"Hey Edgar!"

"Hey Edgar, there's something ya don't see every day."

"What's that, Wilbur?"

"A nine foot tall muscle bound bodybuilder walkin down the street in nuthin but his lil ole posing trunks."

"ooooooo," Wilbur looks to see what's up with Edgar. Edgar is holding up his hand. "Salright. I just took my nitro, so I'm safe for a few. Mighty big everywhere, isinty?"

Wilbur gets a wicked little smile on his ninety year old face. "Well that strap is in the way of bein positive of the facts." Wilbur stands up and sticks two fingers in his mouth and lets out the loudest whistle you ever heard. All walking traffic on the street stops. "Hey feller! Yeah you. The one with all the big ole muscles fightin for space on his nine foot self. Come'er. I need ta ask ya somethin. Somethin real portant."

The ground echoes with each step the giant comes closer to Edgar, Wilbur and the Rainbow Retirement Center.

The giant stops before them far enough away to let them see all of his ginormous body. He flexed and stretched a few body parts before asking "What can I do for you two men of leisure?"

Wilbur beckoned him down so he could whisper into his ear. The massive fella mumbled "Well yes." then "Ya got me there. No body is likely to complain."

Wilbur stood up straighter. "And who'd be foolish enough to try and tell you what to do?"

The giant chuckled and nodded. "So you wanna do the honors?"

Wilbur nodded fast. "You're a fine young man."

"Thank you sir for saying so." As he spoke, Wilbur reached up and grabbed the top of the new Paul Bunyan's trunks and looked at Edgar.

"Edgar, this is all for you." And then pulled those trunks down the to bodybuilders knees.

It was like the smile on Edgar's face caused him to slowly stand up and put a hand on top of the massive cock that sprang forth, when Wilbur pulled the curtain (so to speak). Edgar reached both hands around that thirty inch long, eight inch wide member and stroked it down to the giants knees. As it became harder it started to rise to the horizontal and then even higher. Edgar let loose to admire such a humongous dong and put his hand on the shoulder of his life long lover.

"Ah Wilbur. You reall do love me."

Wilbur pulled Edgar close and kissed his cheek. "I been showing you that for the past seventy years. This is just icing on the cake."

"Pretty damn big icing." His hands reached out and cupped under the man mountains grapefruit sized balls. "And pretty big cake, too." The giants chuckling caused Edgar to finally look up at his face. "Thanks, son. You make an old man proud to be alive and see such a big and big hearted man. Wish we could help you with that, but we'd be a gonners ifn we did."

"But happy." Wilbur added.

"Oh Damn happy. Piss the mortician off he couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces."

The giant chuckled some more and winked at the two lovers. "Take another nitro, OK?"

The bottle appeared, top off and a tiny pill was under Edgars tongue before you could say "Markus Ruhl".

The giant smiled and jerked his meat for a good five minutes before spraying the bushes and the railing of the old folks home. The two happy gents licked their hands and then applauded. The giant pulled up his trunks then knelt down and pulled the two men into a gentle embrace. One kiss from him in between the two was more than enough to please them all. "You two take care now."

They sat and watched as the mountain of muscle man strutted down the street. A deep sigh came from them both.

"I'll take another nitro if you pull out our weekend Viagra ration."

"I just love the way you think."

As they shuffled to Edgars room, Wilbur was the one to ask, "Maybe we should think about a change or two. Whadaya think."

"I think you would look mighty fine at eight feet tall."

"As long as you go for nine. You know how I love waking up in your arms."

To be continued?