My Brother's Best Friend Fucks Me 3

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The rest of the day was a blur - between the terror of what Kirk might do to me, and the memory of Tony's mouth on mine while he jerked me off in the locker room and the towel boy watched, I was in a daze. I saw Kirk in the hall once, talking to some of his jock buddies, and he glared at me and pointed his hand like he was firing a pistol. His buddies turned and looked at me and laughed, and I was sure he had told them everything, and it would be all over school. When people looked at me, I was sure they knew, and I hung my head and tried to avoid talking to anyone.

After school I rode my bike to Tony's. I didn't see how he could help, but being with him was better than being alone, dreading whatever torment Kirk might inflict on me.

Tony met me in front of his house, and led me around the back and had me put my bike in their garage. That would have seemed weird if I hadn't been so out of it. I was totally bummed again, and the thought of having sex with Tony had no appeal at all. But at least he was a friend, and I didn't have to pretend. Just being near him made me feel better. He led me through their house to his room.

Tony was an only child, and his Dad made a lot of money, so his room was huge and looked totally awesome. It was really two rooms, one of them filled with sports equipment and workout machines - his own private gym - and his own private bathroom, with a shower the size of the entire bathroom Kirk and I shared. If I hadn't been so preoccupied with Kirk's threats, I'd have been awed and delighted to be there, but as it was I just looked around and said "Cool room," and sat dejectedly on the bed.

"Don't get too comfortable, buddy," Tony said, pulling me up. "We're not here to fuck this time - we need to fix your problem with Kirk first. Come on."

I was relieved. Any other time I'd have been so hot and horny for Tony that I'd have been climbing all over him the instant we were alone, but today I just didn't care. Tony led me to his closet and opened the door.

"In here," he said. "Quick, we don't have much time, he'll be here any minute."

I stared dumbly into the closet, which was as big as my bedroom. What was going on?

"Who's going to be here any minute?"

"You'll see. Just get in there and close the door. You can watch through the louvers. Just stay back a little ways and he won't be able to see you. Try it and I'll make sure. Wait - here."

Tony hugged me, and I almost started bawling again. Why couldn't my brother be like that? Why did he hate me?

I let Tony shove me into the closet and close the door. It had adjustable louvers, and I moved them so they were wide open and I had a clear view of the room. Tony was standing in front of the door, looking straight at me.

"That's too close," he said.

I stepped back.

"Close them a little."

I closed the louvers as much as I could and still see the room.

"Perfect. Enjoy the show."

Looking at me and grinning, Tony turned on his CD player and started doing a slow, sensuous strip-tease. The song was "Sweet Dreams" by The Eurythmics, and he made its hypnotic rhythm and already sexy lyrics steam with eroticism. My cock rose in spite of my sour mood as he revealed his awesome physique, rubbing and stroking his naked muscles as he stripped off his tight tee shirt, then dropping his pants and rotating his hips to fuck the air with the growing bulge in his tight briefs, then turning to show me his ass as he bared it. He jumped up on the bed and imitated me imitating Tom Cruise the day before, singing into an imaginary mike, strutting and posing. He dropped onto his back on the bed, kicking his legs in the air and shoving his briefs down to show me his ass again. He looked ridiculous, and I loved it in spite of myself.

Jumping to the floor, Tony stepped out of his shorts, and stood naked with his awesome back to me, and bent over to spread his ass cheeks and show me his tight sweet asshole. Looking at me through his legs, he licked his forefinger, then slowly rubbed it on his hole and shoved it inside. I was shocked and delighted. Did Tony like to play with his ass too? Was my jock stud idol as much a homo as I was? I thought of him shoving things up his ass while he jerked off, and my erection throbbed. I would have shucked my own clothes off and stroked myself to a hot gushing climax, but I didn't dare, I had no idea what he was up to.

Then Tony danced into the next room and brought back some dumbbells and started pumping his muscles up while I watched and drooled. He did some pushups and sit-ups and curls until his upper body was an awesome display of teen muscle-stud beefcake. I slipped my hand into my pants and rubbed my erection through my briefs. I was leaking precum, and it was oozing through the knit fabric onto my fingers. I collected some and pulled my hand out of my pants to lick it off, repeating that as Tony pumped up his muscles and flexed and posed. The taste intoxicated me, driving all thoughts but sex out of my mind. I opened my pants and pushed my briefs down far enough to free my cock, and started stroking it slowly.

Tony's cock had been hard from the moment he got naked, and it seemed to swell larger with his muscles, getting longer and thicker, and rising higher and higher until it was almost flat against his belly, reaching past his navel. He didn't touch it, but it was glistening with his sweat, and probably with his cock ooze. I was sure I could see a stream of it trickling from his piss-slit and trailing down the shaft to his balls. I wanted to open the door and crawl over to him and lick his balls and then lick up the shaft of his long hard rod and taste his hot sweet sex juice. I wanted to suck his cock again, make him beg to cum, then ask him to fuck me, spread my naked body face down on his bed while he plunged his hard cock into my virgin asshole and made me scream with ecstasy.

Was this all he had in mind, teasing me until I was too desperate for sex to stay in the closet? Was it time for me to open the door and beg him to fuck me?

The doorbell rang, and Tony jumped, startled, then put down his weights and looked towards me, grinning evilly.

"Showtime!" he sang. "Stay in there, no matter what. I'll tell you when to come out." And he ran from the room.

I was alone for a couple of minutes, and starting to feel stupid, wondering if Tony was playing a joke on me. I pulled up my briefs and stuffed my still half-hard cock back in, then zipped up my levis.

I was about to open the door and leave when finally I heard voices, and drew back into the closet, afraid again. Confirming my paranoia, Tony walked back in with Kirk behind him. I was sure I'd been set up. They were planning to murder me or something, or at least hurt me bad. I shrank further into the closet, desperate for a place to hide. I was doomed.

Their voices were just murmurs, I couldn't tell what they were saying.

When neither of them moved towards the closet, I crept back closer to the door, where I could see and hear what was going on. Tony was sitting on his bed, leaning back on one elbow while he played with his still-hard cock, and Kirk was wandering around the room nervously, picking things up and putting them down, obviously avoiding looking at Tony while they talked.

"I've just been busy," Kirk was saying.

Tony got up and resumed his workout, facing his full-wall mirror to watch his biceps swell as he did curls. He was still bare-assed naked. His cock was still hard. He looked awesome, and again I wanted to open the door and go to him and worship his muscles and cock.

"Doing what?"

Kirk was standing by the bed now, and I could see that he was sneaking glances at Tony in the mirror, but figured he was just embarrassed by his friend's nudity - and by his erection. Kirk was wearing a loose tee shirt and loose gym pants. He must have come straight from wrestling practice. And Tony must have asked him to come. But it didn't seem like he was glad to be here.

"I don't know, stuff."

Tony turned to face Kirk as he continued to do slow curls, getting his awesome biceps even bigger and harder. They looked like baseballs, big and round and hard. His cock was sticking straight out, hard and oozing. A trail of precum was hanging from the tip and trailing halfway to the floor. He was grinning sexily, obviously daring Kirk to look at him. His pecs were awesome, big hard shelves of muscle jutting from his chest, with big nipples jutting out and begging to be licked and sucked and squeezed.

"What kind of stuff?"

Kirk kept his head down mostly, but kept glancing in the mirror at his naked hard-dicked buddy, then away. It was as if he wanted to look, but was afraid to. Tony looked like one of the photos in my porn mags, the ones Kirk had torn up. The whole scene looked like porn, with Tony naked, his cock hard, and Kirk clothed. My own cock had withered when I saw Kirk, but now it was hard again, and I undid my levis and slid my hand inside my briefs to play with my dick. Precum was flowing from its tip, and I rubbed that around on the head, heightening my arousal unbearably. On the verge of cumming, I backed off.

"You know, stuff."

Tony kept pumping his dumbbells, and now Kirk was watching. His eyes were glued to Tony's naked muscles, his hard cock. He was licking his lips hungrily. What was going on? I slid my hand inside my shirt and rubbed my pecs, squeezing my nipples the way Tony had the afternoon before, remembering what it had been like to suck his huge rod and swallow his cum. I had to stop again, too near the edge, about to cum.

"No, I don't know. I thought we were best friends. We used to hang out all the time. Now you avoid me. What's up?"

Kirk was standing by the bed, facing away from Tony now, his head down. Tony put down his weights and walked up behind Kirk and put his hands on my brother's shoulders and rubbed them slowly. Kirk tried to shrug them off at first, but when Tony persisted, he turned and sat on the bed facing me.

Tony sat down beside Kirk, putting one arm over his shoulder, and resting the other hand on my brother's thigh. The contrast between Tony's nudity and hard dick, and Kirk's clothed body was electric. Kirk looked unhappy about the physical contact, but didn't move away. He mumbled something I couldn't hear.

"What?" Tony asked, glancing towards me.

Kirk mumbled again.

"I can't hear you man, what are you saying?" Tony said.

"I think Jamie's a faggot," Kirk shouted. He was looking straight at the closet door, and I was sure he could see me. I jerked and moved back, afraid again that this was a setup.

"So what's wrong with that?" Tony asked. He had moved his hand from Kirk's thigh to his crotch. "You used to like a little guy-on-guy action yourself." I could see Tony's hand squeezing Kirk's crotch, rubbing and squeezing.

I was shocked. Kirk and Tony? That was impossible. Kirk was as straight as they came. Or so I had thought. But then I had thought Tony was straight too, until the day before.

Tony was rubbing Kirk's cock through his gym pants, and Kirk flushed red, scowling and pushing his buddy's hand away.

I could tell that Kirk wasn't wearing any underpants. His now hard cock was clearly visible down one leg. I'd never seen Kirk hard before. It looked big. He'd been turned on by what Tony was doing to him.

"That was different," he said. "We were just kids."

Tony slid his hand inside the bottom of Kirk's shirt and worked it up enough that he could get at my brother's tight hard abs. "It hasn't been that long," he said as he rubbed Kirk's shoulders with one hand and his bare abs with the other.

Kirk made an ineffectual effort to shrug off his buddy's advances. He had his head down, his eyes half-closed.

"It didn't mean anything," he said. "I'm no queer."

Tony had Kirk's tee-shirt worked up far enough that his pecs were bared by now.

"I sure like your muscles, buddy," Tony said as he played with Kirk's pecs. Then he leaned down and licked my brother's nipples, biting the hard firm muscles. Kirk gasped with arousal, but pushed Tony away.

I had my briefs pushed down to free my cock again, the waistband hooked under my balls, the elastic cutting into that sensitive area, constricting, my balls were churning as I watched Tony seduce my brother Kirk. I stroked my cock slowly, savoring every moment.

"Cut it out," Kirk said, breathing raggedly. Tony's hand was inside Kirk's gym pants now, he had untied the drawstring, and as I watched he pushed the gym pants down far enough that he could work Kirk's full erection all the way out.

"Hey, goin' commando," Tony said, as he squeezed and rubbed my brother's sizeable fuck pole, and ate his pecs. I stroked myself slower, not wanting to cum. This was incredibly hot. The fact that Kirk was my brother had stopped mattering, all I knew was that there were two awesome muscle dudes having sex while I watched.

"So what makes you think Jamie's a queer?" Tony asked, taking his mouth from Kirk's pecs to lick his neck and ear.

Kirk pulled away, standing and trying to get away from his friend's seductive attention. "Stop it," he said. His gym pants fell to his ankles, and his cock stuck out, rock hard. His awesome torso was naked, his tee-shirt now hooked over his head so his chest and abs were fully exposed.

I hadn't seen Kirk naked in several years, and I was surprised how muscular he was. He was totally hot, and the way Tony was stripping him and worshipping his body had me totally aroused. I struggled to resolve my feeling of doing something taboo, being turned on by my own brother. But he was so sexy. I watched, fascinated.

Like me, Kirk had blonde hair and smooth skin, tanned by regular sessions by the neighborhood pool or in a tanning booth. Everyone in our family worshipped the sun, and kept a tan all year. I was a little shocked to see that Kirk had no tan line, and my cock swelled and throbbed at the image of him lying naked in the tanning bed. I never did that, I was afraid it would burn my cock, but I loved to jerk off there, the heat and warmth and privacy turned me on, and I had to cum. My favorite way was lying face down, fucking my hand and cumming against the tanning bed and then rubbing it around on myself and licking it off my hand.

With a momentary shock of recognition, I noticed that Kirk's cock had the same slight upward bend that mine did, and the same large bulbous head. I thought of how much I wanted to suck my own cock, and couldn't help envisioning doing a sixty-nine with Kirk, his hard cock in my mouth, mine in his. It would be like sucking myself off. I remembered how it had felt the night before when he had rubbed his chest against mine and groped my boner as I groped his. A line had been crossed, there was no going back. I wanted Kirk.

I stroked my cock, rubbing my fuck-juice around over the head, squeezing, rubbing, stroking, the image of me and my brother having sex vivid in my mind. I would make him beg for me to let him cum, suck him slowly, play with his balls, get him desperate for it, even shove my finger up his ass as he was cumming. Did Kirk like having things shoved up his ass like I did?

Tony followed Kirk, standing and moving behind him to wrap his arms around him and stroke his naked chest and abs while he licked and sucked his ears. The sight of their two naked bodies pressed together front to back was sexy as hell. I milked cock ooze from my dick and licked it up - I was dripping steadily now, I could have cum just by stroking myself a few times.

Kirk moaned with arousal. He had his head thrown back, rubbing his ear against Tony's mouth. "Please stop," he begged. I almost felt sorry for him. His cock stuck out hard and demanding, but Tony avoided it, making Kirk desperate.

"What makes you think Jamie is queer?" Tony repeated. His hands were all over my big brother's all but naked body - stroking, rubbing, feeling, arousing.

Kirk grabbed one of Tony's hands and put it on his cock. "I found some magazines." he blurted out as Tony ran his fingers round and round over the purplish know of his buddy's hard cock, spreading the precum all over, rubbing and teasing.

Tony looked at the door where I hid and grinned.

"What sort of magazines?" he asked innocently. I remembered his picking them up and leafing through them in my bedroom the afternoon before. He had acted like they were the most natural thing in the world. He started stroking Kirk's rod, making him moan with pleasure.

Kirk had his legs spread wide, his knees bent, and was thrusting his hips to fuck Tony's hand as it stroked his cock. Tony's other hand was still working Kirk's awesome pecs, rubbing and squeezing and pulling his nipples.

"Guys," Kirk barked disgustedly. "Guys doing it with each other."

Tony was still standing behind my brother, stroking his boner with one hand while he used the other to feel up his pecs and abs. I echoed the motions, imagining I was Kirk, and Tony was worshipping my body that way, one hand on my cock, the other on my pecs, my balls churning, my cock throbbing and drooling.

"Doing what?" Tony asked innocently.

I had to stifle a laugh. This was getting surreal, Kirk acting all outraged over my gay porn while he stood there all but naked, his dick hard and oozing, and his best friend made love to his muscles.

"Sucking each other." Kirk said. "Sucking each other's cocks." He was making no effort to resist Tony now, he even had one hand on Tony's hand and was guiding it as it stroked his pecs and abs.

"And?" Tony asked, licking and biting Kirk's neck. I could see his hard cock sliding into the crack of Kirk's ass, rubbing and poking at my brother's bunghole. It looked like Kirk was bending over a little, trying to offer better access to his rear. Did Kirk like to get fucked?

"And fucking each other in the ass," he breathed.

Tony made a big production for my benefit of putting two fingers into Kirk's mouth and letting him suck on them until they were dripping with saliva, and then working them slowly up my brother's ass. He did it several times, transferring his fingers back and forth from Kirk's mouth to Kirk's asshole, wetting it more and more, working his fingers deeper and deeper.

Kirk's knees were bent, he was bending forward, his ass was sticking out, exposed, vulnerable, he even had one hand on his ass, spreading it wider, he was begging for it. He sucked Kirk's fingers eagerly, obviously liking the sensation, and the humiliation of licking them fresh from his own asshole.

Tony had two fingers all the way up Kirk's ass, and was stroking his rock-hard erection with one hand while he finger-fucked his ass with the other.

But still Kirk gasped "No, don't!"

Tony stopped stroking Kirk's cock, just fingering his ass.

"Mmmm," Kirk moaned.

"What?" Tony asked, working his fingers deeper into Kirk's ass.

"Mmmm," Kirk tried to grab his buddy's hand and put it back on his cock. He needed it now.


"Mmm-mmm-more," Kirk breathed.

Tony pulled his fingers out of Kirk's tight hot asshole and slapped his ass with his hand. Kirk gasped.

"Get on the bed on all fours," Tony commanded, pushing Kirk forward. Kirk toppled onto the bed on his hands and knees.

Tony slapped Kirk's ass hard again, and Kirk yelped.

"Sto-o-op," he whined.

I was amazed. I had never seen Kirk like this, submissive, whining, letting himself be used.

Tony slapped Kirk's bare ass again, and again.

"Kirk's a bad boy," Tony said as he spanked him. "A very bad boy. He needs to be punished." He reached under his bed and pulled out a small wooden paddle and hit Kirk's ass hard with it. "Doesn't he?" And again. "Doesn't he!?"

Kirk wailed with pain and shock, but stayed on all fours on the bed with his ass offered for punishment.

"NO!" he howled. Tony paddled him hard three times again. "I mean yes! Stop! Please stop!"

But Tony kept it up, paddling Kirk's bare ass good and hard.

Each time Tony hit Kirk's ass, my brother's head went up and his mouth flew open to cry out in pain. Tony would hit him three or four times fast, then stop and rub the paddle around on his naked ass, which was rapidly getting bright red. He rubbed the edge of the paddle into Kirk's ass crack, rubbing it against his balls, and Kirk moaned with pleasure. He pressed the end of the handle against Kirk's tight tender asshole, and Kirk panted with need.

Then Tony smacked my brother's ass again four times, hard and fast, and Kirk's rapid yelps of pain, each louder and more desperate than the one before, sent a thrill of pleasure through my balls, swelling up into my cock. Seeing him get punished, hearing his cries of surprise and pain turned me on. He had earned it. And more. I wished it was me wielding that paddle, making him whine and beg.

And I loved the sight of big-dicked Tony, muscles all pumped, cock hard, naked body sweating as he made Kirk beg and whine.

"Please! No more!"

Tony Gave Kirk a final volley of spanks with the paddle, bringing Kirk to the verge of tears. He was broken, helpless, desperate. I loved it.

Then Tony dropped the paddle and guided my big brother into a still more submissive position on the bed, kneeling, his chest on the pillow, his face turned towards me, his ass in the air. He still had his tee shirt over his neck the way Tony had arranged it earlier, and it looked like ropes restraining him, a form of bondage.

Tony caressed and soothed Kirk as he guided him into place. He rubbed his pecs and squeezed his awesome biceps, and rubbed his thighs, stroked his bare naked abs, made him whimper with need.

Kirk stretched his arms out in front of him on the bed, as though they were tied down and he was helpless to resist. He seemed to know his role, as though he and Tony had done this before. He was still whimpering a little from the spanking, but as Tony stroked and fondled his naked jock-stud muscles he grew docile, eager for what came next. He looked awesome, his muscles pumped from his recent workout, his body now glistening with a fine mist of sweat, his ass red from the spanking, his cock still hard and dripping. His eyes were closed, his mouth slack. His briefs and jeans were bunched at his ankles, hobbling him further as Tony knelt behind him and started licking his freshly spanked ass. Tony had one hand on his own erection, stroking it slowly as he licked Kirk's ass cheeks, then into his crack, probing at the hole, teasing and arousing.

"Oh, yes," Kirk breathed, "yes."

"Yes what?" Tony asked.

"Do it to me," Kirk begged softly.

"Do what?" Tony asked.

"Do it to me. Lick my ass."

"Do what?" Tony asked again.

"You know." Kirk was gasping now as Tony licked and fingered his naked asshole.

"Do what?" Tony asked again. "Say it." He slid one finger inside my brother's bare vulnerable asshole and worked it around, teasing.

"Fuck me." Kirk said softly. "I want your cock."

"I can't hear you," Tony said, shoving three fingers up Kirk's ass as he played with his hard cock.

"Fuck me!" Kirk yelled it, "fuck me hard! I need it!"

I was stunned. My macho big brother was asking his muscle-stud buddy to shove his huge hard cock up his ass and fuck him!

Tony looked towards me in the closet again, winking. Then he reached under the bed and pulled out a long pink rubber dildo. It was shaped just like a cock, balls and all. It looked huge, and he held it out for Kirk to see.

"Maybe I should loosen you up a little with this first," he suggested as Kirk looked at the rubber cock. "It's been a while. You used to like this one."

So this was an old ritual. Kirk and Tony had done this before.

"OK," was all Kirk said, lifting his ass higher, spreading his legs farther apart to offer better access to his tight hot asshole. He was still kneeling on the bed, his chest on a pillow, his ass in the air, legs spread as wide as he could get them with his ankles hobbled by his pants, waiting to be fucked. He looked awesome, like a porn god begging for sex.

Tony pulled a bottle of lube out from under the bed, and used lots of it and his fingers to get my brother's asshole wet and ready. He squirted some on his fingers and worked that up Kirk's hole, then squirted some in Kirk's crack and worked that in, then spit on his fingers and worked that in too for good measure. Kirk was panting and gasping, loving every moment of it.

Then Tony lubed up the dildo and put the tip against Kirk's eager manhole. Kirk panted and gasped with need.

"You ready?" Tony asked.

"Yes," Kirk sighed. "Give it to me." He really wanted it. My big brother wanted Tony to fuck him with the huge dildo!

Tony put the tip of the dildo up to Kirk's hole and shoved hard. The head and a couple of inches popped in, and Kirk yelped in pain. I was shocked at Tony's viciousness, but Kirk stayed in his submissive position and accepted the punishment. He still had his arms stretched out on the bed as though he was tied there, unable to resist, forced to accept whatever his muscle-buddy made him take.

Tony pulled the dildo out and shoved it in again, harder. It went in farther. Kirk gasped again. And again Tony pulled it out and rammed it in hard.

Kirk moaned with pleasure. He was loving it.

Tony reached between Kirk's legs and grabbed his cock and showed it to me. It was still rock hard.

"You like that, buddy?" Tony asked as he stroked Kirk's dick and shoved the dildo up his ass again. Three quarters of its impressive length sank home in Kirk's ass.

"Yesss!" Kirk sighed.

"Are you ready for my cock?" Tony asked, pulling the rubber cock out and then drilling it slowly all the way to its base into my brother's willing asshole.

"Yes!" Kirk answered.

"You want me to fuck you?" Tony asked, working the big dildo in and out.


"Say it."

"I want you to fuck me."

"Again." Tony worked the dildo in and out all the way.

"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me." Kirk was sounding more and more eager for his buddy's big hard cock up his ass.

"Again." Tony pulled the dildo out and moved into position behind Kirk, stroking his big hard cock. It was bigger than the dildo, longer and thicker, and I was eager to see it shoved up Kirk's ass. I wanted to hear my brother squeal and beg. I was remembering the way he had treated me the night before, and I wanted to see him humiliated, and begging for it.

"Fuck me hard! I want your big cock, I need to be fucked, I need your cock!"

With that Tony shoved hard, and there was an audible "plop" as the big hard muscle stud drove his mammoth dick all the way up Kirk's ass, and Kirk shouted with submission and pleasure.

"Aaaargh! Fuck me!"

Tony pulled his cock all the way out and drove it in again. I could see the head of the awesome muscle stud's cock as it strained against the tight opening of Kirk's jock stud ass, straining, straining, and then finally the hole gave way, and Tony's huge dick plunged in again, and I loved the look of mingled pain and joy on Kirk's face as he took the huge cock. His face was still turned towards me and I could see clearly how much he was loving getting fucked by Tony.

"More," he gasped. "Harder!" His mouth was hanging open as though he was drunk, his eyes were closed in pleasure.

Tony shoved his cock in again, harder, then again, and again. Each time he pulled it all the way out, then shoved it in hard and fast. I loved watching Kirk's asshole close tight each time, then spread painfully wide to accommodate the awesome intruder. And each time Kirk grunted and yelped with pain and ecstasy.

It was like the best scenes from the porn mags Kirk had torn up, two ultra-hot muscle studs going at it, hard cocks dripping, no holds barred. And I was there to watch, stroking my own cock, working my pecs, dangerously close to blasting my load all over Tony's closet, watching my big brother get his ass drilled by his buddy Tony.

"Yeah, baby, you love my big cock, don't you?" Tony growled as he fucked Kirk in the ass.

"Yes!" Kirk answered. "Yes! Fuck me!"

Kirk's cock, still hard, flopped around, slapping against his belly with each hard thrust up his ass, and he kept up a stream of obscenity and encouragement.

"Yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck me hard! Give me your cock, buddy, fuck me, god damn mother fucker, fuck, fuck! Fuck me!"

I was so enthralled by the sight of Kirk getting his ass drilled that I didn't notice at first when Tony started motioning for me to show myself. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but I was hoping it was for me to join the action, so I stripped naked in record time before I opened the door. I'd removed my tee-shirt by that time, and my levis and briefs were at my knees, so it didn't take much to get totally naked.

Kirk had his eyes closed as Tony fucked him, so he didn't see me emerge from the closet or walk up to the bed. I knew what I wanted. I wanted my big brother to suck my cock while he was getting fucked by his best friend.

I moved up to the bed and guided my cock to Kirk's mouth. I rubbed the head of my cock against his lips, smearing my precum all over his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and licked me! My balls churned and my cock throbbed, and several big drops of cock juice oozed from the tip. Kirk licked them up greedily. My big brother liked cock juice!

Then I pressed the head of my hard cock against Kirk's lips, and to my amazement he opened them and sucked my cock in!

I pushed it in as far as I could, and he gagged, but kept trying to take more. He still had his eyes closed. I guess he was so carried away with his fantasy of submission and being dominated that it didn't occur to him at first to question what was happening.

Or maybe he and Tony had other friends they acted out scenes like this with, and Kirk was used to having hard cocks shoved into him at both ends.

I imagined Kirk tied up, helpless, and getting his ass and mouth both drilled by hugely muscled studs who used and abused him while he begged for more. There were several of his fellow wrestlers I'd love to see him service, awesome studs I had drooled over in the locker room, big muscles and big cocks and no mercy. Two of them were holding him down over a locker room bench while a third one fucked him senseless. Three of them were holding him down on the shower room floor while a fourth pounded his cock up his ass harder and harder.

Or Scotty, the sexy little towel boy who had watched me and Tony earlier, I'd love to see Kirk suck the kid's huge dong, gag as it was crammed to the balls into his throat, choke on the boy's hot sticky cum as he emptied his balls down my big brother's gullet.

And Kirk loved it all, loved being used and humiliated by his muscle- buddies, made to take their cocks, and swallow their hot cum. He would cum just from the way the fucked him, never touching his own cock, driven to orgasm by being subjugated and used. My brother was a cock hound like me.

But what mattered now was that my brother was my cock-slave, he was sucking my hard cock, and I leaned over and grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth hard.

Meanwhile Tony continued to pound my brother's ass, fucking him hard and deep and fast, and I could tell from the sounds the big muscle-boy was making that he was close to cumming. He had his head thrown back, two hands clutching Kirk's hips as he rammed his cock up his ass over and over. His eyes were closed, he was grunting and panting, faster and harder and harder.

Kirk too was making urgent sounds as I fucked his face, and I looked down to see he had his eyes wide open and was looking up at me. He had come back to reality enough to wonder whose cock it was in his mouth, and now he knew it was mine. I didn't care, I was getting close to cumming too. Watching Tony's show earlier, then his erotic seduction of my brother, then watching Kirk's ass get drilled, first with that big dildo, then with Tony's huge hard cock, had fired my lust to record levels. I fucked Kirk's face, sinking my cock into his throat, loving the way he gagged and grunted as he tried to take it all. Yes, he was taking my cock, sucking it eagerly, wanting my cum.

I gave it to him. I heard Tony cumming, he was grunting and yelling - "Yeah! Fucking your ass, buddy! Fucking you hard. Take my big cock, take it! Suck Jamie's cock! Suck your little brother! Cumming! Cumming!"

That's when Kirk reached out and grabbed my balls, urging me on. My macho stud big brother was sucking my cock, and liking it.

I started cumming too. My cock felt like it was swelling to ten times its normal size, my nuts churned. I shoved my cock into Kirk's throat and held it there as my nuts emptied into him. I heard him gagging and choking, but I didn't care. I was lost in ecstasy, and basking in the joy of payback.

Tony's orgasm finally ended, and he pulled his cock out of Kirk's ass and fell onto the bed beside him. My cock seemed to throb and spurt forever, but finally I pulled it from Kirk's mouth and stepped back. Kirk rolled onto his back and threw his arm over his eyes. I couldn't tell for sure, but I thought he might be crying. I felt a momentary surge of sympathy, but then remembered the note he had left for me that morning.

Then I sat down on the bed beside Kirk and reached out and grabbed his still hard cock, and slowly stroked it. I took my time, and made him beg for it. I stroked his cock slowly, but didn't touch him anywhere else. He kept his arm over his eyes. His breathing grew ragged. I reached down with my other hand and tugged his balls. He breathed faster. I stroked him slowly, squeezing his balls, making him desperate.

"Please," he said softly.

"Please what?" I asked. I had Kirk at my mercy, he was desperate for release, and only I could give it to him. He would never dare threaten me again.

"Please let me cum," he said.

I stroked him faster, his breathing got faster, harder, faster.

"Yeah, that's it, don't stop, make me cum!"

I drew it out a little longer. Tony lay next to Kirk, stroking his own cock, grinning. He was enjoying this as much as I was.

Finally I allowed my brother Kirk to shoot his load. I stroked his cock faster, squeezed his balls harder. Tony reached over and worked the helpless muscle stud's big hard pecs. Kirk breathed harder, lifted his hips into the air, shoving them up and down to fuck my fist as I jacked him off. Finally he shouted in ecstasy as his cock erupted, and huge ropes of cum shot from the tip to coat his naked body as he bounced and thrashed in ultimate pleasure.

When his orgasm started to subside, I kept stroking him, rubbing the now ultra-sensitive head to emphasize my hold over him. He writhed in agony.

"Please! No more! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

That's what I needed to hear. I stopped stroking Kirk and stepped back from the bed.

Later Tony fucked me while Kirk watched, then Kirk fucked me, then I fucked both of them. We all came at least four times before Kirk and I had to go home.

At dinner Mom told us cheerily that she had found her pestle in the bottom of the dishwasher.

Kirk and I looked at each other and grinned.