Josh Makes His Move

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My buddy Josh and I were watching porn together. We'd done it before, it wasn't like it was the first time. But before we had always picked the movie together, went to the video store and looked at the covers and got one we both thought we'd like. We both like girls with big tits, but he looks at their faces first, while I don't care, as long as they have big tits. And nice asses, I like tight round asses.

This time Josh picked out the video by himself, I got held up at work, so we agreed he could pick it out, he knows what I like as well as I do.

Josh already had the video in the player when I got home, and I had eaten at work, so we just flopped down on the couch together and he hit PLAY. Josh was wearing just his tee shirt and his gym shorts, that's pretty much what we both wear when we're hanging together. I still had on my work clothes, so I took off my shirt and khakis, leaving just my tightie whities and my tee.

"This one's really hot," Josh said, grinning at me as the credits flashed on the screen. "I sneaked a look while I was waiting for you."

Josh was groping himself as he said that, and I could see his cock was already hard, it was tenting his shorts. He must have taken his briefs off before, because his nuts were hanging out of one leg hole, and his cock was totally obvious.

We were sitting at opposite ends of the couch, sort of facing each other. Sometimes as we jerked off watching porn, just as we were both about to pop our nuts, we would face each other and put our legs up and push the soles of our feet together, looking at each other between our uplifted legs.

Josh had started that, he said it would feel good, and he was right, there was something about having my legs up in the air when I came, and the tension of his feet pressing against mine, it made my orgasm more intense. I admit I liked being able to look down at my own cock and see his too, see his big balls flopping around as he pumped his meat, sometimes see his asshole as he arched his body in ecstasy, lifting his tight firm ass off the couch, and see his jism shoot out of his big tool and fly up and hit him in the face.

We sort of had a contest, who could shoot his cum farther, and the loser had to eat some of his own cum. I won most always, I could shoot over my head easy. Josh always hit himself in the face, and then it dripped down over his lips and he just licked it off. He always did that, even when he won, so I think maybe he suggested that contest just so he wouldn't look weird eating his own jism.

But now I think maybe it was to get me to do it too, get me hooked on eating cum like he was. If I was tired, or had already cum several times that day, I didn't shoot so far, and Josh would grin as he watched me scoop up some of my fresh cum and lick it off my fingers.

The first time I tasted my own cum grossed me out, but it didn't taste bad, and after a few times I got to like it, especially when I was having a long slow solo session with my fist, and my cock ooze would dribble out of my piss slit, and I would lick it off my fingers. That got me totally horny right away, and kept me hard twice as long, I could last an hour easily, stroking my cock slowly, licking cock juice off my fingers, stroking some more, taking my time, making it last. Then when I came I would catch the last few drops on my fingers and lick them off, thinking about Josh doing that.

Josh saw me checking him out and lifted his ass off the couch and pushed his gym shorts down to free his cock, and waved it at me. He hooked the waist band of his shorts under his balls the way we both always did. That was another thing he had taught me, before we started jerking off together I had always just stripped my briefs off completely as soon as I got hard, but he told me it felt really awesome to have the tight elastic band cutting into that place under your nuts, and I tried it and he was right, so now I always did it too.

"You want this, buddy?" Josh asked, leering at me as he waved his cock towards me.

Then Josh did something he'd never done before, he pushed his shorts down to his knees and lifted his legs in the air and showed me his bare ass.

"Or maybe you want this?" He said sexily.

His legs were way over his shoulders, and he reached down with both hands to pull his ass cheeks apart and show me his hole. Josh shaved himself down there, both his crotch hair and around his ass hole, and I could see his ass hole clearly, pink and tight. His balls were totally bare, and looked kind of sexy that way, like he was just a kid, but totally developed. The way he had his ass lifted to me, the way he was spreading his cheeks, the look on his face, it was almost like he really wanted me to fuck him in the ass. He held that position much longer than he needed to, and the look on his face was very submissive, not like he was teasing or kidding, like he wanted it.

"C'mon, buddy, fuck me," Josh was murmuring. I could almost hear it.

Josh had tried to get me to shave down there, offered to help me, said it would be easier if we did each other, but the idea of touching him like that freaked me out. I had tried shaving myself once, and liked the way it felt for the first couple of days, my totally bare skin rubbing against my bed sheets, turning me on, but then after a few days it itched, and Josh said you had to do it regularly, so I didn't try it again, too much trouble.

Josh and I had talked a little about fucking chicks in the ass, they did that in the porn flicks sometimes, and Josh said he really liked to do it, but I had only tried it a couple of times, it seemed to me like it had to hurt, and I didn't like the idea of inflicting pain on someone, even if it did feel pretty awesome to my hard cock, an asshole was tighter than most of the pussies I'd fucked.

So when Josh showed me his ass that way and sort of suggested I fuck him, my nuts spasmed the way they do when I see a really rough football play, two guys slamming together so hard you know it must hurt, but you know it felt good too.

I used to get that feeling in my nuts when I wrestled, grabbing another guy and slamming him into the mat made my nuts churn and I had to not focus on that, or I'd go limp and cum all over myself, that had happened to me once, and I had lost the match, and the coach had just looked at me and shaken his head, while the other wrestler had pinned me, grinning as he dug his knee into my crotch and my cock pumped out a load of hot teen jism.

Later coach took me aside and said I had to learn to use that, not let it use me, so after that I still got that feeling, but I focused on maintaining it, dominating the other wrestler completely, humbling him, and it worked, I could use the churning in my nuts to pump up my aggression and pin the other guy, grinding my hard cock into him as I held him helpless on the mat, feeling him squirm under me, embarrassed. For that moment he was my pussy-boy, I could do anything to him.

Afterwards I'd jerk off in the shower, and my orgasms were always twice as intense, all that stored up tightness in my nuts, the memory of slamming the other wrestler down, hearing him grunt, knowing he was mine.

When Josh offered his bare ass to me like that, I knew he was just kidding around, like he always did, but still it turned me on, the thought of shoving my cock up his ass and fucking him good and hard, making him grunt and squeal like a girl. It was really sexy the way he had his shorts around his knees, it made his ass look more naked, and I wanted to reach out and slap it hard, hear him cry out in surprise.

"Be careful what you ask for," I said, grinning back at him, pushing my shorts down to free my cock, and waving it back at him.

My cock is bigger than Josh's, nine inches long and six around, to his seven long and five and a half around. We measured ourselves together back when we started sharing an apartment, the first or second time we watched porn and jerked off together. It had been Josh's idea when he first saw mine, which is pretty big compared to most, and he asked how big it was, and I'd never measured it, so he'd gotten a ruler and we had stood side by side in the middle of the living room and measured ourselves. He'd even touched mine, when he said I wasn't measuring it right, so he took the ruler and held it up against my cock with one end pressed into my belly right over my cock, and then he'd wrapped his hand around my cock and the ruler together and looked down carefully to see exactly where the end of my cock was on the ruler.

Looking back on that I realize he held onto my cock longer than he needed to - once he got the measurement, he pulled the ruler away, but his hand was still wrapped around my hard cock, and he squeezed it and stroked it a few times.

To measure how big around our cocks were, Josh got a piece of string and wrapped it around them, then measured that on the ruler. Since he had already measured how long mine was, I let him use the string on it too, and he took his time about it, carefully holding my log as he wrapped the string around it, trying three different spots, one right at the base, and again at the middle, and again at the tip, where he spent some time "getting it right," and there was fuck juice already oozing from the tip, and he commented on it, saying I had a lot, and asking me if I like to rub it around on the head when I jerked off, and then demonstrating, milking my cock to get even more, then making a fist on my cock head and rubbing the slippery ooze all over it. He reached under my nuts to rub the base of my cock, milking my fuck juice from all the way down there, then squeezing up the shaft to work it to the tip, where it dribbled onto his palm and he rubbed it around and squeezed and stroked.

I had gasped, and pushed Josh's hand away, he'd had me ready to cum, playing with my bare erection that way. Then I saw him lift his hand to his mouth and stick out his tongue and lick his palm, taste my cock juice. I was shocked, but he just grinned and said "Tastes just like mine."

It was the first time another guy had touched me down there, and I had liked it. Afterwards in my bed that night I had jerked off thinking about it, imagining I hadn't stopped Josh, and he had kept that up, and I had cum all over the two of us, right there in the middle of the living room of our apartment, while the porn flick played on the TV.

So this night I was talking about, both of us on the couch, watching the bisex video, and Josh kept showing me his bare ass that way, daring me, grinning at me that way, offering himself, I jumped up and grabbed my buddy's ankles and pushed his legs up even farther, pinned them against his chest. I was supported over him on my hands and feet, like I was doing a pushup, and he was pinned on his back facing me with his legs over his shoulders, his bare ass open, his hands still holding his ass cheeks apart to give me better access. He grunted, but didn't resist. He stopped grinning and looked at me, waiting.

Our faces were inches apart, and I could feel his hard breath. I was breathing hard too, poised there over my buddy on the couch, both of us half naked, our cocks hard. Involuntarily, I lowered my body, and my cock rubbed against his. My breathing got faster. All I would have to do is move down a little, aim my cock at his hole, shove hard, push it in, fuck my buddy Josh in the ass. I felt my nuts churn the way they had when I wrestled, Josh was my opponent, humbled, dominated, at my mercy, waiting to be used. He wanted it.

"I could fuck you right now," I breathed, grinding my cock against Josh's.

"Why don't you, then?" Josh replied, returning the pressure, rubbing his cock against mine.

I shook my head, this was crazy! I pushed myself away from my buddy, and fell back on the couch, back on my end again. Josh let his legs drop, and pulled himself up a little.

I laughed nervously. "Fuck man, that was wack," I said, looking away from Josh, then back again. I wasn't sure what had just happened. I had almost fucked Josh! Would he have let me?

"Totally, dude," Josh drawled, grinning again.

Josh used to be a skateboarder, still did it sometimes, and talked skater slang when he wanted to make me laugh. He could go on for ten minutes in this Valley Boy accent with shit like "Dude! Don't be such a pusher! Gnarly noggles, man, like totally! Awesome ass knife, dude, totally smooth, I mean like sick! Dag!" He cracked me up.

Josh looked at the TV, so I did too. The credits were over, and these two very muscular guys were lying naked on a couch looking towards the camera and jerking off. They weren't touching or anything, and you could hear the sounds of a chick getting fucked, so I figured they were watching porn. The irony of that didn't hit me at that moment, I was trying to shrug off what had just happened.

"Where are the chicks?" I asked, honestly puzzled. Most of the porn Josh and I watched, the guys were pretty average looking, and the chicks were totally hot. These guys looked like body-builders, major muscles, and cocks as big as mine. And there were two of them. And they kept looking at each other, checking each other out as they worked their cocks.

"Didn't I say?" Josh replied too casually. "This one's bi. The chick shows up later."

Josh had suggested we rent a bi video before, but I had refused, not that eager to find out what guys did to each other when they shared a chick. The pictures on the boxes never showed much except the performers posed together half naked, they guys looking at each other maybe. Sometimes there would be a shot of one guy sucking the other's cock, and Josh always pointed that out and told me the guy with the cock in his mouth looked like me, and I would scowl and look again to be sure, but he never did, really, Josh said that just to get me going. Once or twice there had been shots of one guy fucking the other, and I had to look at the face of the guy getting fucked and he never looked like it hurt, but I figured that was just because he was paid to make it look like it felt good, it had to hurt like hell, a big hard cock shoved up his ass, plowing him like he was a chick. But I still wondered.

I looked back at the screen, and for a while that's all it was, two guys jerking off together, now and then looking at each other's hard cocks, but mostly watching the porn video you could hear in the background. The chick sounded like she was taking a real pounding, she was squealing non-stop, and the sound was getting me horny. I was trying not to look at the guys, not to see their hard muscled bodies, their big hard cocks, their huge balls bouncing around in their nut sacks as they pumped their hands up and down on those big hard cocks.

It looked like an amateur production, a little grainy, the camera mostly stayed in one place, showing the whole couch, both guys. Now and then there would be a close-up of one of them, a slow lingering pan over his body as he rubbed his big hard pecs, played with his nipples, rubbed his tight hard abs, used both hands to stroke his cock, squeezed his balls, tugged at his sac, lifted his ass off the couch to finger his hole.

One guy in particular seemed to like playing with his hole as he stroked himself, he kept one hand down there all the time, and pretty soon he had a finger inside. The camera zoomed in on that, and I wanted to look away, but had to watch. I had to admit it turned me on, watching this macho muscle-stud finger his hole.

I do that too, I bet all guys do. I found out when I was just a teen that it felt good to push my finger up there when I was soaping my hole in the shower. Then it didn't take a genius to figure out it would feel good to do it when I jerked off.

But knowing other guys do something, and watching them do it, are two different things. Seeing this dude poke his finger up his asshole as far as it would go made my balls churn again. I glanced over at Josh, who was still facing me, looking sideways at the TV, and he had a finger up his ass too. I'd never seen him do that before, but I didn't usually watch Josh when we jerked off together, I watched the screen. Sometime the sounds he made turned me on, but I didn't look to see what he was doing. Did he always fuck himself with his finger? I had never done it in front of him, it seemed too private.

I looked back to the screen. The sounds of the chick getting fucked hard seemed to have faded. The guy who had been finger-fucking himself now had two fingers up there, the camera was looking between his legs, which he had in the air the way Josh had done a little earlier, and you could see his nuts bouncing as he worked his cock and poked his ass, and his face twisted into a grimace of total ecstasy. He was either a great actor, or what he was doing to himself felt really good.

The camera zoomed out again, and the other guy was totally watching his buddy. He moved closer, and while he stroked his own cock he reached over and felt up his friend, obviously enjoying his muscles.

Did I say that these two dudes were totally built? Josh and I work out together at a gym three or four times a week, and we're no slouches in the muscle department. I worked for a while as a model, doing underwear and swimsuit ads, and I get a lot of come-ons from the gay dudes, but mine is more a swimmer's build than what you'd call a body builder. Josh is the one with the muscles, he was a gymnast in college, and he still looks like one, the broad, heavily muscled shoulders, big hard pecs, narrow hips. the totally ripped abs and calves.

But these guys in the video made us both look like ordinary. That's partly what made what they were doing seem OK to me. If they'd been skinny or flabby, I'd have thought "fags!" and it would have turned me off. But they were both such total macho dudes, no way like queers, so I could handle it when the one guy started feeling the other one up.

Josh and I had showered together a few times, when we were in a hurry to go out together, and we had soaped each other up, the shower was pretty tight for two, it was faster that way, and I liked feeling his muscles, just the way I liked feeling my own. Skin is skin, it feels sexy.

But that's as far as it had gone. Sure, we'd both gotten hard, but we hadn't touched each other down there, except for that one time I mentioned, when Josh measured me.

So what I'm saying, is, I could understand that the one dude liked feeling the other guy's muscles.

I glanced at Josh, he was totally going to town on his cock, and his finger was buried all the way up his ass. On the TV screen, the one guy was kneeling on the floor, licking the naked thighs of the one with his legs in the air. He slowly worked his way to the guys balls, then licked and sucked those. I couldn't look away. My cock was oozing steadily, and I stroked it slower, not wanting to cum. I was totally aroused.

The guy on his back pulled his fingers out of his ass and guided the other guy to his ass. The guy on the floor licked his buddy's asshole, then tongued it, poking in, licking, then sucking. I took my hand away from my cock. My orgasm was threatening. This was too hot. I had eaten pussy, of course, and had chicks suck my cock, but I'd never had one eat my ass, and suddenly the idea was incredibly appealing. The guy doing it looked like he was enjoying it, and the guy he was doing it to looked like he was in heaven.

The camera zoomed out again, and as the muscle stud kneeling on the floor ate his buddy's asshole, one of his hands reached out and pulled something from under one of the couch cushions. It was a rubber dildo, long and thick, pink like a real cock, but with a handle on one end, and ridges every inch or so. I imagined how those ridges would feel, each one stretching the hole wide, then letting it shut a little, then wide, then shut, like being penetrated over and over again. My balls churned. Was the muscle-boy really going to use that on his friend?

He pulled his mouth away from this buddy's asshole and fell back on his haunches. The guy on his back opened his eyes and looked down blearily to ask why his ass wasn't getting the attention it needed, and saw his friend waving the long thick rubber dildo, and he grinned and reached down and pulled his ass cheeks apart the way Josh had done a little earlier. He lifted his legs and his ass higher, offering them, asking for it.

I glanced quickly at Josh, half expecting he would be offering himself to me again, but his eyes were glued to the screen, and he was working his cock slowly, his other hand on his pecs. Josh loved having his pecs and nipples played with more than most chicks like having their tits played with, I had learned that from his girl-friends, most of whom confided in me sooner or later about my buddy's sexual proclivities.

My nipples are pretty sensitive too, maybe because they're so large, like my cock. I love to squeeze and pull them when I masturbate, but I don't tell chicks about that, or ask them to play with them, it seems too gay.

Not that Josh's behavior is gay, he's a total stud, that's what makes it OK for him to do stuff like that.

On the screen, the camera zoomed in again as the guy with the dildo lubed it up with something from a bottle he found under the couch, then put its tip against his buddy's well stretched and lubed hole, and pressed slowly. The camera view showed everything I wanted to see - both guys' faces, the asshole, the dildo - as the guy on the floor pushed the big rubber cock up his buddy's rear end.

The large bulbous tip went in with an audible "plop," echoed by the look of delight on its victim's face. It was clear he loved having his ass stretched wide like that, and welcomed the intrusion. Then as it sank deeper, and the ridges stretched him again, and again, he gasped and yelped with pleasure. The guy on the floor knew just how to work it in and out, pushing it in a few ridges, then pulling it all the way out, then penetrating the tight hole again with the big tip, then several ridges deep, then out, then in farther, then out, in farther. He teased with it, pulling it out and rubbing it around on his buddy's tender hole, making him beg for it.

"Put it in again. I need it. Fuck my hole, fuck me."

It was incredibly sexy to see that awesome muscle-dude begging to have his ass fucked. My cock throbbed and swelled and oozed, my balls roiled in their sac. He couldn't be faking that, it must feel as good as he made it look. I fingered my own hole, losing my inhibitions to show Josh my own perverted needs. What would a dildo like that feel like?

The camera panned to the side, showing the guy on the floor's cock as he pushed the dildo into his friend's eager hole. He was totally hard, not even touching himself, loving what he was doing to his willing victim. And it was obvious that his cock would be going into that hole soon, he was going to do what the guy on the couch was begging for, he was going to fuck his ass.

But first he used the dildo, pushing it in again, deeper this time, then out, and in again, still deeper. I didn't think there was any way he was going to get it all the way in, but he did, he sank it right to the hilt, to the base of the handle he was holding, then pulled it slowly out, each ridge eliciting an audible sound from the guy taking it up his ass, a gasp of mingled pain and pleasure. "Ah! Ah! Yes! Ah!"

Dropping the big rubber cock, the dude kneeling on the floor started lubing up his cock, obviously ready to move to the real fucking. He picked up the lube again, and squeezed lots of it onto his cock, spreading it generously over his mammoth endowment, stroking himself, getting his big hard cock totally hard, totally wet and slippery. The muscle-stud on the couch looked on eagerly, wanting what was coming. I stroked my own cock, and worked two fingers up my ass, way past caring if Josh saw me doing it, lost in my auto-erotic pleasure. I was sideways on the couch, like Josh, my body towards him, only my face turned towards the TV.

I looked at my buddy and saw him looking at me, his actions mirrors of my own. He grinned as he finger fucked himself, looking at me doing the same. "Awesome, dude," he said drunkenly, his eyes glassy with sexual heat. Then his gaze went back to the screen, as did mine.

The muscle-boy with the big cock moved into place, then pushed it against his buddy's asshole, and shoved hard. It went it slowly, and the camera showed the other guy's face, the initial discomfort, then the pleasure, as the giant fuck pole worked its way into his guts. His cock stayed rock hard, leaving no doubt he loved what was happening to him.

I felt Josh pulling my fingers out of my own asshole. I turned my face to look at him. He was kneeling on the couch next to me. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs into the air to expose my ass, just as I had done to him earlier, then put his mouth down there and started licking and sucking and tonguing me. I didn't even think about stopping him. I was ready for this. I looked back at the screen, saw the look on the face of the guy getting fucked. He was loving it. I was ready for Josh at last. I was ready for Josh to fuck me.