The Hypno-Master is Always Faster 2

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Freddy Jones was just about ready to head out to the gym when his doorbell rang. He was hoping to catch Hank Albertson, the resident buff-man, there, maybe they'd spot each other he hoped. All he knew was, that with almost singular purpose, he really wanted to get down to the gym. The last thing he wanted or needed was something that kept him from that goal.

Despite that, he answered the door. There were two young men standing on his porch, each looking more desperate than the other.

-”Uh are you Fred Jones or Shaggy Rodgers, of Mystery Inc?” The red-headed freckled youth asked while extending his hand nervously in Freddy's direction.

-”Um, Fred Jones and you are...?” Fred extended his hand back in courtesy.

-”I'm Archie Andrews, this is my buddy Jughead Jones.”

Freddy had to laugh. “Jughead? That's an interesting name.” The lanky young man reminded Fred of Shaggy a bit. He smiled awkwardly at Freddy's comment.

-”What can I do for you guys?” Fred asked trying to signal that he was on the way out. He was hoping he could meet with them after his trip to the gym.

Archie and Jughead walked in right past the young detective, intent it seemed on speaking with him. Fred closed the door and turned to his two would-be clients.

-”It's about our friends, Reggie and Big Moose.” Archie began, more than a little hesitant and uncertain. You could hear it in his voice and read it in in his slumped over body and muffled tone. He was basically speaking into his chest, not projecting outward, barely.

-”They haven't been themselves since they went to see that hypnotist show!” Jughead interjected with what he obviously thought to be some kind of crucial tidbit.

That got Freddy's attention. He had been to see a hypnotist show recently, hadn't he? Somehow, that thought in combination with two young men sitting in his living room wanting to talk about their two friends who mysteriously 'changed' ever since seeing some hypnotist act, made Freddy want to stay and listen. This could be even more important than his previously planned rendezvous at the gym.

-”Have a seat guys. You want a power drink or something?” Freddy offered, heading to the kitchen for a beverage.

-”No thanks.” Archie responded politely.

-”You got any hamburgers?” Jughead asked, his voice elevating several octaves on the word 'hamburgers'. This stopped Freddy dead in his tracks, once again. The similarities between Jughead and Shaggy were uncanny.

-”Boy, you really would get along well Shag and Scoob.” he commented and came back to the living room with two cans of Red Bull, one for him, the other for Jughead, the hamburger freak.

-”Ok, so tell me. How are your friends different? How have they changed?” Freddy asked while sitting on the couch's armrest and preparing to take notes. Archie was on the far end, Jughead had plopped down onto the recliner.

-”Well, first, Reggie broke it off with Veronica, like for real and like forever!” Archie began, Jughead was quick to pick it up though. “Yeah, and then Big Moose breaks up with Midge...” Jughead seemed to be tossing the story back to Archie, like it was some kind of tennis-match theater Archie concluded the drama, “And the next thing we know Reg and Moose are... goin' steady themselves. It's like there's a missing link in there somewhere and I keep coming up with that hypnotist show.”

Freddy stared at Archie like he had just landed from an alien planet. Did he hear the young red-head properly? Was he saying what he thought he was saying? Fred had to be sure.

-”So you think this hypnotist had something to do with your friends going gay and falling for each other? How do you know they didn't have something for each other to begin with?” Fred asked, an intelligent thought-out question, particularly given the absurdity of what this teenager was implying... a hypnotist turning guys gay?!

-”Look, Mr. Jones... I know how crazy this all sounds. But we've known Reg and Moose all of our lives. They've been rivals for all of that time. In football and even over Midge at times.”

-”It's true. Moose beat up Reggie like once a week!” Jughead agreeably stated.

-”Opposites sometimes attract.” Freddy reminded them, but Jughead broke into the conversation just as instantly, “not these opposites. Reggie's been after girls since the day he turned 12 and Moose and Midge have been a couple locked at the hip now, forever. It just doesn't add up.”

-”And you want Mystery Inc to investigate this for you?” Fred asked, just to make certain what was in fact being asked of him. He was the only member of the team of five present after all and really couldn't speak for the whole team in accepting a case like this. Then of course there was the whole matter of payment. These young guys looked like they'd be able to pay him and his colleagues in hamburgers, which would suit Scooby and Shaggy just fine, but Freddy knew, hamburgers did not pay the rent and did not put gas in the Mystery Machine.

-”The hypnotist's name is Mesmo. He was performing at a local club in Riverdale a little over a month ago.” Archie, the carrot top reported. Fred took note of the name. He knew it somehow. Perhaps it was somehow connected to Hank Albertson and his prior need to get to the gym and hopefully 'bump into him'.

-”M-e-s-m-o?” He asked, to make sure he got the spelling right.

The lanky kid with the crown on his head nodded an affirmative but also noted, “it might have been with a “z” Arch!”

-”With a z... ok, you guys aren't pulling my leg or something, are you? I just have to make sure.” Fred tried to sound balanced but this was in every way a crazy sounding case. Still, there was something about it that intrigued him, that made him want to learn more.

-”No we're serious Mr. Jones.” Archie replied back, extremely polite, a tone of desperation in his voice.

-”Call me Fred or Freddy. Do you happen to have any pictures of your friends... what are their names again, Caribou-Kid and Roger?” Fred started looking back at his notes, correcting himself just as Archie had begun to. That's when Jughead handed him two separate pictures, one of an oafish, albeit cute (in a dopey sort of way) blond guy, broad-shouldered and pumped, and another of a GQ model wannabe; slick black hair, heavy brow, thin upper body (all that was visible in the picture). Fred examined them both intently. Neither looked gay, but then again, what did that even mean? It was totally within the realm of plausible reality that these two young men found something in themselves and were finally allowing it to express itself openly. He remained somewhat skeptical, Fred did, with the whole hypnotist connection to all of this.

-”Here are their addresses, email, phone numbers, their Facebook pages...” Jughead handed Freddy a neatly pressed piece of paper containing all of the above information. Freddy began to look it over just as Shaggy entered, practically busting through the front door. He was with his friend Chuck, the slightly arrogant but ever entertaining blond surfer-dude that sometimes got under Freddy's skin.

-”Like howdy dudes. Who's the company Freddy?”

Fred made the round of introductions, introducing both sets of guys to each other.

-”Where's Scooby?” Fred asked Shaggy.

-”Oh, he's still at Vincenzo's Pizzeria, like scoffin' down his fifth anchovy-pineapple-pickle chocolate sauce pizza with extra marshmallows! After five of those, my stomach needed a little break.” Shaggy sounded sleepy, ready for bed almost as he held his stomach in pain.

-”I'm surprised your stomach doesn't just break... the way this guy eats?!” Chuck joked, slapping his thin friend on the shoulder as he finished up shaking Jughead's hand.

Jughead for all the formality of the introductions was most concerned with one thing Shaggy had said.

-”Uh, your dog, Scooby, is it? He's at Vincenzo's Pizzeria? Is that far from here?” He asked Shaggy, practically salivating.

-”Just two blocks down... wh...? Shaggy could barely get out the question 'why' when Jughead bolted past him, toward the front door. “I'll meet you there Archie. Nice meeting you all!” And with that, the crown-clad teenager was out the door in a flash.

Freddy was almost stunned. “Hey Shag, I think you might have found a new best friend in that Jughead dude, he's like you, always thinking with his stomach.” Fred joked. Archie and Chuck laughed along.

-”Like you think I should go with him Fred?” Shaggy asked, still holding his stomach in some degree of pain.

-”I'm sure if you forced yourself Shag, you're probably good for what? Two more of the Scooby and Shaggy specials?” Fred winked his friend's way.

-”You're right. I'm outta here! Chuck you wanna join me?” Shaggy asked, one hand on the door handle.

-”We were just there dude, guy, don't you ever stop?!” Chuck responded, before motioning to Shaggy to go along without him. He'd stay here and hang out with Fred and this Archie dude.

-”See ya!” And Shaggy Rodgers was out the door, no sooner home from a five course round of pizzas and back out again, for another few. Fred always said it was Shaggy's nerves that kept him so thin. Being chased around by so many crazy criminals dressed in so many crazy monster and ghost costumes would make most people neurotic but Shaggy always seemed to kick it up an extra few extra notches. Many a time Fred had seen Shaggy ever so close to a complete nervous breakdown, utterly on the cusp of complete mental collapse only for him to come to with the promise of a couple of Scooby Snacks. Dog Biscuits! Yes, Shaggy ate anything. And after his third “play date” with Mesmo and Fred, this was even more true.

-”So, Chuck, what's shakin? Catch any good waves lately?” Fred asked, trying to make conversation. He was kind of wondering why he was stuck here entertaining Chuck all of a sudden.

-”Nah man, that Shaggy dude was going to take me to see this hypnotist – I forget his name... to help me with my form and my concentration. But we got sidetracked by Vincenzo's and now... here I am.”

Archie approached Chuck, squeezing his arm gently. “Was the hypnotist's name, Mesmo?” He asked in anticipation of Chuck's response.

-”Yeah, yeah, that's it! At least, that's what Shaggy called him.” Chuck was more than certain that was his name.

Archie turned to Fred, hoping Fred would know what all this meant. Fred was the detective after all.

-”If Shaggy wanted to take Chuck to see Mesmo, and Mesmo is the same guy you're talking about... then it stands to reason that this Mesmo character somehow got Shaggy!” Fred thought about it some more. Shaggy hadn't been acting any odder than usual he thought. Maybe he was sleepwalking and sleep-eating more at night, but that's about it.

Chuck was now baffled by what Fred and Archie were talking about.

-”W..w...ww wait a minute guys. What do you mean he got Shaggy? Shaggy just walked out the door for more pizza.”

Fred and Archie exchanged knowing glances. Had Chuck not been brought into this, Fred likely would not have told him anything about it. Cases were confidential and the gang never spoke of their cases with outsiders unless it was inherently relevant to the case.

-”Listen Chuck, Archie and his buddy came to me because this hypnotist that was performing in Riverdale, a one MESMO, basically hypnotized two of his friends and the the thought is, I mean, they think this MESMO made their friends... ” Fred pretended to be searching for the word. This allowed Archie to fill in the blank, “Gay”. He said it in single-syllable.

Chuck was trying to piece this all together... “And if Shaggy wanted to bring me to this hypnotist, then... what? He coulda made me gay too? Is Shaggy gay now? Fred? What are you saying? What the hell is going on here?”

-”That's what we're going to find out Chuck, relax. That's what we're going to find out.” Fred said reassuringly, while turning to Archie affirmatively, “We'll take the case. Consider Mystery Inc on it!”

Fred shook Archie's hand once more to finalize the deal.

-”Uh, Fred... with respect to your fee... um, well, the truth is...” Archie seemed to be looking for a way to tell Fred that he didn't have the money to pay.

Fred knew where it was going. He sensed it.

-”Now that Shaggy might very well be a victim here, consider this case gratis, a freebie. If Shaggy has been hypnotized by that Mesmo character, Mystery Inc., needs to know!”

Archie looked relieved but still perturbed mostly, considering the fate of his friends Moose and Reggie. If Moose and Reggie's relationship had all been the result of hypnotic suggestion, then when they were brought out of it they would almost certainly want to kill each other. Archie could hardly imagine the fireworks that would ensue if his worst suspicions turned out to be even close to the actual case.

Fred flipped open his laptop and did a quick web-search on Coolsville/Mesmo/hypnotist and immediately found a listing in a local newspaper that indicated the hypnotist performed Wednesday through Sunday at the Comet, a slightly run down theater that often hosted medium scale live acts and some live theatrical shows from time to time.

-”I got the skinny on Mesmo's performing location here in Coolsville! He's performing at the Comet, downtown. Tonight through Sunday.” Fred pointed at the screen.

Chuck and Archie leaned in to see what was on it. It was the club's ancient looking website. But it was still being updated regularly as Mesmo's schedule for the month was completely accessible.

-”Let's go talk to Mesmo!” Fred suggested authoritatively.

-”Uh, Fred, you'll understand if I pass on this one?” Chuck really had no interest in getting involved in one of Mystery Inc.'s crazy cases, especially one where some crazy-assed hypnotist was using hypnosis to turn guys gay.

-”See ya around Chuck. Come on Archie, let's go.”


They knocked on the back door of the theater several times before the door squeaked open and a man with stage makeup and a black cape answered. That had to be Mesmo Archie reasoned, just by the get up alone.

-”Can I help you?” he asked the two young men.

-”Er... we're looking for Mesmo the magician and hypnotist?” Freddy began.

-”You've found him. What can I do for you boys?” His voice wispy, somewhat sinister as he took a few steps back from the door, indicating that the two should come in.

Fred walked in first, followed by the slightly nervous redhead. Fred suddenly got the strangest feeling that he'd been there before, backstage. But that couldn't be. He'd never been back this way, had he?

-”Would you like to come into my dressing room? It's not that big, but it's...”

-”Listen Mesmo! We know what you're up to!” Archie couldn't control himself, lashing out at the hypnotist right there in the backstage hallway.

-”You must have me mistaken with someone else...” Mesmo began, this time it was Fred that cut him off at the pass.

-”Mesmo, can we talk somewhere in private?” He asked. Mesmo pointed the two young men to his dressing room backstage.

-”Be my guests!” He said warmly, and the three proceeded, single-file, down the dark, narrow hallway to the small dressing room at the far end.

Fred and Archie took seats on the rickety couch while Mesmo went back to his makeup mirror and sat back down.

-”I have a show starting in an hour, maybe you'd both like to stay and watch?” He tried to be polite.

-”We're not here to see a show Mesmo!” Archie barked angrily. Freddy hushed him down a bit.

-”Uh, Mesmo, we're investigating some... er... rather disturbing changes in a couple of young men who went to see your show last month in Riverdale.” Fred started out diplomatically enough.

Mesmo didn't appear to have a clue what Fred was talking about. At least that's what his confused face conveyed.

-”Disturbing changes? Heavens! What ever does that mean?” he asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

-”Mr. Mesmo, is it possible for hypnosis to turn someone gay?” Fred asked, the question outright, launching it so far out of left field the question almost seemed to come from 'Nowheresville'.

Mesmo seemed all to anxious to respond.

-”Absolutely not. Now, temporarily, while the subject is hypnotized you can convince them that a man is a woman or vice versa, I do that in my act sometimes, but the effect doesn't last beyond the show. It never does.” Mesmo was very convincing, appearing totally sincere.

-”Then how come my friends...?” Archie started but Fred cut him off.

-”I've... I've been here before, haven't I?” He mumbled to himself, but loudly enough for both Archie and Mesmo to hear.

-”Fred?” Archie asked looking at the blond detective as he scanned the room intently, as if trying to jar his memory.

-”Why don't you both give me your shoes?” It seemed it was now Mesmo's turn to say something that emanated from 'Nowheresville, U.S.A..' Archie thought he had misheard until Fred reactively kicked off his brown loafers, bent down to pick them up and then, got off the couch and approaching Mesmo with them in-hand.

-”What the hell?” Archie was at a loss for words. “Fred, what are you doing?” His voice was now racing, panicking as he watched Fred Jones hand the hypnotist his shoes.

-”Thank you Freddy. You may go sit down. And what about you?” Mesmo looked directly at Archie, almost staring right through him, piercing his outer most skin and entering his body in a weird almost out-of-body experience. Archie had to shake it off.

-”I'm not giving you my shoes! Fred! What's going on? Why did you give this guy your shoes, I don't get it?”

Fred was now back on the couch sitting alongside his redheaded client. He wasn't moving. Just sitting perfectly still, as if deep in his own thoughts.

-”Archie is it? Archie Andrews I believe?” Mesmo said while standing up and looking down on the nervous young man.

-”Um, how do you know who I am?” Archie moved back on the couch, so as to be as far away from the predator who was now stealthily approaching him, head-on.

-”You're here about your friends, Reggie Mantle and Marmaduke Mason, a.k.a. Big Moose, aren't you?” Mesmo teased. He could tell he was making the young man nervous.

-”Moose hadn't gone by that name since early elementary school!” Archie was floored. How did this dime-store goof ball know Big Moose's real name? Very few people did.

-”Uh, Fred, I think we should go now, this guy is creeping me...!” Archie nudged the still unmoving blond detective. That's when he realized that Fred was sitting there hypnotized.

-”Fred!” Archie shook Fred once or twice as Mesmo continued his slow step by step creep towards the couch. “How did you...? I didn't see you hypnotize him?!” Archie didn't know what to do. Should he bolt and get help? Should he stay here and try and wake Fred?

-”He doesn't hear you Mr. Andrews. And to answer your question, I know you because Reggie and Moose have identified you as someone they wanted me to hypnotize...”

-”Stay away from me!” Archie squirmed, his feet now off the floor and on the couch with him, his scared body crunched up like a turtle's retreat into its shell.

-”Relax Mr. Andrews. If I wanted you hypnotized, you'd be under already, like Freddy here. Bark for me Freddy!”

-”Woof, woof, woof!” Fred obeyed instantly.

-”Th...then what do you want with me?” Archie kept looking back at Fred for any signs that this might be some kind of gag, something other than what it seemed to be. Fred hadn't budged an inch and Archie felt he was in some kind of imminent danger.

-”Me? All I want is your opinion... as a representative of the teen market demographic.” Mesmo tried to sound as businessman-like as possible. Archie was confused.

-”Huh? I don't get it?!”

-”My real business is accessories. And I'm trying to do some market analysis on these!” Mesmo pulled out two dog collars from his jacket pocket.

-”Looks like your basic dog collar I guess, what's that got to do with me, I don't even own a dog!” Archie was still trying to figure this all out.

-”They're not for dogs, they're for people silly! They're huge in Asia, everyone is wearing them there.”

Archie felt like he was suddenly at some kind of time-share seminar, being sold on something utterly ridiculous and wasteful of his time.

-”Look, I don't think kids in Riverdale or Coolsville are going to go for wearing dog collars...” He contemplated it but just couldn't see the fad catching on.

-”Humor me. Try it on, see how it feels and then you and your detective friend here are free to go. I'll snap him out of it and give him back his shoes of course!” Mesmo promised, holding out the dog collars in Archie's direction, waiting for him to take one.

The redhead was once again skeptical, but if all he had to do was put this stupid thing on and then they'd be free to go... he was more than happy to oblige.

He grabbed the collar from the shrewd hypnotist, looked at it briefly, it felt heavier than it looked, and he proceeded to attach it to his neck as instructed.

-”I hope you plan on keeping your promise Mes...” Archie Andrews face went completely slack.

-”There. That's better now isn't it Mr. Andrews?”

-”Yes master.” Archie droned, all previous hints of resistance emancipated from what was left of his being. He was now a drone.

Mesmo stepped in front of the blond-haired detective and affixed the second collar around his neck. The effect, was even more instantaneous than with Archie. Fred after all had been conditioned, many times previous to this encounter. He sprang from his seat on the couch and came to rock-solid attention, his mind now completely commandeered by the mind-control collar.

-”I await your commands, master.” Fred's voice was that of a drone. Archie's teenage body was slowly following suit, until, his feet were back on the floor, and he was sitting straight up with but one thing on his mind - he had to obey.

His cel phone rang. It was one of his special rings, indicating a young man was on the other end of it. He picked it up expectantly.

-”Ah, Mr. Mantle, so good to hear from you... I hope you have good news for me?” Mesmo was talking to Reggie Mantle, who's father owned an electronics assembly plant just outside of Riverdale.

There was a brief pause on Mesmo's end as he received Reggie's 'report'.

-”I guess I'll have to settle for just the four more for now. When will the others be ready?”

Another brief pause, as Reggie explained further.

-”Very good Mr. Mantle you have done well. You will bring them to me tonight, to my hotel room in Coolsville. Do you understand? And bring your boyfriend Marmaduke, I'm in the mood for some fun!”

He hung up moments later, chuckling to himself yet again. “Of course he understands. Ha! He's bringing me four more special collars. It definitely pays to have friends in high places!” Like all good villains, Mesmo liked to talk to himself.

He did a final check in the mirror before turning back to the blond and red head waiting on his commands.

-”Ok boys, you will both get undressed and wait for me here. I have a show to get ready for. After the show, we'll have some fun before heading over to my place... in fact... why wait...?”


It was an average show, only about forty-five or so in the audience and because ticket sales weren't so big on the late show, he decided to cancel it. Besides, he had his own late show going on. As he neared his dressing room he could hear the grunts and slobbering noises from the other side and he had to wonder if anyone backstage had heard them too.

He unlocked his dressing room door to find Fred Jones and Archie Andrews rolling around naked on the floor, their slender teenage bodies a tangle of what appeared to be a single mass of flesh. Both boys were erect but from the smell in the room, Mesmo could tell there had been at least one prior 'outburst' from one, possibly both of them. He quickly closed his door, knowing that any minute, the African American man he had hypnotized in his show would be knocking on his door.

-”Attention my two slaves!” Mesmo directed both young men's complete attention.

-”You will both stand up. Remain hard. Bodies hard. Your dicks hard.”

Fred and Archie stammered to their feet from their positions on the floor, both young men's pubic hair and midsections showing signs of having been awash in semen and sweat, now, drying and crusting up on their bare flesh.

As both young men came to attention to await further instructions, as expected, there was a knock at the door. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Mesmo answered it, creaking the door open just enough to see who was standing there. The last thing he needed was some stagehand barging in on his post-show fun.

-”Uh hi, I'm Hugh... um, you hypnotized me tonight and I... um... I...” The young man began while Mesmo opened the door more fully, to give him a view of what was inside.

-”I uh, holy shit! Th... they're both naked! Wh... what the hell is going on in here man?” Hugh was terrified, but it didn't matter to Mesmo. He knew if Hugh showed up here, it meant his post-hypnotic programming was working just fine and that Hugh could be put under at any moment.

-”Sleep!” Mesmo commanded, and the six foot five inch-tall star basketball forward of the varsity team was suddenly out for the count, on his feet.

-”Come in Hugh and close the door behind you.” Mesmo instructed.

Moving as if in a dream, the hypnotized basketball player turned, closed and locked the door behind him.

-”Very good. Now Freddy, I'm going to remove your collar, but you are still deeply hypnotized, and will not wake up from your trance until I say so.”

-”Yes master.” Fred Jones knew nothing else to say. He could feel someone pulling at his neck but knew not what was going on around him.

Hugh's hypnotized mind still found it odd, hearing another guy calling this hypnotist 'master'? What the hell was this he thought to himself, but before he could do or say anything to further question he could feel someone standing behind him and doing something to his neck. Mesmo actually had to stand on the couch to get it around the tall man's thick neck but he managed it. And, it barely fit! It was very tight and fastened on the last possible hole, but it was still around the young man's neck and like the others, the effect was immediate and unquestionable.

Hugh's tall, thin body suddenly came to attention. His eyes seemed to bug out, his brain only registering one thing, he had to obey his master.

-”Very good. Now, Archie, Freddy, you boys are going to get dressed now but you will each put on the other's clothes. Freddy, you will put on Archie's clothes, and Archie, you will wear Freddy's. We are going to my hotel room to wait on a very important delivery... and we'll have some fun too while we wait, won't we Hugh?”

The blank-faced buzz-cut African American didn't know what else to say but, “Whatever you say, master.” And he continued standing there, staring off into space watching, but not really watching the scene playing out in front of him - two white guys, one blond and one red-head slowly getting dressed. He vaguely wondered what that was all about as his mind went completely dark...


-”One, two, three, wide awake Freddy!” Mesmo snapped his fingers in front of the blue-eyed vacant stare of Fred Jones, and with that, the young detective snapped awake.

-”What-da?” Fred didn't know where he was or what was going on. Where was he? More importantly why couldn't he move? And why were there two naked guys on the bed in front of him?

-”Ah, I see you've decided to rejoin us Mr. Jones. Welcome back!” Mesmo had woken Freddy up, just as nude as the other two young men, but Fred couldn't adjust his line of sight enough to see it initially. Mesmo waited for this realization next.

-”Who the heck are you? What's going on here? What have you...? Am I...? Am I naked too?! Shit, I think I am! What...? Why can't I move?!”

Mesmo walked around the young detective. Freddy's eyes could not follow him as he circled his backside and pinched his bottom.

-”Ow! Quit that!” Freddy growled.

-”Oh come now Mr. Jones... you like it when I play with your ass. At least, you liked it last week...” Mesmo was baiting the young detective and milking the scene for all it was worth. He'd milk Freddy later he decided.

-”I... I... was at your show last week! You... you hypnotized me, on stage, didn't you?”
Freddy was starting to piece it all together. Just starting to, as Mesmo grabbed the young man's balls, pushing Fred's limp cock up as far as it would go, past the young man's belly button, Mesmo noted.

-”Hey, stop that! Why are you doing this to me?!” Freddy was almost crying. He had never felt this powerless in all his life and he hated the feeling.

-”Yes I hypnotized you on stage Fred Jones... but I've hypnotized many more times since then... remember?”

Mesmo was now massaging the young man's rod.

-”No stop this... I don't want to... not while I'm looking at them... please?!” All Fred could see in front of him were two naked men lying on the bed as stiff as boards. Both the white guy and the black guy had erections and the only way Fred could not look, was to close his eyes.

-”Remember!” Mesmo said enchantingly.

Fred's brain was swimming with images and memories now rushing to the surface of his conscious mind. It was overwhelming, like watching five movies in fast-forward at the same time. Things were starting to unveil themselves, as if a dense fog was lifting.

-”Oh no. No! I didn't. You made me bring Shaggy to you... and you hypnotized him too? And... his feet? Shaggy's feet... you made me take all those pictures of his feet while he was asleep? You made me... I can't believe this... you made me hot for Shaggy's feet?! WHY?! Why would you do that to me?!”

For the briefest of seconds, Mesmo's conscience surfaced and he momentarily felt bad for the young blond. Fred, while extremely angry and upset, did not curse at him, threaten to kill him. Instead, the polite young man reacted in the precise opposite fashion. The combination of not being able to move while overwhelming the senses with memories and in-person scenes like the one was Mesmo was about to create, often did that to the strong-willed, it reduced them noticeably.

-”Because I can.” Mesmo conscience was now back where it belonged, tucked away somewhere between his pancreas and gall-bladder. He was recalling the 100 or so pictures Freddy was ordered to take of his friend Shaggy while sleeping. In fact, Fred took photos of much more than his friend's sleeping bare feet. His memories though were coming back disjointed, in fragments and as a result his brain was also selecting the easiest things to remember first, saving the harder more difficult memories for last.

There was a sudden knock. Fred instinctively began to plead for help.

-”Hello? Help me! Help me pl..r.rgh!”

Mesmo picked up one of Archie's socks, (Fred had been wearing them) and stuffed it in Fred's mouth.

-”I'm expecting these two. They cannot help you Freddy.”

Mesmo came back into Freddy's view to answer the door. Two young men, a tall blond and an average sized guy with jet-black hair were on the other side. Both seemed out of it, Fred noticed. They also had dog collars around their necks... Fred was remembering something about the dog collar... maybe he had one on, or Shaggy did? He wasn't sure, but something about a dog collar. Fred then noticed that the tall black guy on the bed also had what looked like a brown-leather dog collar around his neck. There had to be a connection and Fred's mind went to work, trying desperately to remember.

-”Freddy, this is Reggie and Marmaduke, ok, you call call him Moose, everyone does.” Mesmo squeezed the large man's cheeks with hand and cupped his crotch with the other.

He removed Archie's sock from his mouth.

-”What.. pfff... what have you done to them? They look like robots!” Fred couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Reggie and Moose's eyes, they seemed so, empty, as if neither guy was “home”.

-”Why don't you and Reggie get undressed and wait for me on the other bed?”

For the first time since they had arrived Fred heard both young men speak. Indeed, they even sounded like robots when they responded simply and flatly, 'yes master' and immediately began to shed their clothing.

Fred felt like he was awake inside a nightmare. Soon there would be four naked guys in the room, five including himself. What did this psychotic hypnotist have in mind for them? Fred turned his attention to Mesmo who was affixing something to the young red-head's neck. A collar, Fred realized as soon as Mesmo stepped back, just like all the others were wearing!

That's also when Fred realized he had a collar, just like these around his neck. His mind started to race... did this guy want to turn us all into dogs or something, he wondered to himself.

-”Stand!” Mesmo suddenly commanded the young red head who snapped out of bed so fast you'd think his drill sargent had just ordered him to do it at boot camp.

-”Yes master.” He sounded just like the other two, Fred noted, robotic.

-”Works perfectly Mr. Mantle, thank you. Now, when did you say your father will have the first shipment ready by?”

Naked and now on the bed, the dark haired young man replied blandly, “Next week latest master.”

-”Excellent. Now, isn't this fun Freddy?”

-”No! I don't know how Mesmo, but I'll stop you, and if it's not me, then Mystery Inc will stop you. You'll never get away with this!” This was Fred's official protest, his last stand perhaps, since all he could do was pretty much just stand there motionless.

Mesmo seemed to get a cheap thrill out of hearing the protests, as he approached Fred like a predator about to pounce.

-”Strong words for someone still wearing my mind-control collar!” Mesmo showed Fred the remote control unit that went along with it. “One press of the button my young Mr. Jones and you're as mind-wiped as these four. I just thought you might like to watch.”

With all of his might, Fred was trying desperately to move, but couldn't. “I don't want to watch!” Fred whined sounding more like a kid than he had in a long time.

-” I think I'm going to pair them up differently though for my purposes tonight. Archie, you will lie down near Reggie. Marmaduke, you will lie down near Hugh over here!”

After both young men responded with his 'yes master' and moved toward their instructed location, Mesmo turned back to Fred.

-”I think the two big guys should enjoy each other's big bodies, don't you Fred?” Mesmo teased coyly.

Fred was scared to death but did everything not to show it. As bad as his situation was now, being forced to watch what he knew was coming was a lot better than being forced into participating in what was coming.

-'I'm not into this scene Mesmo... none of this is a turn on for me and you know it!”

-”Then why is your beautiful cock hard as a rock my friend? I'll let you move your neck down three inches if you don't believe me...”

Suddenly Fred could move his head, not much, but enough to be able to look down at his rock hard cock, his exposed legs and his bare feet on the carpeted floor beneath.

Fred tried to will it down. Tried every trick in the book he knew, to no avail. Nothing was working.

Mesmo knew what the young detective was trying to do. He had seen this all before.

-”Just like I control your body Fred, that's why you can't move, I also control your cock now. You can't get it hard on your own and you can't deflate it on your own either and that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.”

Hearing this, that another man, this man was in control of his most personal bodily possession nearly sent the always balanced Fred Jones into a near psychotic rage.

-”You sick... bastard! I'll... I... I...I hear and I obey, master.”

Mesmo decided to push Fred's button. Such language was not becoming of such a fine young gentleman as Fred Jones.

-”Now, Moose, Hugh, I want you each to roll over onto your sides and take a good look at each other's bodies.”

The two almost larger than life athletes turned on their sides so that their naked bodies were now facing each other. They looked adoringly at one another as well, as if both knew sex with the other was imminent.

-”You will decide between yourselves which one of you will be playing receiver and which one of you will go on offense. I leave it up to you two to decide.”

Mesmo moved to the next bed, plopping down at the foot of it, on Archie's side. This was the first time he was close enough to the redhead's almost pink soles since he'd put the mind control collar on him. Archie's feet were average in size, Mesmo guessed a size ten or so. They were neither wide or narrow and were a little veiny on the instep. A few traces of bright orange hair graced his two big toes.

Mesmo took Archie's right ankle and positioned his foot so that it was right alongside Reggie's left, noticing immediately that both boys shared the same foot-size or were darn near close. Reggie wore a size ten and a half as he recalled, which meant so too did Archie. The soles of Reggie's feet were a little plumper than Archie's whose higher arches made it appear as though his feet were thinner when really they weren't. Reggie's feet were flatter and less pink in color; his two big toes were slightly bigger than Archie's but had the same sparse spattering of hair, in his case, black hair.

Mesmo held up both young men's soles and brought them to his face to take a whiff and an unplanned lick up both, simultaneously!

-”I think you Reggie and you Archie are going to become foot-fuck buddies from here on in. Archie you're going to lust after Reggie's feet...”

-”Lust after Reggie's fff—tttt...” he repeated.

-”And you Reggie are going to lust after your friend Archie's feet, nothing is sexier in the world than Archie's bare feet.”

-”Nothing is sexier in the world than Archie's bare feet.” Reggie Mantle, the prankster, the trickster, the guy with an ego so big it could squash the un-squashable just proclaimed his mindless adoration of his friend's feet, and nothing could have seemed more reasonable and normal for him to do.

-”Reggie, Archie, you may begin.” Mesmo took a few steps back to watch their activity start up. He bumped into the statue of Fred Jones as he did. “Sorry Freddy. You know, you really should be awake for this. 1-2-3 wide awake!” He snapped his fingers in Fred's face and Fred once again came to.

-”Huh? Where am...? You! You're doing this!” Fred began to protest once more, again trying desperately to move from his rooted position on the floor, to no avail.

-”I can see why they pay you the big bucks for your sleuthing work, nothing gets past you do, does it, Mr. Jones? I woke you because I want you to witness two very hot and spicy scenes playing out right before you... In bed number one, we have your friend Archie and his friend Reggie, though they're quite busy at the moment as you can see...”

-”You fiend!” Freddy exclaimed half in shock, half in anger as he watched both young men devouring each other's feet like they were the last morsels of food left on the table. They were crazed, obsessed; nothing seemed to exist for either of them but their buddy's bare feet.

-”And on bed number 2 we have 'the jock block' starring Big Moose, the Football player and Hugh, the basketball player. As you can see, they're playing a combination of those two sports right now...”

Fred could barely look at the scene his eyes had been directed to. He didn't know either of these young men but the blond one's huge cock was stuck up the black guy's ass and was pounding away like one of those automatic sledgehammers. The black guy's face was facing Fred; it showed no signs of life. Fred wondered if in fact he was alive or dead.

-”Is he...?” Fred was too horrified to repeat the question.

-”Pounding the crap back into him... yes Fred, he is. You find it hot don't you?” Mesmo teased.

-”No, I don't. Mesmo, is he... is he dead?” Fred was wincing. The sound of toe sucking in his right ear, and skin on skin ass-fucking in his left, thoughts of murder now racing through his mind.

Mesmo looked over at Hugh from Freddy's angle and understood what Fred meant in his question. At first, he didn't know what to make of it. He walked over to Hugh and spoke.

-”Hugh, in a moment I am going to deactivate your mind control collar. You will not realize you are wearing one when I do. Also, you are paralyzed. The only thing you can move are your lips. You can speak but you cannot yell or scream. 1-2-3, eyes open, wide awake!”

Hugh's frozen face was almost instantly replaced with a disgusted, horrified face as he realized he was in the process of taking it up the rear.

-”Holy fuckin'... what the hell is going on here?” Hugh's mental and vocal reanimation was somewhat of a relief to Freddy, who thought perhaps the young man was dead. That's how zoned out of it he had looked.

-”Hugh, listen to me, I'm Freddy Jones from Mystery Inc. This guy's been hypnotizing us with these mind control collars. You have to try and move!”

-”Nice try Freddy. A for effort, but it will get an F for result. Hugh here cannot move. He will not move until I say.”

-”Who the hell are y...? Hey, you're that hypnotist dude, the one that put me under tonight! You gotta be fuckin' kidding me man...” Hugh was starting to put it together. This hypnotist, Mesmo or whatever his name was, had hypnotized him and somehow put him in this, the most compromising and painful situations of his life. Hugh wasn't just getting fucked, he was being fucked by a moose, a giant blond moose! “Get this motherfucka offa me, Ow man, you're killing me here!” Hugh was almost crying in pain and humiliation.

-”He's just as hypnotized as you and I were Hugh. I can't move either.” Fred reported on Moose's mental condition. “This guy is trying to turn us all gay!” Fred hoped this last revelation might stir up enough adrenaline in the young man to get him to somehow break free of Mesmo's mental shackles. Fred still could not budge an inch and it was hard because he had several killer-itches that he had to will away because he couldn't move to scratch them.

-”Maybe. But you ain't got no dawg fuckin' your asshole!” Hugh would be yelling if he could, instead his tone of voice conveyed the anger and pain he was currently experiencing.

Fred could watch no more. He turned his eyes to the other bed just across from where Hugh lay. Archie and Reggie were on their backs, asses touching and each had the others bare feet in their mouths. They were voraciously going at it and totally into it Fred noted when he saw both guys rock hard dicks.

-”None of them will cum until I tell them to do so.” Mesmo boasted to his two now-awake victims; awake, but veritable statues, unable to move a muscle beyond their eyes and mouths. “So none of them will stop until I tell them to cum.”

-”Tell him to stop. Tell him to stop. I'll give you anything man. This guy is killing my ass!” Hugh protested and begged at the same time.

-”Then you want him to cum inside you, you're ready for that?” Mesmo asked the freaked out bottom.

-”Fuck no! Just get him offa me now motherfucka!” Hugh barked.

-”He can only dismount you once he's cum inside you. If you want him to stop, then you have to ask me to command him to cum.”

-”You're shittin' me ow, right?! Are you for real dawg? I don't want no white guy's sperm floatin' around inside me, fuck that shit!” Hugh summoned every ounce of strength he had and barely wound up moving his entire frame more than an inch. “Fuck!” He exclaimed, frustrated.

-”You must like pain then? Moose over here can go on and on for hours. How long did you go last time Moose with Reggie, tell Hugh.”

Moose didn't stop his pounding of Hugh's asshole to answer. “Five hours master.”

-”Yes Reggie's was a tough nut to crack, but he eventually did. Isn't that right Reggie?”

-”Mmmph, yes... master.” Reggie had to come up for air to respond, his face, his whole existence buried in Archie's 10 and a half-sized soles.

-”Reggie is now so under my control he's even got his father doing my bidding. Is your father still wearing his mind control collar Reggie?”

-”Yes master, he wears it at all times sir.” For that answer Reggie had to stop his assault on Archie Andrews' feet, but he quickly resumed his oral feast once his answer was spoken.

Mesmo now turned to an even more horrified Hugh.

-”Do you have any brothers Hugh?” Mesmo licked his index finger and ran it along Hugh's forehead, down his nose, careful not to make contact with the young mans lips in case he were to bite him.

-”Fuck you! I ain't telling you shit about me or my family until you get this guy outta me, fuck! And even then I ain't telling you dick!”

Mesmo pressed a button on the device he was holding. A slight buzz was heard.

-”Now, Hugh, do you have any brothers?”

-”Yes master. Six.” All inflection was gone from the antagonized and agonized voice of only seconds past. Hugh was back under Mesmo's full control.

-”You have six brothers Hugh?” Mesmo was almost beside himself.

-”Yes master, six.”

-”What are their names and ages?”

-”Debraun is the youngest he's only 12; Boxer is 14; J.T. is 16; Jamal is 20, Darnell is 21 and Karim is 23.”

Mesmo wrote all of that down and once again, deactivated Hugh's mind control collar.

-”What the...?”

-”It's that remote he has... it hypnotizes you with the push of a button!” Fred explained hurriedly to Hugh just in case Mesmo was ready to put him or Hugh back under again. If all it took was a flip of a switch to turn Freddy Jones into some gay hypnotized zombie, he shuddered to think any more of what that implied, particularly given everyone but Mesmo's full nudity. How could he not think any more of it with the sexual frenzy going on before him?

-”I see you are feeling left out Mr. Jones?” Mesmo approached Freddy head on, blocking his view of Hugh as he did.

-”No, that's ok, I'm fine.” Fred responded nervously as he watched Mesmo on the encroach.

-”Maybe you want a piece of this?” Mesmo asked. Fred could not see where Mesmo was pointing but he heard the sound of a zipper and by the placement of Mesmo's arms Fred had a dire feeling as to where this was all going.

-”Please! We can make a deal...” he tried to bargain with the now hard hypnotist.

-”Do I look like I need a deal Mr. Jones? No, what I need is a fully conscious and alert cum-slave like you... I'm just about ready Freddy!” The hypnotist was violently jerking himself off closing in on Fred's frozen naked body. Fred couldn't look, he had to close his eyes and pretend like something else was happening – this was too much! And then, he felt it...

-”Aaaaaarggh! Fuck yeah, all over your body Fred, that's right... feel my seed dripping down your naked body, claiming it, it belongs to me!”

And Fred did feel it. The first discharge hit him just below the neck and actually dripped down onto his own hard cock; the second stream of sperm hit him on his left thigh and it was slowly trickling down his leg as the third and final squirt of Mesmo's load hit him head on in the crotch, soaking his blond pubic hair, turning them dark blond almost instantly.

-”I can't believe you're doing this to me! What did I ever do to you?!” Fred was pleading now with Mesmo; he was utterly humiliated, disgusted, terrified and wanting this all to end. He'd do anything for this all to end, to wake up and realize it was just one big nightmare. But that was not to be.

-”I'll make a deal with you Fred, even though, like I said, I don't need to make deals.” Mesmo began.

-”Ok, whatever it is, I'll do it!” Fred volunteered too fast. Given what was going on in the room, volunteering to do 'anything' he realized, was probably not the smartest of ideas.

-”Which of these four guys do you find most appealing?” Mesmo asked Fred.

-”This is a fuckin' nightmare!” Hugh interjected from the sidelines.

Freddy was too busy contemplating his own predicament to have even heard Hugh's futile complaint. Finally, after a few seconds of thought:

-”I don't know. I don't find guys appealing. I like girls.” Fred retorted, a bit of sneer and more than a little disgust in his tone.

-”But if you had to have one of them, which would it be?” Mesmo pursued it.

-”I... I don't want to have any of them Mesmo, don't you understand that? I suppose you're going to press your little button now and...”

-”Now, tell me Fred, which of the four men present here do you find the most physically attractive?”

-”The big blond one master.” Fred answered without a second's hesitation.

-”Very good Freddy boy. Now at the count of three you are going to be able to move again but only to the bed with Moose and Hugh. Do you see Big Moose humping Hugh?” Mesmo pointed and Fred saw a terrified black guy getting ass-fucked by the blond behemoth.

-”Yes master.” Fred responded as required.

-”You're one sick puppy man. This is sick you know that?” Hugh was hoping maybe some well chosen words would get under Mesmo's skin. Quite the opposite was the case actually. Mesmo loved hearing futile challenges and being called names, being threatened by guys that had absolutely zero ability to follow through. It was a huge turn on for him, which is why he liked waking up some of his subjects mid-programming, particularly when there was more than one young man present.

-”Freddy, you are going to mount the bed and then you are going to mount Big Moose. As he fucks Hugh, you will fuck him. And as you fuck him you will very gradually wake up and realize what you are doing but you won't be able to stop yourself, you will continue fucking Moose until I tell you otherwise or until I tell you to cum. And remember Fred, you cannot cum without my saying so. Now... GO!” Mesmo pointed for dramatic effect and Fred was in motion sluggishly shuffling toward the huge muscle butt of the blond football player.

Fred mounted Big Moose and another 175 pounds of male flesh was now pressing against Hugh thin frame.

-”Man, this is too much. You're going to make him fuck him?! Come on Fred, snap out of it, fight it man!” Hugh knew this communication attempt was futile but he had to try.

-”You're so cute Hugh.” Mesmo slithered toward the foot of the bed with Hugh, Moose and Fred, a twisted tangle of legs and feet beckoned a zoom in. He bent down and ran his tongue along Hugh's right sole.

-”Are you lickin' my foot man?! Fuck, that's gross!” Hugh didn't think he could get any more put off. At least he was no longer in pain. Fifteen or so minutes of being pounded by Big Moose had obviously had the effect of loosening up his tight hole. Still, the feeling of anything up there made Hugh nauseous.

-”Archie, Reggie, stop worshiping your feet and listen to me! You will both stand up and go stand near Hugh, your penises facing his face!”

Archie and Reggie, in unison dropped each other's feet and dismounted the bed. Their naked bodies walked mechanically over to the second bed where Hugh, Big Moose and Fred were engaging in a three way. Hugh's eyes widened as both guys' cocks were suddenly inches away from his face.

-”What are you going to do?” Hugh asked nervously, not sure he wanted to know the answer.

-”I'm going to make them all cum at the same time, Fred in Moose, Moose in you and these two over here, they're going to cum all over your face. Do you understand Archie, Reggie? When I count from five to one you will both cum aiming your dickheads at Hugh's face... you must cum all over his face... repeat that!”

Archie and Reggie in unison, “Must cum all over his face.”

And Freddy when I count from 5 to 1 you will cum inside Moose; Moose the same for you except you will cum inside Hugh!”

Big Moose responded with his “yes master” in between heaves. Freddy was already regaining some awareness of what he was doing and where he was; it was still foggy, but he knew he was having sex with someone, in a hotel room possibly?

-”All of you focused on my voice, as I count back from 5 to 1... getting ready to cum... 5...4...” Mesmo was interrupted by Hugh.

-”Please don't... please!” Hugh was pleading. He could feel Big Moose inside him getting ready to climax.

-”3...2...” Mesmo was counting slowly on purpose, loving the mind-fuck he was doing on Hugh as much as the rest of the raw hard fucking in the room.

-”I don't want this!” Hugh whimpered in one final desperate, do-nothing exclamation to no one. Mesmo certainly didn't care and the other four were too far out of it and gone to hear him.

-”1!” Mesmo said the number loudly and clearly and took a step back to get the whole scene in full view.

All four young men came in or on their designated receptacle. When Moose was done, he collapsed completely onto Hugh, a total dead weight. Hugh had his eyes shut tightly closed. Both his eyelids were now covered in cum; there was cum on his forehead, his nose and cheeks, some on his chin and neck as well. Archie and Reggie, absent any further direction, just stood there, their cocks deflating almost in unison, side by side. Fred was just starting to come to, realizing his penis was inside some strange guy's ass, he moved to dislodge himself from it.

Mesmo pressed the button on his device, noticing Fred in motion. “Stay where you are Freddy, I need to take some pictures of this scene and I want you all in your current poses!”

-”Yes master.” Fred's deflated penis was now virtually outside of Moose's asshole.

Mesmo opened a drawer and procured his digital camera. Just as he was about to start snapping, there was a knock on the door. He wasn't expecting anyone so this made him a little nervous. He put the camera aside and went to the door.

-”Yes?” He made his voice sound sleepy as if he was woken up by the knock. He spoke through the closed door.

-”Like Mesmo? It's Shaggy Rodgers. I brought you Chuck. Like I know its late and all but the theater manager said you canceled your late show and went back to your hotel. So like here we are!”

Mesmo opened the door, anxious to add two more victims to the imminent photo shoot. He was rushed by two uniformed police officers, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and a large great Dane named Scooby Doo.

-”Get him, and don't look into his eyes!” Daphne directed the cops as she ran past them and saw Freddy, lying there, totally naked and atop a pile of two other naked men.

-”Like he's hypnotized Daph... I'll get him off the bed, Velma, get a towel to cover him up and then like Scoob, take the dog collar offa him, like yesterday... please?”

-”Thank you God!” Hugh sounded ready to get down on his knees and pray, assuming he could move. “Thank you whoever you are. Now if you can, can you get these two guys offa me?”

-”Like, we're working on that big guy!” Shaggy tried to be reassuring.

Velma came back from the bathroom with a towel and without really looking she wrapped it around Fred's thin waist.

-”Ok, Scoob!” She directed, “NOW!”

As Scooby was removing Fred's dog collar, the two cops had Mesmo in handcuffs and standing by.

-”Huh? Scooby? What are you...? Oh my Gosh!” Fred took in the scene before him, as if for the first time, though something inside him told him, it wasn't. At least now, the gang was here, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy.

Shaggy!!! Fred knew he'd have to talk to his roommate and friend further about what he had done to him.

-”Shag... I'm so sorry about... what I did...” Fred couldn't look at his partner and house-mate in the face.”

-”Don't sweat it Freddy, you were hypnotized and under this creep's control.” Shaggy reassured him.

-”Daphne and Shaggy each took Freddy by the side and lead him to the bathroom. Velma did her best to find and collect his clothes. She couldn't find his socks though.

As Velma returned from the bathroom she addressed the two cops. “Make sure these guys are fully... detached before removing their dog collars and if necessary, force Mr. Mesmo here to remove any and all post-hypnotic suggestions he planted. Have him return them to normal!”

-”We'll do Velma!” The first cop saluted.

Fred, Daphne and Shaggy were now coming out of the bathroom, Freddy now fully clothed. They were about to leave the hotel room when Freddy stopped, turned and walked back in the direction of Mesmo. Without warning, the normally calm and non-violent sleuth punched the hypnotist in the stomach, using all of his might in the effort. Mesmo keeled over and coughed several times. Neither police officer said or did anything.

-”I told you Mystery Inc., would defeat you Mesmo. We always do, right gang?”

-”Right!” Daphne and Velma agreed.

-”Like you said it Fred!” Shaggy concurred.

-”Let's get outta here!” Fred urged his friends. “Come on Scoob!”

The four teenage sleuths and their dog waited in the hotel lobby for the other victims to come down.

-”So how did you find me?” Fred asked. “I didn't even know where I was. And how did you know what was going on? Shaggy, did you remember?” Fred had a million and one questions.

Shaggy began his explanation.

-”Jughead Jones told me about what happened to his two friends; when he told me the name of the hypnotist Mesmo, something inside me just clicked. I was trying to get Chuck to see Mesmo and I didn't even know why. That's when I remembered that you had volunteered to be hypnotized that night at the Comet and I put it all together. When I got home and saw the laptop on with The Comet's website and that you were looking up Mesmo's schedule, I knew where you went off to. So I called the girls and Velma called the cops and we like ambushed the theater You weren't there obviously, but the theater manager gave the cops the name of this Hotel and said Mesmo was staying here while he was in town.”

-”Wow. I'm proud of you Shaggy. You figured this whole mystery out yourself. I owe you big time pal! Fred squeezed his friend's shoulder.

Daphne was beyond distracted, still horrified by the scene she had just walked into. Velma tried to remedy the awkwardness.

-”Remember, Freddy, we're your friends. We would never judge you or anything you did, especially when you were under someone else's control, right Daph? RIGHT DAPHNE?” Velma repeated.

-”What? Oh yeah, of course Freddy. We're here for you!” And Daphne meant it.

As she said it the two cops came out with the Great Mesmo still in cuffs. They stopped alongside Velma to report.

-”The collars are all off, we're taking them in as evidence. All four boys are severely traumatized. I told them the department would get them a second room here for tonight and that we'd have a police psychiatrist come down here to work with all of them immediately. Sully already called the request in. It's going to take some time from what I can tell. Do you know this creep here actually programmed two of those guys into a sexual relationship... like more than a month ago?”

-”Jinkies!” Velma exclaimed.

-”Jeepers!” Daphne shivered, unable to look at Mesmo for fear she'd lose it and attack him physically. Because of this psycho she feared, she'd never be able to look at Fred Jones the same. She wanted to spit at him but she was too much of a lady.

-”What about you young man? Do you need to speak with someone?” The cop asked Fred, who was suddenly very rosy-cheeked.

-”Uh, no I'll um, sort myself out, thanks though.”

-”Say, who wants Pizza?” Shaggy asked the gang as Mesmo was lead away by the police, utterly silent and defeated.

-”Are you buying Shag?” Fred asked, a smile returning to his face. There was something now very comforting with the familiarity of being around his gang of friends. More than ever, Fred just wanted to be around them all. He needed them, still, despite his ordeal now being officially over, perhaps more because it was now over.

-”Are you kidding me Fred? I think it's your turn to pay!” Shaggy declared authoritatively, half-jokingly though.

-”Yes master.” Fred said it, but as soon as he did, he realized what he had just said. “W...why would I...? I... I guess maybe I will need some help dealing with this.”

-”Don't worry Freddy. We're here for you, whatever you need, just ask!” Velma rubbed her hand up and down Fred's back at the foursome and their dog exited the hotel, the case of the hypno-master is always faster, another one added to the annals of Mystery Inc.'s portfolio of mysteries solved, though this one would remain CLASSIFIED by universal group vote.

Everything gradually went back to being cool in Coolsville; the same however could not be said about the state of things in Riverdale...