My Brother's Best Friend Fucks Me

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The first time I had sex with a guy was my sophomore year of high school. I knew I was gay, but my sex life was confined to jacking off while I looked at pictures of naked guys in the dirty magazines I had hidden under my mattress. I jacked off every day right after I got home from school, because my last period was gym class, and I always got horny seeing all the naked jocks in the locker room and showers, and I usually had the house to myself for at least half an hour after I got home. Half an hour wasn't a lot, but it was enough if I didn't waste any time.

My older brother Kirk was on the wrestling team, so most days he stayed late to practice, and both my folks worked, so I would rush home after gym, my cock aching and throbbing with pent-up heat, dash to my room, strip naked and sprawl on my bed and pull out a porn magazine and jerk off while I looked at the pictures of naked hard-dicked body-builders and watched myself in the mirror. My own body was half the thrill, I had a natural build that most guys envied, and had added to it by lifting weights, so looking at myself in the mirror while I stroked my dick made me even hornier.

The day it happened I was particularly horny - I had seen Tony Peters, my brother's best buddy, naked in the locker room. He wrestled too, but he was recovering from a pulled muscle, so he'd stopped early. He chatted me up by the lockers as we stripped off our sweaty gym clothes, then stayed with me while we showered. I loved being around Tony, but lately it was torture too. I was in love with him, and afraid he'd see how I felt.

Tony was a walking wet dream, with a cute sexy face, a body to die for, and a big cock that was always half hard. He'd always treated me like his own little brother, called me "buddy" and mussed up my hair when we talked and put his arm around me affectionately. I'd always liked it, but lately it had become agony when he was nice to me, it got me horny and I was afraid he'd realize what was going on.

I wanted Tony's body, wanted to lick his hard-muscled teen pecs and abs and lick his biceps and suck his cock. I often fantasized about Tony when I was jerking off without the aid of my porn mags, as he was the sexiest guy I knew.

So when Tony started talking to me at my locker as I undressed, I got a hardon. He was already naked, his towel draped across his shoulders, his muscles pumped and awesome and sexy, one hand playing with his giant half-hard cock while the other fondled his sexy muscles just the way I wanted to. I tried not to watch but I couldn't help myself, and by the time I was naked I was totally erect.

If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought Tony was trying to turn me on, the way he sort of posed and flexed and showed off his body for me as he stood there. I guess he'd always been sort of an exhibitionist, he'd liked to show me his muscles when he came over to our house, and ask me if I thought he had a good build, and I would tell him he was awesome and he'd grin and muss up my hair. But this time he went a lot farther than usual, he even played with his cock and got it hard while I watched, and I couldn't stop watching.

He groped his balls as I stripped my sweaty tee shirt off, then slowly ran his fingers up and down his lengthening dick as I lowered my shorts and stepped out of them, then rubbed the now swollen purplish head of his dick as I pushed my jock strap down and freed my own rapidly swelling teen meat.

Then as I sat on the bench to take off my gym shoes and sox he waved his totally hard dick in my face, and I stared at it, hypnotized, but nervous and afraid, glancing around to be sure no one else was watching this ball-churning show Tony was putting on for me. I could have leaned forward just a little, and opened my mouth, and....

Then I stood and we walked to the showers together, and Tony put his arm over my shoulder, and I dropped my eyes and watched his rigid cock swing from side to side. My own smaller but equally hard tool was pulled up flat against my belly, and my balls ached with need. I was simultaneously in ecstasy, Tony touching my bare skin, my cock hard, my balls churning up a huge wad of jism - and terrified he knew what I was feeling.

The awesome muscle-boy was hard too, did I turn him on? Could Tony feel about me the way I did about him? My hand swung right at the level of his cock, I could have reached out just a little, wrapped my fingers around that big pole, felt it good, made him beg me for more. My fingers tingled and twitched, eager to feel Tony's rod.

Being naked and hard-dicked in the locker room would have been a nightmare if I hadn't been such a jock myself, but as it was I got away with it. Several guys pointed at us and made remarks as Tony and I walked to the showers - "Hey, Jamie's got a boner for Peters!"

I just gave them a look and jeered right back - "Yeah, you wanta help me with it, pussy boy?" and they shut up. But I was afraid what Tony must be thinking. He just ignored it, but he gave me a couple of looks, and I was sure he was onto me.

In the showers, Tony washed himself slowly, sensually, looking steadily at me as I tried to play it cool and wash myself and make my cock go down. But I couldn't help watching him, and there was no way I could lose my boner looking at his naked body as he rubbed and stroked and fondled himself.

When he washed his cock, it was like Tony was beating his meat right there, stroking it slowly, his big paw wrapped around it, squeezing it gently, working the skin up and down that long hard tube of fuck meat. He was circumcised, but still had a lot of skin at the end, and it almost covered the head on the upstroke, then pulled away quickly to reveal the knob on the downstroke.

I gulped and choked as I stared.

Then he started playing with the big purplish head of his erection, squeezing the big round mushroom between his fingertips, rubbing it gently, pulling it.

Then he squeezed his nuts, grabbing them in one hand, enclosing them, squeezing, tugging.

And all the while he was working his big pole, rubbing, stroking.

I was so hard, and oozing so fast, watching Tony play with himself in the shower, that I would have cum if I'd even touched myself, so I turned away and rinsed off and ran back to my locker. I managed to get dressed just as Tony sauntered back from his shower, and he grinned at me and winked as I grabbed my books to dash out. His cock was half- hard, swinging from side to side as he approached me, and I watched it hungrily.

When I got home there was a note from my mom saying she would be late, so that meant I had an hour. That was great, I was totally horny, desperate to cum. I dashed to my room as usual, then stripped and hopped on the bed. My cock was rock hard and dripping in no time. Seeing Tony naked had gotten me even hornier than usual. I pulled out my stack of porn mags, and spread them out, trying to decide which one to look at. I had found them in a trash pile in front of a house on my paper route a few years before, and they were my most treasured possessions. I picked one and laid back, ready for a long slow session with my cock and my fantasies.

I looked at myself in the mirror and posed a little, flexing my muscles and stroking my cock. I loved the way I looked, it got me even hotter. I didn't have the big rock-hard muscles like Tony had, yet, but I looked pretty awesome for a kid of fifteen. My body was smooth and hairless, except for a bush at the base of my cock and a wisp in my armpits. My pecs were nicely rounded, I had big nipples that got hard when I rubbed them, I had a nice boyish softness that I knew some guys found sexy. I'd seen some older guys at the gym looking at me, seniors with bodies like Tony's, hard and masculine, guys I would love to be naked alone with, feel their muscles, let them touch me, do other things.

I opened the magazine I'd picked to my favorite sequence, a set of pictures with a hot young stud stripping himself naked and then shoving a dildo up his ass and jerking off while he fucked himself with it. He looked like he was no more than a year or two older than me. I liked that, his youth, and imagined it was me posing for the pictures, I really wanted to pose for porn like that. I loved the idea of being naked while someone watched me and took pictures, and told me what to do, told me how sexy I looked, how beautiful my teen muscles were, my hard cock, my pretty round ass. And I loved the idea of guys looking at those pictures of me, playing with themselves while they stared at me naked and imagined being with me. My aching nuts churned in their sac as I worked my cock slowly, pretending I was the naked boy in the magazine.

I hadn't figured out how to get a real dildo for myself yet, but I had experimented with everything I could find, and already knew my ass was a major pleasure zone. My favorite toy was the white porcelain pestle my mom kept in the kitchen. It was about eight inches long, with a knob on one end and a smooth tapered handle that was perfect for sliding up my ass and using to poke around inside until I found the spot that always sent me over the edge. Looking at the pictures I thought of the pestle, and leaped off the bed and ran downstairs - I saved the pestle for times when I didn't have to hurry and today was perfect! I had plenty of time.

I ran naked through the house, which got me even hornier, and I jumped up on the couch and bounced around like Tom Cruise, falling onto my back and lifting my legs in the air and waving them around, my ass totally exposed, vulnerable. I imagined someone was standing there looking at my cute naked ass as I squirmed around, loving my bare skin on the silky fabric. I grabbed my nuts in one hand and squeezed, loving the way that felt, and the way my asshole throbbed, eager to be penetrated.

I got up and continued into the kitchen. My cock was rock hard, and I loved to walk with a little roll in my stride that made my rigid teen dick bounce up and slap my belly with each step. My asshole was tingling, eager to feel that pestle shoved up there.

Through the sliding doors I could see the back yard, sun beating down, lush vegetation. I debated whether to go out in back and beat off by the pool, but decided it was too risky. I had done it a couple of times in the dark, our yard was relatively private, but there were ways our neighbors could see in, so doing it in the daytime would be crazy, but the thought of being naked outside in the sun, playing with myself where anyone could see got me even hornier - my cock jerked and a big glob of jism oozed from the tip and drooled down onto the kitchen tile. I got down on my hands and knees and licked it up, pretending I was kneeling at the feet of some sexy stud, like Tony, who was making me service him, lick his body all over, suck his cock, eat his cum. Then I got up and opened the drawer and grabbed the pestle, sticking it into my mouth and sucking on it.

I ran back to my room with the pestle, settled on my bed, and resumed sucking on the hard glass rod. That was part of the thrill of using it, sucking on it first to get it wet. It was cold and hard, but it was the closest I had ever come to sucking a cock, and if I closed my eyes I could almost imagine it was Tony's cock I had in my mouth. I stroked my cock slowly as I sucked, working cock-slime out onto my palm, rubbing it around on the head. If I closed my eyes tight, I could imagine it was Tony's cock in my mouth, and his hand on my cock. I pictured him standing in front of me in the locker room just a little while earlier, his huge tool pointing at my lips. I could have opened my mouth and engulfed him right then, sucked him to a huge ball-churning orgasm, made him shout with ecstasy.

I got the pestle real wet, then pulled it slowly out of my mouth, licking and sucking it, then put the tip against my ass hole and shoved hard. I was in a little too much of a hurry, and it hurt at first as it slid past the tight muscles of my virgin boy hole - I yelped involun- tarily, but then it sank in far enough to hit that special place, and I gasped with pleasure.

I leaned back and with one hand I worked the rod, while with the other I stroked my rock-hard tool. I could see myself in the mirror, and moved so I could see the pestle going in and out of my tight hot teen ass. I looked awesome. I positioned the porno mag beside me so I could see it. I looked at the picture of the hot young stud there doing exactly the same thing to himself. My cock throbbed and oozed.

I lifted my cock hand to my mouth and closed my eyes and licked it. The cock slime coating it tasted so sexy. My own juice was all I had ever tasted, but I imagined this was Tony's, and he was feeding it to me, getting me addicted to his taste, making me his slave. He had his big cock out and was milking it slowly, big drops of sticky ooze were dripping onto his palm, he was holding it up to me, making me lick it off. I was his little fucktool, his pussyboy. I murmured softly to myself as I imagined licking his cum and sucking his cock.

"Oh, yes, Tony. Make me suck it, I love your big cock, make me eat your cum!"

I could tell I was going to shoot right away if I didn't ease off, so I stopped pumping my cock and just used the dildo, sliding it slowly out, then jamming it back in again to hit that spot. I closed my eyes and concentrated on fucking my ass, lost in the sensation of ecstasy.

I pictured Tony again, his big hard muscles, his solid rock-like pecs and abs, his naked body next to me in the shower earlier, him stroking his erection, teasing me, waiting for me to sink to my knees and take it, suck him dry. I could hear his voice.

"Hi, Jamie, like what you see? Want more?"

I worked the dildo in and out, fucking myself with it. I had never been able to make myself cum with just the dildo, but was sure there was a way - maybe I needed a bigger one, like the boy in the magazine - I let my eyes open to look at him again. Yeah, a big rubber cock like he had would be perfect. I looked at myself in the mirror.

I heard Tony's voice again. "Hi Jamie."

I could see the door to my room in the mirror, and suddenly realized someone was standing there, watching me. I jerked up and turned and looked at him. It was Tony! I yelped with shock and terror.

"Hey, Jamie," Tony said again, smiling, as he walked into the room. "Looks like you're having fun."

"Tony! Oh fuck! What are you doing here?"

I was totally confused. This was some sort of nightmare, it couldn't really be happening. I had to wake up.

Tony walked up to the bed and looked down at me. I couldn't think of anything else to say, and I didn't dare move. I had the pestle shoved all the way up my ass - I couldn't pull it out and let him see what I was doing to myself!

I stared up at Tony, terrified, but enthralled by his awesome body. My cock oozed and throbbed even harder as I looked at him. He was wearing a skin-tight blue tee shirt with "I'LL WORK FOR SEX" printed across the front in white letters. His huge pecs stretched the shirt even tighter, and his big nipples poked out like little penises, hard, erect, demanding. I gasped, wanting him.

Tony reached down and picked up the magazine I had been looking at. I groaned with misery. My life was over. Tony didn't say anything, he just leafed slowly through the magazine, taking his time. He reached down and adjusted his package a few times, and I imagined I could see his cock getting harder, expanding, working its way down one leg of his tight denim pants. Then he tossed the magazine down on the bed and reached out and grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs high in the air, exposing my ass. My hand was clamped there, holding the eight-inch glass rod jammed all the way up my ass. He pulled my hand away, and the rod slid out.

"Wow!" Tony said, grinning. "Resourceful little pervert, aren't you?"

The awesome jock slapped my bare ass with his hand, not hard, just enough to sting a little, and to heighten my arousal.

"Naughty little Jamie," he said, grinning at me, slapping me like he was spanking me. He didn't do it hard, it stung just a little, but it felt good too. He had me by both ankles, holding my legs high in the air so there was no way I could protect my ass as he slapped it over and over again, and my cock throbbed and jerked.

"Naughty little Jamie, Bad boy! Bad boy!" He sounded almost drunk, saying the words over and over, his voice a little slurred. Then he stopped the slapping and started to rub my bare ass gently, and his fingers started probing into my crack. He stroked the backs of my legs, and rubbed my ass, and squeezed it gently, cupping my cheeks with his big hands. I was still holding my cock, and it was still hard, throbbing and oozing.

"You sure have a pretty little ass, Jamie," Tony said quietly as he stroked and fondled me. He pressed his thumb against my hole, threatening to push it in.

"Oh God!" I wailed. "Please don't tell anyone! Please!" I was totally humiliated. Tony was still holding my legs up so I was helpless and vulnerable. I didn't dare try to get away, he'd already seen everything! He kept playing with my ass.

"Like Kirk, you mean," Tony said quietly, still grinning. "Don't tell Kirk, that his little brother is a faggot?" He picked up the pestle that was lying there glistening on my sheet and pushed it back up my ass and fucked me with it slowly while he watched my face. I gasped with delight. Having someone do that to me instead of doing it myself was awesome. My cock throbbed and oozed.

"Oh! Oh Shit! Yes, not Kirk! He'll kill me!"

"Yeah, I bet he would." Tony wiggled the glass rod in and out of my ass, and I moaned and yelped, half in cock-throbbing delight, half in terror.

Tony let my legs go and they dropped to the bed. The pestle was still lodged up my ass and poked me in just the right spot as I sat up and started begging, not daring to hope there was any way out of this, but desperate to find anything that would save me.

"Please Tony, don't tell. I'll do anything! Please!"

Tony was looking at me, a sexy grin on his face. The big stud had one hand in his crotch, groping himself, and the other on his pecs, rubbing them sensually.


That scared me a little. I trusted Tony, but I had no idea what he might want.

"Yes, anything!" I squeaked.

"How long do we have before your mom gets home?" he asked.

I glanced at the clock. God, how had it gotten so late?

"Shit! She'll be here in twenty minutes!"

Tony stood there looking at me for what seemed like ten minutes but was probably just a few seconds. Then he pulled his tee shirt up and hooked it behind his head so his entire torso was bare. I stared at his big hard pecs and rock-hard washboard abs, wanting to reach out and feel them. The sex-charged air had me drunk with desire and need. My cock was rock hard, precum drooling out onto my belly. The pestle was still up my ass, poking me in sexy places as I squirmed on the bed.

Tony rubbed his pecs and abs, teasing me.

"Is this what you want, Jamie?" he asked quietly, fondling his naked muscles.

My cock got even harder. I nodded.

Tony stroked and fondled his muscles and displayed his perfect muscle- god body for me. I stared in wonder and delight as he opened his jeans and slowly pushed them down just far enough to bare his crotch. His cock sprung out, big and hard and demanding. He pulled his balls out and hooked the bottom of his zipper under them, so it cut into the base of his dick, and my cock twitched, feeling that, loving it.

Tony stroked his big tool slowly, teasing me. He stepped up to stand in front of me as I sat naked on the bed.

"Suck it," he said. "I know you want me, I've seen the way you look at me, like today in the locker room. Go ahead, buddy, suck my cock. Have you ever had one this big before?"

I stared in awe and disbelief. This couldn't be happening. Tony climbed up on the bed and straddled me, pointing his rock hard teen fuck stick at my face. He reached out and wrapped his hand around my head and pulled it toward his crotch.

"Go ahead, Jamie, suck my cock. I've been wanting this for a long time, and so have you. Eat it, buddy."

I was too stunned to do anything, but Tony pulled my head closer to his crotch, and rubbed the big knob of his cock against my lips. It was oozing fuck-juice, hot and wet and slippery. He rubbed it all over my lips.

"Come on, buddy, taste it. Lick on it."

I opened my lips and stuck my tongue out and did as he'd told me, I licked the reddish knob of Tony's big hard cock, my first one, the one I'd been dreaming about. It tasted sweet and a little salty. He sighed. His cock was smooth and soft and warm, not at all like the pestle. I opened my mouth and took the head inside and sucked on it. Tony yelped and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Hey, watch the teeth, you little fucker!"

He slapped my face, and I fell back in surprise and pain. Tony grabbed my hair, which was long, and held my head with one hand while he shoved the fingers of his other hand into my mouth.

"Here, try these first. Suck my fingers. And no teeth!"

I was afraid now - I had never seen Tony like this before, he had never been angry at me, he had always been my buddy, my protector. Now he was dominating me, overpowering me, and it was simultaneously frightening and arousing. My cock was hard and I started stroking it as I sucked the fingers he shoved into my mouth. I obeyed his command and tried not to let my teeth touch his fingers. He moved them around in my mouth, shoving them in hard, then sliding them in and out.

"Damn, I don't think you've ever done this before, have you Jamie?"

I shook my head from side to side, still sucking Tony's fingers. He grinned.

"Well, well, your first time, and you get to suck my big sausage!"

Finally Tony was satisfied I had it right.

"That's better," he said, pulling his fingers out of my mouth. "Now try my cock again. And no teeth!"

Tony slapped my face again as he said that, and I gasped. It hurt, but I loved it. I loved being dominated by this big body-builder muscle stud. I wanted him, I wanted him to make me service him. I wanted whatever he wanted, especially if it meant I could be this close to him.

I leaned forward and Tony pulled my head to his crotch again and I opened my mouth and the muscle-stud shoved his cock all the way down my throat. I wasn't ready for that, but I took it, gagging and choking as he pushed his eight hard inches all the way into my throat and held it there.

"Oh! Yeah! Suck it buddy! That's hot! Fuck your cute little mouth, make you take my big cock, eat it, Jamie, eat my dick!"

I was in heaven. Tony fucked my face like that for a minute, pulling his hose out and stuffing it back in, gasping, panting, moaning. I could tell he loved doing this to me, and I loved having him do it. I tried to suck and lick and service his cock the way I wanted to, but all I could do was try to breathe and stay conscious as he raped my face.

I heard Tony's breathing getting harder and faster. He was as turned on as I was. He was getting close. I reached out and grabbed his big heavy-hanging balls and squeezed them, pulling their sac. He gasped and grabbed my head and shoved me all the way down on his cock and started grunting like a bull.

"Unghh! Yeah! Cock sucker! Suck my big dick! Take it all! Cumming!" His huge hard cock was choking me but he was too far gone to care, he rammed it all the way down my throat and pumped out a huge load of hot sticky cum. I tried to swallow, afraid I would choke, that he would suffocate me. I felt myself gagging and was afraid I would throw up.

Somehow I kept my cool until Tony finished cumming. My throat and mouth was full of his thick salty cum and finally he pulled his cock out enough that I could breathe. He was gasping and panting and his whole body was convulsed with the force of his orgasm. He collapsed onto the bed beside me and lay there panting. I swallowed and choked and gagged, but I didn't hurl.

"Fuck! Yeah!" Tony gasped. "That was awesome!"

The teen muscle-boy gasped and panted to catch his breath, lying on the bed, his tee shirt pushed up over his head, his jeans at his thighs, his cock still hard and oozing. I saw it jerk a couple of times, and more cum dribbled out the piss hole and slid down the shaft to pool in his crotch hair. He had his eyes closed, oblivious to me, and I felt awful, alone and abused. Tony didn't care that it was I who had done that for him, he was totally lost in his own pleasure. Finally he opened his eyes and looked at me blearily. He reached out and mussed up my hair affectionately.

"Not bad for a first time, Jamie. Don't worry, little buddy, you'll get better, we've lots of time to teach you how to be the best little cock- sucker in town. When you grabbed my nuts I nearly died, that was awesome."

I was suddenly in heaven. Tony was praising me, I had made him feel good, he had liked having me suck his cock. And he had said there would be other times, I would get to do it again. I wanted to learn to do it better, make him cum so hard he yelled and jerked and screamed, I wanted him to want me suck his cock all the time. I reached out and touched his big hard pecs, stroking them softly. His skin was smooth and soft, and sexy, and when I pressed gently I could feel his hard solid muscles underneath. I leaned over and licked his nipple, which was large and sticking up like it wanted attention. He gasped and pulled my head against his big hard pecs.

"Yeah, buddy, you can have all of my muscles you want. But not now. I'd better get out of here before your mom gets home, she'll think it's weird if she finds me here with you."

Tony stood and pulled up his pants and pulled his tee shirt back on and grinned down at me.

"We're going to have a lot of fun together, buddy. Be at my house at 4 tomorrow. Tell your mom you have to study or something, and you won't be home until six."

Then he turned and walked out.

I sat there looking at myself in the mirror. I didn't look any different than I had ten minutes earlier - well, except for the cum drooling out of my mouth and down my chin - I reached up and wiped it off.

I didn't look different, but I felt different. I had sucked my first cock, and it had been Tony's. I had felt his muscles, had his naked body right there on my bed. I leaned down and smelled the sheets, trying to detect some trace of Tony's odor, but all I smelled was the laundry detergent my mom used.

My randy teen cock was still hard, I hadn't cum yet, and the pestle up my butthole was rubbing that spot and I reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it and it took only a few quick jerks to make my cock start spouting, just as I heard the front door slam, and my mother's voice.

"James? Are you up there, dear? Come down and help me put the groceries away."

She always said those same words when she walked in, and I always answered the same thing, but it had never been so true as that day.

"OK, mom, I'm coming!"

I prayed she wouldn't hear the gasping, choking way I said that, as my cock continued to erupt.

I collapsed on the bed panting, my cock still spurting hot teen cum as my belly jerked and my nuts churned.

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