Oh Great. Now What?

"Oh great. Now what?"

The heavy thud of enormous feet hitting the floor warned Ken that his lover was awake. And soon to be a little upset. But you can't make an omelet (or muscle stud giant) without breaking a few eggs. "I just hope he doesn't want to break my eggs..."

Ken was at his computer typing away as usual. The new addition to his arsenal of electronic gadgets was plugged in to his computer with an innocent looking USB cable. Another cable snaked from the small blue box with six red LED's on top. That cable was over twelve feet long and connected to a three foot square plastic pad that was placed near the door leading into Ken's home office. Ken's lover, Randy, had stepped on the thing last night without even knowing it, or having any clue that he had just been scanned.

"Scanned." Ken was still so amazed that the thing even worked, let alone who sent it to him.

Suddenly the sound of a head hitting the top of a door jamb could be heard from the bedroom Ken and Randy shared upstairs. "Holly Shit !!" was bellowed into the upstairs hallway, then the pounding of size thirty feet as they stomped to the bathroom. "Holy Shit !!" echoed in the bathroom.

Ken's deep rumbly voice chuckled. "He-he-he. Let's see... Ten nine eight seven.." The sound of Randy's brand new giant feet stomping to the stairway could be heard. "Six five..", came out of Ken like a laugh because he knew what would happen on the stairway.

Big feet have a hard time on much smaller stairway treads. Randy's slipped half way down and he slid the rest of the way on his butt. Ken's snaugh started the count again. "Four three two..." Three very loud thuds and a bang as Randy forgot about the height of the doorjamb.

"Damn it! Ken !!" Ken's office door flew open and fell off of the top hinge. There was already a hole in the wall where Ken had sent the door last night when he tried out the machine on himself. Now there were two. And a very upset boyfriend pulling his huge frame into the office. Randy's anger disappeared when he saw how huge Ken was.

Ken burped out the word, "One" and smiled at his lover.

Randy saw a seven and a half foot tall giant with 45 inch wide shoulders and an erection that was nudging his right nipple. Not that difficult with a nipple that was attached to a pec muscle that caused it to point to the ground, and a dick that would choke a horse. Not that it was really as long as a horses dong. But that was the impression you got when you saw it. Ken was typing away with two pencils clutched in his catcher mitt sized paws. He was just as large as the smile on his face as he looked up at Randy. Randy was just about the same size and he just then realized it. It was hard to miss because his own cock had suddenly decided to start poking him in the chest too.

Randy was still rubbing his forehead as he said "OK. But you could have made me a little smaller, ya know..."

Ken tipped his head to the side and laughed. "OK." He hit a few keystrokes and three of the lights on the blue box lit up then grew very bright. Randy was still standing on the plastic plate connected to the box and he suddenly started to shrink down to four feet in height. He only lost a small portion of his weight and very little of his width. His dick did not shrink at all.

"Oh great. Now what?" He looked a little scared when Ken stood up, but Ken's smile made him change his mind. That was the "I'm gonna make you cum like a rocket" smile. Randy never ever regretted seeing that smile on Ken's face.

Ken walked over and crouched down so his head was at Randy's level. Ken's smile got bigger. "We'll think of something." Ken pulled Randy into a very long kiss.......

To be continued