Only Skin Deep 10

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Hey there. Sorry it took so long I'll try to get the chapters out a bit faster. I hope you like this one. Please send feedback if you do or if you don't. It all helps.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male sex or Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Imagine you are being held in your dreams by the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore. After a while it would become a very soothing sound.

Then imagine just as your mind expects to hear the crash, instead you hear a musical triangle being hit very hard just once. and the reverberation of that sound.

Seven sets of eyes pop open at the same time, which just happens to be the official time for sunrise.

Carl looks at the back of Vince's head and can tell he's awake. He says, "Morning sunshine." and kisses the back of Vinces head.

Vince smiles and kisses Carls hand and flips over for a better kind of kiss. When they break, Vince looks at Carl and says, "I need to tell you and the boys and mom something about today."

Carl frowns a bit but his smile returns in a flash. He says, "And that is?"

Vince says, "Leo told Abe and I about the fifth day and that we shouldn't say anything to anybody until the fifth day. Fifth day, Five senses, five types of tattoos for today. Everyone who is a Guardian of the Light and has their name in LEO, will experience the loss and return of their five senses as you place those tattoos on my body. You being the one to actually put the tattoos on me will only go through the experience in a flash after all five are complete."

Carl had tensed up through Vinces explanation of the tattooing side effects, but as soon as he realized he wasn't going to be causing Vince pain, he relaxed. He asks Vince, "Is that all?"

Vince says, "Well the first one is touch, so I'm going to tell people to stay in bed till they are aware they can feel again."

Carl looks a bit confused. Vince reminds him, "Without touch, you can cause yourself an injury and not know it. You could bleed to death or break a bone, and only know about it from slipping on the pool of blood of having difficulty walking down the hall."

Carl thinks for a moment and says, "then you should get on the phone, while I take a quick shower, then I'll get my rig set up in the kitchen so we won't have any interruptions. I'll tell Greg and Kern about staying in bed and what's going on for today."

There was a knock at the bedroom door and Kern said through it, "It's a little late for stay in bed, but go back can still work."

Carl said, "Come in."

Greg was in back of Kern as they walked in to the bedroom. Vince asked, "What was the first part of what you heard us talking about?"

Greg said, "Um, without touch you can hurt yourself." Greg scratched himself through his boxers and then pulled Kern against his body. Kern held on to his arms and smiled.

Vince said, "LEO said I should wait till today to tell anyone about the tattoos for today. Each type of tattoo represents one of the five senses. As each is placed on my body, all the Guardians of the Light will lose and then regain that sense. The first is touch, then smell, then taste, then sight, and last is hearing. So the safest thing for all concerned except Carl, is to be lying down and staying there until Carl finishes the touch tattoos and you regain that sense."

Kern asks, "What about Carl?"

Carl has gotten up already and started his shower, but he hears this and says from the bathroom door, "It doesn't happen to me until I'm finished tattooing. Then I get it in one big flash."

Greg says, "So we can help out by getting Carls rig ready and in the kitchen, right?"

Vince says, "That would be great. But then get yourselves breakfast and get a bottle of water for yourselves and then get back to bed. You'll know when it starts and when it's finished."

Kern says, "We'll be able to hear again by then, right?"

Vince says, "Exactly."

Greg says, "We'll get breakfast ready for you guys too."

Vince says, "Thanks Greg, Thanks Kern." They had already started back down stairs.

Vince picks up his cell phone and calls his mother. She answers with, "Good morning Vince."

Vince says, "Morning Mom. Can you call in sick today?"

Jess says, "Does it have something to do with the ocean dream and that ping sound?"

Vince frowns and says, "Interesting. But no I don't think so. The tattoos today will cause all the Guardians of the Light to lose and regain their five senses. So for this morning, I suggest getting breakfast real quick. and by nine thirty be back in bed until you get back your sense of touch. The order will be touch smell taste sight and hearing. It might be safest to just stay in bed."

Jess says, "What about Carl?"

Vince says, "It doesn't affect him until he finishes the tattoos for today, then he gets it all in a flash."

Jess says, "Then I'll get breakfast made quick and get back to bed. I love you Vince. give me a call around dinner time. Wait a minute. I'll make dinner if you four boys will come over."

Vince smiled and said, "Only if you let us wash the dishes."

Jess says, "Then it's a deal. I'll see you boys at six thirty."

Vince says, "We'll see you at six thirty. Love you mom. Bye."

Jess hung up with, "Love you."

Greg came into the room with an electric razor. Just then Carl came in with one too.

Vince sees them both and says, "Am I gonna be bald at the end of this?"

Greg looks at Carl and says, "Well we cant do rock-paper-scissor cause we have razors in our hands." They were both battery powered and at just that moment Carl turned his on. It sounded for a second like the light sabers on star wars.

Greg turned his on and says, "I know your my father and mom wants the back child support payments." as he and Carl do an air duel with electric razors.

Vince laughed and said, "Luke's mom had a better lawyer, Darth."

They turned the razors off and Greg said very straight faced, "The Farce was with him."

They all chuckled at that. Greg said, "I'll take the left side, you take the right?" Carl smiled and nodded his head yes.

Greg and Carl walked over to the bed and Carl said, "In bed or on a chair?"

Vince realized he was being lazy, and hopped out of bed as he said, "On a chair, we don't want hairs in the bed. We'd be scratching all night."

Carl had a bed sheet that he wrapped around Vince and the chair he was sitting in, but before they could get started, Vince's equipment decided to call for attention.

Greg notices and says, "Does he always try to distract you when you have a delicate operation to perform?"

Carl says, "Only in the best ways."

Vince says, "I'm sorry, but two hot looking guys, coming at me with electric razors, kind of excites me. And one of them naked. Oh boy!" Vince nudges Carl's slowly growing cock with his shoulder and the process speeds up.

Carl clears his throat and points his dick in back of Vince. Vince lets out a disappointed moan. Carl says while chuckling, "Watch it there or you are going to end up bald."

Vince sits up straight and says in a serious tone, "Yes sir."

Greg notices that the tenting under the sheet is getting worse. Greg says, "Now he's trying to salute."

Vince doesn't move his head but looks up at Greg's chest and says, "Lets get this done. I think Carl and i need to take care of something before he starts tattooing." Vince pulls his erection down and Carl and Greg look at each other and turn on the razors.

They shave a three inch by two inch vertical area just above the ear on both sides of Vince's head. Then Greg turns his off and says, "I'll help bring up breakfast."

Carl says, "Greg, don't bother. We'll be down in a second, eat breakfast, then we'll come up here and I'll help Vince with his shower."

Greg was about to say something as Kern walks in with a large tray of food. Kern says, "Too late. Besides, you know how I hate when guys just eat and run."

Greg says, "Hey babe, that was quick."

Kern spreads it out on the side table and says, "Only for my brothers." In a softer voice as he tips his head closer to Greg, he says, "And the man I love." Greg holds the back of Kerns head as he gives him a fast but thorough kiss.

Kern says as they part, "And you guys wonder why I work so hard for you. You couldn't Pay for all this love I'm gettin' in a million years!"

Greg gets a tender look on his face and he envelopes Kern in a big bear hug, as he says, "Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine." Kern hugs him back and by then Carl has the three inch circle on the top of Vince's head cut and shaved.

Carl pulls the sheet off Vince and they both walk over to the side table and pick up a plate.

Vince says, "Thank you Kern. Looks great!"

Carl says right after, "Yeah Kern, Thank you. Another excellent job."

Kern stands a bit straighter and Greg says, "That's what I like to see. My man looking proud of his good work."

Kern gets a Dennis the menace look on his face and then he starts to tickle Greg as he whines, "Dad, he's spoiling me, make him stop, Dad!"

Kern stops tickling as Carl says, "Now boys, you don't want me to start spanking you two again, do you?"

Vince jumps in with, "Doesn't spanking kind of encourage this sort of behavior?"

Just then Kern and Greg slapped each others butt with a loud whack.

Carl chuckles and says, "Now boys. Eat breakfast first. Then you two can take care of that."

Kern and Greg had very wide excited eyes after the synchronized spank. They both said, "Later." at the same time and chuckled before they got their breakfast.

They were almost finished eating, when Vince's cell phone started ringing. Vince pulled it out of the holder and answered it. Vince said, "Good morning Abe."

Vince then said, "Nope we're eating breakfast. It's all just you two being in love." Pause,"I told Mom nine thirty." Pause, "No. It's touch, smell, taste, then sight and then hearing." Pause, "Yeah, Um ya know we need to take care of that just before we start so you have time. I would set my alarm if I were you." Pause, "Just make sure you two are done before we start tattooing. Ya know I can give you a call before we start." Pause, "No problem, but now you get to do a little favor for me." Pause, "Cool. Call my mom and tell her I'll be calling her before we start too." Pause, "That actually is the favor. Then you get to tell her why we changed times." Pause, "Yes, I won't go into details but I'll admit Carl and I needed to do the same thing." Pause, "How was the dinner with your parents?" Pause, "Good. I thought so. Put some water by the bed. I'll call you. Plan for about ten o'clock." Pause, "You're welcome. Bye". Vince hit the end call button and put the cell phone back in the holder.

Carl popped the last bit of sausage in his mouth and said, "I'm glad we have a little more time for our, UH, shower." Carl smiled real big and then looked at Vinces plate. There were a few mouthfuls left on it. Vince looked down and lifted the plate to his mouth and shoveled the rest into his mouth and swallowed as fast as he could.

As Vince cleaned his plate, Carl noticed Greg and Kern were finished. Carl said, "You know, If we all take the dishes down to the Kitchen and get em soaking, we could all grab my tattoo rig and bring it up here. Then Greg and Kern could get a shower, "Kern burst out with the word, "SPANK" at Carls word shower. Carl continued without a break, "While Vince and I got a shower" Greg burst out with the word, "SPANK" at Carls word shower. Carl finished without a break, "Too."

In the time it took to blink your eyes twice, there was silence; then Greg, Kern and Vince grabbed the dishes and headed down to the kitchen. Carl picked up the Juice bottle and the glasses and said, "Ahh, silent agreement. I love it."

The sink in the kitchen got filled in record time and all the dishes were soaking as the four horny men headed to Carl's tattoo station and grabbed what Carl needed for that day. Vince was gaining a better knowledge of what was needed but to make things easier he just held out his hands to Carl and let his lover pile the supplies and sterilized equipment into them.

Carl said, "That's good." when he thought Vince had enough to take upstairs.

They got the equipment and supplies upstairs and Kern said, "I'll draw up a sign saying ' Gone fishing till 2:00 P.M.' We shouldn't have a problem. the earliest appointment for today is at four P.M."

Vince and Carl were so close, their erections were starting to push each other away. Carl says, "Thanks Kern. You and Greg take your shower. Were gonna take ours in just a minute." They step closer, but still don't touch except for their huge cocks pushing at each other.

Kern is fascinated by this but lets himself be lead downstairs by Greg. Greg says, "Have fun Boys." They are half way down the stairs when they hear the synchronized sound of two very big hands spanking two very meaty butts. Kern could barely hear the sound of stifled gasps, and then Greg spanked Kern.

Greg said, "Later is now." He hadn't gotten the 'now' out before Kern spanked him. They got those excited expressions on again and then almost ripped their own clothes off before walking very fast to their shower. Upstairs the shower was already running.

Vince was massaging Carls shoulders while they were kissing. Carl had both their dicks in his meaty hands, just stroking and flicking the tips of their cocks. Vince pulled Carl closer so he could rub his Lats and the middle of Carls back. They broke the kiss and Carl gets a sexy, sly look on his face as he bends down with the water falling on the back of his head and starts to tongue and nibble at the heads of both their dicks. He tries something on his dick then does it to Vince's cock. Vince is pushing hard into Carl's back muscles while this is going on. Vince reaches down to Carls lower back and massages there while he plants some kisses on Carl's upper back. Carl has started making a purring sound which adds to the sucking/licking/nibbling and general LOVING his mouth is doing to Vince's member.

It's been about twenty minutes and their foreplay stops for a moment. They look into each others eyes and without a sound coming out of their mouths, they hear ~ I Love You ~ in their heads . The thought is colored with the hint of the others voice. Yet they know they did not speak.

Vince thought ~ Telepathy? ~

Carl thought back ~ About time! ~ his grin said more than their thoughts.

They start kissing again and images of how one felt about the other started to flash in their minds. Muscle Bound Angles, Bodybuilders getting tattoos of famous bodybuilders and the tattoos start moving and flexing. A massively muscled right arm wrapped onto thick shoulders and that guy puts his meaty arm on the next guys shoulders and so on and so on, into a thick muscled ring of arms and shoulders. The tender caress of a hand against a thick neck and collar bone. The teasing nibble of an earlobe. The smell of each other after MAKING LOVE. The taste of both their seed mixed together wrestled between their tongues.

During the barrage of images, they had started to stroke each others cock. and then hump the others hands. Before they knew what was happening the feedback of their pleasuring of each other, got caught in a loop. It ramped up exponentially until they were cuming streams of spunk that made slapping sounds with the drops of water from the shower. The energy of their Love suddenly caused the drops of water to become finer and and foggier. Then it caused the mist to glow pearlescent colors in waves radiating outwards from their ecstatic embrace. Their Technicolor orgasm continued for a good two minutes.

When they finally slowed to a halt, and they held each other in the after glow that literally floated about them; they gently kissed each other and looked into each others eyes.

They kissed and Vince said with a very satisfied smile on his face, "We better get going."

Carl had the same smile as he said, "Yeah ."

Their voices said one thing, But their hearts said LOVE.

Down in the Office Leo glowed and his pages parted enough for him to mumble, "WOOF."

Vince and Carl rinsed their spunk off with a little rub and lick thrown in. They turned off the shower and dried each other off.

Vince went to his cell phone and was about to call Abe, when the cell phone started to make the sound of a whinnying horse. Vince answers the phone and says, "Hello Abe."

Abe says, "That was incredible man."

Vince frowns and smiles at the same time and says, "You two felt that?"

Abe says, "OH yeah. Selah and I agree, we should have a double wedding with you and Carl. After what just happened, we might have to have a double honeymoon."

Vince laughs and says, "I'll run that last part by Carl. I know he likes the idea of a double wedding."

Carl has his tattoo equipment ready and he calls out to be heard over the cell phone, "Thank you Abe!"

Abe hears and says, "Tell him you're welcome."

Vince tells Carl that and says, "Well, we're about to start. So get something to drink. Use the bathroom. Cause after I call my mom, we're going to start."

Abe says, "We'll be ready. Bye."

Vince says, "Bye."

Vince calls his mom and after hellos Jess asks, "Is that going to happen a lot, because if it is, I have got to get myself a boyfriend. I can not have such an excellent orgasm all alone in my bed. That's the kind you feel obligated to share."

Vince gets a little shy but says, "Well thanks Mom. I think todays tattoos are gonna change it so we all will be a little closer but also be able to put up a privacy shell around our minds. Now after saying that, I think the boyfriend idea is still a good one." Vince is smiling at the end of that.

Jess says, "Thank you dear. I'll put that idea in motion next week. For now, I'm in bed and I have some water to drink. It shouldn't be more than a few hours, right?"

Vince says, "Right. You'll know it's over when your hearing returns."

Jess says, "Good. Then I'm ready. Don't forget dinner tonight at six thirty."

Vince says, "I'll let the guys know right now. See you tonight, Love you."

Jess says, "Love you." They both hang up.

Vince connects the cell phone to it's charger and tells Carl, "I forgot. My mom has invited us over for dinner tonight at six-thirty. She'd like all four of us over, but I didn't check the SKIN Gallery's schedule book."

Carl says, "Just go tell the guys about dinner, and Kern will know if there's any appointments for tonight."

Vince give him a peck on the check and says, "I'll be right back."

Carl smiles as Vince leaves, then he looks over the five groupings of seven tattoos to be done today. Nothing too complex, or too extensive. He's ready to begin by the time Vince comes back upstairs.

Vince says, "No problem, dinner wise. Greg only has the one appointment at four-fifteen."

Carl says, "Cool. dinner at your mom's. Shall we begin?" Vince nods and moves onto the portable table, belly down. Carl says, "Starting."

Just below a round cornered rope style rectangle at the base of Vince's spine, Carl starts placing a equilateral triangle with its tip pointing down. Inside he places the Hindu symbol for Base or Root Chakra. Tiny odd shaped symbols fill in the area inside the triangle and outside the Sanskrit letter. From the moment Carl started to tattoo the triangle, Vince and the others could not feel any form of touch.

Carl finished the little symbols and started a half circle above the round cornered rectangle. Carl placed the Sanskrit letter for the next Chakra, The Sacral Chakra.

As Carl finished the Sanskrit letter, he began placing similar small symbols in the area between the half circle and the letter.

Vince groaned right after the very last little symbol was placed.

Carl asks, "Has your sense of touch returned completly?"

Vince says, "Yes, and no pain when it returned. Just a warm tingling."

Carl looks relieved and says, "OK. On to smell."

Carl tattoos a half circle below the left and right back pieces with the small hands, connecting the two tattoos at the bottom. He places the sanskrit letter for the Solar Plexus Chakra, inside the half circle and then tattoos small symbols to fill in the area. Carl moved to above the tattoos of hands in the middle of Vince's back, and formed a squarish figure eight with the top opening of the eight right over the vertebra that connects to the collar bones.

Vince says, "Smell is back."

Carl says, "Then this will stop taste", just as he starts to tattoo the sanskrit letter for the Heart Chakra in the lower opening. He finishes the symbol in black and then forms a red spiral of tiny symbols which fills up the rest of the bottom opening of the figure eight.

Carl starts tattooing the upper opening of the figure eight and says, "Starting on the Throat Chakra. That should bring taste back."

Vinces head jerks for a second and Carl stops. Vince says, "It sure does. sweet sour salty bitter all at once and with weird textures. It's OK, you can keep on tattooing. Sight's next."

Carl continues on the sanskrit letter for the Throat Chakra and Vince can still see. But when Carl finishes, Vince says, "Whoa! there it is, but I can still see in black and white."

Carl says, "I'm moving on to the spiral of red symbols."

Vince says, "Cool. I should be quiet and let you finish."

Carl says, "No. You're doing good. Your comments let me know how fast I should go, and when not to worry I'm hurting you."

Vince says, "Love. You've never done that once." Vince's left hand reaches over and rubs the back of Carl's knee. Carl gets a look on his face that says 'Thank you God'.

Carl bends over and kisses the middle of Vinces back. As he straightens up he says, "I love you."

Vince says, "Love you." Carl starts on the second spiral of red symbols and Vince mumbles, "Hummm."

Carl doesn't stop but asks, "Painful?"

Vince says, "No. Just blind."

Carl says, "Oh is that all. I should be done with this spiral in fifteen minutes."

Vince says, "No problem. How could I be afraid of the dark, with you right beside me?"

Carl chuckles and says, "How do you keep on coming up with these great things to say?"

Vince says, "It's the company I keep that inspires me."

Carl shines ' I LOVE YOU' at Vince and Vince hears it in his head.

Vince beams 'I LOVE YOU' back at Carl and then Vince gasps.

Carl stops and says, "Something wrong?"

Vince says, "No. Just as I was thinking I love you back at you, I could see through your eyes. I still can."

Carl grins and says, "Really?" Carl holds up his thumb and his four fingers are wrapped in a fist. He says, "How many fingers am I holding up?"

Vince lets out a giggle and says, "Your Thumb is technically a finger."

Carl chuckles and says, "Yep." Then as he continues the spiral he frowns a bit and then says, "Vince, Try thinking I love you at Kern. See if he hears you and if you can see through his eyes."

Vince says, "OK. Cool idea. We should talk to LEO about what things we need to practice. Hell, we need to find out just exactly what we can and can't do with this power we're getting."

Carl says, "Yeah. And what we're going to be up against. I know we're Guardians of the Light. But what kind of darkness are we going to be fighting?"

Vince says, "You're right. I guess I was just avoiding the serious part of this magic. I didn't want to think about the possibility of getting myself or my loved ones killed while fighting Evil." after a short pause he says, "I don't want to die, and I sure don't want to lose you."

Carl says, "Hey, You have me and the boys and your family and friends here. We're going to be watching your back just like you'll be watching ours. And just to let you know, I'm not a thing to get lost. I'm the man that loves you. Reaching out, making that connection with you. With you in my life, I'll never get lost again."

Vince thinks, 'My anchor, My Love!'

Carl thinks back to him ' My Love, the Star that Guides Me.'

Carl says out loud, "The spiral is done. Turn your head this way and I'll start on the tattoo above your left ear."

Vince turns his face and can feel Carls breath near his face. He sees his own face through Carls eyes and Carl says, "After I get a Kiss."

Vince smiles and says, "Homage to the tattooist."

Carl closes his eyes as he kisses Vince and the Kiss goes on for a few moments. Then the sensation of someone over their shoulder gets them to break the kiss.

The soft sound of Kern saying ' Don't stop!"

Then Greg's voice could be heard saying ' I told you we'd get caught watching."

Kern thinks, 'I don't see how you can call it watching when we are both blind and when Carl closed his eyes. All we could get was the sensation of a really great kiss."

By now Vince and Carl realize Kern and Greg are excellent students of the magic they all were learning.

Greg thinks, 'It WAS a great kiss. A lot like ours.'

Kern thinks, 'But we come up for air more often.'

Greg thinks, 'They have superior lungs.'

Carl cuts in with ' How long have you two been eaves dropping on our mental spoogefest?'

Greg thinks, 'OOH. I like that phrase ~ Mental Spoogefest ~ .'

Kern thinks, 'I don't see how you can call it eaves dropping when you two were shouting ~~I LOVE YOU~~ at the top of your mental lungs.'

Greg cuts in with ' Oh, another good one ~ Mental Lungs ~ .'

Carl thinks, 'Children. Always trying to climb into Mom and Dads bed, when all Mom and Dad want to do is fuck.'

Vince thinks, 'Please dear. That's make love not the f word. Not in front of the C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N.'

Vince had never heard a mental snicker from four adults before.

Carl brought them back with the mental and verbal version of, "Moving right along." He then says, "Vince I'm going to start on the next tattoo."

Vince says, "OK."

Carl started on a complex multiple spiral of tiny black symbols. There were six points where the arms of the black symbols began and he started with the top arm. In the center he formed the black side of a yin/yang symbol. Each arm had eight symbols that formed the spiral. with six arms that meant forty eight black symbols. Right when he finishes the last black symbol, Vince says, "Ah. there you are."

Carl smiles and asks, "Color too?"

Vince says, "Yep."

Carl says, "Good. Ok I'm starting on the red spirals."

Carl starts tattooing the red spirals. Going from outside to the center every other symbol is tattooed over a black one, but the spirals are going in the opposite direction. So once again there are forty-eight symbols, but half of them are shared with half of the black symbols. When he gets all six arms done he fills in the yin/yang symbol with red opposite the black. He cleans off the thermofax ink and says, "Ok. We're done on this side."

Vince turns his head to look at Carls face. He thinks, 'I guess we do mentally shout all the time. I heard that and my ears don't work right now.'

Carl thinks, "Oh yeah. We'll have to work on that. Turn your head the other way.' Carl thought this while he rolled his chair over to the other side of the table. He thinks, 'I'm starting on the red spirals.'

Vince mentally nodded yes and Carl started. It was a repeat of what he had done on the left side, but this time it started with red and the yin yang symbol was made with a red ink first. He finished the red part and changed over to doing the black arms of the spirals in the opposite direction. And once again, half of the black symbols over lapped half of the red symbols. Once he was done with the spirals he finished the yin/ yang symbol with the black ink.

Carl says, "Can you hear me? Vince, is your hearing back yet?"

Vince says, "Only in my head. Not through my ears."

Carl thinks, 'Well then, I'm moving on to the top tattoo. Hearing should come back then.'

Carl started with an egg shaped oval; pointy tip pointing forward. Then he shaded in the shape to look like a three dimensional egg. He placed a slight shadow under the wide end of the egg so it would look like it was balanced on the wide end. The second Carl started to put a spiral of red symbols around the egg shape, Vince groaned.

Carl says, "I'll take that for you got your hearing back now."

Vince says, "Ya know. You got a real sexy voice there, Buddy."

Carl smiles and says, "We're almost done for the day." The red symbols spiral down the sides of the egg. What was trippy was that when Carl came to the point where you can't read the symbols and they are on the unseen side of the egg, Carl felt like he knew what symbols were supposed to be on that side. It only slowed him down the first time he got to the unseen part of the arm. The second and third time he just saw what was planned for the other sides and went on tattooing the rest of the tattoo.

Carl placed the last line of ink into Vince and put the tattoo gun down. The moment the gun hit the counter top, Carl was gripped with ~ Nothing ~!!

Carl couldn't hear, or see, or feel or taste, or smell. His shock on the vastness of NO SENSATION, got through to Vince and he flipped over in time to grab Carl.

Vince thinks, "Carl! Are you alright?'

Vince could feel the fear coming from Carl melt away when Carl heard Vince in his head.

Carl thinks, 'With you there to steady me.'

Vince sits up while he holds Carl and then suddenly Carl's whole body trembled and jerked. His mouth shot open along with his eyes. His nostrils flared and his back arched, as he fought trying to inhale with the urge to exhale.

Vince saw this and said/ thought, 'Breath, Carl. Just think about breathing. OK?'

Carl relaxed as the sensory overload faded away. His breathing was strained for only the first breath. Then he seemed to be back to normal.

Carl shifts in Vinces grasp and decides to sit in Vince's lap. He hugs Vinces head to his chest, and takes a deep breath and then lets it out.

Vince says, "Better?"

Carl kisses the top of Vinces head and says, "Much better. That was very extreme." He pauses then says, "First absolutely nothing until I hear your voice in my head. Then the next moment all the good and bad sensations your senses give you came back to me all at the same time." Carl shivers again and Vince holds him tighter in his arms.

Vince says like a little boy, "You feel good here."

Carl smiles down at Vince. Vince has shut his eyes and has his head pressed into Carls massive pectoral muscles. Carl says, "I'm not cutting off your circulation, am I?"

Vince mumbles, "I'm just fine."

Kerns thoughts come to them. He thinks, 'We think you're fine too.'

Greg thinks, 'Can we come in?'

Vince and Carl think as one ' Yes you can come in.'

The sight that greets Carl and Vince gets them laughing. Greg and Kern are in adult version of children's one piece pajamas, with feet. Carl catches his breath and asks" Where did you find those in your size?"

Greg and Kern were already pulling Carl off Vince and leading them to the bed. Greg says, "Kern won't tell. I think he's afraid I might buy something there for him and it'll be the same thing he'd buy for me."

Kern says, "You will note that the colors on mine are different from the colors on Greg's."

Greg says, "I have a tendency of picking up on what Kern likes to see me in and getting it for him."

Greg has Vince in his arms snuggled up to Carl, whose in Vinces arms. They just lay there, while Greg and Kern softly purr, like cats.

Vince says, "I didn't know we had cats." He is facing Carl, so he gives him a quick kiss.

Carl gets a wicked little grin on his face and says, "What, no mind blowing sex?"

Greg says, "Later. Snuggling's good too."

Kern says, "Yeah." And then goes back to purring.

Carl says, "Ok. But here lets try this." He flips over facing Kern who opens his eyes. Carl grabs Kern and flips him over to on top of Carl and then leans him over towards Vince. Vince gets the idea and does the same to Greg, who is a bit heavier. The end result has them in a group hug, horizontal style. At the same time all four of them start purring. Then purring and bits of sporadic giggling mixed in.

Carl softly thinks, 'Heaven. My Love and my boys.' He looks into Vinces eyes looking into his. Greg and Kern reach out and give each other a simple pure kiss. Vince and Carl follow their good example.

Carl starts to ramp up the kiss and his meaty dong starts to get thicker and very erect. Vince's own monster starts to rise and soon press against Gregs pajama covered thigh. they hear a ripping popping cloth or thread sound and then two more.

Kern says, "Greg's button fly on his PJ's couldn't take it anymore. I remembered to unbutton my PJ's."

Greg reached over and started to stroke Kerns erection along with his own. He let go of his own erection when Vinces hands reached out and started stroking Carl and Greg. Then Vince felt Kerns hands on Carl and Greg. Carl picked up on what they were doing and had Vince's and Kern's cocks in his hand, stroking and rubbing. Greg knew what to do with his free hand.

This went on in a lazy sort of way for a good ten minutes before they felt like they were involved in sex with deep penetration; from the front!

Abe's thought filtered through to them and he thinks, 'Ok now we're eaves dropping .'

Carl thinks back to them ' You can't really be upset with people who project those kind of sensations while watching what you're doing. And by the way, that feels real good and I am definitely not bisexual."

Selah thinks at them, "It's because Abe does this SO good!" A mental image of a proud smile on Abe's face comes to them.

Abe thinks, 'I have a good teacher!'

There ensued a DEEP Mental Snuggle and then a thrust and a sliding feeling and a good sensation spot rubbed just right. Ahh. The boys changed positions as Carl and Vince remained the, "foundation" of the spoogefest.

Kern looks at Greg, who smiles and nods yes. Kern turns to Carl and Vince and tells them, "We talked with LEO and we have a little surprise for you two."

Greg says, "If little is the appropriate word for what's about to happen."

Greg and Kern place their right hands clutched into a fist over their navels. They start to softly speak latin and ancient Greek while slowly opening their hands. There is a reddish glow forming around their hands. Then with their left hands they lightly touch Vince and Carl's cocks. A bluish glow forms around the cocks being touched which slowly flows off the dicks and onto the boys left hands. Then Kern and Greg bring their hands together, and the glows merge. Kern says something that sounds like gibberish, but Greg starts to say the same things, just five seconds later. When they stop speaking the struggle to put the glowing energy into their own cocks. An odd crisp popping sound suddenly is heard as the boys hands rest on their cocks.

Magic can be temporary or permanent. This little magic was temporary but intense. Kerns dick started to grow longer, and moments later Gregs did the same. Their balls began to swell up too. Carl and Vince got to see just what their own dicks looked like from another mans position. Gregs cock stopped growing when it was the exact same size as Carl's. Kern's did the same thing with Vinces. Carl reached over and grabbed the personal lubricant, pulled out a blob of it and handed it to Vince. Carl proceeded to slap most of the blob on his anus, Vince followed his example. The boys moaned a bit when Carl and Vince slapped the rest of the lube onto Greg and Kern's manflesh and started stroking the entire length. Vince was the first to notice a strange connection.

Carl was able to speak about it first. Carl says, "They don't just look like our dicks, It's like were connected to them too." Carl started to put Gregs cock in his mouth and Greg stopped him.

Greg says, "You work hard enough as it is Boss. We might get to that later, but Kern and I want to let you and Vince just lay back and have fun. OK?"

Carl turns to Vince and says, "Who can argue with someone whose about to put one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen up my butt."

Vince pulls his knees up to his chest as far as the thick meaty muscles will allow and says, "I agree. Less arguing and more putting."

Kern wastes no time in lining up his now massive dong with Vinces well lubricated pucker. Carl follows his lovers example and finds Greg wearing the happiest goofy grin on his face. As one Kern and Greg slowly push in an inch and pull out one half of an inch. It continues with that sort of progression to the rhythm of somebody deliberately inhaling and exhaling. In fact that was exactly what Greg and Kern were doing. A deep exhale as the thrust into their brothers nether regions. And then a quick inhale as they came back out one half of the previous thrust. Exhale~thrust, inhale~pull. Exhale~thrust, inhale~pull. Exhale~thrust, inhale~pull.

When Greg and Kern finally buried their magic enhanced dicks completly in Carl and Vince; all four were ready for a faster rhythm. After only a few minutes of this and they sped up again. By the third change in sexual velocity all four were on the edge. The thing that tipped them all was Abe and Selah. They had been in the loop and were trying to follow along and when the guys were about to come Selah hit her's first and it cascaded through Abe and then Vince onto Carl and then to Greg and Kern at the same time. It lasted a long time. Maybe not in strict clock time but in hitting all the spots time.

In the afterglow Greg and Kern started to pull out and a soft but distinct popping sound followed by purple smoke coming from Vince and Carls Butts was observed.

A throaty female giggle floated through their heads and Selah thinking to them ' They got the fire down below!'

Vince chuckled and said out loud, "Smokin."

Kern and Greg got off the bed and Greg says, "I'm starved so I'm gonna make us some of my famous turkey sandwiches. Sound like a plan?"

Carl and Vince sit up a bit and Vince says, "Sounds great to me."

Carl says, "Me too. We're gonna get a little cleaned up and dressed and we'll be down in fifteen minutes."

Kern grins and says, "Cool. We need to change clothes too." Greg and Kern head downstairs while Carl and Vince head towards the bathroom.

Vince stops at the bathroom door and thinks at Abe and Selah ' Are we done looking over each others shoulders for a while?'

Abe thinks back to him ' Sorry. We'll try to ignore it, until we know how to put up some kind of privacy shield.'

Vince shakes his head and thinks, 'No, that's not it. I'm supposed to be the leader and I can't tell when you guys are sharing until one of you makes a mental burp or something. It's just a little embarrassing, that's all. I love the fact you guys could share that, so please don't think I want you to stop joining in.'

Carl butts in with ' It's up to us when we want to have some privacy. You guys have been welcome each of these times. You fit in good.'

Selah thinks at them ' Thank you for the compliment you two. We've got to get cleaned up too. We should talk about this friday night. OK?'

Vince and Carl send the thought 'Ok. See you friday.'

Abe and Selah send back ' See you friday.'

Carl and Vince rinse off under the shower. They dry each other off without getting aroused again. Though they couldn't help a kiss and a hug while getting dressed. Carl was very good at gauging time, and they were downstairs after fifteen minutes.

Greg was just finishing the sandwiches and Kern had all the dishes done just as Carl and Vince walked into the kitchen. Vince sees the dishes done and frowns.

Carl notices and says, "What's wrong Vince?'

Vince says, "You guys feed me and wash up after me ," Vince adds a smile along with his frown, "Ya don't even let us give ya head while you're fucking us just right. I feel like I'm not pulling my own weight. You have to let me do something, OK?"

Kern says, "You can do the dishes at your mom's tonight, OK?" Kern gives Vince a hug.

Vince's face loses the frown as he says, "Ok. She knows I hate doing dishes, so she'll know I really love her."

Jess thought comes through ' Oh Vince, I know that already.'

Vince thinks at her ' You too, Mom?'

Jess thinks, 'It's just because you and Carl do think loudly, and you thought of me. After you eat, it might be a good time to sit down with LEO again and get some information.'

Vince thinks, 'Thanks Mom. Good advice.'

Jess thinks' You're welcome. I'll see you four at six thirty. Love you.'

Vince thinks, 'Love you,' and the other three there think the same thing to Jess.

Vince gets a real goofy grin and says, "I knew you were my brothers."

Carl says, "Well sit down brother and have something to eat. Cause when we're done we should go talk to LEO."

Vince sits and says, "Thank you my brother. That is exactly what we'll do."

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