Big Scott

Author's Note: While I hope you like this on its own merits, I must warn you that it's a bit of a reaction to a few things I've read in the past year. While I don't normally go along with this kind of Muscle Theft story, I just had to get it out of my system. It has magic as the basis for the change. I hope you get the idea of why I wrote this. And I will accept all comments in the spirit they are given. We all need someone to listen when we have a need to speak. Thus one is mine. So you know I'll listen when you want to be heard. I hope you enjoy this.

Big Scott felt good after a good night's rest. He still couldn't believe he came five times last night. His little twink roommate had quit begging him to stop, by the third session. Big Scott had come by his nickname in Junior High School after he beat up a kid two grades older than him. His status as a bully grew from there.

Now he was a mammoth College Wrestler for his University. His Coach was even talking about the next Olympics. He just had his head pointed at Professional Wrestling. Which explained how his early relationship with his roommate had turned out so well. Bradley was a Theater Major and had helped Big Scott out with fine tuning his acting ability. Along with his business courses, Big Scott was on his way to being the biggest Wrestler, the world would ever see.

Too bad the little runt didn't want to go along with the program. Big Scott finally had to tell Bradley that Big Scott was the Master and Little Bradley was the Slave. That didn't go over too well with the little twink. Before he could move off of his bed, Big Scott had to jump on him and started his form of muscle education.

Sure the little guy put up a fight, but what could he do. Bradley was five foot three and all of ninety two pounds of stick figure. Big Scott was a whopping six foot eight, three hundred and eighty one pounds of Massive Muscle and bone. And speaking of bone.. Well, Big Scott was built like a bull elephant in that department. Though the runt was still packing in one place. Big Scott was surprised to find a nine inch cock on the little twink. It still didn't make him enough of a man to stop Big Scott from laying down the law last night.

Those thoughts filtered through Big Scott's mind as he slowly woke up. It was an early saturday morning and he was reaching for his cock and it felt smaller. Sure it was as hard as a rock, but he had a big fifteen incher. He threw the covers back and saw his throbbing meat start to deflate. It was only eight or nine inches!

"Holy Shit !!" His pecs were gone! His abs were flat and his thighs were thin!

Bradley called out in a voice that sounded horse, "Could ya keep it down a bit. I need a bit of sleep after last night."

Big Scott was pissed. "What did you say little man?!" But it didn't come out right. His voice was higher and it squeaked at the end like he was going through puberty again. He jumped out of bed and felt like he was jumping off of a cliff. "What the Hell. Who raised the bed?"

He turned to Bradley's bed and saw a humungous hill where a little mound used to be. Suddenly the hill started to take a big breath and it got bigger and bigger. Then Bradley let out his breath.

A bass growl came out of the bed clothes hiding the huge mass underneath. "You just can't let me have a few more minutes of sleep, can you, Little Scott?" Bradley's voice was at least an octave lower than it had been last night. The giant on the bed rolled over towards Big Scott and then out of them as he put his feet on the floor. They were enormous feet!

Big Scott tried to regain the advantage and walked over to Bradley, but he lost steam with every step he took.

"What's this shit calling... me.. Little...(swallowing sound) Scott."

By the end of his walk and talk, Scott was toe to toe with Brad and Brad had stood up. And Up. And UP!

Scott was staring into Brad's navel! His head didn't quite reach up to Brad's massive pecs. Brad's head tipped forward to be able to look over his chest and down at Scott. Scott's mouth was open in shock and a grin spread over Brad's face. Then something hard and thick started to push into Scott's belly, then push him backwards. Scott stumble back from the pressure and the biggest dick he ever saw, tapped his mouth shut. Scott's eyes opened wider as the head of Brad's dick filled his view.

Scott tried to step back, but Brad's big meaty paw of a hand stopped him when it settled on his shoulder.

"Oh, don't back away, Little Scott. Your new friend might think you don't like him. He might spit in your eye, if he thought that. You don't want him angry at you do you." Just a little shake from Brad, rattled Scott's teeth. Brad scowled at Scott and raised his voice. "Do you?!"

Scott shook his head no but couldn't speak yet. Another shake nearly took him off of his feet. "Speak up, he can't hear you. Do you want to be friends or not?"

"Y-yeess." He stared right back at the monster cock just inched from his nose. Even it was taller than Scott.

Another shake. "Yes, what?!"

"Yes Sir, Sir!" His voice squeaked again, but it was louder.

"Good boy. He likes you to call him Sir." Brad's hand went to Scott's head and he started to stroke it softly. It looked just like when you petted your dog's head and Scott started to like it a little. But just a little. "I, on the other hand, don't mind it when you call me Brad. But I'll spank you if I catch you calling me Bradley, ever again. And it won't be a love spank either. You'll be sobbing for hours. But Brad will make me happy. Though you will have to call me Big Brad when ever anybody else is around. I'm seven feet tall now and a five foot tall runt like you can't get away with calling me just Brad. My friends might hurt you for being disrespectful. And I don't want anything happening to my Little Snot. Uh I mean Little Scott."

Scot had been practically hypnotized by the bobbing of Brad's cock as he talked. Brad finally noticed where his attention was and grinned. "Well don't just stand there. Show him you want to be friends. Kiss him. I know he's as wide as your face and you'll never be able to fit him in your mouth. But he likes kisses as much as anybody else. And use some tongue while you're at it."


Brad's smile got wider. "Sure. Watch"

Brad concentrated on the tip of his dong and the piss slit opened and closed almost like sideways lips. "See he's got lips. Kiss him. And use tongue." Just then Brad's pre cum started to flow. It was slow but steady.

"Oh. Don't mind him drooling. You'll get to love that taste. Just like I was supposed to learn to love the taste of your cock. And that might happen one day. If you're good. In fact, if you make your new friend very happy, I might just give you some muscles to go with that runt of a body you have now. Just don't ever expect to be any taller than you are now. You raping me five times last night put an end to that."

Brad's cock started to droop a little. "Aw. He didn't like hearing about what you did to me last night. Maybe he wants you to be shorter."

Scott's eyes flew open wider and he lunged forward. His mouth covered Brad's huge piss slit as he stuck his tongue as far down as it would go.

Brad let out a low bass moan as Scott started to get into his new job. "Aw, you wanna be friends, too. That's good, cause when I shrank you after you passed out, I made your rear end able to take a cock like mine with out any pain."

Brad's hand was on the back of Scott's head again and stroking his hair. Scott slowly became used to the pressure from the huge hand. It could wrap from one cheek bone, all the way around the back of his head, and reach the other.

"Good boy. Good boy. And if your good, I'll make that dick of yours a lot bigger, so you can fuck me when you've been a really good boy. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Scott's eyes opened and he looked up at Brad before he nodded and continued to suck and tongue Brad's piss slit. Brad smiled down at his resized roommate."Lets move this on to my bed, so we can get comfortable while you service my cock. Then I'll fill you in on how it's going to be from now on."

They got on the bed and Scott started to tremble. "Ohh. Don't worry. I won't be slamming this big ole thing up your tiny butt this morning. I'll do that around noon. And it won't ever hurt. As long as you act right. Just don't think of trying to find my magic books. They have spells that could turn you into a goat, or a frog, or even inside out. And that last one takes a long time to die. Pretty messy, too. So you just be a good little man and I'll reward you with more muscles and a bigger manhood. It'll look great on your short tiny frame. Do we have an understanding?" His smile was huge and sincere.

Scott blinked a few times and looked into Brad's eyes. The smile was there, too. Then he glanced at Brad's cock, just bobbing a few inches from his face. Scott tried to make the best of a situation he brought on himself. "Yes Brad." Then he went back to sucking on the end of Brad's cock.

Another bass moan came out of Brad as he started stroking Scott's head again. "Good Boy." Scott's back and chest plumped up a bit and his arms had a little more muscle. He still looked very thin, but he could tell he was a little bigger. He suddenly put a lot more effort into what he was doing. "Very good boy."

The End