Little Red Riding Hoodlum and the Big Bodybuilding Wolf

Dear Readers; Here you have a rework of a classic fairy tale. This is a Fantasy story with Man to Man Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years old, you should not be here. You have been warned.

Once upon a time there was this hefty dude named Little Red Riding Hoodlum. It was a name that stuck when he muscled his way into the neighborhood gang at the age of twelve. Even back then he had some cajones on him. And ever since then, he's had control over the best Gyms in the hood. He was buff at eighteen. Six foot three, and three hundred and forty pounds of ripped muscle. And he hadn't even started to juice yet. He said he wanted to keep his lemon sized nuts from shrinking on the steroids.

One day his boys passed on some family information that shocked Little Red. He thought his Grandfather was dead and gone. After his dad split on him and his Mom; he had turned his back on that side of the family. But it turned out that a new Gym had opened in the very center of the Forest, south of town; owned and run by Grandpa himself.

Now Little Red knew of the forest cause of the parts that were known for cruising. Little Red found quite a few good horny guys ready to take on his big ten inches in that Forest. Then his mom got into the act. She said that her father-in-law had some of the back child support that Little Red's dead beat father had owed her for years. She told Little Red that his Grandfather had called her and told her to send him to pick it up for her. Sweet. Maybe his mom would let him have a little. And maybe he could get a little something, while heading through the forest. Hell. Maybe even a good work out at his Grandpa's new gym. He hoped it was a hard core gym.......

Little Red had been hoping his best bud Wood Logger was back from his own family reunion up north, but it was not meant to be. So on his own, Little Red left his part of the city and ventured into the Forest. At an hour before noon, the Forest was a quiet Shady place with only a few spots of bright sunlight reaching to the forest floor. So when Little Red came upon a welcome cruising area and saw one of his faithful twink bottoms, his big ten inch started to get ready for some action.

But Little Red was in for a surprise. As he entered the secluded glade, he found Bennie the tight twink bottom was already servicing a very large, muscular gent. The man was giving Bennie a lot of meat and hitting his love button with a vengeance. Little Red could tell the guy was long in the tooth but still a force to be reckoned with. The salt and pepper hair was still thick on the massive gents head and chest. And the look on Bennie's face was a familiar one for Little Red.

Luckily Little Red was wise enough to slay jealousy before it had him saying something stupid. Sure he wanted to be the one ringing Bennie's bell. But the old Gent may have a thing for buff built younger men, too. And Little Red wasn't averse to learning a thing or two from his elders, even if it meant being on the receiving end. Just as Little Red set a sexy smile on his face, the Old Gent opened his eyes. His smile changed as he beheld Little Red's fine meaty frame and handsome face. The Old Gent started pounding Bennie faster and harder the moment Little Red flexed into a double bi shot.

Out of Bennie's mouth thencame a gasp, "Oh Papa Lobos! Oh yes! Yes. Yes!" Little Red and Papa Lobos both knew where the extra energy came from for Papa Lobos power fuck on Bennie's ass. And Papa Lobos even looked a little embarrassed with Bennie's reaction. But it didn't stop him from reaching down and jacking Bennie to a mind-blowing orgasm as he started rabbit fucking to get his own nut. The look on Little Red's face was a silent compliment to Papa Lobos and he smiled his thank you back at the massive muscled Teen.

Little Red decided to slip into the shadows and wait for Bennie to leave. From past experience he knew that once Bennie got his big O. he didn't hang around. And like clockwork, Bennie caught his breath, pulled free of Papa Lobos, smiled his adoration at the big man and said "The Legend is true."

Papa Lobos smiled and ruffled Bennie's hair before pulling him into a bear hug and kissing the top of his head. Little Red shivered as he finally heard Papa Lobos deep husky voice tell Bennie "Charmer. On your way." And as Bennie walked away Papa Lobos swatted his tight ass for good luck. The smile on Bennie's face stayed there the rest of the day.

Silence descended on the cruising clearing for a good minute. Papa Lobos pulled his pants back up and stood staring at Little Red's hiding place, while Little Red stood staring back into Papa Lobo's eyes.

"I promise not to bite... too hard," hung in the air and for a moment neither one could actually recall which one of them had spoke those words. But Little Red felt his big man meat stiffen up and strain away from his hefty balls over such a promise given him.

"Looks like that bite is the only thing on you that isn't hard, Papa Lobos. You are one Big Bad Wolf." Little Red stepped into the light and Papa Lobos caught his breath at the sight of this muscled young man.

"Thank you, Pup. There doesn't seem to be anything little on you either." His eyes roamed over Little Reds body and lingered on LR's thick package. He locked eyes with Little Red before he asked "What do your friends call you, other than 'Big Man' ?"

Little Red chuckled as he sauntered over to Papa Lobos. A foot away and LR realized that Papa Lobos was a good four inches taller and maybe forty pounds heavier. He smiled his desire and respect at the bigger man as he told him "The only thing little on me is my name. Friends call me Little Red and I'd be honored if you called me that too, Papa."

Papa Lobos was suddenly thinking of three different things at once and while Lust was still top dog in his mind, the other two things were using the garden hose on Lust. PL blinked at Little Red and chuckled. He pulled LR into a big bear hug and Little Red was surprised to feel Papa Lobos erection slowly deflate. He hugged him back in hopes of getting the big member a bit stiffer. But PL's next words put a monkey wrench into LR's plans.

"You have grown quite a lot since I saw you last. That was sixteen years ago, Grandson."

Little red pulled back in shock and said "Grandpa Hoodlum?"

PL's smirk let LR know he wasn't offended by the name. "I prefer Papa Lobos ever since that stupid thieving son of mine drove our name into the dirt. Lobos was my mother's maiden name. Her side of the family never abandoned wife or child."

Little Red got his head around the idea of such a hunk for a Grandfather. And the idea that they had been heading towards a bit of incest if they hadn't started talking before hand. And at the same time in both their minds came the thought 'Is that idea really so bad?' But they put those thoughts aside for the present.

Little Red secured a permanent place in Papa Lobos heart when he grinned and said "Damn, I'm gonna look good when I get older."

A low throaty groan came from PL as he bit his lip and shook his head. "Awww. Now I really want to break that promise and leave a mark on you that tells everyone how happy you just made me. You are one fine young man with what looks to be a mighty fine piece of manhood on you."

Little Red couldn't remember the last time he blushed but the heat from his face told him that his Grandpa's praise was like water in the desert. "I never did say that I'd hold you to that promise. But Mom has me on a mission to a new gym, just recently opened by my Father's Father. A hard core weight lifter from all reports and a mean mother if you get on his big bad side. And now I'm seeing a whole other side to that side of my family. Something I can be real proud of."

Papa Lobos reached out and ruffled LR's hair like he did Bennie's. And Little Red ate that stuff up. He pulled his Grandpa into another hug and PL returned the embrace for a short while.

"Well in that case I better help guide you through this Forest. No telling what kind of wild creatures you might find on your lonesome."

Little Red nodded quickly. "You have the right word, Grandpa Lobos. No Telling. I don't think Mom is ready for any information on what just happened with you and Bennie. Or what almost happened between you and me. Not that I would have complained, if something had." His cheeky grin got Grandpa Lobos smiling again.

"Well Pup, she won't hear anything from me. Come on, let me show you my new gym."

Little Red followed the Big Bad Assed Bodybuilder through the Forest to newest in the chain of Lobos Gyms. It was just starting to dawn on Little Red that his Grandpa was loaded. Physically and financially, Grandpa Lobos was really big!

The guy at the front desk smiled as they entered and pressed a button to allow them through the turnstile. Jerry Smiled at them but looked to Grandpa Lobos for an answer. Hey Boss. Back early. Should I make out membership papers for the new massive young stud?"

Grandpa Lobos crossed his arms and pulled his head back without a word. His face held the hint of a a smile as well as a touch of displeased Alpha male. Jerry sat up a litter taller, while his face looked like he was about to be punched and expected to take it. As Grandpa Lobos left hand slowly reached out for Jerry's shoulder he pulled Little Red into a one armed embrace with his right hand. Jerry was steeling himself for a little rough treatment even though he had been touched in anger by Grandpa Lobos. His emotions were plain to see as he sucked in a breath as his Boss made contact. And the Smile on GL's face widened while he slowly massaged Jerry's shoulder. Confusion ran across Jerry's face, until Grandpa Lobos relented and stopped the practical Joke. "Jerry, that is a very good idea. But put down no charge for my Grandson here. Just having Little Red work out at my gym will bring in extra clients. We may have to get him started on the road to becoming a trainer. After he wins a few Weight lifting or Bodybuilding competitions."

Jerry finally relaxed and a deep voiced laugh rolled out from the back of the Free Weight section of the gym. "Did ya get him good, Papa Lobos? I was hoping to see the whole thing up close." A very massively muscled young man in his early twenties walked up to the front desk with a shit eating grin on his face.

Little Red couldn't believe who it was. "Guy Stadtler. The youngest man ever to get his pro card. You won the Arnie just two months ago. Wow. Grandpa Lobos Everything about you has been impressive."

Papa Lobos smiled at his grandson and nodded at Guy. The young man blushed a bit as he told Little Red "Thanks for the kind words, but the Arnie was my last contest. I knew that I'd have to start juicing if I wanted some of the top spots with the rest of the pro circuit. My family has a bad medical history when it comes to Steroids. My two aunts had to take them for similar heart conditions and suffered for it. And two cousins tried to get bigger in college for football only to be sidelined with kidney problems. I just look a little bit too much like them to be tempted to try and chance that I'd be the exception in the family."

Jerry chimed in with "And Papa Lobos convinced a national champion and Newbie Pro Bodybuilder to become the star trainer at our gym here."

All through this banter Grandpa Lobos held his grandson close to him; hip to hip. Little Red had paid attention to the guys talking and particular attention to Guy's rockin' Meaty Muscled body. Little Red thought Guy could take first place at the O right now and give Jay a run for his money at the very least.

Grandpa Lobos pulled Little Red out of his survey of the massive man before them when he asked "So Guy. Do you think you could guide my grandson to the next level? Take on a slightly headstrong teenager with a body of a man ten years his senior?"

Guy looked a bit shocked for a second then he stuck out his hand. "Guy Stadtler. Just Guy to my friends."

"Little Red Riding Hoodlum. I'm thinking of changin' the last part to Riding Lobos, but my friends will still call me Little Red. It's a pleasure to meet you, Guy." They both settled into a relaxed smile.

Guy looked at his Boss and nodded. "He may be able to benefit from some of my little secrets. How old are you, Little Red?"

"I've been eighteen for all of a month now." His 'Aw Shucks' grin got Guy's heart beating faster. He wasn't alone.

"Woof. Boss you were telling the truth one hundred per cent. If I couldn't see your face and only had your body to go by, I'd have sworn you were in your late twenties."

Grandpa Lobos smirked as he cupped his big meaty hand on the back of Little Red's neck. The calluses got a part of Little Red quite a bit bigger. His reaction was not missed by Guy, and Jerry being a bit of a goof had to stand up to get a full view of LR's package. "Woof! He sure is your Grandson, Boss. And then some!" Clueless to what that implied about his working relationship to Grandpa Lobos, Jerry sat back down with a happy horny grin on his face.

Guy glanced at GL and LR and then ripped his head towards Jerry. They all three put their thinly covered and growing man meat against the edge of the desk that Jerry sat at and raised up on their toes to get their bulges to ride up and rest on the top of the desk. They all looked at Jerry's crotch as Jerry looked from one thickening dong to another then another and back along the line. He quickly lost track of what they were doing with his excitement over the sheer volume of expansion their Love muscle was going through. The kicker was when his eyes started to dart back and forth from one to another and he started to bit his lower lip. But Jerry wasn't really that clueless after all.

Little Red was just able to keep the laughter from his voice. "Having a little trouble choosing which one to watch, Jerry? We wouldn't want ya ta bite your lip off, now." The chuckles didn't deter Jerry in his blatant ogling of the man meat before him.

"Hell no! No trouble at all. I pick all three and I swear its like watching three magicians trying to out do each other. Each one of ya's been able to get the damn bowling ball in yer sock." All four of them were laughing at that thought.

"I swear I have the best job around. My big buff Boss and his massive grandson all scoot their junk up onto my desk, joined by my Uber hunk coworker. And I get to look to my hearts content as they proceed to blow my mind with the size of their hard Man Meat; While getting paid doing my job. Oh, Man! Heaven."

Grandpa Lobos could tell by the stretched cloth over Jerry's partially hidden crotch that his happy employee was very erect. So they would not miss what was surely coming next (Really. How else was I going to say that?), Grandpa Lobos used the tone and volume of a Drill Instructor, so he would be obeyed.

"STAND UP This Instant, JERRY!" There wasn't any hesitation. Jerry shot straight up, and the chair went flying back away from them. His whole body started to vibrate with the fear and excitement. His erection had been mighty fine as he stood up but as he came to attention his dick got even straighter and a bit longer. As It pulled free of the velcro fly on his sweatpants, Jerry's dong grew to a rigid nine and a half inches. It had a quiver to it that matched the general vibration Jerry's body was humming at.

GL's voice was still hard as diamond plate but the volume cut in half. "Jerry, I'll give you a count of three and I expect that erection to be as hard as a rock. And when I test that erection for rocky hardness, you WILL NOT shoot until I tell you to. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir, Sir!" His voice was loud and remarkably free of fear. Just deep deep respect for his Boss.

Without a pause after Jerry's reply GL said "One, Two, Three." And with a normal volume to Grandpa Lobos voice and command, Jerry's erection became as hard as a rock. All three of the observers could see it happen. Jerry's cock grew at least one inch right before their eyes. The girth swelled by a good half an inch in diameter while the head got as shiny as an apple with about the same size and color. His dick stopped vibrating, as it was now hard as a rock.

Guy and Little Red were now beyond impressed with Jerry and his talented wang. They both softly said "Whoa!" like a prayer to the god of erections. Grandpa Lobos had seen this quite a few times, as he was well versed in how to keep good employees happy. He reached over and with his right index finger, touched the tip of Jerry's johnson and lifted it with a bit of force. He was obviously strong enough, but then again he was bending stone as he pushed it towards Jerry's chest. He was unable to get it to move higher than forty five degrees from the horizontal. He chuckled at the power in Jerry's cock. That still impressed GL. He was doubtful that heavy hydraulics would be able to raise it higher, when Jerry made it as hard as a rock. Then He looked into Jerry's eyes and saw that he was ready. Any normal erection would obey the pressure of blood trying to make the cock hard and straight, and along with the assistance of gravity plummet back towards the desk, striking it with an expected yet painful force. But Jerry was obeying his boss, and his dick was as hard as a rock. So upon it's release it flew downward towards a spanking of the desk and the resultant slapping of the dick by the desk. But that was not meant to be. Jerry was extremely obedient when GL as the Alpha Dog. So Jerry's cock shot down towards the desk and at the very second it became horizontal, it stopped. Guy and Little Red's mouth shot open. Their expression changed from shock to awe to pride they were in the presence of such a man as Jerry. Then they both got the idea that it was Jerry' due for them to give him head as a way to honor such an incredible cocks-man.

Softly they heard the words "Shoot Jerry. Show them all you've got." And the flood gates opened wide. Jerry never got another part of his body anywhere close to his spitting python. His whole body seemed to contract for the first few ropey spurts of his jism. With the three men in front of Jerry still resting their bulging man meat on the top of Jerry's desk; they were the ones to receive Jerry's spooge as it shot straight out from his pecker. After about the tenth umph Jerry was smiling too much to remain at attention. With the twelfth spurt Jerry had reached out as his torso contracted forward and held onto Grandpa Lobos hand. His smile was meant for his Papa Lobos alone.

The two men new to this display of masculine prowess almost missed what GL said as Jerry finally stopped coming. Jerry caught his breath while his smile went a little softer. He looked up into Grandpa Lobos eyes and before he could form the question, GL told him "Don't even ask. You should know by now you did Damn good. I am so proud of you, Big Man."

As Jerry and GL leaned into a long kiss, Grandpa Lobos praise caused Jerry to donate one more jet of pearl jam.

Little Red told them "Bennie had the right words. He said the legends were true. But he just meant the ones surrounding Grandpa Lobos. But I believe that my grandfather is a legend, living and playing amongst other legends. And each one of them is true." LR got a smile from each of them

Guy convinced the three to let him man the door while they get themselves cleaned up. He had fared better than LR or GL, who both got soaked by Jerry's pecker juice. They didn't play in the shower like they might have, owing to Jerry's depleted condition. Jerry got dried off and into another set of sweats so he could let Guy get cleaned up. GL and LR were about to get out of the showers when Guy walked in and held his arms out. "Let me show you my respect for the masterful way you guided Jerry. While I know he deserves the lions share of praise for that awesome performance, (and I will be seeing that he gets it in only a few days), I am still of a mind that my boss should be shown a bit of that awesome pleasure he gave to Jerry." Then he kneeled in front of GL and proceeded to give him one of the five best Blow Jobs he had ever gotten.

To be continued