Trevor Goes All the Way

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My favorite "amateur" porn boy is Trevor at the Sean Cody web site. But SC hasn't captured the performance I dream of, so here it is, as told by SC himself.

(This one's for Benjamin)

I've had a lot of requests for more of Trevor, the cute blond boyish straight guy who likes to get fucked, but he dropped out of sight for a while. Recently he showed up again, looking better than ever - he has filled out a little, looks less boyish, more hunky and muscular, and when he stripped for me I drooled with eagerness to get his new body on camera. He was awkward and shy about it at first, as usual, but once he got naked and his cock swelled to full erection, he was eager to show off.

Trevor is definitely an exhibitionist, all it takes is getting his clothes off to get him hard as a rock, and once he's hard all his inhibitions disappear, and he'll do almost anything. He flexed and posed sexily for me without my having to say anything more than a few words of praise. He stroked his cock, rubbed his sexy muscles all over, leaned way over and showed me his ass, spread the tight firm cheeks apart to show me his tight hot hole, then teased me by fingering it and making sexy noises. The cute stud has managed to stay very lean, and now has great definition and mass. Even his cock looks bigger, it's definitely fatter, and I think it's longer as well. I suspect he's been taking one of those cock-enlargement supplements.

The sexy muscle-boy had obviously been doing a lot of sunbathing, as he was a nice dark golden brown all over, except for a very thin white strip around his hips, and his gorgeous firm white ass. I made a mental note to get him to pose for me outside wearing the skimpy little bikini he had worn, he'd look really sexy with his big cock stuffed in a tight pouch, and then stripping it off to show his bare ass, finger his hole and jerk off for the camera. I knew a secluded beach where I could film him doing that without our being interrupted.

I was tempted to do a solo session with him right away, he looked so good, but I was afraid once he got some money he'd disappear again, and if I concealed my eagerness I'd be able to get him to do some of the things he had refused to do before, like kissing, and deep-throating a cock. I wanted to get him together with another partner right away, and make him go all the way, push beyond the limits he had been setting.

Trevor claims he is straight, but his former girlfriend caught him fingering his asshole while he was jerking off one day, and made him let her fuck him with a dildo, and once she found out how much that turned him on, she started picking up other guys in bars and bringing them home to fuck Trevor while he fucked her, and then she made him let them fuck him while she watched.

One thing led to another, and soon the cute blond stud needed something up his ass to make him cum, and it was he who was picking up the guys to fuck him while he had sex with his girlfriend, and by the time they split up he had accumulated quite a collection of dildos and other anal toys. Not surprisingly, he also developed quite a talent for sucking cock, since most of the guys he brought home to fuck him wanted to be serviced that way before they would shove their cocks up his ass.

The first time I filmed Trevor he revealed all of this to me, and produced the dildo he had brought along to use on himself that day. Needless to say, I was both amazed and delighted, and I stayed hard the whole time I was filming the sexy blond boy-toy pleasuring himself with the latex dong. He was so uninhibited, once he was naked and had something shoved up his ass! Best of all, he stayed rock hard the whole time, and there's nothing sexier to me than a guy with a big hard dick up his ass and his cock still hard and oozing, while he yells "Fuck me! Harder!"

So when he showed up again, I set up a screening date with Trevor, but I didn't tell him the truth about what I had planned for him. He thought he was going to get to fuck Toby, the cute little Latino from Auditions 19, but actually I was planning it the other way round.

Toby is just 5'8", and looks even younger than he really is, with a cute boyish face, a tight, very muscular body, and a huge dick for his size, both long and thick - I measured it at eight inches long and five inches around. It looks even bigger, because he is so small, and looks so young.

Toby is gay, and prefers to bottom, but looks and acts very macho, which really turns me on. He looks a lot like Talvin DeMacchio, my favorite gay porn star/rent boy. He shoots a really big load, and really loves to show off his awesome physique, rubbing and stroking his muscles for the camera, and stroking his huge cock until it gushes cum all over his awesome six-pack abs. In the audition session, that was all there was time to have him do, but I'd had him back for one full-length solo film, and he'd used a succession of dildos on himself, sucking them and then shoving them up his tight hot hole until he popped his nuts twice. He loves ass play as much as Trevor does, so the idea of the two of them going at each other's assholes got me really turned on.

I'd shown Toby a couple of Trevor's films, and he wanted to top the blond stud. I liked the idea of the short dark-skinned little toughy paired with the tall, lean fair-skinned blond, the contrast would be very sexy.

When I showed Trevor Toby's pictures, and said I wanted him to fuck the boy, I could see his face light up. I told him Toby was straight, and very macho, and reluctant to get fucked. He liked the idea of dominating the smaller straight boy, getting to break him in, shove his cock up that tight little ass.

Trevor has mostly played the bottom in my films, and I think the macho side of him wanted to prove he could top as well. But I had strong suspicions that Trev wasn't as straight as he claimed. He loved sucking cock and getting fucked hard in the ass too much, and I wanted to see the smooth-skinned blond fuck-toy impaled on Toby's big fuck stick, and begging the kid to fuck him harder with it. In the past Trevor had refused to take dicks that big up his tight hot ass, and I was pretty sure it wasn't because he couldn't do it. I think he thought he could retain his macho image somehow if he only got fucked with dicks no bigger than his own. It was time to break down those barriers, push his limits.

I also intended to get Trevor to deep throat a cock, rather than control it with his hands as he always did. None of the guys whose cocks he had sucked for me had ever complained that Trevor didn't know how to give great head, but what really turns me on is the sight of a really macho stud with another guy's big hard cock buried deep in his throat, his nose buried in the guy's crotch hairs. I was sure that with a little coaching I could get Trevor to do it, and like doing it. He just needed someone to show him how, and once he found out how much it turned on the guy he was doing it to, he'd want to do it more. That boy was just born to service other guys' deep inner needs.

Finally, I wanted Trevor to kiss another guy on the mouth, and not just a token peck, but long deep soul kisses, both of them totally into each other's naked bodies, feeling each other up, kissing, grinding their hard cocks together. I'd seen him look like he wanted to kiss his partners several times in the films he had done for me, but he had held back to protect his image. I was pretty sure if we could get him to drop his guard he'd be a total slut, and all over his partner. Lots of firsts for Trevor today.

I decided it would be easier to get Trevor to go along with the plan if there were two guys to dominate him, and he felt he had no choice, so to help out, I enlisted Zack, one of my all-time favorite models. I hadn't seen Zack for a while either, and was pleasantly surprised when he showed up a few weeks ago. He needed money, and said he was ready for anything, so I had been looking for the right opportunity to use him. Putting him together with Toby to double-team Trevor would be perfect.

Zack has started shaving his body, which I don't usually like, but it shows off his gym-toned muscles to good advantage, and he too has a nice tan, but no tan line, so I knew he'd been sunbathing in the nude. He wouldn't tell me where.

I pictured him on a beach, alone, his naked body glistening with oil as he rubbed it all over his muscles, enjoying feeling himself up, his cock swelling swiftly to full erection. Then he would lie in the sun for a while that way, cock hard, not touching it, letting the sun heat it while the breeze cooled it off. He would spread his legs to feel the sun on his balls, then turn over and spread his legs still wider to let the sun into his crack, raise his hips and fuck his cock into the sand, getting hornier and hornier, nude out in the open. Finally he would turn back over and stroke his cock to orgasm, coating his darkly tanned naked body with his own cum. He'd lie in the sun like that for a while, fresh hot cum drying on his bare skin, then run into the water to wash it off, and only then realize two other guys had been watching him the whole time, and sucking each other off as they imagined themselves servicing the hot muscle-stud.

Zack is a big guy all over, and very masculine, and I knew from their prior meetings that Trevor was intimidated by Zack. Zack is always hard, always eager, and always seems to enjoy himself, with a goofy grin on his sexy face and no limits the instant his cock is hard. His cock is even bigger than Toby's, so I knew Trevor would resist getting fucked with it at first, but once Toby and Zack had dominated the boy and opened his hole with dildos and then Toby's cock, he would be ready for Zack's ten-incher. I had loved the way Isaak gave in to Zack's big cock and chanted "Unh-huh! Unh-huh!" when Zack got him pinned face-down on the bed and drilled his ass hard and fast.

I wanted to see Trevor pinned face down the same way, and chanting "Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder!" to urge Zack on as he plowed the boy's ass with his cock. Toby would coach them and stroke their bodies and urge Trevor to shout louder. Later I would have the two of them make Trevor cum while he was being fucked, just to make his subjugation to their big hard cocks complete. I was pretty sure from the way Trevor loved getting fucked hard that just a really big cock up his ass would be enough to make him pop his nuts, especially if it belonged to a total stud like Zack.

I had told both Toby and Zack to talk a lot - about what they were doing to Trevor, about how it felt, about what they wanted him to do - but to keep their voices soft and sexy, never talk to the camera or me, just to each other and Trevor - and to get him to talk the same way, about what was happening, how it felt, what he wanted them to do.

When Trevor arrived, Toby and Zack were waiting for him. I told Trevor that Zack had showed up unexpectedly, and I thought a three-way would be interesting. Trevor showed no reaction, he likes to seem cool and in control, so he didn't ask whether anything else about the plan had changed. I figured he'd assume both he and Zack were going to fuck the cute Latino muscle-boy.

I had also asked Trevor to bring along his favorite sex toy to use on Toby. He showed up with a paper bag containing a latex dildo that was at least a foot long and six inches around. I measured later, and it was as thick as my wrist. It was huge. He pulled it out of its sack proudly, and waved it around as he announced that he could take the whole thing, and he betted Toby couldn't. I saw Toby's eyes go wide and his jaw drop, the thought of that huge dong up his ass clearly frightening to him. I caught his eye and winked, and he grinned, remembering it was Trevor who was going to get drilled.

Zack grabbed the giant rubber cock and waved it around. "Dude!" he exclaimed as he looked at the sex toy. "No way! This thing's huge! Doesn't it hurt?"

I'd gotten Zack to use some small dildos on himself, and to accept a couple of pretty mild fuckings, but he'd been too tight to really enjoy the experience. I'd have to see if I could get him back later to expand his own anal experience. He'd liked it enough that he could probably be coaxed into doing it again, and with some patience I might get him hooked on it. Maybe even today - Zack was like Trevor in that once he got turned on, a lot of supposed barriers fell, so I'd watch for an opportunity to have Toby drill his ass with a dildo, or even with his big fat cock.

Trevor just grinned and grabbed the fake cock back from Zack and licked it suggestively, opening his mouth as wide as it would go to suck just the head. It was obvious that the sexy blond stud had been broadening his sexual horizons since I'd last seen him, and was totally enslaved to his need for deep anal penetration. Maybe Zack's monster cock wasn't going to be enough for him!

Trevor pulled the dildo out of his mouth and stepped up to Toby and rubbed the big rubber schlong against the cute Latino's chest and said "I guess we know whose hole it's going up today."

I realized suddenly that Trevor had a sadistic side I'd never noticed before, but since he obviously likes being dominated, it's no surprise he likes to turn the tables when he's with someone he feels superior to. That made it even more arousing, knowing what was about to happen to the sexy blond stud.

Toby lifted the end of the big fat dildo to his mouth and sucked it too, then released it and grinned back, saying nothing, letting Trevor believe what he wanted to.

Toby and Zack had been thoroughly briefed. The plan was for them to focus entirely on Trevor, strip him, worship his sexy body, get him totally turned on. I had noticed a very passive side to Trevor's personality, and had a feeling he wanted to be the center of attention, and not have to do anything but be serviced, so if these two studs flattered him and licked him and sucked him until he was dazed with arousal, he'd go along with anything, and they could use him like the sexy fuck-toy he is.

The two studs took their time getting Trevor naked, always with him the focus, leaving their own clothes on. I liked the contrast of one guy totally naked, and the others clothed, servicing him. They touched each other now and then, but never in a way that distracted the focus from Trevor. They directed Trevor to relax and enjoy it as they removed his clothes, then licked and sucked his sexy muscles, his pecs and abs, his ass, his cock and balls. They tried to kiss him, and when he resisted at first, they moved on, but always returned to his mouth. With his cock hard, he had a hard time resisting, soon he yielded passively, just letting them kiss him, then became more active, his lust taking control. With one of them sucking his cock, he had to yield to the other's mouth. I especially wanted to see Trevor kiss Zack, both of the studs lost in their arousal and deep-tonguing each other as Toby sucked their cocks. I'd never gotten Zack to kiss before, either, but when I asked him about it before this session, he said he would have done it any time, he thought I didn't want him to. I remembered how easily Luke had kissed me when I serviced him in video 140, and wondered how many other chances I'd missed to get my straight studs to go further.

I told Trevor to let the other two take the lead, it was late and I didn't have time to explain the scene to him.

Zack and Toby started by taking up positions with Toby in front and Zack behind their victim. Zack stripped Trevor's skin-tight tee shirt off, and Toby rubbed Trevor's bare pecs and abs, and told him how awesome he looked. Trevor grinned, loving the praise. Zack held Trevor's arms over his head so that Toby could get at the blond stud's exposed armpits, licking and sucking them, to Trevor's great delight. Then Toby started licking and sucking Trevor's very suckable pecs, while Zack reached around from behind and undid Trevor's pants, pulling them down. Trevor never wears underwear, and his always hard cock sprang out, long and thick and stiff. Toby looked down at it and licked his lips, sinking slowly to his knees. Zack continued to fondle Trevor's now naked body from behind as Toby went down on the sexy blond's juicy fuck pole.

Zack licked and sucked Trevor's ears and neck, and turned the boy's head and kissed him on the lips. Trevor tried to turn away at first, but as Toby sucked his cock, and Zack caressed his naked muscles, and licked and sucked his ears, he grew less and less able to resist. Soon he and Zack were kissing passionately, their tongues deep in each other's mouths. Zack was rubbing Trevor's big hard pecs and the blond was just submitting passively, letting himself be serviced, enjoying the attention to his naked body. He especially liked it when Zack played with his nipples, rubbing and twisting them.

When Toby saw Zack and Trevor kissing, he wanted some of that action too, and stood to join in, and soon the three were trading kisses passionately, Trevor sandwiched between the other two as they rubbed and stroked and fondled his bare flesh. I could tell Toby was really loving this, the two straight boys kissing him and each other, he couldn't get enough of Trevor's hot wet mouth on his own, or of Zack's, and the other two seemed equally eager.

When Trevor was totally naked and aroused, it was time to get the other two naked, so I had Trevor strip them, first Toby, then Zack, while the other fondled and caressed Trevor's naked muscles. They flexed and posed for the passive blond stud, asking him to feel their muscles, then suck their aroused cocks. Trevor was obviously a cock hound, who loved a big one in his mouth, loved to service macho dudes. His mouth closed so eagerly and willingly over another guy's tool, his eyes closed so dreamily, his face relaxed so ecstatically. But I'd been unable to get him to show any interest in other guys' bodies, and hoped that when he got carried away, with two awesome guys working on him, he'd reveal a love of other guy's naked muscles that he'd managed to conceal.

Sure enough, urged on by their soft suggestions - "Come on, dude, lick me like I licked you, make me feel good, work my pecs!" - as he removed their clothes and bared their muscular bodies, Trevor obeyed their directions, feeling them up, stroking and rubbing them, and he was soon licking and sucking and caressing their hard male bodies all over.

"Yeah! That's it, that's awesome dude, make me feel good!"

Each of them coached him on how to pleasure the other - "Yeah, lick him there, lick his armpits, yeah! Now suck his pecs, now lick his abs, sink your tongue in his navel. Bite his arms, lick those guns man, his biceps are awesome, yeah, eat them! Now go down on his cock, suck it dude!"

Then, when all three were totally naked, cocks hard and dripping with sex juice, Toby and Zack took Trevor into the bathroom and gave him an enema, continuing to stroke and fondle and suck his naked body and totally aroused sex. He protested weakly that it was Toby who was to get fucked, and they assured him it was just for the viewers, Toby had already been cleaned out, this was just for fun. As much as Trevor likes putting things up his ass, I knew he liked the enemas too, and sure enough, he gave in as they used a syringe to fill his ass with warm water, all the while sucking and fondling his naked body. As he sat on the toilet letting it out, Zack stepped up to Trevor and offered his cock to be sucked, and Trevor couldn't resist it. Toby coached Trevor to take more and more, and the sexy naked blond's subservient side wanted to please. He was able to take at least half, while Toby knelt beside them and stroked the boy's cock for him, before they let him off and moved back to the bedroom.

Once they had him naked and aroused and cleaned out, Toby and Zack led Trevor back to the bedroom, and went to work on his naked body again. Soon Trevor was eager to suck both their big dicks, the cock hound never held back when a hard fuck stick was shoved in his face, he obviously loved sucking them, but he would never take more than a few inches, controlling the big sausage with his hands. This time I wanted him to take their cocks all the way, become a total slave to big cocks buried deep in his throat. Sure enough, with Zack and Toby double-teaming him, he was soon drunk from going back and forth on them. They had the boy kneel at their feet as they stood side-by-side kissing, and he sucked first one, then the other. They told him softly that he had to take more, and coached him on deep-throating their monsters, and it didn't take him long to give in and obey.

First it was just "Come on, dude, take it a little deeper, you can do it, that feels so good, just take a little more."

Then "Yeah, that feels awesome, take some more, suck it deeper."

Then "Oh yeah, buddy, you're incredible, deeper! Take it all the way! Please! Suck me harder!"

Trevor obviously loved giving pleasure to another guy, and wanted approval, so he gave in readily once they praised his efforts, and wanted to go further, especially since his own cock and ass were getting serviced at the same time. I'd told Zack and Toby to make sure Trevor always felt like he was the center of attention, his cock always in someone's mouth or hand, his pecs always being rubbed or sucked, his asshole always being fondled or rubbed or licked or probed. As long as they kept him drunk with arousal, he'd do anything they asked, and they'd be able to get him to deep-throat their cocks. As long as he thought he was the one being serviced, he'd do anything in return. Sure enough, with the two sexy studs working him over, he went all the way down on their big hard cocks.

I didn't think the cute sexy blond would have any trouble with Toby's cock, once he learned the technique, but I knew Zack's would be a challenge, having choked on it myself, and I was looking forward to seeing Trevor gag and resist as they made him take more and more. I had a feeling he was going to be able to take even more of Zack's monster than I had, and was going to love it.

Once they had Trevor drunk on their big hard cocks, they started to work on getting him to take them all the way. They made the blond boy-toy kneel at the feet of one of them while the other knelt behind him to arouse and coach. The one behind him would work Trevor's big hard pecs and play with his cock and rub his own hard cock into the boy's crack from behind, getting him ready for what we had planned for later.

First Toby's cock. With Zack kneeling behind Trevor and rubbing his own bare hard muscles against the subservient boy's naked back, Toby stood naked in front of him and fed him his sizeable fuck pole. Trevor closed his eyes and let it in, but wrapped his hand around it to control the depth. It was fat, and stretched his jaw just to get the head in. He sucked it willingly, licking and stroking it, and soon his face relaxed into pleasure - he loved sucking big dicks, and he loved the taste of cock-ooze leaking into his mouth as he sucked. We let him do that for awhile, getting into his job, enjoying the soft sounds of pleasure he was evoking from Toby's throat. No doubt of it, Trevor is a hell of a cock-sucker, and obviously would have continued for a long time, just loving a big hard cock in this mouth, and loving making its owner feel good. His sighs and moans of pleasure as he slurped on the big dick echoed its owner's.

Toby and Zack urged him on - "Yeah, Trevor, suck that big dick, take it all, man, that feels so good in your mouth, doesn't it, you love sucking cock, suck it deeper, yeah, take all of it, yeah, fuck yeah!"

Zack's hands were all over the boy's naked body, reaching around from behind to rub his pecs, then his abs, stroking his stomach, rubbing his tight hard muscles, stroking his cock, sliding his own huge hard cock between Trevor's legs to poke his nuts, rubbing his soft willing hole, getting it loose and wet and ready for penetration. I liked the way Zack was getting into the scene, he too was less inhibited than usual, making Trevor the center of attention was making it easier for the big stud to explore his interest in the other boy's hard-muscled body, he stroked and rubbed and fondled with obvious pleasure, plastering himself to Trevor's back, sliding his big cock between his legs, feeling his pecs, licking his ears and neck. Now and then he would lean forward and take Toby's big dick away from Trevor and suck it half way down. Soon he and Trevor were competing to see who could take more, each forcing the other down farther and farther on the big hard fuck pole. Toby was in heaven, with two macho straight boys kneeling in front of him servicing his cock.

I joined in at that point, fully clothed, to tell Trevor he had to take more of Toby's cock, let it go deeper, give the viewers more. I pulled his hands away from Toby's cock and held them behind his back gently, and after brief resistance, he let me keep them there. Then I used a soft rope to tie his hands behind him, telling him this was for the viewers, they would like the hint of bondage, not to worry. I put my hand on the back of his head and told him to close his eyes and let Toby's big cock slide in as I pushed him down farther and farther on it, telling him to open his throat, breathe, let it in deeper, then pull off, then go deeper, then off, breathe, then still deeper, until he had the entire cock buried in his gullet, and was swallowing on it, loving being subjugated to that giant cock. He gagged a little, so I let him pull off it, but then forced him back down.

"Oh, yeah man, that's awesome, you're amazing, he loves it, do it again, take it deeper! Take it all! Yeah! I can't believe you took his whole cock, man, you're incredible, yeah, suck it like that, take it all, now again, now stay down on it, hold it, suck on it, swallow on it, yeah! Suck that cock, dude!"

Toby was making loud noises of appreciation, urging Trevor on. And Trevor wanted to please so much, he couldn't resist being dominated, he just wanted to do as he was told, take it all, so he kept trying until he got it. Soon he was taking all of Toby's cock, burying his face in the dark sexy stud's crotch hair, loving being the slave to that big fat cock, and I whispered encouragement and praise.

"That's awesome, man, you've got the whole thing, suck it good, he loves it, suck his big cock, man, suck it, yeah, you're incredible, yeah, more!"

I untied Trevor's hands and guided them to Toby's full, heavy balls, telling him to tug and squeeze and rub them, and to massage his ass, and rub his tight hot hole. He didn't try to control the big pole any more, drunk with the feeling of that big piece of meat filling his throat. The sex juice was oozing steadily from its tip and coating his mouth and dribbling from his lips and down over his chin as he worked up and down, eyes tightly shut, lost in ecstasy as Zack stroked and fondled him from behind. Zack had several fingers buried up Trevor's ass by now, stretching and probing, getting him ready to be fucked. With his other hand, Zack was stroking Trevor's big hard cock.

The sounds of pleasure erupting from Toby's throat encouraged Trevor, and he continued happily until Toby was on the brink of orgasm. Trevor had several fingers buried in Toby's ass, probing and poking there, and that was getting Toby even hotter. I let Toby grab the boy's head and face-fuck him, and Trevor welcomed it, took it, loved it. When Toby started to make the noises that told me he was about to cum, I debated whether to stop the action, but I knew Toby was multi-orgasmic, so decided to go ahead and let him soak the other two with his cum, it would break the ice further to get fresh hot jism all over the two straight boys.

Trevor had Toby's entire cock buried in his gullet, and seemed to be trying to prove he could hold it there forever, when I saw Toby's face twist in ecstasy as he started to shoot. I let the first huge spurt get pumped down Trevor's throat, then pulled the blond slave off his master's big cock and let the next spurt hit Trevor right in the face, coating his mouth and chin. Toby pulled back a little more, and his next eruption shot over Trevor's shoulder to hit Zack in the chest. Several more big spurts of cum coated Zack and Trevor's naked bodies, and Trevor just looked up at the dark Latino worshipfully, licking his lips, his fingers still buried in Toby's ass, finger-fucking him hard to heighten his orgasm. As Toby's orgasm subsided, Trevor went down on the boy again, unable to control his craving for hard cock and hot cum. He had taken the first big shot of Toby's fresh hot cum down his throat, and now eagerly sucked the stud's still oozing cock to get more.

Zack was into the scene too, licking Toby's fresh cum from Trevor's face and shoulders, and scooping it up on his hands to rub on Trevor's hard cock, and to lube his own cock as he slid it into Trevor's ass crack. His cum-slick fingers slid easily into Trevor's hungry asshole, poking deeper and harder as Trevor moaned with ecstasy, his ass getting more and more desperate to be fucked hard.

Eventually I pulled Trevor off Toby's cock, and made Toby and Zack trade places. Time for Trevor to deep throat Zack's even bigger cock, and the same story, with Trevor kneeling naked at Zack's feet, Toby behind Trevor, and Trevor's hands tied behind his back again. I joined in this time, and sucked Trevor's long hard cock as Toby coached him on how to take all of Zack's monster, first showing him. Toby has an insatiable appetite for big cock, but he used it in this film only to prove to Trevor it could be done, he sucked Zack all the way to his crotch hairs, then pulled off and told Trevor to do it too.

"Come on buddy, you took all of mine, you can take his too. See, I can do it, it's easy, you want it, I know you do, suck his big hard cock. Man his cock is awesome, it's so big and hard and it's oozing, ready for your hot wet mouth, you need to suck it, man, suck it all, take the whole thing." Toby was chanting softly, rubbing Trevor's naked body, squeezing his pecs, his arms, rubbing his abs, urging the boy to suck Zack's giant fuck pole.

"Yeah, that's it, you can take more, swallow that cock, it's not too big, man, take it all, you can do it, yeah! Here, let me show you. See, it's not that hard. Suck that big hard cock, you know you love it! You love the way it tastes as he leaks cum into your mouth, dude, yeah, eat it, suck it good!"

Trevor had his eyes closed tight as he sucked, and the deep soft moans of pleasure in his throat as he was subjugated to the giant piece of man meat proved that he did want it, he did love it.

Zack was gasping and moaning, totally aroused by having the macho stud suck his cock so eagerly, his giant cock rock hard with lust for man- sex. He had his head back, his pelvis thrust forward to offer his big hard cock, loving the way the cute blond boy-toy was servicing him.

I untied Trevor's wrists from behind his back again then and directed him to play with Zack's balls, tug on the sac, squeeze gently, finger the column of flesh beneath, then slowly move his finger to Zack's asshole and finger that. He assumed this meant he was going to get to fuck Zack too, and that encouraged him to accept whatever happened. I gave him some lube and let him lube up Zack's ass thoroughly, work several fingers inside as he sucked the sexy stud's huge cock, soon engulfing all of it eagerly in his throat. I was amazed how readily he now took the big stud's entire giant dick down his throat.

Zack urged him on. "Oh yeah! That's great! Suck my cock. Work my balls. Yeah, finger my ass, fuck it, fuck it good!"

I guided Trevor's hands to Zack's chest, and told him to feel Zack's muscles, play with his pecs, rub his nipples, and he went along willingly, as Zack responded with encouragement.

Trevor thought he was going to fuck both of the other boys now, so he was willing to do anything to pleasure them. His enthusiasm revealed how much he loves other guys' bodies, he moaned with pleasure as he sucked Zack's giant fuck pole and rubbed his big hard pecs.

But meanwhile Toby was lubing up Trevor's ass too, sliding his big hard cock into the boy's crack, playing with his pecs, working his finger up the boy's tight hot hole, squirting sex lube up there, finger fucking him openly now as I kept sucking him.

Finally I let Zack grab Trevor's head and fuck his face good, and Trevor just took it willingly, let the bigger boy shove that huge tool deep into his throat and hold it there, over and over. I stopped them when Zack was about to cum, though, not wanting to drain their excitement before the main event, getting Trevor's ass drilled.

Trevor staggered as Zack and Toby helped him stand - he was drunk with hot boy-cock and fresh hot cum and hard male muscles. He was eager for more, ready for anything that would heighten his arousal. I suppose he still thought he was the one who was going to get to plant his erect tool in the other boys' asses, but he didn't resist as he was led to his own violation.

Zack and Toby guided Trevor to the bed, on his back, naked, Zack's hot cum still dripping from his lips, his face and chest still wet with Toby's cum. They made the blond muscle-boy lift his legs in the air, with his ass hanging over the edge, while Toby played with his cock and ass, and Zack fucked his face. While they were working Trevor over and teaching him to take their big cocks, the two studs fondled his naked body, and opened his tight hot ass for what would come later. Starting with just their tongues and fingers, they got him relaxed, loosened him up.

As Zack fed Trevor his cock, Toby knelt on the floor and ate the boy's firm round ass. I hadn't been sure Toby would go along with that idea, but he was so totally turned on now, and so eager to fuck Trevor, that he got right into it, licking and sucking his victim's sweet tight hole, then shoving his tongue in and out. I was amazed how long his tongue was, and how deep he could get it, and Trevor was loving it. Toby licked the boy's ass good, looking like he was enjoying it, and the noises Trevor made as he sucked Zack's big fat cock showed he loved the attention to his ass.

Then when Trevor's hole was good and wet, and starting to loosen up, Toby stood between Trevor's legs and slowly worked first one finger, then two up the boy's tight hot ass, and the sexy ex-marine squirmed and moaned with pleasure. His mouth was plugged with Zack's big fat cock, and I directed Zack to pull away, and when the sexy stud pulled his big sausage out, Trevor's words became clear.

"Fuck! Aw fuck! Yeah!" He was loving the ass play, wanting more. Zack was holding Trevor's legs up now, rendering him helpless as Toby finger- fucked the boy.

"Fuck what?" Toby asked as he worked his fingers in and out of Trevor's boyhole and stroked his rock-hard cock. Trevor's cock was oozing and throbbing from the workout his ass was getting.


"Fuck what, buddy?"

"Fuck me!"

"Yeah, tell me what you want buddy, say it!" Toby replaced his fingers with a small dildo I handed him, pushed it slowly into Trevor's eager hole, fucked him slowly and tauntingly with it. "Is this what you want?"

"Yeah! Oh, yeah! That's it, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck my hole!"

"Yeah, buddy, say it!" Toby was fucking Trevor with the dildo steadily now.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me."

"Yeah, get that ass real wet and loose, so I can fuck it," Zack growled, looking forward to sinking his huge tool in Trevor's tight hot hole. I had seen Zack look at the boy's ass when they had been on a couple of group films I did, and knew he wanted to feel his cock inside Trevor. Fucking a guy who likes what you're doing to him is much better than fucking one who hates it.

Trevor balked at that - "Wait, you said.."

"Change of plans, buddy," I told him calmly. "Don't worry, though, you'll get your share." I knew Trevor was turned on enough by then that he wouldn't fight it, all I had to do was soothe him a little. Besides, with Zack licking and sucking his pecs while Toby ate out his ass hole and played with his cock, he had nothing to complain about.

Then came plenty of lube and a bigger dildo, like the one Trevor had used on himself in his first video.

I had Trevor get on his hands and knees on the bed, with his ass in the air and Zack's cock in his mouth as Toby and I worked the dildo in and out and stroked the boy's steadily-leaking cock and tugged his balls.

Once he was drunk with the pleasure of a dildo up his ass and a giant cock down his throat, Zack and Toby pinned the little stud on his back again and switched to a larger dildo, the long ridged one. I was sure he'd take that with no trouble, and he did, he loved it. The ridges make it feel like your ass is being penetrated over and over again, and I knew that was the part Trevor liked best, when his tight little ass hole was spread wide and entered. I had seen the look on his face when a cock entered him. He loved being penetrated, and soon he was chanting "Fuck! Yeah! Fuck!" as they shoved the dildo hard up his tight hot asshole. They were able to get it in all the way to the handle, and Trevor never asked them to back off, he wanted more.

Zack and Toby used dildos on themselves as well, to keep their victim thinking they were going to get fucked, and I loved the sight of all three macho studs glassy-eyed and moaning as they fucked themselves with big rubber cocks.

Once Trevor's ass was totally in love with that ridged dildo, I had Toby and Zack drag his naked sex-drunk body to the edge of the bed, ass exposed and his legs in the air, and Toby moved in place and pulled the dildo out and replaced it with his achingly hard cock - he shoved his big fat fuck-pole all the way up the kid's well-lubed and wide-open asshole, while Zack serviced the boy's body and cock.

Zack doesn't mind licking and sucking another guy's pecs and abs and cock, and his total masculinity reassured Trevor, who was flattered at the attention from the bigger, more masculine stud. Besides, by then the helpless blond was totally drunk with arousal, and having a hard time resisting whatever the other two studs did to him.

Trevor yelped in surprise when Toby rammed his big dick home the first time, and then protested briefly as the cute muscle-boy fucked him.

"Ahh! Careful, not too deep! Ungh!" - as Toby drilled his tight hot ass with his big fat cock.

Toby shoved it in again - "Wait! Too much!"

Again. "Unghh! Fuck!"

Again, then again - "Unghh! Fuck!"

By then Trevor knew it was pointless to pretend he wasn't liking it, his ass was happily filled with hard cock, he had taken it all and he was too turned on to protest further, he just wanted more.

"Yeah! Fuck yeah!"

With Zack's warm wet mouth engulfing his cock, and Toby's big pole drilling his ass, the cute blond stud was soon gasping and grunting with pleasure.

"Unghh! Unghh! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah!"

Once Trevor was totally into getting fucked by Toby, Zack started coaching him, asking him how it felt, feeling him up, stroking his cock, asking him if he liked it.

"How does that feel, buddy, do you like getting fucked with Toby's big cock? How does it feel?"

Trevor held back, reluctant to say it, but as Toby rammed his monster up the kid's tight little ass, soon the grunts of "Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah! More!" were forced from his throat.

Toby pulled out, teasing, holding the tip of his cock against Trevor's ass, pressing it there, but not pushing it in.

"Tell me you want it," Toby growled, and Trevor shook his head and moaned as Zack sucked his rock-hard dick. Toby shoved just the tip of his big fat cock into the boy's ass, then pulled it out, and Trevor grunted as his cock throbbed and oozed in Zack's hot wet mouth. Toby shoved just the tip in again. In, then out, just the tip, stretching Trevor's tight sweet hole again and again, penetrating him over and over.

"Unghh! Yes!"

"Tell me you want it!" Toby shoved his cock halfway in and pulled it out again.

"I want it," Trevor murmured.

"Louder!" Toby shoved his cock all the way in, hard, and pulled it out slowly, teasing with it.

"I want it! Give it to me!"

"Say 'Fuck me!'" Toby shoved it in again, hard, and again, harder.

"Unghh! Unghh!" Trevor grunted in ecstasy, his head thrown back, eyes tight shut, mouth hanging open drunkenly.

"Say it!" Toby pulled all the way out and teased Trevor's hungry hole with the tip of his big fat cock, rubbing it around on the wet rim, pushing just enough to be felt, to be wanted.

"Fuck me. I want your cock!"

"Louder!" Toby shoved it in all the way and left it buried there.

"Fuck me! I want your big hard cock!" Trevor was getting desperate now, he needed the cock up his ass, he had to have it to make him cum, he couldn't get off without a cock up his tight hot ass.

Toby rammed his cock home and pulled it out. "Again!"

"Unghh! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

"Again!" Ramming it in twice. Then again.

"Unghh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Unghh! Fuck me! Unghh! Fuck me!"

Toby cut loose then and rammed his big fat cock into Trevor hard and fast, and Trevor's yells of pleasure blended into a wail of ecstasy. His cock stayed rock hard as Toby fucked him and Zack sucked and licked his sexy smooth-skinned body all over, and sunk his own huge cock in the kid's warm wet willing throat.

When Trevor was about to cum, desperate for release, his hole totally wet and loose and thoroughly fucked with Toby's big fat cock, it was Zack's turn. Trevor's head lolled drunkenly on the bed as he felt Toby pull his big fat cock out, and Trevor gasped "No! Don't stop! Fuck me! Make me cum!" He had no idea what he was asking for.

Toby climbed on the bed and held Trevor down, pinning his wrists to the bed as Zack moved into place, grinning with anticipation. Zack shoved the boy's legs back. Trevor's beautiful ass was lifted at the edge of the bed, his legs pinned over his shoulders now, totally helpless to resist, even if he wanted to. He realized slowly what was coming, and a wisp of fear floated through his sex-drunk mind, but with Zack stroking the boy's cock and fingering his hole, and Toby licking and sucking his rock hard pecs, he wanted it.

Zack held back, teasing, playing with the boy's well-broken-in asshole, stroking his cock, as Toby held his legs and worked his own cock into Trevor's mouth. Trevor sucked Toby's whole cock down easily now, wanting it. Zack had been wanting Trevor's ass, knowing how much the boy liked to be fucked, wanting to see that sex-drunk look of ecstasy as he plowed the cute blond's tight hot ass. Zack put the head of his cock against Trevor's well-stretched hole and said "Tell me you want it."

Trevor released Toby's cock from his mouth reluctantly and shook his head and moaned. "No, wait, it's too big, man, I can't take it!" He was still afraid of Zack's giant cock.

Zack pushed a little, and the head of his monster popped inside. Trevor gasped, and Zack pulled it out as Toby gave Trevor a hand-job, keeping his cock hard and oozing.

"No! Wait," Trevor panted, "I can't, man, it's too big, stop!"

Trevor started to resist, struggled against the four hands holding him down, forcing him to take their hard cocks. Zack slapped his bare ass, spanking him playfully.

"Shut up, dude, you're getting fucked today, your ass is mine!" Zack slapped Trevor's cute firm ass over and over and Trevor gasped with pain and pleasure, loving the domination, the stinging of the bigger boy's hand on his bare ass.

I handed Zack a small paddle and he used it to spank Trevor harder, evoking yells of protest - "No! That hurts! Stop! OK! You can fuck me! Stop!"

Zack kept spanking Trevor's cute bare ass with the paddle until it was bright red and the cute blond muscle boy was twisting and whining and begging loudly. "Stop! Please! You can fuck me! Owww! Stop!"

Zack dropped the paddle and shoved his cock up Trevor's ass about half way all at once and pulled it out as Trevor yelped in shock.

"Say it!" Commanded Zack. And he shoved his cock into Trevor's ass again.

"Unghh! God, it's so big! Please, I can't!"

"Say it!" Out, and then in again, just the big fat head.

"Fuck! It's so big."

"Louder." Out, then in again.

"Unghh! Fuck!"

"Again!" In again, a little deeper.

"Oh God! Fuck! Fuck me!"

"Again!" Half way in now.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Then Zack cut loose, rammed his giant pole up Trevor's ass, as the sexy blond lay helpless, arms pinned on the bed - Toby was licking and sucking Trevor, keeping the boy hot and horny, and once Zack had his giant pole all the way up the boy's ass, Toby shoved his own big cock down Trevor's throat, and they fucked him from both ends. Trevor's cock stayed hard, proving he was enjoying this, whatever his protests. Only his masculine ego was at stake, his body was loving every moment of what was being done to him, he loved being dominated and used to satisfy the other boys' naked lusts. I joined in again, licking and sucking Trevor's hard cock and balls, and his beautiful pecs and abs.

When Trevor was getting close to cumming from having Zack's huge cock shoved up his ass hard and fast, Zack pulled out and flipped the boy over so he was face down over the bed with his legs off the side, his hard cock sticking down against the side of the bed in full view between his legs as Zack fucked him hard. That raging hard erection proved Trevor's protests were lies, he loved being fucked, loved Zack's giant cock up his ass.

Toby knelt behind them and played with Zack's ass and Trevor's cock as Zack coached their sex slave to say "Fuck me!" over and over again as the bigger stud's huge cock rammed into his tight hot ass. Trevor's cock leaked and oozed as his ass was plowed and cock ooze was milked from his prostate.

I handed Toby some lube and the big ridged dildo and he worked the rubber cock slowly up Zack's asshole as the bigger boy fucked their slave. Zack loved the dildo, lifting his ass to take it deeper as he pulled out of Trevor, then ramming his own cock up the boy's tight willing asshole as he was drilled with the ribbed cock himself.

Toby pulled the dildo out and replaced it with his own cock, fucking the big stud as he fucked Trevor. Zack urged him on, impaled on a cock almost as big as his own while he fucked the cute blond boytoy he'd been lusting after.

Then Toby and Zack pulled Trevor fully onto the bed, flat on his stomach, and Zack mounted him and fucked him hard, the way he'd fucked Isaak. Like Isaak, Trevor loved it, and gasped and begged for more, lifting his ass to meet Zack's hard thrusts, loving that huge cock filling his ass.

"Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck yeah! Make me cum! Fuck! Fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Over and over again the sexy blond muscle-boy grunted and gasped and shouted it until he was drunk with getting fucked hard, couldn't get enough, totally broken, needing it, craving it, lost in the ecstasy of that huge hard cock plowing him deep and fast, each thrust pushing him closer to the release he now so desperately needed.

When all three were ready to cum, they turned Trevor onto his back again, and Zack held his legs up and fucked him in the ass while Toby pinned the boy's wrists to the bed and fed the sex-crazed blond his cock so that Trevor was plugged at both ends, and the grunts of pleasure he made as Zack plowed his ass got louder and faster.

Finally they let the cute blond sex-toy cum. Zack shoved his cock in just right, hitting that spot Trevor needs to have hit, and Toby rubbed Trevor's pecs and abs, and squeezed his balls, and as I'd suspected, that was enough, without anyone touching his cock Trevor started shooting, and shooting, hard and fast, and he started shouting.

"Oh God! Yes! Fuck me! You're gonna make me cum. Don't stop! Yes! You're making me cum! Gonna cum! Don't stop! That's it, man, you're making me cum. Cumming! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Harder! Yeah!"

And as Zack rammed his cock up the cute blond muscle-boy's ass, Trevor started shooting cum all over himself, it hit his face and his pecs, and soon a big pool collected on his abs as he shot wad after wad of hot white semen.

Then Zack pulled out and pumped his cock with his hand to deliver his own load all over Trevor's sex-drunk face and twitching naked body, and Toby stroked himself to a climax too, and Trevor was coated with cum, his own and Zack's and Toby's and his head was still thrown back in ecstasy, his mouth hanging open, cum dripping from his lips, gasps and moans of pleasure still flowing from his throat as Toby and Zack fed him their cocks again and he licked greedily at their fresh cum and sucked contentedly, still eager for more.

Trevor's cock stopped shooting bolts of cum all over his hard-muscled, naked body, but it stayed rock hard, so I figured he must have done as I told him, laid off sex for the past few days. His eyes opened a little and he looked down at his naked body and smiled, aroused by the sight of all the hot male semen coating his naked body. He rubbed it around with his hand, loving the feeling of the slippery coating on his hard-muscled pecs and abs. I made the hot little stud scoop some of it up on his fingers and lift his hand to his mouth. He closed his eyes again and licked the fresh cum from his fingers, his cock still jerking and oozing, still hard. He did it again, loving the taste of his own cum mixed with the other two boys'.

Zack and Toby joined in, leaning down to lick the cum from their victim's naked body, kissing each other and Trevor, sucking his cock, rubbing their naked bodies on his.

Once Trevor had stopped cumming and was able to see straight again after the brutal fucking Zack had given him, I handed him the huge dildo he had brought with him, and told him to show us how he used it.

He no longer resisted. Still on his back, naked, still coated with fresh cum, he grabbed the giant latex cock and threw his legs over his shoulders and started working it in. His ass was well stretched and thoroughly lubed, but he still had to work to get the huge pole up his ass, and the grunts and gasps of discomfort as he pushed it in were a delight to hear. He closed his eyes tight and panted in desperation, needing the big cock up his ass now, and Zack helped out, shoving the fake cock harder until it popped inside the naked boy's vulnerable ass. Trevor yelped in discomfort, but Zack shoved it deeper and Trevor squirmed and tried to get away, but it was too late, Toby held the boy down while Zack drilled him with the giant dildo.

Trevor squirmed and twisted, but slowly he was penetrated, slowly he gave in, and soon half the huge tool was inside him and he started to whimper with pleasure. Zack pulled his hands away and let Trevor fuck himself then, his cock still hard and oozing. The cute blond worked the huge dildo slowly deeper, needing it all, pushing it in, then pulling it slowly out. Zack and Toby urged him on, adding lube to make the penetration easier.

Slowly Trevor got the huge dildo in deeper and deeper until the whole thing was buried up his ass, right to the fake balls at the end. He gasped and yelped as it went deeper, and when it was all the way in he was squirming and moaning with a combination of discomfort and pleasure, his ass filled at last. And his cock was still rock hard and oozing sex, he loved having his ass filled with that huge hard cock.

We made him kneel on the bed with the dildo buried inside him, and he bounced up and down to fuck himself with it as the other two boys stood over him and fed him their cocks. He was in total ecstasy now, a huge cock up his ass, another piece of meat down his throat. I sucked his cock while he sucked the other two, moving eagerly back and forth between their cocks, drunk with the pleasure of his new skill at deep- throating the big poles, a mixture of saliva and precum oozing from the corners of his mouth, coating his face, drooling from his chin. He had one hand on the cock he was using to fuck himself with, and the other on whichever one he was sucking, playing with the owner's nuts, fingering his ass, rubbing his muscles. He no longer tried to control the cock he was sucking, but allowed its owner to shove it all the way down his throat, loving being dominated and used for Zack's and Toby's pleasure, totally subjugated to the two muscle-studs' brutal lusts.

When I could tell from the sounds he was making that Trevor was close to cumming again, I reluctantly stopped sucking him and stroked the boy's hard cock until he shot another huge load all over the bed. The first spurt reached the edge, and the second went way beyond, and Trevor was bouncing up and down on that dildo like a kid on a pony ride, lost in the ecstasy of having both his tight hot ass and his eager mouth filled with so much cock.

Finally I let Trevor do what he came for, fuck Toby. Zack held Toby down while Trevor drilled him from behind, and the frustration of being dominated for the past hour made Trevor eager to demonstrate his macho side, he fucked Toby hard and fast, and the cute Latino loved it. But once Trevor was totally into it, I had Zack mount him from behind, so Trevor got fucked with Zack's big cock as he fucked Toby. Trevor protested at first, but his ass was so well stretched, and needed hard cock inside it so much that he gave in quickly, loving the sensation of the big cock up his ass while his own was buried up the cute dark boy's. All three of them came at the same time, and I didn't make them pull out, I let Trevor cum inside Toby, and Zack inside Trevor.

I figured that was enough, all three of the muscle-boys had sucked cock, and fucked, and been fucked. Every ass had been filled with a hard cock, all three had eaten the others' cum, all were happily exhausted from male-male sex. So the three retired to the bathroom to clean up, and I left them alone together. I could tell from the noises they made in there that all three were having fun.


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