Brothehood of the Sole

-“Come on dude, it'll be fun.” 19-year old Chad Scarborough prodded his buddy Noah, poking him playfully in his side as they trekked up Hill Street towards the uptown photo studio. “Seriously, when was the last time someone offered to pay you a hundred bucks an hour, huh?”

Chad, the consummate optimist, was desperate. He needed the cash for his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend Ramona next week. Until he found that online posting, he had pretty much given up on taking Ramona to her favorite restaurant, Chez Louis, a decision he knew was going to cost him, in more ways than one.

18-year old Noah Lowry was silently weighing out the pros and cons of their afternoon plans as the duo continued their uptown jaunt. For the life of him, Noah just couldn't wrap his head around it all.

-“Why our feet?” He mumbled the question almost under his breath, clearly uncomfortable with the impending photo shoot.

-“Dude, would you rather he take pics of our dicks? Seriously Noah, we each walk outta there two hundred dollars richer and all we have to do is take our socks off and wiggle our tootsies for a couple of hours? What could be easier than that, man?” Chad flashed his blond-haired friend a wide-ass grin and added, “besides guy, you have sexy feet!”

-“Not funny dude!” Noah was not amused, his mind racing, seemingly faster and faster as they neared their destination.

-“I can't believe we're doing this, Chad. I mean, what if someone finds out? We'll be totally humiliated.”

Noah was going through all the worse-case scenarios his brain could handle, his nervousness exponentially increasing with each. He had never posed for anything before and had never given his feet much further thought than the sneakers he was putting them in. It was weird, bordering on gay he thought, when Chad took all those pictures of his bare feet and emailed them to that online photographer advertising for male foot models. Like his buddy Chad, Noah also needed the extra cash to fix his clunker of a wreck, and in the end, managed to convince himself that he could in fact handle doing something this oddball. Now, a few blocks away from the studio, and he wasn't all that sure.

-“Maybe we should have a joint before we go in?” Noah was delaying but also, he was hoping that maybe some more weed might help him loosen up.

-“Dude, we smoked before we left, I'm cool!” Chad was inching closer to the door, hoping Noah would take the cue and follow. The tactic worked and the two sauntered into the building's main entrance. Once inside however, Noah stopped his friend again, grabbing him by the arm just before he was about to ascend the spiral staircase.

-“Dude, what if... my feet smell?”

Chad gave Noah a patronizing nod before pulling him by his jersey collar up the flight of stairs. This was going to happen he decided. They had come this far, and in Chad's mind, the two-hundred dollars earned today was already spent on Ramona's anniversary soirée.

The studio was locked so Chad pressed the buzzer and waited. Seconds later, the door buzzed open on its own and the two young men inched their way inside.

It was like walking into the Wizard of Oz movie, played in reverse. Everything in the studio and outer office was either black or white, no trace of color was anywhere to be seen.

-“I think this is what they call minimalism.” Chad remarked as he looked around curiously. As yet, they had not been greeted by anyone.

-“More like hypnotism – check those out!” Noah pointed to two large black and white spiral discs on the wall. They were stationary and seemed to be more artsy than functional.

-“Coool!” Chad chimed as he continued to check out the monochromatic space.

-“Chad Scarborough and Noah Lowry I presume?” A deep, melodious voice seemed to appear out of nowhere, forcing Chad and Noah to turn 180 degrees.

-“Uh, yeah, I'm Chad, this is Noah.” For the first time, Chad seemed a little unnerved.

The man standing before them could have been a model himself. Clad all in black, standing at over six feet, with jet-black hair and eyes, he was undeniably striking, his voice, a polished combination of news anchorman and suave vote-courting politician.

-“Very nice to meet you both. I'm Winston. I'll be photographing your feet today. As you can see, we have a black and white thematic going on here, so I'm going to need you both to change into these outfits.” He handed Chad a one-piece white wrestler's singlet; Noah received an identical one in black. Both boys looked at the outfits in their hands confused, Noah, visibly shaken.

-“Uh, I... I thought this was just our feet?” Noah's hoarse protestation was barely that. Truth is, he was too nervous to mount much of an offensive and was hoping Chad would pick it up.

-“It is Noah, it is. No face shots, as promised. But you will be sitting against a white backdrop and Chad against a black one. It's important that your outfits coordinate with the backdrop” Winston was trying to be as reassuring and nonchalant as possible in explication of this last minute change of wardrobe plan. Actually, on his end, it was hardly a last minute item.

-“But this...” Noah started, but Chad valiantly cut him off, ”Er... we'll just change into these then.” Chad asserted his response well above his friend's meekly protest attempt. Noah was not pleased.

-“This way...” Winston pointed them toward a small changing room.

With the boys changing, Winston immediately scurried to the back control-room where most of his sound and video equipment master-switches were housed. Four video-cameras including one directly behind where the boys were to be posing, activated simultaneously. Another switch activated a strobe light set to pulse at specific intervals, while yet another switch piped in a background soundtrack with a 751 MHz frequency pitch known to induce a receptive theta state. He promptly put his earplugs in.

Finally, pressing two large buttons, he powered up the two large black and white spirals on the wall exactly opposite where the boys would be sitting for the shoot. They began to spin in opposite directions, slowly at first, ever so gradually accelerating.

Moments later, Chad and Noah emerged from the dressing room looking more like Yin and Yang mascots than a couple of cash-strapped would-be foot-models.

-“I feel freakin' ridiculous!” Cupping his crotch with both hands as he spoke, his voice sharp as jagged glass, Noah was fuming and starting to resent the fact that Chad had pushed him into this ridiculous venture.

-“Chilax man, it'll be over before ya know it!” Chad tried to be reassuring. “Besides, what are you complaining about? You got the black one, I'm practically see-through here!”

Winston approached the two young men, pretending not to have heard their exchange.

-“OK boys, if you'll just get up on those pedestals. Chad, I want you on the black one, Noah on the white please. Sitting down, with your feet on the ottomans.”

-“Here's to 200 big ones!” Chad rallied his still uncertain friend. And the two took their places and positioned their bare feet as requested.

-“Whoa, they're moving!” Noah pointed at the two spinning spirals on the wall having just noticed their spinning motion.

-“It's hypno-art, ha!” Chad joked thickly.

Their bare feet facing him, Winston approached the young men, staring at their soles as he did. He grabbed a spray-bottle and a white rag and began spraying both boy's feet with a liquid solution.

-“Hope you're not ticklish?” Winston smiled as he wiped Chad's feet down with the rag.

Noah was completely engrossed in the spinning spirals and seemed totally oblivious to what was going on. Chad too had been compelled to look at them several times, but the act of having his feet sprayed and wiped down by a strange guy was enough to divert his attention, however fleetingly, back to the here and now. He turned to Noah.

-“Shit, it's like he's hypnotized by those things!” Chad remarked eying his friend's blank motionless stare before turning back to the vibrating discs himself. Chad could swear he heard a faint humming sound coming from them as well.

-“Have you ever been hypnotized Chad?” Winston seductively asked the confused carrot-top.

-“Huh? Wha? ...Hyp-no-tized? W..why?...What...What's happ...?” Chad was trying desperately to look away from the two wall-mounted spirals that had successfully managed to commandeer his complete attention, but to no avail. The swirling black and white masses seemed to be sucking him into their never-ending vortexes, his gaze, like his mind, growing more slack and empty by the second.

Noah, for his part, was already entranced, appearing frozen in time. His blue-gray eyes as blank as a sleepwalker's, his slightly parted lips further accentuating the young man's total and rather sudden submission.

-“Just relax and focus on the spinning discs boys, let them take you deeper and deeper into the sound of my voice... always focused on the sound of my voice as you relax deeper and deeper...”

Winston mounted the dais, moved in behind Chad and began massaging the young man's neck and broad bare shoulders. ”So deeply relaxed, you'll want to do everything I say, right Chad?”

-“An'thin' y'say...” Chad echoed back thickly, not once taking his eyes off the spinning wall.

He moved to Noah and gave him the same neck and shoulder rub he had just given Chad. “You want to obey me, don't you Noah?” He seductively caressed the young man's oblivious cheek as he asked the question.

Noah could barely mutter back an acquiescent, “o-bey...” in response as he continued to relax deeper into Winston's hypnotic voice and relaxing touch.

Winston stepped down to examine his latest subjects more closely. Chad, the red head with deep blue eyes was six feet tall, about 180 pounds and had a pretty well defined upper torso and musculature, not quite six pack abs, but close. Noah was a little shorter, had shoulder length blond hair, steel-gray eyes and a slightly thinner than average frame. Both boys were fairly pale skinned and had very little body hair between them.

-“Alrighty boys... now I want you to continue looking at the spirals in front of you. Do not take your eyes off of them, but I want you each to stand up side-by side facing me.”

Moving as if in a slow-motion dream sequence, first Noah, then Chad got to their feet as requested. Both were swaying ever so slightly, like blades of grass in the wind.

-“I'd like you both to stand at attention.” Their swaying promptly ceased as both young men assumed a strict military stance. ”Shoulder to shoulder, arms touching...very good. Now, I want you both to imagine your bodies turning to steel... becoming rigid and hard... Imagine every muscle in your bodies becoming erect and hard.”

Winston loved to watch the effect of that suggestion take as often, if the subject was under deeply enough, their entire body would go erect, including and perhaps most importantly, their cocks. This was one reason why Winston liked his subjects in skin-tight wrestling gear, it enabled him to more closely monitor a young man's excitement level.

Noah's was first to form. Chad was still flaccid.

That would soon change Winston chuckled to himself as he gently traced the outline of Noah's forming erection through his black singlet with his index finger. For his part, Noah showed absolutely no reaction, which was, not surprisingly, precisely the reaction Winston was going for.

He tugged at the crotch area of Noah's singlet, pulling it forward some eight inches or so away from the young man's expanding crotch and leaned over to the table where a pair of scissors sat at the ready. Seconds later, Noah's entire midsection was exposed, erection, blond pubes, bellybutton and all, and still, the teen showed zero signs of awareness of his now utterly vulnerable and exposed state. He simply continued staring forward, a veritable zombie, unable to look away, unable to think, unable to move a single muscle in his hypnotized body.

Winston leaned in and took a deep sniff of Noah's crotch – it was musky. He pressed his slightly quivering lips against Noah's hard-on and kissed it gently, running his tongue up and down Noah's six inches and leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its wake.

-“Be right back stud.” He spoke directly to Noah's genitals as he kissed them gingerly adieu. “Time to liberate your buddy Chad.”

Winston stood up, adjusted his own crotch and turned toward the other mannequin standing alongside. Like Noah, Chad's eyes remained ever-glued to the swirling masses before him; they may have been open, but his stare was entirely vacant. Winston was pleased to see too, that like Noah, Chad was now showing signs of an erection forming under his white singlet.

He leaned in closer to Chad's crotch and took a whiff, cupped the young man's ball sack gently moving it from side to side several times.

-“Kid has big balls. Nice.” Winston said aloud, to himself.

Chad showed no sign of reanimation, no sign of having heard what Winston had just did or said. Then, with a single snip, Winston freed Chad's manhood too and was watching it with full mesmerized intensity as it ever so slowly twitched and inflated before his eyes. He found it fascinating, how absent all thought and stimuli, in a super-relaxed state, the male psyche often formed these involuntary, subconscious-erections, and he just loved watching them materialize out of nothingness.

-“Alright soldiers. At the count of three you will take your eyes off the spirals and turn to face each other. Your bodies will remain in this same posture once you do. 1 – 2 – 3.”

Like automatons or animatronics in a Christmas window display, the two young men turned to face each other, to see each other for the first time since going under. Neither gave any indication of awareness of the other and now, their erect penises were but inches apart, like two swords ready to duel.

Winston made sure he wasn't blocking his favorite camera angle, purposefully moving into the shot from the side. With his right hand, he grabbed hold of both Noah's and Chad's erections, forcing their dicks into direct contact for the first time. Despite this, neither young man seemed aware enough to care.

-“That's right Chad, Noah... hear my words and obey... you are both so turned on now... say it!”

Virtually in unison, two monotone voices, parroting: “I am so turned on now.”

He let go of the boys' throbbing cocks and procured two specimen bottles from the same table upon which the scissors had been left at the ready. He opened the first bottle, inked Noah's full name on its label and proceeded to put it over Noah's circumcised cock. He repeated the procedure with Chad who was now at full mast as well.

The device covered the entire head of both boys' dicks and had a special suction feature which was activated by pressing at its bottom. It locked onto the penis and stayed locked until deflation.

Winston positioned himself directly below both boys' ball sacks and with his right palm, began simultaneously stimulating their balls, occasionally pausing to look upward at their ever oblivious stares.

-“Remaining very focused on my voice Chad and Noah, you will both cum only when I say... you cannot cum on your own... only when I say... and when you do cum, you will find that cumming puts you even deeper under hypnosis... cumming hypnotizes you. Say it!”

-“Cumming hypnotizes me.” Both boys unflinchingly agreed, sealing their fates.

-“At the count of three you will both cum, going even deeper as you do... 1 - 2 - 3.”

Though they were still standing at ramrod attention, both boys slightly arched their backs as two geysers of white cloudy cum erupted into their respective receptacles virtually simultaneously. Their faces showed no signs of climax or excitation, their ejaculations, a mere subconscious reflex response, nothing more, nothing less.

-“Deeper and deeper...” Winston purred as he removed both devices from the young men's now deflating cocks. He proceeded to hold both deflating penises together rubbing whatever excess semen had not been collected in the containers onto the others' cock heads, licking up whatever trace amounts were left himself.

-“I will be right back boys, to begin our um, real photo shoot. I'll also be reprogramming you some, but not to worry, I think you'll enjoy your new lives as full-fledged members of the brotherhood of the sole. Neither of you will move a muscle until I return.”

He sealed the sperm-filled specimen bottles and placed them in the freezer out back next to the others.

The afternoon had only just begun...


-“Oh come on dude, it'll be fun!” Chad Scarborough pleaded into the phone to his buddy Dave Newfield. “Seriously, when was the last time someone offered to pay you a hundred bucks an hour just for showing off your feet? It's easy dough man, trust me, I did it!”

He was off the phone moments later.

-“Is he gonna do it?” Noah asked flatly.

-“Hook, line and stinker...” Chad reported.

Noah smiled and licked his lips. “Very good slave, now come here and give master one of your killer foot massages!”

The blank-faced redhead dropped to his knees and grabbed hold of his friend's left foot as Noah placed a call to his buddy Winston, the photographer.

-“Yo, Win, Noah. Chad just got Dave Newfield and I've got my buddy Harry. Yes, they're the dudes you picked off our Facebook friend lists. We'll get pictures of their feet emailed to you tomorrow...”