Ray of Light

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This is the first chapter of a story that just fell into my mind. Not a lot of thinking before I just had to start writing it. It is another Gay Fantasy erotic romance. I hope you enjoy it. send feedback even if you don't. thanks.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with Male to Male sex and love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

I guess it started the day I looked at my past and started crying. I know, I hate self pity. But when you look back and can't remember one friend you could ever really trust; it gets to you.

Now I'm not talking about monumental betrayals, or skilled liars ready to steal you blind. I'm talking about friends who just walk away. No explanation, no reason given. Nothing. Not even a forwarding address.

Maybe if there were some fireworks involved. A knock down drag out fight, for me to pinpoint the problem. Or at least a way to see who's fault it was. But I don't even get that.

Unfortunately, the amount of walk outs points to me, and I have no idea what it is about me that makes it so easy for so called friends to just move on with out a good-bye or even a nod. Just gone. Like all of my passion or energy that I put into the friendship wasn't anything at all in their eyes.

I know I am a good guy. I'm a little weird. So is every imaginative, inventive person, I ever heard of. I am imaginative. So that's not it.

I'm generous with my time and money. That may be it. Since it seems before they leave, they just don't seem to be able to find any time for me. Like my previous lover. Who just walked out. No yelling, no crying. By the time I got home he was gone. The note said, "I'm sorry. It's over. Please don't call. I've changed my number. I'm leaving town and going back home. I'm sorry."

Back home?! Wherever that is. He never did answer any questions about his past or family. And his friends had no clue either. They thought we were happy. But they said for the past three months he wouldn't talk about us. And he never answered their questions about family.

So after reflecting on my past and crying half way through the song, "Take a Bow", I decide to get out of the house. At least Jay didn't leave anything of his to remind me . And of course he never did have an urge to give me any little thing. So all I had were memories and a few digital photo's. Easy enough to erase them, right? Right.

My friend, Porno Dave, decided to help me get out and have some fun { read: get drunk }.The first club was a wash, cause they didn't like the older guys (Huh? I'm thirty five. Is that older?}. So we ended up at a new club called Mumbo-Jumbo. Not just a place to dance and drink. They had a separate stage for magic!

I got a little tired dancing with some hunk who couldn't seem to actually look at me for more than five seconds. I danced away from Mr ME and found PD in the same bar stool I left him at, eyeing a really cute she-male bartender. Me telling PD that she's a guy would not put him off, as he likes that particular kink. Porno Dave is bisexual and divorced with a kid. A whole lot more gets him excited than yours truly.

I asked the bartender when the next magic show was going to start and a gravely voice to my left said, "Five minutes sunshine, and there's room for you and your friend."

PD looked over at the Voice just when I did, so I missed his reaction. The Voice did not miss mine, as his eyes looked right to the bottom of my soul. I could call his eye color light hazel and still be using the wrong words. Light green with flecks of brown and gold ? That's a pale description of a very active process. The flecks seemed to be changing shade every second. Hazel had to do.

The rest of the Voice was just as appealing to my tastes. He was about six two maybe two sixty. You would say a bodybuilder and be wrong. He was one of those mesomorphs that never had to exercise a day in their lives. He had on tight jeans that made his thighs seem huge { they were } and tailored just right to allow his huge package to poke out without being rude. He sure looked comfortable in them. He had a white wife beater on under a light blue jacket. He filled them out, too. His hair was colored just like mine, medium red. That was head, facial, and chest hair. I didn't find out till the next morning, that he was red all over. Woof! Just like me. He had a small goatee. I had a full thick beard with little blonder bits near my chin. My eyes are the normal brand of hazel. And at six foot even, two twenty pounds; I was looking fine that night, if I do say so myself.

So as all of his attributes went through my head and my heart started to do a tap dance on my stomach, I had the wherewithal and said, "Does the Voice have a name?"

He cocked his head to the side and said, "Does the Heart have one too?"

You'd think with all that blood rushing to my head and then to my dick, I wouldn't be able to hear him, but I did. I pulled back a fraction of an inch and said, "I didn't think it was beating that loud." I paused and then said, "The heart belongs to Ray Page. At your service." I put out a hand for him to shake.

His hand passed right by it as he placed his hand on my chest and stomach sideways. My left hand fell on top of it. His hand felt good there. I looked down for a split second and then looked up at his face with a question on mine.

He rolled his hand around twice before he said, "Mitch Dalton. Friends have commented on my voice before. You're the first to give me that nickname." He tried to pull his hand back and I caught it at the wrist. He frowned and then added a smile to it before he said, "Could you give me back my hand, too?"

I didn't answer. I just twisted his hand so I could plant a kiss on it. My eyes never left his as I kissed his palm. His hand cupped the side of my face. Then I let go and smiled my 'My God You Are A Sexy Man' smile. His hand lingered for a moment and his frown went away. Talk about your winning smiles. His got a little toothy and then I got lost in his eyes again.

His hand stayed long enough for his thumb to brush across my lips and then before I could suck it into my mouth, he pulled it away and said, "I'm the performer for the next show. Come watch my show. Both of you."

Those words broke the spell. The sound of the bar returned to my senses. and I remembered PD was to my right. I caught my breath, turned to PD and said, "Let's watch the show, PD."

I turned back thinking he would disappear in a cloud of smoke, but he was still there with the million dollar smile. PD said, "OK. Lead on."

Mitch turned and inclined his head towards the doorway that had been behind him. We followed along and found a small stage with four rows of ten seats a piece in front of it. The only seats left were two in the front row middle. We took our seats and the lights went down.

A glowing ball appeared in the middle of the stage. It was about six feet in diameter and a rosy orange. It didn't look like anything was projecting it. The ball then shrank and split into three smaller balls about two feet in diameter. They hovered there for only a moment then started to move like they were being juggled. Each time they reached to bottom most position they seemed to illuminate a ghostly hand. After only a minute they got brighter and the figure of a man could be seen. By the time they were bright enough to fully illuminate Mitch, he whispered a word and they turned into small balls of fire. He did a number of juggling passes, like rolling one in back of his neck and rolling it down one arm. The fire left a trail but it quickly went out after the ball passed. Mitch ended the Juggling by letting the balls fall one by one into his open mouth where they seemed to smolder. Then he seemed to take in a deep breath and he shot a tight thin stream of fire over the heads of the audience. Gasps by everyone, then mad applause.

The stage lights came up and Mitch was smiling and bowing. He stood still then till the applause died and he said, "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Marvelous Mitch, the Illusionist." A frown went to his face and then some pain flickered across it. He reached into his mouth like there was some food caught in his teeth and he pulled out a tiny ball of fire on the end of his right index finger. He did a double take of the little thing and flicked it to his right. The little ball hit the stage and as it rolled away from him it got bigger. He noticed it and frowned again and pointed the same finger at it and seemed to pull it back towards him. It stopped about six feet from him and he stopped pointing. He shook his head and reached out his right hand and grasped an imaginary ball in mid air as he looked at the burning ball. He twisted his hand as if turning a faucet and the ball turned with his hand. It suddenly turned into a big ball of white fur. Mitch looked happy now and turned back to the audience. Just then the ball of fur twitched and a few people in the audience chuckled as the head of a very large white rabbit turned towards them. His nose was twitching and he looked right and left a few times before he looked over at Mitch.

Mitch had been wearing blue jeans, black boots, a white wife beater and a light blue jacket; at the bar. But when he had become visible on stage, his clothes were all black. Then as the giant rabbit looked at Mitch there were the very green heads of some carrots sticking out of his jacket pocket. That was when the audience could see that the rabbit was enormous. He made a very loud bump with his hind legs as he hopped over to Mitch. The rabbit slowly stood up on his hind legs and sniffed the carrot tops before he started to eat them. He steadied himself with one paw against Mitch's jacket pocket. The rabbit had to be about four feet tall. The rabbit finished off the carrots and put the other paw on the pocket . He looked into the pocket then looked up at Mitch and pulled down on the pocket to get his attention.

Mitch looked down and said, "What? Go in if you want more." I could have sworn the rabbits mouth formed to the words ' I'm too big'.

Mitch said, "Oh you are, are you?" The rabbit got shy for a second, but then a truly enormous penis popped out of the rabbits nether regions and flopped onto Mitch's boot. The rabbit actually smiled up at him while his fluffy tail twitched. Mitch seemed to get a little uncomfortable. Then it seemed like Mitch had a problem with his own package. The rabbit's ears went up as he started to sniff Mitch's crotch.

Mitch grabbed the rabbits ears with his right hand as he reached into his jacket with his left hand. Mitch mumbled the words, "Not on my stage". Mitch put his foot onto the rabbit's hind legs as he pulled a top hat out of his jacket. The top hat expanded with a pop. Mitch pulled on the rabbits ears with a grunt and the rabbit started to stretch with a squeal.

The rabbit's massive pecker did not grow with the rest of him. But the rabbit did start to change. By the time Mitch had him stretched to about five foot nine inch, he was almost completely human. Then the ears popped off and the top hat covered his schlong. His eyes were very round. He held the top hat for Mitch. Mitch did a presentation move with his hands and we all applauded. Under the applause the rabbit/guy said, "I'm still too big."

Mitch half turned his head, handed a carrot to the rabbit/guy and said, "Here. And go take a shower. Quick like a bunny."

The rabbit/guy took the carrot in his left hand and took a bite before he turned around. Just above his but crack was a little patch of hair. Of course it was white like the rest of his hair. Before he could take a step, Mitch's hand came down with a loud slap on the rabbit/guy's butt. He jumped with the spank and left the carrot in his mouth as his left hand rubbed on his now red buttock. He looked back for only an instant and hurried off stage left. The audience chuckled.

Mitch started into his spiel. He said, "As I said before, I'm an illusionist. So for the most part, what you see is only an illusion. There will be magic tonight, but my profession requires me to refrain from revealing just which parts are illusions and which parts are true magic."

While he had been speaking he had started to pull top hats out of his jacket, the pockets, the sleeves, and his shirt. Each one expanded with a soft pop. by the time he was finished talking, he had a pile of about thirty hats in front of him. He paused like what he had done took some effort. Then he took a deep breath and let it out. Suddenly the amount of hats seemed to increase like popcorn.

He looked down at the bigger pile with an angry frown and said, "Hey now!" He reached down and grabbed one hat in each hand and lifted. The mass of hats seemed to rise with them and he gave the whole thing a twist clockwise like a horizontal steering wheel.

The mass of hats suddenly turned into one huge hat about four feet tall and over three feet in diameter. The sound of running water could be heard coming out of the hat. He frowned and looked down into the hat. He smiled and looked at the audience, before he lowered the hat brim to knee level.

The rabbit/guy was right there in the hat and he had soap suds all over his chest . He noticed his whereabouts and the bar of soap shot out of his hand and into PD's lap. He frowned and turned to Mitch. The rabbit/guy crossed his arms and put his hands on his biceps. He told Mitch, "You told me to take a shower."

Mitch looked a bit embarrassed and said, "Sorry." Mitch pulled the hat back up to full height and you could hear the shower running. Mitch looked down into the hat and said, "Five minutes."

Water sprayed up into Mitch's face as rabbit/guy said, "I know." The sound of water stopped.

Mitch started to pull the hat higher and as he did the brim and diameter of the hat got smaller. The hat was about seven feet long and a foot in diameter, by the time Mitch was done. Then he pulled the hat brim down to the ground and the hat collapsed.

Mitch picked up the hat and it stayed collapsed. He looked at PD and the lights in the audience went up to half strength. Mitch said, "I need help on this next illusion. Sir. You. The one who caught the soap. Yes, you. Could you please come over here?"

PD looked a little shy, but I pushed him up and he went with it. He walked up and turned around to face the audience, on Mitch's left side. Still clutching the soap, PD smiled at the audience.

Mitch put his hand on PD's shoulder and said, "What's your name sir?"

PD smiled bigger and said, "PD."

Mitch looked at him and said, "What does that stand for?"

That was when PD got embarrassed and got a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. I had to help my friend, didn't I?

I yelled out, "It stands for Porno Dave."

Mitch chortled and said, "Porno Dave?"

PD was pissed then but held it in. Mitch said, "Well Pee Dee, that couldn't be more appropriate for this next illusion." Mitch put the hat in front of PD and said, "Soap? just toss it in."

PD stopped frowning and tossed the soap into the very flat hat. The hat got a little longer. Mitch said, "I want you to hold this hat right here and hold on tight, OK?" The hat covered PD's crotch.

PD replied, "OK. Sounds easy enough."

Mitch said, "It won't be at one point. But nothing to worry about. Now turn to your right and hold on to the brim of the hat."

PD turned so his left side faced the audience. Then Mitch started to mumble something that sounded weird to me. Like distant shouting and fingernails on a blackboard. Little sparks of lightening leapt off Mitch's hands and hit the hat. Mitch reached out and took the top piece of the hat and pulled.

PD's eyes flew open wide. Mitch said louder, "Hold on. Don't let go!" Mitch started to pull the hat so it got longer and longer.

PD's mouth dropped open and he started to breath faster. Mitch said, "Now don't let go."

PD said, "I won't." His voice had gotten lower and you could see that there wasn't a gap between his crotch and the hat anymore. Then as Mitch got about seven feet away from PD, the shape of very thick blood vessels appeared on the length of the hat. Mitch let go of his end and the hat thumped to the ground like it was filled with something heavy. The very end of it looked like it held the head of a penis in it, with the shaft going back to PD's groin.

PD yelped, "OH man!" when the hat tip hit the floor. He started to breath very fast.

Mitch walked back to PD and said while he was walking, "Sometimes it's good to pick up the soap." Half of the audience picked up on the joke and laughed.

PD got it and said, "I'll say!" He was still breathing a little fast. But he smiled at Mitch when he stood next to him.

Mitch said, "You can let go of that now. It's not going anywhere."

PD's eyes were not going to get smaller for a while. He looked at Mitch and then the audience.

Mitch reached down and pulled the brim away from PD, but he had to use a little effort. PD now had jeans that covered a seven foot long cock. Mitch pulling the hat away from PD started to feel real good for PD.

Mitch played a little while he was pulling the hat away. He would pull and push half way like he was stroking PD's massive cock. PD responded like someone was stroking his giant pecker. Mitch got to the huge dick head and stopped.

PD had been half bent over by Mitch's actions, but he stood up straighter when Mitch stopped. PD said, "Why'd ya stop?" The audience laughed and Mitch waited for them to stop before he told PD, "We don't have a license for live sex acts on stage. Sorry." Half the audience groaned with PD.

Mitch started to push the brim back to PD and PD bent over again. When Mitch let go of the brim he looked at PD and said, "Now comes the hard part." Mitch started to walk back to the end of the hat.

PD sounded like a little kid being told to go to bed when he said, "Aww. Already." More laughter.

Mitch picked up the massive member and started to push. PD stumbled a bit and started to walk away from Mitch. Just then the rabbit/guy appeared in back of PD and stopped him from backing up any more. PD groaned as his organ got pushed back to a normal size. The rabbit/guy was wearing a pair of very light blue jeans and a light blue wife beater. His package was huge enough to hold a pecker as long as the one he had when he was a rabbit. That would make it about fifteen inches long. He helped keep PD in his place by rubbing his package against PD's butt. This distracted PD enough so he wasn't too upset when the hat was back to it's original length.

Mitch pulled the hat off PD and you could see his package was the same size as the rabbit/guy. PD looked down at his groin and rubbed his cock and balls through his stretched jeans. A goofy grin sprang to his face and he said, "Thanks Mitch. Thanks a lot! Oh my god." The rabbit/guy helped PD back to his seat.

Mitch said, "I need someone else for this next illusion. You sir. PD's loud friend." PD had just sat down and the rabbit/guy held out his hand to help me up. I got a little shy, but PD looked at me and said, "I'd go with it man. This is real." He was still rubbing his enormous crotch and his voice was still lower. So I grabbed rabbit/guys hand and walked over to Mitch.

As I turned to the audience R/G {the rabbit/guy } pulled two chairs from behind a curtain and placed them in back of us. the chairs were placed with their fronts facing each other and the backs about four feet apart. I had some idea of what was coming next.

Mitch looked at me and said, "What's your name sir?"

I said, "Ray Page." the stage lighting got a little bit brighter and a weird look came over Mitch for a fraction of a second. Then he smiled and said softly, "Aren't you just a ray of sunshine?"

I looked at him and his smile got wider . He said, "Well Ray this next illusion is an old standard with a little twist. It is hypnotic levitation. You don't mind my hypnotizing you, do you Ray?"

I heard two voices near the end but I answered both when I said, "No, not at all. I trust you Mitch." He looked into my eyes again and I heard the sound of rushing water like a fast moving river.

Mitch said, "Turn this way and remain calm. no harm will befall you while you are under my control." R/G stepped in back of me and Mitch passed his hand over my face and my eyes closed like I hadn't slept in days. Mitch said, "Ray you will listen to my voice and only my voice."

I couldn't help but giggle, then I said, "The Voice, I will only listen to your voice."

He must have passed his hands over my whole body. He then said, "Your body is now stiff. Stiff as a board." I felt my body go stiff but it felt like someone was giving me a chiropractic pull, popping each vertebrae. The audience must of heard the pops and saw me get taller. There were only a few gasps. The force pulling me stiff let go a little and I felt wonderful.

Then I felt a hand push me backwards but I didn't react, because Mitch didn't say anything. R/G must have grabbed my shoulders and eased me close to horizontal. Mitch must have picked up my feet. Then I felt these two bars. one at my calves and one at my shoulder blades.

Mitch said, "Ray, your body will not lose any mass, but you will now become lighter. Your body is becoming lighter. And now it is as light as a balloon." Just then I felt the bars lift off my back and calves.

Suddenly something popped in my head. Not painful. But it affected a lot of my senses. I could see myself floating about four feet off the ground and there upstage of me was Mitch. R/G had removed the chairs and was about to hand a ring to Mitch. Before Mitch could put a hand on it my mind reached out like a third hand and pulled it from R/G.

R/G whispered to Mitch, "Boss." But Mitch had felt what I was doing already and said in his other voice, "Don't ruin the show, Ray. OK?"

I mumbled something with my physical lips but said in my head, "I'll do good, Mitch."

Mitch's other voice said, "OK, I'm trusting you now."

I smiled and pulled the ring to in front of my body. I spun it around on all three axis and the slowly pulled it to my feet and worked it up to my head. Then I pulled it back in front of me and spun it one more time. Then I floated it back to R/G, who went off stage with it. Mitch seemed to give me a cue and I floated down to three feet above the ground. I slowly twisted along my head to feet axis and while I was twisting, Mitch said something I couldn't catch and my jacket and pants disappeared. My mind's eye saw them hanging above Mitch. They had a bright blue glow to them. Then he said something again and my shirt was hanging with them.

For some silly reason I stopped twisting and in stead sort of shimmied and twisted like I was stretching in a yawn. I floated to the right and rotated so I was head up, but still two feet from the floor. I could see these glowing rings inside my body. There were seven of them. One each at my butt, then my waist, then the middle of my lower back, then the middle of my upper back, then at my throat, then the middle of the back if my head and finally the very top of my head.

I had an idea these were my chakra's. I wondered about the space in the middle of each ring. There seemed to be a kind of membrane or plug in each one. With my third hand I could feel energy slipping slowly into my body from these rings. I reached out and pulled the plug out from the second one up. I kept my hand and the plug there, as a stream of energy flowed into my body. My cock and balls started to grow and grow. I saw how big I'd become and put the plug back in before I became a side show freak. I was very large, but still in the range of human. I reached up to the plug in the one opposite my navel and my fourth hand pulled the plug over my heart. The energy flowing into my body started to make my whole body bigger.

Mitch's voice told me, "Careful there! That's not part of the show. How big do you really want to be?" That was a very good question. I put the plugs back in and really looked at my body. I hadn't made it any taller. But now it was much wider and thicker. My thighs were just a little bigger than Mitch's. My pecs were very thick and my Lats were even more so. My upper arms were at about twenty eight inches and the forearms were at about nineteen inches. My thighs were about thirty five inches and while my waist should have been about thirty two inches it was pushed out by the swell of a very defined roid gut. No fat on that bulge. It didn't flare out to the sides very much and from the side it only popped out about three inches from my sternum bone. My pecs were almost four inches thick with the nipples pointing down now. My traps and delts were huge but in proportion with the rest of my now massive muscles.

As I was making sure the plugs were firmly back in place, a pair of arms embraced me in a hug from behind. But Mitch was still to my right. They were his mental arms.

Mitch's inner voice told me 'OK sunshine. Time to come back to the real world.'

With my inner voice I told Mitch 'OK, I'm done. Should I stand on the floor now?'

Mitch said 'Just a second. You'll know when.'

Mitch told the audience, "Ray, you are becoming stiff again." He paused and while my body went stiff, my cock had other ideas.

Mitch said quickly, "Not there. Just your body." My erection subsided, with complaints.

I felt the hug let go and I floated back to the ground. Mitch put his hands on my shoulders and then pulled away. My mind's eye saw my clothes stretch and then wink out from above the middle of the stage. Then they were back on me, but they felt a little tight. Except for the crotch. Mitch had been kind enough to give me just the right amount of room there.

Mitch said, "Ray, you will stand on your own two feet, now."

The floating feeling stopped and I was steady on my feet. He passed his hand over my face and I slumped a bit. He caught me by putting his hand on my back.

Mitch said, "When I count to three you will come out of your trance, awake and rested." He passed his hand over my face once more and said, "One, two, three."

My mind's eye closed and I blinked when I tried to open my eyes. I looked over and saw Mitch's million dollar smile directed at me. I smiled back. I think he liked the fact I didn't make myself taller than him. I had ulterior motives. The tall guy usually holds the shorter guy while they sleep. I like being held.

I looked down and had a hard time seeing my feet. My shoes were gone along with my socks. I must have gone overboard, cause they were now huge, wide and with long toes.

Not thinking I said, "What happened to my shoes?' But I knew where they were. Still floating in some other dimension above the stage. But if I didn't say something more, I'd ruin the show.

Then I said, "What happened to me?' I turned to look at Mitch and started to pinch my left nipple. Then I said, "Not that I'm complaining." I wiggled my very big toes as I rolled my nipple.

Mitch turned to the audience and said, "That concludes our performance for this evening. Tomorrow evenings performance begins at eight PM sharp. Thank you and good night." The stage lights dimmed and the audience lights went to full. The applause had Mitch and R/G bowing and when they did it a second time they pulled me with them.

I felt a sort of mental wind rush past us and catch the audience. They still clapped but they started to file out of the theater. In only five minutes, they were all gone except for PD. And he was still rubbing his much bigger package. He walked up to us with a big goofy grin and looked down at my crotch. PD said, "Your still bigger than me, but it looks good on you." He looked up at my bulging muscles and added, "Along with everything else. Woof!"

PD looked at Mitch and said, "Good work.!"

Mitch looked at PD then at me and said, "Thank you. But I can't take all of the credit. Can I?"

I got a bit embarrassed and ducked my head before I said, "I didn't know I could do that." Like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Mitch said, "You couldn't. Somebody blocked your senses and arms at a very early age. Somehow I accidentally removed most of your bindings. And you were able to do things only a master is able to do."

I felt like I screwed the pooch or something. How was I supposed to know not to touch? But I said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that." I bent my head down and tried to look at my feet. All I could see was massive chest and belly.

Mitch reached over and lifted my chin. He was smiling. He said, "Hey sunshine, you didn't do anything wrong. It's your body. Your allowed to do anything you want with it. Just as long as you don't hurt anyone with it, and you don't use your power to change anybody without their permission."

I needed something and I didn't think Mitch would object. I reached out and pulled Mitch into a hug. I rubbed my head against his neck and it felt good when my ear flipped back and forth on his neck. I felt him hug me back and then turn his head and kiss the side of my neck. My pulse leapt and I pulled back enough to be able to look into his eyes. I saw so much in his eyes, I couldn't describe. And I saw so much love. Maybe it was Love/Lust. I didn't care. My enlarged libido told me to kiss him for all I was worth.

The strangest sensations can come while kissing the right man. But the smell of buttered popcorn is not one of them. My stomach grumbled and then Mitch's belly rumbled.

We pulled back and both sniffed the air. Mitch said, "Popcorn?"

R/G said, "Yeah, butterblast microwave popcorn. We popped some for you two, just in case." I guess we must have been kissing for a while.

PD and R/G { his real name was Robert Callus } were sitting in the first row seats eating popcorn out of the bag it was popped in. And there beside them was another bag still slightly steaming.

I smiled at Mitch and said, "Good friends."

Mitch smiled back as we walked over and sat next to the guys. Mitch said, "Thoughtful good friends."

Mitch and I ate some popcorn in silence. Then Mitch took a few and fed them to me. I returned the favor, and when he gave me a second mouthful I sucked his thumb into my mouth and played with it with my tongue. He closed his eyes a little and smiled a happy sexy smile at me. I wouldn't let go of his thumb, so he pulled my head closer, so he could reach my neck better. He started to kiss my neck and then he moved on to my ear. He sucked in my ear lobe and gently nibbled on it. That's when I let out a kind of nicker like a horse would. He pulled back and I let go of his thumb. He just rubbed it over my lips. I just looked into his eyes. I could tell he was seeing farther than I was, but I wasn't afraid. Somehow I just knew, he would never hurt me. I would come to doubt that conviction. But you'll learn about the events around that soon enough.

PD said, "Hey you two. Rob and I are going back to my place. We're taking his car, and he'll give me a ride to pick up my truck at your place tomorrow. You two have fun wherever you end up."

Rob added, "Don't forget to use protection. See ya boss."

Mitch said, "See you Rob. Six PM, for a quick run through."

Rob called back through the door, "Six PM sharp. Good night!"

Mitch said, "And where would you like to go, Ray?"

I said as I stared at his mouth, "Anywhere at all, as long as you're with me."

He liked that answer. He tipped his head to the side and looked at my eyes then my mouth, then my eyes, then my mouth. He lazily looked back at my eyes as he said, "Good answer."

We kissed again for a moment and then pulled back. Mitch said, "Where do you call home?"

I said, "I have a little house in Culver City. Where do you live?"

For some reason my eyes tipped up to the ceiling. Mitch said, "That's the right direction. My apartment is above my theater."

I said, "You own this place?"

Mitch said, "And the bar. I just got the funding eight months ago to renovate the building next to mine into a bar. We've been open for about a month and doing great. A quality kind of clientele."

I said, "Right back at ya. Let's stay here tonight."

Mitch looked a bit sheepish and said, "I should warn you, I don't have sex on the first date. Though I do go to bed and sleep with my date the first night."

I said, "That's seems fair. Do you consider the first date over in the morning?"

Mitch knew we were on the same wavelength. He said, "Oh definitely. When the sun comes up, that's the second date."

I played a little bit more and said, "And do you have sex on the second date?"

Mitch said, "Like crazed rabbits. Big mad bunnies!"

Mitch tickled me and got me on the ground in seconds. He stopped for a second to let me catch my breath and the first words out of my mouth were, "Thank heavens."

He changed his mind and decide to tickle the inside of my mouth. I returned the favor. My whole heart was laughing on the inside. And my little friend down below was chuckling and waiting for the sunrise.

To be continued

Well I hope you liked this new story. I will be getting to some of my other stories I've neglected. But I will also get back to this one as soon as I can. Feedback really does help. Thanks for reading the story.