Only Skin Deep 8

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Here's another part to the story. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story involving Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen then you should not be here . You have been warned.

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Vince wakes up to the sound of the toilet flushing and Carl washing his face and hands. The dreams that just skittered away were heavily charged with SEX. It was like the hour of lovemaking before they went to sleep, had had a strange effect. Asleep, REM, Dreaming, Awake; It was like they both had a never ending woody. And if Vince didn't wake up to a massive erection, the five times he remembered he woke up, then he remembered a sex filled dream where his dick just wouldn't go limp. All two or three feet of dick. And in these dreams Carl seemed to have the same size equipment and same problem with the never ending woody. But as he became more awake, Vince realized he had a very stiff very thick three foot dick, that needed attention now. he tries to pull the tip to his mouth and it won't bend. Then the end of a very similar cock came into view attached to Carl.

Carl tells Vince, "I was barely able to piss through this thing. It's not going to bend and it wants more than my attention."

Vince smiles and says, "Well they must be lonely." and promptly devours Carls erection and swallows it half way down before attempting any kind of technique. Carl follows suit and within twenty minutes they both seem on the edge of a very extreme orgasm. Just before they start coming they both pause and shiver but can't stop. The orgasm lasts at least another six minutes. Their stomachs are full to bursting. They have bellies that bulge out a good foot and a half. When they finally pull out from each other, Carl says, "No need for breakfast" and then erupts with a very loud belch, followed by Vince belching. They lay there recovering from the sheer volume and a tapping on the door gets Carls head up enough to say, "Come in."

Kern opens the door and comes in with Greg. both are naked and both have very long, almost limp dicks. They both look like they've swallowed watermelons.

Carl is shocked and nudges Vince so he'll see what's up. Vince is having a little trouble with his larger gut, but as soon as he can see Kern and Greg he says, "WOW!"

Kern smiles and says, "Yeah. Um. We'd like to thank you for one of the most intense orgasm we've ever had. But."

Greg helps finish, "But we're goners if we go through that many more times."

Just then Kerns dick started to grow longer and thicker. It now was over three feet and didn't look like it would fit anyone in the room. All he could do is gulp as a frightened look ran across his face. Greg and then Carl and finally Vince started growing much too big cocks, that became very very stiff.

Add to this, the telephone started to ring at the same time Vinces cell phone went off. Carl and Vince answered them at the same time and each got, "Hello? What the hell is going on?" Vince was talking to Selah and Abe was talking to Carl.

Carl tells Abe, "We're confused too."

While Vince says, "We don't know yet. But I'm guessing you're in separate rooms right now."

Selah says, "Very perceptive. I can't keep off Abe's cock. We've come twice already and now it's decided to become so large, there is no way It's going to fit into anything human. At least not without some kind of stretchy magic. Help."

Carl had pulled his phone over so Abe could hear Selah and Vince.. Abe calls out to Carl, "Ask Vince and LEO what you were warned about the fourth and sixth day of tattooing! something about combusting or melting. I think this starts to get close to one of those adjectives."

Carl is struggling to ignore the throbbing pole of meat hanging off his groin. He tells them, "I'm going downstairs and get my equipment and I'll bring it up here. Kern and Greg can write up a sign explaining we're closed today and tape it to the door. and then come back up here. You'll be less likely to be seen with a growing erection, and hopefully part way through the four hours of tattooing this will get harmonized back to something normal."

Vince says, "That sounds good to me. We'll get back to you guys if something else comes up or this doesn't go down." He doesn't touch his dick for fear of setting the rest of them off again.

Selah and Abe say good luck at the same time and hang up. Kern and Greg go down stairs and make a gone fishing sign and come back upstairs with some cans and bottles of juice.

Carl comes back up last and just before he gets to the top of the stair Vince, Kern and Greg hear a meaty thud like someone stubbing their toe and Carl exclaim, "OH shit! Oh that was close!"

Carl backs into the room carrying his tattooing equipment, the ink, the patterns he needs to do that day and a floor lamp.

Vince asks, "Did you stub your toe?"

Carl smiled and said, "No I stubbed my dick. As stiff as it is, I still needed to keep my hips pointing it above the stair steps. I thought I'd reached the last step and dropped my hips just a little and nearly knocked myself down the stairs. I decided walking backwards was safer."

For some reason It didn't seem all that funny, and Carl set up the gun, transformer control equip, needles, and the cups to hold the ink. Many of these items came out of vacuum sealed pouches they were placed in after autoclaving. The needles were always brand new.

Vince knew where Carl had to start and Kern helped out by doing a little minor shaving and cleaning with anti bacterial cleanser for the skin.

Carl had the order of tattoos ready to go and tells Vince, "I'm ready to go when you are."

Vince smiles at him and says, "Lets start and save us all."

Carl started on a thin lined celtic knot oval with chinese accents just under Vinces left arm pit on his left side of his chest., down to where the ribs got short. The reaction for the first line of knots was not good. Half way around everyone groaned as their dicks got thicker but shorter. Everyone was afraid to try and satisfy their cocks, due to the thought that it might distract or disrupt what Carl was doing. The completion of the celtic Knot caused their massive members to thin back down to a normal girth for thirty inch dicks. It was progress of a sort, and Kern poured out some pineapple juice for them all.

Carl put the next piece on the tight middle of the back most difficult to reach with your own hands. He was getting the impression that these were to assist and regulate breathing and air through the body. The piece started as if it was two tattoos separated by the spine. They appeared to be stylized pairs of hands going through the motions a Martial arts master would make when practicing his particular form of Martial arts. The inch long hands seemed to roll and flow and thrust and block, hold and push. But the actions seemed to mutate into gestures of welcome or a lovers caress . The exact mirror image of these little hands spiraled on Vinces right side. While the Celtic lines across Vinces upper back seemed at first unrelated., as Carl finished the mirror spiral he saw how the celtic lines seemed to be acting like a roof over a room with two teachers. The binding forms were in red ink. They seemed to be a cross between chinese characters and cuneiform scratches . They started on the very ridge edge of the vertebra. at the bottom of where the hands spirals reached. They moved up to the top and hooked into the celtic roof line. Then on the left side the stick block symbols moved above the hands near the spine to the left and down following the trail of the last part of the spiral and latching into the celtic knot on Vinces left side chest. In the very center of the side chest knot there was a perfect space for a one inch long hand. Carl tattooed in a red hand into that space. When the last dot was placed a tension that had been building suddenly released.

Kern had been busy while Carl tattooed. They had all missed breakfast, a real breakfast. So Kern used the big kitchen downstairs and fried up some bacon, scrambled some eggs, made some eggs over easy, fried some hash brown potatoes, sliced up some oranges, toasted some bagels ; and with Gregs help got it all upstairs and ready for Carl and Vince and themselves, by the time Carl was ready for a break.

Carl rubbed his eyes and Kern and Greg were bringing up the last of the breakfast. He saw all the food Kern had prepared for them all and a pride and love a man has for his good little brother, who has become a good man, filled Carl's heart. He beamed his feelings at Kern and Greg, with his smile. And like a child he turns to Vince and whispers behind his hand, " Vincent! We have the best brothers in the world!"

Vince nods and says, "We're lucky."

The grins on their faces got Greg and Kern feeling self conscious. Vince and Carl notice that their dicks are no longer as stiff as steel. And since they had two foot dicks from the previous tattoo work, just limp was a relief. For Kern and Greg (and hopefully Abe) a two foot long limp dick was still quite a distraction, but on it's way to something a bit more reasonable.

Kern smiles but says, "What?" to Carl. . By now Carl and Vince have moved to the table and suddenly Carl lunges and grabs Kern in a bear hug while Vince does the same for Greg. Greg and Kern struggle just a little at first and then relax into the embrace, and Carl answers Kerns question softly. He says, "Vince and I just think we're lucky to have brothers like you two." Kern wiggles for a second and then returns the hug as hard as he can and when Carl releases him, he smiles up at Carl and then giggles and head bucks Carls sternum with the top of his head.

He looks at Carl and then Vince and says, "Come on, let's eat!"

They all sat down at Carl's big coffee table and started in on the feast Kern made for brunch. Half way through the meal Vince noticed that their bellies were back to normal, but he couldn't recall when that happened.

They all finished about the same time and Vince says, "Thank you Kern. That was excellent."

Kern says, "You're welcome." Greg starts to clean up, and Kern finally notices his dick is longer but not at full mast. He says, "Vince do you think this will stay down now that you're almost done for the day?"

Vince frowns and says, "I don't know for sure, we never did give LEO a chance to tell us why that happened."

Carl asks, "Didn't LEO warn you about the fourth day of tattooing being an important day?" Carl gets a real puzzled look on his face.

Vince smiles at his look and says, "I see you've regained your ability to count too. I didn't clue in until ten minutes ago."

Kern says, "I'm lost. What's going on?"

Carl tells him, "This is the third day I've tattooed Vince, not the fourth. So much happened yesterday we lost track."

Vince says, "And when something weird happened, we thought it was the danger day."

Kern says, "Oopps."

Carl says, "Luckily Vince gave me the flash in the right order. And now we must finish for today."

Vince got back on the bed and said, "I'm ready when you are."

Carl tipped out a little more black ink and told Vince, "And we begin again." He started the right side chest piece and when that was done he changed to red ink and made the connection from above the back hands to the side chest and filled in a red hand on the right side chest piece. The only thing left to tattoo for that day was on the skin above the last vertebra before the pelvic bone. In red, two hands, one horizontal palm up and the other in back of it vertical palm forward.

The second the needle pushed ink into Vinces skin for the two little hands, every sensation of energy, good or bad, swept through the new tattoos. Vince grabbed the box spring mattress and literally ripped one spring per hand out of it. He had to force himself to take deep breaths.

Carl sensed Vinces reaction before he pulled parts off the mattress and said, "Oh not again!" Over the ripping sound Carl says, "Vince, Unless you say differently, I'm going to go as fast as I can." Carl got the sadistic little tattoo done in just under five minutes. But this time the sensations Vince was going through didn't stop when the tattoo was done. For Vince the sensations ramped back to just under the level you would normally be able to feel them. But with five minutes of full strength exposure, when the magic ramped back the sensations, Vince could still barely feel them. They were like those buzzing beetles, constantly in the background. But tolerable. He dropped the springs and said, "Oh Shit, I'm sorry Carl."

Carl wanted to get to the important part and said, "Screw the mattress, Are you alright?"

Vince gets off the bed and avoids pressing on the new tattoos as he moves over and sits in Carls lap. Vince nods yes as he hugs Carl around the head and kisses his fore head, Carl gently holds him on the spots not tattooed.

Carl looks into Vinces eyes and says, "I feel like shit when the tattooing puts you through so much pain.

Vince shakes his head no and says, "Carl you are my hero. When it starts to hurt you get through it as fast as you can. You are my hero. " He puts his head back on Carls head for a while and they just sit and hold each other.

Greg clears his throat and says, "Boss, I'll clean up your rig and put it away, if you two feel like taking a nap. Kern just started making dinner for us, but it won't be ready for at least two and a half hours.

Vince nods yes and Carl says, "Thanks Greg. That sounds like a great idea."

Greg gets Carl's rig together and as he leaves he tells them" Sweet Dreams."

Vince is spooning into Carl as they both fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes.

Greg makes sure Carl's tattoo equipment is ready for tomorrow. and then sees how Kern is doing. Kern has a pot roast in the pot with carrots and potatoes in a gravy that smells great. He's making a light salad to go with the pot roast and the biscuits that are in the oven.

Kern tells Greg, "We have about an hour and ten maybe twenty for the carrots, potatoes and roast to finish up. WE have a salad and biscuits, but I couldn't think of a good dessert to go with the dinner."

Greg asks, "Do we have extra biscuits?"

Kern says, "Oh yeah. Almost twice what's normal."

Greg says, "And how about some cherry jello, and instant pudding and some strawberry preserves?" He starts finding the ingredients as he's talking.

Greg says, "And now I need a very large bowl" He finds it with Kern helping by opening some of the cupboards." Ok! I can start on the trifle as soon as the biscuits come out of the oven."

Three minutes later, the biscuits are done. One half of one tray gets scrapped onto a shallow pan for some cherry syrup to soak into them. While thats going on Greg makes the Jello and sticks it in the back of the fridge to harden. then he makes the instant pudding and breaks up almost all of the other half of the pan of biscuits and pours them into the large bowl. Next comes the pudding and when set up, the jello is cut into fragments and mixed with what's in the bowl. Finally adding the Strawberry preserves and the cherry syrup soaked biscuits. When finished slightly folding the ingredients together, the whole kit and caboodle goes into the fridge till dinner time.

Upstairs Vince and Carl were dreaming about tattoos. The images of the hand shaped tattoos start to get larger, as if they are flying closer to Vinces skin. Then each little hand gets a symbol on it's back. But this isn't what's planned for any of the next few days. Then suddenly the hands grab them and pull them in under the tattoo roof and set them down, as if the image of a roof and walls and a floor are real in Vinces tattoo. They pull in Greg and Kern. Next is Abe and Selah and a shadowy female figure. Then Vinces mother Jessica and her daughter Sara and her niece Clare. Clare starts to ask Vince what's going on and she's interrupted by three new people being grabbed by the flying hands. It was the tailors and their lady, Ricco, Michael, and Sharon. The shadowy figure says, "well that makes thirteen, If I decide to stay" With that the shadow spreads and the vision expands and bursts like a soap bubble, and Carl and Vince wake up from their weird dream and ask the same question, "who's that girl?"

Carl sits up and sniffs. He says, "I smell Kerns pot roast."

Vince sits up with him and asks, "Is that what smells so good?"

A tap at their door gets Carl to say, "Come in, we're not decent."

Greg comes in with a lop-sided grin and says, "You always know what to say to get me movin. Dinner is ready." He smiles as Carl and Vince get out of bed and says, "It might be a good idea to put something on. It'll give Kern the idea you really like his cooking and that it's not just something that comes in-between sex. Just a suggestion."

Vince finds a pair of shorts and a shirt and after putting them on finds Greg at the bottom of the stairs. He says, "Greg. " and as Greg turns to him Vince gives him a hug. He tells Greg, "I bet Kern thinks he's lucky too." Greg gets a little bashful but returns the hug and says, "Thanks."

Vince tells him, "Your welcome. We're all brothers now. You have to tell your brother when he gives you good advice. So thanks about the clothes."

Greg gets another one of his lopsided grins and says, "You're welcome brother" He reaches up and ruffle Vinces hair as Carl comes down the stairs and Kern comes out of the kitchen.

Vince leans his head down as Greg musses up his hair and Kern says, "You must have done something good. Greg does that to me too. I never used to like it when others did it to me. It's different when Greg does it." Kern smiles at Greg, and Greg tips his head to get Kern to move closer. Kern moves into Gregs embrace and as one they both take in a deep breath and then let it out. Like the cares of the world just melted away.

Carl chuckles and says, "Why don't I have my camera when I need it. Here's a perfect picture of happy."

Vince looks at Carl and says as he hugs Carl, "I know another."

Their stomachs had something else to say and Greg broke it up with, "They're going to keep talking until we do something about it."

Kern said, "Yeah, dinner is ready. Let's eat."

They moved into the kitchen and dug into another excellent meal. After the last biscuit sopped up the gravy off of Vinces plate, Greg brought out the Trifle, a can of whipped cream and four bowls. Greg ladles out the trifle and administers the whipped cream . He makes Kerns bowl last and after putting the whipped cream on Kerns trifle, he puts a dollop of cream on Kern's out stretched tongue. Carl helps bus the other dishes to the sink and they all savor the simple but elegant dessert.

Vince moans after the first big bite of the dessert and says, "Kern this is the perfect end to a perfect meal."

Kern smiles and says, "Thank you, but praise for the meal has to be shared with Greg. He made the dessert, and all within about twenty minutes. " Greg is smiling now.

Vince looks impressed and says, "Wow. Cool!" Then e frowns and says, "Oooh" He looks at Carl and says, "You wanna help me with dishes?" Greg looks surprised and so does Carl.

Carl says, "Sure, But why do I get the idea that you hate doing dishes?"

Vince says, "Cause I do," and he starts to chuckle.

Greg says, "Hey It's my job to clean up .."

Vince cuts him off with shaking his head no and asking, "Did you make part of the meal?"

Greg says, "Well Yeah."

Vince says, "This is your home, but I was taught that the people who make the meal don't wash the dishes. That's for the people who enjoyed the meal. And if they really enjoyed the meal they should really wash the dishes. That means Me. And Carl if he wants to help. And you two get to take a break."

Kern says, "Thanks Vince."

Greg chimes in with, "Ah you're gonna spoil us, but thank you."

Vince and Carl say, "Thank you."

Kern says, "Come on Greg, I can think of something to keep your hands occupied with."

Greg lets himself get pulled out of the kitchen towards their apartment and Vince and Carl can just hear him say, "Well good. Work work work work work."

Vince has one sink full of dishes and soapy water and is washing the pans first. Carl asks, "Since we have enough drying racks, what do you want me to do?"

Vince tips his head to the side and shrugs and says, "I don't know. Just keep me company." He sounds happy even though he really hates doing the dishes.

Carl shakes his head no even though Vince can't see him and moves up in back of Vince and puts his hands on Vinces shoulders. He kisses the back of Vinces neck and then starts to massage Vinces shoulders and upper back just above the recent tattoos.

Vince relaxes his shoulders and lowers his head and gives out a little moan. He says, "That feels good."

Carls face gets serious as he can feel how tight Vinces muscles are and how hard he has to squeeze to get them to relax. He asks, "Vince are you still in pain?"

Vince has continued washing the dishes but he pauses to glance back at Carl with a little smile as he says, "No Carl." He turns back to the sink and tips his head to catch Carls right hand on his shoulder and says, "No. The Tattoos don't hurt, but they're buzzing with energy just below the level I can really .. Well I guess the word is hear them. Did you ever use a palm sander on anything for any amount of time?"

Carl has continued rubbing and squeezing Vinces shoulders and he says, "Yeah. My mom made a chest of drawers and a night stand from plywood when she couldn't find what she wanted in the furniture stores. The stuff in the stores were always too big for her. I helped her sand everything. I remember that buzzing numbing feeling the palm sander left my hand with."

Vince says, "Ok. Now cut that feeling in half, but it doesn't diminish or stop. Not painful, just distracting."

Carl stops and kisses Vinces neck . Vince rinses the last dish and pulls the plug on the sink and says, "And we're done. " He turns and kisses Carl which lasts a few minutes.

Carl breaks the kiss and says, "Not quite. We solved the problem we had this morning, but we never found out what caused it in the first place. Let's ask LEO, and maybe he can tell us how to make the buzzing go away."

Vince says, "Ok, "with a grin and they go into Carls office. Carl pulls LEO out of the drawer in his desk and places him on the desk top. Carl and Vince place their right hands over their hearts and their left hands on The Book.

In unison they say, "In the Name of the Light, we bid thee Open! Vox LEO Magi."

The Book opens as he says, "In the Name of the Light, I reveal myself. Vince, Carl, how may I help you?"

Vince asked first, "LEO did you feel anything strange this morning in regards to your male guardian's sexual energy?"

LEO answered, "The first stirrings of sexual energy were powerful, confident, loving. But after each group climaxed their confidence disappeared while the sexual energy got stronger. Your applying the tattoos when you did, reestablished the proper flow of energy from Vince to the male guardians."

Vince sees what LEO means and says, "So while I was asleep, I dreamed of dicks growing larger, and the energy just channeled through me to any guardian whose dick could grow larger?"

LEO told Vince," While the tattoo process and the energies the tattoos intends to tame., are the same from man to man; during the process different energies manifest at different times with each new Prime Mage. Now you have more people committed to being Guardians of the Light. At the completion of each Tattoo cycle, the Guardians are safe from your subconscious release of energies, But during the cycle, they are vulnerable. to accidental and very deliberate energies, sent to them from within and without."

Vince is upset and asks, "Is there any way to shield or protect my people from harm, during the tattooing?"

LEO sounded sad when he said, "No. A Guardian of the Light is committed to accept any and all energies sent to them from the Prime mage, Fellow Guardians, and The Light itself. Anything that could block them now would block them later when they might need those energies to save someone."

Carl told The Book, "LEO, Vince is feeling a low level buzz through his body, and I was wondering if there were something we could do to stop it."

The Book said, "That is the energy absorption I mentioned earlier. It shouldn't become painful, and in particular, it will go away after the first hour of tattooing tomorrow. I suggest starting as early as possible though, for the days tattoos must be completed by sunset."

Carl decides now is as good a time as any. He says, "I think we all have the idea that with these powers come responsibilities. Frankly we wouldn't need them unless we were going to use them to help people. But now I'm worried for Vince and the others. You know what kind of things Brian and Olaf did to help people. How many of those things are just lost, misunderstood people, and how much is true evil that could get anyone of us killed trying to exorcise it?"

The Book said, "Out of one hundred events Brian and Olaf saw to, only one was evil or evil acting spirits."

Vince asked, "How many events did they have throughout their lives?"

The Book said, "seven hundred and twenty three. Out of those only eight were the result of an evil force or spirit. The last one was the cause of Olafs death. He gave up his life so the lady they were saving could live."

Vince says, "I've been dreading asking this . How did Uncle Brian die?"

The Book said, "From a broken heart. You and your family did your best. You, more than anyone else, helped keep him in this world. But Olaf wasn't here. You can only take so many years without the one you love."

Carl comes from the other side of the desk and holds Vince in his arms. Just holds him for a good two minutes.

When they released a bit from their embrace they both look down on LEO with a dawning realization of the loss he must have endured through the years. They both touch LEO at the same time, but LEO is not having any of it.

The Book says, "No feeling sorry for me . I have had the honor of serving some of the finest most loving people you could ever meet. And at present I consider my current guardians amongst the best I've had. I was fortunate to be called to this form of service to the Light."

Vince and Carl frown. Vince asks, "Weren't you crafted up?"

The book said, "Oh no! I was once human. But I suffered from what you would now call Severe Depression . The first healers did all they could with their magic but it would only last a few days and I would be looking for sharp objects or try to find the nearest tall cliff. That was when they proposed a way to banish the depression my body and brain was putting on me and at the same time be of service to my community and the Guardians of the Light. In a simple but powerful ceremony my whole body was transmuted into an energy that was placed with my soul into this book. I have not looked back. I was surprised how much pain my body and brain put me through. And how little purpose had been in my earlier life. With the change, my life became one of helping those dedicated to healing those in need. Some would call that a little part of heaven. I certainly do."

Carl smiles and says, "Ok we won't worry about you too much."

Vince asked, "LEO could you give me an idea of what the next series of tattoos will entail?"

The Book said, "The next series will be quite similar to the ones you are getting right now, but it will involve an expansion and then a contraction of the energy pathways."

Vince says, "Why does that sound a little bit ominous?"

The Book says, "It shouldn't. It will entail your body temporarily growing to twice your size, for the newer tattoos to be placed inside the ones going on now. And Carl will have to get a completion tattoo on his left chest, shoulder and arm, at the same time."

Carl asks, "What type of tattoo?"

The Book says, "That is for you and Vince to decide. I sense that Vince has an idea that formed yesterday of an image that will be a link to the tattoo on your right side."

Carl smiles and says, "Yeah? What's the image?"

Vince says, "I'll have to draw it up for you, but it 's a Chinese dragon breathing firey characters like the celtic ones around the carp on your chest and the roll over your shoulder and spiral down to your wrist like they do on your right side." Carls expression is happy but surprised. Vince frowns and then smiles and says, "What?"

Carl moves over to his desk and pulls a drawer out with some old artists work pads. He pulls three out and starts to flip through the top one and stops around the middle of the first. There on the 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper is a dragon and his fiery breath is forming into characters chinese and celtic. the stream of fire letters arc above the dragon and moving to the right they then dip downward and spiral around an invisible arm. Carl looks up and is smiling like he's about to pop.

Carl tells Vince, "Read what I wrote eight years ago after I drew this."

Vince moves so he's in front of Carl, who wraps his arm around him and props his chin on Vinces shoulder. Vince reads out loud, "I leave this for my true love to tell me to put this on my left shoulder. The longing for each other will be through. Love will guide us to the Light."

Vince turns and Kisses Carl briefly and breaks to say, "Put that on your left shoulder. Have Kern and Greg both do it, meeting in the middle. " Carl gets a big grin and just nods yes real fast.

Vince says, "Cool!"

Carl says, "Cool!" And then, "I love you."

Vince says, "I love you."

They get lost and then found in another of their kisses.

They come back to this world and LEO says, "Good night, "just before he closes and the light around him dims. Carl Puts him back in the desk as they tell him, "Good night."

They turn out the light and go upstairs arm in arm.

And for now I bid you a good night.

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