Only Skin Deep 13

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Dear readers; you have been so patient. I have the next chapters mapped out finally and I should be able to get the thing going and keep it there. Thank you for you patience. I hope you enjoy this.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy Fiction Story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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The full feeling that Vince woke up with was increasing. Carl could tell Vince's temperature was going up to. Carl had tattooed the right ankle circle around the outer nub and got the right mastoid bone circle done when Vince's temperature started to climb.

Just as Carl started to tattoo the left Mastoid bone circle Vice cried out. Vince's body seemed to swell up a little.

Carl said " Oh shit. Kern! close the shop. Get some fans. And hurry. "

Greg came over with a fan and saw what was happening. Greg said " Oh wow."

Greg disappeared and the front door bell jingled . The sound of pounding feet greeted the same jingle. Greg had four bags of Ice and started to lay them on Vince.

Vince moaned in pleasure and said " Greg you are a life saver."

Carl was finished with the third circle and he repositioned himself to get the last circle for the day around Vince's left ankle nub. The second he started Vince tensed up and stopped breathing.

Carl yelled " Vince, Keep Breathing."

Vince sucked in a breath and tried to let it out. It was a fight to do both one right after another. Vince was still sweating even with the ice covering him. It just seemed to melt on contact.

Carl was going as fast as he could. He said " Almost done, Love."

Vince nodded his head and then felt cold. The ice stopped melting as fast as it had been. Then with the last line of the circle tattoo, a shock went through Vince and Carl at the same time.

They both relaxed and started to breath a bit fast but without the pain.

Vince was about twenty pounds heavier than he had been at the start.

Kern had been helping Greg place the ice and he rubbed Vince's muscled chest. Kern said "I wonder what I'd look like with big muscles?"

Greg rubbed the back of his hand against Kern's crotch and said " I think you have a pretty big muscle as it is. It sure feels big to me."

Kern smiled and kissed Greg. Kern said " Charmer."

Greg said " Well if you didn't have such a big snake I wouldn't have to be, now would I?"

Kern smiled a 'you think you're so smart' smile at Greg , then rubbed his crotch.

That got Greg moaning a bit. Vince and Carl started to clean up the ice and let the other two lovers have a bit of a rest.

When Carl and Vince were done cleaning up they kissed for a while then Vince said " Let's go to the Suit Outlet and get some clothes that fit. These sweat suits just don't cut it."

Carl said " Sounds good to me. Should we take the kids along, too?"

Vince said " Yeah. They deserve a little break from the shop. And they can help us with choosing what looks good, too.

Carl had a smirk on his face before he bellowed " Oh Kids!"

Greg and Kern stumbled into the Kitchen and said " Yes, Dad!"

Carl said " We're all going to the Suit Outlet. Vince and I need your expert opinion on what to wear, and you two can buy a few things for yourselves. Since you'll be helping us fashion illiterates, we'll pay for your clothes, too."

Greg perked up and Kern smiled. They looked at each other and said in unison " Thank you, Dad!"

Carl looked like he was about to cry. He said " We've taught them so well."

Carl's face flashed a smile and then he said " OK, Let's get going in about fifteen minutes. Kern, leave a sign that we'll be closed till one thirty. Greg, get the Bat-mobile ready for Kern to drive. And.." He looked at Vince and then himself. He added " And we're ready to go."

They got to the Suit Outlet just as it was opening. Michael was the one with the key this morning. He looked at the thickly muscled men getting out of the car and said " Gentlemen, Welcome back. We missed you. We were sure you'd be back on Monday or Tuesday."

Michael whispered " Do you need more underwear? I'll get right on that after I tell the boss you've returned."

Vince said " You have an intuitive sense of what's needed in these situations."

Michael said " It's really my better third at this establishment. He's taught me all the finer points."

Carl hugged Vince from behind and said " Smart man. Learn all you can from the one you love."

Michael's face lit up with a huge smile and he said " Exactly, Sir!"

Michael led them to the same changing area and went to fetch his Boss and underwear.

Mike came around the corner and said " Gentlemen. Welcome back. Vince" He pointed at Vince and then Carl as he said " Carl. How was the funeral?" His face became more serious as he said that.

Vince said " All the better for the perfect selection of suits you chose for us."

Mike said " My people chose for you. As I said, I only employ the best people."

Ricco and Michael both walk up just as Mike said that. They both said " Thanks, Boss."

Mike said "You're welcome. So I assume the rest of your luggage never turned up?"

Vince shook his head and said " I've gained a little weight since Saturday."

Ricco walked up to Vince with a tape measure and went across his chest from outer peak to outer peak and he said " Sir, I dare say you have. At least two inches in chest width. I'd like to become a member at your gym."

Vince smiled at Carl and said " We were thinking of asking you about that when you three came for your tattoo this Friday."

Kern said " Greg scheduled the three for six forty five. I'm assuming all three of us will do all three of you."

Ricco frowned and Vince said " I'm a psychologist. I only tap at peoples minds."

Ricco did a silent 'Ohh' then said " How can we help you gentlemen today? Casual wear to fill out your expanding wardrobe?" Ricco had his hands around Vince's huge biceps and still couldn't get his hands to reach.

Carl grabbed Vince's other arm and wasn't able to get his ands around it either. He shook it and said " Expanding is the key word."

Vince said " I should feel glad he didn't have his hands around my waist when he said that."

Carl said " Awww. Just more of you to love."

Vince tipped his head, giving in to the compliment and quickly kissed Carl. Then he said " OK."

Mike smiled and said " I will leave you in the hands of my more than competent men. I'll make sure Eva makes the appointment for my tattoo around five o'clock. And Please let me know before you leave. I always like seeing my mens work."

Ricco and Michael said " Thanks Boss."

The two tailors got to work and Ricco selected a wide range of clothes. With the selection of Athletic wear Vince and Carl were trying on, Greg was the first one to comment. He said " Gee Vince. You and Carl really do have some thick thighs." He was rubbing Kern's thigh at the time and Kern whispered something into Greg's ear.

Vince saw what had happened and said " It looks like you got Kerns thigh quite a bit thicker there, Greg."

Kern tipped his head down for a second as he blushed. Greg tipped Kern's head back up and softly said " A whole lot more of you to love."

That got a kiss from Kern and Greg seemed to thicken up a little, too.

Michael said " Kern, Greg? Why don't you go browse in the aisles. Your messing up the measurements here."

Carl was looking at the ceiling as his crotch started to get fuller and fuller.

Vince said " I think this is a good test of the fabric, Michael. Don't you Carl?"

Carl shot Vince a 'You'll get your's' Look but still smiled afterwards. Then he looked at Vince's expanding crotch and smiled.

Vince said " Sorry Ricco. My man always gets that reaction out of me."

Ricco chuckled and Michael said " You haven't heard any complaints, have you?"

That got Greg and Kern chuckling as they left the fitting area.

Ricco said " So what do you have planned to ask us on friday? It has something to do with a book, doesn't it?"

Carl frowned and said " Just another reason we'd like you three to consider joining our little group. Ricco you are very good at this."

Vince said " My Uncle and his partner were people who could help people with spiritual and magical problems. Just before Uncle Brian died, he had a book sent to me. It holds many spells and incantations, that can help people fight off evil spirits, curses, and other evil magic. I'm trying to get a coven of thirteen men and women. Specifically seven women and six men. My Uncle wasn't informed of the need for equal amounts of men and women in a coven, or rather close to even, and his people came to untimely ends. The previous coven had a predominance of men and during World War Two his predecessor's coven was almost completely wiped out. They fought great evil but were unable to keep each other safe afterwards. He passed the book on to my Uncle, but never told him about the symmetry. Now we're going to correct the imbalance. And we think you three would be a wonderful addition to our group. We still don't have an exact idea what we'll be facing. But with a harmonious thirteen I think we'll be able to handle anything that comes at us."

Michael and Ricco had moved close together when Vince had gotten going with his speech.

They looked at each other when Vince stopped talking then looked at Carl and Vince.

Carl said " I know it's a lot to believe, but if you let..."

Just then Michael and Ricco took a step apart and put their index fingers tip to tip. A bright blue white spark arced from one finger to another. As they pulled away a little more the spark stopped.

Carl said " OK. Now I'm confused."

Michael and Ricco started to laugh and Ricco said " The first time Sharon and Michael and I made love, we started to spark. We couldn't figure out what it was."

Michael said " It just made us feel like we were still touching. Right now Sharon is probably thinking about us and is getting a bit horny." He and Ricco chuckled and then they both said rather loudly" Nooners!"

Ricco said " Than God Mike lets us have an hour lunch."

Michael said " Yeah like were gonna eat anything."

Ricco said " Now, now. I bet Sharon will have something for us to munch on on the way back to work."

Michael got a far away look. He said " She always looks out for us."

Vince said " It's true love. Amongst three."

Michael pulled ricco into a one armed hug and smiled with him. They both just nodded yes.

They worked a bit faster for Vince and Carl. As Kern or Greg brought something in they thought would look good, Ricco gave his approval or shook his head no. It usually was Kern getting a bit extreme colorwise.

In just under two hours, Vince and Carl had a complete wardrobe again and Kern and Greg had more contemporary fashion additions to their own wardrobe. Carl and Vince wrangled back and forth and the final outcome was that Vince would pay for Carl's and his own clothes, while Carl paid for Greg and Kern's selections. The Bat mobile's trunk was full.

Mike approved of his men's selections and alterations. He told Carl that Eva would wait till three o'clock that day to make the appointment for Friday.

Kern started the car and said " Food Court? It's eleven thirty?"

Carl said " OK, kids. Lets splurge." Greg and Kern shouted out " Yeah! " Then in a softer voice they both said " Thank you, Dad"

Vince said " They have such good manners."

Greg said " Dad, he's spoiling us. Dad."

Carl said " Now children. I don't want to have to spank you two until we get home. So be good."

Greg and Kern giggled and said " Yes Sir."

They got to the Mall and parked on the roof parking lot. It was closer to the Food Court.

Vince was in front of Carl and In back of Greg and Kern. Vince said " I see Kern rushing to Panda chinese for Broccoli Beef and you want a Pastrami sandwich."

Carl's hand squeezed Vince's shoulder as he said " I see we're in tune. So you're wondering what Greg is going to go for. Greg has his contradictions. For such a big guy, you would never suspect he loves..."

Vince cut in and said " Chinese Chicken Salad?"

Carl grabbed his other shoulder and massaged as he said " We are as one."

Vince said " Now if I could only make up my own mind."

Carl steered Vince to a little place with the name 'Cheese and Mushroom Pies'.

Vince turned and said " Awww. You are good, Mr. Handy."

Carl said " It's good to be handy."

Vince turned completely around and gave Carl a hug. He said " OK you know which line I'll be in, I'll meet you here or half way to Napoli home of Pastrami Sandwich Heaven."

Carl smiled " I know where heaven is and it doesn't have a thing to do with pastrami."

Vince rubbed noses with Carl and then Carl walked over to the line for Napoli Italian Kitchen.

A tingle went up Vince's back and a sultry female voice said " You two have it bad."

Vince turned around and saw the face of an angel. An angel who had been one of his study partners in college. Melody Lockheart.

Vince said " Melody!" He scooped her up in a hug as she squeaked and said " Vincent!?"

Vince let her down and noticed the attention they were attracting. And the fact that they were next in line to order.

Melody said " Vincent you have grown. And I didn't think you could get taller after twenty five. But I love the Tattoooos...."

Her mind skittered off to her secret place in her mind. She didn't stop holding onto Vince. She had her hand on his back. She had a smile and a frown. And a question.

Vince felt an electric buzz as she rubbed her hand over his heart Chakra.

Vince turned and Melody pulled her hand back.

Vince said " Thanks. Um I'll take four Cheese and Mushroom Pies, please. You don't happen to have halfwits do you?"

The girl at the register smiled and said " You've been to the faire, too, I see. In fact we just happen to have four. A dollar off per halfwit comes to eight dollars for four."

Melody said " Hey not fair. I didn't know you had to have a password for a discount."

Vince chuckled and said " Wait till you see them and you may not be so upset."

Vince pulled out a ten and got change. Then he got a paper plate with four mangled pies individually wrapped in paper.

Vince did a low voice chuckle like a demented halfwit.

Vince said in the same kind of voice " Halfwits is Cheaper."

Melody said " Can I order A halfwit?"

The girl looked and saw another grilling blunder and said " Milady is in luck. We have a young one at the grill, and so another halfwit has been produced."

She took Melody's money and handed her the Halfwit like a hamburger .

Vince said " You can't always get halfwits. It depends on the guys at the grill if they make a goof or not. Other wise you have to pay full price. We were lucky."

Just then Carl could be seen walking towards them. Melody said " Wow Vincent. You sure were. He's a hunk and a half. Then again so are you. And what's up with the buzzy tattoos. "

Carl was being a charmer and said " Vince I see you only attract the most beautiful people." Carl's smile was captivating and Vince forgot his manners as he fell into Carl's smile.

Melody nudged Vince and said " Vincent, introduce me to the love of your life."

Vince woke up from the spell love had him under and he smiled the same smile at Melody for the compliment. He looked down at her and said " Melody Lockheart, this is Carl Handy, my fiance."

Melody's face went into a big O and Carl realized he had to put down his tray. Luckily the table they were in front of was empty. Melody's halfwit went onto the table the same time Carl's tray did. She squealed out " Congratulations!" And hugged Carl so tight He jokingly said " Thanks. Gotta breath."

Melody let him go and Kern came up and said " Boss! she had you a good six inches off the ground. I like tough chicks." Kern's smile was returned by Melody along with a blush all the way down to her cleavage.

Greg said " Like is OK. Just as long as it stays at like."

Melody shook her head and said " All the cute ones are taken."

Greg had put his arm over Kern's shoulder in a possessive move. Greg still smiled.

Melody said " Well Carl was right, Vincent. You only attract the most beautiful people."

Melody was rewarded with a blush from Greg and Kern. She stuck out her hand and said "Melody Lockheart. Paranormal investigator and part time psychologist."

Kern glanced up at Greg as Greg glanced down at Kern. They smiled and pulled Melody into a three way hug.

Vince said " Kern is the compact one and Greg is the rangy one."

Melody purred " And definitely a couple. But as long as I get hugs like these, I don't mind so much."

The tableaux parted and Greg and Kern got their food from the other table and sat down with Carl, Vince and Melody.

Carl said " So you went to college with our Vince? Any good stories?"

Melody got a mischievous look on her face and said " I liked the dive-bombing butterfly story."

Vince winced then smiled and said " Well God speaks in little ways sometimes."

Vince bit one pie in half and started chewing. Kern said " You can't bring God into a story and just stop."

Greg whispered " Creates more drama."

Kern whispered back " Oh."

Melody said " Caught in the act."

Vince saw the patient smile on Carl's face and said " She always picked up on my exaggerations."

Melody said " But I saw it happen, so it wasn't a tall tale. In fact I saw the patient you reacted to and followed as you walked outside to cool off."

Vince said " We were doing a days residency half way through our college time. And there was this one woman.."

Melody said " Lady. She would not respond unless she was properly spoken to."

Vince grudgingly said " Lady. Who was able to pick up on everyones frustration buttons. I hated the setting we were forced to operate in."

Melody said " Read institution with thick coats of paint and a smell that couldn't be described, and couldn't be made to go away."

Vince got less angry and a bit sad. He said " After running the gauntlet of Milady's maladies, she got me with 'But you get to leave when we're done, don't you dear?' "

Melody said " I hadn't seen that coming either. And I had followed the path Vincent tread to get onto her level. Only to have it break apart as the sane part of her peaked out. Vince was really trying to help in a situation where the people in charge don't want you to help the patients."

Vince said " Then she popped right back to her delusion and dismissed her court jester."

Melody said " I never knew Vincent could walk on his hands."

Carl said "Huh?"

Vince said " She was a Queen. She needed entertainment, and all her attendants were Oh So Boring. I told her I was her Jester. Finally released by the King for insulting his eating disorder."

Melody said " The little witch got sucked in by Vincent's dialog, all spoken while walking up to her on his hands. He flipped back to his feet and she said 'Eating disorder?' "

Vincent said " Yes Milady. He keeps ordering food, but never gets enough to eat."

Melody said " Then he stuck out his belly and waddled around. First time anyone ever heard her laugh."

Vincent said " She was like the princess in the story of the Goose boy. No one ever tried to get her to laugh. We had such a cool conversation, then. She actually used her brother's name and mentioned her late husband."

Melody said " Then Whammo. 'But you get to leave when we're done, don't you dear?' Then she dismissed him. He tipped back farther and farther then flipped onto his hands and walked out of the ward. It was an open ward, technically. "

Vince said " Her husbands death, pushed her over the edge. Her little statement pushed me over mine. I was learning this... stuff to help people. I sure felt like a court jester right then."

Melody said " I followed Vincent out to a bench but he was radiating so many emotions, I just hung back and let him have some space. It was a beautiful spring day. Puffy clouds but still warm sunshine."

Vince said " And All I could see was how trapped they were. How trapped I was. The guidelines set forth by the administrators for what we could and couldn't do with the patients, tied my hands."

Melody said " Mentally speaking."

Vince said " All this anger and suddenly I saw Orange and Black. I heard a butterfly's wings beat at the air. I was dive-bombed by a monarch butterfly. I looked up and saw it flutter away. The day was beautiful and I was angry. I was doing what I was meant to do and I was angry. On a beautiful day."

Melody said " I could have warned him. The little guy had circled his head once. I guess it was a Queen, too. After the little butterfly strafing, Vincent smiled and finally noticed me standing there. He was like a little kid. Did ya see it, did ya see it."

Vince said in a goofy kind of voice " I got dive-bombed by a butterfly."

Carl said " God's little voices come in Orange and Black, too."

Vince and the rest started to eat in earnest.

They were happily quiet while eating. Then Melody said " Vincent. What's up with all the buzzy tattoos?"

Vince said " Melody , you are surrounded by three of the best Tattoo Artist you'll ever find."

Melody said " Skin Gallery. I thought so. I never went inside. I broke up with my girlfriend across the street from the place."

Vince said " That was about the time you just disappeared. We never heard who the mystery lady was, or why the break up."

Melody said " I was given an opportunity to be on a archeological dig in the heart of the Amazon. Goddess worship and clay figures. Very little structure to their buildings. Much larger than they are now. Very academic. "

Vince said " And you just walked away from your heart?"

Melody said " She fell in love with a coroner. She auctioned off antiques and he was a glorified mortician. But you couldn't beat the smile on her face when she talked about the guy. I couldn't stay and make her tear her heart in two. And we we're not going to be able to have kids. Not without a lot of help. And you know how much I really hated the whole medical doctor scene. Psychology yes. Hospitals and clinics, no.

Vince's face was a bit pale. He said " Selah and Abe."

Melody smiled and said " Wow. Your good. I never told anyone." Her smile went away when she saw Vince's face.

Melody said "Why the long face?"

Vince looked down and said " You took me to one of those auctions and made me bid on that stupid little statue. I still have it."

Melody said " What's the big deal? It wasn't that expensive."

Vince said " Sometimes I miss things. you didn't even show me where to pay for the thing. Then this beautiful earth mother of a brunette said ' You look lost. Didn't you just buy the Victorian Venus?' "

Melody said " I had an appointment with a counselor. You knew that. I pointed you in the right direction."

Vince said " My friend from college was late and you never got to meet him. Selah did. I introduced Abe to Selah. She was being so helpful for being an auctioneer. I never realized why. Not until now. She saw me with you. I'm so sorry." Vince is near tears.

Melody is shocked. She touched Vince's arm. She said " How could you have known. I was being so smart. I should have been shouting her name ... I should have been so proud of being in love with Selah. I kept it secret like something could take her love away if I said anything. "

The other guys were real quiet and Melody was near tears. She stood up and said " I have to get back to the office. I'm just getting it started. Umm.. here's my card. I expect a wedding invitation, even if you two hunks don't call it a wedding." She's had a forced smile on as she hugged each guy. They all said 'Good to meet you."

She told Carl " Congratulations. You are one lucky son."

Carl smiled down at her and hugged her again with a kiss on top of her head. He said " Don't I know it."

She hugged Vince and when he tried to say "Sorry" she cut him off and said
"Never be sorry for love." That got her a kiss on the lips.

Vince said " You'll get the first invite."

Melody smiled a little better now as she walked away. She said " I better."

Kern was the first to speak after the four sat back down. He said " Oh wow."

Greg said " Yeah, what he said."

Carl said "How is that going to work with, invitation wise. What with Abe and Selah getting married when we do?"

Vince hung his head and just moaned. Carl rubbed his back and pulled Vince into a hug.

Carl said " We'll figure this out. I know we can."

Vince looked up and had teary eyes as he said " You are my Knight in shining Armor."

Carl gave him a quick little kiss and said " Right back at ya."

Vince was smiling then. His heart was right, because his heart was right beside him.

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