Everyone could use a little Ogre

For Londonboy in celebration of my friend's birthday

"Back when the world's heart was young; there were many manner of fine and strange creatures that walked amongst us proud and silly Humans. One race of creature that walked like men, were the Ogres. A large and powerful people, more feral than human, as the story goes. Yet it were the humans who were writing the story for those blue-green skinned warriors. Ah tis true, they were tall and massively muscled, nigh onto the size of a giant. But they rarely got taller than nine feet and hardly ever stretched the tape beyond four feet wide."

"For a short time in history, Ogres and Humans had a sort of Pax Ogrman. The Ogre tribes were at peace with each other, (if you can call what they do for love making peaceful), and the Humans employed Ogres as cheap Heavy labor. A number of Humans mistook their slow response to human speech as a sign of low intellect, and treated the Ogres in their employ like Chattel. That practice often lead to serious misunderstandings, not to mention a few broken bones on the human's part. Still there were those few Humans, silly as they were, that understood the Ogres that chose to stay and work for them."

"The great Ogre Warrior Prongue, had fallen on hard times. He turned from the ruling of his tribe, when his harem of wives would not stop bickering. His prowess as a lover was great amongst the Ogre Tribes and this...."

"NO. Jared not telling story right. Prong left wives because Prong not like females plumbing. Prong like dick too much, put up with 'Prong take care of wife two and wife five tonight or wife three have her brothers beat Prong bloody pulp. Again!' Huh !! Like wife three ever have brother able beat up Prong at all."

"Well if you don't want me to tell the story, then what else can we do tonight, great Ogre Warrior Prongue"

Prong snaughed and pinched his human lover. "Hey watch it there. You want those to still work later."

"Yes, yes. How Jared spelling Prong's name. Jared say like Jared add something. Prong notice Jared like adding things to Prong."

The earthy chuckle was echoed by Prong's lover. "Only because you add such wonderful things to me. Again and again..."

They both sang "And again."

Another low chuckle came out of the Ogre. "Great Warrior Prong-goo." More chuckling. Prong pulled the bed clothes off of Jared to find a massive tower of man-flesh, straining at it's fifteen inches towards the ceiling.

"Prong see something great. Prong think Jared part Ogre. Pink Ogre parts still look great to Prong." His words had Jared's cock head flaring. The bed clothes had wicked away Jared's pre-cum up to that point, and Prong's love talk had started a new flow, that rolled over the shiny purple apple sized cock head and down the shaft. Prong swiftly caught the stream with his tongue and lapped it back up to it's source.

A wicked chuckle erupted from Prong as he held the massive human dong and slowly nibbled the ribbed underside of Jared's Love Muscle down to the twin globes hanging below it. Jared had spread his legs wider for his lover to have a better access at his Bull sized balls. 'Apples again' slipped through Prong's mind as he licked and slurped one huge ball into his mouth. The book Jared had been holding went flying across the room, then his hands flew to the massive blue-green head of his thick muscled lover. His hands grabbed the wide neck muscles and massaged them as Prong Massaged Jared's gonad.

As if on signal, they both let go of each other and said in unison "Other side". Prong slurped Jared's other ball into his mouth as Jared massaged the other side of Prong's neck. Then after a sweet interval of Ball/neck massage, Prong released his prize and bent back to look into Jared's eyes. Prong grabbed Jared's wang at the base and bent it towards his mouth. The minor amount of pain from that show of strength was offset by the anticipation in Jared's eyes as Prong swallowed the whole great Thing in one gulp. Jared started to shiver.

Jared's hands reached down to Prong's thick wide back and dug into the muscles like he was kneading bread. A moan escaped both their lips. "Oh I thank the day I finally gave you a back rub and you returned the favor by sucking my tongue down your throat."

Prong pulled off of Jared to tell him "Half way. Jared's tongue not that long." Then to prove a point, Prong whipped his twelve inch long tongue out and slapped Jared's dick with it.

"Half way. But with Prong doing the sucking, I was all the way to heaven." A sly grin was included with Jared's correction of the facts.

Prong suddenly looked very excited. "That Better. Prong need Jared in him NOW."

Jared grabbed a jar by the bed and slapped some of the Love Jelly on his rampant cock. Prong was pulling some out at the same time and greased up his back door. Prong had a look like he was ready for the kill, as his hips started to quiver. Then he wiggled them slowly over Jared's cock.

"Oh no. Wiggly hips. I'm a goner now. Please don't kill me, Great Ogre Warrior Prong, with your Magical Butt."

Prong couldn't keep from chuckling as he made contact with Jared's wang and lowered himself onto it at the same speed he had sucked it down his throat. Jared took in a long slow deep breath. He shivered again and shook his head like he need to clear it. "Oh God! Prong, do you know how much control it takes to keep from shooting my load when you do that? And if you ever try changing your ways, I'll hurt you." He started laughing at the absurdity of the threat, with a blue-green cock bigger than his, staring at him all the while.

"Hey old friend." Jared grabbed Prong's pecker with both hands and nursed a dollop of Ogre Pre-cum out of it. The fine piece of Ogre flesh was bigger than Jared's, but only by a few inches. The foreskin was shorter than most other Ogre's but the size of the head and the girth of the shaft, were very fine compensations for a little bit of skin. "I love all the different shades of blue and green on your Love Muscle. Or when I have him in a death grip and the head turns such a deep Indigo."

"Jared usually say 'In-ya-go". Jared lapped up the clear spicy tasting pre-cum, as he ignored Prong's bad joke. Prong started to rise and fall on Jared's thick meat. His inner muscles seemed to have a death grip of their own, on the human's tool.

Jared's face tipped up to the ceiling as the pleasure increased. He seemed to remember something and started to tip his hips to the right and towards himself. "Wait. Just you wait a minute." More maneuvering by Jared and Prongs face lit up a bit more.

"Yeah, I thought you forgot about that. You always take care of my wang at the expense of your Love button."

"Prong happy just taking care of lover's wang. Jared always remembers hit Prong's Love spot just right."

The rest of their love play was fairly silent, what with moans and groans and an occasional "Oh, Yeah!" When they reached their climax and both were spent; Jared was the one smiling with a quart of Ogre Spooge covering his chest and face. Another quart was down his gullet due to the savory taste that Ogre Cum has. Prong kissed Jared for another five minutes before pulling off of his dong. They cleaned up from the wash basin and went back to bed.

As they cuddled, Prong frowned for a moment. "Jared always say Prong Great Ogre Warrior. Prong curious."

"About what, my Love?"

"Why Prong Great Ogre Warrior, feels safest in Jared's arms?"

"You are going to have to give me thirty or forty years to figure that out."

"Good. Prong wait."


The Next Morning, and the Moon would be Full that night.

Jared was the town's Butcher. With Prong to help him with the cleaning and heavy part of the trade, Jared's shop was always clean and well stocked. They shared an Ice House with a few other store owners. Jared also had a small herd of cattle and sheep, so he didn't have to keep buying his animals for slaughter. Prong was very good with the animals and had the quickest and kindest method of slaughtering them when their time came. Prong's massive strength allowed him to calm them and then snap their necks before they knew it was happening.

Life for Jared and Prong was happy and industrious. But a part of Jared's past was about to make a Big change in their lives.

Martha was the Bakers daughter. She or her brother Patrick always delivered bread or pastries to the shop owners who were too busy to get over to the Bakery. That particular morning, Martha arrived early with an extra package. Jared was in the back, cutting up an order for a large party the Shoe Maker was having that night. Prong was at the front counter and paid for the bread and pastries without questioning the extras to their normal order. He even got a smile from Martha, and that was really unusual, since she hadn't smiled at him since the first day he arrived at the Butcher shop.

Jared had cut up the steaks for their evening meal just before they closed their doors and had them grilling on a small barbecue located in the back room. By the time the shop was cleaned up and the rest of their wares stored back in the Ice House, the meat portion of their meal was done. They moved to their kitchen in the residence part of the shop and Prong threw together some greens in a bowl for their salad. The bread filled out the rest of the meal and after easing it all down with a few ales, Prong opened the pastry package. "Prong love desert."

Jared thought nothing of the pastries, since he had been close friends with Martha, and she was often adding such things to his order.. They had even been betrothed together as children. They had both been upset at first, being forced into a relationship not of their choosing. Yet the years brought them together as friends. The problems arose when Jared started to be attracted by men and not women. He confided in her and she let him know that she was attracted to another boy. All seemed well, but the boy in question was not interested in her or even staying in their moderate sized town. and when her father forbid her from marrying anyone but Jared for five years after the date they were supposed to wed, she was incensed. But no amount of pleading or argument or threats, could persuade Jared to follow through with the betrothal. His father even paid the Betrothal Denial fee, to the Baker and their families were still happy with each other. Not so Martha, as Prong and Jared were about to find out. Martha knew Jared liked Big Muscles and big men; so she decided to show how she felt about Jared and what he liked. And her decision included the creature she also blamed for Jared's refusal to marry her.

Jared and Prong ate the last of their meal and tipped back the last of the ale in their mugs. They were suddenly taken with a deep urge to make love to each other. Jared stripped his clothes off as Prong ripped his loincloth off of his body. Prong's cock led the way into their bedroom, as Jared followed him, admiring Prong's thick butt muscles. Prong had the Love Jelly jar in his hand and he scooped some onto his massive pecker, before handing it to Jared. They usually had some form of word play going before they got to the actual Love play. But that night they didn't even question their need to have one inside the other. Or that normally Jared would top Prong. That night Jared needed Prong inside him as much as Prong need to be inside his silly human. But their love for each other held them back from just fucking each other. Prong slowly pulled Jared to his body and he kissed him for a long time, even with their aching cocks stabbing straight out in front of them.

Then Jared pushed Prong back on the bed and slowly lowered his butt onto Prong's throbbing cock. Jared wiggled his butt a bit like Prong had the night before and Prong finally broke the silence. "Oh no. Wiggly butt. Mighty Jared no kill Prong with Wiggly butt. Prong do anything Mighty Jared want." Prong couldn't keep from chuckling at the truly silly word play Jared and he had crafted up for their love making.

"Anything?" Jared had half of Prong's Ogre meat up his chute as he asked that wonderful question.

Prong couldn't speak for a moment and he just nodded with a goofy grin on his face. But as Jared seated himself completely on Prong's wang, Prong's smile went from goofy to sexy, His hips moved a bit and Jared's head started to roll around a bit.

"That, God be praised, prehensile cock of yours can be all the way in me and still roll and twist so good, ya have my head twisting to the way it's twisting inside me. And hitting my Love button with every roll. Oh God, I love ya, Prong."

A throaty laugh popped out of Prong. "Prong Love Jared." They became silent as they worked that position. Prong reached up and tweaked both of Jared's nipples.

"Ah, you're like a musician and I'm your fleshy instrument."

"Jared make beautiful music, when Prong play Jared's strings." Prong let go of Jared's nipples and grabbed his cock like a drum stick. Prong slapped Jared's cock onto Prong's thick curved belly. "Jared's cock makes Prong's belly into good drum." Jared bounced on Prong's cock so his drumming could have a little more room.

Then Jared felt Prong's pecker start to get bigger. At first it was like when Prong was about to cum. But Prong didn't cum right then, and his cock only got bigger. Suddenly Jared was stuck. Prong was so thick at that point, that Jared couldn't pull off of Prong. It wasn't hurting either of them, but it shocked Jared and then Prong. Then Jared saw his own cock start to grow bigger.

"Jared, what happening?" Prong never heard Jared's answer as he started to violently orgasm. It was so intense that it almost hurt. Jared felt a huge flush of cum enter his bowels, only to feel it disappear. He couldn't see that his body was growing larger. At least not until he saw Prong continue to cum and shrink with each gush of Ogre Spooge.

Jared cried out "NO!" as Prong shrank smaller and smaller. He desperately tried to pull off of Prong, but he was still wedged tight on Prong's dick. The pleasure/pain had been too much for Prong at that point and he passed out, even as his cock kept gushing out Ogre junk.

Jared was enormous by the time he was able to pull Prong's prodigious pecker from his love chute. Luckily, Prong stopped cumming when that happened, but he was only three feet tall and wouldn't respond to Jared trying to wake him. Jared grew frightened and stood up with Prong in his arms. Only to discover that he was much too big for his own home. He crouched down and tried to think of who could help. The local Wizard came to mind and with out a stitch of clothing on his massive body, Jared rushed out of their shop with the tiny body of Prong in his arms. He couldn't keep from crying for his lover as he took alleys and side streets to Wizard Ronzev's home.

Ronzev heard the loud pounding and knew a very large creature was at his door. He pulled out his minor wand he used for simple brute strength spells. Any giant stupid enough to try something while Ronzev had that wand, deserved what he got. "Who's pounding on my door at this time of night?"

"Please, Ronzev. It's Jared. Something's happened to Prong."

Ronzev could tell it was Jared but missed his voice being deeper. What he could tell was that Jared was desperate for help. He opened his door to find a Giant holding a small creature in his arms. "Wow. That is one huge talleywacker on your friend Jared. Does he like to play? And where are you? Hiding behind him, or what?" He looked closer at the body in Jared's arms and frowned. "That is the shortest Ogre I have ever seen. That's not Prong, is it?"

Jared crouched down to look Ronzev in the eye. "Yes it is, and I'm not hiding behind anyone."

Ronzev stepped back and almost used his wand to render Jared unconscious. But the pained look on his face held Ronzev back. "He won't wake up. Please help us."

"Come in. But be careful, you're way too big to just move anyway ya want, without breaking furniture or knocking holes in the walls."

"I always thought it would be good to be really big, but this sure changed my mind. I don't know why this happened but I can't lose Prong."

"Lay him on the table there and sit down. But not on the furniture." Ronzev used his wand to conjure up a very large cushion next to the table Jared placed Prong on. Jared sat down slowly and was still eye to eye with the wizard when his butt hit the pillow.

"Let me see what powers and energies are flowing through you two and then I'll have an idea what has really happened." He stepped up to the table and pulled out an alabaster egg the color of the mid day sky. It hummed for a moment as Ronzev closed his eyes and moved the egg from one end of Prong to the other.

"Hmmm. No simulacra involved. and no spirits or demons have been near Prong in the past three days."
He turned to Jared to see him quietly sobbing. He knew that Jared and Prong were lovers, but he never had an idea of the depth of that love. He swiftly did the same pass of the egg over Jared's body and muttered "Ahh."

"Can you help him?"

"You love him very much, don't you?"

"If he dies, I don't see a reason for living."

"Wow. That bad. Or good, if you're wise enough to see the power of love. The moon is still up. I think I can help, but there are going to be changes to break the spell, and then I can get you two close to your original size. There might be a little problem after the spell is broken. I have to warn you that you may actually return to the size you are now, but Prong will also be close to the same size. The process involves a bit more than I can explain." Ronzev returned the egg to a pocket in his robe and pulled out a long thin wand.

"What I need right now is." The wand snapped through the air and deftly caught one of Jared's sweaty tears as it dripped off of his nose. "One of your tears. Shed for true love, it will help break the spell." He took the tear drop over to a small cauldron, where he dropped it in. Then he pulled a small book from a shelf and referring to a certain few pages, added five more ingredients. Jared was paying more attention to Prong's little meaty chest rise and fall, than the Wizards cure for their problem. Ronzev took some blue chalk from his pocket and started drawing two circles that overlapped, onto the stone floor. Then after a few more symbols drawn with the same chalk, in the overlapped area; Ronzev changed to a green chalk and added a few more symbols to each circle. He placed the cauldron in the overlapped area and turned to Jared.

"What is going to happen will be disorienting and a bit frightening for you. But it's the only way to wake your friend, without him shrinking away to nothing. Well, nothing but a giant dick. Not an option. When the spell is broken, you will be three feet tall and Prong will be.." The Wizard looked Jared up and down for a moment. "Nine feet tall. Normal for an Ogre, though Prong was a bit on the small side for Ogres."

"Will I have to stay that size to keep Prong safe?"

"Oh no. But the method for your growth back to an above average height will depend on Prong feeding you for an entire month."

"Feeding Me? That might be fun."

"Not from his male organ. In fact, you can not partake of his Ogre Seed for the entire time. He can spend himself any way he wishes, but you cannot swallow one drop of his seed or the cycle may start again."

"Feed from where, then?"

"Prong will be producing Ogre Milk for an entire month. From Full moon to Full moon. When you suckle on his teats and no more milk comes out, you will be at your proper height from then on, and he may fill you with as much Ogre Spooge as he wishes without worry of shrinking."

"Ogre milk. OK. Where do you need me to stand."

"Sit, Jared. You should sit in the circle to the left and place Prong in the circle to the right."

After doing as he was told, Jared finally had a hopeful look on his face. "Don't worry. Your faithful loving Prong will be back with you in only a few moments." Ronzev went to the wall closest to his front door and pulled a cord until the screen covering a glass Skylight was fully retracted. He flicked his hands out and up, and all the candles and lamps went out. Moonlight illuminated the area within the two circles. The liquid in the cauldron glowed a slight gold color and the chalk marks became brighter in the moonlight.

"Just in time. Any longer and we would have had a lot more work. Close your eyes, and don't get frightened when everything is gigantic around you. Just remember that Prong and I would never hurt you."

"Thank you, Great Wizard Ronzev."

"You're welcome, Jared."

His hands fluttered over the cauldron and after a moment he started to speak. But as the words left his mouth they became smoke that fell into the cauldron. The glow in the cauldron grew obscured and then was brighter as each smoke word passed into the contents of it. Ronzev took out his long wand and waved it over the cauldron, three times. The third time the glowing mass in the cauldron turned into a bright cloud streaming from it. The cloud split in two and one went to Jared as the other went to Prong. They encircled both males and then a cord connected the two. Just as the glow grew brightest in the clouds, their size started to change. Jared started to shrink as fast as Prong grew. And grew. And grew. The clouds disappeared, revealing a tiny Jared sitting cross legged in the circle and Prong stretched out to his new nine foot height, in the other.

Ronzev smiled as Jared opened his eyes and did not freak out. Jared stood up and walked over to Prong's massive head and kissed him on the forehead. Prong woke up and yawned. "Prong have very weird dream. Jared get very very big and carry Prong in Jared's arms like small cub."

Then Prong finally noticed just how big Jared was. Before he could get too excited, Jared calmed him with "Don't worry, This is temporary. I'll explain it all in a little bit. But first." Jared kissed his gigantic lover for a very long time.


Six Days Later

Prong was trying to keep up with the demands of the Butcher shop, but his size was slowing him down. Nobody complained and many told him to take his time. But he would get distracted when his breasts started to get painfully full. He finally had the local Midwife tell him to go take care of Jared so he could think again. She had seen the same thing happen to many a young mother, when breast feeding. Prong followed her advice and put the 'Back In A While' sign in the window. He went into the residence side of the shop in a crouch, to keep from hitting his head on the roof beams.

"OK! Another Prong meal." Jared was almost five feet tall and a lot wider than he had been, before the whole Magic thing started. Prong sat on the floor and Jared crawled into his lap. He immediately started sucking on Prong's left teat and that resulted in a satisfied moan from Prong.

As the milk from the one teat ran out, they both said in unison "Other one!" Jared changed position and started to suckle Prong's right teat.

"Prong glad Jared getting bigger. Prong like idea of silly Human bigger than Prong. Jared just keep growing and Prong be happy."

Jared finished and licked the nipple to say thank you. "And whatever makes Prong happy, makes Jared happy."

A contented sigh came out of both lovers.


And Thirty Days After That

Deep in the forest close to the town Jared and Prong used to live in, was a clearing. It had a very large cabin at the high end of the clearing and another similar building near it. At the low end were crude fences that kept the small herd of cows from wandering off into the forest. In front of the large cabin was a fire pit and an entire cow was roasting above it on a large spit. There was a small stream running through the clearing and a small water wheel was the power behind the spit turning. The meat was almost ready and Prong walked back to the fire pit from checking on the fences and cattle. A giant of twelve feet in height and five feet in width came out of the cabin. Jared smiled as Prong picked up a la rge bowl and brushed more sauce on the rotating meat.

"Smells great, Prong. But what are you going to eat for dinner."

"If Jared not good, Prong will not eat Jared. Then both feel bad."

Jared picked his smaller lover up and hugged him to his chest. "I'll be good. I promise."

Jared and Prong had taken to wearing loincloths when they decided to raise cattle for the new Butcher in town. Jared's size meant they either build a new Butcher shop, (and suffer the fear in people's eyes), or move into the forest and have a few people come over when they want to play and offer up the town gossip. It was easier to move.

And move is exactly what Jared's cock did as he held Prong. The cord on his loincloth broke and his huge three foot long cock rose up between Prong's legs. Jared let go of Prong and the Ogre stayed where he was by dint of Jared's massive dick. "Prong knows Jared be good. Or else face Wiggly butt."

"Oh." was all Jared could say before he sucked on Prong's tongue.

And they lived Happily and Hornily, Ever After.