I can still remember the first time my friend Ham asked if he could hypnotize me. We were at his house, alone and we were in grade six! I thought it was cool – no way could Ham hypnotize me – after all, what does a 12 year old know about hypnotism? At that point, in my naive mind, I thought being hypnotized meant being turned into some kind of “Yes Master” robot, and I never thought that could happen to me. I was just way to cocky, not to mention, remarkably strong-willed. Or so I thought anyway.

We were sitting downstairs in his basement playing Colecovision, getting hypnotized by the lines and dots on the screen I might add, when Ham asked me if I’d ever been hypnotized. It was like totally out of left field. Of course I told him I hadn’t… again, how many 12 year olds have ever been hypnotized?

We continued playing our hypnotic game and after a few minutes, Ham began to speak softly into my right ear: “You are getting sleepy… You will obey me slave!”

Of course, I burst out into a fit of pre-pubescent laughter. It was like something out of a Scooby Doo or Superfriends cartoon or something.

We turned off the game and talked for a few more minutes on the subject, I remember being somewhat fascinated, somewhat curious and also somewhat nervous… but I just didn’t think there was any harm in Ham trying it out on me, since I didn’t believe he could actually do it. Besides, in my warped 12-year-old mind, I was already concocting a plan to pretend to be hypnotized, convincing Ham he had been successful. I was going to have some fun with this I thought to myself.

I admit it was kinda hokey – the way he did it, the whole swinging his keys in my face routine and you are getting sleepy… I couldn’t help but burst into laughter several times… but Ham, to his credit, just kept droning on and on and on and on…

I remember feeling nice and relaxed and then, almost by magic, I felt I was moving… not all of me, just my lower half… my legs were airborne! And it felt like the most natural position to be in! I was lying on the floor with the tips of my toes pointing at the ceiling! And I couldn’t move a muscle. It was kinda cool actually.

The next thing I remembered was waking up with my feet in Ham’s lap! My socks were gone somehow and I couldn’t move my feet away from him! My feet were like stuck to Ham’s groin, which I could feel was hard as a rock. It freaked me out a little but part of me was fascinated by the sensation of trying to move my feet and not being able to. Ham noticed this right away, for all I know, in hindsight, he might very well have “programmed” that fascination into me. I tried to say something, but the next thing I knew, Ham was grabbing for his key-chain and swinging it in my face again. I lost consciousness soon after.

I went home without socks that day… in fact, every time after that that Ham and I got together I wound up going home barefoot in my sneaks. And of course, I couldn’t figure it out… where had all my socks gone? I remember thinking this to myself one day when after doing my laundry, all I could find was three… count ‘em… three pairs of socks!

So every time Ham and I got together after that first time he hypnotized me, hypnotism was involved… it just seemed to happen – Ham would bring up the subject of hypnotizing me and I somehow, would allow him to do it over and over and over again. My memories of these sessions were like distant dreams for the most part – but some of it has come back to me – particularly the whole foot scene I was subjected to without my knowledge. In one session that somehow came back to me more clearly, I remember returning home from one of our get-togethers, taking off my shoes and finding my feet covered in what I thought was glue! I thought, who the hell would put glue in my shoes?

I didn’t think much more of that weird incident until one day a few months later when I found myself masturbating on my friend Damon’s feet. I had hypnotized him and in some kind of trance myself, I felt compelled to take off his socks and cum all over his bare soles. It was like I didn’t even know what I was doing! I was so turned on, but not by my friend’s feet – more with the fact that he was lying before me, powerless, so removed, so distant that he had no idea what I was doing to him. But why his feet? I kept coming back to Ham but couldn’t quite fit all the pieces together. I know it sounds stupid now, but again, I was, completely under Ham’s power at that point. I would have believed the sky was made of cotton candy if he had suggested it as often as he was the compulsion for me to hypnotize my friends and masturbate on their bare feet.

By the time we were in grade eight, Ham had probably hypnotized me hundreds of times… I can’t say how many times for sure, but on average, once or twice a week for several years… you do the math!

Now, I know Ham didn’t hypnotize me to be gay – but he definitely did something to my sexual mindset. When I was in grade six, I had never given any thought to men’s feet, yet I know instinctively, that Ham had a really serious foot fetish, even as early as grade six. I remember catching him staring at my feet at the pool, or when we had a sleep over party or something. In fact, I remember it actually making me feel very self-conscious, even when we were like in grade one, I could remember thinking, Ham is staring at my feet, and my first impulse would be to walk out of his field of view. I dunno, it just made me nervous for some reason.

By the time we were in grade eight, I was virtually lusting after my friends’ feet – and I mean lusting. Taking pictures of them sleeping barefoot, or even hypnotizing them and rendering them barefoot if the situation permitted. And then some. Damon was only the first of my friends I got to hypnotize and play with. Between then and my senior year, Ham would see to it that I hypnotized over two dozen guys.

The whole hypno-experience with Ham seemed to culminate at a summer camp we attended when we were 15 years old. We had signed up to be junior counselors at this sleep away camp down south. It was a pretty classy camp – four of us were given our own cabin – no supervision, no adults… it was a prescription to party as I remember recalling it.

But that’s not the way it turned out. On day two at camp, Ham told our two other roommates, a geek named Larry and a rufus-type Italian stallion, Tony, that he was studying to be a master hypnotist! I remember their reactions like it was yesterday. They were fascinated, like I was when Ham originally brought up the subject of hypnotizing me. I remember wanting to scream out, wanting to warn them in some way of what was coming, but it was too late. Ham said some cue phrase and I felt my conscious will slipping away.

The next thing I remember was Larry and Tony, standing pretty close to me, saying things like, “Wow!… Look at him! I think he’s snapped out of it!” Ham was waving a sock in my face – my sock? I barely had enough strength of will left to look down at my feet, but sure enough, I was barefoot – yet again!

Again, my memories of that summer are pretty blurred other than the fact that Larry, Tony and I were repeatedly subjected to hot and heavy foot orgies – at times, I was semi-awake, masturbating myself on both Tony’s and Larry’s bare feet, wanting to stop, unable to do so. I’d recall everything like it was a dream later on.

When the summer was coming to an end, I also remember Ham taking a week or so to “deprogram” all of us – Larry and Tony more than me, because they were from Louisiana while we were from up north and would likely not see them much after that. Still, I remember on the last day when we were packing, both Tony and Larry commenting on how neither of them had a single pair of socks left – both were forced to go home barefoot in their sneaks! Sound familiar? At the same time, I remember looking over at Ham as he smiled and zipped up his over-stuffed duffel bag. For the record, I only had one pair of socks left too, and the label inside read, Larry Finch. I knew I was wearing Larry’s socks, but there was not a damn thing I could do about it. I tried to tell Larry… but my mouth couldn’t bring itself to say the words!

Things got even weirder when we returned to school in grade nine. Suddenly, I had this inexplicable urge to make friends with all these new guys – guys I would never have normally been friends with – jocks mostly.

It took some time, but I gradually entered their circle, going to parties and hanging out with the guys, I was even invited to a porn-movie masturbation session with four of the hottest guys in my grade – Mason, Quinn, Cal and Wes.

It was the beginning of the summer and all of us were in shorts, tangs and bare feet. I remember feeling weird and yet happy when I entered Quinn’s den and saw all the guys, similarly barefoot. I didn’t know why at the time, but I guess it just made my job that much easier.

After some joshing around and fantasy exchanging, Quinn put the video in the machine and within minutes, a guy was fucking not one, but two pussies – in shockingly fast intervals. Within seconds, Mason, Quinn and Cal were holding their bulging cocks in their hands.. Wes was playing with himself through his shorts, and eyeing me, to see if I was getting off. Truth be told, I was getting off, not watching the movie, but watching Calvin’s toes flex as he seemed to get closer and closer to climax. He was the loudest of them – Calvin, and he was also the big star of the football team – you know the type, at 16 he was already six feet tall, two hundred pounds, all American good looks – the reddish-blond hair, pale skin, gray eyes and a pair of feet that literally held me spellbound, not to mention erect. I guessed he wore at least a size 14 shoe.

At that point, I remember feeling like, I couldn’t help myself… I had to do something to turn this sexual energy to my advantage. So I brought up the subject of hypnotism, telling them I just saw a great porno last week in which the women hypnotized the man and turned him into their willing sex toy.

I immediately noticed Wes’s attention on me intensify. He was the first to say anything.

-‘You think that crap really works… I mean outside of the movies?!” he asked with a high degree of curiosity. I looked over at him, feigning confusion over what he meant. I wanted him to say it.

-‘What crap?” I learned the lingo and really did fit right in.

-‘That hypnotism shit – it’s always freaked me out!” He admitted somewhat bravely, aware perhaps of the torrent of criticism and joshes that were now coming his way.

-“Yeah, I’d hypnotize you Wes and turn you into a fuckin’ chicken! You could be our mascot!” Mason joked.

-“Guys, I’ve been hypnotized, it’s not hokey crap – it really works!” Quinn boasted, putting his now flaccid cock back into his fly. Calvin and Mason were still going at it.

-“You were hypnotized?” I remember asking Quinn, with extreme interest.

-‘Yeah! At my cousin’s wedding last year – this hypnotist dude fuckin’ turned me into an astronaut, a mannequin, a fuckin’ zombie – he even fuckin’ made me dance with this other guy! I was totally freaked out by it all!” Quinn stated. Wes chimed in a sentence or two of agreement.

It was my cue now.

-“Dudes, it’s the coolest thing! I’ve been practicing!” I boasted.

-‘What you mean you can hypnotize people?” Wes asked me, totally leaving his penis alone. By now, even Calvin and Mason had stopped stroking, though they were listening very intently.

Calvin turned to look at me first. “Can you hypnotize me?! I’ve always wanted to be hypnotized!”

-“Me too! It could maybe help me with my game.” Mason joined in.

-“Dude, five more inches would help you with your game!” Calvin prodded his shorter buddy.

What I did next was incredible and was certainly not of my own doing. It was as if something clicked in my mind though and I had no choice but to follow the compulsion. Staring at the four guys before me how could I not hypnotize them? I realize now I was acting under some kind of post-hypnotic compulsion, but I knew I had to separate the group and hypnotize them one at a time. I didn’t think their collective maturity level would allow for the right hypno-environment.

I told them to continue watching the porno and that one by one, I would call on them and put them under. I decided to start with, you guessed it, Calvin, whose penis was now completely deflated.

-“Cal, come on! I’ll start with you!”

He zipped up and we went upstairs to Quinn’s bedroom and I had Calvin lie down on his bed. As soon as he did, my eyes were drawn to Calvin’s enormous soles, and I realized, that was the first time I had ever seen Calvin Dunmore’s bare soles and I was admittedly, in awe of their size.

-“Dude! What the hell size are your feet! They’re huge!” My mouth was speaking words I would never have. I remember he answered with such an inflated sense of pride too, “16”, though later under hypnosis it would turn out to be a size 15. Still huge nonetheless.

It took about fifteen minutes to hypnotize Calvin – all the while I was fighting hard to make sure he couldn’t see the growing tent in my pants. Occasionally, I would look away from his eyes to stare at his relaxed feet. When his eyes closed and I had finished my deepening exercises, I stood up, and on autopilot, grabbed one of Calvin’s feet, put it right upside my bulging crotch and within ten seconds, my cum was all over his foot!

I used his other foot to wipe the rest of the cum from myself and then snapped to… sort of. I was literally on autopilot. I left Calvin there, dripping in my seed, hypnotized on Quinn’s bed so that I could go downstairs and take Mason out next. After Calvin, Mason was the second best looking guy in our grade and I seemed to be working down the good looking list. Mason’s dark hair and Mediterranean good looks took you away from the fact that he was only five foot nine – a respectable height but very short by football player standards.

Mason was anxious to be hypnotized, like Calvin, he was new to it and had always wondered about hypnotism. I ushered Mason into Quinn’s younger brother’s room. When he asked me why we didn’t just go into Quinn’s room, I told him that Calvin was in a very light trance and that I had him in a series of deepening exercises… if we walked in on him, he might snap out of it. Mason eventually bought it, despite the fact that his best friend was lying on Quinn’s bed in a very deep trance. He really wanted to see Calvin in a trance. Truth be told, I wanted to go back in there and see Calvin in a trance. But I had a mission to fulfill, and getting Mason hypnotized was part of that mission.

Mason was even easier to hypnotize than Calvin – he didn’t have as many masculine macho barriers to circumvent… It’s a good thing he went under quickly too, because just as his eyes slid shut, I heard someone coming up the stairs.

It was Quinn, wondering what was going on. I ushered him into his brother’s room, literally, by hand.

-“Dude, why are we going into Dylan’s room?” he asked me. I gave him the same spiel I gave Mason about Calvin being in a light trance.

I was actually shocked when Quinn agreed to lie down next to Mason on the bed so that I could hypnotize him next. Did I mention that his brother’s bed was a single bed? The two were literally lying side by side, Mason in a tired lump, Quinn eager, willing and waiting, almost lying at attention to keep from falling off the bed! Again, this was the first time I had seen both Quinn and Mason’s feet – and side by side yet! I stole a few quick glimpses, without being noticed before I got started with Quinn’s induction. I knew I had to hypnotize Quinn quickly because Wes could be coming up the stairs at anytime and I didn’t want him walking in on Calvin in the next room. I decided once I had Quinn under, I would seek out Wes and hypnotize him, wherever the hell he was. I was determined to have all four guys hypnotized and under my power… for what purposes I didn’t even know.

And so it happened. I hypnotized Wes about ten minutes later in the den, and by three o’clock in the afternoon, I had a house full of hypnotized friends, all of whom had my cum on their feet and the only other thing I knew was that I had to call Ham and let him into this hypno-universe I created in his honor.

Although Ham would never have been accepted into Calvin’s social group, he nonetheless showed up at Quinn’s house, knowing full well that everyone there was under some kind of hypnotic spell. I say some kind of hypnotic spell because Wes proved to be a harder subject than all of them put together. He was in a light trance, and Ham resolved to deal with him first.

I have only patchy memories of things after that – I’m pretty sure I was hypnotized the entire time – what I do know is this: After that afternoon, I started pulling back from that jock group of guys to befriend a new group – the bookworms. Four in total were in my sights – and I had to befriend them, one at a time since there was no established clique to fall into. At one point, I remember having Jon, Bradley, Patrick and Ronny under my spell and I remember Ham being there as well. Again, only foggy, patchy memories from that particular incident but I do remember all of us coming on Ronny’s bare feet simultaneously, soaking them entirely. I also remember Ham being very attracted to Ronny, despite his very small stature. The only thing that distinguished Ronny from the rest of us was his hairiness. He was like a chimpanzee in human drag.

The most memorable of these experiences was with the triplets in my grade ten-biology class – they were the last three guys I hypnotized – at the same time! All three, Dylan, Nicholas and Cody proved to be the best subjects I had ever run across. I wonder what happened to them after graduation? If Ham had anything to say about it, they, like me, were left with a crazy, compulsive longing for hypnotizing guys and getting at their bare feet. I remember programming the three with a total distaste for wearing socks. These were three guys that always wore sneakers, so getting them into tevas and other more revealing footwear was kinda fun because it involved them all coming to terms with the fact that they had sexy feet. Neither of them had ever made the association between feet and sex before and so their conversion had to be gradual.

I remember one evening, sleeping over at their house and hypnotizing them all in their bunkbeds. Cody and Nick had come out from under their sheets for the experiment but Dylan remained cached under his. Still, I remember taking an awful long time to stare at Nick’s and Cody’s bare feet before walking across the room to Dylan to remove his sheet.

I remember having all three guys lie down on the floor of the room, alongside each other. Once again, as the boys moved to comply with my orders, I noticed that Dylan still had his socks on. I instructed Cody to remove his brother’s socks before assuming his position on the floor, in the center of the three.

I whacked off three times that evening. The first time was on Nick’s feet, then on Cody’s, then finally, on Dylan’s. It’s funny, but Dylan’s feet seemed to be about half a size bigger than Cody’s and Nick’s, I remember thinking to myself, but other than that, you couldn’t tell the three’s feet apart. I remember holding one of Nick’s and one of Cody’s feet right up to the light – even their foot prints looked identical!

I don’t want to be accused of being redundant, so suffice it to say, the same thing happened again, and again, and again. Each time it happened, I realized by virtue of the fact that I was holding some guy’s foot to my crotch, that I was not acting under my own volition… Knowing that somehow was the one thing that kept me collected whenever I was confronted with firestorms of vague memories.

The ironic part of this tale is this. Ham and I lost contact after High School, after I successfully hypnotized something like twenty guys for him… It’s now ten years later, I’ve had no contact with Ham whatsoever and every time I meet a guy, the first thing I look at are his feet. The next thing I usually bring up is the subject of hypnotism. So I wonder is this post-hypnotic compulsion taken to the ultimate extreme, a fantasy that has been so engrained I cannot escape from it, or is it something of my own creation that was already there?



Master Ham now lives in Denver. He read my story on one of the newsgroups and got in touch with me again last week, for the first time in over a decade! It’s interesting, until I decided to post this story, well, let’s just say, I had resolved to put these weird memories of my time with Ham, aside. Somehow, after posting the story, re-reading it myself and getting the feedback I did, I started wondering, if Ham could ever hold that kind of power over me again. I even had a dream that he returned into my life, swinging his keys at me from the moment we were in visual distance of each other, and me, enthralled, walking to him like a stiff, sleepwalking zombie.

Well, last week, I got my wish. Ham called me out of the blue and yes, he hypnotized me on the phone. I let him of course, but that familiar feeling of being drained of my will and being unable to disobey has already gotten me to do a few more weirder things than usual.

My cousin Jack also came into town last weekend and stayed with me. While we talked and reminisced Saturday night, I saw he was getting sleepy and so I took my cue… talking to him about hypnosis. Jack is 43 but to look at him he’s at least ten years younger. Sandy blonde hair, green eyes, nice olive complexion, seeing him fall asleep to my barrage of verbal cues got me hard as a rock. After over an hour of deepening exercises, I had Jack lying totally erect between two chairs, hinging on my commands. He remained fully clothed, but I realized at one point, his white sweat socks were off and strewn on the floor near my, similarly barefooted feet.

At this point I remember only one thing. I had to call Ham in Denver and tell him what I have done for him…

After this, I have absolutely no memories – ok, not 100% true, I do remember doing some things to Jack’s feet that I’d rather not get into here. I mean, he’s my cousin for crying out loud!

But today was the clincher. I went out to my mailbox and lo and behold, there’s a letter from Ham in there – it’s a big package, a manila envelope, with what felt like 50 pages of paper. When I brought it into the house and opened it, I almost had a heart-attack!

There were over eighty pictures in the envelope – photos of me and some of my friends from when we were teenagers – (So no, they cannot and will not be posted). Master Ham sent me these photos, (mostly foot shots, as I see now) to inspire me to do more work for him. Did I mention my cousin Jack is from Colorado Springs? I think he and Ham are going to become very close friends. And speaking of close friends, my buddy Lance is coming over tonight to watch the hockey game… I never hypnotized him… I don’t recall ever seeing him barefoot either, though I suspect he’d have some pretty nice ones,being that’s he’s six feet five and all…


Ham’s Rant

From as early as I can remember I would get “turned on” whenever I saw a guy’s foot – socked or bare… I think my first erection actually came in grade one! It was winter-time and we were changing from our boots to our shoes and, as was known to happen sometimes, socks came off with boots. Only this time it was Troy Wheeler whose sock was yanked off by his boot. Troy was the cutest kid in our grade. He was popular and totally unlike me. I was shy and quiet. Troy was loud, at times obnoxious, at times hysterically funny. He might have even had a slight case of ADHD – he was one of those.

I was about five lockers down from Troy, but when his sock came off I remember thinking I have to get as close to his foot as possible. It was his left foot as I recall and it was all crinkly from the dampness and cold.

I was holding my small schoolbag and decided to jerk awkwardly so as to cause it to fall on the floor alongside Troy. Understand, this all happened within the span of six seconds! Fortunately for me, my bag landed within inches of Troy’s bare foot and I had to retrieve it… poor me!

I had a split-two seconds of ecstatic bliss that day – For less than two seconds actually, my nose was less than a foot away from Troy’s crinkly heel. Somehow, I knew then that I liked seeing other boy’s feet. Whenever a girl in our grade lost a sock or two in a boot, it was no big deal to me.

I never befriended Troy and I regret not being confident enough to do so. But I did later become friends with one of his friends – Carl Tyson, an inner-city black kid, who never quite fit into our predominantly white elementary school.

Carl was easy to hypnotize – and we had several years of fun. A couple of times, I even led him to believe that he had actually hypnotized me! Ha! Fool! Carl never proved to be any good as a hypnotist, but he was very receptive to my commands. Within a month and a half of hypnotizing Carl, I had only acquired two new slaves… Joey and Harley, both of whom were friends of Carl, and were much more outgoing and popular.

Once we got to High School, I realized I didn’t have the outward confidence to hypnotize the guy’s that I wanted to have under my power. But some of the guy’s I had been hypnotizing could do it and then “let me in on it”.

Brandon was the first friend of mine to undergo the whole hypno-thing with me. I hypnotized him when we were only 12 years old. Once Brandon was totally receptive to me, I let him loose on the males of our grade – many of whom part of the popular, “jock” group. I had no way of getting to these guys – but Brandon, being on the swim team, did.

In total, I think Brandy brought me over a dozen cute guys over the years – all of whom he had hypnotized. You see, I programmed Brandon to get sexually turned on whenever he hypnotizes a guy. From what I understand, this post hypnotic suggestion is so strong with him, even to this day, he can’t help but get hard whenever he’s hypnotizing someone.

Brandon’s cousin Jack has so far proven to have the same hypnotic aptitudes in so far as being a subject goes. I also have high hopes for Jack as a potential hypnotist, but training him for this position will take time. With us both in the same area-code, I expect it will only be a matter of time before good ole cousin Jack begins recruiting sexy men for me just as Brandon.

Of course, it hasn’t happened yet. Only had four or five sessions with Jack since he got back to Colorado but I’m certain there will be more stories to tell in the not-so-distant future… Perhaps Jack and Brandon could be hypnotized to co-author an erotic-gay hypno-fiction? Just one of the possibilities I’m playing with… oh and in so far as cousin Jack goes, yes there are photos…