Naughty Bobby

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I work construction during the day and go to school nights and weekends, and one day my boss asked me to baby-sit his teenage son Bobby while he and his wife were away for the weekend. I had seen the boy checking me out a couple of times when he came to see his dad at one of our work sites. I usually work stripped to the waist, and he'd shown a lot of interest in my big juicy pecs, made excuses to talk to me, then stared at my big nipples and licked his lips nervously, so I agreed to stay with the kid because I was curious how far his interest went. He seemed a little old to need a sitter, but my boss offered to pay me well, so I said yes.

Bobby was 15, with long surfer-style blond hair, a dark tan, and a really nice body for a kid his age. When I showed up Saturday morning he was wearing nothing but a pair of very low-slung shorts - the top of his blond bush was showing - and from the way he looked shyly at me I could tell he wanted me to see what he looked like, and hoped I would like it. I liked it a lot. I was wearing skimpy cutoffs and a tanktop. I had just finished working out, so my muscles were pumped and sexy, and Bobby's eyes raked my body hungrily. My cock throbbed and started to rise, and I grinned and winked, and he blushed and looked away.

I'm 19, and in excellent shape, so I'm used to having other guys check me out, and when they have the looks and build to equal my own, I often check them out in return, and get more than my share of blowjobs and tight hot asses to fuck. I guess I'm bisexual, but I hate labels. I like it with girls, guys turn me on too, and I prefer to think of it as I'm just hot and horny and willing to get my rocks off any way I can. I'll do just about anything, so long as it feels good, and that has included some pretty kinky shit, but that weekend ended up in a class by itself.

Bobby was a hot little number, so if he was looking for an opportunity to explore my muscles, I was ready to give it to him. Then if he showed an interest in something more, that would be fine too. He probably just wanted to suck my cock, he looked too young to be into fucking yet. I figured he was like my blowjob buddy Trevor.

Trevor lived in my apartment building. He was a year older than Bobby, and he used to hang around me whenever he could, like when I lay out by the pool to work on my tan, he'd be there too, not right next to me, but close enough to watch me, and I had fun teasing him by groping myself and getting my cock hard and when I was sure he was staring at it I'd look up and catch him, and then grin and slide my hand inside my Speedo and give my boner a nice long massage, and his eyes would go wide and he'd jump up and run back to his place and I pictured him dashing to his room and collapsing on the bed and jerking off madly as he remembered seeing my huge hard cock clearly outlined though the tight stretchy fabric of my skimpy bikini.

The next time I saw him by the pool I would lie on my stomach and pull the back of my Speedo up into my crack so my ass was totally bare, then flex my ass cheeks, grinding my cock into the lounge, fucking my towel, and I could practically hear the boy panting with lust as he stared at my bare ass and pictured my hard cock rubbing against the webbing beneath me.

Sometimes when there was no one but me and Trevor around, I would take some of my weights out by the pool and do a light workout there for the boy's benefit, spend an hour pumping myself up slowly wearing nothing but a thong, flex and pose and caress my bare muscles and glance at him and smile innocently every now and then as he sat and watched and drooled.

Trevor was a hot little number, too, short and dark with a slim body, a swimmer's build, cute and sexy and shy. He lived with his mother, who worked full time to support the two of them, and was off trying to get laid when she wasn't working, so Trevor was alone there a lot.

One day Trevor knocked on my door, and when I opened it he thrust a video tape at me, and when I took it he turned and ran. He hadn't said a word. I shrugged and closed my door and looked at the tape. It was labeled "DEREK" in neatly printed capital letters, and I grinned ruefully. I couldn't imagine what was on it, but the only way to find out was to play it. I popped it into my VCR and flopped down on the couch and picked up the remote.

Half a minute into the tape I realized that Trevor owned a cam-corder, and was damned good at using it without being seen. I fast-forwarded to see how much there was, then rewound and watched it at regular speed in stunned amazement. He had over an hour of footage of me: me leaving the building to get in my car and go to work, me coming into the building after work, me walking down the hall, me checking my mail, me in the laundry room, and me by the pool. There was a LOT of footage of me by the pool, and he'd used the zoom lens a lot on those parts, getting real tight close-ups of my face, and my bulging crotch when I got it hard to tease him, and my bare ass when I flashed that at him, and my big hard pecs and hard rippled abs, and my baseball-sized biceps, and my thick, muscular thighs. There was no part of my body the cute teenager hadn't worshipped with his lens, and I was amazed how much I had actually shown him, I'd been more uninhibited and revealing than I realized. He had a few shots of my bare cock and balls poking out between my legs as I lay face down sunning, others of the big swollen head of my dick poking out a leg hole as I adjusted myself, even one segment of me jerking off by the pool!

That jerkoff scene really shocked me, I'd had no clue I could be seen. I'd been lying in the sun, hot and horny after my workout, and I'd turned face down on the lounge chair and hooked the waistband of my Speedo under my balls and pushed my towel aside so I could poke my erection down through the webbing of the lounge chair and then reach underneath and jerk off. I had thought I was being so casual and unobtrusive, no one would see. I'd taken my time and worked myself to the edge of popping my nuts three or four times, stroking myself for awhile, then taking my hand away from my cock and grinding my pelvis into the chair for a while, then slipping my hand down there again and working myself to the edge, and eventually I blasted a huge load all over the pool deck, my arousal intensified by the fact that I was, after all, jerking off right out in the open, but so totally sure no one could see what I was doing. Trevor had seen, and got it all in living color.

Trevor's video of me was hot stuff, and I got hard looking at it, there was no mistaking what the boy used this tape for. I pulled my cock out and was lying back and stroking myself while I watched Trevor's tape on my couch. I was just about to cum when there was another knock on the door. I jerked back to reality and jumped up, stuffing my erection back in my pants with great difficulty. My hand was wet from the precum and saliva I had been rubbing all over the head of my cock as I jerked off, and I licked the sticky mess off quickly before wiping my hand dry on the seat of my pants to open the door.

It was Trevor. "Did you watch it?" he demanded. I looked back towards the TV, where the tape was still playing. I'd only watched about twenty minutes, and it couldn't be more than half an hour since he'd delivered it to me.

"Uh, yeah, some of it," I stammered. I was embarrassed, both because he'd been able to shoot all that hot footage of me without my ever knowing, and because I was getting off looking at it. The boy glanced down at my crotch and saw my hard cock showing through my levis. He grinned. Suddenly, Trevor didn't seem like the painfully shy little kid I had taken him for.

"Can I come in?" he asked, and I stepped aside, and he walked past me and sat on the couch. I closed the door and joined him. The tape was still playing, featuring some really great shots of my pecs. I couldn't believe he had shot all this incredibly graphic footage of me without my knowing it! Or that I was such a total flaming exhibitionist, some of the shots were pretty raunchy, even when I wasn't showing my hardon. I admit I was a bit proud too, that I looked so good on film.

"Your body is totally awesome," the boy said matter-of-factly as we sat and watched the tape.

"Thanks," I said. We sat there staring at the screen, featuring shots of my bare ass. I was spreading my cheeks apart with my hands, flashing my asshole at the camera. I didn't even remember doing that. There had to be a thong in there somewhere, but it sure wasn't concealing anything. That segment was pretty sexy, and my cock swelled back to full erection, after wilting a little from the interruption.

I felt something touch my leg and pulled my eyes away from the TV screen to find the cute teenager looking nervously at my face as he slowly brushed his hand over my thigh. When I didn't move or say anything, he got bolder, and actually let his hand rub my thigh through the thick denim of the levis I was wearing. I still didn't do anything, so he slowly slid his hand up to my crotch and groped my boner. I moaned softly. I was so turned on I could have popped my nuts just from what he was doing then, but he took his hand away and looked at me.

"I want to see it. Show it to me," the boy said urgently.

I glanced around, sure suddenly that the kid had his camera set up somewhere nearby, was getting all this too on film, but there was no way. He had finally had enough of the pictures, he wanted the real thing. I stared into the kid's dark, hypnotic eyes. I didn't know why I was obeying him, but I felt like I had to. I guess it was partly the sense of danger, the fact that I knew I shouldn't have exposed myself to him the way I had, I shouldn't have teased him with my body, knowing he wanted it. And now the danger was the thrill of sex with a kid, even though he was only two years younger than I, he seemed like a child to me. This was wrong, but I had to do it, I was so aroused I was trembling, and my balls were churning, my cock was oozing so hard my briefs felt like they were soaked. I looked at Trevor, unable to take my eyes from his. I had to do what he told me. My hands went to my waist and opened the snap there, then lowered my fly, then I lifted my hips and pushed my pants down to my knees, then pushed my briefs down as well. My cock was rock hard, and flopped up and hit me in the belly. A big string of precum flew out, and hit me across the cheek. I gasped ecstatically, my eyes still locked to Trevor's.

"Your shirt, too," he said in the same low insistent voice, and I had to obey. I pulled my tight tee shirt over my head and tossed it aside, waiting to be told what to do next. I was sitting there naked while little Trevor stared and licked his lips nervously and thought about what came next. The tape continued to play, with shots of my legs now. This kid was really in love with my muscles.

Trevor reached out and started running his hands over my bare pecs, touching them gently, almost reverently. He seemed afraid to touch my nipples at first, watching my face, still seeming nervous, as at last he touched the muscles he had worshipped with his camera.

"It's OK," I said, my voice deep and hoarse and strange. "Go ahead. You can do anything you want to." I needed the kid as bad as he needed me right then.

The boy rubbed my pecs harder, then leaned forward and stuck out his tongue and licked my nipple. It felt like electricity had shot through my entire body. I gasped, I had never felt anything so erotic. Trevor jerked away and looked fearfully at me. I took his hand and put it back on my chest and nodded. He leaned forward again and put his entire mouth on my nipple and sucked it gently. I gasped again, my nipple had never felt so exquisitely sensitive, so totally erotic, like it was wired straight to my cock and balls, which were throbbing and oozing. I took one of Trevor's hands and guided it down my torso, over my abs to the head of my huge cock, which reached well above my navel.

"It's OK," I repeated. "Do it. Please." I was feeling an urgency, almost a desperation - he had to touch my cock. He had to suck on it.

The boy took his mouth away from my big hard pecs to look at what his hand was now touching, the enormous head and shaft of my giant cock. I've got ten inches, and it's thick, and most guys have never even seen one that big, let alone touched it. Even straight guys are fascinated by it, I've had some at the gym approach me to ask if I want to mess around a little, guys I know are totally straight arrows, but they can't keep their minds off my cock once they've seen it hard, until they feel it and see it shoot. I guess you could call me an exhibitionist, I like to fantasize about hot sex as I'm stripping my workout gear off and showering at the gym, and my cock gets hard and I walk around that way and I can feel all the envious stares. Some guys even want to suck it, there's just something about its huge size and perfect shape and proportions that makes it irresistible.

There was a guy just last week, I could feel his eyes on me as I stripped for my shower in the locker room. I was flaunting my awesome body and huge erect cock, getting off on his furtive looks, but he was embarrassed to be caught watching me, so I went up to him and grinned and said "Like what you see?" and he frowned and said "That's disgusting, how can you walk around like that, it's.. it's... obscene!"

He spat that word out like it was poisonous, and I just grinned and reached out and took his hand and put it on my cock and said "I know. I hate when it does this. Maybe you can help me make it behave." I was staring into his eyes, and his mouth went slack and his eyes got a glazed look and his hand closed around my erection and held it and I said "Go ahead, you know you want it," and he looked down and moaned and slowly sank to his knees and started licking it and I said "Open wide" and he did. I shoved it into his mouth and fucked his face until my cock erupted and I held him down on it while I filled his mouth with my ejaculation and then I pulled it out and left him kneeling there whimpering and gagging while I walked into the shower room.

Trevor was too young and new at this to know how special the cock he was starting to explore now was, and his next few encounters with other guys were going to be disappointments until he figured that out. He stared in awe at my rock hard pole, it was pulled up flat and hard against my belly, its tip leaking sex, its head big and purple and enticing.

"It's so big," he said quietly. He touched it gently, rubbing his soft fingers slowly up the shaft, then feeling the soft spongy meat of the head, touching the clear sticky fluid oozing from the hole, rubbing that around a little, then lifting his finger to his mouth and licking it to taste my juice.

"Suck it," I told the boy, feeling more and more desperate to feel his mouth on my cock. "Suck my big dick."

He looked up at me as though dazed. I nodded at him, and he leaned down slowly and buried his nose in my pubic hair and breathed in, smelling me, then lifted his head and stuck out his tongue and licked the big head of my cock, first very tentatively, barely letting his tongue touch it, then a little more surely, liking the way it felt and tasted, the smooth warm unfamiliar but incredibly alluring flesh of my male organ. I reached my hand down and placed it gently on the back of the boy's head, stroking it.

"That's good," I said, "keep that up, go ahead, it's all yours." I wanted him to really suck me, but was afraid I'd scare the boy away if I rushed him.

Most guys want to get as much as they can of my huge cock down their throats as fast as they can. They've all had blowjobs at least, and they think they know how one should be done. They believe it doesn't qualify as a real blowjob unless the cocksucker takes every millimeter down his throat and grinds his nose into the cock owner's pubic hairs. That's bullshit, of course, but I like doing it and having it done to me, it's so wanton and slutty and such a turnon. I like to take a huge hard cum- oozing cock so deep in my throat that I'm choking, surrender my will to some other stud's need to dominate me and subjugate me with his big cock, suck him and choke on him and make him beg me to take it deeper and then swallow on the huge spongy head and make him gasp and moan and beg me to take it still deeper and finally make him pop his nuts in my throat while I drink his hot sticky load. And I love it when a guy tries to take all of mine, gags on me and yet keeps trying, it makes me hotter not just because it feels good but because it says he's a slave to my big cock.

Trevor didn't know about any of that yet, and if I tried to get him to swallow my cock he'd probably run in terror. I leaned back and let him take his time. The boy's unsureness and inexperience made the situation much more arousing, rather than less. It was obvious I was his first, and I felt honored to be the one to give him his first taste of a man's cock. He licked slowly, his eyes closed, just licking it and feeling it with his fingers.

"It's so big," he breathed reverently again. I could tell he was hooked.

"Suck on the end of it," I told him, dying to feel those soft virgin male lips close around my ultra-sensitive cock head. "Take it into your mouth and suck on it." The boy looked up at me again - I still had one hand on the back of his head and was gently urging him down on my cock. My other hand was working one of my nipples, pinching and twisting and squeezing it. Trevor was staring at my pecs, hypnotized by the big sexy knobs on my big hard pecs. It was clear he was still afraid of my cock, it was so big, so overwhelming to someone who had never seen anything like it before. I decided to change course.

"Here, come on," I said softly, pulling the boy up onto my chest and guiding his mouth to one of my big hard pecs. He was stretched out on top of me, still clothed while I was completely naked, and I rubbed my bare erection against his still-clothed body, while he rubbed his hard cock against my belly through his pants.

"Suck on it," I told him. "And don't be gentle, suck it hard, and it's ok to use your teeth a little, just don't bite it off."

With a little more coaching Trevor was soon a really good pec sucker, he really got into it once he learned how far he could go, and that his efforts would be rewarded with sounds of gratitude and arousal when he did it right. He liked to hear me grunt and groan and urge him on.

"OH! Yeah, kid! That's it. Harder! Suck it good! Unghh! Now bite it, chew on it, make it hurt! Yeah! Oh Yeah! Harder! Oh baby, that's awesome, suck my pecs, baby, suck em good!"

Somehow I undressed Trevor while he was working on my pecs, I'm sure he didn't do it himself, and I don't remember doing it either, but before long he was naked, and I was feeling his tight naked little boy butt with one hand while I guided his head with the other. His ass felt awesome in my hands as I rubbed it and squeezed it and he sucked my pecs like he was in heaven. I fingered his crack and even rubbed his tight hot virgin hole, but I knew he was nowhere near ready for that. He was moaning and sucking and making sexy whimpering noises that were getting me even hotter. He wanted my muscles so bad, and it turned me on incredibly that he was so obsessed with my body. My cock was throbbing and oozing and the precum was making us both slippery as he moved around sexily on my naked body. I decided the boy had had enough time to get used to the idea of sucking my cock, and I pushed him back down to my groin, pushed his head lower and lower until his mouth met the head of my erection again. This time he started using his full pouty lips on it, kissing it and nibbling at it, and I urged him on.

"That's it, kid, go ahead, don't be afraid of it, just open your mouth and suck on it, just the head, watch your teeth, see if you can get the whole head inside your mouth and then suck on it. Just suck it, just a little."

I was getting desperate now for the kid to take the thing into his mouth. Even just the head was going to be a challenge, but he could do it if he tried. He kept licking it and feeling it, working the shaft with both hands, but he held back from taking it into his mouth. I was stroking his soft smooth body all over, he was stretched out naked on the couch beside me now, and I was feeling crazy with lust for him. I decided if he wouldn't suck me, I would suck him, if mine was the first cock he had sucked, that meant no one had ever sucked his before either. I wanted to show him how good it could feel.

"Wait," I said. "Get up," and I nudged him away from me. He looked worried. I think he was afraid he wasn't pleasing me, and I was going to make him leave. "It's OK," I reassured him. "Let me show you how first." He stood obediently.

Trevor was standing in front of me totally naked as I sat naked on the edge of my couch, and I looked at his slim boyish body for the first time. I hadn't really paid much attention to his looks before, he was just a kid, but now I saw how cute and sexy he was. He had a cute very boyish face with full pouty lips that begged to be parted and entered, naturally dark, still almost completely hairless skin, darkened further by the sun, and a lean nicely muscled little body. He was short for his age, about five six, but had a nice cock, about five inches, sticking straight out, with cute little balls drawn up tightly beneath. I reached out and caressed his naked body slowly, loving its rounded smoothness, its boyish softness, and his adoring look as I touched him. I touched his little penis and he gasped.

"Is this the first time you've done anything like this?" I asked. He nodded. I took his penis in my hand and stroked it slowly, reaching underneath to rub his balls, and he closed his eyes and made soft whimpering sounds of approval. I leaned forward and opened my mouth and guided his cock towards my lips, taking just the head inside, then closing my lips and sucking gently. I looked up to see his eyes fly open as he gasped and looked down at me in amazement. I sucked his erection into my mouth a little further. His mouth fell open and hung slack as amazing new sensations flooded his teen body. I took his entire cock into my mouth, it barely reached into my throat, and I sucked it gently. Trevor gasped.

"Wait! I'm gonna cum! Stop!" he panted. The kid was on a hair-trigger, young and eager and full of cum.

I kept sucking, and was rewarded with the sweetest load of hot fresh teen boy jism I'd ever eaten, and the sounds Trevor made almost made me cum too, he grabbed my head and gasped and whimpered and made soft little oohs and ahs.

It didn't take him long, and once I had every drop, I let his still erect penis pop out of my mouth. He was still gasping in pleasure and surprise.

"You ate it!" he gasped in shock. "You ate my jism!"

I nodded. "Sure, why not?" I said.

"Won't it make you sick?" He asked.

"You tasted the juice from the tip of my cock a while ago," I pointed out, "that didn't make you sick."

"But that's different, isn't it?"

"Not much," I said. "Cum is just a little thicker. And it comes from the same place." I reached down and waved my cock at the boy, and he smiled.

"OK, I want to try it now," he said. As I had hoped, getting his cock sucked had made him grateful, and he wanted to return the favor. I laid back and spread my legs wide apart, offering my huge dick to him.

"Go ahead," I told him, "but take it easy, I'm a lot bigger than you, it's not a contest, just enjoy yourself."

Trevor knelt between my legs and put his hands on my cock, grasping the shaft in both hands and raising it so it stood straight up. He looked at me and I grinned and nodded and he leaned forward and licked the shaft, wiggling it around and feeling it, amazed at its size and beauty. He licked it up and down, then finally opened his mouth and put it on my big swollen purplish cock head. He got just the tip of it, and opened wider, got a little more, and finally by opening his jaw as wide as it would go the sexy teen managed to engulf the entire head. It was a ball-churning sight, that mouth stretched so wide, the boy's eyes popping as he struggled to take my monster and suck on it. I could tell he wanted it, and that made me even hotter. Then I felt his teeth and grunted in discomfort.

"Try to keep your teeth out of the way, Trevor, it hurts when they scrape it. No teeth."

The boy tried to comply, somehow managing to open his mouth a little wider, his eyes tightly shut now as he got lost in this awesome new sensation. He started making soft sucking noises, and at first I could hardly feel it, but it was progress, and I told him it was good, Harder, Suck harder and he worked at it and slowly got the hang of it and soon I felt my balls churning and my asshole clenching and my shaft swelling. The whole scene was so fucking erotic and exciting I could have cum with almost no contact at all. Sexy naked teen stud-puppy Trevor from three doors down had my huge cock in his mouth and his little mouth sucking my cock head was suddenly the most erotic experience of my life, I felt my cock start to throb and swell and jerk, and my balls tightened and throbbed. I was starting to cum!

"Wait! Stop! I'm going to cum! Don't try to take my cum, Trevor, don't, wait."

The boy was determined to show me he could do everything I did, and he wouldn't let me pull him off, and I couldn't stop my orgasm, I started cumming, and lost control. I grabbed the kid's head and held it down on my giant fuck stick, jamming two or three more inches of the giant pole down his helpless willing throat as I pumped out a huge load of jism into his mouth. I heard him trying to swallow, and gagging and choking and finally I managed to let go and he pulled his mouth off my cock just as the last few big spurts of cum shot out, and they hit the cute boy in the face.

I was still cumming, my whole body shaking, my abs contracting in great spasms, and Trevor stared at me in worshipful awe. I watch myself cum in the mirror sometimes, and it looks pretty awesome, my muscles look like glistening marble, all hard and sexy, my abs contract and get super-hard, and then they get these uncontrollable spasms and I feel like I'm going to lose consciousness as my cock spurts big ropes of cum.

Cum was trickling down Trevor's cheeks and leaking out of his mouth and dribbling down his chin, and he put his hand up and wiped some of it away. I pulled the sexy teen on top of me and put my mouth to his and kissed him, drinking my cum from his mouth. He kissed me back urgently, and rubbed his naked body against mine, lost in the new sensations flooding his body.

Later I took Trevor into the shower and washed his cute naked teen body, and he washed mine, and we jerked off together. I loved the awed look on his face as my cock swelled even bigger when I came, and pumped out huge spurts of fuck juice as he stood watching.

Then it was time for the boy's mother to be home, so he got dressed and left.

"Don't you want the tape?" I asked as he was walking out the door. His magnum opus was still in my machine, and now I liked the idea of him watching it and beating his meat thinking about me.

He smiled shyly and asked "Can we do that stuff again some time?"


"Then I don't need the tape any more."

That had been about six months before I sat with Bobby, and while Trevor and I had messed around a few times more, we hadn't gone much farther. He got a little better at sucking my cock and liked doing a sixty-nine, with me on my back and him kneeling over me. Mainly he liked to feel my muscles, have me flex for him while he felt me all over until he was all worked up, and then he would sit on my chest and jerk off looking at me while I flexed for him some more. It reminded me of the crush I'd had on my big brother, who was an awesome stud, I had loved to look at him when I was Trevor's age, and had often stroked my big cock to a huge gusher of hot teen cum thinking about what I wanted to do with him, but he and I had never done anything like I did with Trevor.

Bobby was a year younger than Trevor, so I assumed he had to be a year more naÔve, even though he was bigger and more mature physically. He would probably spend the weekend looking at me hungrily, afraid to make a move, wishing I would do something, frustrated and horny and afraid. I wasn't going to be the one to initiate anything.

Bobby's dad told me his son liked football, and handed me a pair of tickets to that day's game at the nearby college. It was their big game of the year against their arch rivals, and I had planned to go, but waited too late to buy tickets, so this was a welcome bonus. I would have taken the job for that alone. Bobby's dad also told me I had his permission to discipline his son any way I saw fit, including a spanking if he got out of line, but I assured him that wouldn't be necessary, I could see Bobby was old enough to know how to behave. The man shook his head and scowled.

"I wish that were true," he said, glaring at his son. "But he still hasn't learned to control his impulses, and I have to spank him regularly. Maybe he'll behave for you, but if he doesn't, spank him. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets his attention. And I mean a real spanking. Pants down, and a belt across his bare ass is what it takes, and don't let his cries of regret stop you, he can be a real monster. You'll find what you need in my office."

I looked at Bobby, who was standing right there listening and looking sweet and innocent, but when his dad mentioned his office, the boy grimaced momentarily, and I saw his hands go to his rear end. Apparently the man really did still spank his son. By Bobby's age I had learned how to behave like an adult. The thought of his sexy teen body naked across my legs while I paddled him was appealing, I had to admit it, but I was sure it wouldn't come to that. I'd never actually spanked anyone, and didn't think I could.

Once Bobby's parents had left, after letting us know they would be gone until Sunday night, Bobby asked me to promise we would go to the football game no matter what. He said his dad was always promising to do things with him and then backing out at the last minute, so I had to promise we would go no matter what. I knew what he meant, my own dad had pulled that a few times, and I had hated it, so I promised solemnly that I would take him to the game no matter what. Little did I know what "no matter what" meant!

Then Bobby suggested we wrestle. I told him I was too much bigger than he for it to be an equal contest, but he said that was OK, he still wanted to try it, and I should not hold back. He led me to the back yard, where he had spread some exercise mats on the grass. There was a good-sized pool with a wooden deck on three sides, lounge chairs, a large grassy area, a pool house, and thick bushes on all sides, making it all very private. I pictured the wild parties I would throw if the place were mine.

I figured Bobby just wanted to get his hands on my muscles, and I was OK with that. I remembered what a turnon it had been with Trevor that first time, and hoped this would take a similar direction. Even though he was Trevor's junior by a year, Bobby was more mature physically, and seemed less a little boy, more a young man, and that turned me on even more.

Bobby started by suggesting that since he was wearing just his shorts, I should strip to mine too. I grinned and went along, stripping off my tank top and then removing my shoes and socks and finally my shorts so I was wearing nothing but my white bikini briefs. The sexy teen watched eagerly as I exposed my awesomely muscular body.

When we started grappling, I found out Bobby had some real experience as a wrestler. He was able to hold his own much better than I expected, and took advantage of his skill to get his hands all over me. I held back, in spite of my promise not to, and the sexy teen felt me up pretty thoroughly as we grappled playfully. I didn't mind, and returned the favor, enjoying his tight smooth teen muscles and smooth soft skin. We rolled around on the mats, bare skin against bare skin, hands groping and squeezing, and suddenly Bobby had both hands in my crotch, and was groping me openly. I wasn't expecting anything so overt. I laughed and slapped his hands away, pretending I thought he was just trying to get the better of me by getting me by the balls.

"Oh no you don't!" I growled, and grabbed his arms and soon had him pinned face down on the mat, with my crotch grinding against his ass. My sex was hard, and I knew he could feel my erection rubbing in his crack. He lifted his ass to meet me, grinding it against my hard cock. I figured he was too naÔve to know what he was really asking for, he had to be a virgin, so after enjoying the feel of his bare skin, and the thrill of rubbing my hard cock against him, I rolled off him.

But as soon as I let him free, Bobby jumped on top of me, and momentarily caught me off guard. This time he got his hands into my briefs, and got me bare by the balls and really gave it to me. He bore down just enough to make it hurt, but not enough to make me lose my erection, and he started licking and sucking my pecs, which are pretty awesome, and it didn't take much of the dual stimulation of my pecs and balls to put me over the top - I blasted a huge load of cum as teen stud Bobby worked my balls and nipples. I really lose it when I cum, and my whole body was convulsed with the force of my orgasm, especially as the whole scene - wrestling practically naked out in the open, the sexy teen boy, his efforts to arouse me - all of that had me really horny. Bobby held on and really milked my balls and I kept shouting and pumping out cum.

"Oh yeah! Hot little stud! Give it to me! Make me cum! Yeah! Cumming! Fuck yeah!"

Then, once I stopped cumming and fell back, exhausted, Bobby jumped up and yelled "Last one into the pool has to kiss the other one's ass!" And with that dare he stripped his shorts off and ran naked across the lawn to dive into the pool. I watched, enjoying the spectacle, he was a really mouth-watering sight. I lay there for a minute panting, then decided the pool was as good a way as any to wash off, so I jumped up and stripped naked as well and ran after the naughty teen. I was feeling a little annoyed at the way he had taken advantage of me.

Bobby was waiting for me as I plunged in, of course, and the minute I was in the water he was all over me, groping me and feeling me up. I grabbed him and dunked him but that didn't keep him back for long. He jumped on my back and wrapped his arms and legs around me and rubbed his hard cock into my crack, threatening to shove it up my ass. His cock wasn't very big, so it wouldn't have hurt, and while I'm mostly a top, I do like a good hard fuck from a guy who knows how to make it feel good now and then, but I wasn't ready to go that far with the kid, and struggled to get him off. My superior strength prevailed, and I soon had him from behind the same way, and he was helpless.

We were both panting and laughing. I was annoyed at Bobby's taking advantage of me and turning the situation sexual without my consent, but he was so cute and sexy that I found it hard to be mad at him. I had my arms around him from behind, and he was grinding his butt into my crotch, and he said "You were the last one in."

I decided to throw the boy a curve and see how far he was really ready to go. "I guess that means I have to kiss your ass," I said as I picked him up and carried him out of the pool and laid him face down over the side of a lounge chair with his butt in the air. Then I buried my face in his crack and shoved my tongue up his asshole.

The sexy naked teen stud loved it - he started gasping and moaning and lifting his ass to meet the assault of my eagerly probing tongue.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! That feels good, Derek, yes! More!"

He was right, it did feel good. I had forgotten how sweet a young boy's ass tastes, eating his ass was heaven. I hadn't felt right about going that far with Trevor, but Bobby was obviously a different story. He was begging for hot, hard, all-the-way sex. I ran my hands all over his naked flesh, loving the way he felt and the way he responded to my touch, twisting and squirming and moaning and gasping. He was a lot more responsive than Trevor. He was very vocal and seemed to have no inhibitions. But I was getting too hot, too horny, too desperate for release. I didn't dare do what I wanted to, shove all ten inches of my cock up his tight hot virgin ass, much as I would love to fuck the shit out of the little tease. A little fooling around was one thing, fucking my boss's teenage son was another. I pulled my face out of the naked boy's ass and fell back on my haunches, looking longingly at his bare cheeks spread wide for my pleasure. His crack was still hairless, and I could see his spit-soaked hole winking at me as he contracted it in arousal. His cock was hard, sticking straight down against the edge of the lounge chair, hard and dripping. He looked very sexy and appealing. He wanted it, why not give it to him?

"Why are you stopping?" He asked, raising himself far enough to look back at me.

I stood up. "That's as far as this is going," I said, standing.

"Aren't you going to fuck me?" he asked innocently.

Well at least that made it clear the sexy little tease knew what he was asking for.

"No, I'm not," I said, "that's all." I turned and walked over to the wrestling mats to collect my clothes, then walked back into the house to the room where I had left my bag, and got dressed for the game.

It was a few minutes before Bobby followed me. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking a soda when he walked in, still naked. His cock was sticking out, rock hard, about six inches, just a nice mouthful. He walked up to me and started trying to take my clothes off again. I pushed his hands away.

"Cut it out, Bobby," I said, "I told you that was all."

"Why?" He asked petulantly. "You liked it, didn't you?"

"That's beside the point," I said, fending him off as he continued to try to get at me. His naked body and the way he was grabbing me were arousing me again. He managed to get behind me and wrap his arms around me and grabbed my crotch and groped my erection.

"Hah! See! You're turned on, you want it as bad as I do!" And he started actually ripping my tee shirt to get it off. He tore the back in two and was trying to get the shreds off me when I managed to get him away from me. I was angry, the shirt had been a favorite.

"Damn it, Bobby! You little fucker! You tore my shirt!"

The boy could see I was really angry, and backed off, realizing he'd made a mistake.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled poutily.

I was starting to realize that Bobby was spoiled and immature. Being an only child of two parents who both worked full time, he had apparently never been taught some important lessons about how to behave. The spankings his father claimed to have administered obviously hadn't been regular enough or frequent enough. I decided it wasn't my place to teach him. I'd just have to keep things more formal for the rest of the weekend. I stood there holding the remains of my shirt, shaking my head.

"You'd better go get ready for the game," I said, glaring at the boy. "We have to leave in an hour."

Bobby smiled, obviously happy about the college football game, as he turned and ran out. I heard his bare feet on the stairs as he ran up to his room.

I went into the guest room where I was to sleep and got another shirt out of my bag and put it on. I was mad, but there wasn't anything I could do. I was being well paid, so the money wasn't an issue. I was just pissed off I had fallen for Bobby's charm and good looks, and he had turned out to be just a self-centered baby. I went into the media room and flopped down on the couch and picked up the remote to turn on the TV. I spent about twenty minutes channel-surfing until Bobby reappeared. He was wearing tight jeans, a tight tee shirt with the local college team's name on it, a team cap as well - turned backwards, of course - and a pair of athletic shoes I had seen at the store a few days ago selling for almost $200, mainly because of the endorsement of a famous athlete. I could tell his parents didn't deny the kid much. No wonder he was such a spoiled brat. He flopped down on the couch and snuggled up to me.

"Are you still mad at me, Derek?" he asked contritely.

"Yes," I said, melting a little. He was hard to resist.

"I'm sorry about your shirt," he said sweetly, snuggling closer. His hands were feeling my arms, admiring my muscles. "I hope I have a body as awesome as yours some day." He slid his hand in under my shirt and started rubbing my pecs. I pulled away.

"Cut it out, Bobby, I said that was the end of that sort of thing."

"Your lips say no, but your cock says yes," he laughed naughtily, groping my crotch. It was true, I had a boner again. The kid was too sexy for his own good. I pushed him away and stood.

"Look, Bobby, get it straight, I don't want to play with you that way. I should have stopped you the first time you tried it. If you can't behave, I'll have to get mean. Don't make me do that."

The boy was still grinning at me impishly, and before I knew it he was on his feet and had pulled me back onto the couch and was pulling my shirt. Before I could get away, he had torn my shirt again to bare my chest, and was licking my naked pecs. I shoved him away and jumped up.

"What the FUCK do you think you're doing!" I shouted. I was furious. "That's the second shirt you've ruined!"

"My dad is paying you well," he said arrogantly, "and those shirts aren't worth much."

That really pissed me off. I was tempted to rip the boy's clothes off and see how he liked it, but decided that was unwise.

"Listen, Bobby, this has to stop. If you can't behave, I'm not taking you to the game. How's that sound?"

"Ha!" he said gleefully. "You have to take me! You promised, 'no matter what'!" He smirked as he said that, and I realized I'd been conned. By getting me to promise that I would take him to the football game "no matter what," and then misbehaving, the naughty teen had put me in a very awkward position. By all rights, he should have to stay home. And if I were my own dad, he'd get a spanking and then go to bed early, but now I had to take him to the game. I thought about it and figured out a way to make him regret his actions. After all, his dad had said I was in charge, and could do what I thought was necessary to keep the boy in line.

"OK," I said, "but you have to do exactly as I say for the rest of the day. No more nonsense like you just pulled, or the deal is off. Agreed?"

"Sure," he said, smiling sweetly, thinking he had gotten the better of me.

"Good," I said. "Let's go to your room and get you dressed."

"I'm already dressed," he said indignantly, "I want to go like this." The cute teen stud had spent twenty minutes picking just the right outfit and getting dressed, and he looked great. I wanted him to look ridiculous, and wish he were anywhere else but that football game.

"Now Bobby," I said sternly, "you just promised to obey me. If you break your word, then I won't be obligated to keep my word to you."

Bobby began to look worried when I said that. I think he was starting to realize he'd made a big tactical error. But he still trusted me, so he made a face and then said, "OK, well, I guess you're right."

"Good, come on."

I told Bobby to wait for me in his room, then went to my room to get a new shirt, then to the bathroom and laundry room to find some other things I would need, and finally to Bobby's room.

I made the cute sexy boy stand docilely while I sat on his bed and undressed him. "Let's get you out of these clothes," I said. First I took off his new tennis shoes, which he had been so looking forward to wearing. "You'll put those back on me, won't you?" he asked fearfully.

"Now Bobby, I don't think you've earned the right to wear those today, do you?"

"Well, sure, why not?"

"Well, I'll be glad to explain that down in your dad's office," I said quietly.

"OK, never mind," he mumbled unhappily.

Once I had removed Bobby's shoes and sox, I told him to stand in front of me as I sat on his bed.

"You're not going to get me naked, are you?" he asked fearfully. I think he was beginning to regret his trick.

"Why not? Anything wrong with that?" I said.

"Uh, I don't know, uh, it's just..."

I glared at him and he shut up. I think he was worried I would make him go to the game buck naked. I had a much better idea.

He lifted his arms while I pulled his tee-shirt off. I stroked and fondled his upper body for a while, and he stood docilely, enjoying the attention. I enjoyed it too, as he had a nice, well-developed body for his age, and it was pleasant to feel his firm muscles and smooth soft skin. Then I removed the rest of his clothes and he stood quietly and lifted each leg while I pulled down first his pants, then his underpants, and removed them.

The boy was then totally naked, and as I had hoped, he was uncomfortable standing like that in front of me, but his penis was stiff, so I knew he was enjoying this, whether he was ready to admit it or not. Groping me on the lawn and ripping my clothes off to get what he wanted was one thing, being treated like a sex object himself was something else. I stroked and fondled his naked teen body, even playing with his erect penis, and he made appreciative noises to let me know he liked it. He was sexy, that was sure. He had long blonde hair that flopped into his eyes and made him look even younger than he was. His skin was darkly and evenly tanned all over, making it obvious he sunbathed nude by his parents' pool. His face was cute and insolent, with big pouty lips and a perky turned up nose, which made him even sexier, accentuating his erotic posturing. He had white, even teeth, and sparkling blue eyes. His penis was small, but perfectly shaped, an enticing little mouthful. I turned him around and stroked his ass and thighs and thought again how pleasant it would be to push him face down on the bed and drive my hard cock up his tight hot ass. It was obvious that's what the boy wanted, and I had decided I would probably give it to him, but on my terms, in the most embarrassing way possible. I stroked and fondled his sexy firm round ass cheeks and ran my thumb up and down in his crack, pressing gently at his tight hot little boy hole each time I passed it and he made soft sounds of pleasure.

I stroked Bobby's naked body softly, liking the way he felt, and the way he enjoyed my attention. When I played with his little cock, I think he thought I was going to suck him off, and that his efforts to get me to service him had paid off, but once I had him thoroughly aroused and desperate for release, I tied his hands behind his back with a piece of soft rope I had found in the laundry room, then picked him up and sat him on my lap, and started lecturing him, and his frustration was obvious. I had the naked teen straddling my legs, facing me. He squirmed uncomfortably, his little cock fully alert. I teased him about his erection, playing with it and rubbing his testicles as I reprimanded him for his behavior. He was screwing up his eyes and twisting his mouth in discomfort and embarrassment. This wasn't going the way he'd planned, and even though he wanted sex with me, this wasn't what he'd had in mind, this was humiliating, being treated so crudely, and having to put up with whatever I did to him. His little cock got hard and sensitive very quickly, and I rubbed it until it was getting raw and painful. He was gasping and whining from the combined pleasure and embarrassment and discomfort I was subjecting him to. I kept him hard, but didn't let him cum, and he hated it, not being used to having to defer his desires. I told him he had been bad, he should not have disregarded my clear statement that he had to stop the sex play, and then, even worse, he had ruined two of my shirts, and it wasn't a matter of the money, it was the disrespect he had shown me.

Once I had the cute teen thoroughly embarrassed by lecturing him while I played with his boner, I started stroking and fondling his smooth soft chest. With his hands tied behind his back he couldn't do anything but accept whatever I chose to do to him, and he was afraid what I might have in mind. I rubbed his chest, and stimulated his nipples. His pecs were full and nicely rounded, big for his age, but still soft and smooth like his whole body. His little nipples got erect and hard as I rubbed them softly and he cooed and sighed with pleasure, liking my attention to his naked body, but knowing by now that it was a prelude to something less pleasurable. I pulled and pinched and twisted his perky little nipples, and he yelped with discomfort, but he liked the feeling too. I got them raw and sensitive before I stopped, and they were sticking out like little penises, hard and eager for more. Bobby was very precocious sexually, and his body was demanding more, but he was unsure what it meant.

I told Bobby he had been very bad, first by misbehaving, then by tricking me, and he must be punished doubly, so while I would keep my word, and take him to the game, I would make sure he regretted his deception. He started whimpering, confused by the contradiction of the fear of what my words were telling him, and the warm pleasurable feelings of what my hands were telling him as I stroked and fondled his naked teen body. I rubbed him softly all over, his soft smooth naked thighs and his tight firm belly and his smooth muscular chest, and then under his arms where soft smooth hair was growing. It made the boy feel relaxed and safe, but I kept playing with his nipples and his erect penis and running my fingers into his ass crack and probing his tight hole, so he squirmed and twisted and his body kept jerking in combined fear and surprise and arousal. He knew something unpleasant was coming.

I pulled some clothespins out of my pocket and Bobby's eyes went wide.

"What are you going to do with those?" the naked boy asked fearfully.

"Just this," I said solemnly as I put one on each of the boy's nipples, making him yelp and whine with discomfort. I told him to be quiet, then added a couple to his scrotum. His little penis stayed hard, and it was dripping boy juice steadily now. He liked being treated like this, no matter how much he protested and whined.

I had found a tube of Vaseline in the bathroom, and pulled it out of my pocket. Bobby watched with curiosity and concern, wondering what I intended. I squeezed some of the slippery gel onto my finger, then set the tube down. Bobby was still perched on my wide-spread legs, facing me with his legs straddling mine, so his legs were spread very wide and his naked vulnerable ass was hanging in mid air, so it was easy to reach between the sexy little boy's legs from in front and rub the lubricant into the smooth tight crack of his ass. Sitting on my lap facing me with his legs spread wide, his crack was wide open, and I had no trouble getting at it - he tried squeezing his butt to close his crack and deny me entry, but there no way he could prevent it. I held him in place with one hand while I used the other to rub the slippery Vaseline into his crack, then found his tight boyhole and pushed against that. He was powerless to prevent my easily penetrating him, and he sat there helplessly, hands still tied behind his back, squirming and protesting and whimpering. I did that several times, getting his tight little hole well greased with Vaseline. He understood this was a prelude to something else, and protested feebly, knowing he was trapped.

"Oh, no, please Derek, don't!"

"Don't what, Bobby?"

"Don't put anything up my bum, please."

"Why not, Bobby?" I moved my finger away from his hole and rubbed the Vaseline up and down his crack some more, then squeezed another big glob onto my finger and found his hole again, then shoved two fingers in halfway - he gasped. I worked the lube inside and slid my fingers slowly in and out of his tight hole, and he gasped with pleasure and fear. He took it surprisingly easily, and I realized he'd had some experience in this area.

"Has anyone pushed something up your bum before?" I suspected the sexy teen was not a virgin, he was taking the penetration of my fingers too easily, he was so appealing, some older boy was bound to have initiated him into boy-sex and anal play. Sure enough he gasped out a confession.

"OH! Some boys at school did."

"Yes, Bobby, what did the boys at school do to you?" I rubbed and fingered his tight hot hole slowly, and he loved it.

"OH! No, I don't want to tell, please don't make me."

"What did they do, Bobby - tell me!" I jabbed my forefinger hard up his hole and he gasped with delight. Then I snapped my finger against the clothes pins on his nipples and his mouth went slack and his head fell back and his eyes rolled up in their sockets - he was a hot little fuck toy, all right, he loved the sexual torture.

"Oh! Please, OK, I'll tell. There were three of them, and they took my clothes off in the boy's room and rubbed my naked body and said I was cute and they wanted to play a game with me and I thought they liked me, and it felt good at first but then they made me bend over and one of them had a bottle of slippery stuff that he squirted up my ass and then they were doing like you're doing now, rubbing me and pushing their fingers up my ass, and I liked that too at first, but then I saw that one of them had his pants down and he said he was going to stick his penis up my bum - he had a big one, it was big and hard, and I was afraid it would hurt. He told me if I sucked on it to get it wet so it would go in easy, then it would feel good, so I did, I had to, I sucked on it, and he liked the way I did it."

"Who were those boys, Bobby, did you know them?" I asked, pulling on the clothes pins so his perky little nipples stretched away from his chest and he gasped with delight.

"It was Brad Foster, the captain of the football team, he's totally awesome, he has lots of muscles, like you, and I hope I can look like him some day."

I played with Bobby's little erect penis and finger-fucked him as he poured out his story. He had his eyes tightly shut and talked breathlessly, like he had been wanting to talk about his exciting sexual experience with the older boys.

"Did you like sucking Brad's big cock, Bobby? Have you sucked other boys' cocks?" I shoved a second finger up the boy's tight hot asshole again while I stroked and rubbed his muscular pecs and twisted the clothes pins on his nipples, and he cried out in pleasure.

"Oh! Yes! I did, I liked sucking Brad. It felt good to have his big cock in my mouth, and I liked the way it tasted. I was able to take it all, and he liked that, Brad said I was good at sucking cock and I was proud and I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I could swallow it. I've sucked my buddy Randy's cock, and his big brother Matt and Matt's buddy Erik and a boy named Andy and one named Eddie. Whenever I go to Randy's house if Matt is there he makes me and Randy suck him off, and sometimes he calls Erik or another one of his buddies and has them come over so we can suck them too. Matt says I'm the best cocksucker he knows and he told Randy and me that it will make you big and strong to swallow another boy's jism, so we do that all the time."

"What about the other boys with Brad, Bobby, who were they? Did you suck their cocks too?" I didn't like the idea of the older boys taking advantage of the younger one, even if he was a little cock teaser. I played with the boy's balls, flicking the clothes pins I had clipped onto his scrotum, pulling them gently, then harder, and he gasped and moaned.

"I don't know their names, but I think they're on the football team with Brad," he said.

I could tell that Bobby felt important talking about the big boys, and he was actually proud of what had happened, he wanted the attention. The boy continued to pour out his story.

"I sucked the other boys too, and made them cum, but when I sucked Brad he made me stop sucking him before he came, and then he was about to push his big dick up my bum, but then the principal came in and made them stop. I think he spanked all of them, he told me to put my clothes on and get along to class so I did. But after school Brad and another boy - it was Marty Saunders, he wasn't with them in the boys' room, he and Brad are best buddies and he has even more muscles than Brad and they caught me on my way home and took me into the woods and took all my clothes off again so I was naked and they made me suck their hard penises and then Marty held me face down naked over a big log and Brad put that slippery stuff on my butt-hole and shoved his cock up my bum and it hurt! But I liked the way he wrapped his arms around me and held me while he was shoving his cock up my butt, that felt good and he said I was cute and sexy and had a tight hot ass and he wanted to fuck me again some time and when he came he swore a lot and jammed his cock into me real hard and fast and it was awesome except that it hurt. Then when Brad finished, Marty fucked me too, Brad told him to, and it felt good, even though his was bigger, because he wasn't as rough. He kissed me and said he was sorry but he was so turned on he just had to do it, my ass was so cute and watching Brad do it had made him too horny to stop, but he was real nice about it and it felt awesome. He even played with my cock while he was fucking me and I came too."

I was shocked at what Bobby told me - his friend's big brother had obviously turned the cute little kid into a real slut, making him suck his and his friends' cocks, and now Bobby craved sex with other boys. That still wasn't going to save him from the punishment I had in mind for him, but I would have to think of a way to teach Matt and his friends not to use younger boys to satisfy their lusts. Brad and Marty sounded like they could use some disciplining too. I knew some local college jocks who would be glad to help me teach those bullies a lesson.

As I played with Bobby's ass and interrogated him he was starting to whine and beg, realizing what he had let himself in for. I rubbed the slippery salve into his crack, then all over his sweet little hole, and slowly pushed two fingers into the boy's tight hole, and he gasped. He was taking the assplay easily, those older boys had broken the kid in as a sex toy very well. I suspected there had been more than just the one time in the woods.

I was fingering Bobby's hole as he poured out his story, and had two of them inside him. With my other hand I rubbed and stroked his naked body, and pulled and tweaked the clothes pins on his nipples and balls.

"Are you going to fuck me, Derek?" he asked fearfully. "You're a lot bigger than Brad and Marty."

"Not now, Bobby, this is just my fingers, and I can tell you like the way it feels. And remember, you said you would do exactly as I say, if I take you to the football game. Or are you saying you want to cancel our agreement, and stay home?" I pulled my fingers out and squeezed more Vaseline onto them, then pushed those two fingers farther into the boy's hole, and wiggled them around inside his tight little boyhole, and he gasped at the not unpleasant sensation.

"Oh! No! Please take me to the game, Derek, I'll be good, I promise."

"Do you want me to take my fingers out?" I shoved my fingers in all the way, and probed deeper and harder. He gasped, and his eyes rolled with pleasure - I had hit his prostate, a welcome experience for the horny teen.

"Oh! I, uh, no. I mean, yes. Please, I still want to go to the game. We should leave, shouldn't we? We'll be late." He was squirming in combined discomfort and embarrassment and fear and pleasure, as I was stimulating his tight boyhole expertly, making him feel things he had probably never experienced before, things he wanted more of. I held him firmly on my lap and finger fucked him until he was panting eagerly, wanting more. I pulled the clothes pins on his nipples as hard as I could. One popped off, and he gasped - I put it back on, catching even more of his tight little nipple with it and he yelped in discomfort.

"Did those boys ever do anything more? Did Brad and Marty fuck you any other times, Bobby?" I worked his hard cock and balls and finger fucked the boy as I questioned him. The way I had his arms tied behind his back emphasized his helplessness - he had to tell me.

"Oh! Yes! They do it now almost every day. Sometimes they take me to the boys room and do it there and other times they take me to the gym, and other times in the woods. Usually it's just the two of them, but a couple of times they let other boys fuck me too, in the gym there were five of them one day, and they all fucked me and came inside me and made me suck their cocks when they weren't pushing them up my ass. Marty takes me to his house sometimes, I like when he fucks me, he's slow and gentle and it feels good. Brad is rough and likes to hurt me."

That confirmed what I had guessed by the ease with which Bobby took my fingers up his ass: the sexy teen cock teaser had been fucked a lot, and his boyhole was well broken in. That meant he would have no trouble taking my big dick when the time came.

"Please can we go to the football game, Derek? We'll be late!" The boy started begging as I fingered his hole and interrogated him about his sexual experiences with other boys.

"Well, I guess you're right." Abruptly I pulled my fingers out of his hole and lifted the cute boy off my legs. I untied his hands so he could pull them from behind his back, then pulled the clothes pins from his nipples and scrotum, making sure to remove them as roughly as I could, and was rewarded with yelps and gasps as each came off. He sighed and panted as circulation returned to the sore flesh, then whined as it started to hurt. I rubbed his pert little nipples and he sighed with relief. They were hard and sexy and I enjoyed the look on his face as I fondled them.

"Just turn around and stand there for a minute though." He looked fearfully at me, but obeyed. "Bend over," I said, and pushed him forward, making him bend over so his cute little bubble-butt was raised invitingly in my face. "Grab your ankles and spread your legs wider apart," I told him, using my hands to make him do what I had said. I reached between his legs and grabbed his little penis and testicles and pulled and squeezed and that made him eager to comply. I arranged him so his cute little ass was raised high in the air, his legs spread wide apart so that his firm tight ass was invitingly spread with his crack wide open and his pink puckered boy hole exposed and vulnerable. Then I squeezed a big glob of the Vaseline onto my fingers and worked it up his tight hole, lubricating his shitter as deeply and thoroughly as I could. I repeated that several times, making sure to get enough of it up there that he was going to be aware of it as it liquefied from the heat of his butt and started to ooze out and run down his legs. It felt good to him, of course, he lifted his ass willingly and made sounds of pleasure as I played with his ass, but he knew it was the prelude to something less pleasant. "OH! Please Derek, we should go!"

"OK, stand up and face me," I told him, and he did, looking uncomfortable. "Now be sure you hold all of that in," I said sternly. "It will make a mess in your shorts if you don't, and I'll have to punish you."

I wanted it to make a mess, of course, to embarrass him as much as possible. The sexy teen stood there naked, uncomfortable, his tight hot hole still tingling from its recent invasion with my fingers, and starting to feel full with all the Vaseline I had worked up there.

"But why did you do that?" he asked plaintively.

"You'll see," I said perfunctorily, and glared so the sexy naked boy would know not to ask more questions.

Then I turned the naked teen around and reached around him from behind and stroked his little cock to an orgasm while I stroked and fondled him all over. He came quickly, thoroughly aroused by all the finger-fucking and cock and ball play I had subjected him to. I caught the boy's hot sticky cum on my other hand and wiped it all over his chest and belly and he made faces, obviously annoyed at the idea of having to go to the game with his freshly dried cum all over his body, but afraid to protest and not get to go at all.

Naughty Bobby was now well prepared for what I had in mind for later, so I went to his drawers and found the clothes I wanted for him.

Bizarre attire and behavior have become the norm among male fans at college football games - some wear virtually nothing and paint their naked bodies in bright colors so the nudity is less obvious, but I have seen a few exposing themselves in ways that would be considered public obscenity in any other context - cute sexy guys with incredible bodies wearing nothing but a jockstrap, and jumping around waving signs and flags, until their cocks flop out and bounce around and everyone tries not to look, but can't help wanting to. And once those horny college boys get excited drinking beer and yelling, they usually get aroused too, and with their inhibitions already abandoned, public sex among spectators in the stands is not unusual.

I attended one game where an entire fraternity, all wearing nothing more than the skimpiest jockstraps, some of them totally nude, took turns fucking two willing coeds who joined them, right there on the seats in front of me. They blocked the view with their bodies so that the action wasn't visible from a distance, but the fans close up saw quite a show, and some of us even joined in. I ended up getting my cock sucked by one of the frat boys, he saw the bulge in my pants when I got aroused watching the gang-bang. I admit it was as much the naked frat boys as the girls who turned me on, it must have been a jock fraternity, because there wasn't a one of them who didn't have a fantastic body, and most were pretty well hung too, which was easy to observe, as the ones who weren't taking their turn at the coeds' mouths or cunts were jerking off while they watched.

Anyway, I was watching the drunken orgy at the football game, and I was totally hard and groping myself, and I was tempted to start servicing a few of those studs myself, but this one cute naked stud's drunken eyes went wide when he saw the bulge in my pants, and he knelt in front of me and opened my fly and pulled out my big cock and went down on it like a champ. He worked my pants down to my ankles and slid his hands up under my shirt and really enjoyed my body too, and my orgasm was a real gusher, but he took it all and wanted more. He ended up sucking off half his fraternity brothers and several more of the other spectators before the game ended. I'm sure he pleaded drunkenness to explain his cock-sucking later, as he was a very muscular, macho-looking dude, but it was obvious he'd had plenty of experience, he took my ten thick inches with no problem, and the sounds he made told me he loved every moment of being choked by my monster, and he swallowed every drop of my hot sticky cum like a starving man.

Needless to say, none of us saw much of that game, but our side was losing from the start, so the orgy was a welcome diversion. A couple of those drunken fraternity studs asked me for a ride back to their frat house after the game, and when I suggested they come to my apartment for a few more beers first, they accepted eagerly, and I ended up fucking both. They had seen my big cock when I was getting blown, and were both desperate to have it shoved up their tight jock stud asses.

Their names were Andy and Peter. I asked if they were gay, and they assured me very emphatically that they were not, but they had been best friends since they were pre-teens, and had grown up messing around with each other, and had learned early on that it felt good to stick things up their asses. They had soon tried fucking each other, and liked it, so they had three- and four-ways with their girlfriends whenever they could, one of them fucking his girl while the other fucked his buddy in the ass. But now their girl-friends were at a different college, so they messed around with each other and the more open-minded of their fraternity brothers. Sex between the two of them, or with other guys, wasn't really cheating, they reasoned. Both had pretty average-sized dicks, and recently they had tried some dildos and found they both liked getting fucked with big ones, and the real thing was better than an imitation, so when they had seen me getting blown by their voracious cock-sucking fraternity mate they had decided they had to get my big dick up their asses if they could. I fucked both twice. Both had nice, tight, well- muscled bodies, and I let them fuck me too, it was awesome being sandwiched between those two hot young studs as we all grunted and moaned and fucked the shit out of one another. They ended up spending the night at my apartment, and we all slept in my king-sized bed and there wasn't much the three of us didn't do.

When I dropped them off at their fraternity house the next day Andy and Peter asked if I wanted to join them there sometime for some further adventures. I hadn't had time to take them up on that offer, but was planning to, as both had awesome bodies and were total sluts once they got turned on, they had eaten my ass and sucked my cock and even kissed me on the mouth, something most straight guys won't do for some reason, even if they like to suck and get fucked. Go figure. But they had promised me there were several other brothers who would like to ride my huge cock, especially if we lubricated the event with plenty of alcohol, which they would be glad to supply.

I asked those two about the stud who had sucked me off at the game and they said he was a wrestler, with several conference titles to his credit, and they suspected he was gay, but hadn't figured it out yet. He had a girlfriend, but every time he got drunk he wanted to suck cock, and claimed to have no memory of it when he was sober, so everyone made sure he got drunk regularly and he would service anyone who cared to queue up for a turn. I asked if they had ever gotten him into bed with the two of them for more than just cock-sucking and they both grinned and said they had. He'd resisted the idea at first, even drunk, so the first time they had tied him up and let him think he was being forced to get fucked against his will and he had loved it, and now the sexy jock managed to stop by their room regularly. He would wander into their room drunk and naked and then "pass out" on one of their beds and lie face down and spread his legs apart and wiggle his ass and moan about how horny he was until they both fucked him.

Remembering all of that, I figured I could get away with dressing Bobby in something pretty extreme for today's game, as well as carrying out the program of punishment and humiliation I had planned for the naughty spoiled teen stud, and no one would say anything. Besides, as far as attire went, I would be dressed normally, and could say that the outfit had been Bobby's own choice - "These teenagers!" - and who would believe him if he protested?

In the bottom drawer of Bobby's dresser I found what I wanted - old clothes he had outgrown. I picked out a pair of skimpy white cotton play shorts that were obviously too small for him, and he told me so, but I ignored his protests and had him stand in front of me and made him step into them, then pulled them up. They had an elastic waist that stretched, but it was indeed difficult getting them pulled all the way up, and when I succeeded, they looked quite amazing. I had him turn around so I could observe the effect from all sides. They clung to his crotch and ass so tightly he might as well have been naked, especially as I had not allowed him to wear any underpants. The beginnings of his blond bush showed above the waistband, and his penis and testicles were clearly visible through the tight stretchy fabric, threatening to pop out at any moment, and I fondled him and arranged them so they showed off even better. He stayed erect, and looked quite obscene, and his penis was still leaking from his recent orgasm, so a dark wet spot soon appeared on his shorts. With the soft fabric clutching his sex so tightly, he was bound to stay hard and look even more exposed. In back the tight stretchy fabric ran all the way up into his crack, and lifted and separated his tight firm little buttocks perfectly, leaving a few inches of his cute little butt fully exposed at the bottom. I fondled that, loving the soft smooth firm cheeks of the boy's ass.

I selected a tee shirt that was likewise too small, and put that on him as well. It came only halfway down his abs, so tight it looked ready to split wide open, and I knew it would ride up further as he moved around. Then I gave him a pair of flip-flops for his feet, and had him step back so I could look at him. He looked like a rent-boy from some porn fantasy film, more naked than dressed, and barely legal to go out. If his fuck buddies Brad and Marty could see him like this they'd be dragging him into the nearest alleyway to fuck the little cock teaser senseless.

I marched the naughty teen quickly out of the house and into the car, refusing to let him see himself in the mirror. He sat uncomfortably in the car as we rode, obviously torn between his desire to see the football game and his embarrassment, and afraid to protest, for fear of what I would do. He kept squirming on the seat, and I knew the Vaseline was oozing from his tight pink hole, making a big dark spot in the crack of his shorts in back. I could see his little peter was still hard, and I reached over and fondled his naked flesh and played with his erection through his tight shorts as I drove, embarrassing him further, making sure he stayed erect and wanton-looking.

People looked at Bobby and pointed and laughed as we entered the ballpark and found our seats. It was a cool day, and even amid the usual college- boy exhibitionism he stood out, his half-naked body exposed and sexy. I saw several other boys and men look at him hungrily - he was a very enticing sight. Other people looked and pointed and snickered, making fun of him. The dried cum from his orgasm looked white and strange on his darkly tanned body, and everyone must have wondered what it was.

Bobby hung his head in shame at first, but I told him he had to put on a brave front, so he tried, and made faces back at people when they pointed and stared. I'd been hoping for that, it made them even more scornful of the naughty little boy. Everyone would enjoy seeing him humiliated.

We reached our seats, and sat down. There were people all around us, and all were looking at Bobby. We were in an area with mostly non-students, and he was the only one who was exposing so much bare skin, and he clearly wasn't a college student, so he drew lots of attention. His tee shirt had worked its way up on this torso, as I had expected, so most of his cute muscular little midriff was exposed, and as we sat I reached over and stroked his naked flesh, making it look like I was comforting the boy, but of course it aroused him, and his erection was clearly visible through his tight shorts. I explained to the people near us what had happened - that the boy had misbehaved, and tricked me so I could not refuse to bring him, and then he had dressed like this on top of everything else, just to embarrass me! Bobby did not dare contradict me, but he made an angry, frustrated face when I said that. Everyone looked very disapproving of him, shaking their heads.

"Needs a good spanking," I heard one man say, and I winked at him and nodded, letting him know that was on the agenda.

Bobby tried to watch the game, but his embarrassment, and the way people around us were treating him made that almost impossible. His discomfort and resentment made him petulant and whiny, and he spoke rudely to the people who tried to say something to him, and soon had alienated them all. I warned him to behave "Or suffer the consequences." Our neighbors all nodded at me in approval, wanting to see Bobby get spanked right there in public.

Then when the hot dog vendor came I bought the petulant teen a hot dog and a coke, and made sure he spilled some coke on me. That was my excuse to lecture him and soon he was whining and sniveling and that was all the justification I needed to pull down his tight shorts all the way to his ankles to spank him. That exposed his erection and I pointed it out and played with it to humiliate the naked boy further. Then I put him over my knee and spanked his bare firm ass hard with my hand. He tried to tough it out, but soon was yelping and crying, and the people near us laughed and jeered as he got his bare ass spanked in public. He started kicking his legs and flailing his arms, but there were a couple of college jocks next to Bobby, and they willingly got up and grabbed the naked boy's ankles and wrists and held him firmly in place as I slapped his ass soundly with my bare hand.

I had seen Bobby sneaking looks at those college boys. They were obviously body builders or gymnasts, with very muscular bodies well displayed by the tight pants and tee shirts they were wearing. They had not concealed their interest in the half-naked teen either, they had tried to chat him up and been very friendly and sympathetic, obviously hoping he was what he appeared to be, a slutty little homo sex-fiend whom they could get to suck their cocks in a stall in the men's room, but he had pouted and rejected their sympathy, and now they enjoyed restraining the naughty boy, and fondled him eagerly as they held him so I could spank his bare ass. I could see that Bobby was in heaven and hell, getting spanked in public but getting much-wanted attention from the two muscle-studs. I spanked him good and hard, and he was soon bawling like a little baby.

Then I stood the naked teen stud on his feet and lectured him while everybody watched and laughed. He was standing there all but naked, his shorts at his ankles, his tee shirt worked up to his armpits, and his little penis was still erect, of course, and I played with it as I scolded him, exciting him even more. I stroked and fondled his naked teen body, pinching and twisting his pert little nipples, diddling his little boy-cock, and soon he was shaking with excitement and embarrassment. The people around us teased him as they watched his humiliation, and the college boys did their share of feeling Bobby's naked body, on the pretext of helping me make him stand and listen. They kept groping their crotches, and I could see both were aroused, turned on by the sexy little teen's nakedness and seeing him get spanked like that.

It was getting cool and windy as the game progressed, so after I had spanked and diddled Bobby, I had him stand between my legs, with his back to me, and I wrapped my coat around both of us, ostensibly to keep the boy warm, but actually to conceal him and what I was about to do. Inside my coat I removed the boy's shorts entirely and pushed his tee shirt up to his armpits and fondled him thoroughly, running my hands all over his naked body, enjoying his soft smooth naked skin, and the soft sounds of pleasure he made. I think he knew by now what was coming, and had accepted it. Once I had him thoroughly aroused and compliant, I slid my fingers into his crack and probed at his tight little boy hole.

"Oh! Do you have to?" he whined.

"I'm afraid so, Bobby," I said quietly and reasonably. "You've earned this, and you know it."

"But all these people will see," he whined.

"Maybe that will teach you to behave next time," I told him sternly as I prepared to fuck the boy right there in public.

I pushed a finger up his butt, and there was still plenty of the Vaseline inside him to make it very slippery, so I rubbed it around well, lubing his tight hot hole and stretching it and relaxing it. The naughty boy cooed and sighed - he wanted it. Brad and Marty at school had broken Bobby in well, and he wanted to be used this way now. I opened my shirt and spread it, bearing my abs and pecs so I would feel the boy's naked body against me, then opened my pants and pushed them down far enough to free my large erection, which was fully hard in anticipation of violating Bobby's little rear end. I felt the full round cheeks of his bubble-butt, loving their smooth soft skin and melon-like firmness. I wrapped one hand around his narrow waist, rubbing his belly, and pulled him closer, holding my cock in my other hand, guiding it into his crack. The sexy teen's whole body was quivering with anticipation and arousal, he knew what was coming and wanted it as much as he feared it. My cock was leaking heavily, dripping precum, and I rubbed that around on the head so it would lube his opening further when I pushed it into him. He whined pitifully, and I saw people around us look scornfully at him, thinking he was a whiny little baby, still whining about his spanking.

I pulled naughty Bobby back inexorably, pushing the head of my hard penis against his tight hot boy hole, and he gasped as his tight anus was spread wider and wider. My cock was oozing heavily and it lubed him well as I pulled him closer. Finally the boy's sphincter opened, and the huge blunt head popped inside Bobby's asshole. I loved the loud yelp he made as it penetrated him, spreading his tight hole, entering abruptly. It felt wonderful, the boy's tight hot warm asshole engulfing my giant cock. He squirmed and tried to get away, but that just increased the sensations of ecstasy surging through my member as it ravaged his wonderfully tight asshole. My pleasure was further enhanced, of course, by the awareness that I was fucking the boy right in public, though no one could see yet. Those two college boys realized what I was up to, and helped me hold the naked teen, anticipating that after I had fucked Bobby, I would let them have a turn as well in payment for their assistance.

Bobby gave in then, knowing it was useless to resist further, and liking the college studs' attention, the way they fondled and caressed and stimulated his naked teen body. I grabbed the boy's hips with both hands, my cock firmly embedded inside his impossibly tight little butt, and I pulled him slowly back farther and farther, impaling him completely on my rigid sex. He still whined and begged, but that just made my victory over the snotty little prick sweeter, and I kept pulling until I felt his firm smooth ass cheeks pressed against my pubes. Even as well lubed as he was, it was a tight fit, and it took a while to work all of my huge pole into him. He was gasping and moaning now, loving my big hard cock shoved all the way up his sweet tight boy hole. I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his perky nipples and diddled his cock and balls as he adjusted to the sensation of my huge hard dick up his ass. The boy's cock stayed rock hard, so I knew he liked it, despite his protests.

"There," I said softly to the naked boy, licking and tonguing his ear and neck, pulling his hard-muscled naked body tightly against my bare chest, moving my hips a little to rub my cock into his ass a little further. His naked body felt wonderful pressed against mine. "That's all of it." I murmured to him. "I'll let you get used to it. Let me know when you want more." I contracted the muscles in my groin to make my cock swell and throb inside him, and heard him gasp each time it lifted him off the concrete floor. He was being bounced up and down on my huge hard shaft. The college boys who had helped me spank him reached into my coat and fondled Bobby's naked body too, and played with his erection - and mine - and I could see their hands in their crotches, rubbing their own boners through their pants. They were a couple of really hot numbers, and I decided I would have to get them to join me at Bobby's house later to continue the boy's punishment in private.

Shortly I could tell from the way sexy teen stud Bobby was working his tight hot butt on my cock that it was feeling good to him, so I started slowly working my cock in and out of his ass, and he started making soft appreciative noises. I felt my orgasm building in my nuts, but made an effort to delay it. I wanted him to cum before I did. I reached around and grasped his little dick and started stroking it as I rubbed his naked body with my other hand. "Do you like that, Bobby? Do you like getting fucked with my big cock? You've been trying to get me to stick it in you all day, haven't you? Do you like it?" I was stroking his little dick now as I fucked him, getting him hotter and hotter.

"Oh yes! Fuck me, Derek!" he cooed and sighed quietly, trying not to let the people around us know what was going on. I could see a few of them starting to look, though, and could tell from the way he was helping me fuck him now that he was almost ready to pop his little nuts. I shoved harder, driving my cock into that pleasure spot deep up his ass, and he started throwing his head back and sighing "Yes!" loudly each time I thrust into him. He was reaching back now to run his hands all over my bare pecs and abs, the feeling of my hard hot body driving his own arousal to a fever pitch. The boy loved my muscles even more than Trevor did, he was grinding his ass down on my cock and rubbing my body, and gasping and begging for more and harder.

"Yes, Derek, I love it, fuck me hard, please, I need your cock, fuck me!"

"Take your cock now," I told him, and as I removed my hand from his hard penis the lust-maddened boy obediently wrapped his hand around his hard cock and started frigging it madly. My thrusts got harder and faster, and I could feel his asshole starting to clench as his nuts tightened and churned.

When Bobby was just ready to cum, and beyond caring, desperate for anything to get him off, I opened the coat that had been concealing us, and leaned back to reveal the naked teen boy-slut to everyone around us. He had his head thrown back and his eyes closed by that time, and was impaled fully on my ten inch fuck tool as I lifted his sexy naked form off the floor with each huge lunge of my cock up his well-lubed ass. He was bouncing up and down on my big hard cock, while with his own hand he was jerking his hard cock madly, and that's what everyone saw - the naughty little boy was fucking himself on my pole and masturbating in public! Bobby felt the cold air and opened his eyes wide in shock just as his little cock started spurting.

"Oh! Yes! I'm cumming! Fuck me!" The words were wrenched involuntarily from his throat as his dick erupted with several hard spurts of hot teen cum. Fortunately the seat in front of us was empty, and his white sticky jism landed harmlessly on the back and bottom, where it pooled. The people around us saw at once what was happening, and laughed and pointed. The sight of the naughty teen getting fucked naked right there in front of them was hilarious, and a fitting punishment for his misbehavior.

I released my own orgasm then, stabbing my cock even harder into Bobby's sweet tight ass, grabbing his sexy narrow hips and pulling him hard down onto me, then lifting him off me until my cock was almost free of his tight hot boyhole, the flange of its huge purplish head starting to show, then dropping him back down on it, and he flopped around like a rag doll, cum still spurting from his hard little prick as I jabbed his prostate and prolonged his ecstasy - and embarrassment. He was helpless to conceal his enjoyment, and rode me ecstatically, grunting out words of wild encouragement like the depraved little sex pig he was by then.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want your cock! Fuck me!"

I clutched his naked body to me, stroking and fondling his soft firm muscles, and the two college studs and other people around us reached over and stroked his naked flesh too, making him their sex toy. All eyes were glued to naked Bobby's ecstatic body.

When we had both cum, I pulled Bobby off my cock and scolded him.

"Well, look what you did, you shot your nasty spooge all over that seat in front of you. And look, you got me dirty too!" And I exhibited my own huge cock, still hard and dripping. "Why did you do that?"

"Yes!" There was a chorus of agreement from the people around us. "Make him clean it up! Naughty little bugger!"

Bobby was still too dazed with the pleasure of his own fading orgasm to understand what I was saying, his face had a look of complete abandonment and delight. His little cock was still oozing, and he was still playing with it. As he came back to reality, the realization dawned, his humiliation was not yet complete.

"Clean me up first," I demanded, and made the boy get down on his knees, naked on the hard cold concrete, and lick my huge member clean. He did that eagerly and thoroughly, happily licking all the cum off my big dick and licking up the cum that continued to ooze from its tip, until I decided it was clean enough. Then I ripped Bobby's skimpy undersized tee shirt off, and handed it to the now totally naked teen stud, and told him to dry my cock, which he did, and I managed to stuff my still erect tool back in my pants, and I buttoned up my shirt, but not without some regretful noises from people around us, who wanted to see more. The two college studs in particular had shown plenty of interest, both groped my pecs and fondled my member as Bobby licked it clean.

Bobby stood in front of me contritely, still shaking with the force of his recent orgasm, and his own cum was still oozing and dribbling from his little cock while my cum was oozing from his just-fucked asshole and dribbling down the insides and back of his legs.

"Climb over that seat and clean up your mess, right now!"

I pushed Bobby away from me, exposing him completely to the eyes of all around us as they laughed and scolded. The naked boy started crying and sniveling in embarrassment and humiliation.

"No! Please don't make me do that! I'm sorry. I couldn't help it!"

"Too late for sorry, you should learn to control yourself better. Now get over there and do it."

I pushed him forward and he nearly fell over the back of the seat, but caught himself. The people around us all reached out and grabbed the naughty naked little boy and pushed and pulled him down onto the seat onto which he had cum. He sat in his own fresh jism and slid around until he was soon wet and sticky with it, his entire naked body wet and slippery, and he whined piteously. But he obeyed, and wiped the seat. His naked darkly-tanned body was streaked with dried cum now, and his cock was still hard, and oozing, and he looked like he'd stepped off of some Internet porn site where several of his horny teen fuck-buddies had just cum all over him.

"I think this boy needs more spanking," said a young man sitting next to where Bobby was standing, and he grabbed the naked boy by his arm.

"No, you can't do that!" Bobby protested, trying to pull away.

"And why not?" I asked. "You almost got your filthy mess on that nice man, I think he certainly should spank you!"

I nodded at the man, who smiled and pulled my naked charge across his knees, then started spanking the beautiful little butt displayed so invitingly for his attention. Bobby yelped, his ass still sore and tender from the spanking I had given him not long before, and soon he was bawling like a baby. He kicked his legs and flailed his arms, but other spectators held him in place. More people around us wanted to spank him too, and he was passed from spectator to spectator until he had been spanked by at least ten people. Most of them played with his cock too, and poked their fingers up his cum-filled ass, embarrassing him further as they made him beg for more.

One of the college boys asked if he could "give the boy a ride", and when he revealed an erection almost a match for mine I told him to go right ahead, and he lifted naked Bobby easily into the air and lowered the helpless teen onto his huge hard cock. As well lubed as the boy's asshole was, the giant fuck pole slid up his ass easily, and soon Bobby was impaled a second time, bouncing and gasping and yelping as he was fucked right there in public. Then the second college muscle-stud took a turn, and while his cock wasn't as long as his buddy's, it was fatter, and Bobby yelped rewardingly as he was lifted easily and impaled on it. He tried to resist, but with his ass so well lubed and his own weight helping, the thick fuck tool worked its way up his tight hot hole. Then the sexy college boy gave Bobby a real ride, and Bobby loved it. His little cock stayed hard, of course, but he didn't cum again, so when everyone who wanted it had had a turn to spank him or fuck him, I stood the naked boy in front of me and masturbated the sexy teen, and he gasped and moaned with delight as everyone watched and jeered.

"What a filthy little boy! Look how much he likes that! How disgusting! Shame!"

Bobby pumped out a surprisingly big wad of jism, considering it was his third of the afternoon, and I caught it in my hand and made him lick it up.

I thought Bobby's humiliation was complete, and I was about to make him put back on his cum-soaked shorts and tattered, cum-soaked tee shirt, but then a woman near us offered to give me one of the diapers she had in her bag for her own baby, and I agreed that was the perfect way to show everyone what a baby naughty little Bobby was. Besides, with all the Vaseline and cum deposited up his ass, he'd be oozing heavily, messing up my car's seats, and the diaper would prevent that. I laid him across my lap and powdered and diapered him as everyone around us watched and laughed, then I made him stand that way through the rest of the game and allow the other spectators to stroke and fondle him. On our way out of the park he hung his head and cried while everyone we saw looked and pointed and jeered at the cute teen wearing nothing but a diaper and sandals. I told him that if he ever again pulled anything like he had today, I would repeat the whole thing, but next time I would bring the diapers myself, and a pacifier, and make him suck on it once I had diapered him.

Back at my SUV, I opened the hatch in back and had Bobby climb up inside on his hands and knees. I was still horny, and he looked so appealing that I had decided to fuck the boy again right there. I climbed up behind him and opened the snaps on either side of the diaper and took it off, so that he was kneeling there naked.

He protested, guessing what I had in mind, so I pretended I was just thinking about him.

"I just want to see your bare ass," I said. "The way you've been whining and complaining it must be raw."

It wasn't, of course, it was pretty red, but no broken skin.

"Just as I thought," I said, as I fondled his naked ass cheeks, round and firm and sexy. "It's hardly even red, you baby." I let my fingers probe into his crack, and he spread his legs and opened his crack, knowing what was coming.

"Do you have to?" He asked, whining pitifully.

"Do I have to what?" I asked as I poked a couple of fingers up his now well-lubed, well-stretched boyhole. "What do you think I'm going to do?"

"You're going to fuck my bum again, like you did in the ballpark," He said, sniveling.

"I wasn't, actually, but now I will," I said. "But first, if you're going to be such a whiny baby, I'm going to give you something to whine about!"

With that I dragged the naked boy out of the cargo area and sat on the rear gate and flipped him over my lap and started spanking him with my hand. There were still a few people around, and they pointed and jeered at teen stud-puppy Bobby, buck naked, getting a bare-assed spanking in public. Several stood and watched. He wailed and struggled, but I held him easily and got his tight firm little ass a lot redder and more sensitive before I stopped. He was bawling like a baby by then, but more in embarrassment than pain. His little penis was sticking out hard and eager for more attention. Then I stood and made him bend over with his chest on the rear gate and his bare naked teen ass in the air and I dropped my pants and shoved my rock hard dick up his ass. I'd been hard since I started fondling his body a few minutes earlier, and he yelped with discomfort as my large hard penis slid into his well-lubed ass hole but then he sighed and moaned as I started fucking him for real. Doing it out in the open, right there in the football stadium parking lot, was such a turnon that I stripped off my shirt as well, so I too was naked, and I reached up and grabbed the top of the SUV and held on to that and flexed my muscles, getting my body totally aroused by pumping myself up, my cock swelling longer and harder, dicking the boy deeper and deeper. I took my time, and varied my thrusts until I found his prostate, and soon could tell by his yelps and cries that I'd found it. I made him pop his nuts again as I fucked him hard and fast.

When I had finished fucking Bobby on the tailgate in the parking lot, I pulled my cock out of the boy's well-reamed ass and told him to stand up. I slammed the rear gate and led him to the driver's side with me. I took my pants off completely, so I was as naked as he was, and threw them in back. He was so sex-crazed by then that the sight of my naked body drove him into a frenzy, he started licking my big hard pecs and sucking my nipples and was on his knees devouring my huge hard cock when I dragged him back to his feet. It felt good to have him suck me, and I was impressed how talented he was at it. All that practice with his buddy Randy, and with Randy's brother and his friends had taught him a few things, that was sure. But I had something else in mind for my next orgasm. I opened the car door and slid the seat back and got up on it, then lifted the boy onto my naked lap. My cock was still hard, and I lowered him onto it facing me and told him to put his head on my shoulder so I could see to drive, but that he had to make me cum by the time we reached his house, or he'd get twice the punishment I was planning. He whimpered pathetically, but I told him he'd better stop, or he'd be sorry, and he grumbled briefly, but then started moving slowly up and down on my cock, and I could tell from the noises he was making that he really liked it. So did I, it was a challenge driving us home, but I managed, and so did Bobby - he made me cum just as we turned into his street, and he came again too, soaking my pecs and abs with another load of hot teen jism.

At Bobby's house, the two college bodybuilders from the game were waiting for us. I had given them Bobby's address, and promised them they could do whatever they wanted with the boy, so long as I was there to watch, and they didn't harm him. They were standing at the door, and one was holding a bag. I pulled on my pants, then gave Bobby a jacket to put on to conceal his nakedness, and he scurried for the door, looking fearfully at the two muscle studs.

The one with the bag lifted it and said "We stopped at the dorm to get some toys." I grinned, pleased they had thought of that. Poor Bobby groaned as he saw the two.

"Why are they here?" he asked plaintively.

"Because I invited them," I said sternly, and he shut up.

I had cum twice since we had last seen the two college body-builders, so I figured it was their turn to have their way with Bobby. I let us all in, dragging Bobby by one arm, and led them to the basement, where there was plenty of space, and we were less likely to be heard if things got noisy. The two college studs introduced themselves as Toby and Angelo. They stripped off their tee shirts and tossed those aside to display their awesome muscles better for us. Toby was the bigger of the two, blond, blue-eyed, smooth and very muscular, about two inches shorter than I, say five-nine, and he must have weighed 170 pounds. Even clothed I could tell he was lean and hard and one hell of a stud. Angelo, a dark Latino with dark sexy eyes and a sweet shy smile, was about five-eight, but probably weighed 180, he was built like a bull, short and wide and all muscles, and with lots of short dark hair on his pecs and abs and legs. I knew from the football game that Toby's cock was longer, but Angelo's was thicker.

I sat on a chair and watched as they grabbed the sexy naked teen, tossing aside the jacket he was clutching. They tossed a coin to see who would get first crack at the boy, and Toby won. He grabbed Bobby by the petulant little boy's long hair and dragged him to the couch on one wall and sat, pulling Bobby down beside him.

"I can tell you like my muscles, kid," he growled, "so show me what you can do. If you can make me cum with your mouth and hands, I may not have to fuck you." Then he laid back and let Bobby enjoy himself. The boy wasted no time, but started taking the blond muscle-boy's shoes and then pants off and soon had him naked. Then he licked and sucked for all he was worth, paying a lot of attention to the awesome college boy's huge hard pecs, washboard abs, and big nine-inch fuckstick. Bobby had already felt that huge pole up his ass, and I suspect he was hoping to satisfy the stud with his mouth and avoid another butt-fucking with the monster, but he wasn't good enough yet at sucking cock, and all he accomplished was to get the stud even hotter and more eager to feel his big tool inside the boy's tight hot hole again.

Meanwhile, Angelo and I undressed and were entertaining ourselves playing with each other while we watched the show. Angelo turned out to be a talented and insatiable cock sucker, and went down on me as soon as I was naked. Most guys who suck my cock have trouble taking it all, but Angelo took all ten inches all the way to my crotch hairs in one gulp, and I think he would have liked it even bigger. He was a real cock pig. He was stretched out naked on the couch beside me, and I reached over and played with his ass as he sucked me off. He liked the ass play, and spread his legs apart to give me access to his hole. I reached into the bag he had set at my feet and pulled out a couple of dildos and some lube, and started getting the dark sexy stud ready to be fucked. I could tell the sexy Latino stud wanted my big cock up his ass, and had the experience to take it happily. I got his ass well lubed and finger fucked him for a while to loosen him up, then fucked him for a while with each of the two dildos, and that got him desperate for the real thing. He pulled his head off my cock and straddled my legs facing me and lowered his ass onto my pole. He took it all at one time, then leaned forward and planted his lips on mine and started kissing me as he fucked himself on my cock. I wrapped my hand around his big fat eight-inch dick, which stayed hard pressed between our bodies, and stroked him as he rode my pole. His cock wasn't as long as mine or his buddy's, but it was so thick I couldn't get my hand around it.

Seeing his buddy get fucked was all it took to convince Toby that he'd had enough of Bobby's inept blowjob. He lifted the boy and laid him face down across his lap and started spanking him.

"You need to get a lot better at sucking cock before you go acting like such a tease," he growled angrily as he slapped the naked boy's already red and welted ass. Bobby yelped and flailed, but it did him no good, Toby held him in place easily, and spanked him good and hard. I tossed him the lube, and the bigger of the dildos, both of which were superfluous, considering all the Vaseline and cum the boy already had up his ass, and the number of big cocks he'd been fucked with at the game, but I think the big blond muscle-stud liked fingering the sexy teen, so he held Bobby down while he worked the slippery gel up the boy's ass with his fingers, then teased him for a while with the dildo, then lifted the sex-crazed teen and turned him to face him and lowered him onto his big cock. Bobby cried out as the big tool spread his tender ass wide, but was soon fully impaled on it. Toby then grabbed the boy under his arms and bounced him up and down on his cock, while Bobby consoled himself by leaning forward to suck Toby's juicy pecs, and soon they had a mutually satisfying rhythm going, Bobby getting fucked, the blond body-builder getting his pecs worked good and hard.

Angelo was the first of the four of us to cum, he was riding my huge cock like a madman, his mouth glued to mine and his hands working my pecs while I worked his. Neither of us was touching his big cock, but it was getting a lot of friction rubbing between our two naked bodies and his moans and grunts of pleasure grew louder and faster and pretty soon he threw his head back and let out a yell like he was dying and his cock erupted with a fountain of cum that drenched both of us, and he fell against me, clutching our naked hard-muscled bodies tight together as his whole body was shaken with spasms and I was afraid he was having some sort of seizure. But his cock kept spurting, and his tight hot ass was clenching my cock and his hands were working my pecs and soon I too was yelling and shaking and cumming up the hot little body-builder's tight sexy ass.

Toby and Bobby had changed positions by then, Toby had lifted the boy off his big hard cock and laid him on his back on the couch with his ass sticking off the edge and was kneeling and fucking the boy that way, and they were kissing passionately. Bobby was getting the good long hard fucking he had craved all day, and had a look of contentment on his face as the hugely muscled body-builder fucked him hard.

Angelo's body gave one final convulsive contraction as his orgasm finally ended and he opened his eyes and looked at me gratefully, grinning.

"Man, that's the finest cock I ever rode," he panted happily.

"It's yours any time you want to ride it again, stud" I said, running my hands appreciatively over his pecs and abs. He was so lean and ripped he looked like an anatomy lesson, the ridges of his abs were like marble and I loved feeling them. He obviously liked having them felt too, as he glued his lips to mine and moaned happily while I enjoyed his awesome muscles, my own cock still throbbing with the last of my orgasm.

The noises from the other side of the room brought us out of our ecstatic embrace and we both looked across to watch. Bobby's voice rose higher and higher as Toby fucked another orgasm out of the happy teen. Angelo lifted himself off my cock and we got up and walked across to watch as the boy's body arched and his head flew back and he shrieked as his cock erupted in a fountain of white stick jism while Toby slowly and methodically drilled the kid's ass. Toby was grinning happily, obviously proud he could fuck that much cum out of the little stud.

The sight of Toby's beautiful hard-muscled ass as he plowed Bobby got my balls churning, and I knelt behind him and shoved my cock up his hole. My cock was so wet and slippery from fucking Angelo that it went in with little resistance and Toby grunted with pleasure as I started giving it to him hard. He was already close to the edge from fucking Bobby, so it didn't take much to send him over the top and he fell on top of Bobby yelling as I fucked him and his cock exploded up the kid's ass.

Angelo, meanwhile, had climbed up on the couch straddling with his ass in the kid's face and then reached around and guided the boy's willing mouth to his freshly fucked asshole so Bobby could lick and suck it clean. Seeing that put me over the top and I fucked a hot load of my cum up Toby's tight hot ass.

We all agreed to take a break from sex at that point, and moved to the back yard to swim and relax. It was a hot Indian Summer evening, the sun just setting, and the pool felt great. The yard was private enough that there was no reason to put on swimsuits, and we swam and lounged around naked, enjoying the sight of each other's bodies. Bobby, obviously giddy with all the awesome muscles and big cocks surrounding him, went from one to the next of us, licking and sucking and trying to get his fill of our bodies. It wasn't long before he had us all hard and horny and wanting to fuck again, but we were getting hungry, so Bobby offered to phone for pizza. He said he knew a pizza delivery boy we should all meet. That sounded intriguing, so we told him to go ahead.

I went with Bobby to answer the door when the pizza arrived. Carrying it was a boy about my own age - eighteen or nineteen - with the body and face of a Greek God. He was about five-ten, with long blond hair, blue eyes, a dark tan, and from what I could see, luscious pecs and biceps and abs. Appropriate to the hot weather, he was wearing just skimpy shorts and a ripped off tanktop, so a lot of his body was on display. He looked the archetypal porn-film muscle-boy surfer. Bobby and I were both still naked, and our dicks were hard. Bobby had insisted this kid would dig that, and the way the pizza boy looked me over and then winked at Bobby confirmed that.

"Come on in," I said casually, "I left my money in back."

"Yeah, I can see that," the boy drawled as he smiled and followed me. Bobby closed the door and trailed along happily behind.

In the kitchen, the pizza boy put down his burden on the counter as I got his money.

"I'm Derek," I told him, holding out my hand.

"Justin," he said as we shook.

"When do you get off?" I asked.

"This is my last delivery," he said, grinning. "As for when I get off, that depends on you."

I stepped up to him and reached out and slid my hand up under his tank top, feeling his smooth, hairless pecs and abs. He moaned softly in appreciation, and returned the favor, reaching out and feeling my big hard pecs too. I was a little more muscular then he, but he had one of the sexiest, most beautiful, desirable male bodies I had ever seen, perfectly proportioned, hard and sexy and swelling all over with lush male potency. I let one hand drop to his groin and groped him through his skimpy denim cutoffs and could tell from the quickly growing bulge there that he was definitely as ready to play as Bobby had said, and that he had a piece of meat that might surpass my own.

I used both hands to open the pizza boy's fly and pushed his shorts down - he was bare underneath and his cock was swelling to impressive proportions. I wondered how he kept that monster confined in just those skimpy cutoffs, and he admitted later it was a challenge, but he liked to be able to beat off as he was driving to his deliveries, and no shorts made that easier. He confessed that sometimes he shot his load on the pizzas he was delivering, he got off on the thought of some unsuspecting college boys eating his cum with their pepperoni. I asked if he had added anything to ours and he said No, Bobby had clued him in on what was waiting, so he'd saved his load.

Toby and Angelo had joined us by that time, and Bobby produced several six-packs of beer. It didn't take more than about fifteen seconds to get blond surfer-boy Justin buck naked and after we spent a few minutes enjoying his huge cock and magnificent teen body we all ate. I admit I was tempted to skip the pizza and throw Justin on the table and fuck him, but my hunger prevailed.

After we finished eating and cleaning up we all sat around drinking more beer and talking for a while. I told everyone about how the day had begun, and Bobby confessed, as I had guessed by then, that all his misbehavior had been planned, as a way to get me to spank him and fuck him. He loved being spanked by older boys - and he'd been hoping I'd get turned on and want to have sex. He hadn't planned on what had actually happened, but he admitted he had enjoyed it all, and he hoped I would take him to the football game again. I asked him if the stories he had told me were true, about Randy's brother Matt, and Brad and Marty, and he said yes, sort of, but he had exaggerated things a little, none of them had done anything to him that he didn't want or enjoy, he had instigated most of it, and welcomed it all. Considering what he had gotten me to do to him that day, I decided the boys who had broken him in had been as much his victims as he theirs.

By that time we were all sporting major boners from all that talk about sex, and since Justin was fresh meat, we all went for him. We were all still naked, so Toby and Angelo lifted the blond surfer boy into the kitchen counter and we all gathered round. His cock was indeed even bigger than mine, not only longer by an inch, but thicker as well, a real monster, and we took turns seeing who could swallow more of it. He really got off on being the center of attention, and having such a big cock that no one could take it all, and delivered a non-stop stream of obscenity and encouragement as each of us tried to engulf the sexy muscle-boy's enormous tool.

I tried first, and got about two-thirds of it down my throat before I had to come up for air. It was long and thick and the most beautiful piece of stud-meat I had ever sucked, and there was nothing I wanted more right then than to go all the way down on it and suck it until Justin was gasping for release, but no matter how hard I tried, two-thirds of that huge pole was all I could take.

"Fuck yeah, stud," Justin chanted at me, "betcha you thought YOUR cock was big, look at mine, can't take a real man's cock, can ya, faggot, eat that monster cock, eat it, come on boy, eat me, take more, you can take more than that, you're not trying, pussy boy, eat my cock, go down on it baby, yeah, that feels good, suck it hard, swallow my cock, cock-sucker, eat me faggot!" His use of terms like "faggot" and "pussy boy" didn't bother me, I say some weird shit when I'm in the throes of sexual delirium too, he was just talking dirty to me, and it made me even hornier and more desperate to be the one to make him cum, but that wasn't going to happen, and I gave up.

Bobby said he'd already sucked Justin's giant cock a bunch of times on the pizza boy's previous visits to the house, and he couldn't take more than half of it, so he'd pass, but we insisted he take a turn, and it was obvious Justin liked the kid a lot, he grinned and held Bobby's head gently as the boy gobbled that big cock for all he was worth, and Justin's eyes rolled back in his head like he was in heaven having the cute teen service him. I understood, there was something irresistibly sexy and arousing about Bobby, the combination of such cute youthful innocent looks and such total sexual abandon made him incredibly desirable and heightened the pleasure of his sexual attentions. But half of Justin's mammoth cock was all Bobby could take, and we stopped him when Justin looked like he was about to blast his load, we had agreed the winner should get the honor of draining the sexy pizza boy's nuts for him. Justin urged Bobby on just as he had me.

"Oooh, yeah! Sweet little cock-sucker, eat my cock. That's it, baby, you want all of my big log, don't you, baby, come on, take it all, suck me, you little faggot, suck me good, oh yes, that's good, sweet little mouth, eat me, come on, baby." Compared to the way he had talked to me, Justin's words to Bobby were almost endearing, and it was clear the blond god had a soft spot for the sexy teenaged fuck-toy.

Toby went next, and did a little better than I had, but the monster cock's head was just too thick to get down his gullet, and he sounded like he was about to strangle. Then his buddy Angelo tried to shove Toby's head down on the thing. I think Angelo had drunk a beer or so too many, he went a bit too far trying to get Toby to take it all. Justin didn't say anything, he just looked amazed as the dark, heavily muscled Latino muscle-stud forced his big blond body-builder friend to suck cock.

"Take it, buddy, take that fucking cock," Angelo growled as he forced Toby to take more and more of Justin's fuck stick, and it took both me and Bobby to pull Angelo away and free Toby so he could breathe again. He was angry at his buddy, and we had to keep them apart while Toby cooled down.

Angelo went last, and won the contest easily, proving what I had observed earlier when he was going down on me, he had the biggest appetite for huge cock of any guy I'd ever met, and could do things with his mouth and throat that would have made him a god in the porn industry. He buried Justin's monster down his throat with no trouble, and when Toby tried to pay him back by forcing his buddy to keep that cock down his throat, Angelo held it there so long we were all sure he had suffocated and we were ready to pull him off and start administering mouth to mouth resuscitation. Justin was in heaven, and delivered the filthiest torrent of encouragement he had produced so far.

"Oh! Fuck yeah! God damned fucking cock sucker, eat that giant cock! Fuck yeah! Eat it all, faggot! Eat it all! God damn! Yeah! Shit, yeah! Eat me, faggot, eat me! Oh yeah! God damn, yeah! God damn! Uhnggh! Unghh!" As Angelo's efforts began to have their desired effect, Justin's words degenerated into grunts and moans. Angelo had the boy's huge cock buried entirely in his throat and was making an equally amazing set of noises - grunts and moans and gurgles that could have meant anything from "God damn I love sucking this huge cock!" to "Help, I'm choking to death!"

Even Toby was scared eventually that his buddy's crazed obsession with taking all of that huge tool was suicidal, and tried to pull Angelo away, but the sexy Latino stud wouldn't give it up. Finally he relinquished the giant cock long enough to take a breath, then went to work polishing the pizza boy's knob properly, sucking and licking it and deep-throating it until Justin started gasping and panting and yelling and finally cumming, and Angelo took it all. Toby and Bobby and I watched in amazement and envy and admiration, each wishing it was he who was wringing that mind- blasting orgasm from the hugely endowed blond surfer boy.

When Justin was drained at last, Angelo stood back grinning from ear to ear, his big sexy lips glistening with fresh cum. A few final drops oozed from Justin's slowly softening pole and Angelo leaned down and licked those off too. That was an Olympic-grade performance.

Justin was still lying on his back on the kitchen counter, exhausted from the blow job he'd just received. Up until that point no one had bothered to ask the beautiful surfer if he liked to suck cock or get fucked, we all just assumed both for some reason, so Angelo hopped up on the counter straddling the boy's head and stuffed his sizeable endowment down Justin's throat, and we all interpreted the grunts coming from the boy as sounds of enjoyment. It seemed fair that Justin should get Angelo off at that point, to return the favor for that awesome blowjob he'd just received. I doubt the blond surfer-boy had ever before found anyone else who could take him all the way. Angelo's cock had been rock hard the whole time he was sucking Justin's, and I figured he was pretty close to blasting his load down the boy's gullet. I lifted Justin's legs and buried my face in his smooth hairless ass to get him ready to be fucked, and Bobby put his mouth where Angelo's had just been, on the pizza boy's cock, which quickly swelled back to full erection, making Bobby one happy stud-puppy, and reinforcing the impression that Justin was enjoying what was happening to him.

Toby, seeing Bobby bent over, his ass sticking out so invitingly, stepped up behind the kid and started fucking him. Bobby didn't miss a stroke on Justin's cock, he just rolled his eyes with delight as his already well- fucked hole welcomed the return of one of its favorite visitors. He and Toby had connected in the basement when Toby fucked the boy down there a few hours earlier, and it was clear the two would be seeing a lot of each other.

I had wanted Justin's beautiful ass from the moment I had seen it, when we undressed him right after he arrived. All of us had gathered round the boy, stripped him naked, and then fondled and caressed him appreciatively. He was as perfect a specimen of male beauty as I had ever seen, everything in perfect proportion, everything hard and seductive and sexy, especially his ass, which gave the term "bubble butt" a whole new meaning, with big round firm cheeks that begged to be parted and fucked. I had already given it some attention earlier, feeling it with my hands and rubbing my cock in the boy's crack as we all gathered round him and enjoyed his god-like body before agreeing to eat first and fuck later. He had accepted our worship with the tolerant gratitude of someone who was used to being idolized.

Now that I was getting ready to fuck the boy, I grabbed his ankles and lifted and spread his hard-muscled legs to expose his ass and then squeezed his big firm round ass cheeks, and licked and tongued his crack, and sucked his balls, and started fingering his hole, which seemed a bit tight, but I'd had my share of beer, so I didn't worry about that for long. My cock was rock hard and oozing and desperate to feel the surfer's ass closing around it. Justin kept his legs way up, seeming to be granting me total access to his awesome muscular ass.

I grabbed a low stool I had scoped out earlier, and sure enough, standing on it put my cock at just the right level to fuck the boy, so I sunk my big sausage into his ass in one hard lunge, and loved the noises he made, muffled of course by Angelo's big hard cock down his throat. I would have spent more time opening him up and lubing his hole, and given him a while to get used to my giant an inch or so at a time, had I known it was his first time getting fucked in the ass, of course.

As it was, I was too hot with lust to take long enough to enjoy that fuck the way I might have if I had known I was deflowering a virgin. Watching Angelo suck Justin's awesome dick a few minutes earlier, and now the sight of Angelo fucking the blond surfer's godlike face and Bobby trying to choke himself to death on the boy's pole, and Toby plugging Bobby so hard the cute little teen was being lifted off the floor several inches with each giant fuck stroke, had all made my nuts swell so full with cum that it didn't take more than about ten strokes of my cock up Justin's unbelievably tight hot asshole to push me over the edge and make me start cumming. It took twenty or thirty more fast hard strokes for me to drain my balls, though, and that seemed to go on forever, with my shouts of ecstasy filling the house. Bobby said later just the sound of me cumming had made him cum too, he was stroking his own cock as he sucked Justin's and got fucked by Toby, and he blasted his load all over the side of the counter.

Toby and Angelo came at the same time, smiling at each other as one fucked the pizza boy's pretty face and the other fucked Bobby's pretty ass. Angelo leaned over and kissed his friend on the mouth as both gasped and moaned with ecstasy, their cocks throbbing and spurting hot cum into the warm wet holes engulfing them.

Justin was making strange noises and the rest of us eventually came down from our sex-crazed trances enough to hear him. I pulled my cock reluctantly from the sexy blond's ass, cum still spurting from it to hit the boy's beautiful ass and run down onto the floor, and Angelo pulled his cock from the kid's mouth, and we were all sighing with satisfaction when Justin gave an enraged yell and shoved Bobby off his cock - the lust-crazed teen was still sucking the huge hard boner for all he was worth. Justin jumped off the counter, furious. His lips were glistening with cum, and several big drops of it dribbled down his chin as he yelled and swore.

"GOD DAMN! WHAT THE FUCK! I'm no QUEER! I don't SUCK COCK! I don't take COCKS up the ass! You mother fucking perverts just RAPED me! TWICE!" He was sputtering and fuming and stomping around the room like a madman, spitting to try to get rid of all the cum he had just been forced to swallow, rubbing his tender, no longer virgin asshole, dancing around trying to figure out how to regain what he had just lost.

Gradually it dawned on all of us what had just happened. We laughed. That just made Justin madder, and he would have gone berserk if I hadn't gotten myself under control enough to calm him down. I made myself stop laughing and held my hands up in a pacifying manner and started talking to him slowly and calmly and gradually he listened and settled down.

"Whoa, Justin! Chill, dude!" I said. "We didn't know. It was a mistake. We're sorry. Bobby didn't tell us you were straight, we assumed you were into guys like we are." I had serious doubts about how straight the gorgeous kid really was, but it didn't seem like the time to point out to him that straight guys don't join four horny queer boys for sex as willingly as he had, and the pretense that he wasn't queer so long as he never sucked or got fucked was bullshit. I kept talking calmly and he was looking at me, scowling, but listening. "Come on, dude, let us pay you back, I already sucked your cock - or tried to. You're so fucking big, dude, you're awesome. You want to fuck my ass with that monster? Come on, your cock is so hard it looks painful." That was true, of course, the big-dicked surfer had never lost his erection, so it seemed unlikely that he had hated getting fucked at both ends as much as he said. I kept talking, and he pouted angrily, but listened.

"Come on, dude, shove that giant up my ass the way I just did mine up yours. Fuck my brains out, dude! Hurt me with that big cock of yours, make me squeal like a little girl, make me beg you to stop and then keep dicking me, fill my faggot ass with your hot man meat and pump me full of your macho fuck juice! Make me your pussy boy, dude, fuck me hard!"

Talking dirty to the kid did the trick, he liked that, hearing me talk about myself the way he had earlier. Fucking me would prove he was the real man, having a bigger cock proved he was more a man than I, it was all bullshit, but it was calming him down.

Toby and Angelo took their cue and bent over with their asses lifted, ready to be fucked. "Yeah man, fuck us too!" they chorused. We had all been looking forward to taking that big pole up our rear ends, anyway, knowing it would hurt, but determined to find out what it felt like to get reamed by super-cock. I joined them and the three of us stood side by side, bent over naked with our forearms on the kitchen counter, our legs spread wide, our asses exposed and vulnerable. Bobby just sat on a stool and watched happily. He told us later that he'd taken Justin's huge member up the ass a few times already, and preferred to watch and stroke his cock while we three found out what it was like to get fucked with that behemoth. He tossed me a bottle of lube, though, and the three of us hurriedly used it to get one another ready. I worked some up Toby's ass, then he did mine, and finally I did Angelo's. Some foreplay with a few dildos would have been even better, but I didn't think Justin would be willing to wait and show us that consideration. After all, I had popped his cherry practically dry!

Justin had calmed down a little as I talked, and when he saw the three of us bent over like that, eager to take his cock up our asses, his lust won out over his anger. I saw him looking at our hot, firm male asses, licking his lips, stroking his cock now, imagining how it would feel to fuck us, wanting to do it. He strutted and sputtered in a very macho, I'm-completely-straight-don't-fuck-with-me manner, but when we begged he relented.

"Come on man, fuck me, I need to get fucked by a real man," Angelo was chanting.

"Dick me hard, dude, fuck my ass, please fuck me, I gotta have your huge cock," Toby growled, wiggling his sexy butt towards the angry blond surfer boy.

"Give it to us, Justin, fuck as all!" I urged him.

"Well, OK, I guess that's fair," Justin muttered. "If I fuck you, that will even the score. Sort of." He was standing still now, beating his meat slowly while he stared at our asses, our naked hard-muscled bodies posed invitingly, vulnerable, begging to feel his huge cock fucking them. He wanted us, he couldn't hide that. The sexy blond was so cute trying to rationalize his lust for our asses and accept the fact that he had actually enjoyed being made to suck another man's cock, and being fucked in the ass. He bragged to me later about how it proved what a macho stud he was, that he'd been able to take my big cock, and I think that was part of what made it acceptable to him, that my cock was almost as big as his. To the confused blond surfer boy, Bobby was just some cute little faggot with a tiny dick who liked to suck cock, but we other three were obviously big-dicked macho dudes like Justin thought he was, so we had to be OK, and if we could enjoy queer shit like sucking cock and getting fucked, then maybe it was OK for him to. It's like I always say, whatever gets you through the night.

Finally the muscle-boy gave in to his urges. "OK, you first, pussy-boy," he growled, stepping up behind me. "you fucked my ass, so now I'm going to fuck yours."

I was surprised when the kid picked up the bottle of lube and squirted some on his huge dick. Maybe he knew from experience that a cock that big won't go up a guy's ass without a lot of help, and fucking me dry would be as uncomfortable for him as for me. He didn't spend a lot of time on it though, and before I was completely ready, half his huge cock was buried in my rear end.

I let out a yell that must have been heard a block away, and Justin grunted happily.

"Yeah, faggot, take it! Shout all you want, I'm fuckin your ass now! Gonna make you scream for mercy, gonna rip you in two!"

At first that's how it felt, like the blond Adonis's huge cock was ripping my ass open. He pulled out and rammed his cock into me again, and this time got most of it inside. I yelled again, gasping for breath. It felt like his cock was about to emerge from my throat, it was so big, and reached so far into me. He pulled it out and on the third thrust got it all in, I felt his belly hit my ass cheeks. I groaned in agony, I was seeing stars, I couldn't breathe.

"Yeah, baby! Take my huge cock! Fucking your faggot ass! Splitting you in two, teach you to fuck MY ass, make you beg for mercy, cock sucker, pussy boy, fucking your ass, yeah!"

Once he'd succeeded in getting all his cock inside me Justin forgot his anger and just started fucking me. Surprisingly, he used long slow strokes, and after the first few he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me upright, putting his mouth at my ear and murmuring quietly to me as he fucked me long and slow. It took a while, but slowly the pain in my ravaged ass changed to pleasure, his cock was filling my ass with ecstasy, he must be oozing a lot of fuck juice, and it was lubing me up finally. He knew just how to use his cock in a man's ass, he was using it expertly to hit me inside where it felt good, he wanted me to like it.

"How's that, baby," he crooned in my ear. "Do you like that, mother fucker? Do you like my huge cock up your tight hot ass? Tell me you like it, ass-licker, tell me you want me to fuck you harder, take my huge cock, yeah, I'm fucking you pussy-boy, making you take it all and like it, tell me you like it, tell me you want it."

By that time I didn't have to lie, Justin's cock was doing things that no cock up my ass had ever done before, a wave of ecstasy was flooding my whole body. I can rationalize that it was just the fear and then relief, my lust for his awesome body and the thrill of being fucked with something so big, my own conditioning to worship cock, the bigger the better, my sex-crazed need to have that stud inside me, even a need to be used and abused, but whatever it was, all I wanted then was for the blond surfer stud to keep fucking me for the rest of my life.

"Oh! Yes! Fuck me, you stud! Give me all your huge cock, I love your cock, I need you inside me, fuck me hard, fuck me, please fuck me, it feels so good, deeper, harder, yeah, fuck me please!"

That's what the boy wanted to hear, his cock was his magic wand, his key to whatever he wanted, and he wanted to be worshipped and desired, and he also wanted to please, so he kept fucking me long and slow and gentle and soon Toby and Angelo realized they weren't going to get fucked for quite a while, so they left their submissive, bent over positions on either side of me and gave Justin the absolute attention the awesome stud craved, using their talented mouths and hands to pleasure him all over as he fucked me, sucking his pecs, licking his ass, kissing and fondling and caressing him and me all over and slowly he relaxed and gave in to their ministrations and soon he was fucking me faster and harder, and panting like a little bull, grunting and panting and moaning and swearing, and I was still loving it. Justin's hands were all over me, stroking my cock, working my pecs as though he was actually enjoying my hard-muscled male body the way a macho straight boy shouldn't be doing. He was licking and sucking my ears, grinding his huge hard pecs and washboard abs against my back, plugging my butt with his enormous cock, drilling me and making love to me and chanting obscenities to drive himself on.

"Oh yeah, cock sucking faggots, eat me, take my cock, suck my big hard pecs, eat my ass, fuck your ass hard, baby, that's it, worship my big dick, suck my big hard pecs, that's it faggot, you want it, here it is, take my huge dick up your sweet hot ass, fucking you hard, hard baby, fucking your ass, eat me yeah, yeah, fuck-fuck-shit, cock sucker, fuck your faggot asshole, yeah!" As the surfer boy's thrusts up my ass got harder and faster his words degenerated again into gibberish, all grunts and moans and meaningless obscenities until he finally went wild and started ramming his cock up my ass so hard my whole body felt like a giant rag doll impaled on him, an extension of his cock, I was just floating in a daze of hard muscles and huge cock fucking my ass, muscles, cock, ass, fuck, cum. I was cumming, and it went on for an eternity, as Justin fucked me and came inside me and engulfed me with his awesome muscles.

Justin and I both collapsed, and Toby and Angelo caught us and pried us apart. Justin didn't want to let go of me, he was clutching me and thanking me and apologizing to me and kissing me. I fell against the kitchen counter, trying to catch my breath and regain my vision.

Whereas I am usually a top, and wasn't used to getting fucked with anything as big as Justin's huge pole, Toby and Angelo liked getting fucked with huge cocks, and couldn't wait to get Justin's up their ass. They laid him on the floor on his back, and were all over the awesome stud's naked body. Justin was still panting and every now and then his awesome abs would contract and he would grunt as another aftershock hit his body and a big glob of cum would ooze from the tip of his cock and dribble down the shaft and Toby and Angelo would lick it up greedily and then go back to working the stud's big hard pecs, one on each side.

Soon their efforts had revived Justin's interest in still more sex, and Toby said "My turn!" and straddled Justin and lowered his ass onto the boy's cock, engulfing it with his ass with relative ease. He shut his eyes tight a couple of times as he was taking it all in, and gasped once or twice, but he kept one hand on his own big hard dick, and the other on his own pecs, and pretty soon he was fucking himself with the boy's cock and his head was thrown back and his face had a drunk abandoned look of total ecstasy. That was an awesome sight, blond on blond, the two hugely muscled studs joined together on the floor. Soon Justin started adding his own upward thrusts to the action, and Toby started yelling and bouncing up and down like some super-realistic male sex doll.

"Oh yeah man, fuck me with your giant cock, fuck me, that feels so good, give me your cock man, harder, Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me!"

Toby started cumming and blasted a huge load of cum all over Justin, the darkly tanned surfer's smooth-skinned pecs and abs were covered in big white sticky drops of jism, and some hit the boy's sexy face, and Angelo started licking it up like a hungry dog, and when he started licking it off Justin's face, they started kissing. Justin had kissed me towards the end when he was fucking me, but he could claim he'd lost control then, this time he didn't have that excuse, he was a long ways from cumming, and he was kissing another guy on the lips and liking it.

Once Toby had stopped grunting and shaking and cumming all over Justin, he stood up off the surfers' cock and walked over to Bobby and kissed the boy, and the two started into some serious love-making. Angelo got up and laid on his back on the coffee table with his legs spread apart in a big V and his ass wide open and said "Come on, stud, fuck me now, let me feel that big cock too!" Justin got up on his hands and knees and crawled slowly across to the dark body-builder and shocked us all by licking the muscle-stud's crack and ass hole, then actually going down on his big fat cock.

"Oh yeah, baby, eat my ass, suck my big dick, so good, baby, so good." Angelo crooned to the surfer as the macho straight boy gobbled cock like a pro. Angelo grabbed Justin's head and got into some serious face- fucking and Justin took Angelo's thick eight inches to the crotch hairs, and the sounds he was making told me he loved it. Had his earlier outburst been just an act?

Justin was on all fours with his beautiful ass sticking up in the air, and I couldn't resist it, I got down on my knees and crawled over to him and buried my face in his crack, shoving my tongue up his hole. My cum was still leaking out of him from the good hard fucking I had given him not long before, and I lapped it up greedily. I balanced myself on one hand and used the other to grab Justin's huge cock like a handle and stroke it slowly up and down. When I started tugging and squeezing his huge nuts, Justin came up for air and reached back and grabbed my head and held it in his crack and ground his cum-filled ass into my face and growled "Oh yeah baby, eat that ass, work my balls, play with my cock, that's it baby, make your daddy feel good!" Then he went back to sucking Angelo's big cock, and for a while we stayed like that, Justin giving Angelo's cock a world-class sucking while I worked the blond Adonis' ass and cock and balls with my mouth and hands.

Eventually Angelo got desperate to be fucked, and started begging the surfer boy to dick his ass.

"Come on, stud, it's my turn, fuck me with that beautiful big cock of yours, plow me good, I've been waiting all night to get that thing up my ass, give it to me man, dick me hard!"

I was lying on my back on the floor by then, with my head under Justin's crotch, my mouth sucking on the huge head of his giant dick, one hand working his huge nuts, two fingers of the other hand well up his hole. I'd found his prostate and was digging away at it and he was grunting encouragement. Angelo's pleas got through to him at last and he pushed me away, then got up on his knees and moved forward. Angelo raised himself onto his elbows when his cock was released and looked adoringly at the blond surfer boy. They made a cock-wrenching sight, one little and dark and hairy, with huge hard muscles, the other big and blond and smooth.

"Fuck me, boy, shove it in, I can take it, don't hold back," Angelo urged.

Justin took the sexy Latino body-builder at his word and moved up between the stud's legs and shoved his cock in with one hard lunge. Angelo let out a long moan of pleasure as his ass was filled with that huge fuck stick, and Justin wasted no time starting to plow the stud's ass good and hard. I crawled forward and got my face in the blond surfer's sexy ass again, and managed to keep it there as he deep-dicked Angelo with long slow strokes, pulling his giant cock all the way out and jamming it back in hard until Angelo's teeth were chattering and his mouth was hanging slack and dazed with lust. Justin was holding Angelo's legs by the ankles, pushing them back over the muscle-stud's head, bending him double, then leaning down and putting his lips on Angelo's so they could kiss as he fucked the dark stud's tight hot ass. That gave me even better access to Justin's ass, but when I came up for air the sight of that beautiful bubble butt put another idea into my head and I glanced up at Bobby and Toby, who were sitting side by side on the couch, jerking each other off as they watched the awesome show. Bobby grinned and nodded at me, and his mouth formed the words "Fuck him" and I decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. Justin had taken my big cock once already, his ass was still stretched from that good hard fucking, and it was well lubricated with the load of my cum that was still oozing out, my own cock was hard and oozing, my balls were full of cum and throbbing with the need to be drained, so I got up on my knees and moved forward and put the head of my cock where it so desperately wanted to go and pushed slowly and it slid right in all the way to the root with no resistance. Justin pulled his mouth from Angelo's and let out a long low moan of pleasure. I pulled out and slid my cock into his ass again, and he moaned again. Then he said the words I was waiting for, not loud, but loud enough to hear.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck me!"

I let Justin do most of the work. As the blond god fucked his big cock in and out of Angelo's ass, he fucked himself on my big cock, and he made no bones about liking both parts of it. I leaned forward on his back and reached around and grabbed his big hard pecs and rubbed and squeezed them while the blond stud moaned and grunted and got all three of us off. Eventually his cock up Angelo's ass made the muscle-stud pump a huge load of his hot cum all over his pecs and abs, and my own cock started pumping jism up Justin's tight hot ass, and that drove Justin over the top and he made a few final hard lunges into Angelo and emptied his nuts up the stud's ass.

I pulled my still semi-hard dick out of Justin's ass with a loud wet plop, and he pulled his own out of Angelo and looked back at me.

"OK, stud," he said, grinning. "I admit it, I liked that. Don't get the idea you can do it any time you want to, and don't tell anybody you did it, but that was pretty hot." That was major progress for the kid, so I smiled back and caressed his bubble butt ass cheeks with my hand. He leaned over and kissed me as I shoved two fingers up his cum-filled hole and made him moan and whimper with need.

I fucked Justin again that night. The suddenly shy muscle-boy asked if he could share my bed, "as long as you don't try anything funny," but I knew he wanted it. With his ass so well stretched by my cock already, and the memory of how good it felt tingling up there, he had to have more. All I had to do once we were lying in bed naked together was to suck his cock slowly while I finger-fucked him and soon the kid was begging for it. That time I got him on his back and threw his legs up over his head and watched his face while I drilled his ass, and he was looking up at me worshipfully, totally loving every long slow thrust of my fuck pole inside him. I fucked another orgasm out of him, and his eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned and panted with ecstasy, loving every jab of my cock into his willing fuck hole. He didn't even ask to fuck me back, which made it clear what he'd been after.

Toby and Angelo spent the night with Bobby, the three of them doing unspeakable things to one another, but they all joined me and Justin in the morning, and the two body-builders fucked the huge-dicked blond surfer too, flipped him on his stomach and drilled his ass without even asking, and he laid there and took it and begged for more. By the time he left in mid-morning the kid was well broken in, and had asked for all our phone numbers.

Bobby and the two college boys and I spent Sunday morning working out, lying by the pool, eating, and fucking. Toby and Angelo had to get back to the dorm to study, so they left in early afternoon, and Bobby and I were alone again. We sat naked side by side on the leather couch and watched a fuck film and played with each other's cocks until it was almost time for his parents to be home, when we got up and showered and dressed. As his parents' car turned into the driveway, Bobby turned to me and asked shyly if I would baby sit with him again. I pretended I was reluctant.

"Please say, yes," he begged me. "I promise to be really naughty."


Keep on spankin' it, dude.