Wrestling Squad Captain!

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Derek was made captain of the wrestling squad today. The team voted, and even though he was new, freshly transferred from another school, and had been on the team only two weeks, the vote was unanimous.

After practice Derek found out why he was elected.

It was because of his giant cock.

Derek has the biggest cock on the wrestling team - the biggest in his whole school, actually. It's a real monster, and he's all the time having to show it to other guys, and jerk off for them so they can see it shoot (he shoots a huge load of cum too), and even let them touch it.

Most guys, once they touch Derek's huge cock, they have to see it shoot, and if Derek tells them the only way he's going to make it cum for them is if they suck it, they may protest and say "no way," but sooner or later they have to do it, they can't resist the temptation to feel a huge hard cock like that in their mouths, and taste Derek's hot teen cum.

Derek gets a blow job almost every day that way.

Derek waits until some really straight macho dude, who would never even look at another guy's naked body, let alone touch his cock, sees Derek's monster. They'll be standing at the urinals in the boys room, Derek doesn't really need to piss, he's just horny, and hoping he can get some dude to suck him off, and this awesome macho dude followed him in. Derek knows the guy has heard about him, because of the way he made sure to take the urinal next to Derek, even though there are plenty of others.

Then Derek pulls his cock out real slow, and plays with it just enough to get it half hard. The other boy is watching, trying to pretend he's not, but Derek sees the way the stud can't take his eyes off Derek's cock, as it gets huge and hard, and the kid's eyes go wide, and he can't not look at it. Then Derek steps back so the kid can see it real good, and the kid's jaw is dropping, he's so awed by the huge beautiful cock Derek is waving at him, and Derek steps closer to the stud.

"Watcha lookin at, stud?" Derek asks, as he shakes his rapidly hardening pole and it stretches out still longer, and gets fatter and fatter. Now it's almost touching the other kid's hand.

The boy just stands there, transfixed, unable to move or speak, he's never seen anything so big and beautiful as Derek's huge cock. He's holding his own puny little dick in his hand, because he was planning to take a piss, but now he's getting hard, and his hand isn't just holding his cock any more, he's stroking it slowly, mesmerized by what Derek is holding, wanting to touch it, desperate to know what it feels like to wrap his hands around a cock that big. His balls are roiling in their sac, swelling with cum, churning with lust for the big beautiful cock muscle-jock Derek is offering him.

"You like my cock?" Derek asks. "Wanta touch it?"

The stud nods, unable to stop himself, he's never done such a thing, would die rather than do something so queer, but now he can't help it as his hand moves of its own volition, reaches out, touches the huge purplish crown of the giant fuck-pole Derek is offering him. Then he can't stop there, he slowly rubs and strokes and fondles that beautiful cock, gently, reverently.

Derek reaches out and takes the kid's hand, and leads him into a stall, and closes the door. There he makes the boy take off all his clothes, and toss them on the floor. He likes seeing a kid like this, a jock probably, with a nice, tight, well-muscled body, the sort of guy all the chicks swoon over, a real stud in bed, gets all the pussy he wants, but now he's naked, getting ready to suck his first cock, though he doesn't know that yet.

The boy thinks he's just going to touch Derek's cock, Derek will let him rub his hands all over it and stroke it a few times with his hands, work the skin up and down over the huge shaft, see it swell and throb. Then he thinks they'll just jerk off together, the way this stud has done with a buddy or two now and then, when they're all horny and in a hurry to get off. But no touching, they never touch each other, they just look and jerk off, made horny by the sight and smell of their own randy teen cocks and sweat and cum.

But now the kid is unable to think of anything but how much he wants Derek's cock. He doesn't know yet how much he wants it, how far he's going to go to satisfy his hunger. He's already naked, his clothes scattered around on the floor, getting soaked with all the piss and cum other boys have splashed all over the toilet and dribbled on the floor. The stall smells like a hundred boys have cum in there, and they probably have, jerking their hard dicks as they sat there between classes fantasizing about fucking or sucking or getting sucked. The toilet seat is wet with piss and jism, and the kid would never think of sitting on a thing like that without first carefully wiping it clean, but this time he doesn't even notice, and his ass is sliding around on the cold, wet, slippery wooden seat, he loves it.

Derek lets the kid play with his giant pole for a little while, getting the naked stud totally hooked. Derek's cock swells still larger, that's one of the things that makes it such an awesome cock, it keeps getting bigger, a cock that big can't get hard instantly like the boy's little dick does.

Derek reaches down between the boy's legs and grabs the kid's cock and balls and squeezes and tugs. He knows this will help lull the kid into a sense of security, it's OK, they're just a couple of horny dudes helping each other out. The kid's cock is leaking so hard Derek thinks he might be cumming already, but no, he can tell he isn't, the kid is just so totally drunk with lust for Derek's huge cock that his horny teen lust has gone into overdrive, his body is pumping out hormones and precum ten times as fast as usual. The kid's body smells like a locker room, musky and sweaty and rank, and that's getting Derek even hotter.

"Yeah," Derek croons softly. "You like that, buddy, don't you? You like my big cock. You've got a nice one here yourself. Man, you're so hard I bet you could pop your nuts just from licking the head of my cock. See how it's starting to ooze? See that pretty drop of my cock juice? I bet you'd like to taste that, wouldn't you, kid? Go ahead, stick out your tongue and lick it off, I won't tell anyone. It'll taste good, and I'll just keep working your dick while you do it, to return the favor, go ahead, lick it."

But as soon as he says that, Derek takes his hand away from the boy's cock and stands up, hands on his hips, offering his now rock hard man- meat to the naked boy.

Derek's cock has started to ooze, it always starts dripping like that the moment he's hard. The boy stares at the big drops of clear cock juice oozing out, dripping slowly down onto his bare legs. He looks up at Derek's face smiling down at him. The glint of lust and need in Derek's eyes spurs the boy's own lust. He wants to please Derek now, this big stud with the giant cock is being so nice to him, letting him have just what he wants. Yes, he wants to lick that big knob, taste that juice, he has to know what it tastes like.

The boy sticks out his tongue and Derek pulls back a little, teasing. The boy follows, of course, he leans hungrily forward, determined now to lick up some of that nectar. He grabs Derek's cock - he uses both hands, it takes both of his hands to encircle that big log, but he gets it in his hands and holds it.

"Yeah, that's good, wrap your hands around it and jack it a couple of times, kid, that way it'll make more juice for you."

The kid looks up at Derek adoringly. Yes, he's happy because what he's doing is pleasing Derek, he wants this awesome stud to like him, he'll do anything now, anything Derek asks. He moves his hands slowly back and forth over Derek's huge cock, loving the way the silky skin feels, and the way it glides so smoothly over the iron-hard tube of hot teen stud cock enclosed. He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and licks the head, at last getting what he wanted, a taste of Derek's cock juice, and it tastes like the food of the gods, man-milk, he has to have more, he engulfs the huge head of Derek's cock and sucks desperately, needing more.

Derek gasps, loving that hot virgin mouth on his cock, he can always tell when he's got a stud who's never sucked cock before, there's something so much more urgent and desperate about the way they do it at first, like they've finally broken down some barrier, and a flood of pent up need comes bursting out, they can't get enough at first.

The kid sucks eagerly, happily. The head of Derek's cock is quite a mouthful for him, much bigger than the nipples of his girlfriend's tits, for instance. He thinks of that, and how he's always wished she had bigger nipples. And that they oozed something like Derek's cock juice. Yeah, nipples as big as this, that would be awesome, nipples that would feed him, he sucks harder, loving the soft silky feel of Derek's cock head in his mouth, and the way it's oozing a steady stream of that sweet, salty juice he now craves.

Derek puts his hands on the kid's head, getting ready for the next stage. He pulls the kid's head towards him, and pushes his hips forward.

"Oh yeah, buddy, that's good, but you can take more than that, just the head isn't enough, I need to feel my cock inside your throat. Take it, buddy, take it."

Derek pushes, and the kid just automatically opens wider, letting it in, trying to obey his new god, wanting to please the owner of this huge beautiful cock. He starts to choke as it hits the back of his mouth and presses against the entrance to his throat.

That's when Derek gives a real hard, vicious thrust with his hips, and sinks about half his monster cock down the kid's throat. He loves the way that feels, stretching some virgin mouth and throat impossibly wide, jamming his cock down there, feeling the awesomely tight smooth flesh strain to contain his giant dick as it throbs and swells and oozes. Yeah! That feels incredible. And he loves the way they all try to take it, they want it so bad they let him rape their throats that way, and still want more.

Derek holds his cock there like that for a short time, it seems like mere seconds to him, far too little time to enjoy that awesome first penetration, but he can tell from the way the boy is kicking and jerking, his arms flailing desperately, helplessly, his throat making grunting retching noises, choking, suffocating from that enormous pole fucking his mouth and throat, better let the kid get some air, so he pulls it out, and the kid coughs and gasps and gurgles.

"Gosh, kid, sorry," Derek says sympathetically, "I guess I got carried away, you had me so hot the way you were sucking on it, I just couldn't help myself. You're really good at that, no one has ever sucked my cock as good as that, it was awesome! I promise I won't do that again, but don't stop, that felt so good."

Derek reaches down and grabs the boy's still-hard dick and strokes it a few times, then gets his balls too and squeezes them, rubs the boy's naked chest, playing with his nipples, waving his huge cock in the kid's face the whole time, and all the terror and discomfort of the moment before is forgotten, Derek's hands on the boy's naked body comfort him, he can tell Derek likes him, he wants to please Derek, and he has to have that cock, yes that's what he needs, that huge hard cock!

The boy opens his mouth and goes down on it again. This time he wants more of it, he's had it down his throat, he knows that's what Derek wants, so that's what he wants, he has to please this jock stud muscle- god.

He sucks it deeper and deeper, choking, suffocating, he has to get it all.

Derek helps, holding the boy's head, pushing slowly until at last the kid's nose is buried in Derek's bush, pressed against his tight hard belly, and Derek gasps in delight.

"Oh! Yeah, buddy, that's it, you've got it all, now breathe before you do that again." He pulls out and lets the boy come up for air, then feeds his cock into the kid's throat again, then again, and soon he has the kid taking it just right, he's fucking that tight hot throat faster and faster and the kid is loving it, and before long Derek throws back his head and growls "Yeah! Cumming! Take it!"

Derek shoves his cock all the way in, and holds it there, as it pumps out gallons of his man-milk, he's pumping it right down the kid's throat into his stomach, and the kid is flailing and struggling again, suffocating, but in heaven. He can feel Derek's huge cock throbbing and squirting, he knows he's being filled with the nectar of the most wonderful boy he's ever met, he wants it and hangs on, his vision is going dim, he's getting dizzy from lack of oxygen, but he doesn't care, he'll die if he has to, to satisfy this awesome jock's brutal lust.

Finally Derek stops grunting, loud guttural growls of lust and ecstasy, as his balls empty themselves down the boy's throat. He's holding onto the tops of the partitions on the sides, fucking the boy's mouth and grunting and cumming, his awesome muscles glistening with sweat. He worked his tee shirt up over his head behind his neck earlier so he could rub his pecs and play with his nipples, and he's naked from his neck to his knees, all that awesome jock muscle flesh exposed and inviting. Other boys have climbed onto the toilets in the adjoining stalls to watch, and several reach over and fondle Derek's naked muscles as he gives in to that gut-wrenching orgasm.

Derek sighs and relaxes, pulling his cock out of the boy's ravaged mouth. His lust is sated for the moment. He reaches down and musses up the boy's hair.

"Thanks, kid, that was pretty good. Maybe we can do that again sometime."

The kid is still coughing and retching, dazed and drunk and bruised, not sure what just happened to him, but happy he pleased this naked god standing in front of him. Cum is dribbling out of his mouth onto his chin, dripping onto his naked legs, but he doesn't care.

Derek pulls his pants up and stuffs his slowly softening log back inside, then zips up. As he leaves the stall he pulls his tee shirt back on, and the hands still caressing his awesome pecs regretfully let him go.

Sometimes Derek makes the kid lick his cock clean afterwards. If the kid is a really good cocksucker, and there's enough time, Derek will let him suck another load of cum out of it, he likes the second one even better because it lasts longer, and the kid has gotten used to the monster in his mouth and can handle it better.

But this day he needs to get to the gym for wrestling practice, he needs to work out, and feel his body strain against another hot stud's, grapple with muscles like his own, strain and grunt and shove, yeah!

The kid who just sucked Derek's cock was beating his own meat as he did it, of course, he'd never done anything like this before but he needed that cock and needed Derek's hot sticky teen boy stud cum, he ate it all, and loved it, and came while he was choking on the giant fuck tool.

Afterwards the cock sucker feels drunk, he can hardly remember what happened, but he knows he loved it, and his cock stays hard and throbbing and he can't stop playing with it, or thinking about what it felt like to touch Derek's cock. He sits there in that stall and jerks his rock hard dick and gasps and pants and moans, his mouth hanging open and drooling.

Some of the other students know they can get a blow job any time just by following Derek, and when he finishes with his victim and leaves, they just step in front of the cock-drunk stud and shove their own cocks in his mouth, he'll suck cock for hours, drunk with the feel of hard boy- cocks, and hot teen spunk on his tongue, he sucks and swallows and sucks, and his own cock keeps convulsing and spurting as he sits there sucking hot teen cock, insatiable, desperate. Eventually he'll sit there alone, jerking and cumming, until he's empty, and he stumbles to his feet and gathers up his sweat- and piss-soaked clothes, and manages somehow to get dressed and stagger out.

At practice that day, Derek is elected Wrestling Squad Captain, and he's pleased, but surprised.

It's not that Derek isn't a great wrestler, he is. He's been State Champion in his class three years in a row, and he was going to be Captain at his old school, but then his folks moved, and he'd figured he was screwed. But he'd noticed that the new team treated him with respect the minute he stripped down for practice the first day. He figured it was his muscles, he has a body to match his huge cock, big hard muscles everywhere because he works out with weights all the time.

After practice everyone congratulates Derek, slapping his bare ass in the showers, snapping their towels at his firm round ass and massive, column-like legs. He takes the kidding good-naturedly, liking the attention. He walks into the shower, grinning, happy, his muscles feeling a little tired, a little sore, and steps under the hot steamy spray. He feels a wave of euphoria as the hot water stings his skin, relaxing him. He looks around and sees the adoring looks of his teammates. He reaches down and soaps up his cock, which is already starting to rise, he's horny from working out, and from all the naked jock muscle-boy flesh all around him. He gets it hard, and strokes it slowly, looking at all his teammates stroking theirs, they all jerk off together, and pump hot cum all over one another, laughing and wrestling in the showers, naked, hard-dicked, horny teens cumming together.

As Derek is getting dressed, Coach Masters walks into the locker room, and the laughing and crotch-grabbing stop.

Bobby Anderson fucked up in practice, and Coach tells Bobby and Derek to come to his office, once they get dressed. Derek is a little worried at first, maybe he fucked up somehow too. He sure hopes not, he can't remember anything he did wrong. Hurriedly he pulls on his clothes. He wonders about the grins and ass-slaps he gets as he walks out with Coach and Bobby.

When they get to the coach's office, the coach takes Derek aside and says, "Son, this is your first time on Discipline Duty, so I'll explain it to you. You're Wrestling Squad Captain now, and your job here is just to act as witness. No wrestler has ever protested the way I chose to discipline him for breaking the rules, but I don't want anyone accusing me of something wrong. Your job is just to stand by and watch and make sure my discipline is fair. OK?"

Derek didn't understand what was going on, but he knew the coach's reputation, everyone said he was a righteous dude, so he just nodded and said "Yes, sir, you can count on me." Derek's former coach had disciplined his boys by lecturing them in front of the whole squad, then making them do pushups or laps or something. What did Coach Masters do? Why did he need a witness?

Bobby was in the lightest weight class, but a great little fighter, Derek had watched the cute little stud take three opponents easily. But the sexy teen had fucked up, he'd let a much inferior wrestler get a point, so he had to take his punishment. Coach sat on a chair and told the boy to stand in front of him, and first he lectured the cute muscle- teen, who stood with his head down looking ashamed. Derek figured that would be the end of it, but when the lecture was over, Coach reached into his desk and pulled out a leather paddle and told Bobby,

"OK, son, you know the drill."

Teen jock stud wrestler Derek watched in amazement as sexy teen wrestler Bobby stepped closer to the Coach and lifted his arms from his sides submissively. He looked at Derek and smiled shyly, and the older muscle stud just shook his head in confusion. The kid almost looked happy he was about to get his ass paddled!

Coach reached out and pulled the naughty teen's tee shirt out of his shorts and then slowly pushed it up until it was as far up as it would go, bunched around his pecs. Bobby had nice pecs, with really big nipples - Derek had noticed that in the showers, and it had excited him, so he had looked away. Coach took his time arranging the tight tee shirt so it would stay up and then stroked the boy's naked chest and abs, and complimented him on his body.

"You're developing well, Bobby, you should be proud of your body."

"Oh! I am sir," the boy gasped as his coach grabbed his nipples and squeezed and tugged them hard.

"Does that hurt, boy?" Coach asked as he kept squeezing and pulling the boy's big nipples, harder and harder. Bobby was gasping with pain but here was a look of something else in his face too. The boy liked the rough attention to his big hard nipples.

"Yes sir," he gasped, "at least sort of, but it's turning me on too, I'm getting really horny and if you keep that up I may pop my nuts all over you. Sir."

"Take it, boy, take it! And Don't cum, don't you dare pop your nuts!"

"Yes sir!" Bobby was gasping and then he cried out "Ohh!" and finally Coach let up.

Derek was shocked at first to see the coach stripping the young teen muscle-boy, and especially when the older stud started feeling the boy's young hard muscles, and then playing with his big nipples. This coach was really young, a lot younger than Derek's coach at his former school, he didn't seem that much older than Derek himself, and Derek felt like Coach was the big brother he'd always wished he'd had, a self-assured, big-muscled stud like himself, someone to guide him and advise him. Seeing him use this kid like a sex toy made Derek's balls ache.

Yes, in spite of his shock at what coach was doing to Bobby, Derek found himself getting aroused by the scene. His cock was getting hard, and he could feel his balls churning. He stood nervously, afraid the other two would see his erection.

Derek found himself admiring Coach Masters' body, he was in incredible shape. He wondered suddenly whether he could get Coach to suck his cock, then shook his head to clear that image away - Coach was too much of a stud to go down on one of his wrestlers. He remembered that kid in the boys room before practice, and his cock swelled and oozed. He was getting horny again, he hoped this didn't take too long, he'd go to the men's room over at the park, he could usually get a good blowjob there.

Next Coach reached out as the boy stood docilely and allowed the coach to pull his shorts down to his knees and then pushed his jockstrap down as well, so that the sexy teen was practically naked. Again Coach did it slowly, stroking and fondling the boy's bare vulnerable flesh as he undressed him, and Derek could see from the expression on the boy's face that he was enjoying it, but also in agony from it. It seemed that sexual torture was an important part of the punishment.

Derek gasped as the boy's jock strap was pulled down and he saw that Bobby's randy teen cock was hard, it stuck out fully erect when it was freed of the tight confines of his jockstrap. And Bobby had a nice big one, Derek had noticed that in the showers, the kid was a real stud, much bigger than you would expect for his size. Now it was rock hard and stuck out a good eight inches, and the tip was glistening with precum as the sexy teen stood naked and submitted to his coach's discipline.

Derek expected the spanking to start then, but no. Bobby stood there with his tee shirt pushed up to his armpits so his big hard pecs were fully exposed and his shorts and jockstrap were at his knees, so his entire body was naked and open for Derek to see and the Coach to fondle and arouse.

Coach continued his gentle exploration of Bobby's now all but naked teen stud body, fondling the boy in all his most private places, playing with his pecs, his nipples, rubbing under his arms, his thighs, and the boy gasped and moaned in ecstasy. Derek couldn't help imagining that it was his hands exploring Bobby's sexy naked muscles, and his cock throbbed harder and harder. He especially wanted to rub Bobby's pecs, feel those big nipples. He could tell they were hard, aroused from the stimulation of his body, and that the boy loved having his pecs played with. Derek was the same way, his pecs were almost as sensitive as his cock, he could cum just from playing with his nipples.

Finally, as Derek watched in amazement, Coach reached out and wrapped his hand around naked Bobby's huge hard cock with one hand, stroking it slowly, and playing with the boy's big heavy hanging balls with the other. He tugged and squeezed the boy's nuts as they roiled in their sac, and rubbed the juice oozing from the boy's achingly hard cock all over its head, and Bobby gasped and wailed.

"No coach, I can't take it!"

"Control it, boy, control it!"

"Stop sir, I'll shoot, I'm too horny!"

That confirmed Derek's suspicion that at least part of the punishment was sexual - the boy was not allowed to cum. Or what?

Finally Coach seemed to think he'd pushed the boy far enough and he pulled the naked teen down across his bare legs, his beautiful firm round ass lifted in the air ready to be spanked. Derek had tried to avoid looking at Bobby's ass, but there it was, lifted in the air, exposed, vulnerable, round and firm and inviting. Derek wanted to get down on his knees and crawl forward and lick that beautiful ass, sink his tongue into its crack and pull those ripe firm cheeks apart and...

Derek shook his head, trying to clear it of the overwhelming sexual images flooding his mind. He was just there to watch.

Coach arranged Bobby across his knees, and made sure the little muscle- boy's rock-hard erection was free, sticking down to the floor, hard and randy and oozing fuck juice. He fondled the boy's hard cock some more, and stroked and probed his bare vulnerable ass.

Derek's cock swelled. Bobby had the cutest ass Derek had ever seen, he had noticed the sexy little stud in the showers a couple of times, and had felt himself blush when the boy smiled at him. Bobby was little and cute and dark and muscular and his ass gave Derek a hardon.

Derek didn't usually get an erection when he looked at another guy's ass, but Bobby's got him hard. His ass was so round and firm and pretty, Derek could just feel it in his hands as he spread those cheeks apart and licked into the boy's tight smooth crack.

Bobby always smiled shyly when he caught Derek looking at him, and that made Derek want the boy even more. He wanted the kid to suck his cock, of course, but not like the kid in the toilet stall, he wanted more with this kid, wanted to make the boy feel good too. Derek shook his head again - had to concentrate, do his job, watch Coach spank the boy.

Now the sexy teen was stretched naked across the coach's bare legs, about to get a bare-assed spanking with a leather paddle! And the boy had an erection, Derek had seen it big and hard when the coach pulled down Bobby's jock strap, and the boy's hard cock sprung free.

Derek's dad had spanked him when he was little, but not for the past few years. So it was a shock to Derek that Coach spanked his wrestlers when they screwed up in practice! He remembered the humiliation of being spanked by his Dad, having his pants pulled down and then laying across his dad's lap and getting his bare firm behind slapped good and hard until Derek bawled like a little kid. It had always made Derek toe the line, but Derek's dad had stopped the spankings when Derek started to get an erection every time he was spanked. After that the punishments changed to things like being grounded for a week, which for a teenager was a much worse punishment anyway.

Derek thought about it and saw that Coach couldn't ground a boy who needed to be punished, so an old-fashioned spanking made sense. It must be really humiliating for cute little Bobby to be treated like a little kid, spanked on his bare bottom. Derek felt sympathy for the boy, but he could see this was right, it would teach the boy to work harder.

Derek watched nervously as Bobby arranged himself on Coach's knees and Coach raised the leather paddle, ready to deliver the first blow. Bobby looked up at Derek and smiled and Derek's cock throbbed again - he wasn't sure why, but Bobby's smile made his big cock hard.

The spanking was a good old-fashioned, over-the-knees, no-nonsense paddling. Bobby tried to tough it out, but after the first few good hard strokes of that leather paddle on his bare firm ass the sexy teen wrestler yelped and cried. He knew better than to beg for mercy, so he didn't say stupid things like "Stop!" but he cried and yelped, and Derek could tell the boy was feeling every stroke of the paddle and wishing he hadn't fucked up earlier!

Derek's own ass even burnt from sympathy, but his cock also swelled each time the paddle descended, and the cute dark teen wrestler bounced and yelped and flailed. He couldn't help imagining it was he administering the punishment, the naked little wrestler stretched across his own knees, the pretty round ass raised so invitingly to meet the paddle, the naked body flailing and gasping and the boy's hard cock oozing, cock slime spurting from its tip with each stroke of the paddle. Derek's cock was rock hard and he wrapped his hands over his crotch, trying to hide his erection, control it, make it stop throbbing and oozing and jerking as he watched. What would Coach say if he saw that Derek was turned on by this?

After fifteen or twenty strokes of the paddle - Derek lost count - but once the boy had bawled and lost control from the paddling, Coach dropped the leather paddle and used his hand, just to make the experience even more humiliating and painful to the naked wrestler stretched across his knees getting punished.

Derek could see that the boy's cock stayed hard too, and Coach saw that and said "Aha!" and reached over the boy and under him and grabbed the rigid teen cock and wrapped his hand around it and held it like that while he kept up the spanking. With that added stimulation directly to his hard teen cock, there was no way Bobby could stop from cumming, and as the man's hand descended on his ass and his cock slid in and out of the man's fist, the sexy naked teen muscle-stud shot his load, the combination of the stimulation to his naked teen body and the arousal of being near his idol Derek made his randy teen cock spurt huge gushes of hot teen jism all over the coach's legs and onto the floor.

Derek's cock stayed rock hard the whole time. He didn't think he had ever seen anything so sexy as the naked wrestler getting his bare firm ass spanked!

When finally Bobby lost control of his cock and pumped out his huge load of hot cum all over the coach's legs, Coach Masters stopped and swore. He dumped the boy onto the floor, and Bobby got shakily to his feet, clutching his bright red ass, his cock still spurting, his face screwed up in pain and ecstasy.

"Damn it boy, I told you not to cum!"

The naked teen muscle stud was standing there bawling uncontrollably like a little kid and holding his raw red ass with both hands but his cocks was still hard, cum dribbling and oozing, He looked at Derek adoringly, and his cock gave a real hard squirt.

"I'm sorry coach, I couldn't help it!" the naked muscle-boy bawled.

"Well then, get the bench," Coach said to Bobby. They boy wailed with fear and humiliation

"No, sir, please! Not the bench, I'll be good I won't screw up again, please not the bench."

"Stop whining like that boy, or I'll start all over again - you know the rules. Get the bench."

Bobby wailed and cried, but did as he'd been told, he pulled a large padded sawhorse-like affair from the side of the room. Coach made the boy bend over the bench, then fastened his wrists and ankles tightly with leather restraints, so he was spread-eagled, totally helpless, naked and vulnerable, his bare red ass raised into the air. Coach then gave the boy ten more strokes of the paddle and Bobby wailed and sobbed. Finally Coach let up, and stepped back.

"All right, I guess that's enough to make you pay attention next time, son. Derek, you stay here with Bobby. I have to do some paperwork. He has to stay like that for half an hour, then you can release him. After fifteen minutes you can put some salve on his butt to soothe it, but not until he's had plenty of time to think about how bad he's been. Got that? Half an hour, and salve after fifteen minutes. And I'm not to be interrupted, no matter what!"

Coach fetched a plastic bottle from a cabinet at one side of the room and handed it to his star wrestler.

"Yes Sir." Derek gulped, looking at the helpless boy. He looked so sexy, and Derek's cock was oozing and twitching in his jock strap. The thought of applying salve to the boy's bare naked ass made Derek pant with lust. He wanted to feel that pretty ass so bad.

"Don't let his crying or begging make you let him up early, either, son."

Derek pictured himself winding up in Bobby's place if he did not obey, and shuddered, and said "Yes sir!" with his most earnest manner.

Derek stood silently as the coach walked out, shutting the door behind him. Bobby was tied firmly over the spanking bench, and his bright red, firm round ass was lifted invitingly into the air. The boy was still sobbing, his sexy naked body shaking, but his rock-hard cock still dribbled cum onto the floor - he was totally aroused, that was obvious.

Derek couldn't stop himself from thinking how easy it would be to walk over to the helpless boy and pull out his own huge hard cock, and sink it into that naked vulnerable asshole and fuck the sexy little stud senseless. God he wanted to fuck the kid's ass. He swore at himself for even thinking such a thing, but he couldn't stop the fantasy from running over and over through his mind. It would be wrong to fuck one of his teammates.

Derek had fucked lots of other guys, of course, many weren't satisfied with just sucking on his huge cock, they had to feel it buried up their rear ends, plowing their asses deep and hard. He had fucked lots of hot tight teen ass.

But it would be wrong to fuck a teammate, especially when the teammate was tied down, helpless to resist.

But finally Derek just had to touch, he couldn't just look and imagine. The huge, awesomely muscled wrestler walked over to the boy and stroked his naked ass gently.

"You OK, kid?" he asked sympathetically.

"Oh God," Bobby breathed, "my ass is on fire but I'm still so horny, I can hardly breathe." Indeed, the boy's hard cock was drooling cock- slime so steadily that quite a pool of it had accumulated on the floor.

"Yeah, I can see that," Derek said.

"Is it time for the salve yet?" Bobby asked. Derek looked at the clock.

"Well it's been twelve minutes, I guess that's enough." Derek looked down at the bottle he was holding.

"Geez," he said in frustration. "This isn't salve, it's some sort of lubricant! He gave me the wrong thing."

"No, wait, that's it," Bobby said urgently. "Go ahead, use it!"

"Well, OK." The older stud shook his head. "If you say so."

Derek squirted a big glob of the slippery gel onto the boy's naked ass cheeks and started rubbing it around. It felt sexy, it was so slippery, just like Derek's own cock ooze, and his cock got harder and oozed heavier into his jock strap. He groped himself as he used one hand to spread the wet slippery gel all over Bobby's naked vulnerable butt. The firm round globes of the boy's ass were so tempting, so sexy. He squeezed them gently as he rubbed them, knowing how sore they must be, red and welted, just spanked, sore, round, firm, soft and smooth. God he wanted to fuck that ass! He tried to avoid the boy's crack, but then Bobby told him to use the stuff there too.

"Get it into my crack, Derek, it's sore there too!"

Derek fearfully let his fingers rub into the boy's crack, liking the way that felt. His fingers found Bobby's tight tender asshole.

"Yes, Derek," the naked boy panted urgently. "In there too!"

Derek couldn't stop himself, he slowly pushed a finger into the boy's asshole and probed around. It felt so sexy, he could just feel his cock sinking in there, the tight ass gripping it, the boy gasping and wailing as it penetrated his virgin hole. Derek liked fucking virgin assholes even more than he liked fucking virgin mouths and throats, he could hear every groan and wail, every word as they cried out in agony at first, begging him to take it out, then begged for more and deeper and harder as he fucked them senseless.

"Oh! Yes! That's it!" Bobby hissed with pleasure.

Derek had his cock out, he'd lost all sense of restraint as he rubbed Bobby's red naked ass, and probed into the cute little stud's hole. The new squad captain had worked his own shorts down to his knees and worked his giant fuck-pole out of his jockstrap. He gave the bottle of lube a final squeeze, then rubbed that on the boy's beautiful ass, then dropped the bottle and started stroking his cock with his free hand. That wasn't quite right, so he changed hands to work his cock better. The slippery lube on the hand he had been using on Bobby's ass made his cock even harder, it felt so awesome as he slid his hand up and down his huge pole. The precum that was dribbling steadily from his cock added to the lube on his hand and created a perfect wet slimy coating on cock and hand, and his balls churned with the huge load of cum that was building up there, demanding release. He needed to pop his nuts bad.

"Yes, that's good, Derek!" Bobby panted and begged. "Deeper, I need it inside!"

Derek worked more and more of the slippery lube up the boy's tight tender hole, loving the way it looked as his finger sunk deeper up the sexy ass, and loving the way it felt. The boy's ass opened, relaxed, and Derek slid a second finger in, probing, poking, rubbing. Then he could get a third finger in. The naked boy cried out, begging for more.

"Oh God, I need something bigger up there, Derek - use something bigger!"

Derek could think of only one thing he had that was bigger, to push up the boy's asshole. It was the huge piece of long thick hard fuck-meat he was holding in his hand. He looked at the boy's tight pink hole and thought "It'll never fit." But once the thought entered his mind, he wanted to do it, he needed to feel that pretty puckered asshole gripping his dick, milking it, he was so horny, he needed it now so bad, and with only a moment's hesitation he placed the huge head of his cock against Bobby's asshole and pushed - the huge knob popped inside with a loud noise and Bobby yelped. Derek stopped and held it there like that, breathing raggedly, drunk with the awesome feeling, and the way it looked, that huge cock head in that tiny hole.

"Gosh, sorry Bobby." Derek managed to slur through the lust gripping his horny teen mind. God, the kid's ass was tight and hot and sexy! "Did I hurt you? Should I pull it out?"

"It's OK, but you're so big," Bobby breathed. "Just hold it there while I get used to it."

Derek looked down at the huge mushroom-shaped head of his giant cock disappearing inside the helpless boy's tight hot hole. He felt Bobby's virgin sphincter open painfully, then clutch the big fleshy knob tightly - squeeze, release. He moaned.

"Mmmm." Bobby sighed. "OK, I'm getting used to it now. Take it out and put it in again, real slow."

Derek pulled his cock out, and again pushed until just the head popped in, and he moaned loudly as the boy gasped. He did it again, watching the head of his huge dick disappear, feeling the boy's wonderfully tight ass grab it, then pulling it out and feeling it slowly squeezed, tighter and tighter. He wanted to do that forever, it was the most wonderful sensation he'd ever felt, poking just the huge bulbous head of his giant cock into the boy's hole, then pulling it out, in and out, in and out. It was the most wonderful sight he'd ever seen, seeing the helpless boy's ass violated, the tight little hole stretching, resisting at first, stretching, wider than looked possible, resisting, then suddenly accepting, opening, welcoming that huge intrusion, grasping it, holding it, wanting it. And best of all was hearing the boy yelp with each penetration, the loud gasp of pain and ecstasy as his hole was stretched and violated.

"Ahh! Yes! Ahhh! Again! Again! YES!"

But eventually the boy did not want to let it go, he wanted more of that cock, he wanted it all!

"Oh! God," Bobby gasped. "That's great, Derek, your cock is huge! I need it all! Push it in farther! Please push it in! Fuck me with it! Give me all of it!"

Derek hesitated, afraid his enormous pole would hurt the youth, but then Bobby squeezed his ass tighter, and suddenly Derek needed no urging, the way the boy's tight hot ass was gripping his knob was driving him crazy.

The awesome wrestler pulled his huge cock out one last time, staggering with lust. He grabbed the bottle of lube that he had dropped in his frenzy, and shoved the business end of the bottle up the boys ass, and squeezed, emptying about half the wet slippery fluid into the kid's virgin hole, getting it ready. Then he put his huge cock against the hole and shoved again and sank his tool about four inches deep and the little wrestler yelped again. A fountain of lube spurted out as his cock sank in, soaking Derek's cock and balls and legs.

"Oh! God! Yes!"

Derek pulled out a little, then shoved all of his giant cock into the boy's ass, eliciting a loud wail of pleasure.

The door opened, and Coach Masters stuck his head inside the room at that point, and looked at the two boys and smiled.

"Excellent," Coach said, smiling. "I knew you were the one for the job, Derek, the team chose an excellent Captain. That's just what the boy needs. Take your time, enjoy yourselves, no need to hurry."

And the coach left.

Derek had frozen momentarily at the sound of Coach Masters' voice, had turned and seen the coach's smile through a lust-crazed fog. But then he felt Bobby's tight hot ass squeezing his cock, and he resumed fucking the little stud. He was too far gone to understand or care anything more than how much he was enjoying this ride. He rammed his huge cock up the boy's ass over and over again, grunting and yelling. The force of his thrusts lifted both the boy and the bench he was strapped to off the floor, and Derek drove it across the room in big lunges, until it came up hard against the wall. Fortunately, the wall was padded there, so when Bobby's head hit, it did the boy no harm. Besides, sexy little teen wrestler Bobby was too lost in the delight of getting his ass plowed with Derek's huge cock.

Bobby thought vaguely how clever he'd been, rigging the drawing the night before so that his was the name picked. He owed the towel boy and a couple of the other wrestlers a whole bunch of blowjobs, but it was worth it, to be the first guy on the team to get fucked by the new Captain.

Derek fucked Bobby good, and it took a while, since he'd come only a couple of hours earlier. He took his time, and did it right, loving every moment, and thinking how much he wanted to fuck every one of his teammates as soon as possible. He hoped they would all screw up soon. If they didn't, well he would fuck them anyway.

After all, he was Wrestling Squad Captain!


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