Tie Me Up, Please Sir, Version 2

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Version one of this story ended where it did because that's as far as I could make those two characters go then, but several readers have asked for more, so here's another version. It takes a different turn at the phone call - Enjoy. Don't expect more, I'm tired of these two.

I was taking a break from my work at home, browsing through some gay porn I had downloaded the night before. It was mostly pictures of S&M bondage, something I've never tried in the flesh, but now and then I get off on pictures of it, and imagining I'm the one doing the tying. The idea of some muscle-bound macho hunk at my mercy while I teach him a few new things about what feels good does turn me on. These pictures all showed muscular young guys hogtied and gagged, lying face down or on their sides on beds, their cocks sticking out rock hard and dripping, their faces contorted with arousal and anticipation. My own cock was hard, and I was rubbing it through my shorts, getting ready to pull it out and jerk off.

The doorbell rang, and I got up reluctantly to answer, adjusting my cock in my shorts so it wasn't too obvious. It was probably the mail carrier with something requiring a signature.

But when I opened my front door, there was the young stud-puppy who manages my apartment complex. He's about 25, short, dark, and very muscular, total eye candy, and a raging exhibitionist. This time he was wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy gym shorts and his tennis shoes, and his dark, smooth-skinned body was glistening with a light coat of perspiration - the temperature outdoors was about 90, but with our humidity in California so low, it felt quite pleasant to me. He looked like he'd just finished his daily workout with his weights. His muscles were pumped, hard, swollen, sexy. I tried not to make my appreciation of his bare flesh too obvious. I figured he knew I was gay, but neither of us had ever said anything, and I knew he was married, and liked beer and Monday Night Football and all those macho straight-boy diversions. His awesome body had fueled a few fantasies, but I knew better than to make any advances, however veiled or jovial.

"Hi, Matt, what's up?"

Matt and I get along OK, but I find communicating with him a chore - his train of thought always seems to be heading down a different set of tracks than mine, and it can take a long time to connect. So I try to avoid chit-chat, stick to the key issues.

"Mornin' - I need to change the batteries in your smoke detectors." He was carrying a step ladder, and had a box, presumably containing batteries, in one hand.

"Oh. Yeah. Uh, OK, come on in." I stepped back to make room for him to come in.

My two-story town-house apartment has two smoke detectors, one at the foot of the stairs, the other in the upstairs hallway. Matt brushed past me and set up his ladder at the foot of the stairs, and got to work on the one there. One of his big hard pecs rubbed against my forearm as he passed me, and I felt an electric tingle of sexual heat shoot through my body. I wanted to reach out and stroke that smooth dark skin, feel those muscles, make him moan and gasp with pleasure. More likely he'd beat the shit out of me if I touched him.

I stood and watched Matt work. I couldn't get past him to go back upstairs, but didn't mind. Watching him climb the ladder and stretch to take down the detector was quite pleasant. I'd never had an excuse before to stand so close to him when he was wearing so little, and the view was mouth-watering. His shorts looked even skimpier from this angle, and there was a distinct bulge in his groin. Was he getting off on teasing me? I found myself wanting to reach out and steady him on the ladder, put my hands in places like his bare smooth solid thighs, his crotch and ass, reach up and stroke his big hard pecs, run my fingers down his rock-hard washboard abs..

I was getting a raging hardon and turned away - there was no point in frustrating myself further, and possibly offending him. I went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter to drink it, breathing slowly and trying to think about things like gardening and dishwashing and balancing my checkbook. Eventually I had calmed down enough that I went back into the hallway.

Matt was nowhere in sight. The front door was standing open, so I thought maybe he had finished and left. I closed the door and started up the stairs. I saw Matt's ladder at the top, leaning against the wall, but no Matt. My heart took a sudden flip-flop as I remembered what I had left displayed on my computer monitor. I took the stairs three at a time and ran into my office.

Matt was sitting in my desk chair staring at the screen of my computer. Displayed in front of him was a screenful of about ten thumbnail photos of naked young guys tied up in various ways, all with erections in spite of the looks of discomfort on their faces. Matt had one hand buried in his crotch and the expression on his face was one of awe.

"You weren't supposed to come in here," I told him, hoping he would have sense enough to get up and walk out and forget what he had seen.

"Shit!" Matt said softly, not really to me. "Fuck!"

I reached out and pressed the power switch on the monitor and the screen went dark. Matt continued to sit there, his hand rubbing his crotch. He did not look up at me.

"Matt?" I tried to get his attention. He just sat there.

Slowly it dawned on me - "What the hell?" I thought, "nothing to lose by trying."

"Would you like me to tie you up like that, Matt?" I asked him quietly. He looked up at me, but said nothing.

I went into my bedroom and opened one of the drawers under the bed, and took out a coil of soft rope. I had used it on myself a few times, liking the feeling of constraint, and the way it cut into me certain places. I took it back to the office.

"Stand up," I told the cute young muscle-boy. He obeyed, looking into my eyes dazedly. I let my eyes travel down slowly over his bare hard- muscled shoulders and luscious chest and abs to his crotch - he was definitely getting a boner. I turned him around so his back was towards me, pulled his hands behind his back, and used the rope to tie his wrists together. I did it slowly, so he had plenty of time to say No, and I did it loosely, so he would be able to escape easily if he changed his mind. He stood and let me tie him. I avoided touching him any more than necessary, not wanting to scare him away. I pushed him towards the door.

"Go into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed," I told him, and he moved slowly down the hall and into my bedroom as instructed. He stood beside the bed, facing it, and I pushed him lightly. He fell forward. I knelt on the bed straddling the half-naked muscle stud and grabbed the rope and looped it around his ankles and pulled it taught, hog-tying him. I made it tight enough that he was in some discomfort, but not so tight he couldn't move.

"Open wide," I told him - I picked up an old jockstrap from the floor where I had dropped it after shooting a load of cum into it, and stuffed it into his mouth to gag him, then got up and stood looking down at him. He looked totally awesome, his muscular body straining against his bonds, his face turned towards me in supplication. He was struggling against the rope ineffectually, his face screwed up in mock pain and humiliation. I rolled him onto his side so I could get at the front of his body, and started stroking and fondling his naked torso, rubbing his pecs, playing with his big nipples, punching him lightly in the belly with my fist. He grunted and moaned. I avoided anything too openly sexual, stayed away from his crotch. But when I looked down there I could see he wasn't wearing anything under his shorts, which were loose, and his hard cock was now sticking out one leg hole. He had a big one, and it was so hard it looked ready to burst. He was totally aroused, loving this. I drew my thumb slowly up and down along the center of his chest and abs, tracing the sharp line between the slabs of rock-hard muscles, and he gasped. I dug my thumb into his navel and he moaned. Then I started tickling him, running my fingers up and down his rib cage, poking and prodding. His eyes went from a look of ecstasy to one of terror - he started laughing, fighting, twisting. I kept it up. I hadn't tied him so tight that he couldn't get free, but either he didn't realize that, or he liked what was happening. I kept it up until he was screaming into his gag, and tears were streaming down his cheeks.

I guess I got a little carried away. I stopped when the young stud seemed to be in real pain. Had I gone too far? I moved back and let him recover. He panted and sobbed for a while, then slowly relaxed and fell back, still hog-tied. He was looking at me expectantly, waiting for more. I looked down at his crotch - he was still rock hard, and his cock was oozing a heavy stream of fuck juice. He was loving this. I leaned down and started licking his chest, kissing and sucking his big hard pecs and nipples. He sighed and moaned softly. I moved lower, licking his abs, digging my nose into his navel, loving his warm hard muscles against my face. It was time to go for the prize.

The phone rang, and I jerked, startled. I was expecting a call.

"Fuck!" I swore. I stood up. "Sorry, I have to get that."

I kept the call as short as I could, but it lasted at least five minutes, and I was sure Matt would have freed himself and gone by the time I got off the phone. To my surprise, he was still lying there, still hog-tied, gagged, and looking up at me with supplication and arousal. His struggles had worked his cock out of his shorts almost entirely, both it and his large firm nuts were sticking out one of the leg holes of his gym shorts. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his hard, oozing cock and stroked it slowly, loving the look of ecstasy on the sexy little stud's face as I worked his big fuck tool.

"You naughty boy," I growled as I grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard enough to make my captive grunt with pain. His cock oozed a big glob of precum, though, telling me he liked the rough stuff. "You aren't wearing any undershorts. I think I need to punish you for that."

Matt mumbled something into his gag, and I reached down and pulled my dirty old jockstrap out of his mouth.

"Please sir, I'm sorry," he said contritely.

"Sorry isn't good enough," I told him, squeezing his balls again, harder. He yelped in pain.

"A-h-h-h! Please sir, I promise I'll be good, Don't hurt me!"

"I'm sorry, son, but I've learned from lots of experience with naughty boys like you, the only thing that works is punishment." That was a complete lie, I had never done anything remotely like this before, and had the sexy young hunk not been cooperating so eagerly, I'd have given up long ago. But he was obviously very much into this scene, and I wasn't about to stop now that we'd gotten this far. If I could just sustain the illusion that I had a clue what I was doing, it was clear he was ready to play along to the end.

"What sort of punishment, sir?"

"What do you think you deserve, boy?"

"Uh, well sir, my big brother used to spank me."

"Your big brother?"

"Yes sir, our dad died when I was ten, and my big brother Derek took over raising me."

"And Derek spanked you?"

"Yes sir."


"Well, as often as I needed it, I guess. Sir."

"Stop playing games with me boy, how often did your big brother Derek spank you?"

"Well, pretty much every day, sir."

"You must have been a real hell-raiser, son."

"I wouldn't say that sir. It was just that Derek was pretty strict, and he felt that even if he didn't know what it was he was spanking me for, I did, so he spanked me every day just on general principles."

"And how did your big brother spank you, boy? Did he pull down your pants and make you bend over his knee and spank your bare bottom with his hand?"

"Well, yes sir, sometimes he did it like that."

"And what about the other times, boy?" I squeezed Matt's large heavy- hanging balls hard again and he gasped with pain. "Stop playing games with me, stud, and answer the question!"

"A-h-h-h-g! Sir! Yes sir! Sorry sir, sometimes he used his belt or a paddle he had, and sometimes he made me cut a switch for him, when I was really bad. The switch was the worst sir, it hurt like all fire."

"I see, well I don't think you've been bad enough to deserve a switching, but you do need to be punished. If you go around wearing skimpy little shorts like this and nothing under them, someone might see things they shouldn't. Isn't that right, boy?"

"Unghh! Sir, yes sir! I've been very bad sir, and I'm sorry sir!"

It sounded like Matt had some military history, the way he was barking "Sir" at me. I would have to find out about that later. Right now I was horny as hell, and wanted to get to the climax of this little drama as soon as possible. I grabbed Matt's throbbing erection again and stroked it slowly while I played with his pecs and laid out the rules for the rest of our session.

"All right, boy, I'll tell you what, then. I'm going to untie you, and you're going to do exactly what I tell you to, and if you do everything exactly right, I'm going to let you get off. If you screw up and disappoint me, I'm going to make you walk out of here naked. Do you accept those terms?" I grabbed his balls again and squeezed them hard as I asked that question and he grunted in pain and excitement.

"Yes sir! I accept sir!"

I had another thought. Matt was getting into the spirit of this far too readily for the complete novice I had thought he was.

"Tell me one more thing, son."

"Yes sir?"

"After your big brother Matt spanked you, did he do anything else?"

"Uh, well, yes sir."

I squeezed Matt's hefty balls hard as he hesitated, and he groaned in pain.

"Sir! He fucked me, sir! He said that spanking me got him horny, and since it was my fault he was horny, since I had made him spank me, that I owed it to him to get him off." I could tell that still wasn't quite everything, so I kept the pressure on Matt's nuts, and he continued. "Sometimes he would let me just suck him off, sir, if I hadn't actually done anything wrong for a while, and if I could make him cum quick enough then he didn't fuck me that day."

"Is that all son?"

"Yes sir, that's all."

I relaxed my grip on Matt's balls and he let out a sigh of relief.

"Doesn't it feel better, now that you've come clean to me about everything, son?"

"Yes sir, it feels much better, thank you sir."

"Good, then I am going to untie you, and you will get up and stand by the bed with your hands behind your neck while I get ready to spank you. You will keep your head down and show me the respect I deserve as your new master. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir."

I freed Matt from his bonds - something he could have accomplished easily in about ten seconds, had he wanted to - and once free he got to his feet a little shakily and stood docilely as I had instructed. He looked so fucking sexy with his head down submissively and his cock poking out of the leg hole of his shorts and oozing sex juice. I sat on the bed and reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked it for awhile, getting him as close to cumming as I could, rewarding him a little for his compliance thus far. I reached up and fondled his awesome pecs, squeezing and stroking the big slabs of muscles, pinching and twisting his nipples. He moaned and gasped and panted with pent-up need. When he got too close to cumming, I backed off, then started again.

Once I had brought Matt to the verge of shooting three times I got up and went to the other side of the bed and opened one of the drawers under that side. I pulled out a leather paddle I had acquired somewhere along the way. I have a lot of toys I've never really used, but buying them turned me on, and that was enough at the time. I swung it a few times to get the feel of it, and looked at Matt in the mirror. He still had his head down submissively, but was looking at me out of the side of his eyes, and there was an expression of fear on his face. Was I going too far? Maybe the story he had just told me was pure fantasy, and he was expecting just a token spanking and a quick blow job. I didn't want to lose him now. I turned and walked back to where the boy was standing and held out the paddle, showing it to him.

"I'll let you tell me what you deserve this time, son - this paddle, or just my hand. I don't want to be unfair, it's not as if we had a prior agreement. You decide."

"Well, sir, it's just that, well, uh." Matt was obviously in a bind - I could tell he wanted the paddle, but there was something else. Then it dawned on me.

"Is it that your wife doesn't know about you and Derek, son?"

Matt sighed. "Yes sir."

"I see. Well then, I think the hand will be enough this time."

I sat on the bed and reached out and pulled Matt's shorts down as he stood docilely, submissively. Then I spent a few minutes exploring the boy's awesome body with my hands, rubbing his hard pecs, pulling his nipples, rubbing under his arms and stroking the soft hair in his armpits, fondling his six-pack abs, caressing his firm round smooth ass, rubbing my hands up and down the awesome columns of muscle that formed his legs. He sighed and moaned softly, loving it all, and his cock stuck out rock hard, a steady stream of sticky fluid oozing from the tip and trailing down to pool on the rug. I avoided his cock, saving that now for the final release I would provide him.

Then I guided Matt to lie face down across my legs. He knew just how to balance himself there, with his hands firmly on the floor and his legs spread wide. I was starting to believe his story about Derek. I steadied him with a hand in the small of his back, and caressed his beautiful ass for a while, rubbing and massaging its pale firm round cheeks. I let my fingers probe into his crack and touch his hole and he whimpered with pent up need. He must miss his big brother - a wife can't always provide everything a man needs.

Finally I started spanking the boy, using my hand to slap his firm round ass cheeks alternately until they were bright red. I'd never done it to anyone before, and it hurt my hand more than I expected, and I didn't think it was really hurting the sexy muscle boy much - I understood why a paddle was a good idea. But Matt played his part perfectly, he squirmed and gasped and whined and flailed his legs as though he was in agony. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my leg as I spanked him, being driven into my thigh hard each time I slapped his ass. But half of the noise he was making was the mounting urgency of his need to cum. I decided he could probably shoot his wad just like that, from the stimulation of my hand slapping his butt, and his cock sliding against my leg, and I didn't want to waste his orgasm like that. After all this work I was going to have the satisfaction of sucking him off, damn it!

I stopped spanking the naughty stud and told him to stand up. He looked awesome as he got awkwardly off my lap and stood shakily. His hands went to his butt and he tried to look back there to see. He was pouting and still whining like such a baby, and I was loving it. The way he whined and pouted got me so hot I wanted to spank him a lot more, and a lot harder. This sexy boy had my number, all right, he knew just how to get my juices flowing I turned him with my hands and inspected his bare ass. It was red, but hardly in a way that anyone would notice, unless they were looking for it.

"You're OK, boy. Now turn around and let me at that big dick of yours."

I used my hands to turn Matt to face me again and went down on his cock with no fanfare, just took the whole thing into my mouth and started blowing him. I used one hand to explore his pecs, and the other to work a couple of fingers up his asshole, with some of that copious ooze from his hard cock as lube. He shot his wad in about thirty seconds, and I don't think it was so much a tribute to my skill as a cocksucker as his pentup need - I'd kept the boy hot and horny for at least half an hour and he was an awesome specimen in the peak of health. He erupted in a ball-churning fountain of cum that nearly choked me, and I let most of it run out the sides of my mouth and onto the floor, unable to take it all. He grabbed my head as he started shooting, sort of forgot his role and took charge, held my head in his hands and fucked my face hard and fast, but under the circumstances I didn't mind.

When he'd had enough, Matt pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped back, leaning against the wall beside my bed. He was still panting and gasping and moaning and saying "Oh yes! Fuck yes! Awesome! Yes!" and more California boy superlatives like that as his body continued to be shaken with the aftermath of that enormous orgasm.

I realized suddenly that I had completely forgotten myself, my cock was hard and throbbing and urgently demanding satisfaction, and it was still penned up in my shorts. I leaned back and pushed my shorts and briefs down far enough to free my cock and started stroking it. I was planning just to look at Matt's awesome body, maybe ask him to pose for me, flex those awesome muscles and help me get off that way, but he looked at me with this dazed, drunken look in his eyes and then grinned and the next thing I knew he was on his knees in front of me sucking my cock. I shot my load in record time, unable to control myself once I saw that fucking macho stud going down on me like a champ. He really knew how to suck cock, went ALL the way down on me, and played with my nuts like a pro and poked his finger into my ass hole as I was cumming, and as I popped my nuts I remember thinking that I would have to find a way to wear out the batteries in my smoke detectors MUCH more often.