Only Skin Deep

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This is a new story for your enjoyment with male to male sex and love relationships. Includes anal, enlargement,magic and much more.

Disclaimer: since this story include Male to male sex, If you are under the age of 18 you shouldn't be here. You have been warned.

Vince was just trying to be a man. But circumstances were making him feel like a little kid that lost his dog. Be a man, His uncle Brian could say that and Vince would hear a confirmation of his masculinity. Any other person made it sound like a condemnation. Yeah. Be a man.

Vince stood there in the autopsy room of the count coroners building waiting for the coroner to wheel in that same uncle Brian. He kept it together; he owed it to uncle Brian. Uncle Brian had taught him how to be a man. His father sure hadn't! How could he when he was always 'working late' with one of the new secretaries. Every two weeks there was a new secretary. That had gone on for fifteen years, and his mom put up with it until Vince had gotten into college. Then she stopped acting like Hillary Clinton, and kicked his ass out. I guess she had waited for all the children to leave the nest before she lowered the boom. Now he hardly hears from his father and that works for them both. Second year in college, Vince took some of uncle Brians good advice and did what a man would do. He told his family he was gay. Mom and Sara no problem. Bob tried to act like it was no big deal. He joked with, "Vince, just do me one favor. Please don't date any of the guys at my company, Ok.?" Yeah right.... But dad.. Wow. He couldn't take it. He was sure I was on drugs, or being brainwashed by some fraternity or religious cult. Anything but that I was born this way, just like ten percent of the worlds male population. Statistics like those should be proof that homosexuality is a part of the natural state of things. Like the oldest son was the one responsible for taking care of the funeral arrangements and last requests.

It's not fair! I'm the youngest of three siblings . Bob (Robert when he's at the office) is the oldest, then Sara and Vincent makes three. I'm the baby. Well at twenty-eight years of age, Vince thought that very very few people would have an urge to call him babe. He tried to remain reasonable about the situation. He was closest to uncle Brian, so it was only right that he was the one to do this last favor for his uncle. Add to that, the fact that when their Lawyer (Mr Carson)_ had called them to notify the family of Uncle Brians passing; he insisted that Uncle Brians will stated that I was the only one he could trust to be a man and do this right. So here I am still waiting.

I had memorized the letter Mr carson had given to me, outlining what was required of me. I had already given the coroner, Mr Abraham Hasp, his letter from Mr Carson, and he had grumbled but agreed to help me though he thought it was very unusual. Luckily, Abe was a friend from college and he lightened up after he got his head around the idea.

Well finally! Abe and a deputy coroner wheeled the truly massive final remains of uncle Brian into the autopsy room

Abe turns to his assistant and tells him, "It's been a long day, go clock out and I'll see you in the morning."

Abe's assistant (Gary) asks, "He's awfully heavy Abe, are you sure you don't need a third person?"

Abe just smiles and tells him, "We should be fine, the hoist got repaired yesterday, remember?."

Gary says, "Oh yeah. Well you two have a good evening."

Abe and Vince say, "good night, "together and Gary smiles as he leaves.

Vince is being very strong but his heart is gaining more and more control over his face and Abe notices. Neither one has said anything for a good minute and a half so Abe decides to put both feet into the real problem all at once. He moves closer to Vince and faces him not quite blocking his view of the sheet covered body. He looks at Vince and states positively, "Your uncle was a real man. I bet if you looked in the dictionary under masculine or manly, you'd find his picture there. " Abe lets this sink in for a second, and Vince just nods his agreement.

Abe says the magic words, "I also know that real men cry when someone they love has died . " Not yet, huh? Abe thinks. Ok. " Vince, you loved your uncle a lot didn't you?"

Vince looses his control as he nods yes and grabs Abe in a hug as he starts to sob for a good five minutes. Vince had shied away from his feelings and had bottled up all his grief for the past eighteen hours. now that the dam has burst it seems Vince needs to get it all out at once. As he slows to an almost stop he suddenly gets the hiccups for a good half minute and then he is calm again. The hiccups had signaled the end of the embrace . Vince thanked Abe and asked what was in his letter.

Abe told him" The letter outlined your uncles request that his body be completly photographed. From top to bottom, every where there was a Tattoo, and those rare areas without tattoos also. The letter said your letter read much the same, and you're to send the roll of film, or photo CD to Curator of a Tattoo Museum where they will recreate your uncles full suit tattoo onto a mannequin with a head that will closely resemble uncle Brian. My letter asked me to help during the photo session and .. I better just read this. Abraham, Thank you so much for being a loyal friend to my nephew. I can tell you now, that I worried a lot less, once I knew he had a real friend he could turn to in an emergency. I know I can trust you to read this part so he actually hears it, not just reads it. A persons bullshit detectors work better when you put the information through the ears. But aside from that, what little I have to tell him, is best told without my sister or Vincent's siblings listening in. Vincent, you have been a good boy, a good young man and for quite a few years a very good man. If I had been the kind of man that loved women and I had tried to make a family; I would have been proud if my son had become half the man you are. I hope I don't embarrass you or Abraham with what I used to call you when you were much younger; But some voice must say this to you now in a time of sorrow. You will always be my Big Man. Even Olaf, as large as he was never heard me call him that. And when Olaf died you proved to be that same big man I had first seen in you when you were five. Olafs passing had truly rocked me to my foundation. And you were there. A level head, a steady shoulder, a loving heart . My Big Man. I surely would have died of starvation or thirst within the first three months If you hadn't forced that spring cleaning to be early. I would have been found in Olafs easy chair just smelling his scent, and staring into the void. I know I apologized at the time but I do so again. Forgive a grieving mans outrage when you steam cleaned Olafs chair. When it was too late and free of Olafs scent, I was finally able to sit in it and remember the good times. And though the first few times I would remember MY Love and be struck with the same intensity of sorrow as the first moment of loss; Your wise actions allowed me to start having just as many times when memory of my Olaf brought joy to my heart. And so these past years have me regretting only this; that you have not found your Olaf. I may be biased, but I truly believe that My Big Man deserves A Big Man in his life. When I saw the Man you are and still are becoming; I did not see a lonely, unloved man. At some time along the path you take, I see the Light Of Love shine upon you and then shine from you with such intensity it takes my breath away. But don't let it take your breath away. When some man comes into your world, even if it is not your true love; speak your emotions when your head says you can trust this man . Remember, You are My Big Man. You have the strength to feel these emotions fully, joy and sorrow, feast and famine; And doing so makes you stronger, more able to give all your heart to that someone who will give you their heart, a man who you would die for, who would die for you. Once you find your true love, then doubt evaporates. The impossible becomes second nature and magic changes from a trick to a treat. Take comfort in this; the moment of my death brought my soul once again back into the presence of the infinite, and next to the soul of my true love. Know that we are together again and any tears our souls may shed are ones of joy. The Wheel is Turning and we turn with it. I know not when, but I do know, we will be in the world again. I love you Vince. You will always be My Big Man... Love; Brian Matthew Grace

P.S. Vincent this is very important!! Use the digital camera your mother got you christmas two years ago. When you have a high resolution image of every piece of my skin, load the images into your computer or (better yet) into Abraham's computer which has modeling software that can come close to making a 3-D image of my body. I can't tell you what will happen when you generate a 3D image of me because if I did you would not try to do it . You would not believe it possible . What I am asking you to do will give you those bits and pieces of evidence you will need to be able to believe and thus be able to make many things possible. So many times the way we perceive things determines how we make things work. I urge you to see in many different ways. Love BMG."

Abe reaches for a bottled water and chugs it all down. Vince pulls out his little digital camera from his jacket pocket, and pulls out the cable to connect it to a computer. Abe tosses the bottle towards the recycle bin and smiles when he sees the cable in Vince's hand. He tells Vince, "Do you know how many times I'd wished I had remembered to bring the connect cable for my camera. I could have given the host of what ever event I was at the photos right then and there.

Vince is still dreading pawing uncle Brians corpse, but the letter had helped take a chunk out of the pain his death had brought to Vince. He smiles a bit at Abe and guesses, "A little over a dozen?"

Abe hands Vince an apron like a wood shop worker would wear. then a pair of, and a high quality dust mask. Abe agrees, "Yeah about fourteen times."

Vince takes a big breath and then a little one and pulls the sheet off his uncles earthly remains. Abe is used to so many reactions at this point, from the loved ones of the dearly departed. But his friends is a very rare one, and Abe is very glad it is Vince's reaction. Vince still has a confused frown on his face as he looks at his uncles mortal coil. Abe decides to help relieve his friends confusion and asks, "You can tell, can't you? It's like a beautiful bottle of some fine liquor, but it's empty. Or when you get to the magic number of dates and you and your special someone are going to have wild (but safe) sex and they take off all their clothes and then go into the bathroom. While you're waiting you look at those clothes that added to your soon to be lovers sexy look. But now they look alien, unrelated to this new dance that's about to begin, were you really dancing next to these knots and threads. And then your lover is ready and the train of thought that doubted the value of those coverings when the covered is not in them is switched on to the main track, They are here with you for sex, and if you're smart, you have sex with this divine creature and pay most attention to the part of their body that sits in back of their eyes."

Vince had seen this kind of passion for a topic before in Abe, but not for quite awhile. Vince pulls the mask off his face enough to show a grin and say, "Yes I can tell." They both return their attention to Uncle Brian. He had been six foot seven, three hundred and fifty lean pounds, upper arms had to be about 28 or 29 inches, his chest couldn't be less that sixty inches with a 34 inch waist, and 36 inch thighs, 24 inch calves and 20 inch forearms. Vince thought 'Enough wool gathering. Time to record Brian.' So he started at the head and took five shots, he moved to the neck and took another five shots, then down to the top of the chest for another five, and mid chest, lower chest, upper abs, then middle abs and lower abs, and pelvis. Each area got five shots and then he needed help spreading his uncle's legs apart to get all the images there. Vince was distracted for a moment by the truly enormous size of uncle Brians penis. It was at least ten inches now. How big was it when erect? Vince came back to the job at hand but finally noticed something funny about his uncles tattoos. He went back up to the chest and just looked at the tattoos through the little LCD screen On the camera, then he compared them to what he could see. And just then he remembered what his uncle had told him, to see in many different ways. So Vince turned to Abe and Asks" Abe could you do me a favor?

Abe comes around the table and says, "Need help to get him turned."

Vince says with no expression, "It's not that easy... I need you to pay close attention to the colors of these spiraling Tattoos on his chest through the camera then when you are familiar with them examine the tattoos with your bare eyes. Ok?"

Abe looks skeptical but goes along with it. He starts to pan the camera across the chest and then he looks at the chest and his face clouds up. Abe says, "wait a minute! you have a filter on the camera!"

Vince says, "No. You can't put a filter on a digital camera like mine. See?" Vince points the camera at abe so he can see the lens.

Abe just says, "Oh, "in a distant voice and still frowning. They both are at a loss for words.

Abe thinks of it first. He asks, "Hey Vince, your Uncle is going to be cremated right?"

Vince says, "Yeah."

Abe says, "And no viewing before the cremation right?"

Vince says, "Right. So?"

Abe continues with, "So lets finish recording as much as we can before we have to turn him over and then go from the top to the bottom and mark with a permanent marker all the places in black our eyes see black and take another photo."

Vince points out, "There are red ones too."

Abe tells him, "Don't worry, I've got a red marker too."

Vince agrees with, "Ok. Sounds Ok to me."

They finish with the legs and feet and start over at the top when Abe notices something real interesting in uncle Brians scalp.

Abe stops him and points to the edge of the hair line on the right side of uncle Brians head just above his ear. He tells Vince, "There are tattoos under his hair, and they seem to go all the way to the top of his head. Well?"

Vince says, "In for a penny in for a pound. If were going to paint him up a little less hair isn't going to do any more harm. Uncle Brian has moved on. this is just vacant real estate."

Just then there's a ping of a bell ringing at the front desk, and Abe says, "Gary should have locked the front door. That's the third time he's done that this month. " as he goes up front. It doesn't take long for him to get back with a thick legal size manilla envelope. He tells Vince, "It's for you. From your Uncle. " He hands it to Vince and Vince can see goose pimples rising on his forearms.

Vince takes it and sees the sender is in fact his uncle. The package is as heavy as a good sized book and as he opens the envelope it turns out to be a very old book. With a lock on it. But the lock doesn't seem to have a hole for a key.

Abe sees the lock and says, "How are you supposed to open a lock if there's no place to put the key? Use magic?" Abe laughed but Vinces look stopped him. Abe asks, "Magic?"

Just then Vince pulls out a pendant on a chain. The bottom of the pendant is flat with notches on either side. Vince pulls it off his head and puts the book down. He looks at Abe and says, "Stay with me now. " He pushes the pendant flat side first into where the clasp fits into the top of the lock and a piece of metal pushes out of the way. Vince continues with, "My uncle loved puzzles. The lock is just a sophisticated puzzle. " The pendant is in as far as it will go, and Vince waits and looks at Abe.

Abe looks at Vince and says, "So?" Just then there's a click sound and the lock comes loose as the pendant pulls free.

Vince does nothing for a moment and Abe asks, "Aren't you going to open It?"

Vince says, "You have to approach old books with respect." He pauses and puts his left hand over his heart and his right on top of the book. He continues, stating, "Oh Great Tome, reveal to us your wisdom We beseech thee. In the name of the Light. " Vince is about to open the book when a voice seems to emanate from around it.

The Book says, "In the Name of The Light I reveal myself" and the book opened by itself. The first page had about two dozen names written on it.

Vince is as shocked as Abe and tells him, "My uncles books never talked when he did that. At least not the ones he let me see." Vince puts the chain around his neck again and put the pendant under his shirt.

The Book speaks again telling them, "Only those whose name appears upon the Page of Guardians may share the wisdom of this Tome and view the Secrets of the Light!"

Vince tells Abe, "Get a pen quick!" Abe fumbles under his apron and pulls out a fancy pen and hands it to Vince. Vince says, "Thanks, "He reaches down and under the line holding his uncles and Olafs names he writes his own full name very slowly and then hands the pen to Abe.

Abe nearly drops it when The Book calls out, "Vincent Brian Anderson, I bid you Welcome, In the Name of the Light!"

Vince tells Abe, "Go ahead. " Abe looks doubtful but tries to write his name next to Vinces and his hand jerks down to the line below Vinces signature.

Abe croaks out, "Ok now I'm weirded out . Vince, I tried to write my name next to yours and something pulled my hand down one line."

The Book tells them, "You are not his mate."

Vince says, "Oh! Abe, just write your name on the next line down." Abraham writes his full name and puts the pen away.

The Book calls out, "Abraham Thomas Hasp, I bid you Welcome, In the Name of the Light!" With that the book closes itself and the lock clicks back in place.

Vince frowns and says, "Can't say I saw that coming." He turns back to Abe and then it dawns on him. His face lights up as he says, "Of course. We need to know the books name before we can continue."

Abe bending to look at the spine of the book says, "And how are we going to do that? The book doesn't have anything written on its cover or spine.

Vince has a clue. He tells Abe, "Get those permanent markers. I'm going to cut Uncles hair where there's tattoos and take photos, then we'll mark the spots that are black and red, we'll take more photos and load it into your computer. Somehow we should be able to erase all the extra tattoos in your 3D software and get an image of Uncle Brians hidden tattoos."

Abe says, "Ok. But do you think his tattoos will spell out a name? They don't look connected enough for that."

Vince says, "No. Just keep an open mind, and lets wait until we get that far, Ok?"

Abe says, "Ok. Open is better than lost."

They get to work and are able to get the marks on the body's front and sides and after turning him over, it was a short time and they had all of uncle Brians hidden tattoos in the camera. With the cameras cable plugged into the camera and Abe's computer they began the process of telling the 3D software from which direction above the body each picture was taken. After about 45 minutes the the information was inputed and the two models were generated. Then they had to wait another ten minutes for the first model to cancel out the second models extra colors and leave the hidden Tattoos on a third model. The computer pinged and the software produced the image. The software caused the model to rotate slowly and when it circled around twice it stopped. The lights in the room flickered then went dim.

A voice quite like Vince's Uncle spoke from the monitor screen and first sighed then said, "That was quick! Vincent, Abraham. This is not the voice of your uncle. Think of it like a voice mail . I knew your curiosity would lead you to notice the hidden tattoos and find some way to see them without the other ones. With this hope in mind I left a spell open for you to set off with this model you have made. If it is not here already you will soon receive a book by messenger. At the appropriate time you must know his name. The Book is called Vox Magi but his secret name is LEO and must appear as his middle name."

Vince says, "Vox LEO Magi, "The Book opens and light seems to shine from it's pages.

The model continues, "the marks on my body indicate tattoos that caused my rather short body to grow to this size. Certain other tattoos helped me to be able to understand many of the pages in the book that first appeared blank. Now that you know The Books name, you can ask what each tattoo does and make your body into the image you want for yourself. As I said in the letter to Abraham, you will always be my Big Man. Now you can be as big as you want. Just don't be so big, that the one you can truly love is frightened away. I love you Vincent. In the Name of the Light, Be well." the lights brightened back to normal and the model started to turn again on the monitor. The book was still glowing. Vince and Abe just looked at the monitor and then at The Book.

Vince walks over and stands next to The Book and asks, "Do you prefer Vox Magi or LEO when we're addressing you?"

The Book replies, "If I am open to a heavily illuminated page then I prefer Vox Magi. But if the Page is simply illustrated or just the written spell or incantation; then I prefer LEO. Thank you for asking Vincent.

Vince says, "I get the impression that the book to reader relationship is Less servant and more collaborator.

The Book says, "Collaborator is an appropriate name. But for now how can I help you?"

Vince says, "Show me the pages that tell me how to change my body."

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Well I hope you liked this. It's just the begining. Next we meet the tattoo artist and discover how fast these body changes occur. Please send me any comments. And thank you for reading this.