Growth Industry

Allan Cross couldn't help perving over his very wide, very straight best friend, David Walters. They were at the Max-Gain Gym finishing up their Back Day exercises with Al holding Dave down by his Traps. The only Cable Pull Down Machine that had enough weight on it, didn't have a bar at knee level for them to hold themselves down with. So they had to have their workout partner hold them down while they sat on the floor and worked on their Lats. But that was starting to be a little annoying. Their combined weight was just at the weight they were lifting (or rather Pulling), and the one sitting would feel his butt lift up away from the floor a fraction of an inch, each time he pulled the bar down.

Dave shook his head and sweat flew off onto his shoulders and Al's hands. "Let me up, Big Al. We're just getting too strong for our own weight."

Al let Dave up and noticed him glance at Big Rob, the owner of the gym, then he turned back to Al with a sour look on his face.

Al smiled, shook his head as he grabbed the bar and tried to sit down. Dave had to grab Al's thick Traps and push him down to the ground before Al could start pulling on the weight. "Say it, Double-Wide; you know we're both thinking it."

Dave took a breath. "He does this so we have to buy a few of his 'Extra-Strong' Dip Belts and use them while we do
Chin-ups. I just don't trust the strength of the Chin-up Bar he welded to the building or the quality of his 'Extra-Strong' Belts."

Al had been slowly pulling the bar down and slowly letting it back up while Dave vented. His pulling and slow release cut his conversation into pieces. "Besides.. how much.. weight.. are we.. talking about.. putting on.. those belts.. to get us.. close to.. what were.. using now?" Al stopped with his arms up and he jerked his head for Dave to let go. Dave was a good work out partner and slowly let Al up or else his friend would have shot up off the floor. The resulting crash of weights would have gotten them both fined a Maintenance/Repair fee by Big Rob, even if there was no damage to the equipment.

Now Dave frowned at Al for a moment before he snorted out a laugh "What's that supposed to mean Dr Cross. Simple arithmetic too much for your Glorified Security Guard Buddy? Ya know our Alma Mater asked me to do a Seminar on Private Investigation of Cyber Crime, just last month."

"Grab the bar and start pulling, Mr Walters. This is our last set and I want to get some Swell to go with this pump I've got. You know I was just pulling your chain."

Dave's face changed to a smirk as he grabbed the bar. As Al pushed him down to the ground, he muttered "And that's the only thing you'll be pulling on me, my friend."

Al chuckled and told him "Yeah, yeah. Save it for your next girlfriend. We'll both perv on the same parts of your body, but at least she'll get to do something about it."

Dave had the bar down to his shoulders and tipped his head to the side a bit, while he held the bar there. "TMI Big Al. You are reeking havoc with my denial of the facts." Dave continues his final set as Al decides how to respond to that.

Dave jerked his head and Al slowly let him up. "Denial?"

Dave handed the bar to Al and pointed his hand to the floor for Al to sit. Al pulled through Dave's explanation. "Denial. I am doing my best friend a favor by refusing to explore my potentially bisexual orientation, because Junior Double-Wide is so thick, he would split you in two."

They both started to laugh and Al shook his head before he told Dave "Let me up, we're done."

After Dave let go of Al's shoulders, he grabbed their towels and handed one to his friend. Al was still chuckling as he wiped up the sweat off of the floor where they were working out.

Dave frowned for a second. "Well it wasn't that funny."

Al stood up straight and flared his Lats for a moment. "True." He relaxed his back and only had a small smile on his face.

Dave accepted that remark and nodded at the results of Al's hard work. "Looking good, Big Al."

"Thanks. You too, Double-Wide. Lets get some Swell and relax a few before we head to your place."

They turned and headed over to the Protein Shake Bar that Big Rob had installed when he bought the place. They didn't have "Over-the-Counter" Swell approved by the FDA ten years ago, but Big Rob figured a Protein Shake and Juice Bar would still add some income to his gym. And eight years ago the gamble paid off. He made five times as much selling shakes and juice with Swell added, as he ever did without. Plus a lot of his clients stayed with his gym, because the Swell franchise insured that only one other Gym in the area was allowed to sell the stuff.

They were ten feet from the bar when Al stopped and held up his meaty forearm to stop Dave. Big Rob was talking to a customer at the Bar so Al figured he wouldn't hear what he had to say. "Don't say anything to Big Rob about the Dip Belts or the Chin-up bar. I have a friend in Shipping at the Lab that can get me eight foot lengths of that huge chain they use to moore large ships to the docks. I already ordered about three hundred pounds of the damned things. Thats four chains that should arrive at the Lab, tomorrow or the next day. I wanna see his face as we each walk in with two of them around our shoulders and proceed to do Cable Pull Downs without any problem keeping our butts planted on the ground."

Dave's face lit up as he showed a big toothy grin. "Big Al, you are the man. That is excellent!" Al held up his index finger to his lips to keep Dave from saying anything more. Al took the hint and they walked over to the Bar without another word.

Big Rob hadn't heard any of what Al said but knew something was up with Dave's outburst. He looked from one to the other as they sat down and smiled at him. "Big Al, Double-Wide. What can I get for you two growing boys?"

Big Rob had twelve years on them both, so they usually let the boy remark slide. Dave glanced at Al to let him go first.
"The usual with Swell, big Rob."

"Same here, Big Rob. My usual with Swell."

Big Rob smiled and turned to the blender pitchers pre filled with protein shake. He filled Al's first.
"Pina Colada Protein shake with Swell." Big Rob poured the pineapple juice, coconut milk and a can of Swell into the blender before he capped it and set it on a motor to blend. While that was whirring, he grabbed another blender and poured in some low fat milk, two different types of chocolate syrup and another can of Swell. "And Chocolate Bomb Protein shake with Swell." Once that one was on its own motor, he turned off Al's and poured it into a tall plastic cup. It filled it up to the top without any left over. He put a lid on the cup and handed it to Al with a straw. Then he did the same with Dave's and smiled at them both.

"OK. Out with it, Big Al. What is so excellent that Double-Wide thinks you are the man? I know he doesn't swing that way with all the large breasted honeys he's had come through here in the past seven years. And you're still breaking my heart each time you turn your nose up at the idea of dating my big beefy mature self."

Al had one eyebrow raised at Big Rob's last remark but dropped it and smile after only a few seconds. "Big Rob, the minute I get all my issues with my father cleared up, I'll let you know you have a chance at becoming my Muscle Daddy." He glanced at Dave and muttered "Don't hold your breath." Dave stifled a laugh.

Big Rob frowned at Dave. "Hey! I'm only ten years older than Big Al."

Al held his hand up. "Eleven, but who's counting. But to answer your question; I am the man because the recently hired Administrative Assistant to Accounting at DH Labs is a very tall and very voluptuous.."

Dave cut in with "Read large breasted."

Al finished "Red-headed single straight Female. Said Hottie does nothing for me, but as my best friend goes for sweet tempered gals of that type and Gloria.."

Dave cut in with "Finally! He wouldn't tell me her name. I like the name Gloria."

"Hush. And since Gloria happens to go for the extra wide, extra thick, average stature Male of the species, I set my best friend and her up on a blind date."

Dave had started to drink his shake as Al finished up. He sucked in a breath of air. "Not completely blind. He had a picture of us you took a year ago, right at this bar, so she knows what I look like. I'm trusting my best friend's judgement and the fact that if she turns out to be a nut case I'm coming after him first."

Al sucked down a third of his shake while Dave finished up the complete fabrication of a story and watched as Dave suddenly started to get thicker and wider. Dave burped and got a few inches taller. His muscle T and workout shorts got tighter around his expanding body. He finished off his shake with a slurping sound and smacked his lips. His voice came out an octave lower. "Big Rob you always make a mean shake." He gently placed the tall cup on the counter so he wouldn't crush it. Big Rob had his workers clean them up for re-use if the customers didn't take them when they left.

Dave continued to get larger as his pecs almost doubled in volume. His already wide back got so thick it stretched the elastic seems on his muscle T so there was a five inch gap between the front and the back of the shirt. His Delts filled the huge arm opening and along with his traps growing higher and wider, caused his shirt to ride a good ten inches above his work out shorts. His pecs grew faster than his other body parts and caused the shirt to get caught on his thick rounding chest muscles. Like a tug of war between his shoulders and his lower pecs, the shirt stretched and slid over Dave's swelling body. Al loved the show Dave's nipples put on as they etched a groove in the shirt while they slowly started to get bigger and point downwards. Of course Dave's workout shorts were also being put to the test. Designed for such an expansion on a human body, they still made for an exciting view as Dave's package grew fuller and stretched the front pouch down farther and farther. His quads caused the same kind of gap in clothing that his lats provided for his shirt. But the gap on his shorts reached a good ten inches with the amount of muscle his quads were sporting. Luckily the inner seem wasn't designed to gap, so his growth didn't end up causing Junior Double-Wide or his two lemon sized buddies to flop or pop out of his shorts. But it always looked like it was a close thing.

Al finished his as he started to expand and followed Dave's example of restraint, so Big Rob could re-use the cup. Al belched three times, one right after another before his growth took off. His "Swell" was different to Dave's. While Dave went in a see-saw fashion, Al became even bigger Big Al. Every part of Al enlarged, and all at once. Like someone had a Bodybuilder shaped pool toy and started to blow it up a third size bigger. Al started at six foot two but he finished close to eight foot, after five "Swell" minutes. Just as his growth stopped he let out a Basso Profundo Belch and the blenders sitting on the counter in back of Big Rob all vibrated to it.

Al's huge mitt of a hand covered his mouth for a second as he muttered "Excuse me." in a deep bass voice.

Big Rob was tenting up his shorts as he gazed on Al's enormous meaty body. "Oh man, it is so not fair you don't keep more of that. You get to keep, what? About a third of an inch in height and five pounds max?"

Al shook his head. "I'm up to half an inch and eight pounds."

Dave nodded. "But it only works once a month so next year you should be six inches taller and a hundred pounds heavier."

"Along with the weight we put on working as hard as we do."

Big Rob grinned at them both. "We all should be ginormous in a year. I'm just glad they increased the potency of Swell last year. Otherwise it would take us another five years to get there." He leaned in closer to the two giants. "Keep this to yourselves, OK? But the Genhance Body Salon rep told me that for my best customers, I could get specially formulated Swell that works between the regular Swell and is almost twice as potent. But it will only work once a year."

Al looked at Dave for a second then asked Big Rob "With the same permanent gains?"

Big Rob tipped his head to the side. "Well there he was a bit shy with information. He said that the reaction to it was different for every individual they tested it on. Some came in the same gain while ten percent got four times the gain they usually get with regular Swell."

Al being the Bioengineer of the group knew all the federal laws regulating body enhancement drugs and systems. "And Genhance was able to keep under the Giant laws? That's pretty swift if the gains are close to four times as much."

"Well it's only once a year and you can get your income and diet worked out in that amount of time. It's on your own head if you try to skirt the laws and get so big you can't feed yourself. They already have close to five thousand giants in Brobdingnag South."

Al and Dave exchanged looks at each other and Al summed it up. "We'll have to think about that, Big Rob. We'll let you know in a few days."

As the huge muscle men stood up Al noticed Big Rob's attention shift from huge muscles to huge muscled organ. For all Big Rob's telling people that he is Bisexual and loves the ladies as much as the lads; Rob was sure tenting up quick when Al and Dave's massive manhood came into view. Al gets Dave's attention and then directs his focus onto Big Rob with his eyes.
"Hey, Double-Wide. Mind if I take a shower over at your place? Then you can show me your 'Stuff', like ya promised a week ago." They had already shared the observation that Big Rob was paying a lot more attention to a muscular member on one of the gyms Muscular Member. And since Dave was confidently heterosexual, Big Rob's lack of attention towards Double-Wide's equally freaky huge cock, was understandable. Still their conversation should have at least made Big Rob blink. Dave shook his head and picked up his gym bag.

He chuckled through his answer to Big Al's shower question. "Dream on, my very big friend. The only 'Stuff' you are going to get to see, is the stuff I was able to find out about the hackers that got into our home computers. You are as likely to get to me to show you my package in all its unclad glory .." He stared at Big Rob and eventually got his attention with, "As Big Rob in causing your dick to become hypnotized and start talking out it's piss slit. And to finally answer the first question; no my friend, I do not mind you using my shower."

Big Rob looked up into Double-Wide's eyes without a shred of shame for his open and lengthy ogling of Big Al's package. Instead he sported a honest happy horny smile, like a teenager would have when his best girl flashed her tits for him the very first time. "Ya know that would work a lot better if Big Al was the one acting like he didn't like me staring at his perfect meaty manhood. But I can feel no shame as my eyes honor the hugeness of a cock on a man among men. And it is so not fair that we didn't click when Big Al and I were dating."

"You got three weeks of the best of me, my friend."

"Yeah, yeah. I remember all to well. It was so over by the end of the second week. At least we're still friends..."
Big Rob had been talking to Al, but finished looking into Dave's eyes. "With visual benefits if not plain old sex benefits."

Dave headed for the door. "TMI my large friend. At least you don't ogle my package. I'd get weirded out if I ever caught your stare lingering over Junior Double-Wide."

Al grabbed his own gym bag and followed Dave to the door. Rob had a zinger for them both before the got out the door.
"Aw you guys know I'd never do anything like that. It has the potential for making customers uncomfortable. Besides, all I really need to do is wait till the gym closes and go over the security footage for the day. Have you guys ever noticed how many really hung studs adjust themselves before they get a drink at the water cooler?"

Al and Dave both got a little plump remembering one or two encounters at the water cooler, while waiting for the stud in front of them to get his water and get his big self out of the way so they could adjust themselves with out being rude about it. They both adjusted themselves and heard Big Rob call after them "Thanks for the parting shot, guys!" They both looked up at the dome hiding the entrance camera and Dave flipped Big rob off before getting out of frame. Then he walked back into view of the camera and pulled down his tight sweats without ripping them. Quite a feat of dexterity and control, considering that they looked like they were now painted on Double-Wide's quads and glutes. His Jock strap looked very new and stain free, but for a small widening circle of darkness where the tip of Dave dick would be.

"That's all you guys are getting from this straight boy." Dave could hear about five or six different voices howl out a moan as he pulled his sweats back up and got out of view. Damn, Big Rob. He must have turned the security monitor around so the guys could get a better view.

The new kid with the great genetics, got out to the entrance before Dave could get into his car. "Double-Wide, Uh. Big Rob took a picture of me for my family and he caught you and Big Al in it, too. I was told by my big sister to see if the hot looking straight guy was single and if he likes fitness girls. You'll be preventing a potential homicide with a yes, cause she's as strong as I am. Though that is changing real fast. So am I dead or alive."

Dave waved him closer to his car and away from the cameras. "I like strong. Not stronger than me, but strong's a real plus for me. But this next one may be a problem for us both." Dave had his bag in his car and his massive self next to it. His swollen Triceps and Biceps blocked two thirds of the window. But he could still see out, but only just. He looked at ..uh? Jimmy! That was the big kid's name. He was packing muscle on fast. He was nineteen and still able to claim a growth spurt without the rest of the gym thinking "Swell". But the kid was not much taller than five foot ten. Could he still really have a "Big" sister?

"Is your sister close to six foot two? Cause I like women to be my height or taller. I like the look on their face when I move them around without any effort. Big girls get used to normal guys struggling when they try lift the darlin's onto their manhood." Jimmy was not looking too happy. Al pulled up parallel with Dave in the largest Mini Cooper Jimmy had ever seen. "Look on the bright side, Jimmy. Now you don't have to push yourself for years, getting stronger than me, so you can beat up the jerk that's dating your sister."

Jimmy smiled one of those fake grins kids have when they tell their parents they haven't been having sex. "Thanks anyway, Double-Wide. But I think I'll just tell her you're engaged to your current girlfriend."

"Works for me."

Out of the overloaded Mini Cooper, Al's Swell altered Bass voice told them both, "Works for me, too. Lets roll."

"See ya Jimmy."

"See ya, Double-Wide."

The two vehicles slid out of the parking lot as Jimmy thought about how fine Big Al looked. Big Rob and a few of the really big guys caught him rubbing his crotch as he walked back in. They stopped heckling him when he followed Double-Wide's example and showed them just how much of a double X Large Jock strap he could fill. The loudest heckler was suddenly the quietest. And along with being the closest to Jimmy, as he gave them some idea of how heavy he was packing; the quiet heckler was wishing he was rubbing that big meat, too. Jimmy was young, but he picked up on things very quickly. He noticed the look on the big guys face and recalled seeing that same look on his own face, when he was lusting after one of the Muscle Elite. Jimmy pulled his sweats up over his half mast bulge and waited. He didn't have to wait too long before he was able to get Heck over to a quieter corner of the gym for a few answers. Heck was obviously feeling a bit more positive about Jimmy, cause he was rubbing his exposed lower abs with his left hand while his right hand shot up to his left nipple and tugged for a second them his hands dropped back to his waist, only to do the same thing again and again. They talked softly about the show they both put on for the other. Then Heck handed Jimmy two very heavy dumbbells and Jimmy walked over the the incline bench and did twelve flys and fifteen*dumbbell presses. Heck was already warmed up so he sat on the incline bench with dumbbells fifty pounds heavier started his set just as Jimmy finished his. They had a great workout at the gym and at Heck's place. Heck fell asleep in the early hours of the morning, as he cupped Jimmy's equipment. They both had smiles on their faces as they drifted off to sleep.

To be continued