Then He Screwed Himself

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This is a short Science Fiction Story. A little time travel, a little sex. Hey what could be better. I wish I could show you the inspiration for the story, but I don't even remember the artist so I'd have a hard time getting permission to post his work.


Disclaimer: This is a work of Science Fiction, with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here!. You have been warned.

Jack closed and locked the PE laundry room. It was his twenty fourth birthday and he was getting a special birthday gift from the Coach. The Coach?! Coach Joe Lodge. Or as Jack and his high school Gymnastics team used to call him Coach Joe.

Jack couldn't believe his luck. Six months ago, he'd been hired by his High School as assistant coach. Three months ago he found out Coach Joe was gay too.

He and two other guys on the men's gymnastic team discovered they were gay at about the same time they got the hots for their hugely muscled coach. Coach Joe was the kind of teacher that would jump right in and give a perfect example of what he wanted from his students. So Jack and his two friends discovered themselves one day when the coach went through a particularly lengthy routine on the pommel horse.

The give away for the three was what was drawing their attention on the coach. Coach Joe had an enormous package contained by a very large jock strap. Each time he flipped his legs wide to stay away from the equipment, they were able to see just how big his equipment really was. The guys discovered that they had to get thicker Jock straps or wear two of them if they didn't want to let the rest of the team to find out how big their equipment was.

Jack, Troy and Mark became very close friends. They were all about sixteen years old and wise enough to play safe when they got together. It wasn't easy with the extra practice and weight lifting schedule. But they convinced the Coach to let them have a key to the weight room so they could use it late at night. They were able to get in a quick work out, (sometimes naked), and then have time to work on their more private muscles. The coach almost caught them twice and on the second occasion they had been stripped down to their jock straps just when the coach popped in for a work out of his own.

He saw the wide eyes on all three of the youngsters and without batting an eye, pulled his sweat shirt and sweat pants off and told them, "Well men, if that's the dress code for after hours weight lifting, I'd better follow it."

The guys watched as Coach Joe walked over to the Bench press machine and said, "Mind if I work in?" His hand rested lightly on the bar as his biceps bunched and his forearms muscles bulged for a second.

Jack said, "No C-coach Joe, jump right in." The way the guys Jocks were filling out, you could tell just where they would like the coach to jump in. But the coach was a good teacher and acted like nothing unusual was going on. He didn't comment on their state of arousal and he only seemed to plump up a little once, when Jack pushed himself and got within fifty pounds of what the coach was pressing.

But all good things seem to have to end sometime. Only after a short hour the coach told them good night. He said, "I'm really proud of you guys. You keep the weight room clean. You turn off the lights and lock up every time. Your meets have been better each time. And your other teachers say your grades are way above average. Keep up the great work. Good night guys."

Then he put his sweat pants on and left with the sweat shirt draped over one shoulder. Jack and the other guys waited for a full minute before pulling their jocks down and jerking off. Each one had a special image of Coach Joe in their minds as they shot their load onto the vinyl covering the bench.

That was nine years ago and Jack was going to get to work out a fantasy he'd had ever since. The coach hadn't let on to Jack that he was gay until three months ago. It took Jack using the weight room at the same time, (late at night), and in the same attire, (just a Jock strap), before the coach broke down and told him the truth. He found Jack working out and said, "Well I guess good things do come to he who waits." Jack sat up and tented up immediately.

Jack said, "And keep their freaky huge muscle mass."

Coach Joe pulled his sweats off and walked over to Jack. He said, "So this impresses you?" as he gestured to his chest.

Jack grinned and said, "Shit yeah!" He tensed up his shoulders and pecs and said, "I know how much work goes into muscles like these."

Coach Joe laid his hand on Jacks huge deltoid muscle and muttered, "Like cannon balls."

Jack smiled wider and pulled his arm up so he could flex his biceps.

Coach Joe tried to put his hand around the muscle but it was too big. He smiled then and said, "Almost as big as your deltoids."

Jack said, "I had a good example to go by." He was staring at Coach Joe's huge pectoral muscle and the very erect nipple on it. The coach saw where his eyes were glued and he stepped closer to Jack. Jack glanced up to Coach Joe's smiling face and he knew it was OK to go further. He wrapped his lips around Coach Joe's nipple and played havoc with it. The coach just started to massage Jack's huge traps and moaned a little when Jack hit a good combination . Then Jack realized he was neglecting the coach's other nipple and switched after a few minutes.

In the nights that followed, they had gotten to giving each other blow jobs. Then a week before his birthday, Jack let the coach fuck him after telling Coach Joe his fantasy of fucking him in the laundry room. While they were cuddling after they both came, Coach Joe said, "I think that little fantasy of yours can be made real. How about a birthday gift from your old coach? Would that make you happy Jack?"

Jack said, "You're not old," then proceeded to try to suck Coach Joe's tonsils out.

Coach took that as a Yes.

So here was Jack, in the laundry room, bare-ass naked, waiting for Coach Joe to bring him his birthday present. He hoped it was wrapped nice. His imagination conjured up a wide range of clothes the coach could be wearing for the occasion. Every one of them helped get him hard and kept him that way.

The sound of a key in the lock got Jacks pulse racing. When the door closed and he heard the lock click he said, "Hey handsome, come over into the light, so I can see how you wrapped up my present."

The heavily muscled form walked over to Jack and said '" Would you believe I couldn't decide how you'd like it wrapped, so I didn't wrap it at all?"

Jack was shocked. That wasn't Coach Joe's voice! And the guy who walked into the light wasn't Coach Joe. The voice was Jack's Voice! And the guy was an older larger version of Jack!

Jack was quick on the uptake, but he still had to say, "What the hell is going on?"

Just then a weird thrum vibrated through Jack and he swelled up a little. Like his whole body went through a great work out and he was pumped all over. His dick had been deflating with the shock, but that vibration and swelling got him stiff in seconds. And noticing that his cock was larger.

The guy who looked like an older Jack said, "Whoa! That was a good one." His body swelled up a little too. But since he was already much bigger than Jack, he was even bigger still.

Time Travel Jack said, "I guess you'd like an explanation about me and what you just felt."

Jack said, "That would be nice."

TTJack said, "OK. What you're thinking is true. I'm you from the future. This is a small experiment. They were able to contain the area of temporal influence, because you and thus I, never went any farther away from the place I grew up, then state college. And that was only fifty miles away. Because up to the time I was put into the Time Lens, I never physically moved beyond about fifty miles from my home town. My buddies and I never went to nationals. And we never went to any out of state meets. So the machines attached to the Time Lens are able to contain this experiment. I'm back here as an anchor point in my life. With me here they can bounce certain connection points to my younger self. And through those connections they can administer certain drugs and artificial hormones into my body at different ages and see the effect on my body at the time I stepped into the Time Lens."

Jack frowned and then smiled and said, "Wait a minute. I remember this strange feeling that came over me when I turned ten years old."

TTJack nodded and said, "Not just when we were ten."

Jack said, "Yes. I got that feeling again when I turned thirteen, sixteen, nineteen, twenty two and just a moment ago. Every three years. And I thought it was strange that I had a growth spurt right after it. Every time. Are they making us bigger?"

TTJack said, "Exactly! This is their way of testing the procedure."

TTJack looked a little sheepish when he said, "And this is part of my payment, for being a temporal lab rat. They found out during testing that I had a fantasy about having sex with myself. Not masturbation. But somehow have a copy of myself, or through time. It all came from the things Big Joe, uh Coach Joe would say to me when we'd make love. He just always got real vocal about his imaginings when we would make love. Turns out I got a little bigger than him and he started to make me close my eyes when I was in him and make me imagine he was a younger version of me."

Jack frowned and then said, "Coach Joe should be here any minute. Are we going to tell him about you or what?"

TTJack said, "Joe won't be here for another three hours. It was a lucky thing you planned this get together early in the evening. And It's luck my voice didn't change in the past eighteen years."

Jack frowned for a second while doing the math. He said, "You're forty-three? Damn. I age well! But why is Coach Joe gonna be late?"

TTJack said, "I called him and told him your car broke down on the other side of the city when you were shopping for some sex toys. He couldn't tell the difference between your voice and mine. He offered to come and pick me up, but I convinced him I had to get the auto club to tow me to the mechanics and that I'd get a ride home from them. I told him three hours so I could get a shower to make sure I was all cleaned out. He got all sweet and said I was going to be in him most of the night, and I told him I would still need my Big Joe inside me at least once tonight, to feel like it was really my birthday. Then he said the one thing that always gets us off."

Jack and TTJack said in unison, "OH you are so worth the wait."

They giggled like little kids. Joe was a great lover. He was worth the wait, too.

Jack calmed down and then examined his future tool. He said, "I see I'm gonna be pretty big. You're sure he's not going to notice my back side is widened out?"

TTJack got serious and said, "Not if this experiment works on him, too."

Jack said, "Why should it work on him. Is he back here in time, too?"

TTJack said, "No buddy. Big Joe died two years before I stepped into the Time Lens. Massive stroke. The doctors never caught it. I couldn't think for six months. My friends were the ones who got me living again. Then Troy came to me with this idea. He ran the idea of safe time travel and safe time manipulation by me. He said if the changes to the past were contained within the body of the person changed, then the events that lead up to the present were only changed within the containment area, and never affected the rest of the world. And it just so happens that Big Joe never went more than fifty miles away from his home town. Guess where he grew up?"

Jack finally lost the sad look on his face as he said, "Right where we did."

TTJack looked happy when he said, "Exactly!"

There was a combination of frequencies that thrummed through TTJack and Jack.

They both blinked and Jack said, "I have two images of Big Joe in my head."

TTJack said, "The one where his head is a little bigger is the new one. He's gonna get bigger like us, too."

Just then a real intense ripple of sound and light went through TTJack and Jack. TTjack was six foot three and Jack was six foot one. But the ripple caused Jack to grow to six two and TTjack to six five.

Jack said, "How many more of those are going to go through?"

TTJack said, "Only a few more. They know I don't want to be gigantic."

Jack frowned and said, "What do you mean? I've had a fantasy of being enormous for over fifteen years. So that means you should too."

TTJack looked afraid for a second. He looked at Jack and said, "They wouldn't have hypnotized me would they? Make me forget a fantasy so they could test how far they could go?"

Jack grinned and said, "Maybe they needed a little more from you to pay for getting Big Joe back."

TTJack said, "I'm desperate to get Joe back, but I want to be able to fit in him when I do!"

Jack licked his lips and said, "I get this feeling there isn't any reason we can't touch or fuck. Right?"

TTJack looked into Jack's eyes and lost his worry. He said, "You would be correct. Now what would you like from me for your birthday today?"

Jack hefted his future meat and said, "I'd like to see how this feels up my but . before they make it too big to fit me."

TTJack stepped over to Jack's backpack and pulled out a bottle of lube. He poured some into his hand and slicked up his very hard erection. Then he walked over to Jack and poured more lube onto his two fingers and slowly slid them into Jacks pucker. Jack moaned as they slid over his love button.

TTJack said, "This is so weird. I know exactly where my prostate is, but I never hit it in this position."

Jack moaned and said, "But you're getting it. I think it's ready for the real thing."

TTJack chuckled and pulled his fingers out of Jack. TTJack rubbed a little more lube on his dick and placed the head of it over Jack's rosebud.

Just as TTJack pushed his cock into his younger self, Jack said, "I know you won't hurt yourself, so don't hesitate. Get it and get it good."

TTJack smiled and said, "Yes, sir. Nothings too good for the birthday boy."

Within two minutes TTJack had himself in himself to the hilt. They were going at it for ten or fifteen minutes, when another weird ripple passed through them,

TTJack felt Jack grow larger around him and then seconds later his own body swelled up larger than before. And longer.

Jack groaned and said, "So much bigger. Don't stop!"

TTjack took the words to heart and went at it with a little more slide to his fucking. At least four inches more slide.

TTJack wanted to pull out and push right back in, but the Time doctors had his dick head too large to simply pull out. Though his first attempt caused his head to give a mighty pull over Jack's prostate, Jack's muscles clamped down onto TTJack's cock because of it. Jack almost whimpered when he said, "Do that again. Do that again, what ever you did!"

And since TTJack couldn't pull out, he followed Jacks request. Many, many times.

They were still human after all. They could only stand five minutes of that before they both blew. Then they knew what ropes of cum really meant. They could feel them before they left their cocks.

By the time TTJack was finished, his dick head shrank enough to be able to be pulled free of his earlier version. They collapsed onto the towels they had used for cushioning. Then they cuddled for a few moments.

The cuddle did not last.

Another much larger ripple ripped through them. Jack gasped and said, "Every year since I was ten?"

His body grew taller and wider and the muscle just packed on thicker and wider. He went from six foot two to six foot eight. TTJack grew like someone stuck a garden hose in a pool toy and turned it on full. He grew to seven and a half feet tall and at least three and a half feet wide. His dick went to twenty inches long, hovered there for a second then when it started to thicken it got an inch longer. Three inches wide and twenty-one inches long.

Jack's eyes were very wide now looking at TTJack's erection. He said, "I really like these time guys. Are they making Joe just as bug?"

TTJack tried to slow his breathing before he said, "I hope so. I didn't expect to get this tall. And I don't think their finished, yet."

Another ripple went through them but they stayed the same.

TTJack sighed and visibly relaxed. He said, "That was a pulse for Big Joe. At least if we're gonna get gigantic, he's gonna be our size, too."

Jack smiled and said, "Cool. More of Joe is a good thing."

TTJack smiled into Jacks eyes and said, "Amen, Brother!" and they knocked knuckles together.

A few minutes passed and they started to examine each other. Ears, nipples, lips, hair, hands. A slow, odd self interest.

The pulse that went through them next was even stronger. This time Jack couldn't speak, only take deep breaths. TTJack was the one who said, "Every six months?! What are they doing?"

Seconds later another pulse went through them and they knew where ever Joe was, he was growing with them.

Now Jack expanded to TTJack's size and TTJack became nine feet tall. His body proportions shifted. His legs were shorter than they would normally be and his arms were much longer. With the huge barrel chest and four foot wide shoulders, he was getting a bit top heavy. The weight got him crouching down a bit, and when his knuckles touched the floor, they both knew what that pose looked like.

Jack rubbed TTJack's belly and said, "You look hot, but you're starting to look like a gorilla."

TTJack took stock of his humongous body. His huge hand came up and scratched the side of his head. Then he glanced at his hand and stopped scratching. He put it out in front of his head and spread it as wide as it would go. From thumb-tip to the end of his little (?) finger, his hand spanned eighteen inches. Just as well. He now had a thirty-nine inch pecker. He'd need strong big hands to take care of himself. He wasn't going to be able to fit in any guy under eight feet tall. TTJack's sad frown wasn't lost on Jack.

Jack took TTJack's two inch long, one inch diameter nipple and pinched it to get his attention. Jack didn't wait for a response. He smiled into TTJack's eyes and surrounded his left nipple with his hot wet mouth. The size made him move his head more but he liked the taste, even if it was his own.

Jack let go and tipped his head back to smile at TTJack. TTjack understood, nodded his head yes, and said, "We get Joe. Even if we don't fit in him." TTJack looked much happier thinking of this.

He spoke the words like a prayer of thanks. " We get Joe."

TTJack reached down with both hands and pulled Jack into an embrace. Jack's head nuzzled into TTJack's neck. TTjack sat down with Jack sort of draped in his lap. It was good timing.

A Double ripple passed over them. It was so intense, they were unable to tell if it was pleasure or pain. The Time doctors were finished with their test. They had stretched the limit of the technology and the human form. With every month from when Jack was ten till Jack was forty, as a dosage point; they now had a twelve foot tall Time Traveler. And Jack was well over eight feet tall. Now Jack had the gorilla proportions TTJack had just been trying out for size.

Jack kissed his older self and when they parted TTJack's face seemed to be lit by another light.

TTjack helped Jack up and off his body. He said, "OK Buddy. Show's over. They're making a connection and they'll be pulling me back. " His attention was split, but he focused on Jack and said, "You take care of that Big guy, or I'll come back again and have words with you."

He paused and got teary eyed and said, "You don't let a day go by, that you don't tell him how much he means to you.... And remember.. I love you, too."

Then the light on TTJack's face changed like someone got in between the light and TTJack.

TTJack's face held too much emotion and his tears started to fall. He said, "Oh my god! It worked! He's there on the other side of the Lens. My Big Joe! Oh God. Thanks Jack. Bye!"

The air around TTJack rippled like a pond but the ripples were moving inward and as they evened out TTJack's body seemed to flatten out and fade and shrink into the backward flowing droplet that formed the ripples. And he was gone.

Jack was almost crying himself. To think he could loose Big Joe. And here he hardly had him for very long. He was going to listen to his older wiser self, and make sure Big Joe knew Jack thought he was the moon and the starts and the sun combined. At least in Jack's heart.

A loud knocking came from the Gym's main door. Then a loud low voice called out, "Jack! Let me in! I lost my keys!"

Jack lumbered over to the double doors and pushed one open. Then realized he had to push both open for Big Joe to be able to get in. And Big Joe was practically naked. His clothes were in tatters and hanging on him in shreds.

Big Joe grabbed Jack and kissed him hard and long as the doors slid shut. He broke the kiss and pulled back to see he was the same height as Jack. The smile on his face was filled with so much relief. Big Joe said, "Thank God you have it too. I started driving over here to be early, and I thought I was having a stroke."

Jack got a stricken look and grabbed Big Joe in a never ending hug. He said firmly, "NO. You were not having a stroke. Strokes are strictly forbidden!"

Jack pulled back to look into Big Joe's eyes as he told him, "Is that understood?"

Big Joe chuckled at Jack. But Jack said, "I'm serious. No strokes. My heart couldn't take it."

Big Joe saw the love speaking through Jacks words and he toned down his smile as he said

"No strokes. Understood." He paused to let the humor get to Jack.

Then Big Joe said, "I love you too." His eyes looked at Jacks lips and his eyes.

Jack had too much in his heart to say, so he let his lips and tongue say it all in a mighty kiss.

In a place and time called the future, Jack and Big Joe were doing the same thing as their younger selves. Moments into it, their bodies started to shrink. By the time the Temporal Stabilization was complete, they were both just under seven foot tall and truly massive.

The term, "Normal Giants" was batted around by the Time Doctors. No one else thought it was a good description.

Eighteen years earlier, the Temporal Stabilization occurred a bit slower. They were still larger than they had been the day before but people seemed to just ignore the past. The way the two coaches seemed to always be so happy, positive, encouraging; was contagious. Their gymnastic teams started to win. They took on assisting the Football coach, and that team started to win.

And that was good enough for the two huge lovers. They helped young athletes find their dream, they started to counsel gay teens, and at the end of the day they had each other. They thanked God every day for the love they shared, and the extra time they were given. They kept in touch with Troy, for when Jack turned forty three, and encouraged Troy in his research. And they let the love they shared, shine all about them.

The End

Ya know, if you send some feedback, I just might be able to remember where on the internet you could see the inspiration for this story. Really hot.

But that's up to you. I hope you liked the story. Thanks for reading.