Todd's Big Brother Scott

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Chapter 1: Scott Teaches Us to Jerk Off

Todd's older brother Scott taught us how to jerk off when we were thirteen - we overheard some guy in the boys' room at school bragging how far he could shoot his jism when he jerked off, and Todd asked Scott what he was talking about, and Scott said if we'd both keep our mouths shut that he'd show us. Once we knew it was something secret, we were even more desperate to know what it was, of course - we'd have promised anything.

It happened one time when I was staying over-night at Todd's. I did that a lot, to get away from my four sisters, who made my life at home hell. Scott was four years older than we were and just about to graduate high school and go off to college, and Todd and I both idolized him, because he was so mature and good looking and had such an awesome body with big hard muscles and all - everything we wanted. He was on the football team, and a teen champion bodybuilder, and hung out with all the other guys we envied. We knew he had a huge cock because we'd heard a guy at school talk enviously about "that awesome super-jock dude Scott with the really huge dick", and when Todd told other guys that Scott was his brother, they usually showed him more respect. But we'd never actually seen Scott's cock, not hard. I'd seen him naked, of course, as he walked from his room to the bathroom down the hall, and his cock had looked big to me even soft, but everything about him looked big. Scott was totally awesome, I idolized him and wished he was my own big brother.

So one night Todd and I egged each other on and went into Scott's room when he was studying and we asked Scott what it meant to "shoot jism" and "jerk off". He was sitting there wearing just his tight white briefs and I looked enviously at his awesome muscular body. Scott sort of hesitated at first, like he was embarrassed or something, looking at us sort of nervously and licking his lips, but then he said "Maybe I'd better show you," and we both said "Like totally awesome, would you really?" And he said "But you can't tell anyone, it's got to be secret between the three of us," and we said "We promise never to breathe a word!"

"OK, then," Scott said. He'd been looking at me funny, like he was embarrassed but also like he wanted me to do something, like I had something he wanted. It made me feel all weak inside but also like I had some sort of power over Scott. He was rubbing his huge hard pecs with one hand as he looked at us and had the other in his crotch - it looked like he was rubbing his cock through his briefs.

And we swore an oath of blood we'd never say a word to anyone else, and Scott got up and closed and locked the door. I noticed when he stood that his cock was semi-hard, it was tenting his briefs. It looked huge. Then he told us to sit on the edge of his bed and watch while he stood there in front of us and pulled his shorts down and showed us his huge hard cock - this was at night, when we were all getting ready to go to bed, so we had on just our briefs and tee shirts. I was spending the night at Todd's, sleeping in his bed with him like we did all the time.

I liked sleeping with Todd, we'd been doing it since we were both nine, and it was like we were brothers we were so close. I slept with him at his house and he slept with me at mine. We had this ritual of tossing a coin three times to see whether we wore our pajamas or just our briefs, or slept entirely naked. If it came up heads three times we both wore our pj's, and if it was three tails we both slept naked, and anything else we both wore just our briefs. We usually wound up naked anyway, because we would wrestle each other once we got into bed and that got us both hot so we'd have to strip naked to cool off, and then it seemed natural just to sleep that way. We'd cuddle up next to each other on our sides, one behind the other.

We took turns being the one in front, and I liked it both ways, except that lately we'd both started getting erections but Todd's was much bigger than mine and when Todd was the one behind his dick was so big it would poke me in the butt and I'd have to make him slide it between my legs so it wasn't so uncomfortable, but then he'd keep rubbing it between my legs and then later I'd wake up to find he'd shot sticky wet stuff all over my legs and made these funny moaning sounds, but he was asleep the whole time. Sometimes he'd reach around and play with my cock and rub his hands over my naked body while he rubbed his cock between my legs and it felt good but sort of strange, I got all weak and hot in my belly and wanted him to keep it up but then he fell asleep and stopped though he still had his hand on my cock and it stayed hard a long time and I fell asleep thinking what it would feel like if he'd kept that up.

So when Todd's muscle-hunk big brother Scott offered to show us how to beat off, we'd already undressed and Todd and I had on just our shorts and tee shirts while Scott had stripped to just his tight white jockey shorts, I found out later he slept naked, but he still had his jockeys on that time, and his tanned hard-muscled body looked totally awesome and I could see the bulge of his cock through his skimpy white cotton briefs. It looked to me like it was already hard, it was so big and stretching the white briefs out. Scott was getting turned on just thinking about what we were going to do.

And once he'd locked the door Scott pushed his briefs down and released his cock - it looked huge, and we both made exclamations of amazement and envy and wanted to touch it, but he said "Not now," so we looked at each other excitedly, because he'd practically promised we could touch it later - I realized afterwards it had been half hard to begin with, I guess just the excitement of thinking about jerking off had got Scott turned on -I'm the same way now, if I just think about it I get a hardon almost right away, and it won't go down until I cum, so sometimes at school I wear a rubber so that if it gets hard in class I can beat off inside my pants and not worry about getting my shorts wet with cum. After I cum my cock stays pretty hard, and I keep playing with it through my levis, loving the way it feels with that cum-filled rubber sliding around over the head -sometimes I cum two or three times during just one class that way, filling the rubber with several huge loads of hot teen cum. Then when class is over I go to the boys room and sit in a stall and piss inside the rubber to make it come off and that usually gets me hard again so I jerk off again before my next class.

But when Scott offered to show us how to beat off, I hadn't found out about any of that yet, and was dying of curiosity about what it meant.

So first Scott stood there in front of us practically naked to start with, wearing just his tight white briefs, with his muscles all pumped and hard because he'd worked out with his weights earlier, and slowly he lowered his shorts just far enough to free his huge piece of meat, and then spread his legs and bent his knees and wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it for a while standing naked right in front of Todd and me on the bed and I thought he was going to do it standing right there but once he had it good and hard - it seemed like it got twice as large as it had been to start, it looked enormous and it was only a couple of feet from my face, so I could see every vein and the way the huge head was dark red and shaped like a giant mushroom and a big drop of shiny clear stuff was starting to ooze from the tip. I could have reached out and touched it, or leaned forward and put my mouth on it - I wanted to do that, I wanted to lick it, feel it with my tongue, see what the smooth soft-looking skin felt like and tasted like, everything about Scott made me want to lick him and touch him - but after he'd stroked it for a while until it was really hard and pulled up flat against his belly Scott told us to move aside so he could lay on the bed and he sat between us and then scooted back on to the bed.

We were sitting pretty close together watching him, so to get between us Scott had to push us aside, and I loved the feeling of his strong hand on my thigh as he pushed me gently to the side - it made my stomach sort of quiver and my groin got all hot and my cock swelled. Once he got settled Scott reached over and cupped his hand over my crotch, squeezing my hardon through my briefs - "Gotcha goin', huh, Matty?" he said, grinning sexily - he left his hand there for what seemed like a long time, squeezing my hardon through my briefs, and I felt my groin contract and spasm like I was going to explode except it felt awesome.

Scott had always called me Matty, and I loved it when he did, he was the only one I ever let call me that and it made me feel good, like he really cared about me somehow. He rubbed my naked chest and belly with his other hand and that made me feel like I was going to explode with pleasure. I would have reached out and felt his muscles, but I was afraid he wouldn't do it for us then, he wouldn't show us how to beat off. But he smiled at me as he leaned up against the wall naked with his huge hard dick in his hand, and I felt a warm glow fill me like I could never be happier. Then I could have died he pulled my hand towards him and smiled and I reached out and put a hand on his naked thigh and he spread his legs still wider and smiled more and didn't say no so I left it there, loving the warm hard-muscled smoothness of his naked thigh, the rock-hard muscles pulsing beneath my hand. I rubbed his hard-muscled leg slowly as he started stroking his huge cock.

Then once Scott got himself positioned on his bed just the way he liked, with his back propped against the wall and his legs spread wide, his shorts pushed down just far enough so he could hook the waistband under his balls - I found out right away how good that felt when I was jerking off, to have that tight band cutting into the sensitive area under my balls where my dick started - then he slowly stroked his huge cock so it got even bigger and harder and bigger and harder until it stood straight up - it looked as long as my forearm by then - it probably was, it reached all the way to the middle of his abs above his navel and its huge purple head seemed as big as my fist and I wondered how any girl could ever take even the head of it inside her. I'd heard about fucking, of course.

Then Scott said "Wait a minute, I think you guys should be naked too, if I'm going to be - here, let me help you get naked," and he sat up and reached out and stripped me, pulling my tee shirt over my head and then pushing me onto my back so he could pull my briefs down and he put his hands all over my body while he was doing it rubbing my hard teen muscles and telling me I had a nice body and even playing with my cock and balls, admiring the size and shape of my cock, which was rock-hard by then and he played with it for a while, watching my face while he did it like he expected me to do something, but I wasn't sure what to do except tell him to keep it up but I was afraid to let on how good it felt - and then I watched while he did the same thing to Todd, stripping his younger brother naked while I watched and my groin got all hot and wet feeling - I felt like I was going to pee or something but it felt awesome - and Scott did the same thing to Todd he had to me, felt him up and played with his hard cock, and I could see from the look on Todd's face he liked it as much as I had.

Then once Scott had us both naked and had rubbed our naked bodies all over and played with our hard cocks he laid back again and said "OK, now we're ready," and we both stretched out naked on our bellies with our hard boy-cocks rubbing into the cool sheets of naked teen muscle-hunk Scott's bed. He told us we should get real close so we could see it all so we did.

By this time Todd and I were stretched out naked on muscle-boy Scott's bed, our hands on Scott's naked thighs and our faces practically in his crotch as he worked his huge tool. I had my face right in his balls and was breathing on them and watching them contract and squirm in their sac as he stroked his huge cock. Scott kept contracting his abs rhythmically in a way that really turned me on it was so sexy to see those awesome abs ripple and every cut show up as he flexed his pumped muscles for us and worked his huge cock, spreading his thighs farther apart, obviously loving the feel of getting them as far apart as he could, and seemed to like having our hands and bodies on this naked legs as he beat off. He must have felt my hot breath on his cock and balls I was so close wanting to see exactly what happened when he came. I could have stuck out my tongue and licked his huge fuck stick and I would have but I was afraid it would interfere with his beating off. I did reach up and feel his rock hard rippled abs and rubbed my fingers up and down them and he moaned "Oh yeah, do that, Matty" so I kept it up and even poked my finger into his navel and he really loved that, he said "Harder" so I poked it in real hard and he gasped in ecstasy.

Todd and I watched in awe as big muscle-stud Scott used both hands to work that huge tool up and down and up and down until his face got all red and contorted like he was in pain but I could tell he wasn't because he was gasping and shaking all over and saying "Yeah! Yeah! FUCK YEAH! Here it comes! I'm gonna shoot! Shit! Fuck! Look out! Gonna cum!"

I had one hand all the way up into Scott's crotch by then - I'd been stroking and feeling his thigh getting closer and closer to his cock, wanting to feel it as he worked it and I was feeling his balls as he shot his huge load, and felt them squirm and spasm as his cock erupted and blasted out giant spurts of hot sticky jism all over his naked hard- muscled body. I squeezed Scott's huge balls just out of curiosity and he yelled and his body convulsed even harder and he shot more huge wads of cum all over himself, so I could tell he liked that and I squeezed even harder and he grunted and gasped "Ease up buddy, that's enough" as he stopped cumming. I was awed how much of it there was, the naked teen muscle-boy seemed to be covered with his own jism from head to toe, there were white globs of it in his hair and some even shot over his head and hit the wall behind him and it was all over his face and chest and abs and running down his huge hard cock to pool in his crotch and run down over his balls onto the bed. It was awesome.

It didn't take Scott long at all to cum that first time he let us watch him jerk off like that, and he told us later he'd gotten off on having us watch him and feel him up the way we'd been doing, so he'd cum much faster and harder than he usually did at night, he liked to make it take a long time, stretch it out so his whole body filled up with this deep fiery glow until he couldn't hold back any longer and he'd let go and his cock would explode with his cum - but this time he came right away and when he started yelling and groaning like that and I had grabbed his balls real hard - I found out later how good that felt too, grabbing my balls and tugging on them when I jerked off, especially when I was cumming. It seemed like he kept cumming forever, and shot at least a gallon of that stuff, and Todd and I just sat there in total awe, our mouths must have been wide open in amazement.

Scott finally stopped cumming and fell back onto the bed exhausted and said "Get me that towel, Toddy, so I can wipe this stuff up." He started licking his lips, then his hands, which were totally coated with the stuff, and then scooped some of it up off his chest with his hands and licked it off too. At first I thought that was totally gross, but then Todd gave him the towel and asked "What's it taste like Scottie? Can I taste it?" and when Scott didn't say No right away Todd reached his hand out and touched Scott's bare belly and got a little bit of the gooey stuff on his finger and then put it to his mouth and licked it. When he didn't make a terrible face, I looked at Scott, who said, "Sure, go ahead Matt," and I reached out and carefully scooped up a really big gob of it from his abs - partly I just wanted to feel his muscles, but also I figured if I ate a lot maybe it would make me like him somehow - and then I licked it off my fingers too. It tasted strange, but I kind of liked it, and lapped it all up - it helped a lot that it was Scott's since I totally idolized that big stud. He kept scooping it up and licking it off his fingers until most of it was gone, then wiped himself off with the towel and told us to get out so he could get to bed.

We went back to Todd's room and laid side by side on his bed naked and experimented with this new game, stroked our own hard teen cocks until we both sort of came. Todd's cock was bigger and actually oozed some of the white juice, but mine didn't, but we both agreed it felt awesome.

The next time Scott let us watch was the very next night. It was Friday, and Todd and I had agreed the night before that we had to get Scott to let us watch him jerk off again, we wanted to know more, and he had said we could touch his hard cock, sort of, so we wanted to do that.

Todd and I followed Scott into his room the minute he got home and started telling him how awesome it had been watching him jerk off the night before and asking him if he'd do it again for us and What did it feel like and how often did he do it, and everything we could think of.

We were afraid he'd say he had to study or work out and chase us out but instead he told Todd to lock the door. He was looking sort of shy and nervous and I could see he was doing something he thought was forbidden or dangerous, he was breathing hard and licking his lips. Then he asked me how I wanted him to do it this time and somehow I could tell that he was saying he'd do whatever I told him to, so I said he had to strip naked and flex and pose and show off his muscles for us and play with his muscles until he got hard and then let us play with his cock and make him cum. He gave me this shy sexy grin, like he liked my suggestions, but said "I'll do everything but the last part - I'll pose naked for you, and you can tell me how you want me to jerk off, and you can feel my muscles all you want - but you don't get to touch my cock yet - we'll save that for some other time." I was so excited then that I could hardly stand it - he'd said I could touch his naked body and play with his cock!

"And you two have to strip naked, too," he said - "That's only fair."

Then he stripped naked and so did we and we told him just how to pose for us. I liked seeing him flex his huge muscles, and watched in awe as his cock swelled to a huge full erection without his even having to touch it, just from flexing and posing for us. It was obvious it turned him on to have us watch him naked and showing off his incredible physique. He was standing next to his weights bench in front of the full-length mirror on the wall, obviously enjoying his own body as much as Todd and I did.

My buddy Todd and I moved closer to Todd's sexy teen muscle stud big brother and started stroking his rock hard muscles as he showed off his body to us, feeling his huge hard chest and rippling abs. When he didn't stop us we got bolder and moved our hands to his legs, feeling his huge rock-hard muscular thighs. Then as his cock started to ooze and drip fuck juice and he was obviously totally aroused by what we were doing to him, I moved my hands up into his crotch and started playing with the sexy muscle-stud's huge heavy-hung balls, tugging and squeezing them in their huge sac. He'd let me do that the night before, so I figured it was OK, and I knew he liked it. He started panting and grunting like a little bull, and slowly I moved my hands to his huge erection and he didn't stop me - it was clear he was too turned on to care now, so I started masturbating him openly while Todd continued rubbing his muscles and playing with his balls.

We had Scott up against the wall by then and I started licking his big hard pecs and sucking his erect nipples and he was panting and groaning so I decided I had to get his cock in my mouth, I don't know why I just wanted Scott inside me somehow. I started licking the head of his cock - I was surprised by the taste of that clear shiny stuff that was oozing out, it tasted sweeter than his jism, and I liked it. When he didn't stop me I took about half of his big tool into my mouth all at once - it felt and tasted great, it was warm and smooth and firm, and it throbbed with his hot teen energy, so I sucked harder and he grunted and yelled and started cumming in my mouth while Todd watched. "Oh! Cumming! Fuck yeah! Suck me, Matty, suck me!" I swallowed as much as I could and liked the taste - hot and salty and sweet at the same time - but there was too much and it ran out of my mouth and down my chin and Toddy licked it off my body as I continued to suck Scott's huge hard cock.

Finally the big teen muscle stud pushed me away and stood there shaking and panting and said - "God! Stop, that's enough. Wow, that was awesome!" Then he stood there with his eyes closed catching his breath and eventually calmed down and when he recovered he seemed embarrassed and said "You guys get out of here, I have to work out and then study" and we obeyed but in Todd's room we talked about it for hours. Our teen cocks were rock hard of course, and Todd asked me what it had been like to suck his brother's huge hard cock and I said "Why not try sucking mine and find out," and without any hesitation my sexy naked buddy went down on me and I had my first blow job from Todd. My cock was still tiny, of course, and I still didn't cum really, but it felt good and I liked especially having my best buddy do that to me, so then I did it for him too and he came a little in my mouth and I went to sleep smiling because I knew I had the cum of both my best buddy and his big brother inside me.

Scott let us watch him jerk off a lot of other times after that, and answered all our questions about it. I spent a lot of time at Todd's, and whenever Scott was home we'd go into his room and ask him to let us watch him beat off, and usually he'd do it. If he was busy studying, he'd say Come back when I'm finished, but we found out pretty quick that we could get the sexy jock to do it right away if we just hung around and got him horny.

Scott never wore anything more than his underwear when he was in his room, often he was totally naked - he stripped the minute he got there - so all we had to do was admire his muscles, tell him how awesome he looked, and then feel the sexy muscle-teen up a bit. We'd stand on either side as he sat at his desk, and rub our hands over his bare, muscular shoulders, then squeeze his huge naked biceps, rub and squeeze those huge arms and then start feeling up his huge hard pecs, saying things like Shit, Scott, your muscles are awesome, dude! Aw dude, feel this, his pecs are amazing, they're so big and hard! And he'd act annoyed at first maybe, but if we just kept it up, and started giving his pecs a good workout, squeezing and pulling his huge hard nipples, he'd get a hardon and then say something like Damn it you guys, now you've got me all horny - I guess I may as well jerk off so you'll leave me alone, and he'd lean back in his chair and push his shorts down and start pumping at his huge piece of meat until he blasted his cum all over the place.

And usually he'd let us lick all the cum off him, since he'd told us it was pure protein and would make our muscles grow, so of course we wanted to eat as much of it as we could, especially if it would make us look like he did, big muscles and a big dick. I liked eating his cum, everything about Scott turned me on, but most of all I just liked licking his naked body and getting to feel his hard smooth-skinned muscles - especially his arms and chest and abs, I went nuts over that big muscle stud's big fucking biceps and huge hard pecs and washboard abs - he was a walking wet dream.

And muscle-boy Scott made no bones about showing off his naked teen muscles or letting Todd and me appreciate his body. If he wasn't busy studying or working out, all we had to do was ask, and he'd strip naked and do body-builder poses for us, displaying his muscles for us to look at and even feel. Then when his cock got hard - which it seemed to do almost any time he got naked or started flexing and posing his huge hard muscles - he would jerk off and let us watch, and even join in.

Seeing Scott get naked always gave me a hardon right away, and he told us it was okay for us to jerk off when he did, there was nothing queer about guys beating their meat together, he and his buddies did it all the time, so the minute Scott started working his big dick, Todd and I pulled our shorts down and started stroking ours too. We asked him where he did it with his buddies, and when and all, and who they were, the idea of big muscle-stud Scott and some of the other jocks from the football team getting naked together and stroking their cocks while they watched each other cum was about the horniest thing I could imagine. But he said that was private, so I just had to imagine who he did it with and where.

Feeling Scott's muscles was what really got me going, though - I found out that when he was posing for us naked, showing off his big muscles and his cock was real hard and starting to drip cum even before he played with it for real, I could put my hands places on his naked muscle-stud body that I wouldn't have dared to otherwise - when he got turned on he got this glazed look in his eyes and sort of lost control, it was like all he could think about then was his cock and how good it felt to play with it, so that I could play with his pecs and then grab his huge balls and squeeze them and even stroke on his huge hard cock if I waited until he'd totally lost control of his need to cum - Todd would do it too, and with both of us working the big stud over, he was out of control in no time, he never stopped us, he even urged us on - "Yeah! Aw, dude, that feels awesome, keep it up! Yeah, that's great, play with my pecs like that, and my nuts, yeah squeeze 'em real hard! Yeah! You can do it harder, yeah! Oh yeah, like that, keep it up, I'm gonna cum!" So we'd play with the sexy stud's muscles and stroke his cock for him and he'd blast a huge load of jism all over me and Todd and then lick it off us - we'd be naked too, of course, and a couple of times he licked my hard dick, 'cause it was wet with his cum too. I wanted him to suck on it, but I was afraid to ask him to do that.

Then we found out if we pretended he was in our power, like a slave or something, he'd let us do almost anything we wanted to him. It started one time after we'd been doing this for a few weeks, watching Scott beat off, when he was sitting at his desk in his chair and I grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back while he was resisting our attempts to get him turned on when he was studying. I grabbed the big stud's arms by the wrists - like I could overpower him, shit it would have taken ten of me even to have a prayer of that - but he let me do it, acted like he couldn't break my grip, so I held his arms behind his back and told Todd Okay, I'll hold his arms, you play with his cock and make him cum for us.

Scott was making these helpless sort of whimpering noises that really turned me on, and twisting and turning in his chair and acting like he was helpless and totally in our control in this really sexy way. He was straining and flexing his muscles. I caught on right away that he liked the idea of being forced to do things.

So when Todd saw that his big jock muscle-stud brother wasn't resisting, was acting like he was helpless, he reached inside Scott's shorts and groped his huge hard cock and Scott moaned and protested "No, please, don't do that!" So of course Todd pulled out his brother's huge cock which was already rock hard and started working it up and down, and Scott said "No, wait you guys, please, don't!" It was obvious to both of us that Scott was really begging us to play with his cock, like he was really in our power but I held his wrists tight and Todd kept stroking his brother's huge hard cock and started working it to get it hard, which it did right away, and soon Scott was panting and begging "Shit, please no, stop, I can't take it, don't do that to me, no, awww - man I'm horny, don't stop, I need to cum, make me cum, no stop."

Then my naked buddy Todd worked his big brother's tee shirt up to his pecs and started licking his big jock stud muscle boy brother's rock- hard pecs and abs and soon he reached the awesome muscle stud's huge hard cock which he slowly licked from the base to its head and he was playing with Scott's naked balls until the naked teen stud was panting and grunting with arousal and need and then Todd opened his mouth I couldn't believe it he took his big brother muscle-stud's huge hard cock into his mouth and sucked on it and Scott blasted a huge load of cum right away and Todd sucked and swallowed it all while I held Scott's arms pinned behind his back. That was the first time I ever saw Todd suck his big brother Scott's cock and later he admitted to me that he'd been doing it for awhile, Scott would come to Todd's bed at night sometimes and stand there while his little brother serviced him.

It was sexy as hell the way muscle-boy Scott went along with our game and pretended we had him in our control. The next day we did the same thing, except once I had grabbed Scott's hands and pulled them behind his back I told Todd to give me a piece of rope that was laying there on the desk and used it to tie Scott's hands - I wanted to join in this time, and it didn't occur to me it was odd that rope was just there so conveniently. I didn't tie Scott tight enough he couldn't get loose if he wanted to, but enough that he seemed helpless, at our mercy, and then I joined Todd in working the big stud over. We stripped him naked first, pulled his briefs down to his ankles and then worked the front of his tee shirt up over his head and hooked it behind his neck. That looked sexy as hell, it emphasized the image that he was bound and helpless and at our mercy.

Scott's cock was huge and hard and oozing fuck-juice by then and he was squirming and pleading with us to stop - we ignored him and rubbed our hands all over his naked body, exploring his hard sexy muscles - that really turned me on, I was nuts for Scott's muscles, I loved rubbing his huge hard pecs and squeezing his rock-hard biceps and rubbing his rippling abs and he twisted and begged but it was obvious he liked being worked over that way, he really got off on my playing with his huge hard muscles while Todd played with his cock - I licked his naked body all over, loving the way the sexy stud tasted and the way he reacted as I licked and bit his hard muscled pecs and nipples and abs. Todd and I were feeling each other up the whole time as well, of course, we got naked and started playing with each other's hard teen cocks while we worked Scott over.

Finally we both started playing with Scott's big cock for real, and squeezing his balls and pinching his huge hard nipples until he was groaning and begging and panting, and we stroked his huge cock up and down and licked its huge swollen purplish head. Todd started licking it first, and Scott protested and moaned and struggled but Todd just started licking muscle-stud Scott's huge hard cock, like it was an ice- cream cone, and it was leaking fuck-juice so hard that it was flowing down the shaft and Todd licked it right up and when I saw him doing that I joined in and we were both licking it up the shaft and all over the huge head so then I got real bold and opened my mouth and took the entire huge head in my mouth and sucked on it and Scott yelled "no! Please! Not that! I can't stand it!" and that really turned me on I sucked even harder and Todd said "Dude, that is so fucking sexy you've got my brother's huge cock in your mouth - yeah!" And he forced my head down even farther on his older brother's huge cock. "Yeah! Suck it real good dude, make him cum and swallow all his cum!"

And my buddy Todd was working his brother Scott's huge tool with both hands while I sucked on it and we were both squeezing his huge heavy balls and pulling them in their sac and making him moan and struggle to get free but he couldn't and finally we made him cum and he shot harder than I'd seen him before ever, just gallons of cum and his whole body shook and it was good thing his folks weren't home because he shouted so loud they would have heard as he shot cum all over the place, and Todd and I got to lick it all up we even licked his huge cock - it was still hard and still oozing big drops of wet sticky white cum and we licked it up as it oozed out of the piss-slit in the huge head of his cock.

Eventually Scott pulled his hands from behind his back - I think the rope had fallen off long before, but he'd kept his hands there like he was tied up. He reached out and grabbed the two of us and grappled our naked bodies to his and mussed up our hair and panted "Shit, you guys, that was awesome. Now get out of here so I can study." We were both so horny that we didn't even put our briefs back on we just ran naked down the hall to Todd's room and fell on the bed and jerked each other off.

A couple of weeks later we did that to Scott again, the two of us grabbed the big jock stud and tied him up - and he went along, he let us tie him up and pretended to fight us, but we subdued the big muscle-boy easily and we tied his arms tighter this time so he couldn't have gotten loose without our help and he just let us do it and then very submissively the naked jock said "Alright you guys I'm in your power, please don't hurt me," and that turned me on so much I felt like I'd cum if I even touched myself at all. Then Todd said let's spank him like a little kid, and we stripped big muscle stud Scott naked and made him kneel and bend over his workout bench naked and tied up and we spanked him with his dad's fraternity paddle until his ass was bright red and he was sort of whimpering like he was in real pain but his cock stayed rock hard so we knew he liked it. We didn't really hit him with the paddle very hard, just hard enough to make him yell a little so we had the excuse to gag him - it was my idea I guess, I wanted to stuff his sweaty jock strap in his mouth while we played with his cock and when he started yelping from the paddle hitting his ass I picked it up from the floor where he'd dropped it when he finished his workout earlier and stuffed it into his mouth and said "Can't have you making too much noise, muscle boy, can we?" I probably hit him harder with the paddle than Todd did - I liked watching his big hard cock jerk and spurt big drops of cum each time the hard wooden paddle hit his bare firm round ass, and the worshipful way he watched me in the mirror as I punished him.

Then we took turns playing with his muscles and trying to get him so turned on he would cum - we made him stand up and walk to the bed and lie on his back and then tied his arms spread-eagled so he was helpless and we could do anything we wanted to the sexy naked muscle-stud. I knew how sensitive his nipples were and they were all hard and erect cause he was already really horny and I squeezed and licked and pinched them and that got him to moaning and begging for release, Then Todd played with his balls and poked his fingers up Scott's ass. He made Scott lift his legs in the air to expose his vulnerable stud-hole, and licked it with his tongue and then poked a couple of fingers inside and worked them around and Scott was panting and moaning and grunting and twisting like he was trying to get free but couldn't and what Todd was doing really turned him on. I had never played with my own ass, or heard about one guy fucking another, so it seemed kind of gross but also sexy in a strange way. I found out later that Scott had already fucked Todd by then, so the ass play was a regular part of their games together, but this was the first time Todd had been able to do it to his big brother, and he was eager to make the sexy muscle-boy pay for taking advantage of him.

I was watching Scott's face as Todd poked his fingers up his ass, and it was obvious he liked it. He looked like he was drunk, sort of glassy- eyed and slack-mouthed and that turned me on even more. That got me to thinking of poking something else up there so I asked Todd what he had that we could stick up Scott's ass and he looked at me like I'd just invented the world's best ice cream flavor. "Wow! Why didn't I think of that? Wait here." He looked at Scott and grinned and ran out of the room.

Scott was looking at me with this half-fearful, half-worshipful gaze, still pretending he was afraid, still struggling against the ropes tying his arms to the bed. We'd tied him pretty tight, and he had actually made us tie him even tighter, so I don't think he could have gotten loose, even if he'd really wanted to. I got up on the bed and straddled his waist, rubbing my hot teen cock against his abs. I loved that, it felt incredible, his hard teen muscles rubbing against my bare cock, the ooze from his big tool coating his body by now, making it slippery and sexy, and I lowered my body on top of his and rubbed my cock back and forth on this sweat and precum drenched abs until I could almost have cum from the feeling of his sweaty muscles rubbing against mine and the sexy noises he was making.

Then I tortured his pecs for a while, knowing how much he liked that. By the time Todd got back with his prizes I was straddling the helpless muscle-hunk's head, fucking his face. I had pulled the jock strap out of his mouth and pushed my cock in there and was making him suck it. Mine was hardly a mouthful, but he was acting like it was hard for him to take it and like he hated it, but he was doing a good job.

It looked like my buddy Todd was carrying half the food and cooking implements from their kitchen. He had a carrot and a banana and a cucumber and some spatulas with long round handles and several other things I wasn't sure about. He dumped them all on the bed and said "Hold his legs up!" and jumped up beside us. He had this totally demented expression on his face, and I could tell he'd gone over the edge. I pulled my cock out of Scott's mouth and did as Todd had commanded, I stood on the bed and grabbed Scott's ankles and forced his legs way up so he was bent double with his naked ass wide open and totally vulnerable.

Scott started to look worried, and his struggles against the ropes tying him to the bed intensified, and he was yelling "Hey, no! No way! Get away from my ass, you little cock-sucker!" but our knots were tight enough to hold him and I stuffed the damp jock-strap back into his mouth to gag him, pointing out that it was actually he who had just been the cocksucker, as Todd picked up one after another of the things he'd brought from the kitchen and started shoving them up the stud-puppy's asshole.

After a few minutes of experimentation Todd had eliminated most of the things he had brought - some were too big, some too small, some just not smooth enough to go in easily. Scott struggled and swore and yelled into his gag, and I could tell he was really pissed off. I thought at first Todd was just trying to hurt Scott, or at least embarrass him, pay him back for something the older brother has done to the younger, but eventually Todd found something that made Scott start moaning and twisting not in discomfort but in obvious delight, and I saw my buddy's face light up. What he was sliding in and out of his big brother's asshole was a long white rod with a knob on one end. The other end was tapered so that it started out no thicker than my thumb, but soon got as thick as Todd's cock. I'd seen a rod like it in science class at school, the teacher had called it a pestle, and used it to grind up some chemicals in a glass bowl he called a mortar. Todd told me his mom used it to grind up spices. It was apparently the perfect tool to drive Scott crazy with lust, and soon Todd was digging it around inside his big brother's ass like it was his mission in life, and Scott was grunting and panting and writhing in ecstasy.

I still had no idea what was going on, and why that felt so good to Scott, or how Todd had known it would feel good, but I liked the way it was making Scott act. I knelt beside him on the bed and started licking and sucking his pecs, and rubbing his abs. His gasps and grunts got louder and more frequent, and I glanced down to see that Todd was stroking Scott's huge hard cock in rhythm with the thrusts of that glass rod up his ass, and soon Scott's whole body convulsed with the biggest orgasm I'd ever seen him have, I was afraid he was having some sort of fit. His cock pumped out huge spurts of cum that hit me in the face and went all over my shoulders and his pecs and abs.

When we untied Scott and set him free he jumped up and grabbed his little brother and was real mad. "You goddamn shithead! Fucker! I'm gonna kill you!" I was afraid for both of us, but Todd didn't seem at all worried. He broke away from his big brother and danced around the room, laughing and taunting him like a demon. I'd seen Todd like this a couple of times before, he had a real twisted sense of humor sometimes.

"Careful, big brother," he taunted. "I might have to tell mom about what you did to me the other night when they were at that PTA meeting! Or about those pictures under your mattress!"

Scott still threatened and fumed, but I could tell those threats carried some weight. "Just wait til I get you alone, asshole!" he growled.

"Come on, bro, you loved it," Todd said calmly, and Scott softened a little. "Besides, it was Matt's idea!"

I gasped in shock. It was true, I had suggested we push something besides Todd's finger up his big brother's ass, but he was a real jerk for pointing that out. I jumped on Todd and got him in a headlock and wrestled him to the bed. Scott jumped on top of the two of us and soon the bigger boy had overpowered the two of us and it was WE who were tied to the bed. I admit we didn't struggle as hard as we could have, but once I was really helpless I started to worry. If Scott was as mad as he had seemed a minute before, we were in deep shit!

Scott had tied us both face down, but with our heads at opposite ends of the bed. Once he had us secure he gagged up both, then spanked us with his hand. He didn't really do it that hard, I was worried at first, but once I caught on he was just teasing I got an erection and each slap of his hand drove my cock into the bed and got me even hotter and I started lifting my ass to meet his slaps, and wiggling it around in his face, and in between slaps he was licking my hot tight little bubble-butt, and blowing on it, and soon I felt like one giant penis, my whole body feeling like it was erect and sexy and desperate to erupt with cum. And I could tell from the sounds he was making that Todd was feeling the same way.

Then Scott said he would untie us if we obeyed his every order, so we swore, and he untied us and made us turn on our sides facing each other and suck each other's cocks. We'd already tried that before, doing a sixty-nine, and loved it, so that was hardly torture. But after I'd been sucking Todd for a little while I felt something poking at my asshole and let Todd's cock pop out of my mouth and started to protest but Scott wrapped his big hand over my mouth and growled into my ear - "Don't fight it, Matty, you'll like it, I promise!"

Then before I could move he shoved that pestle thing up my ass and I yelped with pain. He held it there, rocking it back and forth just a little, and between the feeling of his muscles against my back and Todd's muscles against my front and Todd's mouth on my cock I relaxed and it started to feel good. Then he moved it around some more and it started to feel REALLY good.

I'm sure I'd have popped my nuts right away then, but once he felt me relax and start to enjoy having him shove that rod up my ass Scott pulled it out and shoved his cock in there. It felt like he'd ripped me wide open and I screamed as loud as I could with his hand over my mouth smothering me but he just ignored that and started fucking me. His mouth was at my ear, licking and sucking and he was chanting "Take it Matty, take it buddy, I want you so bad, your ass is so hot, gotta have it, buddy, just relax, it will feel good, just relax."

Fortunately Scott's big cock leaked a lot of precum whenever he got hard, so it was only a few of his huge thrusts before I was very well lubricated and he was sliding in and out with almost no friction. I caught on that fighting him would only make it worse, so I tried to do what he said, relax, and slowly the pain dulled and some of the pleasure returned. My cock had gone soft, but Todd's mouth kept sucking at it and soon I was hard again and starting to like what was happening.

That's about when Scott went wild and started fucking my ass like a madman, real fast and hard and he was chanting "Fuck, fuck, fuck, cocksucker, fuck your tight hot ass, asshole, cocksucker, fuck you, little faggot, pussy-boy, take it, buddy, fucking your tight hot ass." Scott liked to swear like that when he was cumming, and I loved it. Later in life some of those words turned me on a lot less, but then all I knew was that Scott was cumming up my ass, I was making him feel good, and that was all that mattered.

Finally Scott collapsed and his cock popped out of my ass. I was still hard, but didn't feel like cumming. I pushed Todd away from my crotch and crawled shakily to my hands and knees on the bed, and then off the bed, and stood and walked to the mirror. I tried to see my asshole, sure there must be gallons of blood spurting from it. It was still on fire, and I was sure I'd be scarred for life, unable to shit again. I felt dirty and humiliated. Todd jumped up and followed me and put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me.

"Bend over and let me look. He did that to me the other night and I'm OK now, it's not as bad as it feels."

I bent over and let Todd kneel behind me and pull my ass cheeks apart and explore gently with his fingers. It was sore, but he told me it just looked a little red. He blew softly on it, then kissed it. That grossed me out.

"Uggh! Gross! Get away!" I stood up and pushed his face away from my ass. Todd looked up at me, grinning.

Scott came up to me then, looking repentant. "Forgive me, Matty?" he asked, mussing my hair and hugging me to his big hard muscles. I resisted at first, but then gave in, liking his tenderness towards me. He'd never hugged me like that before.

Then Scott got some stuff from his dad's medicine cabinet and rubbed it on my ass and inside a little ways and it felt a lot better - it was something for hemorrhoids, I think, and it must have had a pain-killer in it, because soon I could hardly feel anything at all.

My buddy Todd and his big brother Scott and I had a lot of fun with that pestle, and later with some other toys Scott bought us, but I'll save all that for another time. I just wanted to tell you how Scott taught me and Toddy to beat off.

To be continued?