Kenny's Workout

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Kenny was horny. It seemed he was always horny, but at his age, seventeen, that was probably normal. Being sort of shy, though, he had never been able to talk to other guys about it, so he felt sure he was a pervert, obsessed with sex, doomed to hell for his constant hardon. And though it made him feel even more guilty and perverted, he masturbated every chance he got, usually at least twice a day, sometimes more. Worse still, he was afraid he was queer, as his fantasies when he jerked off were about other guys.

Right now Kenny was lying on his bed naked, on his back, his arms and legs spread out as though he was tied spread-eagled, his big hard cock flat against his belly, oozing fuck juice as he imagined that he was being tortured by an Indian brave who had caught him spying on him. It was Saturday morning, and the cute teen jock was alone in his house. He had the window wide open to let in the warm, soft, spring air, which caressed his naked body and helped enhance his fantasy, making him feel like he was out in the open nude, exposed and vulnerable as the Indian tortured him.

Kenny's mom was out shopping, and his dad was away on a business trip, so he had the house all to himself, and could indulge his sexual fantasies without fear of being caught. He never knew where his imagination would take him, but when he let it take charge, it never let him down.

Today he had started by working out with his weights naked for a while, pumping his muscles until he looked totally awesome. His cock swelled too as he lifted the barbells, getting harder and harder as he watched himself in the mirror and showed off for himself. He would stop every now and then to fondle his muscles, loving the way his naked body looked and felt, feeling his arms and pecs and abs, rubbing himself sexily to make himself still hotter and hornier. He loved his big hard biceps, his full juicy pecs, his tight six-pack abs, and the way his body felt as he rubbed and stroked himself.

He didn't let himself touch his erection though, he wanted to take as long as possible getting to the point where he couldn't hold back any more and his big hard teen cock erupted in big ropes of hot sticky fuck juice.

But it was OK to play with his balls, squeezing and tugging his nut sac and loving the way it hurt but felt awesomely sexy as he applied pressure to his nads. Then he would rub the base of his cock, behind his balls. That made his cock swell and his asshole throb, so he would reach farther back between his legs and finger his hole, teasing himself as he pushed inside just a little. He turned and bent over and looked back at the mirror, loving the way his bare ass looked, his firm round ass. He already had a beautiful golden tan over most of his body, from laying out by their pool every afternoon and all day on weekends, with a perfect tanline, just a skimpy strip of white flesh around his crotch and hips, and then his beautiful marble white ass. He reached back and pulled his perfect ass cheeks apart, opening the crack to expose his tight pink boyhole, his finger pressing and rubbing and probing. He pushed his finger in farther - yeah, that looked awesome, his finger probing into his hole, deeper, probing, deeper. Wait! Stop, he was going to make himself cum!

Once he had pumped his muscles big and hard and posed for himself in front of the mirror, and gotten himself totally turned on, his entire body feeling like one giant sex organ, and touching himself anywhere made him even hornier, Kenny laid on his bed on his back and let the erotic feelings that were flooding his horny teen mind fill his entire body. His heart was pumping hard and every inch of his skin tingled with arousal, he could feel his pecs and his nipples swelling and stretching and begging for attention. He closed his eyes and stretched his arms and legs as wide apart as they would go, loving the way that stretched his pecs and his groin, and enhanced his arousal. His hands grabbed the corner posts at the top of his bed, and his toes touched the posts at the bottom, and he stretched and twisted, enjoying the feelings of nakedness and horniness and blood-engorged muscles. He pulled against the posts, arching his naked body, stretching harder, pulling and twisting.

That's when the idea occurred to Kenny that he was tied at his wrists and ankles, helpless, about to be tortured. He remembered the games he and his best buddy Tony used to play when they were kids, cowboys and Indians, and the way they had tied each other up. He had liked being tied up. Tony had been really good at it, knowing how to make the ropes just tight enough to hold his captive, but not too tight, cutting into his bare skin in just the right places, making him wish it was Tony's hands touching him right there - and there. They hadn't played that game in a while. He'd started getting a hardon when he was tied up, and he'd gotten embarrassed, and he'd been afraid to do it again. What if Tony saw his erection? What if he blasted a load in his shorts? The thought made him even hornier. Tony, tying him up. A naked Indian, tying him up. He imagined he was outside, staked to the ground, the hot sun beating down on his naked body. His buddy Tony was dressed as an Indian brave, standing over him.

Tony was short and dark and cute, and had an awesome body, with big hard pecs and washboard abs, and a big juicy cock. Kenny snuck glances at his buddy's cock whenever he could, like when they showered at the school gym after lifting weights together. Kenny was the taller of the two, but Tony was just as strong, he could bench press as much as Kenny, and his cock was bigger. They'd compared cocks once when they'd both gotten hardons from being naked in the shower together. They hadn't actually touched each other's cocks, but they'd stood close enough under the steamy spray to get their erections side by side, each with a hand on the other's bare shoulder, their hard-muscled horny teen bodies close under the steamy spray, no one else around to see and they could have done anything they wanted to each other. Tony's cock was definitely bigger, both longer and fatter.

Kenny's cock was six and a half inches long and four and a half inches around, he measured it regularly, hoping it would get bigger. Tony's must be at least an inch longer, it had looked huge to him, and he'd had to clench his hand to keep from reaching out to touch it, he'd wanted to wrap his hand around it and stroke it, squeeze it, know what a cock like that felt like to hold. He and Tony had stroked themselves to gut- wrenching orgasms there in the shower, both so turned on by seeing each other naked and hard-dicked that they came almost as soon as they started working their hard teen cocks. He had aimed his cock so that the first spurt of his cum hit his buddy on the leg, and the sight made his cock spurt hard again, and hit Tony's leg again, higher up, almost at his crotch, and Tony's cock was spurting too, and Tony's cum hit Kenny's abs. Tony was grunting and gasping as he worked his big piece of meat, cum spurting from the tip, Tony's head thrown back, his mouth open. Kenny wanted to kiss Tony on the lips right then, but he didn't. He stroked his own cock and watched his cum drip slowly down Tony's leg to the shower-room floor, and get washed away.

Lying naked on his bed, Kenny imagined he was tied spread-eagled, his buddy Tony dressed as an Indian standing over him. The Indian was naked too, he had been bathing in a stream when Kenny saw him, his loincloth laid aside so he could wash himself. Kenny had found the loincloth, and was rubbing it all over himself, sniffing its musky sex-charged masculine stench as he stripped naked too, and looked at the naked Indian brave, and stroked his cock. The Indian was washing his naked body, and his cock was hard, and he was stroking himself slowly as he stood in the water, his head thrown back, his awesome chest lifted high, his hard-muscled legs spread wide, glorying in the feeling of being naked in the open, stroking himself and rubbing himself. Kenny was about to cum, and lost in ecstasy when the Indian saw the naked white boy and leapt from the water to grab him and subdue him, tying him down on the ground so he was helpless, and at the redskin's mercy.

Kenny struggled uselessly against his bonds. He was tied tightly, and could do little but twist helplessly and beg for mercy. The ropes were cunningly tied, circling not just his ankles and wrists, but his legs, his groin, his hard cock, his cum-filled nuts. The slightest movement made him hornier, rubbing or pressing against some private intimate part of his sexy teen muscle-boy flesh.

The hot sun on his naked body and the feeling of bare hard dirt against his naked skin aroused him even more, and he looked up longingly at the naked savage standing over him. The Indian brave was his own age, but even more muscular, lean and hard and sexy. He wanted to run his hands over the Indian's bare skin, feel his naked muscles, play with his cock, even suck on it (though he had never done that). His cock was still so hard it hurt, he was still so aroused, in spite of his bondage. He thrust his hips upward rhythmically, fucking the air, his cock throbbing and jerking and oozing.

The Indian used his bare foot to arouse the naked boy further, rubbing his toes across the boy's thighs and abs and pecs. The white boy was remarkably well built, muscular and lean and sexy, and the Indian was not blind to his captive's appeal. The boy had large, well-formed pecs, strong thick arms, broad shoulders, flat tight abs. His legs were strong and thick, he had a large hard cock, long and thick and wet with sex juice that oozed and pooled on the naked boy's belly. He dug his toes into the sexy teen's balls, and his own cock swelled and oozed as he heard the moan of pleasure that produced. The boy liked being tortured, wanted to be used and humiliated.

The Indian used a stick to arouse the boy further. He poked and prodded the naked youth in intimate places, and smiled as the boy moaned and gasped with pleasure. The boy needed to be dominated, loved having a bigger, stronger male use his body for his pleasure. With the stick the Indian brave lightly traced the sharp cuts of the boy's pecs and abs, enjoying the way that made the boy gasp and moan. He tweaked his large sensitive nipples with the stick and the youth gasped louder. Then he poked the boy's hard cock, and dug the sharp end of the stick into his thighs, poked his balls, even poked it under his balls, dug around until he found the boy's forbidden nether regions, his virgin hole, and dug around there, sending the helpless youth into a frenzy of fear and arousal, simultaneously desperate for more, and yet terrified of what was about to happen to him, sure he was about to be raped.

All the time he tortured his captive, the Indian brave stroked and caressed his own naked body. His cock stuck out long and hard, and he wet his hand with his saliva to stroke his manhood as he watched the sexy white muscle-boy squirm with pleasure. His balls churned with pent-up cum as he imagined fucking the boy, making him kneel on the ground and lift his tight hot ass in the air, reach back and part his naked ass cheeks to expose his tender virgin hole and then grunt with mingled pain and pleasure as the Indian's large hard cock penetrated him and he became the Indian's slave, his fuck toy, accepting the red man's cock, accepting his cum as the muscular brave fucked the boy and pumped a load of hot cum up his ass.

But to fuck the boy he would have to release him, and he liked seeing him tied spread-eagled, helpless.

The naked boy's hard cock was pulled up flat against his abs, oozing steadily. The Indian brave knelt beside the boy and wrapped his hand around the stiff piece of meat and stroked it slowly. The boy moaned. He milked cock juice from the big pole and spread it around on the big juicy head, and heard the boy gasp and moan louder.

"Oh please," Kenny gasped. "Please make me cum!"

He squeezed and rubbed the boy's erection, working him slowly closer and closer to ejaculation, taking his time, making the boy beg for release.

"Oh! YES! Please, make me cum! Don't stop, make me cum!"

He rubbed the boy's stiff boner, stroked it up and down, milked the sticky juice it was oozing onto his fingers, rubbed that around on the sensitive spongy head, rubbed it harder, slowly, slowly. The boy was dying of need, he had to cum!

"Please! Make me cum! Please!"

When the boy was desperate with need he released his hard throbbing tool. Time to get his own needs serviced. His own cock was hard, he had been stroking it steadily, heightening his own arousal, slowly, steadily, he was ready, he needed to cum.

The brave knelt over the boy's face and guided his hard cock to his captive's lips. The youth resisted at first, but when he realized he had no choice, he opened his mouth and let the Indian stuff his large hard dick inside, fucking the boy's hot wet mouth. The boy choked on the red man's large hard cock, unaccustomed to sucking another man's sex, but slowly the naked captive learned to accommodate it, and soon the horny Indian brave was pumping his hot sex juice into the boy's throat, and the boy was swallowing desperately as the hot sticky fluid threatened to choke him.

Then to his surprise and embarrassment, the boy started cumming too. His cock, which had been throbbing and jerking from the abuse he was being subjected to, suddenly erupted, big jets of cum shot out and hit the boy in the face, then his chest, then his abs, so his face and neck and torso were drenched in his cum. He had loved being subjugated and used sexually by the naked Indian. He gasped and grunted in ecstasy, lost in his fantasy.

That was the first time Kenny had ever managed to cum without even touching himself, and the thrill of the new experience heightened and prolonged his orgasm. He had wanted to take longer, spend all morning reaching this point, but his fantasy had been so vivid and so exciting that he had lost control and reached his climax quickly. He couldn't stop it, his cock spurted, his balls churned, his sexy teen body shook as he thrust his hips into the air and came and came and came.

Finally the naked teen muscle-boy stopped cumming, and collapsed, exhausted. His head was still swimming with the powerfully erotic images his mind had conjured up. He could see the sexy naked Indian, feel his large hard cock in his mouth, taste the hot sticky cum. His cock oozed and dribbled onto his tight firm belly, then ran slowly down his side onto the bed. He scooped up as much of his cum as he could and licked it from his fingers, pretending the Indian was making him do it, forcing him to eat his own cum, humiliating his captive.

Kenny liked eating his cum, it felt dirty but sexy and turned him on even more. He would lick his fingers as he jerked off, eating the sweet sticky fluid that oozed from his piss slit when his cock got hard, milking it out starting at the base of his long thick fuck pole, forcing big clear drops of the forbidden fluid onto his fingers to make his hand slippery as he rubbed his cock, then licking it off and working up more. He would spit onto his fingers and rub that around on his cock head too, which made it ooze even more, and he'd gather the sweet clear drops on his fingers and lick those, then spread them around. Squeeze, rub, lick, ooze, lick, until he was drunk with the taste of his precum. He wondered if Tony's cock oozed fuck juice the same way, and what it tasted like. He wanted so much to taste another boy's cock, Tony's cock, Tony's big hard fat cock.

The feeling of ecstasy slowly faded, and Kenny's cock sagged, tired from it recent eruption. He tried to hold onto the feeling, prolong the ecstasy even more, but slowly it died, and in its place was a feeling of disgust with himself. He had let his perverted urges take control. He thought of Tony dressed as an Indian, naked, his dick hard. Had to stop, he wouldn't be able to look at his buddy again if he let his imagination go too far, all he'd be able to think of was having sex with Tony and he'd lose control, and Tony would know, and hate him.

The warm air from the window blew across his naked body, and the cum drying slowly on his bare skin felt cold and wet. He was covered with his cum, as were his sheets, they'd be stained, his mother would know what he had been doing.

Kenny reached over the side of the bed and grabbed the tee shirt he had discarded earlier when he stripped naked to work out, and used it to wipe himself dry. He was able to blot up most of the cum from his sheets, but there would still be a stain.

Oh well, nothing he could do about it. His mother had never mentioned it before, and he knew his sheets and underwear were always soaked with his dried cum, he was so horny so much of the time, his cock always hard, always oozing sex, always soaking his briefs. He was always jerking off into his discarded shorts and tee shirts, pumping out hot loads of teen cum into them and then wadding them up and stuffing them into the laundry hamper, hoping his mother wouldn't notice, or at least wouldn't say anything. He couldn't help himself, he was so horny all the time, he needed release, he had to jerk off, he had to cum.

The sexy naked teen stood and walked to the mirror on the closet door and looked at himself. He liked what he saw, a lean but muscular boy of seventeen, strong and athletic and sexy. He'd been told he looked like one of the Abercrombie & Fitch models, and if his parents hadn't forbidden it he would have tried to get a job modeling, he knew he'd be good at it, he had the look, and the attitude. His dad said that modeling was for pansies, and no son of his was going to make a fool of him. Well, next year he would be eighteen, and could do what he wanted. He would go to New York and try out for a modeling job, he knew he had what it took. If he couldn't get a job as a fashion model, well, maybe he'd pose nude. He'd seen lots of pictures on the Internet of naked guys jerking off, that must pay a lot. He could get his cock hard in an instant, and cum several times in a row, he'd get rich jerking off in front of cameras.

He picked up two light weights and did a few sets of reps with them to pump his muscles up again, liking the result. His cock swelled hard again, and he pumped himself slowly into full arousal, breathing hard to fill his blood with oxygen as he raised and lowered the weights and watched his naked body in the mirror. Sweat glistened on his naked skin, making his body look even sexier. He forgot his feelings of disgust of a moment earlier, delighted to find he was still horny, ready for more so soon.

Kenny loved jerking off three or four times in a row - his record was five, one day when his folks had left him at home alone for an entire weekend, and he had done nothing but jerk off. He didn't think he'd have time for that many today, but he'd keep it up as long as he could. He slowly pumped up his muscles, watching his naked body in the mirror.

Kenny dropped one of the weights and alternated the other between his hands as he used his free hand to feel his sexy teen body, rubbing his smooth soft hairless skin, feeling his hard muscles rippling as he moved the weight rhythmically, playing with his hard nipples, squeezing his pecs and biceps, tracing the cuts of his abs, letting his hand slide lower until it was pressed against the base of his hard cock, teasing himself. He let his hand circle the base of his cock, squeezing rhythmically, pressing under his balls, digging into the fleshy base of his cock, loving the way that made his virgin asshole tingle and twitch. Then he grabbed his balls and squeezed and tugged them as he worked the weight slowly up and down. His cock rose and fell with each rep, following the weight as he squeezed his balls slowly harder and harder. It hurt, but it felt good too, he loved the mixture of pain and pleasure, and pushed himself to the point where the pain started to dominate, and he knew he'd lose his erection if he went further.

The sexy naked teen muscle stud released his balls and switched the weight to the other hand again and rubbed his pecs as he pumped his other arm. He loved the feeling of his hard juicy pecs, and loved rubbing and squeezing them, feeling their big round sexy fullness, and his big nipples. He played with his large erect nipples, squeezing and tugging on them. That too made his cock harder, and he moved his hand back and forth from one big hard pec to the other, squeezing and tugging each nipple, twisting until it hurt, then going to the other, making his large erect knobs more and more tender, so that each time it felt better to let go and then work the nipple again. His nipples swelled red and puffy and sexy, and he imagined they were tiny penises as he stroked and rubbed them. His cock got harder and harder, swelling until it felt like it would burst, like he had a steel rod stuck inside it. He fucked the air with his big hard cock as he played with his nipples and pumped the weight.

He spread his legs and squatted slightly to spread his ass cheeks and then reached under his balls and fingered his asshole. He had discovered in the shower how good it felt to play with his asshole when he washed it, soaping his finger and slowly pushing it inside, then pulling it out, then in again, finger fucking himself. When he was alone he felt no inhibitions about his body, and didn't think of it as weird, it just felt good, so he did it. A couple of times he had tried directing the pulsating shower spray at his asshole, adjusting it slowly until it was a hard jet that probed at his tender virgin boyhole, then penetrated, shooting a jet of water up inside him, shocking him at first, then thrilling as he felt his asshole stretched and filled.

Now he wanted that sensation up his asshole and he looked around, drunk with arousal, desperate to be penetrated as he pumped the weight and poked his finger inside his tight hot hole. He needed something bigger. There was a foot long steel weights bar on the floor, and he leaned down and picked it up, hefting it, trying to decide if it was too big. It was a lot thicker than his finger, but he was desperate, so he grabbed it in the middle and reached beneath his wide-spread legs and shoved it hard against his asshole, trying to push it in. It was cold, and the edge was rough, and he yelped with pain, but he was too desperate to stop. He tried spitting on it to get it slippery, and after a few more tries, spitting on the end, then shoving it against his tight virgin hole, he managed to get the end inside. It was big, and hurt going in, it must be tearing the tender flesh of his asshole, but he didn't care, once he had gotten it past the tight sphincter and stretched his virgin hole wide open, he had to get it in deeper, he needed it farther in. He pulled it out, gasping with need, wanting it inside him, so he kept licking it and spitting to get it wet and slippery, ignoring the taste of metal and asshole, needing it too much now. He managed to get it in a couple of inches, and poked it around, but it still hurt, it wasn't slippery enough.

He couldn't stop now, he had to get more of it in there!

His cock was sticking straight out, wet and dripping, and he finally thought of his cock ooze, and put down the weight he had been pumping to milk big drops of clear sticky fluid from his dick onto the end of the metal bar. That did it, little by little, pushing it in, pulling it out, adding more cock juice, then again, he was able at last to slide the long metal rod up his ass several inches and he gasped with delight. It felt so good, much better than his finger. It was bigger and harder, stretching his hole as wide as it would go, achingly good. The sexy naked teen's eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth dropped open drunkenly, he was lost in ecstasy as he slowly shoved the metal rod up his ass farther and farther. He went as far as he dared, then pulled it out, and shoved it back in again, harder. He hit a spot inside his ass that sent a jolt of intense ecstasy through his cock and balls, and shocked him with pleasure. He pulled the rod out and did that again, then again. He grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly as he fucked his ass with the rod, watching himself in the mirror. It looked so sexy, his hard cock, his swollen pecs and biceps, he was getting close, he could cum any second.

The naked teen muscle-boy stopped stroking his cock, not wanting to cum yet, and played with his nipples some more as he kept fucking himself with the metal rod. It felt so good, he thought he might be able to cum again without touching his cock, if only there was some way to work both of his large tender nipples at the same time. He looked around and saw his weights bench. If he rested one end of the bar on that, he could mount it and shove it up his ass and then use his legs to raise and lower himself onto it, fucking himself that way.

He pulled the rod out of his ass and straddled the bench eagerly, squeezing more of his cock ooze onto the end of the bar to lube it up more. Then he set one end on the bench and positioned himself over it, slowly lowering his ass until it met the end of the bar, adjusting it until it was in just the right spot, then lowering himself further onto it until it popped inside his ass again.

He gasped as it entered him, it hurt at first, but then felt awesome, and he slowly sank onto it, seeking just the right angle and depth, and after a few tries he had it, he was able to let go of the bar and bounce up and down on it, fucking himself with it as he grabbed his nipples and twisted and pulled and rubbed them, and his cock swelled harder and harder, his balls contracted with pleasure, he felt his orgasm approaching, he threw his head back and his mouth fell slack and he started cumming. His cock pumped up and down and spewed hot sticky fuck juice all over the weights bench, glistening on the black plastic surface, as Kenny fucked himself and pulled his nipples.

Loud gasps and moans and whimpers of pleasure burst from his throat - it sounded like a drunken orgy was taking place, and the young stud was being fucked senseless by a whole team of football players, fucked over and over until he was lost in the mindless ecstasy of being violated by the muscular studs who had overpowered him. In Kenny's sex-filled teen mind he pictured three big hard-muscled studs holding him helpless, raising and lowering him onto the cock of one of their team-mates, the others waiting their turn to fuck him too. One of the guys holding him was Tony, and the other three were senior football players he had seen in the locker room at school, big, hard-muscled studs with huge hard cocks who loved humiliating the sexy boy-toy, making him submit to their perverted lust. Tony was fucking him, shoving his big cock hard up Kenny's tight virgin hole, fucking him senseless, growling obscenities as he violated his friend.

Kenny's cock spewed cum over and over and over as he fucked himself with the metal bar.

"Oh God! Yes! Fuck me, Tony, fuck me hard!" Kenny gasped aloud, drunk with the perverted images flooding his mind, his whole body convulsed with the ecstasy of fucking himself on his weight bench.


In the hallway outside Kenny's bedroom, his buddy Tony had been watching the naked teen through the gap in the partly open door for some time. Kenny wasn't expecting his friend, and in his eagerness to masturbate, he hadn't bothered to shut the door completely, he thought he'd be alone until his mom came home, and she knew better than to approach his room without calling out to announce her presence.

But Tony didn't care if he interrupted his sexy buddy doing something very personal. He was hoping for it.

Tony had managed to finish his chores the night before, and rushed to Kenny's house, hoping his buddy would want to mess around. He'd let himself in, knowing Kenny's mom was out, and sort of hoping he could catch Kenny naked. He knew his buddy worked out buck naked, Kenny had bragged about it, saying it turned him on, and he could do more reps with his cock hard.

Tony liked to imagine seeing Kenny's body, it turned him on, Kenny had an awesome body. Kenny was blond and smooth and sexy, while Tony was dark and hairy and rough-looking. He liked the contrast between their bodies, the way they looked. Kenny was taller, leaner, sexier - to Tony. He pictured what it would be like if Kenny let him sit on the bed and watch as he did his workout totally bare, his randy teen cock half hard despite the exertion. The sexy blond muscle-boy would stop to flex and pose between sets, teasing Tony with his naked body.

Tony would watch, his own dick hard, knowing that Kenny was aroused by showing off naked for his friend, that he wanted Tony to get up off the bed and feel his muscles as he worked out, play with his hard cock, fondle and stroke his naked body and sex until he popped his nuts all over the two of them. Then Tony would strip naked too, and rub his bare flesh against Kenny and his own hard cock would pump out a hot load of boy juice too.

Tony liked to picture Kenny naked when he jerked off, and imagined what it would be like to touch Kenny, feel his naked muscles, touch his hard cock. He had seen his buddy hard a couple of times at the swimming pool when they changed into their Speedos, and knew Kenny had a big one, long and thick. He'd been hard too, and they'd laughed and made fun of each other as they'd tried to cram their erections into their tight swimming suits, embarrassed, but also turned on by each other, but afraid to let it show. Once they had compared erections in the showers at the school gym, and jerked off together, and Tony had wanted to touch Kenny, feel his buddy's hard cock, stroke it and make it shoot.

Today Tony had arrived outside Kenny's bedroom door just as Kenny was arranging himself on his bed as though he was tied down, spread-eagled on the ground, about to be tortured by the naked Indian brave. The dark Latin was just about to open the door and walk into his friend's bedroom when he caught a glimpse of Kenny naked on the bed. He stopped, frozen, his hand on the door, looking through the crack. He had a perfect view as Kenny twisted and writhed in mock pain, his big hard cock sticking straight up. Its big purplish crown was glistening, and he imagined he could see cock ooze dripping from the end, oozing down along its shaft as the naked teen muscle boy fucked the air with his hips and moaned and gasped with pleasure. God, this was awesome, Kenny was jerking off! He knew he shouldn't watch, but he couldn't stop himself, he stayed at the door, peeking through the crack.

"No, please, stop," Kenny moaned, begging for mercy. "Please don't hurt me, no, stop. No, don't, don't make me do that, mmmph!"

Tony groped himself as he watched. This was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. What was Kenny doing? It looked like he was tied to the bed, and begging someone to stop torturing him. Tony imagined it was he doing the torturing. He was standing naked over Kenny, straddling his naked body. using a long stick to poke and probe at his friend's naked hard-muscled body, like the game they used to play. They had tied each other up and tortured each other, dumb kid stuff, but now the game would take on new meaning, it was all about sex, and getting to touch each other in private places, all about having the other guy helpless, and doing things to him, or making him do things to you. He watched Kenny twist and moan and fuck the air with his big hard cock. He had his own hand inside his pants and was rubbing his own erection, totally turned on by what Kenny was doing.

He could hear some of what Kenny was saying, the naked teen was begging for mercy, moaning and gasping, acting like he was afraid and in pain, but Tony could tell he was loving it, his big hard cock sticking up, oozing, his balls churning and roiling in their sac, his muscles contracting and releasing with pleasure - he must want to be used and tortured and made to do perverted things.

What was he doing now, Kenny was turning his head as though someone was trying to push something into his mouth. "No, I can't, don't make me suck it, please!" This was awesome, Kenny was pretending someone was making him suck his cock! His mouth was wide open, he was opening it farther like somebody was shoving a big hard cock inside and fucking his mouth, he was choking and gagging, it looked so real!

Then Tony watched in amazement as Kenny's cock erupted, and big ropes of cum shot out and hit Kenny in the face, then his chest and abs. Kenny gasped and yelped and his whole body seemed convulsed with ecstasy. Tony rubbed his own cock, he was rock hard and oozing. He was tempted to drop his pants and jerk off right there, but he didn't, he just kept rubbing his erection, afraid if he moved Kenny would hear him and stop.

Tony was about to move away, assuming Kenny was finished, but he couldn't tear his eyes from his friend's naked body, and watched as the naked teen wiped the cum off his pecs and abs. The dark-haired teen stud thrilled as he saw Kenny lick his lips and eat some of the cum that had hit his face and dripped onto his mouth. Tony had tasted his own cum, and liked to lick his fingers as he was beating off, tasting the salty precum that oozed out and lubed his fingers, but he had never dared imagine that his sexy best friend did that too, ate his own cum!

Then Kenny stood and picked up his weights, and his still half-hard cock swelled back to full erection. Tony moved back a little, afraid of being discovered, but unwilling to stop watching. He watched the entire show his buddy was putting on for himself, pumping his pecs and biceps, pinching his nipples, squeezing his balls, then poking his finger up his asshole.

That last part was almost too much for Tony, as he saw the naked muscle stud finger-fuck himself. He couldn't believe Kenny liked that, the macho stud Tony secretly lusted for liked having his forbidden boy hole penetrated. Tony had played with his own asshole, rubbed it as he soaped it up in the shower, but he'd never dared push anything inside. Now the Latin stud gasped as Kenny picked up the steel rod and lubed that up to fuck himself with, then straddled the bench and jerked off as he fucked himself with the rod, and his big hard cock erupted, and he shouted in ecstasy.

Kenny was saying something as he came, groaning and gasping and moaning.

"Fuck me, Tony, Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

Tony couldn't help himself then, he opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out and stroked it in unison with the thrusts of the rod up his buddy's virgin asshole and came at the same time Kenny did, catching it on his palm, grunting in ecstasy, his sounds unheard only because Kenny was making so much noise himself, and lost in his fantasy of being gang- fucked by the football players. Tony turned and leaned against the wall by the door as his orgasm continued, lost now in his own pleasure. It was one of the most intense orgasms he'd ever had, his knees were weak with the force if it, but eventually his cock stopped spurting cum, and he was able to raise his hand to his mouth and lick his hand clean and stuff his cock back into his shorts.

Tony could still hear his buddy's voice, and the awesome words -

"Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me harder!"


Kenny had just finished cleaning himself up, wiping the slimy steel rod he'd been fucking himself with clean with the same tee-shirt he'd used to wipe up his cum a while earlier, then flopping naked on the bed. He was feeling dirty and perverted and worthless again. How could he do such sick, disgusting things?

Then he heard a knock at the door. Fuck! Was his mom back already!?

"Hold on," he called out, sitting up, planning to grab a tee shirt from the floor and pull on his sweat pants. But then he realized the tee shirt was soaked with cum, and his sweat pants were in the laundry, and he sat there trying to figure out what to do. "Hold on," he called out again. His mom knew better than to walk in without permission.

But the door opened, and Kenny gulped as he saw his buddy Tony walk in. The thought of what he had just been doing, and what Tony would think if he caught his buddy like that, sent a wave of nausea through him - that would be the end, he had to be more careful. The fact that he was lying totally naked on his bed, his randy teen cock still half hard and dribbling cum, streaks of dried cum all over his body, dawned on him as his buddy walked up to the bed and sat down beside him.

"Oh, hey buddy, I wasn't expecting you," Kenny stammered, looking around quickly, afraid he'd left some evidence of his perverted acts. The steel rod he'd been fucking himself was right there beside him! He shoved it off the bed, and it hit the floor with a deep "thunk." That was bright, he might as well have put up a sign! He felt twice as naked, knowing what he'd just done, and though he'd been naked in front of Tony before, he wanted to cover himself, but there was nothing in reach he could use. His cock was still hard, still oozing, and strangely it made it get harder to know his buddy was there. He thought of the fantasy he'd had earlier, of Tony as the Indian, and his body tingled all over with horniness again. He had to stop, couldn't let Tony know how he felt!

Tony grinned, thinking "Yeah, guess what I just saw?" But all he said was "Yeah, I did my chores last night."

He looked down at his friend lying naked on the bed. Kenny was stretched out on his back, raised on his elbows, looking totally awesome, like he was posing for some gay porn site on the Internet. Tony had found some web sites with free pictures of hard-muscled studs stripping their clothes off and posing naked, their cocks hard, beating off for the camera. He had jerked off looking at them, they were so sexy, it turned him on to see their naked teen bodies, their hard cocks.

Kenny looked every bit as good as those guys. Tony stared openly, his eyes were glued to his buddy's hard cock, and the hot cum still dribbling from the piss-slit. It looked like it was getting harder. Was Kenny turned on by having Tony there? He stood looking down at Kenny's sexy naked body, and his hard teen cock.

"Cool." Kenny was unable to think of anything to say. Tony was looking at him strangely. Wasn't he? Or was it his imagination, his guilt that made it seem that way? "Uh, my mom's out shopping."

"Cool," Tony replied, sitting on the bed. Kenny moved away to make room for him. Tony moved too, staying close to his buddy's naked body.

"Whatcha doin?" Tony asked.

"Uh, nothin. I was just working out," Kenny stammered. Tony was acting funny, like he knew something. Had he seen? Kenny's heart was pounding like a hammer.

"Shit, I bet you were jerking off," Tony said. He turned a little, moving his leg so it touched Kenny's. He would never have been so bold before, accusing his buddy of jerking off, or letting their legs touch, but what he had just seen gave him a sense of power. He still felt a little giddy, just having cum, he had just beat off in the hallway, watching his buddy fuck himself with a steel rod, and his randy teen cock was still half hard and oozing in his shorts. The taste of hot fresh teen boy cum was fresh in his mouth, the smell of teen sweat and fresh teen cum hung in the air, his own cum and Kenny's, both of them had just cum, both were still a little drunk with the lingering arousal. Tony rubbed his crotch, his erection growing again.

"What if I was?" Kenny shot back. He and Tony talked about jerking off all the time, it was one of their favorite topics of conversation, how often they did it, and how they held it, and how long it took, and how far they could shoot their cum, and so on. But Kenny had never told Tony about the sick things he thought about when he jerked off, or the things he did, like shove things up his ass. He inhaled, and the smell of his own fresh cum, and his freshly fucked asshole, filled his nostrils, acrid and sexy. He was weak with arousal and fear.

"Nothin," Tony said, and pressed his bare leg harder against his friend's, and leaned closer, looking intently into Kenny's pale blue eyes. "Wanna mess around?"

Usually "mess around" meant the two of them took their skate boards and looked for someplace to try out their best moves, or went to the mall and hung out there, watching other kids and acting cool. Now Tony had something else in mind.

When his buddy didn't pull away or object, Tony put his hand on Kenny's naked thigh, and squeezed it gently, loving the feel of Kenny's sexy muscles, hearing Kenny gasp as his bare skin was caressed. He let his hand trail slowly upward, approaching the naked teen's exposed sex. His leg pressed harder against Kenny's, and Kenny didn't move, so Tony stroked his thigh slowly higher and higher, almost touching the naked teen stud's balls, then moved his hand up to his buddy's bare abs, and stroked them softly. He saw Kenny's erection twitch and swell even bigger.

God he wanted to touch it, reach out and wrap his hand around Kenny's hard cock. He could lean down and kiss it, lick it with his tongue, suck on it. No, that would be queer, he couldn't suck Kenny's boner, could he? He sure wanted to, and now was his chance. After what he had heard Kenny say. But instead he rubbed Kenny's rippled abs.

"Your abs are awesome, dude, you've got a total six-pack." He let his fingers trail up and down, tracing the cuts of his buddy's naked abdomen, loving the way it felt, hard muscles under soft smooth skin, the rippled muscles contracting slightly as he touched them. He heard Kenny gasp, saw his buddy's mouth drop open. He felt his friend's abs quiver as he rubbed them. He rubbed harder, and Kenny gasped. Kenny was raised up on his elbows, which made his abs look and feel even more awesome, tight and hard and sexy. His hard cock was jerking, oozing, Tony could see a big drop of cock juice oozing from the piss slit, starting to run down the shaft.

But Kenny didn't say anything, he didn't say Stop. So Tony kept it up, and grew bolder, moving his hand up to his friend's pecs, rubbing them too.

"And your pecs, you have awesome pecs." He let his fingers touch the big erect nipples, and heard Kenny gasp again. "Yeah," Tony murmured softly, "awesome, dude." He rubbed Kenny's nipples, and loved the way Kenny just lay there and let him do it. The big knobs of flesh were still red and swollen from the workout Kenny had just given them, twisting them hard as he fucked himself with the steel rod.

Kenny was panting hard, like he'd just been running. This was like a dream, he'd just been imagining that Tony was touching his naked body, and now it was happening. He was tied down and the Indian was torturing him, touching him, turning him on. His balls churned with fresh cum, he felt himself losing control, he wanted to reach out and touch Tony back, but he didn't dare, couldn't move, had to just lie there and wait, see what Tony would do.

Tony could hear his buddy's heart thudding, matched by his own. He felt like he was about to explode, his heart was in his throat, he gulped and swallowed, touching his friend's forbidden naked body at last.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you," he murmured, and heard Kenny moan his assent. "Lay back, let me feel," he said softly, and Kenny obeyed, his heart pounding, unable to resist his friend's advances.

Tony stroked Kenny's bare shoulders and arms, squeezing his rock-hard biceps, pumped hard by the recent workout the muscular teen had given them. Then slowly Tony leaned over and licked Kenny's pecs, slowly approaching one of his nipples, licking gently until he reached it, then softly closing his lips over it, sucking gently, then harder, and heard Kenny gasp louder.

"No, please, stop," Kenny moaned, finally finding his voice, awed and delighted by what was happening, but afraid to admit it, lost again in his fantasy of being dominated and forced to submit to sexual torture. He was frozen, unable to move, compelled to let Tony use his body. He wanted to touch Tony too, but was afraid to reveal his own lust. Somehow as long as Tony did everything to him it was safe. He moved his hands over his head, imagining again that he was tied down, helpless. He stretched his legs wide apart, opening himself to his friend's exploration, surrendering his naked teen body to the intimate attention. "No," he moaned, loving it. "Please don't. Please."

Tony knew his friend's protests were fake, the way Kenny's cock was reacting made it clear he wanted this. He kept licking and sucking his buddy's big hard pecs, sucking his nipples. He stood part way and pushed his shorts down far enough to free his own cock, and stroked it slowly as he licked Kenny's muscles. He found Kenny's hand on the bed and guided it to his erection, and Kenny started stroking his buddy's big hard cock, up and down, up and down.

Soon Tony wanted to be naked, so he stood completely and stripped off his tee-shirt, then stepped out of his shorts. He was naked except for his sandals, which he kicked off, and was as naked as Kenny. Then, astonished by his boldness, he moved onto the bed, naked, straddling his friend, and moved up until his cock was pointed at Kenny's face.

"Suck my cock, dude, I know you want it, suck me." He guided his juicy teen cock to his friend's mouth, and watched in amazement as Kenny opened his mouth and took it, and started sucking it. Kenny had his eyes tightly shut, his arms and legs spread as though he was tied down, and he allowed his friend to fuck his face until Tony came again. Tony raised himself into a pushup position and fucked his buddy's face. Overwhelmed with excitement, his randy teen cock exploded with jism, filling Kenny's mouth, and choking the helpless teen muscle-stud. Kenny made helpless sounds of desperation, and Tony pulled out, pumping the rest of his hot teen load of cum all over his friend's face.

Tony's cum spilling out of his mouth over his cheeks, Kenny grabbed his cock and stroked himself to a third orgasm, his biggest of the morning, splashing against Tony's legs, coating both of them with his cum.

His big hard cock still spurting cum, Tony collapsed onto the bed beside his friend, confused and afraid. What had just happened? His naked body lay half on top of Kenny, his cock was still oozing as he rubbed it against Kenny's bare leg, his hand was rubbing his friend's naked chest.


It was several minutes before either boy could speak. Their minds were reeling with fear and excitement and hope and desire. Each was sure he was done for, he had revealed his perverted lust, his friend would hate him, would expose him. His life was over. But oh God what had just happened!

Kenny moved first, pushing his buddy off him, sitting up. What could he say? He'd just sucked his buddy's cock, and he'd loved it. The taste of Tony's cum filled his mouth. He wanted more. He looked down and saw that his entire body was coated with it, Tony's cum and his own. All he had to do was scoop it up with his fingers and lick it off. But then Tony would know. He felt dirty and ashamed.

Tony sat up too, turned away slightly, one leg off the side of the bed, one leg still touching Kenny's. What had he just done? Kenny must hate him.

"I - I'm sorry, man." Tony stammered out an apology. It was wrong, what he'd done. He stood. He should go.

Kenny looked at his buddy standing there naked. Tony's big dick was still hard, cum still oozing from the tip. Kenny couldn't stop himself, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around Tony's erection, and pulled it towards him, then leaned forward and took it into his mouth again. He had loved sucking it, loved being dominated, he had to have more. It choked him at first, his first real cock, but he kept sucking, wanting to get the whole thing down his throat.

Tony fell forward onto the bed, and wound up with his face in his buddy's crotch, Kenny's big hard cock poking him in the eye. He opened his mouth and took half of it in, sucking it tentatively. It tasted wonderful, wet with hot teen jism, hard and warm and smooth. He sucked it deeper, loving it.

It took them a few minutes to figure out what went where, but soon the two naked teens were doing a perfect sixty-nine, each with his cock in the other's mouth, each sucking his buddy greedily, eager to taste his hot cum, eager to pump a load of his hot teen cum into his mouth. And by the time the two sexy teen muscle-boys had worn each other out, Kenny had set a new record - he'd cum six times in one day.


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