Barefoot Hypno-Twins Powers, Activate!

Blake stared blankly ahead at some random point on his bedroom wall. It happened rather suddenly – he was putting on his socks and then… it was like his mind and body froze in time and place…waiting, waiting for someone to tell him what to do.

The phone rang. Blake did not hear it. He was lost in some dream, a dream in which he remained frozen, socks in hand, barefoot and frozen to his spot on the wooden floor. The phone rang two more times before Paul, Blake’s twin brother answered it.

Moments later, an equally blank-faced and barefoot Paul entered Blake’s room, socks in hand, just like his brother. He positioned himself to Blake’s left and stood at attention, awaiting someone to tell him what to do.

There was a moment, or perhaps even an hour of absolute stillness in the room, as Blake and his older twin brother Paul, stood helpless as statues, side-by-side, entranced.

At some point the door to their dorm room opened and two sets of eyes peered into the room very slowly, very cautiously.

-“I think he did it!” Said the chubbier one.

-“Let me see, let me see!” Said the smaller one, as the larger boy opened the door.

-“Well would you look at that!” He appeared to be gloating, looking over his fallen competitors with a look of absolute victory.

-“I can’t believe it! They’re hypnotized! Just like Dilton said they’d be! Look! They even have their socks in their hands just like he said they would!” The skinny Hispanic teen chirped excitedly while pointing and bouncing up and down the room.

-“Shut up man! Look we don’t have much time. We have to do this and get outta here!”

The thin boy looked as though his whole world was coming crumbling down but still, he complied with his buddy’s orders. Business first, pleasure second, right?

-“Say Todd, after you program them to lose the swim-meet can I have some fun with them, huh? Can I? Please?! You said!” He was now pouting like a five year old.

-“Fine! But first, let’s just get to work…”


Exactly one hour later, both brothers were down to their underwear, imagining themselves at their next few university swim meets. Although Blake was not as strong a swimmer as Paul, Paul could easily out-swim him in terms of distance, Blake was his team’s fastest swimmer.

The brothers were now sitting down on their couch, side by side – eyes open, unfocused, ears completely attuned to the programming they had been receiving.

-“I think we’re done!” The larger student exclaimed excitedly.

-“Can I have them now?” Came a voice from the shadows. Diego was actually sitting on the floor just out of view of everyone. He was however positioned perfectly to be staring at both Blake’s and Paul’s bare feet throughout the entire brainwashing procedure.

-“Shut up already ya fruit! Just listen, we have to make sure they understand what’s expected of them! Blake! Listen to me! What is it you are going to do this Saturday?”

-“Blow the swim meet!” Blake replied instantly.

-“Good boy Blake! And you Paul, what are you going to do this Saturday?”

-“I am going to see Dilton MacPherson this Saturday, for more programming. I will miss the swim meet altogether and tell coach Timmins that I am off the team.” Paul had recited those two sentences now about one hundred times, it was now firmly planted in his subconscious.

-“They’re all yours, ya perv!” The larger one spoke as he stood up and adjusted his crotch. Diego noticed and even felt compelled to remark, against his better judgment too,

-“Y’see, you’re turned on too – You just won’t admit it Mongoose!”

-“Yeah Diego? How’d ya like a good swift kick up the ass?!” the Mongoose glared at the smaller man before him.

-“Oh yes, please!” Diego joked coyly.

-“Ah, fuck ‘em for all I care, just make sure to wipe their memories of everything otherwise, I’m pretty sure, they’ll fuckin’ kill you! Ha ha!” And with that last word of warning Mongoose left the room, leaving Diego alone with two of the handsomest men he had ever laid his eyes on. And not only that! They were almost naked, sitting right next to each other and under such deep hypnosis, they would do anything Diego wanted them to. TWINS, NO LESS! Diego’s dick stiffened again at all the possibilities before him.

-“First things first my twin slaves! Put your feet on the coffee table in front of you!”

Both boys moved to comply with Diego’s request. Diego, for his part, just stood there, in total awe, allowing himself to soak it all in. Two gorgeous 20 year olds, reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, pale complexions with some traces of facial and body freckling, large and plump feet! Diego was actually allowing himself to be hypnotized by the two pairs of bare soles he was now seeing for the first time. Ok, he had hung out at and attended some of the swim-meets and got to check out all the guy’s feet – but it was always at a distance and he was always only seeing the tops of their feet. Now, staring at these two prize swimmers, their bare feet extended in front of them like that, looking so vulnerable, so open, so empty… it was all Diego could do just to keep himself from cumming right then, right there, in his pants.

He moved in closer to the sleeping duo, to almost one foot from the coffee table and the location of the boys’ hypnotized soles. So filled with anticipation he was almost unable to breathe, Diego dropped to his knees and immediately put his nose up to Paul’s left foot. He then licked his heel a few times before barking out more orders.

-‘Paul! Hear me and obey!” Diego spoke like a little known hypnotist he had once seen in Mexico city years back. He remembered getting turned on instantly when seeing otherwise straight, masculine men, calling this hypnotist their “Master” and doing everything he was telling them to do… like slaves!

-“Obey…” Paul echoed. All the while Blake hadn’t budged an inch.

-“Repeat after me!” Diego continued, “I am your hypnotized foot slave, I will serve and I will obey!”

Paul’s blank face conveyed he had no awareness of what he was saying. The mantra he had begun to recite, played over and over in his mind like a skipping cd.

-“I am your hypnotized foot slave. I will serve and I will obey! I am your hypnotized foot-slave, I will serve and I will obey. I am…”

And then it happened. Diego, at the peak of climax, violently grabbed Paul’s left foot and yanked it towards him just as he came all over the unsuspecting swimmer’s foot. At the same time, Paul’s body had been so rigidly positioned that yanking his foot as Diego did actually pulled the swimmer’s six foot two frame off the couch and onto the floor, at which point, Paul seemed to snap out of his trance, at least partially anyway.

-“Hey what the?! Who are you?! What’s going on here? Blake? Blake? Bro’ can you hear me?!” Paul was still somewhat out of it, moving his collapsed body into a kneeling position so that he could check on his brother. He touched his brother’s bare thigh gently, wiggled it a bit and once again, called Blake’s name. No response. Paul then slowly turned to where Diego had been sitting, on the other end of the coffee-table, on the floor, only moments before.

-“What the hell did you…?” Paul looked around and the guy wasn’t there! His dorm room door was wide open though and he thought for a brief moment that he heard running in the distance.

Paul staggered to his feet and made his way to the door, albeit slowly. When he got to the frame, one of his buddy’s popped his head in for the his customary good morning hello.

-“Hey dude, looks like you just got up! Or are you just really that happy to see me?” Chad joked as he continued on down the hall.

-“Huh?!” was all Paul could mutter, before closing the door, looking down and seeing himself in nothing but a pair of Haynes briefs, and what appeared to be, the remnants of a morning woody.

-“What the fuck just happened, here? Blake! Blake, can you hear me?!” Paul asked his brother.

-“I hear and I obey!” Blake replied back emptily.

-“Holy Shit! We’ve been hypnotized! Someone fuckin’ hypnotized us! Come on Blake, you gotta snap outta it! Wake up! Come on bro. Listen, when you hear me count to three and snap my fingers, you’ll awake! Ok? 1…2…3!” And Paul snapped his fingers. Blake, to his hypnotist’s credit, remained entirely entranced and immobile.

Temporarily disheartened, Paul sat back down on the couch alongside his entranced semi-naked brother, in part to figure out what to do next. As he sat down however and lifted his legs into a crossed position, he felt something rather cold on the sole of his left foot. Lifting up his foot to inspect it, he noticed a shiny liquidy substance, like glue on the ball and heel of his foot. He quickly rubbed it off with his hands, and then decided to smell it, to see what it was he had stepped in.

-“Holy shit!” he stood up, now 100% completely awake and alert and in a general state of mind-numbing panic. “Blake you stupid idiot, wake up!” Paul tried again, this time kicking his brother in the calf. And still, his hypnotized brother remained frozen as a plank.

-“Man, this is someone’s cum! Where the hell did I step to get this on my fuckin’ feet?! This is so gross!” Paul seemed to be about to experience his first ever panic-attack. Normally, calm and reserved, he felt as though he were coming unglued. Blake was still entirely non-responsive and Paul still couldn’t figure out what to do next.

-‘Ok, first, I think I have to wake Blake up. Maybe some cold water! I’ll get some cold water and splash it on him.” Paul scurried off to the bathroom to run the cold water. He returned with a large glass filled to the rim with cold tap water.

-“Sorry bro’, this is for your own good though!” And with that, Paul proceeded to launch the contents of the glass at his brother’s motionless face. This tactic, finally woke up the deeply hypnotized twin.

-“What the?! Hey! What’s the big idea? Paul? Paul? What’s going on here? Why are we both…what the fuck?” Blake put his legs back down on the floor, stood and turned toward his brother expecting some kind of tangible explanation for what was going on.

-“Blake, someone put the whammy on us! I woke up first and found you in some kind of hypnotic spell. You were just sitting there, frozen, with your eyes open and everything, but you couldn’t hear me. Or, at least, you wouldn’t wake up when I tried to wake you!” Paul was still processing it all himself.

-“You hypnotized me?” An astounded Blake asked his brother.

-“I don’t think so. I think I was hypnotized too. I came to on the floor – there was this guy here, he looked kinda like Fez from That 70’s show? I don’t know who he was. I didn’t recognize him. He was looking at me, kinda panicked, but I was still in a fog, then I saw you, and I went to you and when I turned around next, he was gone. Who the hell would want to do this to us, Blake? And why?”

-“Sounds like a Scooby Doo mystery to me!” Blake joked, about ready to blow the whole thing off.

-“No seriously dude, do you remember anything at all? Anything about the time you were hypnotized?” Paul asked his brother.

-“Nah… I… wait… I do remember something… something about my feet!” Blake launched back, somewhat excited that he could reach such a fragmented memory. “What about you Paul, do you remember anything?”

-“Something about Saturday…” Paul seemed to be straining his memory.

-“Saturday’s our big meet, we’re going at the Bolts!” Blake reminded his brother. The Bolts were the other strong team in state and the coach had prepared the guys rigorously for this very encounter. “You can’t forget that, man!”

-“What? Oh yeah the meet! I actually did forget. No, there’s something else…” Paul tried to think but it was difficult.

-“Lookit, why don’t we get dressed and head off to Starbucks or something, we can figure this all over a nice cup of java, I’m fuckin’ freezing!” Blake went off towards his bedroom area to fetch his clothes for the day. As he passed his brother, he noticed the contents of his own hand and remarked,

-“Hey, look, I’m holding a pair of socks!”

-“What?” Paul said, not really paying attention. Truth was, he was still caught up in trying to retrieve a memory he had no real permission to access.

-“Yeah, why would I be holding a pair of socks in my hand?” Blake asked his brother, putting his socks almost up to his brother’s nose, jokingly.

-“Quit it dude! Aren’t you like the least bit concerned with what might have happened here today?” Paul snapped back to reality with a vengeance. He was somewhat terrified by the fact that he still couldn’t access his memories while under. Never mind that his foot was still covered in cum or that he couldn’t even remember who hypnotized him.

-“Paul, chill! Look, you can’t make people do anything under hypnosis that they don’t want to, right? At least, that’s what they say!” Blake tapped his brother on the shoulder playfully and continued on into the bedroom area.

-“I guess so.” Paul answered back, still thinking.

Moments later, Paul’s intense thinking was interrupted by the phone’s sudden and rather loud ring. Hearing his brother in the shower, Paul picked up the phone, still somewhat lost in his own thoughts.

The voice on the other end, was curt and methodical:

-“Barefoot Hypno-Twin Powers…”

And Paul meekly responded, “Activate” before straightening up his stance, coming to full attention, deeply hypnotized, awaiting further commands.

The person on the other end of the phone then proceeded to put Paul through a series of verbal exercises, where he was required to repeat everything he was hearing on the other end.

As Paul stood in the common area of his dorm room, naked except for a pair of gray briefs, he could faintly hear himself saying things… as if in the distance:

-“You are my master!”

-“I am your hypno-slave”

-“I am hypnotized!”

-“I must obey!”

He could hear himself saying these things, but he couldn’t stop himself from repeating the words coming through to him on the telephone.

Moments later, having finished his shower, Blake was in the midst of toweling off when he decided to check on his brother. He opened the door to the bathroom, allowing the hot steam to escape and the cold to come in.

-“Fuck it’s cold in here!” Blake exclaimed to no one before hearing his brother’s voice in the living room. It sounded as though he might have been on the phone. Blake approached from behind and sure enough Paul was on the phone, back to him, though Paul seemed to be standing in a rather odd position from his brother’s perspective.

-“At ease soldier!” Blake joked as he walked past his brother and slapped him on his bare shoulder.

Paul didn’t budge, he stood frozen, staring at the opposite wall, hand still clasped around the phone.

-“Yo, Paul, what are ya hypnotized again or something?” Blake tested jocularly.

-“Yes Master!” Paul replied back into the phone, before hanging up abruptly. A millisecond later and Paul seemed to snap back to reality.

-“Yo dude, I’m gonna take a shower now!” He announced to his stupefied brother and he started walking towards the steamy bathroom.

-“Wait! Paul! What was all that? Was that for real, or what?!” Blake asked, for the first time looking and feeling a little alarmed himself.

-“Was what for real? What I told you about what I think happened here this morning to us? Yeah man, it’s for real!”

-“No, no! What just happened right now – with you on the phone? The whole yes master bit? That was to get a laugh outta me or something, right?” Blake was now showing his nervousness.

-“What ‘yes master’ bit? What phone? What are you talking about Blake? I think you’re still hypnotized!” Paul said playfully before turning back toward the bathroom.

-“Holy shit!” Blake exclaimed aloud. “What the hell am I gonna do?”

Absorbed in the thought, Blake was suddenly jarred alert by the phone’s loud, brain-piercing ring.

-“Hello?” Blake asked cautiously.

On the other end, a deep breath and then the trance cue,

-“Barefoot Hypno-Twin Powers…”

And Blake simply stood there, allowing his towel to fall to the floor, as instructed, anxiously awaiting more commands…

To be continued?