Let's Milk Mikey!

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By the time I was twelve, I had figured out that I was queer. When I visited the corner drug store, I snuck looks at the naked men in the gay porn mags. I didn't dare try to buy one so close to home, I was sure the clerk would know right away that a wimpy little geek like me was a faggot, and tell everyone.

But on trips with my family I had managed to get away on my own and buy some of those gay mags. I had hidden them behind some books on the shelves above my desk where I could pull them out and look at them when I was alone, and late at night I took them to bed with me, and looked at the photos of nearly naked muscle-boys and jerked off.

I hadn't been able to get the hard-core stuff, the models in my mags weren't completely naked, but some had obvious erections, which their posing pouches did more to enhance than to conceal. I would beat off into my discarded underpants as I looked at the pictures, and imagine I looked like that, and I was there with that model, naked, touching him, pulling that pouch down to reveal its contents, touching his sex gently while he touched mine, feeling his muscles, pressing my body against his, holding him tightly as my cock spurted big wads of hot teen jism.

If I was in a hurry, I just pushed my PJs down and used my hands, one on my cock, the other on my balls, stroke it hard and fast, blast a load of cum and turn over and go to sleep. But if my need was less urgent, I got completely naked, and wadded up my pillow and put a plastic bag over my throbbing hard dick, and by adjusting the pillow until it was just right I could lie on my stomach and fuck the pillow.

It took a while to get everything just the way I liked it, and I had to be patient until enough fuck-juice had oozed from the tip of my cock to lubricate the plastic bag, but once I got everything in place that was awesome, with the wadded up pillow digging into my belly, and the pressure on my cock just right, moving my hips slowly to maximize the friction on my cock, spreading my legs slowly wider and wider, pointing my toes, lifting my ass, spreading my legs still wider, starting to feel the sheet on top of me rubbing into my ass-crack, rubbing against my asshole, my heart pounding, my breath hard and fast, looking at the picture of some muscle-boy, imagining it was him I was fucking, driving my cock into him harder, and harder, every inch of my body now tingling with arousal, everything erotic, trying to spread my legs wider still, arching my back, aching with need now, but taking it slow, drawing it out, fucking the sexy stud in the picture, he was begging me to do it harder, holding off until my whole body was alive with sex and need, fucking him, the slightest movement now sending waves of pleasure into my cock and balls, panting, moaning, unable to hold back any more, fucking him, cumming, cumming, cumming.

At school I would sneak looks at other guys - in the john with their cocks out at the urinal, pissing and then shaking off the last drops, sometimes stroking it a couple of times before stuffing it back in their levis, glancing around to make sure no one saw them - or in the gym, naked in the locker room, feeling themselves up as they stood naked talking to each other, groping their crotches, getting themselves half- hard - in the showers, totally naked, totally hard, rubbing one out as they stood alone under the hot spray.

There was one guy especially, a football player named Matt, who had the handsomest face and the most beautiful body I had ever seen - he looked like a poster boy for the Marines, with dark hair shaved close to his round smooth skull, a blunt nose and full sensual lips, a short thick neck, big hard muscles and a big cock that always looked half-hard, long and thick, swinging between his legs as he walked. He had smiled at me once in the locker room, and I had fallen in love.

I would try to time my shower to coincide with Matt's, position myself where I could see him, and try not to be too obvious as I watched while he soaped himself up slowly, obviously enjoying his own body, feeling his own muscles, rubbing and squeezing his big hard pecs, digging his fingers into his hard rippling abs, touching himself lovingly in all those intimate places that I wanted to touch, under his arms, down his sides, his thighs, his ass, digging his fingers into his crack and rubbing there as his cock got longer and thicker, and he soaped it up too, and almost jerked off there in the shower as I watched, until one of his team mates would call out "Save it for your girlfriend, Matt!" and he would reluctantly stop playing with himself. Several times I thought he had looked at me while he was playing with his cock, as though daring me to act on my desires. He was the inspiration for a lot of my hot teen cum blasted urgently into those shorts and plastic bags at night.

When any of the naked locker room jocks caught me looking I was terrified, afraid he knew, afraid he would beat me up, humiliate me. I turned away in terror, hurried to get away. I was the only queer in the world.

At Thanksgiving the year I was fifteen, my big brother Nick brought his college roommate home to share the holiday with us. Nick was eighteen, and I idolized him. He was an awesome stud - tall, blond like me, muscular, handsome, star quarterback of the Freshman football team - but he was my brother, and I had never looked at him the way I did other guys.

My brother's roommate Toby was a different story. He was short, about five eight, with short dark hair that clung to his hair like a cap, and curled into little ringlets around the edges. He had a turned up nose, and sexy pouty lips, and sparkling brown eyes that always seemed to be laughing when he looked at me. He was a gymnast, State champion on the parallel bars, and he just oozed sexy masculine energy. But at the same time he had this cute, cuddly, vulnerable look and manner. While my brother Nick was all hard and gruff and macho, Toby seemed gentle and caring. I was in love with him at once.

When they arrived, I ran to meet them at the door, not knowing what to expect, but eager to see my big brother, my idol. I had just finished working out with my weights, and was all pumped up, wearing just my gym shorts. I was embarrassed at first, feeling like a skinny kid, weak and puny next to the two super-jock college boys. I wished I had put on a shirt, so my upper body wasn't so exposed.

The two of them were wearing tight jeans and skin-tight school tee- shirts. Nick grabbed me and hugged me, and my cock throbbed. He looked so incredibly sexy. It had been several months since I had seen him, and he had changed - it was like I was seeing him for the first time, he wasn't my brother, he was this super-hot muscle guy. My bare skin against his was erotic, electrifying.

Nick released me and held me at arm's length, looking at me.

"Dude!" he exclaimed, grinning. "You've grown up!" He reached out and felt my arms and pecs. "You've put on some muscle, little bro! Come on, flex for me."

It was true, I had been working out, trying to bulk up like my big brother, but to me it seemed like nothing was happening. I glowed as he praised me, flexing as he squeezed my biceps appreciatively.

"Not bad," he told me, his eyes sparkling.

Toby joined in, squeezing and rubbing my arms and pecs and abs. He nudged Nick aside and pulled me towards him as he poked my bare abs lightly with his fist, grinning at me.

"Dude," he exclaimed. "Your brother's fucking hot! He looks just like you!"

His face was just inches from mine, and he was licking his big pouty lips, which glistened invitingly. I could have leaned forward just a little and kissed him. I wanted to. His hand trailed down my bare abs and slid inside the waistband of my shorts just a little, the backs of his fingernails digging into the spot where my pubic hair began, probing, teasing.

I gasped, feeling my cock start to swell. I didn't want to show a boner with Nick and Toby looking at me!

Then Toby reached down and groped me, pressing his hand against my boner and squeezing.

"I think he's hung like you too!"

Toby was from the South, and had a cute sexy drawl to his voice.

I glowed and cringed, simultaneously delirious with excitement and miserable with humiliation as my brother's sexy roommate felt me up. I was dizzy with arousal and confusion, this was all too unexpected, too much like a wet-dream fantasy.

I felt my hard cock throb in my briefs as Toby groped it, hot sticky fuck juice oozing from the tip.

And what did he mean, "He's hung like you"? Had he felt my brother's cock the way he was feeling mine? Did they play grab-ass with each other the way I had seen some of the wrestlers do it in the locker room at school? Two naked studs squared off against each other, no holds barred, go for the other guys crotch, and if you can grab his balls and make him say uncle, he has to do whatever you say.

I wanted to grope Toby back, feel his hard cock, squeeze his balls, make him my slave.

Nick pulled me away from Toby and grabbed his new buddy.

"Hands off, you homo!" Nick said, laughing. "My little bro is off limits to queers like you!"

I was shocked, stunned, amazed. Nick was calling his friend a queer!

"Faggot!" Toby fired back, laughing, like he didn't care.

They grappled, mock-wrestling, then hugged, then stunned me by almost kissing! They stuck out their tongues and wiggled them at each other, and nearly touched them to each other, their eyes closed, their tongues extended, their faces contorted with glee. Their hard-muscled pecs were pressed together, as were their crotches. Each had his arms wrapped around the other, with both hands on the other's ass, rubbing and squeezing it suggestively. They separated, and then Nick turned and bent over and offered his ass, and Toby slapped it hard. Then Toby turned, offering his own butt to be slapped by Nick. They laughed and high- fived, bumping their hard-muscled chests together. Some weird college game they had picked up, I thought, reaching down to adjust my boner as it swelled still harder.

I pictured them really kissing, and my cock throbbed. Glancing down at their crotches, I saw that both had erections, their hard cocks clearly visible through the tight stretchy fabric of their jeans. Both looked huge.

Friday afternoon our folks left. It was their anniversary, so they had booked a room at a resort, and would be away all weekend, leaving the three of us alone until Sunday night.

After pizza and beer - Nick let me have some beer if I promised not to tell, so I got high for the first time in my life - the three of us ended up on the couch together, watching TV, with me in the middle. I felt warm and happy. Toby had been very affectionate towards me from the first, and after a while he put his arm around my shoulder, and mussed up my hair with his hand, and called me "little buddy." He told me I was cute, and I flushed with embarrassment. All the older girls at school called me cute, and it always made me mad, but when Toby did it I liked it.

I guess I was cute, with a mop of long curly blond hair that fell in my face and over my neck in back, and blue eyes, with long dark eye lashes that made me look sleepy and seductive even when I was trying to be serious. I already had the perfect body proportions that run in our family, and was getting some real muscles, but I was still short, and soft and boyish, and hated it.

Toby said he wished he had a younger brother like me, and hugged me close, and I got all dizzy and hot. My nose was buried in his chest, he smelled exotic and sexy, a mixture of soap and sweat and his own musky male essence. He was stroking my head, and when I started rubbing his abs through his tee shirt he pulled his shirt up and guided my hand to his bare abs and let me keep it there and I cuddled up against him and rubbed his smooth soft skin as the TV blared someplace far away. I tried sliding my hand lower, but stopped at the waistband of his briefs, afraid to go further. Instead I moved my hand farther up, sliding it farther inside his tight tee-shirt, feeling his pecs. He made soft encouraging sounds, and hugged me even closer. As I touched his pecs and abs, he flexed them for me, making them hard, seeming to know how much that turned me on. My cock was totally hard, and oozing again. My elbow was rubbing his crotch, and I could feel that he had an erection too. I think if we had kept that up, me feeling his bare muscles, him hugging me, both of us breathing hard, I'd have popped my nuts, I was so totally turned on by Toby.

But then Nick told me to leave Toby alone, and he started tickling me, so I struggled to get away, but then Toby grabbed me and held me while Nick tickled me, and then Nick held me while Toby tickled me too, they had me pinned on the couch between them, their hands inside my shirt tickling me in the sides, and I struggled and begged them to stop, but they kept it up. I was embarrassed and humiliated, but at the same time incredibly aroused. Nick was touching me places he never had before, intimate places, and Toby was going even further, it was like he enjoyed feeling my muscles, wanted to touch them as much as I wanted to touch his. And he kept groping my boner, squeezing and rubbing it through my pants.

Then Nick said "Let's get him naked," and I shrieked with mock terror as the two of them started to take my clothes off.

I was wearing a tee shirt and gym pants and briefs. First Toby held me while Nick stripped my tee-shirt off, then Nick held me while Toby pulled my gym pants down. I liked having Nick expose my upper body, it felt sexy to have it revealed while they both still had their shirts on. I kicked and fought, but not too hard. I was loving the way they were feeling me up, and the fantasy that they were about to use me to satisfy their hot jock-teen lust. They took their time, tickling me when my struggles got too violent. Nick rubbed his hands all over my pecs and abs, watching my face, seeming to enjoy my reaction. When he had my shirt off, he turned me over his knee and slapped my ass, spanking me just hard enough that it stung a little, but turned me on even more.

"Bad boy!" he said as he slapped my ass. "Bad Mikey!"

Toby joined in, and they both slapped my ass as I shrieked and struggled, pretending I hated it.

Then they swapped places, Nick holding me so his buddy could finish the job of stripping me naked.

First Toby got his fill of my hot teen muscles, though, he rubbed and stroked and fondled my bare flesh, and groped my erection through my gym pants, rubbing and cupping and squeezing it.

"Dude, your little bro is hot," he drawled as he felt me up. "And I think he's got a boner."

Nick reached down and groped my boner too.

"Hey, you're right," he exclaimed, as though he hadn't already felt it himself when he was taking my shirt off. "I think my little bro likes this shit. He must be a homo like you. Go ahead, take his pants off, let's see what the little fucker's got."

But then when Toby pulled my gym pants down, and all I had on was my briefs, I got freaked out. It was the idea of being naked with a hardon with the two of them, I guess, so I struggled and protested. Nick clapped his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries. Toby groped me, and I knew he was about to free my cock and I would be exposed as a queer, so I struggled even harder. Nick was holding me tight, though, and there was no way I could escape.

"He's definitely thrown a rod, man," Toby drawled as he squeezed my boner. His fingers grabbed the waistband of my briefs, about to pull them down and expose me completely. He was watching my face, obviously enjoying my reaction. Suddenly I was terrified. Nick had me pinned helpless, gagged, while his buddy was about to expose my hard cock,

I struggled even harder, desperate, and started to cry, and that got them to let me free. I stumbled to my feet, wailing, all but naked, and grabbed my clothes and ran to my bedroom and flopped on my bed and sobbed. I felt awful, like they had betrayed me.

As I ran out I saw the two of them wrestling on the couch, tickling each other, laughing and shouting. They had already forgotten about me. It looked like they were groping each other's crotches, and I wanted to stay and join that game, but I was too embarrassed.

I was still lying on my bed sniffling, feeling sorry for myself, when I heard Nick call out "Hey, Mikey, come here, we need you."

I tried to ignore him, pulling my pillow over my head to block the sound of his voice, but then Toby called out too -

"Come on, little buddy, help us out!"

I got up and put my clothes back on and shuffled into my brother's room, pouting and resentful, and found the two of them shirtless, drinking beer and comparing their muscles in front of the full-length mirror. They were doing body-builder poses like the studs in those magazines I had, flexing their arms to make their biceps swell and harden like baseballs, and making weird faces as they flexed their pecs and tightened their abs.

My resentment and tears forgotten, I stood open-mouthed and stared. They both had awesome builds, but at first all I could see was Toby. I hadn't had time to imagine what the sexy gymnast would look like with his clothes off. He was perfect. He looked like he'd jumped right off the pages of those magazines I had hidden in my room, big muscles and a goofy sexy grin as he posed for me suggestively, like he knew the effect it was having on me. Or was I just imagining that he was trying to turn me on?

He kept turning away and bending over and pulling his pants down in back to reveal his sexy bubble-butt, and when he did that, my brother Nick would slap his bare ass hard.

"What?!" I demanded, pretending I was irritated at being interrupted in my sulking. My heart was in my throat, my cock was throbbing.

Even Nick was starting to look sexy, and seemed to be trying to get me aroused with his poses and grins. He copied Toby's example and showed me his ass, and I licked my lips with hunger as Toby slapped it. It was like they were daring me to reveal my secret desires, like they knew what I was feeling.

"Measure our muscles for us," Nick said. "And tell us who's got the better build. I've seen those magazines you've got hidden, so I know you like muscles. I'm better, aren't I?"

My stomach flip-flopped as Nick revealed that he knew my secret. Did he know I was queer? I felt myself flush bright red as I looked at my new love, Toby, who was posing for me and smiling, and I wanted to melt into the floor and disappear. They were making fun of me, that was it. This was a game to humiliate me. In a minute they would start calling me names.

"Go to hell," I muttered, and turned to walk out.

Toby caught me by the arm and turned me back around. He took my hand and put it on his bicep as he flexed for me. He was standing so close I could feel his breath on my neck, which suddenly felt like it was on fire. I let my hand rest on his arm as he tensed the muscles for me. I was having trouble breathing, this was too much like one of my fantasies.

"Come on, little buddy," he said softly, picking up his beer and putting it into my hand. "Don't be mad, I'm sorry I tickled you, I didn't mean to upset you."

He moved my hand to his pecs, and then his abs. His muscles were like steel covered in silk, smooth and soft but hard underneath, and alive, warm and throbbing with heat and potent male energy.

I took a big swig of the beer I was holding, then set it down, as Toby put one hand on my ass and pulled me towards him. "My build is better, isn't it?" he murmured into my ear, rubbing his body against mine. I could have stuck my tongue out and licked his bare shoulder. My cock was throbbing hard, aching with need. I felt sweat trickling from my armpits, running down my sides. I inhaled, and smelled my sweat, and Toby's musky scent, and his hot sweet breath.

Nick grabbed my hand and put it on his pecs, pulling me away from his sexy muscle-boy roommate, pulling me towards him, rubbing against me.

"Don't listen to that homo," he said. "My build is much better, isn't it?" He took my other hand and put it on his abs and wiggled his body suggestively, both of his bare arms draped over my shoulders. He was almost embracing me. Our faces were just inches apart, his eyes were half-closed, his mouth half-open. I wanted to kiss him, kiss my big brother Nick right on the mouth as I felt his awesome teen muscles, but then Toby separated us and posed for me again.

I didn't care if they were making fun of me, if I got to feel them up this way, so I grumbled "OK" and let them tell me what to do.

They had me measure them to see who had the bigger muscles. I measured them all over, and got to feel their bodies while I did it. They were urging me on, obviously enjoying the attention to their hard teen bodies. They kept offering me their beers to take long swigs from. I don't think I could have done it, if I hadn't been high from the beer I'd drunk, but with my inhibitions lowered, my libido took over. I didn't care if they knew I was queer, I was too turned on by their muscles.

Even my brother Nick was starting to look very sexy to me. His muscles were incredible, and he was being really sexy and gentle to me, whispering encouragement to me as I fondled his bare flesh.

"Yeah, that's the way, little bro, feels good, keep that up," he told me as I rubbed his naked abs. He was holding my hand against his body, pushing it slowly lower, as though he wanted me to feel his sex too.

"Yeah, you dig my muscles, don't you? That's OK, feel me up, I like it."

I rubbed and fondled their naked muscles as I used the tape to get all their measurements. They told me they had been measuring each other regularly, to keep track of their progress. I imagined the two of them naked, measuring each other, and my crotch throbbed. I wrote all the numbers down carefully on a chart they had been keeping. I saw that it had places for other measurements below the waist, but didn't dare ask about those.

But I didn't need to. After a few minutes Nick said "Now do our legs," and they both stripped to their briefs. I was gasping for breath as the two teen muscle-boys unbuckled their belts and opened their flies and peeled their tight levis off as I watched. And once their pants were off I could see from the bulges in their shorts that both were getting turned on, but I tried not to look. I was already turned on myself, and afraid they would notice, and know why. I thought at first they were going to take off their tightey-whiteys and pose for me totally naked, but they didn't, not then.

First they flexed and posed some more and had me kneel and measure their thighs and calves.

I was shy at first about feeling them the way I wanted to, but when I rubbed and squeezed Toby's massive thighs, he told me it felt good, do it more, so after a couple of minutes I gave in to my hunger for jock stud muscles and rubbed and felt them both all over.

It was weird at first doing it to Nick, but he encouraged me, talking to me real affectionately, like he used to when we were younger, and soon I was finding him sexy too. His thighs were even bigger than Toby's, big and solid and hard, and when I let my thumbs rub against his balls and slide inside to poke the swollen base of his cock behind them as I measured, he didn't stop me, he urged me on.

"Oh yeah, little bro, that feels good, keep it up."

He caressed my head as I knelt at his feet, and I imagined what it would be like to pull his briefs down, free his cock, and suck on it, suck my brother's cock while he held my head and shoved it deep into my throat, fucking my face. When I stood he poked me in the belly and smiled softly, and held me close to his all but naked body. He held his bottle of beer to my open mouth and poured a huge swallow into me. My inhibitions melted away, Nick wasn't my big brother, he was a sexy naked guy letting me feel his body the way I had dreamed about.

My arousal took over, and I felt both of them as much as I dared, especially Toby, getting as close as I could to his crotch too, kneeling in front of the awesome jock, looking up to watch his face as I measured his muscular calves and thighs, sliding my thumbs inside the leg-holes of his briefs under his balls and probing gently at the base of his erection there. I pictured him too pushing his briefs down to free his erection, offering it to me, letting me lick it and suck it, then holding my head to shove it deep into my throat as he pumped his hot teen jism into me. My mouth opened and I breathed on his crotch, lost in my fantasy. I wakened, shocked at my filthy thoughts, and looked up. Toby grinned and winked, and I pulled my hand away, afraid he was onto me.

Then as I stood and rubbed Toby's abs, he grinned and flexed for me. He looked like a boxer, and I had the impulse to tap his bare stomach with my fist, like I was punching it. I did it once, not very hard, but he grunted. He tightened his abs harder and said "Yeah, that's good, Mikey, punch me hard, I can take it."

I balled my fist tighter, and hit him a little harder. He grunted sexily again, staring at me, a strange hunger in his dark eyes.

"Don't hold back," he said, "do it harder, it feels good."

Slowly I hit him harder and harder, as he tensed his abs.

"Yeah, that's it, harder," he grunted. "Harder!" He had his eyes squeezed tightly shut now, and his mouth was half open, a look of drunken ecstasy contorted his boyish face. He grimaced with pleasure each time my fist connected with his bare flesh.

Then Nick wanted me to do that to him, and it became a contest, they wanted to see who could take more of it, so they had me punch them in their pecs and abs as hard as I could. Each of them would flex for me, tensing his muscles to make them as hard as he could, and I would hit him.

"Yeah do that buddy, hit my pecs like that, yeah!"

"Go ahead, punch me in the abs, I can take it."

I started out with soft punches, not wanting to hurt either of the naked teen jocks, but they kept telling me "Hit me harder, really give it to me!"

I spent a couple of minutes just giving them both real hard punches right in their bellies, and they grunted and told me to do it even harder.

They both looked so totally awesome, muscles tensed, sweat glistening on their almost naked bodies as I hit them as hard as I could. Their muscles had red welts where my fist hit them now, but they didn't stop me.

My cock was rock hard and oozing in my pants, and theirs were too, I could see their boners sticking out, and both had big wet stains on their briefs from all the cock juice oozing out. The smell of teen testosterone and sweat and hot cock juice was overpowering, we were all three drunk with it, and with beer, the two of them kept drinking it, and pouring it into me, we were all out of control, lost in our game of muscles and machismo.

I soon found I could use this game as a way of feeling them up even more. I would wrap one arm around one of them to steady him, then punch him, then hold my fist there, rubbing it around, one hand in the middle of his hard muscular back, the other against his rock hard abs, my shoulder braced against his chest, pushing as hard as I could, panting with arousal, loving the feel of his rock hard muscles, his smooth slippery skin, wet with perspiration, his hard breath on my neck as he hardened his abs and braced for my punches. I would let my fist slide lower, over his navel, digging in there, hearing him gasp, then lower, lower, to his crotch, where I would let my hand grope him through his briefs quickly, as if accidentally, thrilled by the feeling of another guy's hard cock for the first time.

It wasn't my brother Nick any more, it was a sexy stud from one of my magazines, and Toby was his sexy workout buddy. We had stepped into my ultimate sex fantasy, I had interrupted the two muscle-boys when they were about to go all the way. I got bolder, and punched and caressed their pecs and arms, telling them both how awesome their muscles looked, and they urged me on at that too.

"Yeah, little bro, that feels good, keep that up," Nick told me as I rubbed my hands all over his almost naked body.

"Me, too," Toby said, pressing his sweat-drenched muscles against me, guiding my hand to his pecs and abs - and lower, so it was pressing against his boner. He held my hand there, and I let my fingers close, finally giving in the desperate need that was overwhelming my self- control. I felt his hard cock, grasped it through his tight skimpy briefs. And he let me.

"That's it, little buddy," the super-jock murmured into my ear. "Give it to me. Make me beg for it."

I gasped with arousal, my cock threatening to explode. I pulled away. My brother's muscle-boy friend was smiling at me, licking his sexy lips, panting, his eyes half-closed. I felt confused and frightened again, like I had on the couch earlier. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run away.

Toby seemed to sense my panic, he eased off, held me, stroking my body, and my fear eased.

As our game of sexual teasing escalated, Toby and Nick folded the tops of their briefs down as far as they could and pulled the leg holes up to bare their glutes, so it was like they were wearing just posing straps, like the models I looked at in my mags. They were all but naked now, their asses bare, their hard cocks bulging in their tiny posing straps. I had lost all sense of time or reality, this was a total jerk-off fantasy, if I had stopped to think about it I would have run to my room and hidden, but I was beyond rational action, I wanted only to see more of the two studs, more muscles, more, more, more...

They flexed and posed, and then as they took each other's arms and posed together I blurted out "Wrestle for me," and they both said "Yeah!" and mock-wrestled for me, almost naked, while I watched.

They grappled sexily standing, rubbing their naked bodies together, muscles hard, flexed, faces screwed up with exertion. Then slowly their crotches rubbed together, and they didn't pull away from each other, they pressed their hard cocks together through their briefs, and I could tell they both liked it, their faces got all red and their eyes shut, and they clutched each other tight and ground their hard cocks together. And they held that pose, faces buried in each other's necks, naked bodies pressed together. I saw Nick's tongue reach out and lick his roommate's bare neck. His hand was on his buddy's bare ass, and his fingers were probing into his crack.

Then Nick turned Toby away from him and got behind his buddy and reached one arm around to feel his hard pecs while he pulled Toby's arm behind him with the other and pressed his bulging crotch against his buddy's bare ass. It looked like the prelude to an ass-fucking, Nick was about to make Toby submit to having a huge hard cock shoved up his ass. Toby had his head bent, his eyes closed, as though in submission. Both of them seemed to have every muscle in their bodies tensed, flexed and hard, awesome with power and male energy and male sexuality. They really put on a show, it was as though they knew how it was affecting me.

It was incredibly erotic, and I stared hungrily, wishing it was I dominating the awesome naked gymnast. I could see there was more than just friendship between my big brother and his friend, the way they looked at each other, the way they touched each other. Was my big brother a queer like me? Was Toby queer too?

I was wishing they were totally nude, when Nick released his buddy from the wrestling hold and stepped back.

"Fuck this shit," he said. "Let's get naked."

Toby turned, grinning. "Yeah! I'm ready, man. Show me what you've got!"

Nick did it first, stepping away from a crotch-throbber grapple with Toby and stripping his briefs off and tossing them aside. His hard dick stood straight out, big and hard and wet. He reached down with one hand and grabbed his heavy-hanging balls and tugged on them, stretching their sac. His cock seemed to get longer and thicker as he did that, and he closed his eyes and sighed, obviously loving the sensation. He grabbed his boner and stroked it a couple of time, pulling the foreskin back to reveal its head. A big drop of cock juice oozed from the tip and slowly dripped to the floor. He pulled harder on his nut-sac and another big drop of juice oozed from his cock. He caught that one on the fingers of his other hand, then lifted that hand to his mouth and licked it off, gazing sexily at Toby while he did it.

Nick was looking at Toby daringly, like he was saying "OK, buddy, your turn, show me what you've got!"

I looked at Toby, who echoed my big brother's motion, stripping his briefs off quickly and tossing them aside with Nick's. His dick was hard too, and looked different. It was pulled up flat against his belly, and it wasn't as long as Nick's, but it was darker and thicker, and it was circumcised, so the big swollen head was fully revealed, purplish and wet and sexy. Nick's balls hung low, while Toby's were pulled up tight against the base of his boner. And like the hair on his head and the sprinkling on his chest, the hair in Toby's crotch was dark. There was a sexy treasure trail of dark curly hairs starting at his navel and leading down to his groin, where it spread out and surrounded his erect fuck stick and balls.

I couldn't help myself, I groped myself as I stared openly at Toby's boner, and Toby reached down and grabbed it and waved it at me, stroking it slowly a couple of times. It was like he was offering it to me, saying I could touch it. He stroked it up and down a couple of times, and big drops of fuck juice oozed from the tip and got spread over the swollen crown. I pictured myself again kneeling in front of the sexy jock, licking his muscular legs, then his balls, then his cock. I gulped, my own cock oozing and pulsing as I rubbed it and watched. I could almost taste him.

Then Toby turned around and bent over a little and showed me his naked ass, lifting it and sticking it out to show it off. He was looking at me over his shoulder, grinning. His ass was beautiful. Muscular, hard, round, tempting. I wanted to get down on my knees and crawl to him and lick his ass all over. He reached behind with both hands to spread his ass cheeks and show me his hole. I gasped, thrilled and shocked by his action. It was at the same time incredibly sexy and incredibly dirty, and I loved it.

Then he spread his legs wide apart and bent over to show his ass even better. Being a gymnast he could do almost anything with his incredible body, and he practically did a splits, his muscular legs wide, extended totally straight. Then he made a big show of sucking one his fingers, sucking and licking it until it was wet, then rubbing it in his ass crack, using his other hand to pull his ass cheeks apart as he bent over farther, licking his fingers and rubbing them on his hole.

I held my breath - would he push a finger in? I had seen pictures of guys fucking other guys in the ass. Would Toby fuck his own ass with his fingers?

Then he did it. As Nick and I watched, breathless, the sexy naked gymnast shoved not just one, but two of his fingers deep inside his ass hole and held them there, his mouth wide open, gasping, his eyes shut tight, his cock still rock hard, obviously loving the sensation.

It made my balls churn with arousal, I wanted to shove my cock between his ass cheeks and rub it in there. It was like he was asking me to fuck him, an idea I had thought about when I looked at those magazines, what it would be like to fuck a guy in the ass. It frightened me, and aroused me. Toby would never let me do such a thing, he was such a total stud, he couldn't be a fag like me. I was ready to run again, terrified by my dark desires, my deep inner needs for sex with another guy.

But then Toby stood up again and turned back to face me and said "C'mon, Mikey, you need to get naked too." He stepped up to me and reached out and grabbed my tee shirt, starting to take it off. He grabbed the bottom, slipping his fingers inside, pulling it up, brushing my naked abs.

I backed away in fear and embarrassment, ashamed of my puny teen body next to theirs, afraid to have my secret desires revealed.

"No, please don't," I said, though I liked being so close to Toby when he was naked. His muscles were glistening with perspiration now, as were Nick's. Both of them were heated up from posing and flexing and wrestling. The sexy jock's cock stuck straight out towards me now, oozing cock juice. If I moved a little closer, Toby's erection would wet my tee shirt. I could reach out and grab it, stroke it, feel his hard male fuck-stick.

"No, please," I breathed.

The naked gymnast was much stronger than I, and dominated me easily, grabbing my wrists. My cock was throbbing and oozing in my pants as he pulled me closer, and I resisted. We grappled, and he pulled me still closer, until our bodies touched, my crotch was pressed into his leg, I ground my throbbing boner against him as his big hard cock rubbed my belly. He pulled me against him, wrapped his arms around me, grabbed my ass with both hands as he ground his naked crotch into my stomach.

"Come on, Nick, help me get your little brother naked," Toby grunted as we struggled.

"Yeah, you're right, man, he needs to be naked too," Nick said, as he moved behind me and held me while Toby stripped me. He slurred his words, I could tell he was really drunk. We all were, there was no way any of us would have done any of this sober, I was sure of that.

"Hey! Wait you guys. What are you doing? Cut it out!" I pretended to resist.

"Don't worry, Mikey, you're gonna like this," Toby said, grinning nastily as he stripped me. Nick had his arms wrapped around me, holding me, rubbing against my back as Toby pressed himself against me from the front. Both of them were groping my ass and crotch, feeling my boner. When I struggled, the two of them tickled me again, which rendered me helpless, and the combination of their tickling and grabbing my crotch had me delirious with arousal. I laughed so hard I cried, my body convulsed with pleasure as the two hard-dicked naked jocks took my clothes off.

"No, wait, please," I cried, loving every moment.

This time my tears didn't stop them. My hard cock told them what I wanted. I could feel both their erections against me, Toby's from the front, and Nick's from behind. My big brother was holding me against his naked body, and his huge hard cock was rubbing against my back.

I was gasping and dizzy, struggling and protesting - this was better than my sexiest fantasies, two hot naked jocks taking my clothes off. I had never been so close to another guy naked, and Toby was my wildest wet-dream fantasy come true. I struggled ineffectually, trying to make it look like I was resisting, but wanting desperately for them to keep it up.

I had no need to worry, they were determined to get me naked, drunk with their own arousal, and the way I had felt their muscles, intoxicated with lust. I was about to pay for getting them turned on the way I had.

Toby took his time about it, and felt me up good as he stripped me, and my brother Nick held me so I couldn't get away.

The naked jock took off my tee shirt first, rubbing and stroking my smooth boyish body. Nick forced my arms up over my head as Toby slowly pulled my tee shirt up.

"C'mon, little buddy, gonna git you nekkid," Toby drawled sexily, grinning at me as he bared my torso. I liked the way he called me "little buddy," it was affectionate and sexy, and I loved the way he grinned as he felt me up. It was dirty and vulgar in a way that excited me. And it was obvious Toby was turned on by my body. Once he had stripped my tee shirt off, he rubbed his hard cock against my belly and made sexy noises of pleasure as he felt me up. His cock was leaking heavily, and coated my belly with his hot sticky jizz.

"You sure are cute, Mikey," he said, touching my face gently as he pressed his naked body against mine. "You have a sexy body for a kid your age, too," he told me, squeezing my biceps and rubbing my pecs and abs. With Nick holding me, and me resisting, pretending I wanted them to stop, my muscles were flexed hard. I glowed at the sexy gymnast's praise. He licked my neck, then leaned down and licked my chest, sucking on my pecs.

Nick was rubbing my abs. I was soaring higher and higher, more aroused than I'd ever been.

I didn't want the two jock studs to know I was so turned on by their hard naked male bodies, so I struggled harder as Toby reached for my belt.

"No," I gasped, "please don't," whimpering, acting like I wanted to get away, but Nick held me tight.

"Stop, please stop," I moaned.

"Too late, little bro," Nick growled into my ear, "you've been asking for it, now you're going to get it."

I was a little afraid when he said that. Were they going to fuck me? My big brother had both arms wrapped around me, one hand on my pecs, the other on my bare abs, fondling my naked torso, and was rubbing his own bare hard cock against my back, and I could feel its wet hard throbbing need. He wanted to use it on me, he and Toby had drunk much more beer than I had, they were both really high, out of control, lost in their horny teen sex hunger, beyond caring who I was or what they did to satisfy their lust. Could I take it, getting fucked in the ass by their huge hard cocks? It looked like I had no choice.

Toby untied my gym pants, and they fell to my ankles. He pressed his bare pecs against mine, rubbing our naked bodies together. His breath was hot on my cheek. He stuck out his tongue and licked my face, like a lion marking its prey. I gasped and panted.

"Please," I whispered.

"Feels like you're packing a big rod," Toby said, rubbing my crotch through my briefs. I gasped and trembled - I'd never been touched that way by another guy, and here was Toby, whom I already idolized, feeling me up, and he was naked and his own dick was hard too, he was as turned on as I was, and he was groping my boner through my shorts, and about to pull them down, about to get me totally naked.

"No," I gasped, "don't."

Toby knelt in front of me and pulled my briefs down slowly, and my hard cock sprang out, almost hitting the naked gymnast in the face. He jerked back, laughing. "Shit, man," he exclaimed, "the little fucker's really hung!"

I had noticed by then that my cock was bigger than most guys' - both longer and thicker. I got a lot of envious glances in the locker rooms and showers - guys who wouldn't give me a second look when I had my clothes on stared openly at my endowment when I revealed it. But I hadn't caught on yet how big I really was.

Toby wrapped his fist around my cock and squeezed it. My balls throbbed and big drops of cock juice oozed from my piss-slit, dripping down onto Toby's wrist. The sexy muscle boy stuck out his tongue as though he was about to lick my cock, and my balls churned harder. More fuck juice flowed out and he rubbed it around on the head, pushing my arousal still higher. His eyes were on my face, watching my reaction.

"Man, I think he's even bigger than you," Toby exclaimed as he worked my cock. "Guess I should start calling you Big Guy," he drawled, grinning up at me.

It was true, I looked in the mirror as Nick stepped back from me to reveal his erection, and I could see both my own cock and Nick's, and that my cock was bigger than my brother's. Nick reached around me and grabbed my boner and felt it.

"Fuck, I think you're right," he said.

He stroked my erection a few times, enjoying the feeling of another fuck stick so much like his own, its size, its hardness - his little brother's big cock. He pulled me against his naked body again, and I melted against his hard-muscled maleness, drunk with arousal, ready to submit to his and Toby's naked lust, ready for anything.

"Way to go, little bro," Nick growled into my ear. I was surprised by his admiration.

I was all but naked then, my gym pants at my ankles, my briefs at my knees. Toby stood, and the two of them sandwiched me between them, Toby bending his knees so his hard cock would slide between my legs from in front, Nick rubbing his erection against my naked back, sliding up and down in my ass crack, my throbbing boner pressed against Toby's naked belly, my balls churning as Nick stroked me. I was in heaven. My big brother was working my dick with his hand as his sexy college roommate felt me up.

We were all naked, hard-dicked, three horny teen studs. I loved the feeling of Toby's hard pecs against mine, his hard cock poking my balls over and over as he worked his hips to slide it between my legs.

"Let's milk the sexy little fucker," Toby said, moving away from me far enough to add his hand to my brother's on my big hard dick, then pressing his naked body against mine again. He sounded drunk, his speech slurred, his eyes glassy. He was drunk with sex.

"Yeah!" Nick responded, his hand tightening on my erection as Toby's joined it. "Let's milk Mikey!"

I was sandwiched between the two sexy muscle-boys, all three of us naked and hard-dicked and horny. The two of them played with my sex, squeezed my balls, stroked my big hard teen cock as they ground their naked bodies against me. Toby was licking and kissing my neck and head and shoulders. The two naked teen studs even kissed each other for a while, lost in arousal and hot male lust.

I had no idea what Toby meant. How could they "milk" me?

It turned out the two college studs were part of a game in their dorm where they would break in on some guy who was sleeping or studying, and strip him naked and make him cum.

They called it "milking the bull."

A gang of them would break in on their victim, and then two or three of them would hold their helpless captive down on his bed and muffle his protests while two or three more took his clothes off, then one of them would play with his cock to get him hard, and stroke his erection until he shot his load all over himself, then they'd all pull out their own boners and stroke themselves up and cum all over him and laugh and leave him there on his bed naked and covered with fresh teen fuck juice.

Any guy who didn't lock his door was fair game. Their floor monitor, a senior football player, thought it was great fun, and joined in as often as not, sometimes even using his pass key to let the sexual marauders into a locked room, so there was no way a victim could prevent the assault.

It had started the first night of the term, when they were all drinking beer with Aaron, the farm boy across the hall from my brother and Toby. It was a warm night, and the dorm wasn't air conditioned, so most of them had stripped to their briefs, eight horny jocks sitting around drinking and admiring each other's hot male bodies, posing for each other, checking to see who had the biggest muscles, and the biggest bulge.

They had started talking about sex, and Aaron told his new dorm mates about his dad milking their bull to get semen to impregnate the cows. He described the bull's huge erect male sex organ, and the way his dad stroked it until huge quantities of semen erupted, and the bull made deep moaning grunts of pleasure. He demonstrated with his hands, working a huge bull cock in the air, shaping its enormous length and girth so they could almost see it, see the fountain of hot steamy cum, smell the male hormones filling the air as eight sex-crazed jocks drank and joked and got hornier and hornier.

Then when Aaron saw the effect his story was having on his new friends, he revealed that his three older brothers had done it to him a couple of times, caught him in the barn doing his chores and dragged him to the hay loft, stripped him naked and held him down, played with his erection and made him cum for their amusement. He tried to make it sound like he was embarrassed about it, like he hadn't really liked it, but Nick thought Aaron had liked it a lot, and he suspected there was more to the story. He saw the way Aaron's cock was tenting his briefs, the way the boy was feeling himself up as he described the scene, the way he was licking his lips, breathing harder, flexing and posing suggestively, rubbing his boner.

Maybe Aaron wanted someone else to do it to him. Maybe the horny farm boy liked being dominated, liked being made to cum by a gang of sexy studs.

So all these horny college jocks were sitting around half-naked in the Aaron's dorm room, and they were all drinking, and when the farm boy told them his story, Nick suggested they should do it to Aaron right there, milk the sexy stud like his brothers had.

Aaron acted like he didn't want it, he backed away as if trying to escape, but the boner showing in his briefs gave him away, and there was no way he could resist the seven horny muscle-boys. One of them closed and locked the door, and they all jumped on their prey, and it didn't take much effort to get him naked, all he had on at that point was his briefs. Once those came off, in a flurry of naked arms and legs and torsos, it turned out the boy had a huge dick, which was why his brothers had milked him, he had the biggest dick of the four of them, and they envied his equipment.

And once the seven college jocks saw Aaron's enormous cock, they all envied it too, they all had to feel it, and they all took turns stroking it and got turned on by the sight of such a huge beautiful piece of man meat.

Aaron was still struggling, pretending he didn't like what was happening, and it took three of them to subdue him and muffle his cries of mock protest, hold him down on his back and spread his legs wide to open his crotch, while the other four groped his balls and stroked his huge erect pole. They took turns, each eager to be the one who could make Aaron pop his nuts first.

It didn't take long before the naked stud shot a huge load, his cum spurting all over himself and his captors, which turned them all on even more, and that's where the part about everyone jerking off and shooting cum on their victim came from.

Because as soon as the sexy big-dicked farm stud had popped his nuts, the rest of them had to do it too, they were all right on the edge by then.

Nick was first, he couldn't help himself, he had already pushed his own briefs down just far enough to free his big hard cock, hooking the waistband under his nuts, and was stroking himself with one hand as he squeezed Aaron's huge nut sac with the other, and the sight of Aaron's giant fuck stick erupting in geysers of cum pushed Nick over the top, he arched his back and threw his head back and shut his eyes, shoving his hips forward as his own cock erupted and his balls pumped out a giant load of cum on Aaron's darkly tanned pecs and abs.

And when they saw that, the rest of the horny teen jocks blasted their loads too. Soon they were all covered in hot fresh teen cum, and that led to all of them wrestling and tussling on the bed and floor, groping each other, rubbing their naked bodies together, cumming over and over again, until they had exhausted their lust with each other.

That had started the game. Once they had done that to Aaron that first night, they had to do it to each other on the following nights, and then to other sexy studs in the dorm, until every boy in the dorm had been milked at least once. It was a mark of status, how many times a boy had been milked.

Aaron was the most popular target, the big-dicked farm boy was always at the center of the action, with other guys feeling him up and working his huge always-hard cock as he pumped out his cum all over their victim. So at least once a week it was he who was attacked in his room, stripped naked and stroked to a ball-busting orgasm.

Aaron was the bull, and none of them tired of feeling his huge fuck- stick, or seeing him cum.

It wasn't just his cock, Aaron had a cute Midwestern farm boy face, curly blond hair, and an awesome physique, with smooth skin tanned dark by the sun, except at his narrow hips, a pale strip defining the Speedo he had worn while sunning his awesome body. They all loved to look at his body, and the way he writhed and flexed as his arousal grew, then tensed achingly as his cock erupted, his eyes shut tight, his face contorted with delight.

And he asked for it, by walking around the halls naked, his huge dick half hard, his awesome muscles pumped and tempting. He would stand naked in Nick and Toby's doorway, talking, grinning, fondling his naked body, his erect cock, his heavy-hanging balls, his awesome pecs, taunting them with his sexy male essence, licking his lips, teasing, until they grabbed him and dragged him to the bed, overpowered him and used him for their pleasure. He wanted it, that was obvious.

Nick and Toby had been among the first of the other boys to be attacked and milked after that first time with Aaron, and had been milked together, both cumming at the same time, as their dorm mates held them down naked side by side and worked their big hard teen cocks, their naked bodies rubbing together. It had been the first week of the term, when Nick and Toby were still strangers to each other, and it had created a special bond between the two sexy jock studs.

They had showered together afterwards, helping each other to wash all the cum off their naked bodies, and then been so turned on by feeling each other's naked flesh that they had to beat their meat together again in the shower, grappling together, splashing each other with their cum again, even kissing, and that had been a ritual ever since, never discussed, but after they milked a guy they would go to the showers and jerk off together, hands all over each other's hot teen muscles as they stroked their erections to another even more intense orgasm, lost in worship of each other's hot teen stud bodies and cocks.

Now Nick and Toby had decided it was my turn to get milked.

So my brother held my wrists while his naked buddy Toby pulled my gym pants and briefs all the way off to get me completely naked, then the two of them dragged me across the room and forced me down on Nick's bed on my back and Nick knelt at my head to hold my wrists while Toby sat on my legs and milked my huge erect cock.

I squirmed and fought, because it felt good, and increased the contact between my naked body and my captors', and helped sustain the illusion that I didn't want them to do it.

My cock was ready to shoot the minute Toby wrapped his hand it, ready for him to stroke me hard and fast and make me cum.

But he wouldn't let me.

That's the point of "milking" a guy, they told me later. Make him wait for it. Make him want it. Make him beg.

Toby started by playing with my nuts, which were roiling in their bag, already desperate for release. He tugged and squeezed my nut-sac slowly until I was gasping. He knew just how to bear down, make it hurt a little so that when he let up, the rush of pleasure was overwhelming.

Then he started on my cock. Stroking it slowly, up and down. Rubbing the big purplish crown, working my foreskin on and off the ultra-sensitive knob it concealed.

"Shit, Mikey," he told me as he worked my fuck-stick. "Your cock is awesome, it's almost as big as Aaron's." I didn't know yet that night who Aaron was, but I felt proud that Toby liked my cock.

And my big brother urged him on.

"Yeah, buddy, give it to the little fucker, the little tease. Stroke that big dick, work those nuts, make it hurt, pay him back for getting us so hard. Toby's the best, little bro, he can make it last for hours, make you beg, then make you cum so hard you think you're dying. You're goin' to wish you hadn't gotten us so horny."

Nick sounded drunk, too, out of control. He had my arms pinned down with his legs now, and his hands were rubbing my naked body erotically, adding stimulation to Toby's efforts on my cock. His big hard dick was swinging around over me, drooling fuck ooze, which was dripping onto my face, coating me with hot teen sex. His balls were slapping my forehead, brushing my nose. At one point he leaned forward to kiss his muscle-stud roommate and he lowered his ass onto my face, rubbing his tight puckered hole onto my mouth. I inhaled, loving the stench of his hot musky taint.

Later I found out that the two studs not only joined in the milking expeditions in their dorm, they milked each other when they were alone together, having contests to see which of them could keep the other on the edge of orgasm longer, keep him hard and horny and ready to shoot, without pushing him too far and actually making him cum. Sometimes Aaron joined them, and two of them would gang up and torture the third, spending hours tickling and groping and fondling his hard-muscled naked body, keeping him hard, keeping him desperate, making him beg and moan.

Toby didn't spend hours torturing me, but it seemed like it. He stopped stroking my giant cock when he could tell I was getting close to orgasm, and moved back to my balls. That felt great at first, but after a while he had my nuts so sore they felt like they would explode, and I was desperate for him to touch my sex again.

Nick was right, the sexy muscle boy knew just how to do it. He would get me right to the edge of cumming, then stop and leave me frustrated. A couple of times he tickled me some more, until I was thrashing and sobbing with laughter and desperation. Then back to my cock, stroking and rubbing it. Then my balls again, squeezing and tugging.

At first I loved it, because it was Toby working my cock, working my balls, stroking my thighs, digging his thumbs into my abs, rubbing his fingers into my ass-crack and probing at my boy-hole, making me gasp and pant with need and fear.

How far would he go?

I looked up at his awesome physique, his naked muscles poised over me, his naked cock sticking out hard and demanding, every inch of his body totally exposed to my hungry gaze, available, tempting, teasing. I was still sure that he and Nick were going to fuck me, and the closer to orgasm he got me, the more I thought I wanted that, I wanted this ultimate jock stud any way I could get him, any way he wanted me. At one point he lifted my legs in the air to expose my naked ass completely, and then Nick held my legs like that while Toby actually rubbed his cock head in my crack, lubing it with the sticky juice dripping from his piss-slit. He rubbed it slowly back and forth, probing for my shit-hole, finding it, getting it wet and slippery, and I was gasping and protesting - "No, stop, not that, please!" - and just when I was sure he was going to shove his cock inside me and fuck my ass, he stopped, and Nick released my legs, and Toby went back to working my cock.

He would hold my huge erection with one hand, and lean over and stick out his tongue like he was going to lick me, get his mouth so close to my cock-head that I could feel his hot breath on the glistening wet crown. He would let his spit drool onto me, move his tongue around like he was coating my cock with his spit, but then pull his tongue in and grin at me. He would act like he was licking it up one side and down the other, like an ice cream cone, but never touch it. He would blow on it. He would open his mouth in an "O" and lean down like he was going to take my fuck-stick into his mouth and suck on it and he would get so close I could almost feel his lips, and I would try to shove my hips up to drive my erection into his mouth, and almost make it, but he always pulled back in time.

I really wanted to feel his mouth on my rock-hard boner, just the thought of those sexy lips wrapped around my big dick made me twice as horny.

Then he would force my legs apart and lick his fingers and rub them into my crack until he found my hole, and probe at it, get it wet with his spit until it was so slippery that he could push a finger inside a little, tease me, make me thrash and beg, afraid again that he was going to fuck me, not ready for that.

"No! Please!" I would beg.

He would remove his finger, but then a few minutes later, the finger again, pushing inside me, rubbing in and out, and by the third or fourth time my hole had relaxed and it started to feel good, especially since he was stroking my erection with his other hand. He shoved his finger deeper.

"Do you like that, little buddy?" he whispered, leaning down to put his mouth at my ear. "Want more?"

"No, please," I moaned, still afraid.

He licked and sucked my ear, driving me wild as he worked a second finger inside my asshole and I gasped with pleasure.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you? Just like your big brother. You want my cock in there, don't you?"

"No, please," I begged, and he stopped again.

Asshole, balls, cock. Probe, squeeze, stroke. In and out, harder and harder, up and down.

Eventually I couldn't take it any more. I started begging.

"OK, you guys, that's enough, I need to cum, let me cum."

But they wouldn't let me do it.

"Not yet, little buddy," Toby told me. "Not yet."

"Please, you guys, I'm sorry I was such a tease, you've got to let me cum, I can't take any more, please! I'm gonna die!"

But Toby knew just how to keep me on the edge.

Toby's eyes were on mine the whole time, and he was smiling and his eyes were sparkling. He did more than just work my cock, he reached out and stroked my body too. He leaned forward until his lips were inches from mine, his dark sexy eyes gazing into mine, his tongue pushing his lips apart, teasing me. I wanted to kiss him so much. Did he want to kiss me too, or was this all just a game to him, a way to dominate me?

He licked and sucked my pecs, biting and sucking my nipples until they felt raw, all he had to do was breathe on one and it felt like it was on fire.

And I really was feeling desperate to cum. My balls ached with pent-up cum, felt like they would explode if I didn't shoot soon. Toby kept pulling my foreskin back and rubbing my cock head, spitting on it and rubbing that around. At first it felt great, but after a while my cock- head was so sensitive that each time Toby rubbed his fingers over it a shock of unbearable ecstasy roared through my body, but then died as he squeezed it. I had to cum.

Near the end Toby leaned back and started stroking his own cock - it had been hard the whole time, and was leaking like crazy, its juice dripping down to coat my cock and balls and lubricate his hand as he stroked it up and down over my shaft, then pulled my foreskin away to expose the knob, then rubbed and squeezed that, then stroke, then rub, then squeeze - long, wet, slippery stroke and squeeze and fondle my big hard cock.

By that time Nick had moved so he was straddling my head, and I looked up to see his big hard dick right above my face, his balls bouncing up and down over me as stroked himself. I was about to get drenched with my brother's cum, and with Toby jerking me off, I didn't mind.

In fact it turned me on even more. Nick's big hard cock was all wet and glistening as he worked its foreskin back and forth, exposing then hiding the purplish knob of its head. I saw big drops of his cock juice oozing from the piss-hole and then getting swept up by his hand as he worked it back and forth.

I could have stuck out my tongue and licked Nick's balls, but I was afraid to reveal my real desires. I was horny for my own brother now, I wanted his sex, I wanted to suck his cock and lick his muscles and make him cum.

I looked back at Toby, who was leaning back now, his eyes shut as he stroked my cock and his own - he was about to cum, his face screwed up in ecstasy. He had forgotten his mission to milk me, his rhythm on my cock had gone all to hell, playing with my huge boner had driven him to the edge too, he had gotten himself so turned on he needed to cum more than he wanted to torture me.

I struggled even harder, and my brother moved, releasing my arms, so I shoved Toby's hand away from my crotch and used my own, grabbed my throbbing hard erection and stroked it desperately, eager to cum at the same time Toby did.

I almost made it, the sight of the sexy gymnast's face contorted with pleasure, his muscles taught, his body arched as he reached the peak, all drove me over the top too, I started cumming as soon as I saw his cock erupt, his jism shot out and hit me in the face, and I tasted my first boy-cum, stuck out my tongue to lick it up as my own cock blasted a huge load of cum too.

I heard Nick grunting and saw his cock swell and erupt as well, big ropes of his hot teen jism shooting out to hit his sexy naked muscle- buddy on the abs, then dribble down onto me, adding his cum to the big globs that now coated my naked teen body. The final spurts ran down his cock and dripped from his nuts onto my face, drooling into my open mouth.

As I swallowed all the cum in my mouth, and then licked the mixture of Toby's and Nick's fresh hot cum off my lips, I looked up and saw the naked gymnast watching me. He reached down and scooped up the mixture of cum from the pool on my belly, then lifted his hand to his mouth and licked up Nick's and my and his own fresh spooge. Then he did that again, filling his mouth with our mingled seed. My balls throbbed and my cock shot another big glob of jism at the sight, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Then I watched in awe as Toby leaned forward and kissed my big brother Nick on the lips, transferring the mouthful of cum to his buddy. First he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, and hot fresh spooge dripped from it as Nick stuck out his own tongue and licked the cum from his buddy's tongue and lips. Their tongues twined together, their lips touched, and they soul-kissed as I stared at them. Hot fresh cum dribbled from their lips and over their chins and down onto my face. When their lips parted, Toby looked down and saw me watching, then leaned down and planted his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and let his tongue enter me, shared the taste of hot man-milk filling his mouth and mine.

As we kissed, Toby lowered himself on top of me, pressing our naked bodies together - our naked, sweat and cum-drenched muscles rubbed against each other sensually, achingly. My dream was fulfilled, Toby had kissed me. My cock, which had started to wilt, throbbed to full arousal again.

Then Nick, not wanting to be left out, joined our kissing, and I soul- kissed both of them, the three of us traded spit and cum as we wrestled sexily on Nick's bed, and our hard cocks rubbed together, still oozing our sex juice, ready for more.

Eventually we rolled apart.

I was hoping the two muscle buddies would continue the game, torture me further, use my body to satisfy their lusts in other ways, introduce me to other sex games from their college adventures. I even thought I was ready to get fucked, especially if it meant being with the two of them, but then Nick said it was time for me to go to bed, and he made me leave them alone together.

My brother was looking at his college buddy with a nasty grin as he pushed me out the door, tossing my clothes after me, and I heard him turn the key in the lock as I stood miserable and alone in the hallway. I trudged sadly to the bathroom to wash all our mingled cum off and get ready for bed. I jerked off in the shower, a soapy finger shoved well up my asshole, cumming again as I imagined Toby there with me, the naked muscle boy licking and sucking me, me licking and sucking him, no teasing, no games, just raw, hard sex.

In my bed, the memory of my hands on Toby's muscles, his hands on my cock kept me hard as I finally fell asleep.


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