The Man in the Big Muscle Suit

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Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction Story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

Gray Mitchell was not a happy camper. "Are we there? Can I open my eyes now?" His large hand was still covering his eyes but a smile played on his face.

Dr. Calvin Sloan turned engine to his huge van off and frowned at his friend.

"Take your hand off of your face. I am a good driver. I haven't had an accident in over ten years."

Gray dropped his hand to his enormous belly. "And you remember exactly what about that accident?"

A look of frustration flickers across Cal's face. "OK. Getting near the intersection where I had to turn left across traffic."

Gray is smiling a little kinder at Cal. "And the first thing you remember after the accident?"

Cal grudgingly admits "The X-Ray technician telling me to hold my head a certain way. I had to go to twelve hours of Traffic School because of that accident."

Gray relented "I'm just yanking your chain, big guy. Now lets get this over with so I can get out of this Toxic accident waiting to happen."

As Gray opened his door and then opened the van side door, Cal twisted and bent and squeezed his way into the back of the Van. An amazing enough feat considering his size. Cal Looked to be well over seven feet tall and built like an American Gladiator or Professional Wrestler. And he was wearing clothes that showed off ever muscle to perfection.

Cal fired up the van's built-in generator. Luckily it was soundproofed as well as any engineer could. Gray poked his stomach into the door and rested it in a cradle made for it.

"You can bet I'm going to find a chair somewhere and sit till we leave."

Cal chuckled as he hooked the generator cable into the navel of the Belly Shaped Battery.

"You have to pee sometime. I know you my nervous straight friend. You get two beers in you and you'll have to take a leek. Even if it is in a Gay Bar restroom."

Gray watched the meter hidden in his shirt pocket. "Ha! you wish. I modified the suit. I put a sleeve attached to a short tube that feeds into a two liter pouch. My dingus is in that sleeve and in an emergency will slip off of my pecker very nicely."

Gray was carrying about fifty pounds of Battery and Counter weight on a framework made to look like the wearer was an enormous fat man. It was needed to recharge the suit Cal was wearing.

"Chicken. That was my original idea and you shot it down."

His voice changed to a sulky whining teenage. "I'm not gonna walk around all night with my cock in a sleeve. I don't need to be in a Gay bar with something holding my dick."

Cal laughed and in his normal voice said "You're afraid some Fatty Chaser is gonna get you cornered in the Handicapped Stall and have his way with your forty pound battery."

Gray admitted it with a nod "Or ten pound counter-weight. By the way, thanks for making it butt shaped. I feel a little less vulnerable."

Cal reached over and pulled the meter out of Gray's pocket. "That's good enough" He pulled the cable out of the Battery. "Well you're welcome. Though what a six foot four inch, two hundred and thirty pound linebacker slash engineer has to worry from us little Gay guys, is beyond me."

Gray buttoned up his shirt and lifted the Belly Battery out of the cradle. Cal Slid the cradle over and sat down on the floor of the van with his huge legs sticking out.

Gray grimaced. "The guys playing on your team can get really big. It's not just us straight guys who get really pumped up." His bad Arny imitation got a chuckle out of Cal as he poked the cable into the navel of the Camouflaged Autonomous Body Armor Suit {CABAS}, that Cal was wearing.

To the uninformed eye, Cal looked like a very strong, very tall muscle head. But the secret was just below a layer of specially formulated polymers and foams. Cal's five foot four inch frame was tucked into the center of a cutting edge body armor prototype. His arms were immobilized while the the nerve signals going to and from them were being transmitted from four neural implants to the Armor. Eliminating the need to parallel the movements of a soldiers real arms allowed the Armor to be much more powerful.

Along with that was a system that would eventually allow a soldier to direct different functions and add-ons by facial expression. Right now, all it did was relay commands to the false head on top of the Armor, so his expressions were mirrored by the suit. His responsive fake head had cameras in each eye and sensors trained on his real eyes to decide where Cal wanted to look. It slowed him down a fraction of a second, but wasn't annoying.

Cal grabbed his ample cock "Yeah. Pump this buddy." He said it with a laugh but his friend still could get Cal annoyed with his bad gay jokes.

Gray looked like he shuddered but the Battery kept it from showing up on his body.

"No thank you, Big Guy. I still don't understand the logic of making a Power assist armor suit and then allowing your genitals to be exposed with no protection. This is not a selling point for the people we want to back our invention."

Cal pulled the cable out of his navel, turned off the generator, and buttoned up his own shirt.

"And I'll thank you to not mention that fact to anyone tonight. Who would ever think that this much cock was on a little guys body in the first place. And in the second place, two of the possible backers coming here tonight are interested in its potential covert applications. And in the third place.."

Gray pushed him away from the door and slid it shut while he interrupted his friend.

"And in the third place, you wanna get laid."

Cal looked like he was trying to find something better to say to Gray's accusation. But Damn. The truth fit all too well.

"And I wanna get laid. So sue me."

His smile got a big one back on Gray's face as they walked

They were just getting up to the Bar's entrance when Gray asked "What was the third place thing you were gonna to say before I interrupted with the truth?"

Cal was reaching into his pocket for his wallet with the fake drivers license, and pulled a few packets out with it.

"I have protection. And one of these even glows in the dark."

The doorman chuckled as he checked both their ID's. The guy looked up and down at Cal like he was a hungry man and Cal was a Buffet line at an "All-You-Can-Eat" restaurant. A sexy smile grew spread across the guys face.

"Well Cal, if you don't find what you like in there tonight, I get off work here at twelve thirty. I'd love for you to let me call you Daddy."

Gray couldn't believe his ears. Cal couldn't believe his luck. Good suit!!!

Cal laid his huge fake hand on the doorman's shoulder and kneaded it for a second.

"Son, have you ever done security work for corporations?"

The man smiled real big. "Yes, I have, Daddy. Ten years with a Pinkerton owned company and five with a Temp agency. This gig is just so I can stay close to the guys that make my heart beat fast."

Cal reminded himself that tonight was really a business event. But he still had to ask, "You have a business card, Son?"

The doorman pulled out his own wallet and handed Cal his card before either could take another breath.

"Well Bernie Childers, I may just take you up on your offer."

Cal put the card in his wallet as he put his ID away and caught Bernie checking out his package.

Bernie muttered "Wow, you're big everywhere."

Gray started pushing Cal through the door as he snorted a laugh at Bernie's comment. Cal's package was the only thing big on his friend. But as a friend, he went along with Cal's request for silence concerning Cal's large member.

Gray was hoping to get the night over with as soon as possible. He also knew that there were forces involved tonight that almost guaranteed that it would be late before he could crawl into bed with his wife. Four of the six groups invited to the little show tonight were companies that had hired Cal for a short period and after getting their little problem solved for a big contract, swiftly fired him. Cal found out that his sexual orientation was the reason he was fired.

What really burned Cal was the fact that on the last job some of the employees were openly shocked he was hired in the first place. They were kind enough to tell him, that the company they were working for was secretly Homophobic, and that the previous companies Cal worked for had spread the word to like minded companies, indicating Cal's sexual orientation.

This was particularly vile, owing to Cal's singular expertise in feedback systems, automation in small systems and a few other similar fields. Before that revelation Cal thought he was the "Go To" guy for the industries problems. After the truth was revealed, it looked more like the mean spirited Gay basher portion of the industry had decided to use him just long enough to get his unemployment benefits stopped, get their solution to their woes and then kick him to the street with a song and a dance about tightening their belts.

He had been ridiculed by two companies when he put forth his ideas about getting a workable soldier assist body armor. The companies were actively bidding for DARPA contracts, but the Head Engineers refused to listen to any idea from an engineer that was under forty years old. Oh Yeah! And was gay.

Gray pushed Cal half way to the bar when Cal decided to start the show. He dug his heels in and Gary was stopped. Just like Cal had been turned into a brick wall. Gray stepped back and waited. They had gone over a number of scenarios for the suits powers to be shown to anyone watching. That along with the location for the demonstration was a way for Cal to get a bit of his pride back. It had only been six months since his last job where he was informed his ideas were not needed, just his work on the problem part of the project.

Cal turned around and shook his head. Gray shook his head like he thought what was about to happen was silly. More like amazing. Gray looked like he weighed four hundred pounds. Gray lifted his arms straight out. Cal reached over and picked him up like he was a little kid and that he weighed just as much as a child. He pulled Gray to his chest as he told anyone listening"You know how much I hate to be pushed around, Big Guy." He turned around with Gray in his arms and walked over to the bar.

Gray grimaced and then said "OK then. I'll pay for a couple of rounds, since you just paid for transportation."

A number of patrons laughed along with that, so Cal knew they were going to get the demonstration to the potential backers with the proper audience responses. Gotta have the right way to market the thing to the Backer with the right offer. He had picked this particular bar, owing to it's acceptance of Straight Bikers, Closeted Businessmen, and the occasional Law Enforcement Agent keeping his personal preferences from public view. And the fact that there was no obvious way to tell it was a gay bar. The internet was kept unaware by the swift work of certain Gay hackers who liked to have a place to get rowdy with some cool, but rough characters. And the cops never complained about that form of hacking since it gave their gay brethren a place to go that the haters never thought to patronize.

Cal knew that the sexual orientation of the bar was going to piss off some of the backers to a certain degree. He also knew that his suit was going to push so many buttons with the people the backers brought along for advice, that they will be forced to overlook his little nose rub to the higher ups. Not one company had all of the features packed into Gray and Cal's Armor. Cal was ready for some fun tonight. Even if they didn't get one backer that night; Cal was going to be happy by the end of it.

Gray played along and when Cal pretended to set him on top of the bar, he started to struggle."Remember last time, Cal? I'm not paying a penny for any more bar tops."

With Gray still in his arms, Cal turned and asked the bartender with the open mouth, "How strong is your bar top? Strong enough to take a four hundred pound man?" He ended with a smile, like that would get the bartender to agree.

The guy closed his mouth but must have still found it hard to speak. He just shook his head no.

Cal almost busted up. It was "Deer in the Headlights" all over the bartender.

Cal smirked. "You're sure?"

The guys nod twice got a chuckle out of Cal before he said "OK then. You're lucky this time Gray."

Gray got set down and almost immediately saw an empty table where the waiter was bussing the empty glasses and taking his tip. Gray was just able to walk over to it before three people got to it.

Cal was soaking in the feel of the bar and the bartender cleared his throat. The smile was a relief for Cal. A silent bartender was not what they needed tonight.

"What will you two fine large men be wanting to drink tonight?"

"Two Corona's with lime."

"Got that right here."

The tops were popped in a few seconds and the limes found their way into the bottle openings, as if by magic.

"I'll start a tab for you if you'd like?"

"That would be great.."

"Names Jeff and you are..?"

"Calvin Sloan. My friends call me Cal." The wink got Jeff smiling.

"Thanks Cal. Big guys like you can probably really drink. You're not going to give me a problem if I feel I have to cut you off, so you two get home alive, Are you? I take my job seriously. I want my patrons to have a good time and be able to talk about it the next day."

Cal grinned and thought 'Better yet. Now I just hope they have a place for a little show.'

"You won't have any problem from us. Even if you tell us to take a cab home. Jeff, I was wondering if you had a quiet little room where I could show a few of my old friends from out of town, a few of my feats of strength. Everything is on the up and up, mind you. It's just so I can get a little privacy when we start to talk over old times."

Jeff smirked. "As long as the boss, bartenders, and waiters have free access at all times, I don't think there should be any problem with you using the Audition Room."

Cal frowned and then smiled. "The Audition Room?"

Jeff pulled out a few more beers for a waiter while talking to Cal "The Boss had a banquet room cut into two rooms. His office and the Audition room. He uses it when we need to audition new dancers. We have a DJ that shows up at nine and the cages get filled up with our guys. That's when it starts to get a bit loud and wild. Hey Fred-Fred."

A very large waiter lumbered over and said "Yeah, Jeff?" while he looked Cal over. Cal slowly took off his jacket and a few guys near by gasped. Cal was really proud of his work. Gray formed the Battery and the belly shape. But Cal worked on the body shaped covering that concealed the armor. Cal was normally more modest about his work, but he thought the covering over the Body Armor looked mighty fine indeed. So Cal was going to show it off a little.

As big as Fred-Fred was he still had to look up when Cal flexed his right arm and stretched the fabric of his shirt. That's when Fred-Fred's mouth fell open, along with half of the guys in the bar. To get all the things needed in and through arms of the armor, the Biceps section had to be huge. So when Cal flexed his right arm, the bar got to see a thirty two inch biceps.

He refrained from flexing it more than once. The whole thing wasn't built to get larger like a real muscle. So he had to keep from doing anything that would normally pump up muscles or get them flushed with blood.

But he still was able to get a whole lot of guys, throwing wood, left and right.

Jef croaked out "Fred-Fred, go tell the Boss, that this gentleman, Calvin Sloan, is going to be using the Audition Room."

Fred-Fred's mouth closed into a smile. He nodded, but before he took his Boss the message he had to ask "Is it OK with Mr Sloan if I audition tonight?" That goofy, playful, hopeful smile got right to Cal.

Cal looked over to Jeff who said "That's up to Cal here. He's got other ideas for what's going to be going on in there."

Cal looked back at Fred-Fred who was still smiling a bit. "You come on in around eleven thirty and we'll see what kind of audition you have in mind. I might even be in a mood to audition for you."

Fred-Fred stood up taller and said "Thank you Mr. Sloan."

He walked away to deliver the message and Cal called after him "My friends call my Cal."

Fred-Fred turned  to flash another smile at Cal and called back "Thanks, Cal."

"Aww. You're gonna spoil him. Boss likes em big. But he likes twinks dancing in the cages better. Poor pup would have half the men here eating out of his hand if he got the Boss to let him do some cage dancing."

Cal picked up the beers. "Maybe we can do something about that. Thanks Jeff."

"Welcome, Cal."

Cal had just taken a seat when the first of the Invited Backers showed up. Ferrington Automation, represented by it's CEO Larry Ferrington and his lovely wife and CFO Diane Soto Ferrington, walked through the door and recognized Cal and Gray. Cal and his friend had worked for Ferrington Automation over five years ago. But the wounds still ran deep. Larry was a Brit come to America, ready to show his superior English Engineering to the Natives. Cal suspected Larry was the one who spread the rumors that caused all the trouble Cal started to have three years ago.

Then Cal saw a third person with them. Cal burst out with "Son-of-a-Bitch! Wouldn't you know it. Look who Larry brought for technical advice."

Gray winced. "Pardon my phraseology. I wouldn't normally feel right using such words, but for Trent Manning they just fit.  Low-rent, back stabbing, Pillow-biting, Fudge-packer! They start all of the shit that fell on your head with his help, and they have the gall to get your ex-boyfriend slash coworker slash sexual abuser.."

Cal and Gray looked at each other and both said "Slash Shit head" Then they looked back to the one they were describing as Gray continued with "As their tech adviser? Please tell me you're just going to string them along and then rub their nose in shit, by giving their rivals the contract?"

Cal's fake head wasn't venting steam, but he felt like his real one should be.

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