughing helplessly he just stripped me naked and started groping my cock as if it was perfectly natural to do that.

"Gotcha!" he said, or something like that, as if it was just a normal part of the game and we did it all the time. I guess you and I used to play that, we'd tickle each other and grab each other's crotches until we both had hardons and then we'd jerk off together. We didn't play with each other's cocks, I know, but we were naked and hard-dicked together, and I guess if Joey was watching us secretly he might have gotten the wrong idea, and that made him think it was okay to do it to me today.

It was like that time you and Toby ganged up on me at the gym when the three of us stayed late to work out and we were all alone together in the mat room and the two of you got me down on the floor and tickled me and stripped me naked and then held me down spread-eagled on the floor naked while you played with my cock until I shot a huge load of cum all over myself.

We were still just kids, really, you and Toby both said you wanted to see my monster shoot, cause I have such a big one and I refused to beat off and let you guys watch and see me cum. The truth is, I was embarrassed to do it, for fear you'd realize how much I really wanted to, I wanted to have you look at me naked and see me cum, I wanted you to dominate me and make me do things. And then once you had made me cum and shoot a huge load - I was really turned on by it, actually, even though I fought and protested - I don't think I had ever cum so fast or so hard before and you guys were amazed how hard I shot and how much cum there was, it got all over the three of us - then once I'd finished cumming the two of you stripped naked and knelt on either side of me and you made me lie there and play with your hard cocks until the two of you shot your loads all over me too.

You wanted me to suck you both off but I said No way, so you said OK then at least you have to jerk us off, and I did. And then as you were both cumming the coach came in and saw us and told us to get out of there and take our showers and I saw him looking at us afterwards and was afraid he'd say something to my dad, but he let it drop and I was relieved as hell, my dad would have killed me if he ever knew I did something like that.

I guess that makes two other times I've sort of had sex with a guy, that one and the time with you at camp.

I never told you how much I liked that time at the gym, the two of you dominating me and forcing me to do your will like that. I would even have sucked you guys off if you had kept tickling me and really made me do it but you let me off too easy. I had fantasies for weeks after that, about you two jumping me and stripping me naked again and tying me up and spanking me and tickling me and then making me suck your hard cocks and eat your cum. God, I can't believe I'm telling you all of this now, but I guess what happened with Joey today has made me think about a lot of things.

Then once Joey had me totally naked - OK, wait, I don't think I was naked yet at that point, he just tickled me and got my shirt up over my head like I said and then felt me up real good, and told me how awesome I looked and how much he liked my muscles. I was gasping for air and still laughing, almost crying really, he'd really given it to me, and my cock was totally hard, the whole scene had gotten so sexy, with the pictures, and Joey tickling me and taking my clothes off.

But then he got up on his knees and straddled my body on the bed and took his tee shirt off and took my hand and said "Here, feel my muscles - I've been working out too - Do you think I'm getting a good body?"

I hadn't really looked at him until then, and realized suddenly that he looked really good, I was surprised how much he's filled out, so I started feeling him up too, it just seemed natural and like I owed it to him because he had done it to me and it felt good and all - he does have a real nice bod now, real hard and tight with big hard pecs that looked real sexy and feeling his bare muscles like that got me even hotter and then he was rubbing my muscles again and telling me how good they looked. He was practically laying on top of me and we were both feeling each other's muscles. That sounds totally queer, I know, but Joey is so cute, and I was so turned on, and I don't know what happened, I just got carried away. Our crotches were rubbing together, and I was hard and I could feel his boner too, rubbing against mine through our shorts.

Pretty soon Joey pulled away and sort of knelt over me again and then he reached down and groped me through my shorts and my cock responded by getting even harder and starting to ooze, I could feel the wet sticky juice start to leak from the tip and get my briefs wet.

"Wow Todd, your cock's all hard," he said with that innocent little boy voice he still has, and somehow it seemed perfectly natural for him to be saying that. I admit I was shocked at first that he would do that, grab my crotch and feel my hardon, but I was pretty far gone by then, and it felt good and I couldn't say no.

I looked at Joey's crotch and saw that he was showing a pretty good bulge in his shorts too and I sort of thought maybe I should get up and leave 'cause this was getting out of control, but I guess I wasn't thinking too clearly - when my cock gets hard and I get as turned on as I was right then, with the two of us half-naked on Joey's bed and him actually groping me, all I could think of was how good it felt, and how sexy Joey looked. You must know what I mean.

"Was it those pictures?" Joey asked innocently as he squeezed my cock through my gym shorts. He got my balls too and squeezed them and it almost hurt at first but it felt good and I couldn't tell him to stop for some reason. He had this sexy grin, like he knew some secret and was daring me to guess it.

I was able to push his hand away and I rolled over onto my stomach to make him take his hand out of my crotch, but my cock was still rock hard and it felt sexy pressed into the mattress, alone and half naked with your little brother Joey. I was having trouble thinking about what I should do, I just wanted it to go on, have Joey feel me up some more, and feel him up too.

Joey laid down next to me and snuggled up against me real sexy like - we both had our shirts off by then so our bare skin rubbed together making me even hotter, and Joey was rubbing my back with one hand and playing with my butt - he got his hand in under the waistband of my briefs and rubbed my bare butt and I didn't know how to stop him - besides it felt good. He threw one leg over me and pushed his crotch into the side of my leg and I could feel that he had a hardon too, a big one, and rock hard and starting to leak because it felt wet through his briefs - did I say he'd taken his shorts off by then and had on just his briefs? I think he had taken my shorts and jock off too, and I was naked, maybe, and he was rubbing my bare ass with his hand and reaching between my legs from behind to play with my nuts - that really gets me going, and he seemed to know it would. Or maybe I still had my shorts on. It's hard to remember exactly, I was so horny, I just wanted to cum.

I was still looking at the magazine, I admit it really got to me, I've never seen pictures like that before, hot-looking guys our age showing off their bodies and hard cocks, and I just had to keep turning the pages and looking.

Joey reached out and stroked one of the pictures, of a really big dude with lots of muscles and a huge hard cock.

"I get horny sometimes looking at guys like that," he said quietly, and he kept playing with my bare ass, "guys with big muscles, and especially if they have hardons like some of these dudes. That guy looks sort of like you. Wait, I have a better one under here," and he pulled another magazine out from under his pillow and opened it on the bed in front of us and started turning the pages and showing it to me - it was all these two totally naked young guys with big muscles and huge cocks sort of wrestling except they both had huge erections and the way they were wrestling was real sexy and I just sort of stared at it feeling all hot and horny and wanting to see more, wanting to know what they would do next as Joey turned the pages.

I was embarrassed to admit to Joey it was turning me on, but it was, and there was no way I could hide it - the two muscle dudes were straining against each other so their muscles were all pumped and hard and there was this awesome shot where one guy had his knee in the other guy's groin, pressed up against his balls but not as though he was trying to hurt him, more like he was trying to turn him on, they both had rock hard huge hard cocks and I pictured them having some sort of contest to see which guy could make the other guy cum first, I don't know why I thought that except that I had rolled over on my back again, Joey had been feeling me up and I'd sort of forgotten I didn't want him to get at my cock, which was still throbbing hard and so I rolled onto my back as he stroked and rubbed my bare muscles. He told me he wanted to see more and he guided me onto my back and was playing with my pecs and rubbing my abs and groping my crotch and I was so fucking horny.

I buried my face in the magazine while Joey felt me up and I looked at the guys in the picture and their huge hard dicks were sort of brushing against each other and I was thinking maybe the bigger, dark-haired guy with the huge muscles would force the other sexy blond to drop to his knees and suck his huge hard cock - it occurred to me that he looked a lot like you, and I imagined it was the two of us wrestling that way - it was crazy and I felt all dizzy.

The next thing I knew Joey got his hand inside my gym shorts and was feeling my hardon through my briefs. No wait, I think he had my gym shorts off by then - I don't know when or how he got my gym shorts off, but he did and when he groped me through my briefs I felt like I was about to shoot - I was totally hard and I don't think I've ever been so hard or so worked up - except maybe that time you and I messed around - you remember, that time we went camping alone together and had to share my sleeping bag, because yours got wet, and well, you know what happened. It was like that.

Then I turned the page of the magazine and the two naked muscle studs were holding each other's cocks, and on the next page one guy was on his knees sucking the other naked dude's huge hard cock. I was so horny I thought I'd cream.

"That picture is pretty awesome, isn't it," Joey asked me - I guess he could see from the way I was staring at it that the picture of those two guys was having a pretty strong effect on me.

"I think they look a lot like you and Marty," he said, and I was shocked because that was just what I had been thinking, and it got me even hornier.

Joey still had one hand inside my briefs on my hardon and with the other he was still playing with my pecs. He had started playing with my nipples just the way I like to myself when I'm horny. I don't know how he knew what that would do to me but it got me even hotter. I guess my nipples are big for a guy 'cause Joey mentioned that as he played with them he said "Wow you have big nipples Todd, they feel awesome, I wish mine were like that" and he was pinching and squeezing them and it was getting me really hot.

I was getting so hot I felt like I could shoot just from Joey playing with my pecs and nipples and groping my crotch.

"Shit, Joey, that's really getting me horny," I told him, "you'd better stop before I shoot!"

He said "What, you mean this?" and he squeezed my cock again.

"Or this?" he asked, playing with my nipples some more - he was really giving them a workout and it was putting me near the top, my cock was throbbing and jerking and leaking so hard. My briefs were so wet with all the juice that was oozing out that it was like I'd already cum.

"Go ahead and shoot, I want to see," he said innocently and pushed me back so I was lying on my back and he pulled my briefs down to my knees and my cock flopped up onto my taught abs and started oozing and throbbing.

"You have a real big one," he said, "I've always liked seeing yours hard. Remember that time you and Marty had that contest and you let me watch you two beat off together? That was like totally awesome. You even let me touch it a couple of times, but it wasn't like this. This is much better. Are you about to shoot?"

And before I could say anything he was holding it and stroking it real slow with one hand while he kept playing with my pecs with the other and I was totally naked from my chest to my knees and all hard-dicked and horny from what he was doing to me, and I knew if he kept it up much more I really would, I'd pump out a huge load all over myself.

I tried to stop him then, honest I did, I said "Stop it Joey, we shouldn't be doing this!"

But he said "Aw come on, I just like to see how big your cock is, I bet you're bigger than Marty." And by that time he was stroking it for real and he said "Shit, Todd, your cock is fucking huge, I bet it is bigger than Marty's, and his is pretty big." I didn't think to ask him how he knew how big yours is.

"Let me make you cum," He begged, "I want to see how much cum a cock this big can shoot. Do you shoot a lot? I bet you do. I bet you shoot even more than Marty does."

Wow, I didn't think of it then, but how does he know how much you shoot? I guess he watched you in secret sometime, I'm sure you beat off in the bathroom like I do, and maybe he could see through the crack in the door. I like to do it in the bathroom because of the full length mirror on the wall right in front of the john, so I can sit there all naked and look at myself while I do it. Is that perverted? You must do that sometimes, get hard looking at yourself in the mirror. I like to do it right before I take my shower, so I can shoot my cum all over myself and then step in the shower and wash it off.

Then Joey leaned down and started sort of licking my pecs and my big hard nipples, and somehow it seemed like a natural thing for him to do, it felt so good. "I love the way you taste," he told me. "Does this feel good?" he asked me softly and I just sort of nodded and I guess I was panting and moaning and telling him to do it more 'cause it felt so good.

"God yes," I said. "Don't stop." No guy has ever touched me that way, put his mouth on my naked body like that, well, except you that time at camp. But this was even hotter than that, I mean we were just kids that time, and best buddies, and now here I was with little Joey, and knowing it was wrong, and I guess that sense that it was forbidden made it sexier, you know, like jerking off outside, someplace where you might be seen?

Gosh, I hope that doesn't shock you, maybe you've never done anything like that, but sometimes when I'm in the woods alone jogging, I just get so fucking horny I have to strip naked right there and stroke myself until I pop my nuts, and a couple of times I was almost caught and had to pull my shorts up with my cock still spurting and then my jock was full of cum as I ran on, and it was one of the best orgasms I've ever had.

Anyway, Joey licked my nipples and my big hard-muscled pecs and told me to flex them for him so I did and he really seemed to like that he sort of bit my pecs as I flexed them - I couldn't believe how sexy that felt, or how good he was at turning me on, he really seemed to know how to get me going. I guess it makes sense, one horny stud knowing what another needs.

Then Joey sucked on my big hard nipples until I was so horny I thought I'd shoot. He was licking and sucking my pecs, and biting my nipples and stroking my cock with one hand and rubbing me all over with the other and I was so horny I couldn't stop him, I wanted him to make me cum.

Okay, I admit that by that time I was playing with Joey's cock too. It just seemed natural to return the favor, and he had pushed his briefs down too, so that he was pretty much naked and I had started feeling his muscles and playing with his cock - he has a real nice one, not as big as yours yet, but pretty good size for a kid his age and his muscles are real sexy, like I said earlier and it felt good to feel his naked body while he felt mine and played with my cock. His body is this really sexy mixture of little boy - all soft and round and cute and vulnerable - and man - all hard and muscular and dominant and sexy.

Pretty soon as he kept licking and sucking on my big hard pecs I could feel fuck-juice starting to ooze from my cock and he must have noticed it 'cause he was still stroking my cock real slow and he stopped licking my pecs and licked slowly lower and lower over my rock-hard rippling abs which were quivering and feeling all sexy and sort of shaking with these spasms like they get when I'm really turned on and then he was holding my cock and squeezing it real slow until this huge drop of juice oozed out of the tip.

Then Joey said "Wow, you must be really turned on Todd, your cock is leaking like crazy - can I taste it?"

And then I couldn't believe it, your little brother Joey, he stuck his tongue out and licked that big drop of sticky juice from the piss slit of my cock. I nearly shot when I felt his tongue licking my cock. I looked over in the mirror and could see us, both of us practically naked and me lying back on the bed with my huge hard dick sticking straight up rock hard, and little Joey kneeling over my naked body, him naked too, his cock hard, feeling my naked muscles and licking my huge hard cock. It looked like some scene out of a fuck film, our bodies naked and hard, our clothes scattered all over the bed and the floor, and Joey about to suck my cock.

He didn't stop with just licking that one drop off, he started licking my cock like it was a big all-day sucker, slowly licking up the shaft to the head then all around the head and I was saying "Joey, no, stop, we shouldn't be doing this, stop - Aw but shit that feels so good, buddy, don't stop, yeah."

That's only the second time another guy has put his mouth on my hard cock, Marty, the other time being that time at camp with you, and I couldn't help thinking about how much Joey looks like you did then, and how hot that scene had been, and it got me even hotter today with Joey.

And the next thing I knew cute little Joey was sucking on the head of my cock - he took the whole head into his mouth and it's pretty big so he had to open real wide to do it but he took it all and then sucked about half of it into his mouth and down his throat. That was all he could take at first but he kept sucking and going up and down on it until he had at least two thirds of it down his throat and was sucking like crazy and I said "No Joey stop I'm gonna shoot - aw shit dude don't stop here it comes, I'm cumming!"

And then I couldn't help myself I grabbed his head and jammed my whole cock down your little brother's sweet hot throat and shot a huge hot load of jism and it must have been choking him but he just swallowed it all and kept on sucking until he got every drop. He really loved it.

And that's when I looked up and saw you standing in the doorway with that look on your face. How long had you been there, Marty? You never did say anything, even when I got my clothes on and apologized and all. I figured you were just too shocked to speak and it was best if I leave and talk to you later.

So that's how it happened, and I hope we can still be friends. I'm sending you this email in hopes you won't just delete it. If you do read it, please call me or at least write me back so I know we're ok.

Your friend,


OK, I have to say one more thing. I'm not sorry about what we did at camp that time. I know it freaked you out and now you think I'm a pervert and you'll never want to talk to me again, but I liked it. I would do it again if I could. Being with Joey today has made me realize that I do like sex with guys, I like the way a guy's body feels and I like seeing hard cocks, and it felt good to feel Joey's naked body and hard cock and I want to do that with you. I guess that means I'm queer. But you know I do like girls too. So maybe I'm bi, though I always thought guys who said they were bi were just afraid to admit they were queers. I guess I was wrong.


Dear Todd,

I admit I was pretty freaked when I caught you having sex with my little brother. I got home from the store with my mom and saw your bike outside, so I ran up to my room, and you weren't there, so I went to Joey's, figuring he'd have you in there if he was home, I always knew he had a crush on you, and I thought it was sort of cute, and I liked you a lot too, so I was glad he liked my best friend.

The door to Joey's room was closed, but not all the way, and I saw you two through the crack before I pushed it open further. I couldn't see much at first, but I saw enough that I knew what was going on. Joey was sort of lying on top of you, and you both had your shirts off, and you had your arms around him, and you too were kissing.

You didn't mention the kissing in your message, but I guess like you say you were pretty far gone. Your hands were all over Joey, even inside his shorts, feeling his ass, and I couldn't see what he was doing with his hands, but I did see him groping your crotch.

I pushed the door open just far enough that I could see everything, and I admit it gave me a boner to see you too going at it like that. Part of me was angry and confused and wanted to break in and drag Joey off of you and start hitting you, and another part was so turned on I wanted to pull my cock out and watch you two and beat off. I felt guilty watching you too when you didn't know I was there, I apologize for that, I guess it was wrong. I know what you mean about jerking off outside, the thrill of being naked and horny where you might get caught, and this felt like that, I was doing something forbidden, but it felt good, my heart was racing so hard I felt like I was going to choke on it, but I couldn't stop myself.

The thing is, I was angry at you for being with Joey like that, but not so much because I thought it was wrong. I wanted to be there with you. I was jealous. I felt like Joey had stolen you from me at last, I always knew what a crush he had on you, and I hated him sometimes when you were nice to him. I wanted you to be like that to me, but we were supposed to be two macho jocks and we couldn't do that stuff. I would watch him cuddle up to you on the couch when we watched TV, and you would stroke his head and let him get on your lap and feel your muscles and his hands would be all over you and you'd be feeling his tight little butt and I could imagine even then the two of you having sex. And I wanted to be Joey, so you would do all that to me.

You admitted you weren't too sure about how you and Joey got naked, so I guess I can tell you that he wasn't the only one taking somebody's clothes off. Once the two of you stopped kissing you were ripping each other's clothes off like a couple of sex fiends. He took your shorts off, and then you pushed him down and got him naked right away and you were licking him all over like he was a giant ice-cream cone. That's when I was sure you and he had done this before, you'd had this secret love affair between you and I almost just closed the door and went to my room. But I was still really turned on, and I couldn't stop watching. I wanted to see how far the two of you would actually go, I couldn't believe you were about to do what you did.

Because the other thing you left out is that you sucked Joey's cock before he sucked yours. Like I say, you had him on his back, naked, and you were on top of him and kissing and licking him all over and saying stuff like "Oh Joey, you're so fucking sexy, buddy, we shouldn't be doing this but I'm so fucking horny and you've got me so hot," and then you sucked his cock. He was just lying there looking at you like you were some god, and you took his cock in your mouth and sucked it right to the bottom, I couldn't believe how fast you buried your nose in his cute little bush.

But at least what you were saying made me think you might not have done this before, and I felt a little better. And I do understand what you mean about Joey, he has grown up a lot and he's gotten very cocky, he walks around upstairs where we have our bedrooms naked, and walks in on me without knocking and I guess that's how he knows how big my cock is and how much I shoot, he's caught me at it a couple of times in my room and once or twice in the bathroom, he spied on me until I was about to shoot and then opened the door and watched as I spurted and he was standing there hard and playing with himself too and I was mad but he's so cute and little-boyish that it's hard to stay mad for long.

A couple of times Joey has come into the bathroom when I was in the shower, and he just climbed in there with me. We used to take showers together when we were little sometimes, but when I started to mature my mom said we had to stop that, but Joey still sneaked in with me sometimes, and lately when we do it he wants to feel me up and have us jerk off together, but I always tell him no, and I know what you mean about it being hard to make him stop, I like it when he touches me and tells me what great muscles I have, that hero worship thing is hard to resist.

Then after you sucked Joey for a while - and you did a pretty good job, Todd, I was surprised how you could take his whole cock, he's really not such a kid any more, and you took it all and seemed to like doing it a lot, and so did he.

But then he said "Wait, don't make me cum yet, I want to suck you for a while first," and he pushed you off and got you on your back and he was all over you like you'd been on him. He crawled all over your naked body, and I felt really jealous then, I wanted to be doing what he was. OK, I admit it, I guess if you're a queer, then so am I. There's nothing you and Joey did today that I haven't wanted to do with you for years.

And then Joey sucked your cock - yeah, he was pretty good at it, I agree, I wondered where he learned to do it so well, and whether he and his buddy Derek might have messed around. Too bad I didn't think more about that, as you'll see in a minute.

And then you started cumming and my mom called from downstairs that it was time to wash up for dinner, so I opened the door and stepped into the room and you saw me. I was so hard by that time that if my mom hadn't called I think I'd have stripped naked and joined the two of you.

But you saw me and pushed Joey off your cock - I could see it spurt one last time, and some cum hit your chest and ran down into the cleft between your pecs and then down over your six-pack as you sat up, and you gave me this shocked, guilty look, and then you grabbed your clothes and I was afraid you were just going to run out naked like that, and my mom and dad would see you and know what had been going on, but you got into your shorts and tee shirt and pulled your tennis shoes on and stood there looking at me for a few seconds, then ran out.

You left your briefs. I picked them up after you left, and Joey said "Hey, those are mine!" and I wouldn't let him have them, I knew they were yours, they're the kind you wear. You're right, they were totally soaked with your cock ooze and I couldn't help sniffing them when I got back to my own room. I love the way you smell when you're horny. I bet Joey wanted to do something perverted with your spoogey underpants, and that's why he said they were his.

Mom called us to help get dinner on the table then, and I didn't have any time at all to talk to Joey, and I seethed all through dinner. I almost said something to my Dad about it, but I was too upset and confused, and it's a good thing, 'cause then all hell would have broken loose.

After dinner Mom and Dad went out, leaving me and Joey alone together and I confronted him and he admitted what you just told me in your email was true. It happened like this.

I came to my room after dinner and logged on and I almost deleted your email without reading it. I was feeling really confused. I was mad, like I said, but I knew it wasn't because of what you and Joey had done, it was because I wanted it to be me you did it with.

But then I read your email, and went into Joey's room and asked him what had happened and he told it almost exactly like you did. He said he's always had a crush on you, so when you came in and laid on his bed wearing nothing but that skimpy cut off tee shirt and your sexy gym shorts he couldn't help himself he wanted sex with you so bad he just lost control and when you didn't stop him he couldn't stop either.

I have to say I was shocked, I couldn't figure out what was worse, that my little brother was telling me he was a homo, or that he had seduced my best friend right there in his bedroom.

I asked him had he done it with guys before, and he said "Sure, all the time," like it was the most natural thing in the world. I mean I know I always had urges like that, and there were those time you mentioned when you and I did it, and I guess I have to admit Toby and I messed around a few times, he admitted to me he was queer and wanted us to have sex and if he'd said he was in love with me or anything too weird like that I'd have been grossed out and stopped being friends with him but he just said he thought I was sexy and what was wrong with two guys helping each other out.

So one day we got naked together in his room - we were lifting weights, and then doing poses for each other, showing off, and one thing led to another, we got naked, we were both hard - like you said, when I get naked, I get hard. And Toby started feeling me up and at first it was just natural, he was admiring my muscles and I was flattered and then he started playing with my boner and I was freaked at first, but then he went down on me and I was so horny I let him. Toby was a great cock-sucker, he could drain my nuts like a champ, and he always gave me that shit-eating grin of his when he finished and I'd look at his cute freckled face with my cum dribbling down his chin and I just loved him.

So once Toby sucked me off, I felt like I had to do him too, and we traded blow jobs pretty regularly for a while. The thing was, when I was sucking Toby's cock, I wished it was yours. I wished I knew how to be like Toby, act like it was natural and get you to go along so we could have sex like that. But I always felt like I had to be so macho with you, you're such a stud.

So when Joey confessed to me that he had seduced you, I was still pretty mixed up. I was jealous and mad and horny. I guess my "big brother, set-a-good-example" side took control, because I told him what he did was wrong, and he said But it felt good, and he wasn't sorry or ashamed.

I told him he was wrong and he had to be punished and I would tell Dad.

He said he'd do anything if I didn't say anything to Dad, we'd both be in trouble if I told. I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but I was thinking about what I'd felt watching the two of you, and my dad's pretty cool, but what would he do? He might tell YOUR dad, and then it would be all over the place and we might never get to see each other again. I was starting to regret I'd threatened Joey. I should have just shut up and tried to forget I'd seen you two trading blow jobs. But I couldn't.

So I said "I can't just let it go, Joey. It was wrong."

And Joey said "You could punish me yourself."

That sounded too weird, and I said "Come on! Like what?"

Then Joey put on his cute innocent little boy pout, which always gets me, and he said, "You could spank me like Dad did when we were kids."

I wish I had stopped and thought right then, but Joey had me totally fooled. He had us both totally fooled.

Dad stopped spanking us when I was thirteen, he said a teenager was either old enough to take responsibility for his actions or it was too late, and he didn't spank us any more. I don't know why he thought my being a teenager applied to Joey too, but he did, and I always thought that was a mistake because I knew how much Joey hated getting a spanking. I never minded getting spanked, but it seemed like it scared the hell out of Joey to get taken to the basement and then to have to pull his pants and underpants down and lie across Dad's lap bare-assed and get a spanking. He always wailed like hell and was good as gold for at least a week after. Maybe if Dad hadn't been so lenient with Joey he wouldn't have turned queer.

So I figured that spanking Joey was the thing to do, and he was brave to suggest it. I said, "You mean just like Dad did, bare-assed and with his paddle?"

He nodded seriously and said, "Yes, I deserve to be spanked."

He seemed so serious and contrite. If only I had known.

So Joey and I went to the basement. He went in front, like Dad always made us do, and I followed. He looked so repentant and sorry.

The cane and belt and leather paddle Dad used to spank us with were still hanging on the wall, and my ass burned in memory of all the times I had felt one or another of them. I never understood how Dad decided which one to use, but I had hated them all. Dad would make me stand in front of him while he lectured me, then pull my pants and underpants down to my ankles, then put a towel across his legs and make me lie across them and he would give me the required number of strokes, making me count them out. Then I would stand again, sobbing, as he made me promise not to do whatever I had done again. Then he would hug me and tell me he loved me and had spanked me for my own good, and he would rub my bottom to soothe the pain and pull my pants up and send me to my room.

If both Joey and I had misbehaved, I would get my spanking first, and usually by the time Dad finished with me Joey would be crying and he'd get just a token spanking, or nothing at all but a lecture and a hug.

I think the real reason Dad stopped spanking me was that I started getting an erection. By the time I was thirteen, no matter how much it hurt, by the time he finished blistering my rear end, I had an erection, and I think if he'd kept it up long enough I would have cum. I know his pants would have been wet with my cock ooze, if he hadn't put the towel under me. I always went to the john and locked myself in and jerked off right away after, the fire in my ass fueling the fire in my balls. I always came super hard and fast when I had just been spanked. I know the last time he spanked me I found that if I spread my legs wide apart to spread my crack so that he was hitting on my hole, that got me even hotter, I almost didn't mind the pain, it felt so good, him hitting my hole. God, I feel like such a pervert, telling you that, but you told me some pretty sick stuff in your message, so I feel like it's ok to say sick stuff like that too.

So I sat on the chair in the basement and had Joey fetch Dad's paddle.

He brought it to me and pushed his pants down and stood there with his head down holding the paddle and looking sorry. I was still pissed off, so I didn't think he might be pulling something, I sat on the chair and took the paddle when he handed it to me.

Then Joey laid himself across my knees. By then he had pushed his pants all the way down, and his briefs too, and he had worked his tee shirt up, and he was pretty much naked. I think he had a boner, but I tried to ignore that, like you said in your message, a lot of guys get hard when they're naked. All I had on was my shorts, I always strip to my shorts in my room, sometimes I'm even naked. My mom stays out if I'm not dressed. And Joey and I were in my room when he suggested the spanking.

So Joey was naked and I was almost naked and when he went to lay across my knees he started feeling me up. At the time I thought he was just doing it because he had to, to support himself as he laid down, he put his hand on my shoulder, and then rubbed it down over my chest and belly, and he was saying "I'm so sorry, Marty, please forgive me, I'll never do it again," sort of being apologetic, and it was sort of cute, and then his hand just sort of accidentally got into my crotch and he said "Oops, sorry," as he stretched out on my knees, and then he kept wiggling around like he was getting comfortable, and before I knew it I had a hardon too. I guess I should have stopped then, it wasn't right to be turned on and naked with Joey and spanking him.

Now I don't feel right about what happened next, but you were honest with me so I guess I owe it to you to be honest too. I picked up Dad's paddle and started giving it to Joey. I've never paddled anyone like that before, and I felt weird about it at first. I didn't hit him that hard at first, but then I got mad, and started really giving it to him. I was thinking about how much I wished I had been with you like Joey was. So I sort of gave it to him hard. But not that hard, not like Dad would have done to me.

Joey yelled out, and wailed and thrashed around and suddenly I felt awful. After about ten strokes of the paddle I had to stop, and like I say, they really weren't very hard. Maybe it was more than ten.

But I felt so bad that I grabbed Joey and pulled him up and started hugging him. He was crying - well, pretending to cry, it turned out, but I still didn't know that. I felt so sorry for him, and guilty about hurting my little brother. So I was trying to comfort him and we were hugging and he was naked and I could feel that he had a boner and it was rubbing against me and I had one too and it was rubbing against him and then all of a sudden he had his hand inside my briefs groping my cock and we were kissing. I guess I had my hand on his cock too. It was crazy, I don't know what happened, I was feeling so close to Joey, and wanting to comfort him, and then we were kissing and it felt good.

OK, I guess before I tell you what happened next I should tell you I really liked what happened that time at camp. I know I said we couldn't ever talk about it, but that was because I was afraid you'd hate me if you knew how much I liked it. OK, to tell the truth, I planned it. I had been wanting you for almost a year by then, I mean wanting to get naked together and mess around. Like I just said, Toby and I did some stuff together, and I wanted to do it with you too.

So I heard another kid talk about how his tent-mate had wet his sleeping bag and they had to share one and he hated it so much, and I realized it was a way to get naked with you at least.

So I spilled stuff on my sleeping bag intentionally, and then you just offered to share yours without my even asking and I felt sort of guilty, but once we were zipped in together I couldn't stop myself, I felt your body and I was so horny for you, and so I started tickling you and one thing led to another and we were both naked and I forget which one of us grabbed the other one's cock first, but you sure weren't shy about it, and when I started sucking on yours you did it to me too and it's not like we did it just once, we did it all night.

My favorite part was doing 69, when you sucked my cock while I sucked yours. It was totally awesome being connected to you like that, giving you pleasure while you gave it to me. Your cock felt so perfect in my mouth, and even though it's big and I had to work to take it all, I so totally wanted it and loved when I could get the whole thing inside me and feel my nose pressed against your bush and hear you make those sounds you do when you're really turned on and know I was making you feel that way. It seemed like you felt the same, I could feel your mouth on my cock -I'm not as big as you, but I'm pretty big, and you took it all and I could feel your nose in my crotch hairs and your mouth sucking and your hands tugging my balls and feeling my muscles and it just got me hornier and I could feel your balls moving around in your nut sac, and your cock getting bigger and harder and I felt that happening to me too and then we both started cumming.

Dude, that was so awesome, taking your load for the first time. I had tasted my own cum by then, of course, I like to lick some of it up after I cum, and imagine it's some other guy's. Yeah, I know that sounds queer, so maybe it is. And Toby and I had already traded blow jobs by then, and the first couple of times I had made him warn me so I could pull off before he popped, but he always took my load and swallowed it, and it felt awesome to have him suck my balls dry that way, so after a while I returned the favor and I liked eating his cum, it tasted like my own, sort of, but different. Toby's cum is more watery than mine. And saltier. Yours was thick like mine, and sweet. I know, that's gross, talking about another guy's jism, and eating it and all, but I'm really horny right now, thinking about watching you and Joey suck each other's cocks today, and remembering what is was like to eat your cock and swallow your cum that time.

We traded cum three times that night, and I wish it could have been ten, I've wanted to do it again ever since.

But the next morning I felt guilty so I said we shouldn't talk about it. I wish I had known you liked it too.

Boy, it feels good to get that out of the way.

Anyway, that little shit Joey tricked me the same way he did you. After I spanked him he got me all hard, and kissed me and felt me up, started telling me what great muscles I have, and then pulled my cock out and got on his knees and gave me a blowjob. I was too far gone to stop him. You're right, he's really good at it. My girlfriend at college has done it for me a couple of times, and she's nowhere near as good as Joey, he does it like he enjoys it, and he didn't pull off when I started to shoot, I warned him but he seemed to want to eat my cum and that made me shoot even harder.

But that's not the worst part.

Just as I was cumming so hard I thought my cock was going to explode, there was this bright flash of light, and I looked up and saw Joey's little friend Derek pointing a camera at me. And before I could even think, he was up the stairs and out of our house. He took a picture of me and Joey. Maybe more than one.

I don't think I need to tell you there's no way I could explain that picture to my dad. Me sitting there naked with the paddle in my hand, and Joey kneeling in front of me naked with his ass bright red and him sucking my cock.

But it gets even worse.

You know when you and Joey were in his room this afternoon? Joey had his webcam on, and was transmitting pictures of that whole scene to Derek. Derek has the whole thing on his laptop.

Dude, you and I are so totally fucked. No one is going to believe a word of what really happened, and Joey told me you and I have to meet him and Derek at Derek's house tomorrow night, or else. Derek's mom and dad will be away all weekend, and Joey says they have plans for us.

By the way, Derek has really grown up a lot too.

Once you read this, please call me. Please, I need to talk.

Your friend,


By the way, I wish I had known how much you liked what Toby and I did to you in the gym that time. I liked it too. So did Toby.


NOTE: The first part of this story is based on a photo set and captions in a porn magazine I saw many years ago. I've no idea what the name of the magazine was, and I've added my own details and dialogue, but I don't want to take credit for someone else's ideas, so if the original author wants credit here, or objects entirely to my use of the ideas, please email me.

P.S. Definitions of "spooge" - don't miss the sample sentences!