Finding the Pearl 2

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Five weeks after that amazing, awesome, frightening event and I'm doing incline bench press with double the weight I was using B.D.A. That's Before Dragon Assault. Of course I had refrained from telling Mark of the significance of that event in my life. But I think the dreams were giving it away big time. So what does he say when I start to falter at the huge amount of weight he has me lifting?

"Push!. Come on! Push that weight. My big Red Dragon can push that weight for days."

Now at that point we hadn't really discussed a lot of the weirdness that developed out of my Assault by Dragon. So that weight that I was just struggling with suddenly wasn't anything at all. But saying that, I didn't let the damn thing move a fraction of an inch as I looked at the man I love with the most puzzled look on my face. It was half way to my chest and it wasn't moving at all. Period.

"What did you say?" I think I blinked and that was when Mark realized he chose the wrong way to motivate me.

He stood up straighter and his tone of voice was totally normal. Mr Trainer went out the window. "My big Red Dragon. That's the nick name I've been giving you in my head for the past few weeks. You've been like an animal these past few weeks." I put the barbell back on the rack. He got that shy sexy grin on his face that I was powerless to fight. "And I can use that description in the gym or in the bedroom. Not that you weren't before, but now you just seemed to ramp it up a few notches." That smile didn't waiver. I couldn't stay angry at something I myself had avoided talking about all these weeks.

I must have looked turned on by what he said even thought I thought I was challenging his use of adjectives. "Big Red Dragon? I know I've avoided talking about.."

He started laughing and cut me off. "Come on! Look at you." He got me to stand up and turn to the mirrors. "Come on. Take it off." No question of refusing. He pulled my sweat shirt off and then pulled his own off. Well how in the hell could I complain when he gives me another excuse to stare at all that muscle on his body? If I could only get Mark to compete, Markus Rhul would have to hang up his posing shorts.

Then his hands came up and twisted my head straight forward. Whoa !! Who is that stud standing next to Mark? He better not try to take my man away....... Suddenly that stud was tensing up some pretty impressive pecs and his guns were doing the exact same thing I was doing.

"What the hell!" And there was Mark smiling and shaking his head like I was the poster boy for "red-headed retarded step-children", which is who I felt like at the moment. I lifted my hand up to my furry pec and tensed it up. The red hair really didn't hide much at all. I started to do a right front biceps flex and Mark did the same thing. I looked like a smaller version of My Big Man !!!. I twisted my fist out to get the look of my forearm and Mark did the same thing. His smile just got bigger. Then I pumped my biceps and he followed along and we both got bigger from the pump!

That old song "How Long Has This Been Going On?" slowly slid through my head. I looked into Mark's eyes and softly started singing the damned song. We joked one day about Mark doing a posing routine to an old Ella Fitzgerald song. He even practiced it for me. Quite a few times, in fact. He heard me singing and started the routine. I followed along. He was still the star. For me he always would be.

"I could cry salty tears,
Where have I been all these years?
Little Wow,
Tell me now,
How long has this been going on?"

"There were chills up my spine,
And some thrills I can't define,
Listen Sweet,
I repeat,
How long has this been going on?"

"Oh I feel that I could melt,
Into Heaven I'm hurled,
And I know how Columbus felt,
Finding another world."

"Kiss me once,
Then once more
What a dunce I was before,
What a break,
For heaven's sake,
How long has this been going on?
How long has this been going on?"

I don't know how I got the routine out while singing the damned song. But we must have done well, cause half the gym was applauding when we finished. Then this loud bass voice cut through the clapping. "Looks like long enough to me, Red! You neglected telling me you were going to start competitive bodybuilding. Don't you think your singing career is enough time up on stage?"

"Uncle Nick !!" I hadn't seen my Uncle Nick for a year and a half!. I got him in a bear hug and he hugged me back just as hard. "What are you doing on the west coast?" He looked in my eyes then glanced at the two dents on my left pec. They still hadn't gone away.

I put him at arms length before I asked "Was it Mom or Dad, who called?"

He smiled and looked through me for a second then tipped his head to the side. Then I knew. I tried to turn toward my partner as I said, "Mark!". But Uncle Tony wouldn't let me out of his hold on me.

That stopped me from tearing into the one I loved. My uncle told me, "Hey, Red. You be glad he called me. I read about you in the paper and I swear my brain ignored the name of the man bitten by a dragon. And the damn news people never do any follow up. Like when the guy who gets bitten by a mythical creature starts to get hate mail and death threats."

"They're just crazy people who are afraid their pet psychosis is gonna get proven true or false. There is no pleasing those kind of people."

Mark's big hands started to knead my shoulders. as my uncle loosened his hold. Mark spoke softly but I listened. "But when they start telling you to keep your mouth shut and stop talking about that night. And our cat disappears but the collar shows up on our doorstep a week later?"

Uncle Nick finished for Mark. "Then they're crazy enough to hurt you, or Mark, or your folks, or anyone around you. Why don't you two get cleaned up and I'll take you both out to dinner?"

Mark had his chin on my shoulder and I couldn't breath for a second, thinking if someone hurt him. I leaned my head against his then nodded. "OK, Uncle Nick. But I gotta warn you, my appetite has gotten bigger these past few weeks."

Mark snaughed. "Now he notices. Nick, we expect you to be staying at our place for the duration. That guest room has been decorated to within an inch of it's life."

"Aw Sis means well. But you opened the door when you asked for her advice on what to do with the fourth bedroom."

We headed to the locker room after Mark grabbed our shirts. "Ya know I voted for a weight room, but got shot down right away."

Nick chuckled. "As I recall, Red's Mom had your number on that one. She told me she nixed that idea, when she reminded you that this gym was giving you and Red free membership as long as they could use a few of the photos they took of you through the year. You even had to get a waiver from Albedo Games as I recall."

I finished up from there. "Which led to you getting a bigger contract with Albedo, becoming their poster boy around Comicon time as well as half of the games designers demanding that you become the template for their big beefy characters they created for their new games. With or without your handsome face to top it all off."

"Yeah, half the time I'm an orc or a mutant zombie. Still I really did luck out with that. I get hired for my game playing prowess, and end up being the He-Man substitute. Big jump in pay scale."

We're about to jump in the shower and Nick snaughs. "Aw admit it. You'd have done it for free. You just love the attention."

Right then Mark's naked body had my member at attention and it looked like Nick was pitching a tent, too. I had to break the spell. "Speaking of attention. I think we'll just rinse off, or else that dinner may be real late" I said this over my shoulder as I pushed Mark into the shower room.

Nick looked down at his own package as he told us "OK. Just don't make me come in there."

Mark had to stick his head back out to add "You are supposed to be using threats that make us want to be good, not misbehave just so you'll spank us."

Of course the next sound was my hand spanking Mark. Just one quick medium strength swat. And the sound of him taking a breath through his teeth. His low voice vibrated in the shower room. "We will be just a minute."

Then the sound of another swat before I told Mark, "Now I deserved that."

We showered quickly. We both thought spanking was way overrated. So I guess the threat from my Uncle Nick would have worked.


My Hero and "that" night.

Uncle Nick Garrett was my first Hero. He was a Marine and my Mom's brother. One of my Dad's best friends. Married right out of High School to Sara Fields and after six years of marriage to that wonderful lady, suddenly a widower. Three bee stings and she was dead before the paramedics could get to her. I remember how broke up he was. I was four or five and I wouldn't let him out of my sight the day of the funeral. All I knew was the really neat Aunt that made the great cookies was gone and the big muscled Marine that was my Uncle Nick, was crying like when I lost my first puppy. I didn't have to say a thing. But I wouldn't let him be alone. I got him crying when I told him "I got your back, Uncle Nick."

I call him my Hero, because when I came out to my Mom and Dad, they freaked! My brother and little sister were fine. They knew before I did. Apparently they noticed that He-Man got a lot more attention than any of my other toys. And they also noticed how Uncle Nick took up with a fellow Marine to share a house and other things; about five years after Sara died. So while Mom and Dad were in denial about the signs I may have been giving off; they were in extreme polite denial when Uncle Nick brought David Jackson around for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Uncle Nick and Dave kept it all "Don't ask, Don't tell" until that night Jennie called them crying and telling them I was getting thrown out of the house cause I was just like them. Maybe I should add that Jennie is my Hero, too.

I was all of seventeen that night as I was piling the rest of my clothes into my car from the lawn where Dad had thrown them, when the Marines landed. Dave came over to me and checked for any marks on me. My Dad never ever hit me after the last spanking I got at the age of eight, when I let my brother take a spanking for me. When my Dad found out that I was the one who broke something and let Jake get spanked instead, he was already calmed down from having to punish one of his kids. That was when Dad spanked me with NO emotion at all. I never gave him another reason to punish me that way.

I can't remember much of what was shouted back and forth, that night, except near the end. "You throw away a son, then you will be throwing away your only brother, Sis. And as for you, Jerry. You just threw away the man you told just last Christmas was your very best friend. And as for Rusty. That boy out there hasn't changed one bit from the good loving decent Son he has always been. And one that you were so proud of not two hours ago. So you get a few less grand kids. Big deal! Well his life is gonna be one uphill battle. When I lost Sara, I thought my heart would never love again. But that man out there taught me more about the human heart than you'll ever know. I pray you never know the kind of pain I went through losing Sara. But I would go to hell and back for Dave. I know he'd do it for me. And I'd do the same for Rusty. When you come to your senses, you know where you can find me or Dave or Rusty."

He came marching out of my parents house and wrapped me in a hug. I couldn't speak, I was crying so hard. When we got ourselves a little calmer, Uncle Nick told Dave "I'm gonna drive Rusty and his stuff over to our place. You wanna pick up a pizza on the way back?"

All the love Dave had for my uncle came through when he told him "Sure Sarge. I'll get some sodas, too."

I had already handed the keys to Nick and as he was about to get in the driver side of my car, they were just a foot apart. Uncle Nick wrapped his hand around the back of Dave's neck and pulled him into a quick kiss. "Hurry back home, Jackson"

"Double time, Sarge."

My stuff was in the spare room or in the laundry room washing by the time Dave got back home. Dave got a long kiss for being so quick. Dave noticed the look I was giving them and waved me over. "Come here Red."

I was seventeen and two months away from High School graduation. My best friend, Bret, was still my best friend, but not a friend with benefits. He really was just shy around girls. We were going to go to college together. We still did. I was best man at his wedding six years ago. But when he made sure I understood that we were still friends even if I was gay and he was NOT, he unfortunately made it clear to Mom who got home early that day and overheard us talking. Bret always called me Red. Dave always called me Red.

Uncle Nick started calling me Red that night. But it was Dave that laid down the law, that night. And he did it with me being held by Nick and himself. "Hell, Red. You are still Jailbait. We can let you get all excited watching us kiss and all. But this is as close as I'm gonna let you get between your uncle and me. OK?"

"This is pretty nice." I was a little stinker, even if I wasn't that little at the time.

Nick chuckled. "And now we don't have to hide this from you. We still can't touch or kiss in public. And you can't talk about this to anybody. We still have a few more years with the Marines. Though if your parents really wanted to cook my goose they could get me and Dave shit canned. Maybe even.."

Dave shook his head. "Your sister isn't like that and she wouldn't marry a guy like that."

Nick swallowed. "I didn't think they would ever do this to Rusty, either."

Dave leaned his head on top of mine while looking into Nick's eyes. "They just need time."

"I hope so." He looked at me and his eyes got real bright. "I remember what you promised me. I got your back, too, Rusty."

I buried my head in his chest and he kissed the top of my head. Then Dave reminded us of one of the important things in life. He did it that night when his stomach growled.


My stomach growled just as I got my shoes on and my gym bag zipped up.

Nick laughed. "I know that sound. That is an Italian Restaurant Growl. Mangioni's and their famous Lasagna."

Mark smiled at us both. "I like the way Nick thinks. I'll pay for the wine and we'll take a taxi home."

Nick frowned and I had to let him in on one of Albedo Games Perks for their over achievers. "Our company has a little thank you dinner every two or three months for the good little boys and girls who keep the games rolling."

Mark smirked. "We have been very good little boys the past two years."

That's when I started to smirk. "We both have either been high achievers or so entertaining at these dinners that we've been invited for every single one for the past two years. The Albedo executives make sure we all get home safe after dinner by paying for taxis and insuring our cars are safe in the restaurant's employee parking lot. The other people I work with aren't even jealous anymore."

Mark told Nick "Follow us to our place and we'll leave your vehicle there. We'll drive to the restaurant in my car, leave it in the parking lot near employee parking and get it tomorrow. We all take the taxi home, avoiding any DUI along the way."

We did all the things good citizens should when they planned on drinking in public places, and got to the restaurant in no time at all. We ordered the Lasagna, we had the wine. We talked about old times and how I finally got bigger and we avoided exactly why Nick came to Los Angeles. We all knew by then that we were saving it for later. It's important to reconnect with family, before you start talking about problems and how family can help solve them. And Boy, was Uncle Nick a problem solver!

By the time the taxi got us home, we were mellow but alert. Still I was not ready for what was waiting for us on our front door step.

"Meoow!" Stopped all three of us, about ten feet from the door. Uncle Nick went into bodyguard mode and scanned the area before he pushed me and Mark towards the side of the house away from our cars and the front door. Somehow we both understood Nick's sign language, to stay down and at the corner of the house.

Once we got there, I finally noticed a small gun in Nick's right hand sitting under the flashlight in his left hand. All that movement on our part, caused a certain small black ball of fur to be quiet. Until the light was shined in her face.

"Muroww?" Nick let out a burp of a laugh when he got closer. Then after he shined the light all over the pet carrier and saw there couldn't be anything else but kitten and box; he softly started to chuckle. I saw him replace his gun in his shoulder holster, which told me (and apparently the kitten) that it was safe to talk and get closer. Because as soon as the gun was out of sight the kitten just demanded attention. "Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!"

My man, Mark is such a joker, but not this time. "Motion sensor detonated cat defused, Nick?" Nick ignored him and pulled the cat out of the carrier. It stopped her demand for attention. She sniffed his hand and wasn't quite sure yet.

"You never mentioned any timers with fur, Nick." He was smiling at Nick and the kitten but I wasn't yet.

Just before Mark touched the little mind fuck of a cat replacement, I had to get my two cents in.

"What the Hell is going on?! Mark, you helped me find Jezebel at the shelter. Insisted she was the cat for us, even when she got sick for three days after we got her home. Three years of cat love bites and mouse parts at the foot of our bed. .."

I got close enough to see just how cute the little black ball of fur (with claws) was.

"Then for some sicko to steal our cat and probably kill it, after leaving her collar for us to find..."

Damn the little stinker wanted to be with me! I softly groaned "Oh, no" as my uncle put her in my arms.

Of course she started to finally purr. Loudly.

My head curled closer to her. "Only for the sicko to feel bad about the whole thing and buy us a new cat?"

She rubbed her head against my jaw, while still purring loudly. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love you , too."

I looked up at Mark and Nick. "What the hell's going on?"

"Let's decide that inside, OK?" Mark agreed to Nick's suggestion by unlocking the door and grabbing the carrier. I followed after but glanced back as Nick took a few sniffs of the air. His PI colleagues called Uncle Nick a bloodhound, but that was the first time I caught him starting to act like one.

Nick turned, walked inside, then closed and locked the door behind him. "Red, I would have been out here the day after your attack, but I had another job I had to finish up. Then I did a little research on the creature that attacked you. I'm still not sure we should do any hard prying into the affairs of Dragons."

"I knew you'd believe me. If there weren't so much evidence of an animal attack, the cops would have bundled me off to Camarillo with the people who see unicorns. Mark believes me, but sometimes it feels like he's making a joke out of it."

Mark was a little hurt by that and reached over and took the cat out of my hands, placing her in Nick's. Then without protest, Mark pulled the shirt off of me, to expose more than my bigger developing muscles. "Rus, you know how proud I am of the big gains you've made in the past five weeks. All after being bitten by a Dragon that seems to be intelligent enough to stop itself.."

"Herself !"

"OK. Herself, from hurting you any further than she had, when she saw you were no threat. Yet the four puncture wounds will not completely heal. You still have the four deep dents in your skin where she bit you and broke the skin."

They were all four (kitten included) inspecting the deep dents in my skin, just left of center on my left upper pectoral muscle. They had grown quiet for a moment or two when the kitten began purring and started to lick the spot we were looking at on my chest. I took her out of Nicks arms and she purred louder until I told her "You cannot always expect to get your way by purring, ya know." She quieted a bit but didn't stop completely, while in my arms.

Nick snaughed. "You can't expect a cat to ever negotiate. The way they see it, they own everything. So you might as well get used to it." Little Miss Kitten in Charge burped right then, but it looked like she agreed to the idea with a humph and a nod. Mark had moved to the kitchen and was whipping up one of his killer protean shakes.

Nick frowned as he followed Mark into the kitchen and left me to take up the rear. "Mark, we just got home from one of the best restaurants when it comes to quality and quantity of food, and you are fixing a protean shake?"

I had to stick up for my man. "Uncle Nick, you are interfering with a process that has only recently been able to reduce the late night visits to the fridge."

Mark poured my shake into my favorite tall glass and handed it to me. "And that while being asleep, half of the time."

Uncle Nick recalled another stress filled time in my life when I was discovered sleep walking. Actually, Sleep Fridge Raiding. While I was staying with Nick, after my getting kicked out of my parents house, I was either having nightmares {26%}, strange erotic dreams {19%}, or sleep walking to the kitchen {55%}.

I swallowed half of the shake and burped. "Pardon me. Hey Nick, don't give me that look. It isn't as bad as when I stayed with you and Dave." I put the kitten back into her pet carrier and she curled up for a nap.

Mark was making a shake for himself as he softly reminded me "Oh, no. I just wake up to my lover crouched over me in bed, glaring at the shadows in our bedroom, in an advanced Martial Arts defensive stance ready to defend my person from any and all creatures intent to do me harm." Mark sounded like I needed a few months of Professional Mental Health Care, but the love and pride he had for me shined through his smile as he poured his shake into a tall glass.

Nick glanced at me with a doubtful expression. Mark kept him from getting off track when he added "Red's attitude has been able to keep the Shadows at bay. Hey would you like half a shake? Real easy to just whip one up for ya."

Nick rubbed his belly then unzipped his light jacket. He wasn't wearing a shirt under the jacket and his hand rubbed his thick meaty bely in slow circles. First clockwise, then counter-clockwise. After a few moments I realized my uncle completely understood his audience. I chuckled and reached over to follow rubbing Nick's belly in the same direction his hand was taking. Man was Uncle Nick still massive and Oh So Solid. "Make my Uncle a full one. He has a lot of muscle to feed."

Nick glared at me for a second till I shot a sly smile his way. "Mark, I have got one of the best Uncles in the world!" That got a smile on Nick's face as he pulled me in for a big back popping bear hug. I just moaned when he popped the vertebra that usually refused to pop loose.

Nick let go and took a sip of his shake. "Red, you have failed to distract me from my mission. You have delayed my first look at the paperwork that's started to pile up. But I am tired after my flight and so we three will get to all of my preliminary questions bright and early tomorrow morning. Understood, Nephew?"

I stood up straighter. "Sir, yes sir!"

"Understood, Nephew's honking huge lover, who has more sense than my Nephew?"

"Understood, Nick. I have it all ready in appropriate envelopes and folders."

"Good! Then I will take up kitchen duty for breakfast tomorrow. And no arguments either. I never get to cook when I'm away on a job."

I got a little subdued. "Thanks, Uncle Nick, for coming out to fix our problems."

Mark joined in. "Yeah. Thanks, Nick. You working on this, takes a load of worry off of my mind. I know we'll find out whose responsible for these threats, with you on the case."

Nick glanced back and forth between Mark and I, then he tipped his glass up and drained it. Then he went to the sink and rinsed it. Now it was Nick who was worried about the answer to one of his questions. "Ya know, it's weird. Right about this time each of the past eight years, I've had this strange funk come over me. I feel OLD. And my heart feels empty. Sorta like someone stole it away. I try not to drown it in booze or cheep rent boys. But it is real strong for about the next week and a half."

Mark softly spoke the name. "Dave Jackson." Nick was still faced to the sink, and he nodded normally once. But then his next nods started to curl him up with the sharp sting of loss. He sobbed quietly, but Mark and I were holding him by then. His sorrow let go of him in about five minutes.

"Only promise he ever broke. He was supposed to let me go first." Nick sniffled and I handed him a few tissues to blow his nose.

Sometimes I say the perfect thing for the situation. "Uncle Nick, would you please sleep with Mark and I tonight? We would feel so much safer. Please? We'll even let you be Lucky Pierre."

"Well if you insist on throwing sexual favors on my head, I will just have to agree and lap them up as fast as I can. These five star, golden opportunities, don't come along every day. Thanks, guys."

We let go of each other, then headed to our bedroom. Nick pulled his bags from the guest room and tossed them into ours. "I still can't understand how this big old round meaty belly can get you both so hot." all the while he was saying that he had slowly pulled off his jacket and rubbed his belly with the huge roid gut (with definition). Which of course set Mark and I off, huge bulging erection wise. Mark returned the visual favor, after pulling his shirt up enough to rest on his upper abs. Then by hooking his long straining cock on the waistband of his shorts as he was taking them off, he caused his dick to spring back to his belly with a very loud slap.

Nick's shocked expression got an admission out of Mark. "It feels good., but only the first time you let it slap that hard."

I had to step by Nick so I could get to my man. But I let Nick know "Don't go anywhere. Once I give my man the TLC needed after that ... Babe, sometimes you are real silly. You told me that was mine to play with, so no more thwaps against your belly for a few weeks, OK?"

His hands were on my shoulders and I could feel him checking and squeezing my delts and testing how thick my traps were. "Yes Big Man. But I love how you.." I stopped that little remark with my lips and tongue and a bit of teeth to 'almost' bite my way down his body to his still very hard cock. His thick member was drooling slowly but steadily. It nearly filled his navel, by the time I started sucking and licking it up. Ummm that navel. He shocked the shit out of me the first time he caught my tongue and held it in his navel. But I couldn't linger on that one body part, what with the louder one just vibrating to Marks heartbeat. I slowly sucked half of it in then nursed on the underside of his cock.

Apparently I had given Mark enough TLC to have him beckon Nick over to help remove the rest of my clothes as well as his own. Well except for Mark's sweat shirt. We had something real neat that would get Nick's heartbeat skippin' a bit.

As I saw Nicks hands reach for Marks shirt I firmly stated "No Nick. Mark is required to take that off in his own way. We have an agreement regarding sweat clothes that are over six months old." Mark pulled the shirts collar around for Nick to see the exp. date I wrote on it. Which was today.

"OK Babe." I nibbled on the edge of one abdominal plate. "Show Nick" I pulled the ever so slightly loose skin right near his navel to be able to pull my teeth over the muscle around his navel. "What happens to old sweat shirts." I took a breath. "And make me give you a real big love bite on your belly."

Mark's belly expanded out and then very very slowly contracted. Mark stretched his chest wide and deep as his hands nonchalantly found the center line of the shirt and achingly slowly ripped the very thick cloth of the shirt, in two. As his hands moved farther from the center of his body, the shirt fought to the last second, as it split in two. His hands started to pull the cloth into them so the back of the shirt would split, too. Mark did such a wonderful stretching motion, like that was all the energy needed to tear thick sweat shirts in two.

Nick's hands started to massage my shoulders. All I could see was Marks thick shelf of muscle and his face that appeared in the cleft of that shelf. Aw Hell. I could see how the muscle was so big it not only hung down off of Mark's rib cage, they had nips that were starting to tickle the tops of Marks abs. Mark's eyes were holding me there. And his Love. All that sexy, hot muscled Love that he showered on me every day we have been together. My Pearl Loves me! And my Uncle probably wonders why I can be so unconcerned with death threats and the like. I have the world in my hands and Damn if the world doesn't just Love me right back!

My hands start rolling his balls as I start to take his whole dick down my throat. No bragging. I just made sure we had a lot of practice. Good hard work gets you to where ya wanna be. Yep. Work, work, work, work, work.

Then weirdness slid in as Nick noticed some changes. "Red, I think I wanna have you pounding me up the backside."

I sorta nodded and Mark told him 'That was Red saying 'Sure, no problem, but we will have to get this a little farther along before we get rearranged.' Or words to that affect"

Nick swallowed and shook his head a little. "Red, ya didn't used to pump out so much pre-cum. Now that alone is impressive, but the very idea that your cock is almost touching the floor, and you're sitting up on your knees. Well. it makes me proud that we're genetically related. So where can I get me a dragon to put the bite on me?"

At times I am really oblivious to things. I pulled most of the way off of Mark and looked down to find that my cock was at least four inches longer than I remembered. And while the tip of my dick was hovering just above the floor, it had left a very sizable puddle of pre-cum right in front of me. Mark got me to stand up so we could move over to the King size bed (with the sturdy support under it.) As we headed over, Mark pulled my wang up to my navel and beyond for at least three inches. "You, Big Man, are larger by at least four inches."

I had to believe him, cause his hands were moving so much farther on my thick member, than they ever moved before. He pulled his own cock up against mine as he stroked us both, and I could see I was longer than Mark by two inches. I had grown to eleven inches! Mark had always been the 'Real Big Man' in our bed with an honest to God, nine incher.

He grinned. "You're not gonna start picking on me cause you're bigger now, are ya?" His hands had not stopped stroking us from base to tip, and I was real close. He slowed down and Nick put a second set of hands into the stroking. I lost track of everything but those four hands. My head tipped over to Marks big chest and I started nursing on his big ole nipple. His hands hesitated, but never stopped. Then I realized the moaning that was getting louder was coming from me!

The thought and conviction hit my brain and I had to say it. "Oh, Babe. You are still the Big Man. Oh God!" My head started nudging Mark's chest as the O was heading my way. Mark and Nick both tightened their grip at the same time without slowing or missing a beat. "Oh Yeah! Coming! Oh Mark. Like a freight train."

I heard a soft exaltation from the man I love. "Yeah. I'm ready, Babe. I love how you fill me up, no matter what you do." Oh I was gone by then, but that kind of silly, heartfelt sex talk could push me over the edge when it came out of the mouth of my thick massive handsome friend and lover. He hadn't just found all my buttons; he'd re-installed them with higher quality equipment. And it could be seen as his own attitude was the determining factor to just how deeply I reacted to his playful sexy love acts. When he made love to me, he was having just the best time doing it. How could you give less then 200% with someone like that. If a muscle god with a little boy's playfulness and the skills of a Casanova thinks you are the best man around... Well you could get a little conceited thinking 'This guy likes,wants,loves Me! I must be Hot shit!' Or something to that affect. It's hard to feel humble with all that high test love coming at ya. But I do my best.

Mark started to put his tongue out to stem the first gush from my cock, but he was a little late to keep it from hitting the ceiling with such force and a respectable volume behind it, that it splattered all three of us enough to feel a light film coating our heads. Mark pulled his head back with another proud grin, and just let me go for the two minutes my orgasm was lasting. Nick on the other hand reared back as if his head had been near a fire hose when they turn the main water valve on. Mark and I had started to time the length and volume of my spooge release, for the past week and a half. It seems that mine had increased to the level one would be hoping for when breeding horses. And it turned out that Mark was going through a slightly similar change in his man seed output.

Nick shook his head at the fifty second mark. Then he blurted out "Jesus Christ!" before he sucked the end of my dick into his mouth, at the seventy second mark. At two minutes Mark patted his back before telling him "I hope you're hungry." Nick's laughing ten seconds later was the contributing factor to the jets of cum that shot out of his nose before he pulled himself off of my cum fountain. It was only five or six seconds later that the well finally ran dry. Mark was holding me under my arms as I stopped being the poster boy for the Spoogefest 2008. While no sane man would complain about increased volume or duration of his orgasm (ejaculate?); those marathon spooge pumpers started to cause my whole body to contract like I was some giant cock needing to empty my balls. It was a bit like being a wash cloth getting all the water wrung from you. But what a way to get dry.

Nick was still chuckling as he tried to blow his nose free of my man-juice. Mark had produced a box of tissues, and watched as Nick was still shocked silly by my orgasm. "Red, you have the best Uncle. Who else would still be laughing over having his nasal cavity flushed with cum."

Nick fnorted into another tissue. "I started laughing cause the velocity and volume shooting out of my nose felt like it would suck more cum into my mouth with the vacuum it caused as it left my head. I was wondering how we would explain to an EMT how my tongue got sucked up into my head and forced out my nose."

We were all laughing at that idea. "We would all have to wait at least an hour, if they wanted us to prove to them that it was just a heavy cum flow that rearranged the direction your tongue went through your head."

Nick looked at me. "Thank heavens. If you were ready to do a repeat performance of that magnitude in anything less than an hour, I was going to either be forced to call the Catholic Church's exorcist to have the demon removed from your balls, or NASA to tell them that aliens are amongst us. That has got to be a result from the Dragon bite. It sure isn't the normal human amount of spooge or length of delivery. My God, Son. Over two minutes? Guinness world book acts like any sexually connected record is beneath their dignity to acknowledge, let alone view it for timing or recording volume. Your performance would pop so many circuit breakers in their little minds, one of their assistants would have to record the event, just to be able to explain the mental hospital time for his superiors."

Nick and Mark grew quiet as they observed my slowly shrinking cock. I glanced back and forth between them, wondering what the big deal was. Mark clued me in before I even had a question formed. "It tries to get back to it's previous size at a slow but steady rate. But Red's wanger hasn't been shrinking back all the way, recently."

That comment got me remembering an all day horse back riding event I planned for my friends. We all had a good ride, reaching our chosen destination for the day close to noon. When we got off our horses at the Hot Springs by the river we tied our horses to a hitching post that was located over some ankle high grass. We hadn't pushed the horses at all, but this one stallion decided that if he was going to relax, then it was going to be all the way. We were just getting out of our Jeans and slipping on some swim trunks when my fraternity brother Don M. started laughing at his horse and claiming that his horse and he were a perfect match. The relaxing horse's dick was slowly dangling lower and lower until it's tip grazed the top of the grass. It did not start to go erect. It was just this huge long horse cock dangling to the ground, due to a desire to relax, on the horses part.

It was Don's girlfriend who chuckled and then asked Don "Now what have we said about exaggerating when we tell true stories?" Don looked chastened for a moment then he marked his thigh a few inches up from his knee, for Julianne's approval. She tipped her head to the side before agreeing with Don. "OK, Baby. But only the horses junk hits the floor when he relaxes, Right?"

"Right." His smile was still hanging on at that point and I had noticed that Julianne had one of those Mona Lisa smiles. She was probably thinking of how she herself had compared her boyfriend's package to a pack animals junk with happy results. OH My Pony!.

I came back from my reverie with a renewed love of the smell of leather, horse and grass. "I know we've talked about the changes my body has been going through, Big Man, but this is the first time I got the feeling you thought it was all due to the Dragon bite."

"Red, you get imaginative when you write your stories and when we play in the bedroom. Both excellent venues for such a powerful part of your mind. But when we talk over actual changes that we can observe, you refuse to give credence to my suggestions that the changes only started after the bite and that was the only big event in your life that could explain your body changes that also fit the time they started. It was like you really didn't hear my words or suggestions, even though I was two feet away from you, with you looking right into my eyes."

Nick jumped in for a little helpful information. "A shocking event where a myth is shown to be real, will often carry several delayed reactions to the event and the very idea of just what reality is. Plus you were physically injured by the 'Myth', yet you survived due to the intelligence you sensed in it. All things that just scream 'Pay attention to me', while your emotional brain tells you to ignore the whole thing as much as you can, to avoid another shock getting to you. It's a denial coping strategy your brain and mind uses as a default and a defense."

"OK, I'm starting to see that now, but I should not have tuned out my lover that way. His suggestions and help have been close to 99.9% positive/happy." Mark did that thing where his smile tells me libraries of love.

Uncle Nick jumped in again "Red, you weren't tuning Mark out. Just the information that hurt the most or you couldn't accept at the time. You remember it now or you're starting to. But that blind spot in your mind has a few issues you need to deal with. Unfortunately my form of counseling is a little bit more physical than what you need. I still suggest seeing someone who can help you deal with the actual assault. Whether they believe you really saw a dragon or not isn't the important part."

"It sure will be if they decide to get the guys with the straight-jacket."

"Red, I don't think that the fear of being thought crazy is what's got your mind playing tricks with you. It's the actual assault that you are having issues with. And perhaps the fact that you are apparently benefiting from that very assault. Your body is bigger and stronger now. That's the part that must really get your protective mind angry. It can't just ignore you being knocked to the ground and bitten by a huge mythical beast, with your body growing as a result of that bite. We all three here know just how many years you have been lifting, and just how fast you gain muscle through that time. Suddenly you are fifty pounds heavier after only five weeks? Your mind was scrambling to ignore the key facts, so it could avoid the pain associated with what happened."

"OK. I get it. But... It wasn't just pain and anger. She must have done something to me besides the body growth thing. And luckily it went away when she did." I didn't want to tell him that she got me horny, as well as frightened.

Now Mark was frowning. "What went away when she left? Oh wait! If it's what I think it is, you can just let it go. Do you actually realize just how sexual you are, for a big part of the day? And I'm not talking the actual act. You are romancing me forty or fifty percent of the time we are together. So if a female in the form of a big meaty dangerous dragon, gets you sporting wood, you are not being unfaithful to me. You and I know the true friend and lover we have in each other. You should let go of whatever emotions that came from that event. We are still solid. I know that because my heart tells me so. And who taught me to trust my heart?"

Damn he's good. I pointed to my chest. Then I put the same hand over his heart. Nick grinned like he just solved one of his big cases.

"So that was the puzzle piece that had you confused and angry and in denial of a few of the facts. It has a few components to what rape has. The frustration of being forced to do something against your will, the fear of physical harm and the shame that you were feeling pleasure while being violated. OK enough mental health talk for tonight."

Mark and I looked at him for a second. "I need my beauty rest and someone promised something about me being Lucky Pierre? We gotta move on to round two, before my jet lag catches up with me."

Mark and I were laughing before Nick started. Then we sandwiched Nick between us and after the typical condom and lube ceremony, we got ourselves into each other with no delay. Mark was in Nick, who was in me. Nick and I sorta let the Big Man set the pace.

During our Love bump, Nick blurted out "Red, you are such a lucky fucker!" That got a love bite from Mark and set off a chain reaction. We got our sleep, but not many hours before the sun came up. No one complained about the lack of sleep.

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