Learning to Share

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Here's a new story line. I'll need some help with the plot in a while. If any of you out there feel like adding your own ideas, then send an email and we'll talk. I'm actually easy to work with, so send some feedback or ideas on where you think this story could go.

Disclaimer: This is a science fiction story with Male to Male sex and love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE. You have been warned!!

Running through the jungle had taken its toll on Jeff. His clothes were in shreds. He had cuts and bruises all over his body. But when he was able to breathe a bit slower and quieter; he no longer heard the sound of small feet following close on his trail.

Jeff Oxmoore was the assistant Botanist on an expedition into an unexplored section of west Brazil. His group consisted of himself and five other members from America, six guides from the last bit of civilization they had encountered, and eight very short natives from the region they were going through.

At least they were told the little guys were natives.

Jeff now had his doubts, since they were the first ones to be hit with at least a dozen darts per man. All eight fell without a sound.

That got the locals to back up and start calling out in an unfamiliar language. Their words had little affect as more darts flew out and brought the six guides down just as quick as the natives.

With that, chaos erupted. Jeff and Hugo ran into the forest while the other four ran back down the path. Hugo told him he saw them all fall before they were out of sight.

Then the sound of little feet. They weren't even trying to be stealthy. They must have been overconfident of the jungles ability to slow anyone and anything to a crawl.

But Jeff and Hugo had stumbled upon an old trail and up to half an hour ago, they both had outdistanced their attackers. But over an hour and a half of running, left them both too tired to keep up the pace.

They both saw the clearing and stopped just outside of it. Hugo was a med student and saw what he thought was an Agave plant. He pulled it from the side of a tree and Jeff said, "Won't that give them a trail to follow?"

Hugo broke a leaf and smelled it, then said, "Look in back of us."

The vague trail the two men had been following was no longer an idea. It was a fact. The branches and torn leaves, as well as the occasional muddy footprint, was like a neon sign.

Hugo started to squeeze the juice from the plant onto the cuts above Jeff's eyes and on his arms. Then he pulled another plant off the same tree and smelled it before rubbing the juice from the crushed leaves onto his own wounds. He had just finished when the sound of small feet, running fast could be heard.

Jeff and Hugo ran through the clearing to what looked like a clear path beyond. But Hugo didn't make it out of the clearing. Jeff ran for another twenty minutes before he came upon another clearing along the path. But this clearing was too small for Jeff to notice in time. He tore straight through it.

The plants in the center of the clearing were like pitcher plants, and the fluid in the ones Jeff hit went flying everywhere. Mostly covering Jeff and getting worked into his wounds.

Ten minutes more of frantic running and Jeff was so tired, he had to rest for a few moments, or he would soon pass out from exhaustion.

His attackers learned from their mistakes. They were quiet when they caught up with Jeff. His few moments of rest turned out to be one moment too many.

The pain in his back and neck was only sharp for a fleeting second. In fact he even had time to reach up to his neck and pull one of the darts out to examine it, before his world went black.

Jeff started to come back to the world through odd child like dreams. He couldn't seem to open his eyes. His arms and legs seemed to be wrapped in something like a tight sleeping bag. He became thirsty and when he started to lick his dry lips a very large teat was placed at his mouth. His thoughts lost adult cohesion. The large teat had sweet tasting milk coming out of it when he suckled it. The strange part was an overpowering smell of maleness to the teats; for when one went dry, and another was offered to his mouth, his nose was tickled by hairs. This went on for days, but his mind never thought to question his situation. In large part, his mind didn't really think that much at all.

It was only after Jeff had been through months of this did a spark of his personality finally come back. He was then able to piece together at least nine months of being breast fed.

Then he realized that he had been untied or removed from his restraints, whatever they had been, over eight months ago. Yet he hadn't reacted to that change in captivity, nor any change in the past eight months.

He had memories but no memory of self. Like he was on the pathway just before being hit by the darts, and then he was here.


Jeff didn't try to speak, but he thought to himself, 'Wait a minute. Why all of a sudden I can think again?'

He didn't have a teat in his mouth right then, but instead what felt like a tube or a funnel strapped in place. The sound of someone very heavy walking towards him, got him feeling strangely excited and happy. He heard the sound of sucking close by him and the mutter words of encouragement. He couldn't understand the word's exact meaning but he caught the gist of it. Another sound of sucking started, but further away from Jeff.

Jeff then realized if he wanted his captors to remain ignorant of the change in his status, he had better start sucking too. His action got a chuckle out of whoever was feeding them. Then the words Jeff heard him mumble suddenly made sense. Though Jeff could have sworn what he heard was certainly not english; the words seemed to say

"Ah Greedy Gut, I fed you a sixteenth part of half-day ago and you still want feeding when you hear the other unweaned Hobs getting theirs. Greedy greedy gut. But don't you worry. I have a few nursing Hobs that want to follow my example, and help you grow big and strong."

Jeff decided to suck a bit harder then slow down and just suck every ten heartbeats or so.

This worked at pleasing the one feeding the others. He said, "Hey Greedy Gut. You're learning, are you? You like the mush, but you like something else better. Something tastier. Something that comes right from the ones who love you."

Jeff couldn't help himself when the man speaking got closer and removed the funnel from his mouth. Jeff's mouth opened wide and when a truly huge teat filled it, he started to suck and lick and draw the teat further into his mouth.

Part of Jeff's mind went back to the first time he put a boys cock in his mouth and just sucked on it. He and his friend had been big for their age, and gentle of spirit at the time. They had been ridiculed for their size at twelve years of age and found comfort in their own company. They found times and places, for a short while, where they could explore their larger bodies. And in those times they both put the lie to the shame the other children tried to heap on their heads. Both in their way understood the envy the other children felt towards them being bigger, more developed. And while Jeff never stopped being excited by the masculine form; his friend soon became far more attracted to females. Though his friend never did act like what they had done was wrong; he just stopped wanting to continue doing it with Jeff. A true friend in many ways, he introduced Jeff to a number of new friends.

That was over fourteen years ago, but still fresh in Jeff's memory.

Jeff realized what he was sucking on was the man's cock. And it was a thick one with an arrow shaped head. Jeff's tongue told him he was sucking down something that tasted just like milk. Maybe not the homogenized cow kind. Closer to goats milk.

Up to this point Jeff hadn't wondered too hard about what was covering his eyes or stuffed up one nostril. He figured they kept the captives blindfolded so they were more obedient. Of course Jeff flashed on the fact, that he couldn't remember hearing anything from his fellow captives other than sucking and maybe a groan or two.

Hell. Jeff couldn't remember making any sounds for the past eight months, other than sucking and groaning.

The man feeding Jeff his cock started to push more in and Jeff's mouth just stretched wider with no discomfort. And as the enormous cock was pushed further down Jeff's throat, his whole neck and throat seemed to relax and widen out more. He could breath fine through his one open nostril.

The Feeder's breathing got faster and then the dam broke. This guy was gushing cum into Jeff's expanding belly. Jeff was so shocked he just had to reach up and feel how big this man's balls were.

That's when his plan of hiding things fell apart. He discovered that his hands were not restrained. Jeff reached up and found the Feeder's balls were right where any other man's were. What made Jeff suck hard and pause before continuing was balls the size of pineapples. When he reached up with his other hand and caressed a second testicle the same size, Jeff just had to stroke them and love them for the wonders they were.

Of course the other captives did not interact with the Feeders. EVER. Jeff learned that fact later in the day. What happened right after his praise of super-gonad, was the Feeder finished cuming. About ten minutes later.

The Feeder said, "Wow, Greedy Gut. You are sure smarter than any Hob I ever heard of." He put his hand on top of Jeff's head and stroked Jeff's hair as he pull his dong out of Jeff's mouth. Just as the tip cleared Jeff's lips, he had one of those sniffle reactions like a dog that has a fox-tail caught up his nose. The inhale snapped something in Jeff's head and he moaned from the sharp pain. The pain went away very quickly but the thing clogging one nostril came loose and he could blow it out of his nose very easily.

With that action the Feeder said, "What is this? That shouldn't happen until your first Ride. Your sure big enough, but your Rider Pouch hasn't even opened yet. And there sure isn't anyone in your Rider Pouch..."

The Feeders hand went from Jeff's head to his big belly. But when the Feeder put his hand on Jeff's belly he stuck his thumb into a very deep navel. Then he poked with his other fingers around the area of Jeff's navel. Just as the feeders middle finger poked hard between Jeff's navel and cock, his thumb seemed to slip past a sphincter and slip inside Jeff's belly. The thumb then hit something small, like a baby's head or face.

With that action Jeff couldn't keep from crying out in pain. It felt like the feeder had just poked a huge blunt stick into Jeff's eye. But the Feeders hands were on Jeff's belly.

With the words, "OWW" coming out of Jeff's mouth and his face grimacing, the only thing left was for whatever was on his eyes to fall off. Which it did along with the flesh that was up his nose.

Jeff reached down and pulled Feeder's thumb out of his body and then just held on to it. Jeff gave in to the need to connect with this man and as he blinked up at him he said, "That hurt!. Please don't do that again."

Feeder was in shock. and his face must have had a bit of fear. As Jeff's eyesight cleared up he started to like what he saw. Except for the fear part. He said, "Please don't act like that. I'm nobody to be afraid of."

Jeff pulled Feeders hand to his mouth and sucked on it for a second, then said, "I'm getting a little afraid myself. But I bet if you put a smile on that handsome face of yours, all my fear would disappear..." And Feeder was quite handsome. He reminded Jeff of that bodybuilder Dennis James, except much taller and bigger.

Jeff put the other hand on one of Feeder's pineapple gonads and said, "Then I can get back to having some fun with these wonderful balls of yours. Is everybody in your tribe this big? Can they cum for ten minutes at a time?"

Feeder took his free hand and lightly rested it on Jeff's lips. Feeder said, "I have been responsible for feeding and caring for the Hobs in my tribe for over fifty six years. I've been given the name Feeder by all my Hobs, since that's what the riders hear them call me. In all my fifty-six years I have never had such a handsome bright eyed Hob even look at me without a rider in him, let alone flirt with an old man and his balls."

Jeff said, "I don't want the way we're treating each other to stop or go bad. But I remember a lot of things that happened to me after somebody shot darts into my neck and back. Like all that food, and you cleaning me and feeding me and some nights you'd just sit next to me and we'd fall asleep together. And that wonderful voice."

Feeder smiled at Jeff and Jeff said, "Please sit down and if you're allowed to do so. Please tell me what is going on."

Feeder sat down and looked at Jeff for a moment before he reached over and gave Jeff a quick little kiss.

Feeder said, "It is my right to teach a young Hob how to fit into the tribe. As Hobs without riders have been known as one step up from a box of rocks, I have not been required to teach them anything more demanding than 'Swallow my cock, swallow my teats. which they are very good at."

Jeff finally takes a good look at the other Hobs and is confused.. There sat his expedition minus the leader, a big loud over funded anthropologist named Barry. Hugo was right next to him, then Samuel, then Don, and Fritz.

And they all had their head covered by this pink and yellowish spongy growth of flesh that was growing out of one nostril and covered both eyes. And they were all hugely muscled and all over seven feet tall.

Jeff realized he was seven and a half but he was at least a third to a half again as heavy with muscle as his fellow Hobs.

Jeff looked into Feeders eyes and said, "OK. I'm listening. What's happening?"

Feeder looked back into Jeff's eyes and said, "Many many centuries ago, my people came to this land and found good plants to eat and use in many different ways. We were able to hunt for meat, and we cultivated fields for staple crops. We were friends with the other peoples in the lands around ours. Then it happened that a swarm of very small wasps started to nest in the best places to grow crops. And they would change location when we rotated the crops. The elders and medicine men from all the people around came together to solve the problem. For these wasps at first were just annoying. But if you were stung too many times, you fell asleep and either died or when you woke up you were a child again. The medicine men came up with something the outsiders call a vaccine. It kept people safe but the young were still in danger. They could not take the vaccine until they were at least five years old. So one great medicine man found three plants that either repelled the wasps, attracted the wasps and ate them, or could be used on the sting to stop the illness if caught in time. My people thought balance had been restored. The medicine man had not taken into account the vaccine, given to so many of my people, or one of the plant sacraments, practiced when a boy becomes a man."

"It did not happen right away. Almost two years after the wasp problem was solved did we find a third of our men in a stupor. They would not talk and their eyes were covered by this growth that came out of their head. The medicine men tried surgery and the first two died. They stopped surgery. They found they could feed them like the brain damaged and they survived. But then the remaining men started to shrink. To themselves they felt stronger, and they were. But they didn't stop shrinking until they were two feet tall or slightly shorter. By the time they stopped shrinking, the women started to shrink too, but only to four feet tall. This strange affliction did have some benefits. The men may be half the size of the women, but their cocks grew to one foot in length. Women really liked that. So did the men. It was thought at the time it would be difficult to continue feeding and caring for the ones who were asleep. But the next change was the strangest. None of the women were affected in a way that made them sleep. Only men. And after the women shrank to four feet tall the men started to feel safer when thy slept cuddled with the larger men. Then the day came when half the little men just seemed to vanish. No one saw where they went. But later that day all the bigger men woke up. But they were not them selves. They claimed to be the little men that were missing. Each one remembered being pulled into a warm safe place and waking up in the body of the large men. It didn't take long before the elders found out they really were in the bodies of the larger men. All of the larger men now had pouches big enough for the little men to crawl into. The pouches had two little arm like cords. One attached to the little mens navel and connected to his blood supply. This way the little men didn't have to separate from the larger to breathe, drink eat or piss. The second cord inside the pouch connected through the little man's nose into a new organ in back of where your smell organ is. Once connected it is as if you are the large man. But with no memories left from the previous large man or the previous rider. I say rider, because you can disconnect from one Hob and connect to another with out any problem. But when a Hob is without a rider, someone has to look after them. They would starve without a rider or proper care."

"The problem is that with people coming into our lands, we need to protect ourselves from those that might steal our Hobs or our land. So when your group came through and those who had been warned not to return without candidates for becoming Hobs; we knocked them out first to finish the process. You see now we can stop the shrinking half way. Which also means they can't connect to a Hob. Those who don't fall asleep start to shrink. One of your party didn't fall asleep. He is being kept at four feet so he can't steal a Hob and escape."

That was when Feeder took Jeff to see Barry and one of the Guides from the village. Both were four feet tall, and barely came up to Jeff's hip. They were together in a cage made of something like wicker. They each had a small hammock stretched inside an area five feet tall and deep, and ten feet long.

Barry saw Jeff and started to cry out to him. He said, "Jeff, JEFF. Please Jeff, make them let me go Jeff. Please? I'm going insane. I haven't had anything to do for six months. They won't even give me something to do. Please make them let me go...... Or tell them to give me something to do. Weave baskets or rugs or hammocks, or clothes. Something!! Anything!"

Jeff said, "Perhaps it's punishment for lying to us all when you swore you were friends with two members of the local tribe. We are with the locals. Where have your two friends been these past eight months?"

Barry must have lost all his arrogance and disrespectful attitude, these past months. Jeff couldn't remember a time he knew Barry, when he wasn't acting like everyone around him was an inferior. Before their capture, any question put to Barry, would have included an insult along with his answer. Barry was not acting superior or insulting.

Barry burst out sobbing, like a hysterical child. Bruno, the Guide from the village, went over to hold him for a moment and rub his back. Barry stopped crying but had a hard time getting his breath back. He finally said, "I lied to get the funding for the expedition. If I had told the financial committee I was friends with two of the Guides from the village, they would have laughed in my face."

Bruno turned towards Jeff and said, "Much of this is my fault. I heard what the local elders said and wishful thinking had me believing they would allow us to return with friends . What they had really told us was 'do not return unless you have some outsiders for them to use.' I am very sorry, Jeff. I would never have done this to you or Barry. Barry really is my good friend."

They were still loosely holding each other and the embrace started a chain reaction. Then Jeff saw their size change had a fringe benefit. Their cocks started to get larger and larger. They were breathing a little faster at first but it went back to normal after they reached their full length. Both four foot tall men had two foot cocks.

Jeff frowned and said, "I thought you said you didn't have anything to do? Those two monsters look like they needed a lot of attention."

Bruno answered for them both and said, "They have been quite diverting, and for the first two months we were slowly stretching ourselves so our backsides would accept our larger equipment."

Barry said, "And without any kind of lubricant."

Bruno said, "Just a lot of spit. It worked. But Barry is right. We are not going to stay sane, without something productive to do. Can you help us Jeff."

Barry said, "We know you have every right to just ignore us, after the way we screwed everything up. But we are both so very sorry. Can't you please see if we can just have something to do? Something that helps the locals? It's like some weird addiction. We both get this urge to be doing something during the day. Neither of us could pin down just what we were jonesing to do. But we both were feeling anxious when the locals were working within eyesight."

Bruno said, "Please Jeff?"

Feeder stepped closer to the cage and said, "Tell them Tomorrow the elders will decide what jobs they may perform for the people., and they will be given the chance to do so for eight days. At the end of eight days, if they have proven they can be trusted, and have a desire to stay; they will be given the opportunity to shrink down to Rider size and they may become a full member of our tribe."

Jeff passed the information on to the stout, short stud muffins and Barry told Feeder, "Thank you! Thank you for letting us work."

Bruno said, "I couldn't understand half of what he said. How can you understand him so well?

Jeff said, "I don't exactly know. For the past eight months I've been on auto pilot. I can remember some events. But I wasn't aware of my self, all that time. Maybe my subconscious picked up the words Feeder and the others were using and associated them with what I could hear moving or working. I guess my brain didn't have a whole lot of stuff to do so it chose languages."

Barry said, "Sounds logical. Jeff would you please thank him for me too? I really appreciate you help and his. I know Barry does too."

Barry responded by grabbing Bruno's stiff two-footer and slowly stroking the first eight inches. Barry's thumb rubbed over the tip squeezing some pre-cum out Bruno's piss slit and getting a better stoke.

Bruno smiled with his head tipped down and him looking up at Barry. Bruno took hold of Barry's massive wanger and followed Barry's example and actions. They got a little bit more involved and started to rub, roll, caress, and fondle each other's massive balls.

This had the effect of causing Jeff's dong to start inflating to it's long thick glory. About thirty-two inches long and four and a half inches in diameter. His hand traveling up and down its length got the little{?} guys attention and they looked like deer caught in the headlights. Bruno completed the effect when his mouth dropped open.

Jeff chuckled and said, "Are those looks of fear or lust?"

Bruno and Barry said in unison, "Both!" Their eyes did not get any smaller as they stayed glued to Jeff's gigantic cock. But they both followed Jeff's example and started to stroke each other again.

Feeder saw all this and smiled. He pulled some pillows made from woven plant fibers and cotton pods, over in back of Jeff and sat down just in back of him. Jeff had been paying too much attention to the two, four foot tall mounds of manly muscle, as they pulled their two foot pud's.

Feeder saw the littler guys attention waver towards him for a second but then return to Jeff's dong. Feeder didn't want to interrupt the show, but he thought he could add some needed support. Feeder's cock was just shy of thirty inches, and by now rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Feeder slowly tipped the head of his dick to the outside of Jeff's left Butt cheek. Jeff now had one massive set of butt muscles. The contact pulled Jeff gently away from the little guys show, but not for that long. Jeff turned his head around but kept his body facing forward. He didn't want to discourage whoever was nice enough to poke such a beautiful and large dick in his direction. He just then realized it had been over eight months since he had anyone poking anything at his nether regions. He loved to suck that big ole cock. But that part of his sex life had been in a coma for as long as he had been. He was finding that it had woken up as much as he had.

Without missing a stroke, Jeff rubbed his but against that welcome invader. Feeder smiled at Jeff, and said, "I forgot to ask you your name. Greedy Gut may still be appropriate, but I am sure, your heart and head have a different name."

Jeff, still wanking his uber-pud, spread his big Butt cheeks and tried to grab Feeder's joystick between them. Feeder pulled his cock up straighter and tapped the side of Jeff's butt again.

Jeff said, "Were you poking me to learn my name or did you want something More." Jeff had grabbed at Feeders cock again and this time he caught it with his meaty back side.

Feeder flinched, but in a good way when the tip of his manhood was held firmly by those very talented butt muscles.

Feeder caught his breath and said, "Oh Jeff! Ummmm Both!"

Jeff grinned seductively and said, "I guess you learned my name from Barry. So the only thing left for me to give you is... Mooore." Jeff tightened his cheeks and started to stroke and pull on Feeder's cock head. They were both moaning as Jeff tried to line up the tip of Feeder's mighty talleywacker, with Jeff's anus. His muscles were quivering after the third minute. Neither one wanted to stop, just to get thing lined up, because what they were doing felt so good. Feeder had not had any of his brothers ever play with his cock this way and his foreskin was being pulled in ways he never felt before. Jeff had been asleep so long, just the fat huge head of Feeder's cock, brushing against his rosebud, had him on the edge and ready to cum gallons. At least it felt like that. Jeff finally said, "Oh Feeder. This does feel so good, and while I can pull back from the edge we're at; I would love to have as much of you inside me and just let 'er rip." Jeff squirmed and almost had Feeder lined up. He moaned, "Aw Feeder. Right there. It's right there."

Feeder saw the look on Jeff's face and said, "Oh Brother. I'm right there too." But Feeder sat up straighter and grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and said, "Jeff. Calm yourself a little so I can see if you want to try something else for right now. I'm afraid, I am just too big for you at the moment and we could hurt you if we don't slow down and test your opening first."

The little guys both let out a groan and moan, and just sat down where they were standing and continued to yank their puds.

Jeff understood what Feeder was saying as he rubbed the huge cock head back and forth across his rosebud sphincter. He looked into Feeder's eyes and saw that Feeder wasn't stopping just changing gears, so to speak.

Feeder saw the lust return ti Jeff's eyes and said, "We will make sure that we will be good to each other and not do something that could hurt us both, while in the heat of passion."

Jeff nodded his head and Feeder said, "Let the end of that big ole love stick slide between your balls and slide up along the underside of you mighty pole. Sit here on top of my lap and let me hold you while I hold you." His smile told Jeff a whole world of things Feeder wanted to do to and with Jeff.

Jeff let Feeder direct his cock head to the back of Jeff's balls. As Feeder pushed a little harder, Jeff's balls were pulled upwards for a little bit but the the head slid between them and started to run up the length of Jeff's love muscle.

Jeff slowly sat down and Feeder pulled his back against Feeder's chest. Feeder wrapped hi arms around Jeff's chest and just hugged him for a long moment. Then Feeder kissed Jeff's wide thick back and shoulder. Feeder nibbled on Jeff's ear and got Jeff's head to twist around, until he could suck Feeder's tongue as hard as possible in their pyrotechnic kiss. Feeder reached up with his left hand and held the side of Jeff's neck and jaw. His right hand caught a hold of Jeff's cock and started to stroke it with some gusto.

Jeff grabbed Feeder's cock as well as his own. somehow they didn't interfere with each other's loving of the cocks.

Jeff felt a stream of pre-cum flow out of Feeders dick and shortly after his own. Their hands were shiny with the stuff, and it must have been dripping off the ends. The tip off was the little guys suddenly groaning and sounding like they were shuddering. The sound was quite a bit like a horse whinnying. That's when Feeder put both hands on their stacked dicks and applied steady but firm pressure.

Feeder said, "Oh Jeff, I got the shafts. Brother, please flick your big tongue out and lick them like they were your momma's teats."

Jeff dropped his hands down to his knees, and got close enough to start dragging his tongue across just the tip of both their dicks.

The first lick got both of them to jerk and shudder like they had been electrocuted.

The little guys giggled and Barry said, "Oh man. That looked like it felt so good."

Then a stifled shriek escaped Barry's mouth as Bruno pulled their own dick heads together and licked across both of the at the same time.

Feeder had to tip to the left to see what they had done while Jeff's eyes flew open to see Bruno shudder and try it again.

Jeff saw Barry tense up as the tongue made it's love move. Jeff said, "Is that what we looked like?"

Barry couldn't think hard enough to use his larynx to speak and he just nodded about three times fast and then practically leapt onto Bruno's mouth to kiss, and suck, and love him right there.

Feeder chuckled and propped his head on Jeff's shoulder. He said, "Jeff I think we are good examples to our smaller brothers."

Jeff nodded turned to look in one of Feeders eyes, before he stole a quick kiss from Feeder. Then Jeff tipped his head sideways to gauge better and said, "Smaller but not by that much!"

Jeff looked at Barry and Bruno still locked in that super nova of a kiss and he glanced at Feeder then at their dicks. Jeff opened his mouth as wide as he could and then yawned before he pulled the heads together and sucked both of them into his mouth at least five inches.

His action got them both to groan but he continued to lick and suck hard and mild, but never letting up on the pressure completely. as he hit the sensitive spots on their love muscles; they both flinched and shuddered. Feeder laid back a little and his hands found the curve of Jeff's neck and the top of his head, and the hair that fell over his ears. He couldn't lay back for long before he had a powerful need to reach under Jeff's massive pecs and arms and with a little spit, start to rub, tweak, pinch and roll Jeff's nipples.

This had a wonderful effect on a few of the things Jeff was doing to both their cocks. Since he had to pull so close just to reach Jeff's nips, Feeder started to kiss Jeff's enormous back, from the back of one arm pit to the other. Then he started to use his teeth to pull the skin on Jeff's back, away from the quivering thick meat of Jeff's Latts.

Jeff's breathing caught and then started to get faster. He sort of moaned out a soft little, "Well OK." Jeff took an excellent example being shown upon his back, skin and muscle alike; and turned it upon the skin of their dicks below the head. Feeder couldn't take anymore.

Feeder put his forehead on Jeff's upper back and pushed hard against him. as he was breathing fast he said, "Jeff! Oh Brother! It's here. It's all for you. Oh take it Brother! Take my love!! All for You! All for You! All for You. All f ... All ... aw.. OH."

Jeff had started to cum too and Feeders teeth leaving a love bite in his upper back as he came, only made Jeff's orgasm more intense. Feeder caught his breath and with passion, but softly said, "Ohh Yess!!" as his head tightened against his chest. He opened his eyes looking down across his massive chest and saw Feeders hand still caressing (loving) his nipple. Jeff reached down with his mouth and kissed Feeder's hand and then pulled it closer to his mouth and sucked in Feeders thumb and gently bit it and worried it for a second.

Feeder's mind went blank for a fraction of a second as he felt the love flood into his body through his thumb in Jeff's mouth. He came back to himself a fraction of a second later, having another full on orgasm. Jeff felt and saw what was happening and gently sucked on Feeder's thumb before he opened his mouth enough to say, "WoW!" in awe and reverence of a mind blowing orgasm.

As the stream of cum shot so hard and high into the air from Feeder's love muscle, Jeff felt that familiar feeling you get when you feel your orgasm is on the home stretch. Jeff glanced up at the spooge as it flew up so high. He smiled like a little kid the first time you lit a little bottle rocket. You knew the loud assed bang was coming. and that was why you lit the thing in the first place. But that anticipation and excitement and flinching readiness for the bang was just a part of it. When you lit a bottle rocket or firecracker, it was a bold deliberate aggressive attention getting Call for everyone to goin in that loud expression of LIFE and DANGER . All Join in the SHOUT at the universe. WE ARE HERE. HA ! WE ARE ALIVE!!

A shout of Love and defiance of Loss. That pyrotechnic ejaculation was shared joy, by all who heard and saw the spark and flash.

So with that feeling getting stronger as time seemed to slow for Jeff; as Feeder's ropy jets of cum fell back, they started to hit the tip of Jeff's cock. The contact was like nothing he had ever felt before.

It was primal and transcendent. It was every little joy you first learned as a child and all the nasty little pleasures you had help learning as a sexual man. Every tender caress and rough thrust that HAD to get done again and again and over again...

Jeff lost track of all the bits that made up the energy that shot down his dick from each plop from Feeder's cum. Headed to his balls . They were suddenly cold and on fire at the same time as a monumental degree of pressure shot out of them and forced his prostate to open a flood gate.

Years later Feeder found the words to describe Jeff cuming that continuous stream of semen for at least three minutes. He was still cuming himself but the energy he felt shooting from his dick was being amplified on contact to Jeff and Feeder could feel the effect on Jeff.

Feeder said, "It was a solid column of ice, and milk, and fire, and lightening. All of it vibrating with the bellow coming from Jeff's lips. It didn't gap or thin. It was a sacred solid stream of lust and love and need and desire. It begged and demanded at the same time for all who could hear and feel it's power to join in the Song and Dance of Life."

Feeder had his mouth open and when a big glop of Jeff's transcendental pearl jam fell in, Feeder came a few more times.

By the time the stream stopped reaching so high and only flew a few feet from Jeff's cock, it stopped like a faucet was turned. Jeff's ragged breathing and humming bird fast heart beat echoed through his body to Feeder. Feeder cradled him in his arms as he came back to himself.

Feeder felt desperate eyes on him and looked over to Barry and Bruno. Feeder knew in his heart and soul, that the little men needed to touch and love Jeff, after all that Love came raining out of The sky, came flooding out of Jeff.

Feeder knew his own feelings about Jeff and his laying in his arms satisfied that craving. It didn't mean Barry or Bruno could be trusted not to steel the secrets of their tribe and sell them to outsiders, maybe even leading too many of them back here.

But then Feeder somehow was able to go further. He looked into Barry's eyes and was welcomed into his heart. The holy event they had just shared, caused a deep far reaching change in Barry. It was like Feeder could taste that sense of belonging to a group that mattered more than anything you ever cared about. It was that unshakable feeling of being home. Barry's heart and soul knew he was finally home here with the tribe.

Feeder looked to Bruno as they pulled themselves closer to the wicker cage. Bruno's eyes at first were just begging for release. But the pressure from Feeder caused Bruno to open more. He let Feeder in and threw each and every door in his mind open for feeder to see it all. And Feeder could not sense one little bit of embarrassment or sham. What ever it took to be part of the tribe. Whatever was demanded to show their worthiness to be part of the tribe; Feeder KNEW Barry and Bruno would do it or die trying.

Feeder had enough of the pain he felt from the two in the cage. As he cradled Jeff on top of himself; he slid over to the cage and said, "Go to the other end of the cage. I'll get it open so you can help me take care of our brother."

Barry pulled a wide eyed Bruno over to the other end of the cage. Bruno was smiling and almost crying and then was along with Barry as they held each other from falling over.

Feeder got closer to the cage and started to kick it till there was a five foot square hole and all the sharp broken edges of the material were kicked pack on themselves.

By now over half of the tribe had moved over to where Jeff and Feeder were. But nobody questioned what Feeder was doing. There were too many smiles.

Barry pulled Bruno to the hole and hesitated for a second. Bruno's arm wrapped around Barry's waist and a quick kiss on the cheek before they walked through the cage's new hole.

Bruno and Barry bent down together and scooped up a glop of Jeff's sacred salty spooge and placed it in the others mouth before sucking hard on the fingers still there. Then they shuddered and walked over to Jeff. Jeff was calm and collected, nestled in Feeder's arms against the pillows on the platform. Jeff and Feeder together held out their arms wide welcoming Barry and Bruno into them. The little guys squealed and practically flew onto them. They started to root and snuggle like puppies. Bruno suddenly clung to Jeff and almost started to cry.

Jeff tipped Bruno's head up so he could look in to his eyes. Jeff said, "It's OK Brother. That is all past you now. You both are safe now. You're Home. You are with all your Brothers and Sisters. Love you."

Bruno kissed Jeff's cheek and said, "Love you, too."

Barry was using his very strong little arms and hands to massage and rub Feeder's shoulders and neck. Barry just threw his arms around Feeder's neck after a few minutes of that and said, "Love you, Feeder." and kissed Feeder's neck.

Feeder said, "I love you too Barry. I'm glad you're home now." Then he started to kiss Barry. After only half a minute they parted and Jeff asked Barry, "All better now, Brother?"

Barry sat up and said, "Everything's better when you're home."

This had the elders nodding their heads yes.

To Jeff it looked like everything was going to be alright. In his heart he knew he was home.

Just at that moment he got a bit dizzy. It was a good thing he was sitting on pillows on the floor. Then his vision got blurry and his hearing started to ring then dim.

Jef thought, 'That orgasm gave me a stroke!"

He reached for Feeder and mumbled out, "Something is wrong! Vision.. hearing.!"

Jeff felt like something was pulling out of his nose, but that happened a while ago. And as he reached up to his nose, a similar feeling started at his navel. But this pulling sensation was slower and yet more difficult. As the belly sensation eased up he couldn't feel any reason why his nose or navel would be causing him any trouble. Just as his hand rested onto his belly the whole world went black. He was fighting for a breath and realized he was hyperventilating. He felt this muscly kind of boneless arm still part way in his nose. He gently but firmly pulled the rest of it out of his nose and a little mucus and a few drops of blood came out. He could smell it and there was a bit of diffuse light where he was huddled in a very small cave or house in a tree.

There was some weird movement and muffled voices were talking all around him. He could recognize Feeder's voice. Just before he drew enough breath to call out to him, the tugging at his navel got stronger and then there was a popping sound and the feeling like he had low blood sugar. A little light headed and shaky.

He could make out a much thicker boneless arm pulling away from his belly and then the need to breath fresh air was too intense to ignore. There was a lighter circle of light near his back and after pushing on the rubbery wall the circle widened and then opened The light was bright, but the fresh air was excellent. After a few lungs full, Jeff called out to Feeder to' help me out of what ever this thing is that grabbed me'.......

These gigantic hands reached into the rubbery cave and pulled him out like he didn't weigh a thing. The eight months had put a lot of muscle on his body and looking down in the harsh light ; Jeff saw that he was still very bulky, but now he had shorter legs and a much bigger dick. How could that have happened in only a few moments.

The Giant that held him shielded his eyes. Jeff looked up into a very much bigger Feeder! A hand closer to what Jeff thought as Feeders size, reached up and pulled some of Jeff's hair off his face. A low voice that sounded like Barry said, "Has this ever happened before?"

Jeff was shocked. That voice had to be Barry's. He grabbed the hand before it could disappear, and The Giant turned so Jeff could see that Barry was attached to that huge hand!

Jeff still didn't quite get what had happened.

Jeff said, "Barry? Where's Feeder?"

Then a deep rumbling voice came out of the Giant's mouth and said, "Right here. I'm holding you."

Then Jeff could see Feeder, and Barry and Bruno and the Elders and ...

JEFF!! and he was just standing there with a three inch wide hole where his navel had been and no blood coming out. It was his face and new body. But the face looked like he was drunk or a moron... Or Both.

Jeff felt like he could use a stiff drink right now.

Feeder said, "Just when you thought It couldn't get any weirder..

Jeff said, "You discover you are big and small at the same time..."

Feeder's hand holding Jeff, tickled his balls. The balls having gone through the previous orgasm along with Jeff and Feeder, and they release a flood of Testosterone and all of the other exotic and extreme potions his new little body is pumping through his veins.

Feeder said, "I'm sorry Jeff. This has never happened to our tribe. The guys that grow, just become these big muscly docile guys you can tell to do anything you need to get done. And when they mature around the eleventh month they can have a Rider inside them controlling the body. Barry and Bruno are going to continue shrinking to your size and become Riders. Jeff, you are the first in our tribe to become a Rider and a Hob."

By that time Feeder had jiggled Jeff to the point his dick was sticking out twelve inches from his fifteen inch tall body.

Feeder said, "And that's the longest dick I've ever seen on a rider."

Jeff tried to get his hands around it but it was like a six foot tall man grew a four foot long cock with even bigger balls.

Bruno said, "Feeder, if you aren't going to help brother Jeff with his stiff aching problem, then at least put him down so we can help him." Barry licked his lips and then looked into Jeff's eyes before looking at Feeder.

Feeder sat down crossed legged and said, "I know how to share." Just before he started to suck on Jeff's twelve inch cock. Jeff wasn't about to complain when Barry and then Bruno each started to suck on one of his nipples.

Jeff softly said, "Ah! Sharing is good."

To be continued

I hope you liked this new story. I sure liked writing it. Feedback is such a little thing to ask for. But it really means a lot to us writers.