Hypnosis in the News 3: To Dream Perchance To Sleep

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I awoke totally startled and discombobulated. Where was I? Why couldn't I move? Why couldn't I speak? And whose bare feet were pressed up against my face? Was I...? Naked? I couldn't tell for sure but it felt as though my dickie was in direct contact with another. I wanted to yell out, to push whoever's feet were on me away, but I couldn't. I couldn't budge an inch.

The last thing I remembered was watching that video of Timothy that had been sent to Riley. That's when I put it all together – I had been hypnotized. I had no memory of anything after that. Nothing. Zippo. Nada. My heart was racing as I tried with all my mental might to remember just what happened and where I was.

Whoever's feet were in my face, they smelled, but not of foot odor though. No, they smelled like cum and they were definitely a guy's feet, they were too big to be a woman's.

With no memories of anything since watching that video and now waking up paralyzed with someone's bare feet in my face, naked, I could only deduce that I had been, to use journalist Drew Cavanaugh's terminology – foot raped. I tried to keep it together, to stay calm. Solutions come out of calmness not panic but this was starting to freak me out. I wanted to get up, to leave, to yell out...

-“Ah, I see you are awake Seamus. Oh, ok, I'll let you speak. You may speak.”

I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from or who it belonged to but as soon as I heard that phrase, my lips and mouth were able to move again.

-“What the fuck is going on here? Who are you?!” My voice was scratchy, my throat parched.

-“Why don't I let your partner answer that question. Timothy, who am I?”

I felt a breath on my own bare soles as Timothy voice, like a robot, responded: “You are my master.”

I wanted to cry. Hearing Timothy's voice, in person, for the first time in days, was amazing. Hearing him calling some stranger his master, and having our naked bodies pressed up against each other like this was completely unnerving. I think I would have preferred having a gun against my head, seriously.

-“You'll pay for this you sick fuck!” I said aloud, still no idea where our assailant was. But I knew who he was and I would call him out on it.

There was no answer. Had he left the room?

-“Are you there, Kevin? You are Kevin O'Dell right?” I thought maybe calling him out would encourage him to respond. I was right.

-“For the last two days you've been calling me master too, remember, Seamus?”

And suddenly, with that word, remember, I did. But two days? Two days? I've been here, wherever here is, for two days? I was stunned. That couldn't be right. How could my mind have blocked out two whole days worth of memory?! Unless I was hypnotized that entire time....

-“It's because of your meddling that I lost two of the best hypnotic subjects I ever had, not to mention the best sex slaves too!”

-“Sex slaves? Are you talking about officers Valentino and Menendes? You used them as sex slaves? They're family men, officers of the law...”

A slight, maniacal chuckle came from the other end of the room. “You think you saved them. You're wrong Seamus. See, before Timmy and I here made our little exit, I programmed officers Valentino and Menendes. They're still very much under my control. In fact, we should be having a couple of visitors here this afternoon...”

I was starting to think I was dealing with a madman here and maybe my aggressive, angry tact should be replaced by a more sympathetic tone. Maybe if I could get Kevin to trust me, by sympathizing and relating to him on his mental level, maybe, just maybe, I'd be released, at least allowed to move. My body was still stuck to Timothy's and try as I might, I still could not budge a muscle.

-“Visitors?” I asked, not entirely certain I wanted to hear who these visitors were. At this point, Collin and Riley were our only hope; if he had gotten to them, I didn't want to think where all this was going to lead.

-“Yes, Seamus. And you know both of them!”

I didn't want to know. I just didn't want to hear that Riley and Collin had been compromised. It would have completely dampened any hope I currently had for rescue. And that hope was really all I had at this point.

-“Sleep!” A hand came out of nowhere and touched my forehead. My world went dark.


Officer Bruno Valentino had been given a month of R & R from the force and was spending much of that time with his wife and three sons, Vincenzo, age 25 and the twins, Antonio and Roman, age 18. It was good to be home, surrounded by family and friends.

Still, it was hard for him not having anything to do, not having anywhere to go each morning when he woke up. After only a couple of days, he was already getting antsy, even calling his Sargent at the station and practically begging to come back, even part-time. His request was denied.

-“Dad, everything alright?” Vincenzo asked his father who seemed more than a bit annoyed.

-“Everything is fine son, now that I'm back home.” He hugged his son warmly. “I just... I'm not used to having nothing to do, it's making me a little stir-crazy.”

-“You wanna go somewhere, do something?” Vincenzo offered, hoping to get one of his father's patented full-face smiles. Bruno was often teased by his colleagues for that very feature When Bruno smiles... they'd all say, the world stops to watch.

-“Yeah. Maybe I do. Say, Vinnie, you want to come with me back to Tupper?”

-“Why would you want to go back there? There's like a million places in the city we could check out.”

-“True, but in Tupper, there's still a case to be solved. And I can't just sit back and do nothing. You know that's not me.” Bruno sat down on the edge of his bed to put on his socks. As he lifted his right foot he suddenly froze.

-“Dad? Are you ok?”

Vincenzo was a little alarmed. For the first time since he'd been back, Bruno appeared to be in a trance.

-“Huh? Yeah, I'm fine son, I'm fine. Just thinking...” Bruno resumed putting on his socks. He didn't say anything to his son, but something about seeing the sole of his bare foot as he put his socks on triggered something... a memory maybe? He wasn't sure.

-“Dad, you still don't remember anything from when you were hypnotized?” Vincenzo asked, sitting on the side of the bed alongside his father.

-“Not a thing. And I gotta tell ya, it's more than a little aggravating. It's like, I want to remember and at times it feels like I'm just about to remember something, and then I lose it.” He could hear the frustration in his father's voice.

Vincenzo didn't want to push it. His dad would remember on his own time he decided and he wasn't even sure if he wanted to know exactly what happened to his father over the course of his month-long absence.

-“Are you ready?” Bruno asked his son enthusiastically, but detached, as if they were heading out on a fishing trip or something.

-“Um, yeah, I guess. You really wanna go back there dad?”

-“Definitely. My cop instincts are telling me we're going to find something important up there. We gotta go. Come on!” Bruno slapped his son playfully on the back and pushed him out the bedroom into the hallway.

-“I'll just get my shoes.” Vincenzo announced as Bruno got his keys and entered the garage, a newfound bounce in his step. Something inside told him he was doing the right thing. Going back to the sleepy town of Tupper was something he just had to do and he was glad that his oldest son would be coming along.


Collin and Riley could not believe what they were seeing. They had both received emails with links to Seamus' video. Neither had ever seen their partner naked before, much less with a hard-on. But there was something even creepier about the video - Seamus was trying to hypnotize them! They watched it together in Collin's office, both struggling to get through it. Riley was first to comment.

-“We can't just sit here and wait to be picked off. We're obviously next.” For some reason he found it hard looking at Collin directly in his eyes as he spoke. Collin felt the same. It was a combination of embarrassment, impending doom and fear that they were next to be turned into gay sex robots.

-“Man, there's got to be something we can do. We owe it to Seamus and the guys!”

Riley was pacing up and down the gray carpeted floor.

-“I have an idea man, but it's out there!” Riley's voice was both determined and worried.

-“Let's hear it! I'm willing to do just about anything!” Collin volunteered.

Riley eyed him curiously. “Good. That's exactly what this plan requires...”


Bruno Valentino and his son Vincenzo had just arrived at a small farmhouse several miles off the main road. The place appeared deserted and run down, as if no one had lived there for years.

-“What are we doing here dad?” Vincenzo asked as his father put the car into park.

Bruno didn't answer immediately. He just stared in the direction of the barn. There was something about those barn doors that just felt... familiar somehow.

-“I, I'm not sure son. It's almost as if...” and his voice trailed off into further thought. Vincenzo didn't like the feeling he was suddenly getting.

-“Dad? Dad! It's almost as if what?” he asked nervously.

Bruno turned to his son, putting his hand on his shoulder, “it's almost as if I've been here before.”

-“Y... you think this is where that creep had you and Officer Menendes the whole time?”

-“I... I don't know. But those barn doors... they... they're somehow familiar. I've been here before, I just don't know when or for what.”

-“Shouldn't we call for backup dad? I mean that O'Dell guy is still on the loose. What if he's hauled up in there?”

They sat in the car for another moment, contemplating their next move.

-“I can't call for backup Vinnie, I'm off the case, and I'm off the force for the next 28 days anyway. We're on our own here. Come on. Let's check it out.”

He got out of the car and was followed by his son.

-“Did you bring your gun at least dad?” Vincenzo was hoping for an answer in the affirmative, instead, he got just the opposite. His dad always played by the rules - off- duty meant just that and that also meant no concealed firearms on his person. Vincenzo wiped the sweat off his larger than average brow and followed his dad, the police officer, towards the barn doors in question. He was wishing his father was a bit more rogue and had taken his gun. A creepy, ominous feeling suddenly came over him, as if he and his father might be in danger, possibly being watched. He said nothing though as the father and son duo prepared to open the doors to the abandoned barn, by force if necessary. They looked at each other one final time before each heaving their barn-door sideways squeaking them open a few inches at a time...


Riley and Collin were going over the final parts of their 'master-plan' when a familiar knock on their door caused them to look up, in absolute astonishment.

-“Dennis?!” Collin ran up to his friend and practically hugged him. Riley was right behind, equally enthused.

-“Man, is it good to see you! What the hell happened? Are you... ok?” Riley asked, not sure where to start.

Dennis' face suggested he had no idea why his two friends were so jazzed to see him.

-“Of course I'm ok, guys. I was only gone for the week. My bro Jack and I went fishing. I needed the break.” His answer sounded rehearsed and practiced, yet it was obvious Dennis believed that is exactly where he had been all week.

Riley and Collin exchanged perplexed and nervous glances, neither certain who would confront this first. Riley finally did.

-“Dennis, you weren't fishing man.” Riley's tone was soft, even a little depressed sounding.

Dennis looked at him like he was nuts. “What do you mean I wasn't fishing? I was fishing! Jack and I went up to Black Lake and stayed at my uncles cabin. I caught a 20 pounder! I would have called but I had no cel phone reception up there. Sorry dudes.”

Once again Riley and Collin exchanged perplexed glances. What to do now?

-“Should we show him the video?” Collin asked Riley, somewhat off to the side.

Riley had to think about it. “I don't think so, he's liable to have a meltdown... er, listen Dennis, since you've been away, it's been kinda crazy here. You remember that hypno-burglar case we were working on?”

Dennis had no idea what Riley was talking about. “Hypno-burglar? No.”

-“How could he not...?” Collin started but Riley shh'ed him quiet.

-“Um, Den, bottom line is Seamus and Timmy have been kidnapped. They've been hypnotized by that guy and well, Col and I were just planning our next move.”

Dennis was practically speechless. “Seamus and Timmy are missing? And I was away fishing? Dudes, why didn't you try and get in touch with me? I would have dropped everything and made it back here if I knew the guys were in some kind of trouble!”

Riley seemed to be fuming. Dennis couldn't understand why. “You can't be mad at me Riley, you didn't even try to get in touch with me! If anything, I'm pissed at both of you!”

-“Alright that's it Den. I don't know what that creep did to you, but Collin has a video here he needs to show you... I have a phone call to make. I'll be right back. Collin?”

Riley nodded to Collin essentially authorizing him to show Dennis the video of him and his brother Jack. They had made copies of all the videos they were sent links to including the most recent one of Seamus. As they had suspected, the videos were taken down from the site virtually right after they had seen them.

-“What video?” Dennis asked as Riley hurriedly exited his office.


The oversized barn doors creeked open to reveal a makeshift camp-out of some kind. There were several old mattresses on the floor that looked like they came from army cots; some pots and pans, some blankets and some bags that appeared to look like refuse. At the far end of the 5000 square foot enclosure was a small wooden table, with what appeared to be a laptop on it. Someone had definitely been staying there.

-“What is all this dad?” Vincenzo asked, not sure the significance of what he was seeing.

His father did not answer.

-“Dad? DAD?! DAD!”

Bruno was just standing there, staring off into outer-space.

-“He cannot hear you!” A voice from the rafters suddenly appeared completely scaring the crap out of Vincenzo.

-“Who the hell are you? And what do you mean he can't hear me?” He looked back at his father and it all fit into place. Bruno's stare, his immobility, his lack of response...

-“Shit, he's hypnotized again! You're the one doing this, I'll kill you, you mother-f...” Vincenzo took off toward the ladder that would lead him up to his father's kidnapper. He was determined to break the guy's neck into ten pieces.

Seeing the feisty young Italian take off so fast towards his location unnerved Kevin a little bit, but he knew he had an ace in the hole in Valentino senior.

-“Bruno, stop your son! Stop Vincenzo right now!” Kevin barked the order almost like a drill sergeant. The effect was immediate and unexpected as far as Vincenzo was concerned.

-“Yes master.” Bruno responded like an automaton. The response caused Vincenzo to stop dead in his tracks, turning toward his father who was now charging right at him. It all happened so fast; one minute he was watching his dad run at him, the next, they were wrestling on the hay-ridden floor.

-“Dad! Ow, dad, you're hurting me!” Vincenzo cried out as his father put him in a standard arrest posture, on his stomach with both arms behind his back.

Kevin threw a pair of handcuffs down to Bruno. They were his handcuffs actually. The one's he had used that day to cuff Kevin O'Dell when he was arrested at the home of Drew Cavanaugh.

-“Cuff him!” He ordered and disappeared out of view on the 2nd floor loft.

With both of Vincenzo's arms behind his back, Bruno proceeded to cuff his son, as ordered, no awareness whatsoever what he was doing.

-“Dad, come on, snap out of it! This dude's been hypnotizing you... you know that... Come on! Wake UP!”

Despite all of Vincenzo's protestations and complaints, Bruno did as he was told and paid no heed to 'the criminal's' ranting. He was doing his job. The job he was trained to do and did so well for nearly 25 years.

He got up off his son and stood, almost at attention, to report, “ He is secure, master.”

Vincenzo looked up again at where Kevin O'Dell had been standing moments earlier only know there were two totally naked guys descending the ladder.

-“Hey, I know... Seamus? That's Seamus Potter, the investigator!” Vincenzo declared excitedly, at first hoping he was there to help. A second later, he realized, if Seamus is walking around this barn in his birthday suit he must be just as mind-fucked as his old man.

Kevin O'Dell was last to descend the rickety ladder and as he did, he made sure Vincenzo would hear him chuckling evily.

On ground level, both Seamus and Timothy simply stood, waiting for further instruction. Kevin was anxiously looking forward to his reunion with Bruno. He grabbed the Italian's balls, through his jeans and gave them a furtive squeeze. He then pulled Bruno into a passionate embrace, just as Vincenzo was turning around and trying to sit up.

-“I'll kill you with my bare hands!” He threatened Kevin while looking away. Seeing his father kissed by another man was a bit much for the already high-strung young man. Hearing his father call another man, 'master' was also playing havoc on his psyche.

-“Your father is my slave, Vincenzo, and he brought you here because you're going to join him. Like father, like son!”

Vincenzo spat. Instead of it landing on Kevin though it landed on his father's sneaker.

-“I'll never join you, you asshole! DAD! WAKE THE FUCK UP! COME ON, IT'S ME – VINNIE, your SON!”

Kevin wished he had been videotaping the scene but his camera was juiced out. He'd have to settle for committing it to memory. He could always have it play out again when his video camera was fully-powered he reasoned.

-“Why don't you make yourself comfortable Bruno, get out of these street clothes, NOW!”

Immediately the dazed 46-year old Italian began unbuttoning his polo shirt while kicking off his size 12 sneakers. He moved like he was in a dream, totally oblivious, sluggish and yet with determined efficiency. As he pulled off his shirt, he was also stepping on each of his feet and pulling back and off his white tube socks.

-“No please, don't make him do tha... please!” Vincenzo had to look away as his father mindlessly stripped himself of every article of clothing he had on his hairy olive skinned body. Within less than a minute his Yellow Joe Boxer briefs were on the floor, inches away from his now bare feet.

-“Please! Stop this! Seamus, snap out of it! Dad! DAD!” Vincenzo was relentless. He would not give up trying to wake his father and the others, he couldn't give up, he had to fight.

-“Seamus, Timothy, why don't you each grab hold of one of Vincenzo's shoes?”

Like statues that suddenly came to life the two frozen young men suddenly approached Vincenzo's bottom half, each grabbing one of Vincenzo's ankles and holding his sneakered feet in their hands.

-“No! Fuck you!” He yelled as he thrashed his sneakered feet, making it hard for either Seamus or Timothy to hold on. “I won't let you!”

Seamus was first to secure Vincenzo's left sneaker and made quick work of yanking it off the squirming 25-year old Italian's foot.

-“I see you wear white tube socks like your father...” Kevin slithered around the scene, like a snake hypnotizing its prey. “You know, I hypnotized your father once with his own sock, it was quite hot actually.”

-“Fuck you! You're a freak, man! A total foot freak!” He screamed. The barn produced a slight echo so that the word freak almost seemed to resonate for several incarnations.

Seamus had just got Vincenzo's sock off and once again, absent any direction, simply dropped Vincenzo's bare foot into the hay and proceeded to just stand there, like a dummy.

Timothy was having a bit more problems getting Vincenzo's right foot to stay still long enough to remove his right sock. The feisty Italian kept kicking and several times kicked Timothy in the neck and chest, and yet, even that did not jar the blond haired zombie from his slumber. Finally, he too was able to get Vincenzo's sock off and like his friend and partner, dropped it and stood, waiting for further directions.

Kevin came around so that he was now facing the young stud. Though all the men he had chosen to hypnotize were good looking, Vincenzo could have been a model: Big green eyes, a large, almost uni-brow, perfect olive skinned complexion, dark brown hair, worn neatly and trimmed and what he guessed was a killer smile. (Suffice it to say Vincenzo was not smiling now). He also had a slightly larger than average nose, giving him that Semitic or Mediterranean look he liked so much. Finally, he had the cutest ears, perfectly proportionate to his head size. He looked a lot like actor Ian Somerhalder Kevin noted, more so in person than he did in the photo that was in his father's wallet the day he first hypnotized him. His body too, from what Kevin could tell, was hot as hell. Heck, if the father's body was hot and Bruno was 46 years old, then he could only imagine how hot the 25 year old son's would be. He wouldn't have to imagine for much longer...

-“What size shoe do you wear Vincenzo?” Kevin asked casually, as if he was asking about tomorrow's weather or something similarly innocuous.

-“Fuck you! You think I'm going to cooperate with you and answer your faggy-fetish questions? Forget it man!”

Kevin was not detered. He had heard the protestations before and actually had come to like them – it was like foreplay, before the actual act of hypnotic enslavement. The more the man protested, the more fun he would have taking them down.

-“Timothy, Seamus, I want you to grab hold of Vincenzo's bare feet again!”

Seamus and Timothy bent down and had both his feet secure in seconds despite Vincenzo kicking and squirming.

-“We can do this the hard way Vincenzo or we can do it the easy way. Frankly, I prefer it hard!” Kevin snidely cajoled.

At the word “hard” both Seamus and Timothy's penises began to fill out, getting harder and harder with each passing second.

-“Shit, what are you doing to them?” Vincenzo was past the point of alarm. He had never seen another guy hard before and had just noticed that his father, standing behind Seamus and Timothy was also beginning to show signs of hardening.

-“Isn't that cute! You're worried about them? I would be more worried about yourself at this point Vinnie! Boys, I want you to go to town on Vinnie's feet!”

It may have been an awkward way to put it, but both Seamus and Timothy knew what Kevin meant, forcing both Vincenzo's feet under their ball sacks simultaneously. As Vincenzo continued to try and break free, he was inadvertently stimulating both young men to the point of near climax.

-“Once they cum on your feet Vincenzo, the process will have begun. They'll be no turning back...”

Vincenzo's horrified face defied description as first Timothy, then moments later, Seamus exploded hot ropes of semen all over his bare soles.

-“Disgusting! Man, o, this is so gross and SICK!!” Vincenzo felt as though he had to throw up. Nothing he had ever experienced in his 25 years of life even came close to the insanity and disgust he was feeling right now. But it was about to get worse. A lot worse.

-“Thank you Seamus, Timothy. You may go stand over there, near the ladder.” Kevin pointed and the two young detectives walked sluggishly to where they were directed.

-“Now, Bruno, I want you to look at your son's feet, look very closely at the soles of Vincenzo's feet... Get closer, move in closer, that's right...closer!”

The hypnotized naked cop moved to within a foot or so of his son's feet and as directed, looked down at them.

-“Dad?!” Vincenzo was practically in tears, his voice trembling with fear.

-“Now, Bruno, you see your son's feet? There's something on them, can you tell what it is?”

Bruno leaned down to take a closer look.

-“Looks like semen, master.” He replied as he straightened up.

-“That's right Bruno, it's semen... and you know what you have to do whenever you see a man's foot dripping with cum, don't you?”

-“Yes master. I lick it up.”

-“Then fulfill your destiny and lick your son's feet clean!”

-“No, please don't do this! I'll do anything, I'll... I'll...” Vincenzo cut himself off, worried that his proposal might seal his own fate. “I'll let you hypnotize me!”

-“Too late! And besides Mr. Valentino Jr., I'm going to hypnotize you anyway. Bruno, obey!”

-“Yes master.”

Bruno dropped to his knees and picked up his son's right foot. Vincenzo closed his eyes, he could not watch this. But in his mind, he'd be forced to imagine it. His father was licking cum off of his bare feet! And if that wasn't bad enough, Kevin O'Dell's promise that he was going to do to him what he had done to his father and these other two guys was just too much for the nervous Italian to handle.

Whether it was from mental exhaustion or over stimulation, Vincenzo passed out moments later, before his hypnotized father even made it to his left foot...


Dennis was feeling like he was ready to pass out, that, and throw up. He wanted to throw something or to break something... how could this be? How could he have a week's worth of memories of going fishing with his brother Jack when in fact, what he was now watching on the computer screen was actually what happened. He hadn't gone fishing at all; somehow this Tyrell had managed to hypnotize both him and his older brother Jack and had used them as cum rags all week. This couldn't be happening!

-“Holy shit!” Dennis exclaimed as he saw his older brother on screen dumping a shitload of cum all over his soles. “I have NO memory of any of this! Neither does Jack! Trust me, if Jack saw this, he'd go freakin' ballistic! I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill that motherf...” Collin cut him off, speaking in a tone that was very much soothing and calm:

-“Tyrell was a victim too. He may have hypnotized you and Jack, but he's just as much a victim here as you. He's not the mastermind. This police psychiatrist by the name of Kevin O'Dell is. Tyrone's just as hypnotized as you guys.”

-“Yeah, maybe that's what he wants us to think. I'm still gonna kill him. It's like what if he made me q... queer, permanently or something?”

As Dennis said that he was treated to a screenshot of one of his own ejaculations, this one, all over his brother's blank, motionless face.

-“I can't watch any more of this, turn it the fuck off!” Dennis retreated further into the office chair he was in as Riley re-entered.

-“Has he been debriefed?” Riley asked Collin. Collin didn't answer, he simply pointed to Dennis who was virtually curled up into a ball on the chair.

-“I called Police headquarters. You better take Dennis down there. They want a statement and um, Den, if you want to work with a police psychologist, there's one there waiting for you.”

-“What about you?” Collin asked Riley.

-'I'm gonna put our little plan into motion, solo.' Riley replied ever-determined to get back at Kevin O'Dell for what he had done to Dennis and his two other friends who remained missing.

-“Alone? Dude, that wasn't the plan.” Collin was apprehensive. The last thing he wanted to hear was that Riley had been compromised and taken down.

-“You can't leave Den alone now. Seriously, he needs you!” Call me from the station and let me know how things are going. Den, Dennis man, go with Collin, k? Try and keep it together – I'm gonna kill that guy for all of us, I swear, don't you worry!” Riley promised, more than determined to fulfill it.

As Collin and Dennis made their way out of the office, Dennis' gaze forever fixed to the floor in embarrassment, Riley gave Collin one of his familiar, “don't worry, I'll take care of it” looks. Normally Collin found that look reassuring, today, at that very moment, he got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He said nothing though, hoping Riley would be able to pull off their “master plan” on his own.


With the three mattresses pushed together somewhat, all four men lay, like corpses in a coffin, motionless, naked and rigid. Their four bodies side by side, touching wherever possible, just as Kevin O'Dell liked. He also made sure to put father and son Valentino alongside each other so that he might compare the two's anatomy more closely. He was already very familiar with Bruno's body from head to toe, literally, but this was the first time he was seeing Vincenzo with no clothes on and sporting the beginnings of an erection too! Kevin licked his lips in anticipation of the blow job he was about to give to young Valentino Jr.

As he knelt down at the edge of the mattress, he began to slowly caress the young man's half-inflated genitals, licking and even gently biting as he proceeded in an up and down motion. As he did this, he'd occasionally look to the side, to catch a glimpse of Vincenzo's blank, open stare, showing absolutely no awareness of what was being done to him. That look often got Kevin off on its own, but now, staring down at Vincenzo's impressive six or seven inch cock as it sprang to attention like a solider awaiting commands, he was completely focused on the task at hand.

-“Vincenzo, hear my voice, obey my voice. Feel my tongue on your penis... do you feel that?” Kevin asked playfully.

-“Yeah, I feel it.” Vincenzo answered back with enormous effort. He was, for all intents and purposes, talking in his sleep.

As he brought the young Italian stud to climax with his mouth and whirling tongue, Kevin instructed the zoned out Vincenzo to repeat the very mantra that his father had less than a week ago. He found Vincenzo's hypnotized voice just as hot and sexy as his father's, maybe a little more so because it was younger, a bit less gruff.

-“I am your hypnotized slave. I hear and I obey. I am your hypnotized slave. I hear and I obey. I am your hypnotized slave. I hear and I obey.”

It was to this monotonous dissertation that Kevin himself nearly spilled it. There was only thing missing from the scene he decided.

-“Seamus, Timothy, Bruno, you will join in and repeat what Vincenzo is saying!”

With the voices of four hypnotized men blankly pronouncing their hypnotic servitude, aloud and virtually in unison, Kevin came, but not before getting Vincenzo to blow his load in his mouth, the contents of which he'd soon transfer back to Vincenzo in the form of a deep, long-lasting and passionate kiss.


Riley uploaded the video to Xtube and was essentially in full-blown waiting mode, smoking rather like a chimney actually. He still couldn't believe he had the guts to do it but it was for his friends and partners after all. If that Kevin O'Dell psycho wanted him hypnotized, then that was exactly what he was going to get!

He had made sure that the outer office door was locked, the phones were on auto-answer and that his own office was locked as well. The last thing he wanted was a surprise visitor while he was filming the video of himself naked and watching the video of Seamus hypnotizing him. The email address that had been used to send him the link was gone. His only hope was that Kevin O'Dell was a regular frequenter of X-Tube and that by doing a search for “hypno” he'd find his video.

He had no choice but to place the video in the men seeking men section and as a result, within twenty minutes of uploading he had three invitations to meet, another two that thought he was crazy 'but cute as hell' and one guy who actually wrote him a three page email of how his video really 'touched him'.

Riley winced while reading through some of these responses. None of them were from Kevin though.

About an hour after he had uploaded it though, he did get a phone call from Agent Fred Quayce.

Riley was somewhat taken aback, having not heard from Agent Quayce since his last visit.

-“Riley, I know what you're trying to do...” he began.

Riley had no idea what he was talking about. Surely the F.B.I. Wasn't scouring X-Tube were they? Had he seen him? Sure enough...

-“Huh?” Riley answered.

-“You have a nice chest kid, just needs a bit more muscle!”

Riley was floored. Agent Quayce did see his video. He looked down at his chest, he still hadn't put his shirt back on. Agent Quayce was right. Riley was always thin and it was only these last couple of years that he began working out in attempt to build up some muscle mass.

-“You saw my video?” He asked, just to be sure.

-“According to the hit count, so did over 200 others, just not O'Dell, at least not yet.” Quayce relayed. Clearly he was still on top of things as far as this case went.

-“Stay put. I'm en route to you now. You ain't doin' this without proper backup kid!”

And the line went dead.

Though he was totally unnerved that someone he had met and knew had just watched a video of him showing off his birthday suit, Riley was somewhat relieved and excited. Relieved in that he wasn't going to be alone in this bait-and-hook plan and, excited that he'd actually be working with the F.B.I.

-“Great. With the Feds on board, we'll have you home in no time Seamus and Tim, I swear, we will.”

Riley put on his shirt and anxiously waited Agent Quayce's arrival.


-“Um... I think I'd prefer to be hypnotized for this... Why are you making us watch this?!” I was coming unglued, totally unhinged. Obviously I had been one of Kevin's victims but for some reason I couldn't figure on, he kept waking me up and making me watch what he was doing to my partner Timothy and our former client Vincenzo Valentino.

Bruno Valentino was equally incensed, and equally awake and alert. He was beyond livid perhaps moreso than me – after all, it was his straight son who he was being forced to watch having sex with my partner, Timothy.

-“I'm going to make your life a living nightmare O'Dell!” Bruno threatened viciously, still unable to look away from the scene playing out on the hay-ridden floor.

Like me, Bruno couldn't budge. We were actually standing side-by-side, in all our naked glory, frozen, our gazes somehow forcibly directed and locked on the scene playing out before us.

Vincenzo had his cock fully inserted in Timothy's ass and the two of them were going at it like a couple of hamsters in heat. The pounding, the thrashing the sound of lubricated skin going in and out of Timothy's virgin asshole – was almost too much for me to bear witness to. And what was worse, their faces believe it or not. I never saw two people having sex as voraciously as Tim and Vincenzo and yet to look at their blank hypnotized stares … nothing. No passion. No pain. No excitement. They were just a couple of zombies having sex, appearing to not even be aware of what they were doing.

I couldn't even look over at Bruno to see his reaction but I felt it. I could feel the muscles in his arms straining to move, as if somehow, if he had mustered the strength to break from his invisible, non-existent shackles, he would probably emulsify Kevin O'Dell for what he was doing to his son.

-“You like watching your son have sex with another man, don't you Bruno!” O'Dell was enjoying this power scene more than anyone there, that much was clear.

-“Tick Tock O'Dell, you're funeral is just around the corner, I swear!” Bruno's voice was spewing daggers. If he could have killed Kevin O'Dell with mere words, he would have.

-“Oh what melodrama Bruno... you know you like it. You liked it when Officer Menendes burst your ass-cherry, didn't you? REMEMBER!”

It was the weirdest thing. I could feel Bruno's temperature rising in his left arm (our arms were virtually attached) and as Kevin continued to taunt him, Bruno was growing increasingly incensed, increasingly hot and sweaty. Like me, he was doing everything he could to move, to no avail.

-“Oh and Seamus, you'll be happy to know that Riley Jacobs will be joining us shortly.”

-“NO! YOU SICK FUCK! You got to Riley?!” I almost felt like I was going to cry, I'm not kidding. If Riley had been taken down then it really was all up to Collin and the Feds. I had forgotten about my meeting with Agent Quayce and our plans of a bait and hook operation. Could they have put it together? If so, it was only a matter of time before Riley came in here with the F.B.I. in tow. Oh, perchance to dream... if this whole nightmare could be over by day's end... I'd give anything, I'd do anything...

Just as I was thinking that I heard a car horn honking in what sounded like some kind of code, probably pre-established by Kevin himself.

-“Ah, right on time. It's time to bring Riley into the mix... maybe you'd like to indoctrinate him Seamus? Do you want to have sex with your friend Riley? I can arrange that I'm sure you know by now.”

As Kevin smuggly and confidently moved to the barn doors to open them, he was greeted by an ambushing squad of nearly two dozen agents dressed in FBI jackets and gear.

-“Alright freeze scum-bag!” One of them shouted while three more wrestled the hypnotist to the floor.

Timothy and Vincenzo were still going at it and were noticed almost immediately by one of the female agents.

-“Uh, sir? What do we do with them?” She asked Agent Quayce as he entered last, followed by Riley who had a look of absolute horror on his face, seeing Timothy on the floor and me and Officer Valentino just standing there like erect statues in all our naked glory.

Riley had thought ahead and ran over to me and Officer Bruno with blankets. He handed them to us but we still couldn't take them. We could not move.

-“Hey, Agent Quayce! Before you take that perv off into custody, make him snap them all out of it! My buddy here can't move and my other buddy...” he looked down at Timothy briefly, then back at me, for assistance. I had none to provide. All I knew was that I wanted that blanket covering my genitals yesterday. There were now some 25 people in the abandoned barn and I felt like I was on display in a museum.

-“You gonna do it O'Dell or do I just shoot you right here and claim it was self-defense?!” Agent Quayce asked the now sniveling hypnotist.

-“There are over 20 witnesses here...” he tried one last tactic. It was not going to work.

Agent Quayce, in charge of the whole investigation, suddenly announced to his twenty or more colleagues...

-“You all saw him pull a gun on me right?”

Simultaneously, twenty plus individuals chimed in their response of “Yes/Yup/We did...”

Agent Quayce cocked his gun and pointed it at Kevin O'Dell's left temple. “What's it gonna be O'Dell? You going to cooperate or am I going to assassinate?”

Kevin gulped and turned toward the four of us. He approached Bruno and me first, snapped his fingers in our face and said simply, “WAKE UP!”

And with that Bruno lunged at Kevin, knocking him to the floor. Several FBI agents were right there however to remove the enraged police officer before he could do any harm.

-“You're so dead O'Dell!” he threatened as he was being held back by three larger than life Federal officers.

I was content to just have that blanket around my waist. I was never much of an exhibitionist. I turned my attention to Timothy.

-“He can't wake them up in the middle of... get them to stop it, now!” I directed Agent Quayce.

-“You heard him, get them to stop romping around!” Quayce barked the order and this time it was Kevin O'Dell who obeyed. A nice change to be sure.

-“Ok, Vincenzo, very slowly, listen to my voice, very slowly you will pull out of Timothy's ass, do you understand?”

-“Yes master.” Vincenzo replied and virtually immediately complied

-“Now, wake them both up!” Riley shouted from several feet away. I had gone over to stand near him, my good friend, my rescuer, my God did I owe him!

-“Look at me boys! WAKE UP!” He snapped his fingers again and both Collin and Vincenzo came to, both completely embarrassed by their nudity and the sheer amount of people who were surrounding them.

Riley immediately ran over to them with blankets.

-“Well that's that!” Agent Quayce said, satisfied, a tone of accomplishment and pride in his voice.

-“Say, what's that beeping sound?” One of the officers asked Quayce.

I heard it too. Sounded almost like a clock radio alarm, beep, beep, beep...

Where was that coming from?

Final Epilogue

Rick tossed and turned a few more times, trying to get back to sleep, trying desperately to reenter the dreamscape that he had just emerged from. His alarm clock was going off but he was afraid if he moved to turn it off, he'd never be able to get back to the dream.

He was soaking wet in sweat, covered in his own cum and so wanting to get back to that dream, he would have given anything for it to have resumed. That scene in particular with his good friend Ryan and that hot new journalist from KITV would be ingrained in his memory for life since there was absolutely zero chance in hell something like that would ever play out in real time.

-“Man, what an amazingly hot fuckin' dream!”

It all felt so real – the cops, the Feds, the hot young detectives being taken down one by one, Vincenzo, best friends with Rick's brother... it was as if every single male that Rick ever felt any kind of attraction to had a starring role in this mega-wet-dream. From Sanji, the guy that worked as a busboy at the deli across the street to Tyrell who had graduated from High School several years earlier and had made it into pro football, it was like he cast the dream perfectly, though he did wonder who that hot 46-year old police officer was (or based on) since he had never met Vincenzo's father in person.

-“Oh well...” Rick defeatedly said aloud to himself as he scoped himself out in his bathroom mirror. “ I guess sometimes the subconscious fills in the blanks, when necessary...”

As he prepared to leave for work, he realized that he had forgot to turn off his computer from the night before. The screensaver had taken over, but as soon as he pressed down on the space bar he remembered what he had been reading online, the night before. The headline: Burglar Hypnotizes Store Clerk, Steals Cash and Gets Off.

Rick laughed to himself. “Ha! I guess I got off too!”