Master Mesmero at the County Fair

-“Awgh c’mon guys, it’ll be fun!” seventeen-year old Ashton pleaded with his five buddies as he tried to pull them in the direction of Master Mesmero’s fariground tent.

-“No freakin’ way! I ain’t lettin’ no fairground hypnotist tinker with my brain!” eighteen-year old Cole Perkins announced determinedly.

-‘I’m game!” chirped a hapless Jayson Connors.

-“Me too! Count me in!” Frizzy haired Harris joined in enthusiastically.

The six friends thus decided to split up and meet back in front of the hypnotist’s tent in one hour. Ashton, Jayson and Harris would attend the 1 pm hypnotist show while Cole, Dean and Tucker would wander around aimlessly, probably winding up at the batting cages, their usual hot spot when the fair came to town.

The three boys seeing the hypnotist show paid for their tickets and took seats right up front, upon Ashton’s coaxing. Within minutes, the tent was nearly filled up and the lights went dim. Then, flashing strobe lights began to pulse from all corners of the tent as Master Mesmero was introduced over the P.A. to applause from the crowd.

The middle-aged hypnotist didn’t waste any time in getting into his spiel.

-“You!” He said pointing at an unsuspecting Harris Banks. Harris looked around before responding, wanting to make sure the hypnotist was actually pointing at him.

-‘Me?! What?’ was all he could say.

-‘You! Look into my eyes! Come up on stage and look into my eyes!’ The hypnotist gestured Harris onto the stage, and like a sleepwalker, the teenager walked up on stage.

-‘This is incredible! I think he hypnotized him already!” Jayson whispered to Ashton. Ashton for his part was sitting perfectly still, as if hypnotized as well. Jayson was too fascinated watching his buddy Harris obey this complete stranger he didn’t even notice that Ashton seemed out of it as well.

-“Now, look even deeper into my eyes young man. What is your name?’ The hypnotist asked slyly.

-‘Ha…Harris Banks’. Harris answered back like a deer caught in headlights.

-‘No that is not your name. Your name is sleepyboy! Every time you hear me say your name, sleepy boy, you will go deeper and deeper into hypnosis… so relaxed now aren’t you sleepy boy?” The hypnotist waved his hand in front of Harris’ face and Harris collapsed forward into the hypnotist’s arms, a loose pile of mush.

-‘Now, who will join Mr. Banks up here on stage, front and center. Whom did you come here with today sleepyboy?”

Harris pointed blindly into the audience, at some random point, nowhere even close to where his friends were sitting.

-‘My friends, Ash and Jay.”

The hypnotist looked around before inviting Harris’ friends on stage.

-“Ash, Jay, will you two come on up here and join us?” The hypnotist asked.

Without even giving it a second thought, both Ashton and Jayson rose from their seats and approached the hypnotist at center stage.

-‘Now, let’s see if we can’t hypnotize these two friends together – right? Because friends do that sort of thing – they get hypnotized together – hypnotized together… and sleeeep!!!” Mesmero pushed forward on Jayson and Ashton’s foreheads, causing them to stumble backward into a sleepy abyss.

-“Now, it’s getting awfully hot in this tent – just burning up… can you feel how hot it is in here? You need to make yourselves cooler – go ahead and take off some of your clothes if you need to… no one will care…”

Harris kicked off his sneakers so fast, one actually ended up in a woman’s lap who was sitting in the second row! His shirt quickly followed. Jayson also took off his sneakers and his socks and was in the midst of taking off his shirt when Mesmero approached him, held onto his shoulder and commanded him to freeze. With his shirt half off his body, Jayson stood immobile like some kind of piece of modern art. In the meantime, Mesmero shifted his attention back to Harris.

-“Harris, listen to my voice and obey. Your body is becoming rigid – hypnotized and rigid – feel how hard all your muscles are getting – tighter, tighter, that’s right – your hands are glued to your thighs… your feet are glued to each other – you cannot move, totally immobile!”

Harris was standing but had gone from a relaxed stance to one of absolute military attention.

The hypnotist then tipped the frozen statue of Harris on his side, lifting him in midair and positioning the tall lanky lad on top of two chairs, his long, thin bare feet facing the audience.

Taking off his own shoes, the hypnotist prepared to mount the teenager in a conquest pose. Before doing so however, he whispered some final instructions into the mane of curly brown hair that concealed Harris’ left earlobe.

Standing on Harris and trying to balance himself, Mesmero made a point of occasionally standing atop the boy’s crotch. This was indeed Mesmero’s victory dance – the moment of the show he loved the most – as he stood there, socked heel rubbing against Harris’ helplessly stiffening groin, audience applauding and laughing hysterically, none the wiser, he truly felt like a conqueror, and thus assumed that pose on a regular basis.

Dismounting the motionless boy, Mesmero snapped his fingers dramatically in Harris’ face.

-“Wha? What’s going on here? What the hell?!” Harris jumped out of his rigid pose, disoriented and confused, only to see his two buddies Ashton and Jayson standing blank faced, half naked and frozen on stage.

-“Shit I was hypnotized! That was so cool! Hey, where’s my shirt and shoes?” Harris began looking around the stage for his discarded clothing.

-‘Ladies and gentlemen, Harris Banks!” Mesmero held out his hand in the way of the young lad who was now frantically looking for his left shoe.

‘As for the two of you… you will awaken at the count of three and you will remember nothing of this – except what I told you to…” Mesmero whispered that last part of his plan into the boys’ ears, away from the microphone. “1 – 2 – 3! Wake up!”

Again, for effect, Mesmero snapped his fingers and the semi naked Ashton and Jayson, like Harris before them, began nervously scurrying about looking for their clothing.

-“And Jayson Connors and Ashton Murphy! Let’s give all three of them a hand!” Mesmero pointed this time toward Jayson and Ashton.

Once more the lights began to flicker, strobes everywhere, a cloud of smoke and poof! Mesmero had vanished. The audience was left with one final gasp as the normal lights came on indicating the show was over. It was only at that point that a blonde girl in the audience playfully handed Harris the shoe he was so desperately searching for.

-“Thanks! Hey guys, that was some show, huh? Or was it? I don’t really remember…” Harris tried to recall the afternoon’s activities as he put on his shoes.

-‘Yeah, I feel really good but I don’t remember anything!” Ashton was rubbing his eyes and stretching.

-“I’m kinda weirded out here guys…” Jayson started.

-‘Why? What is it Jay?” Harris asked.

-‘I don’t even remember being hypnotized. It’s like if I was hypnotized, it happened against my will ‘cause I didn’t want to be hypnotized today, I wanted to see others get hypnotized. This way, we didn’t get to see a show – we WERE the show! Ya know? And dudes, we paid to be a part of this Mesmero’s show! And how come we don’t remember anything he made us do? What is that?! I mean we all wake up half naked and…”

Harris caught onto his buddy’s thought process and he did have to admit, Jay had a point. They paid to be a part of this hypnotist’s show! That didn’t really seem fair… they didn’t even get free tickets to the next performance!

-‘Ok guys, let’s see if we can find that Mesmero and maybe get some free tickets!” Harris suggested.

-“Ok. But I say if we find that hypnotist dude, we ask him to make us remember the whole thing. He could do that, right?! I hate not being able to remember what I did!” Jay shook off the feeling he had had before, like he had somehow been violated – did something he couldn’t quite remember, but something he wouldn’t have otherwise done if not under the sway of some crafty hypnotist.

The three circled the hypnotist tent before realizing Mesmero’s trailer was just to it’s left in the back.

Jay knocked on the trailer door, intent on confronting Mesmero on both established fronts.

-“Come in boys!” A voice from inside beckoned.

Harris looked over at Jayson, both boys were perplexed. How did Mesmero know it was the boys? Before they could figure it out a hypnotized Ashton opened the door and walked, entranced into the trailer.

-‘Yo, Ash, wait up!” Jay called as he followed after Harris.

-“Hello Gentlemen. As you may or may not be able to tell, your friend Ashton is currently hypnotized, isn’t that right Ashton?” Mesmero cupped Ashton’s crotch as he spoke.

-‘Yes master I am hypnotized.” Ashton replied robotically.

-‘Holy fuckin’ shit! What the hell is this, some kind of joke?!” Harris wanted to bolt, but his feet were glued to the carpeted entryway of the trailer. “Man, what did you do to him?!”

-‘I would think that was obvious, sleepy boy!” Mesmero spoke authoritatively, the trigger placing Harris deep into hypnosis, instantly. His head slumped to his chest, his long hair hanging over it.

Jay was next, he knew it, so he had to think of something. Like Harris, he couldn’t move, couldn’t leave the trailer – it was as if he was under some kind of post-hypnotic command not to.

-“You sicko! What the hell do you want with us?!” Jayson sounded nervous now.

-“I want you Jayson – mind, body and soul and I want you to do my bidding! Ha ha ha!”

-‘You’re nutso man!” Jayson had succeeded in lifting his left foot from the “sticky” carpet and was about to bolt when,

-“Hypno-boy!” Mesmero nearly shouted.

Mechanically, Jayson took off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and socks and stood at military attention, as if for some kind on spot inspection.

-‘Now let me see. I couldn’t study your body on stage, but in here is an altogether different story! The hypnotist approached Jayson feeling every part of the boy’s bare, hairless chest and back.

-“I think I’m going to keep you here all afternoon!” Mesmero cooed.

Harris and Jayson began to struggle, not enough to wake them, but Mesmero knew their reaction might in fact mean they couldn’t stay with him all afternoon – perhaps they were expected somewhere.

-“What is the problem Harris, Jayson, why did you react like that?!”

Harris spoke first.

“Buddies. Meeting our friends. Outside hypnotist tent in five minutes.’

-“Well, well, do indeed tell me about these buddies of yours! What are their names Harris?”

-“Dean, Tucker and Cole.”

-“Very well, in a moment I’m going to wake the three of you up. I will give you six free tickets for the show in half an hour – you will do whatever is necessary to coax Dean, Tucker and Cole to the show – tell them all about how fabulous it was to be hypnotized. Do you all understand?

From Ashton: “Yes Master.”
From Jayson: “Yes I understand”
From Harris: Yes sir.


-“Dudes where the hell were you – we’ve been waiting for like ten hours!” Cole protested nervously.

-“We were just speaking to that hypnotist – he’s so cool! He hypnotized Ash, Harris and I this afternoon and we just felt like I dunno, he owed us some free tickets and wouldn’t you know it? We asked and we got! Six free tickets! Now there’s no reason why you guys can’t come watch the 4 pm show!” Jayson was now Mesmero’s number one spokesman, he was after all, wearing Mesmero’s underwear and socks.

-“Dude, hypnosis is lame!” Cole couldn’t care less.

-“I’ll go, if it’s for free!” Dean volunteered.

-‘Me too. I’ll try it. Hey maybe he’ll even turn you into a chicken Dean?!” Tucker joked.

-“You guys are all lame. I’m not going to that stupid show. Total waste of time. I’d rather be at the batting cages! See ya!” Cole pff’ed his friends and walked away, a bit pissed off but looking forward to some more ball.

-“Let him go! We still have fifteen minutes or so until the show, we can either go in early and get seats in the front or play some games…” Harris suggested.

Both Dean and Tucker seemed to care less. Jayson thus took it upon himself to decide on behalf of everyone.

-“I don’t know about you guys but we just spent an hour and a half at a show we don’t remember! I wanna be in the front row and see everything this time!” Jayson began walking toward the hypnotist tent.

-‘So Ash, what’s it like?’ Tucker asked inquisitively.

-‘What’s what like?” Ashton played dumb.

-‘Being hypnotized!’ Tucker seemed to be stating the obvious. When Ashton and Harris heard their friend say the word ‘hypnotized’ both boys’ penises jolted forward, as if affected by their friend’s words.

-‘Wh…wh…what…d..d…did you say Tuck?’ Harris asked, wanting to see if the strange sensation would return upon hearing Tucker repeat his last sentence. Ashton too turned toward Tucker, intent on hearing his friend repeat his last sentence.

-‘I asked Ashton what it felt like to be hypnotized!” Tucker said loudly enough so that even Jayson who was ten strides forward heard it, and was affected this time. The two other boys, Ashton and Harris, having heard Tucker say the word twice were even more affected this time, Ashton even stumbling, practically to his knees, in total ecstasy.

-“Dude! What the hell is wrong with you man?!” Dean reached over to grab Ashton, assuming he was about to faint or collapse.

-‘I’m fine, I just got a cramp in my leg – I guess it was from when that hypnotist turned me into a statue.’ Ashton replied.

-‘A statue? What’s so funny about that?!’ Tucker asked, fascinated.

-‘I don’t know. Maybe he made me think that pigeons were doing their business on me and I couldn’t move, ya know? I mean, I wanted to, I needed to, but I couldn’t. It’s like I was totally under this dude’s power. It was weird, but cool.” Ashton set up the trap.

-‘Forget it Ash. Dean and Tucker don’t have the balls to go up on stage and be put into a trance!’ Harris picked up on his cue, on cue.

Finally, Jay would nail the final blow. “Harris, I bet you ten bucks these two are too chicken to allow themselves to be put under that hypnotist’s control!”

-‘Whataya dissin’ me for?” Dean asked his buddy Harris.

-‘No offence! But dude, if you volunteer, I’ll give you each a $10 bill. That’s how sure I am that you’re not gonna go up!’ Jay opened his wallet to verify that he had two ten dollar bills. He yanked ‘em out and swung them in the air in front of Dean and Tucker.

-‘You guys are getting sleepy – you will volunteer to be hypnotized…’ Jay suggested.

-‘Volunteer t’be hypnotized…’ Tucker picked up on the gag and pretended to be in a hypnotic trance.

-‘Ok, so seriously dude, what if this Master Mesmero can’t hypnotize us or me, then what do I get outta the deal? C’mon lets make it interesting! Dean asked eyeing his three friends skeptically.

-‘I wouldn’t worry. Master Mesmero is a real expert in the field.’ Ashton replied.

-‘So you guys never did answer Tucker’s question. What did it feel like to be hypnotized?’ Dean asked. As he asked the question, all three boys felt a stirring in their groins, Harris and Ashton literally, felt like they had to masturbate… or die. But they both suppressed what were the most wild urges either had experienced to date.

-“I’ll be honest with you Dean, it was creepy. That Mesmero dude turned me into his slave – it was like, I believed everything he told me, I did whatever he told me to do,
BUT, it was like the coolest sensation ever! It doesn’t freak you out!’ Jay tried to sound honest, but he wasn’t truly answering his friend’s question, but reciting a pre-arranged script, brainwashed into him. His objective, like Ashton and Harris, was to bring their friends to see Master Mesmero’s show.

-‘C’mon let’s rock. If you two are gonna volunteer, I definitely want a front seat for this!” Jay guided the group toward the tent’s entrance and ticket check.

-“I’ll go along with it and see what happens… I think.” Dean said, indecisively, looking down at Tucker, who was a good five inches shorter. At only 5’6, Tucker was short, but what he lacked in height, he made up for in stamina, stealth and endurance. When Tucker started playing Hockey, parents in the stand laughed at him – he was so much smaller than the rest of the kids, but Tucker soon proved them wrong. He was so fast on his blades, he could outskate all and literally, perform triple axels while shooting the puck past the defensemen and more importantly, the goalie.

-‘Ok, me too! I could use the ten spot to try for one of those big stuffed animals… you know, not for me, for Lucy!” Tucker agreed.

The five boys walked into the tent.


‘Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for Tucker Rickshaw, Dean Stevens, Maxwell Conway and Billy Porter!’ A gush of applause confronted the four dazed boys who were woken up, on their knees, in various doggie poses. All four boys had their shoes and socks off, their shirts off and their pants undone, revealing bits of the upper tops of underwear. All four boys were completely thrown, starting with Dean, who stood up off his knees and approached Mesmero,

-‘Um, excuse me, but where are my clothes?’ But those were not the words that emerged from Dean’s lips, instead, what the audience and everyone but Dean heard was, -‘I am hypnotized. I will do whatever you say.’ As the audience laughed and cheered even more, Dean grew increasingly incensed and Tucker, also disoriented, came to his friend’s aid.

-‘Sleep now Dean!’ Mesmero said as he touched the boy’s forehead.

-‘Holy crap! You hypnotized him! Again!’ Tucker exclaimed.

At this point in the evening, this was about the fifteenth time Tucker had said the word hypnotize and about the seventh or eighth time Dean had said it. And as a result, Ashton, Jayson and Harris sat throughout much of the show, cum stains on their shorts growing and growing, each boy having orgasmed at least twice thus far. At several points in the show, Jayson even turned to Harris and whispered,

-“I can’t believe how much seeing Dean and Tucker hypnotized is turning me on!” After the third time, Harris coyly whispered back, “I know, me too!”

The show ended with all the fanfare, lights, smoke and mirrors as before and of course, the four subjects on stage, scrambling about looking for their remaining clothing.

Once Tucker and Dean had retrieved all their clothes, minus one sock each, the five boys proceeded out of the tent, once again, somewhat dazed and disoriented.

-‘Hey what’s that on your shorts dude?’ Tucker asked Jayson.

-‘I spilled some 7up on my crotch Tuck, no biggie. Tucker hadn’t noticed that both Ashton and Harris had similar stains on their shorts, otherwise he might have been tipped off then and there.

Outside the hypnotist’s tent, Cole was nowhere to be seen.

-‘Guys, I was just thinking. I know it sounds petty, but um, why should I be out the cost of a pair of socks, and an hour and a half or so of my time? I feel like I got jipped!’ Dean bursted out. ‘I mean, at the very least, give me some coin to get a pair of new socks!’ Dean protested while throwing his one sock in a nearby garbage can. ‘What the hell am I gonna do with one sock?!”

-‘Why don’t we just go see Mesmero. He gave us free tickets when we complained earlier!’ Ashton said, already in light trance.

-‘Yeah, let’s go see Mesmero!” Tucker added in.


The five boys knocked on the door to Mesmero’s trailer. As the door swung open, Ashton walked in first and was thrown out of his trance by the sight before him. Standing opposite Mesmero, Ashton’s younger brother, Wesley and his two best friends, Ben and Vince, standing naked and at rigid attention… in every sense of the word!

-“Close the door behind you Tucker! Thank you!” Mesmero ordered of the last boy in his trailer. Tucker did as he was told, though inside he desperately knew he had to bolt. His feet weren’t moving though.

-‘What the heck is this? Wes, what the heck is wrong with you?!” Ashton approached his naked brother and shook him in a pointless attempt to snap him out of his immobile state.

-‘He doesn’t hear you. He only obeys me now, isn’t that right Wesley?’ Mesmero asked the motionless sixteen year old.

-“YES MASTER.” Wesley replied robot-like. “I only obey my master.”

-‘How? What’s going on here?” A chorus of confused young men, Ashton above all others.

-‘Surely you know Ashton? When you and your brother came to see my show yesterday I programmed you both to bring your friends to me and so you both have! Dean, Tucker why don’t the two of you kneel before me?! Oh yes, and first, take off your shirts and shoes and socks… NOW!”

Dean and Tucker exchanged perplexed glances and then, -“Yeah! That’ll be the da…” Dean began challengingly as he ripped off his shirt and fell to his knees in abiding compliance.

Ashton charged at Mesmero, intent on killing him if necessary. Before he got into within striking range though, Mesmero said his trigger word, “sleepy boy” and joining him in the land of nod, with the same triggers were Jayson and Harris.

With eight men in his trailer, all hypnotized and under his influence, Mesmero was intent on having a special night. As he toyed with his moustache, he looked over the group of young men in his sights.

Ashton, at 17, was certainly a trophy prize – standing at 5’11’’, slender waist, broad shoulders, traces of hair on his chest and somewhat hairier legs. Ashton’s auburn colored hair and gray blue eyes complemented his lighter than average skin tone perfectly. From the moment Mesmero laid his eyes on Ashton sitting in the front row of his tent, he knew he had to have him. And his younger brother Wesley, wasn’t too far off the mark either. Hypnotizing them both was crucial, otherwise the other might get suspicious. Wesley was about an inch taller than Ashton, same color hair, greenish-blue eyes and a slightly darker skin tone, though still lighter than average. His sculpted body was a result of many hours of intense swimming, having competed nationally last year.

His eyes roamed the field of conquered men and settled on his two least favorite prizes – Harris Banks and Tucker Rickshaw. Both boys were slim, Tucker however was more proportionate, being that he was shorter than the others. Harris stood at six feet and barely topped the scales at 170. His olive complexion, brown eyes, brown bushy hair and rake like body all seemed to blend into each other. In fact, were it not for that trademark mane on his head, Mesmero decided, Harris was just an average guy. Tucker on the other hand did have a cute, boyish face, equipped with dimples and everything. Also brown haired, he wore his short and cropped. At only 5’6’’, he was shorter than what Mesmero was used to, but the hypnotist decided he wanted Ashton’s entire inner-circle.

Turning slightly, the hypnotist now eyed Dean Stevens. Dirty blonde hair worn messed up on longer in the front, gray eyes which took on the blankest look of them all – there was something about Dean’s eyes that had attracted the hypnotist to this young man. Dean had the perfect body – standing at six feet, he was broad, muscled and tanned, he was someone who spent a lot of time taking care of himself and it showed. The hypnotist looked down, realized that some of the boys in the trailer were still with clothes on.

-“Listen to Mesmero! It is too hot in here! Those of you with clothes still on will remove them immediately!” The hypnotist barked the order and within minutes, all remaining clothes were discarded into community piles on the floor of the trailer.

-“Now, Ashton, where is your friend Cole? I thought you told me he was the best looking of all your friends. How come he hasn’t joined us?”

-‘Cole didn’t want to be hypnotized… didn’t want to join us….” Ashton replied sleepily.

-‘Damnit!’ Mesmero said to himself. “We’ll just have to take care of Cole another day! Ok then, Ashton, Harris, Jayson, stand at attention and wait for further commands!”

A trio chorus of near-synchronized ‘Yes Master’s” and all three boys were stiffening their bodies accordingly.

In this cramped space, Mesmero could barely make out everyone present. He decided on the spur to send the three younger victims home – he had already played with them sufficiently for one day. This would leave him with Ashton and his four friends.

-“Vince, Wesley, Ben, listen to my voice and obey. When I count to three you will retrieve your clothes from the floor, put them in a pile in front of you and await my further commands. One, two, three!”

The three younger boys sleepily shuffled around the trailer, occasionally banging up against each others’ asses, stepping on each others’ toes’ and the like, until all had assembled their clothes as instructed.

-“Now each of you, bend down and pick up your own pair of underwear and socks!”

All three sleepy boys complied and were soon standing with their underclothing in hand before Mesmero.

-‘Now, Ben! Give your underwear and socks to Wesley. Wesley you give your underwear and socks to Vince and Vince you give your socks and underwear to Ben. You will each leave here today wearing your buddy’s socks and underwear. You will know this to be the case, but you will be unable to do or say anything about it to anyone. Is that understood my three slaves?” Mesmero took one step closer to Wesley, massaged his cheek and then looked over at the hypnotized older brother, Ashton standing less than two feet away.

-“Yes Master.” All three boys chimed.

-“Now get dressed and leave here, remembering only what I told you to!”

The three friends dressed as instructed and left Mesmero’s trailer in a post-hypnotic daze none the wiser of their time with the evil hypnotist.

They walked right by Mesmero’s tent without giving the show a second thought, as instructed. Wesley hadn’t even noticed an impatient Cole, hanging around just outside the tent’s entrance. But Cole noticed Wes.

-‘Yo Wes! Wes?! Have you seen Ash?” Cole asked apparently aggravated.

Wesley just stared at Cole blankly and said,

-‘No I haven’t seen my brother all day.” And he walked away with his two friends.

They must be stoned, Cole reasoned. He had no idea Ashton’s brother was into that sort of thing, but whatever, it wasn’t his business. Then, something odd dawned on him: Had Wesley and his friends gone to see the hypnotist too? They were certainly acting like they were still half asleep!

Cole decided to chase after Wes and his two friends, wanting to ask them a few more questions.

-“Yo, Wes, hold up!” He called after Ashton’s brother. “Yo, Wes, are you deaf or something?! Lookit, dude, I just wanted to ask you, did you go see that Mesmero dude this afternoon? You know, the hypnotist?”

Something inside Wesley stirred. Inside Ben and Vince as well. Upon hearing a young guy use any ‘hypno’ word, their dicks were programmed to twitch, as if it were some kind of reminder of their ultimate mission: Hypnotize good looking young men and bring them to Mesmero…

-“Dude, what’s up with you, where are you out to lunch or something?” Cole asked, still not having received an answer to his questions.

-“Yeah, we saw the first show at noon. It was funny, you should see it!” Wes pitched.

Ben and Vince were quick to add their two cents a piece,

‘Dude, that Mesmero guy is the coolest!’ from Ben and ‘It was a great freakin’ show!” from Vince.

-“Guys, did that hypnotist hypnotize you?” Cole asked suspiciously.

All three young men shuddered, Lance and Wes were even more obvious about it than Ben.

-“Shit you guys are all weird! I hope you didn’t let that freak fuck with your heads! Anyway, Ashton and the guys went to the last show and I guess I missed them ‘cause when I went to meet them at the tent they weren’t there!”
-“I’ll tell Ash to call you later.” Wes said uncaringly and resumed his sleepwalk down the fairground path.

That was odd, Cole thought. But he hadn’t smelled any weed smell on the three of them and moreover, they weren’t acting stoned, they were acting as if they were half asleep or something, in a trance… Cole was already thinking the worst when from behind him, someone tapped his shoulder.

-“Ah!” He jumped, turned and saw his older brother and his girlfriend walking toward the park exit.

-“Hey Cole, ya need a ride? We’re headin’ home!” Brian asked.

-“Uh, sure thing thanks bro.”

Cole left the park an uneasy, sinking feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t one who was normally prone to worry but something told him there was a problem. He’d call the guys later and see if it was just a case of his own paranoia.


‘Now, my five naked slaveboys… Dean come here, stand right here!” Mesmero positioned Dean so that he was standing on profile to Mesmero’s left. “And let’s see, ok, Jayson, come here! Stand here!” He positioned Jayson opposite Dean so that the tips of their erect penises were practically touching. Both boys continued staring vacantly ahead, now, into each others’ eyes as they stood immobile waiting for their next orders.

-“Now when I say “GO”, you will both be in a sword fight, a battle to the death, but the catch is, you cannot move only your swords and your hands can move! Now, both of you, look down. Dean what do you see?”

-‘My dick master.’ Dean replied so matter-of-factly he could have been talking about comic books.

-“And Jayson, what do you see?”

-“The same thing master. My penis. It’s hard...” The hypnotized brunette replied.

-“No my two slaves, those are not your dicks, those are your swords, so when I say go, you will each take your own sword in hand and begin your sword fight to the death! GO!”

Dean and Jayson both began jabbing each other’s penises into each other, each trying desperately to gain leverage over the other in some imaginary way.

Mesmero loved this…making his hypnotized slaves compete in a penile sword fighting duel to the end… and to the victor, of course, went the spoils.

Leaving his two swordsmen to themselves, Mesmero approached Tucker, who was kneeling by the door with Harris to his left and Ashton to his right. All three boys were completely naked, save a watch and bracelet on Ashton’s and Harris’ wrists. Mesmero grabbed Ashton by his left wrist and pulled him closer to him. He removed the boy’s watch and began swinging it playfully in front of the hypnotized teen.

-‘Sleep my slave! Sleep!’ Mesmero purred into Ashton’s ear as he pushed back on Ashton causing him to fall backward to the floor. Of course, Mesmero caught him and positioned him on the floor of his trailer.

-“Tucker! Come here! Come to your master!” Mesmero ordered Tucker to Ashton’s side and in a total fog, Tucker blindly took three steps to the side to stand at his friend’s leg. As per his previous instructions, Tucker stood up so straight that had he been awake, his body would have been experiencing actual pain.

The hypnotist looked the shorter boy over. His only redeeming qualities – he was cute, and, because of his size, he seemed a lot younger than his actual nineteen years.

-“Now, Tucker, I want you to put your foot on Ashton’s penis! Do it now slave!”

Tucker hesitated for a moment but was ultimately compelled to comply. Lifting his bare left foot, he placed it on Ashton’s erect penis.

-‘Now, Harris, extend your arms in front of you!’ Mesmero stepped over Ashton and toward the statuesque form of Harris, whose arms were now extended straight in front of him, like a sleepwalker.

-“You will remain frozen in this pose, until I tell you otherwise!”

Harris’ body tightened into it’s previously rigid state.

-“Now, everybody freeze! When I count to three you will all appear to wake up, becoming your normal awake selves. You will all realize that you are in my trailer, that you’ve been hypnotized by me. BUT, you will not be able to leave here or call for help. When I wake you, you will be alert and coherent but you will be frozen in your current poses. None of you will be able to move a muscle except your mouths and eyes. Finally, even though I will be here, none of you will see me. I am invisible, but you will still be able to hear me, and you will obey me when I speak to you! Is this all clear my slaves?”

Mesmero repeated his instructions to the boys’ another two times and then, rather unceremoniously, proceeded to wake them up. He loved watching the resurfaced personalities scramble to make sense of their predicament as was about to happen.

-‘Dude! What the fuck?!” Jayson’s voice stammered. Jayson and Dean stared horrified at each other when they realized not only were they naked, their dicks were hard and actually touching.

-‘Get off me man!” Dean seemed to want to twitch away but couldn’t. ‘What the hell! I can’t move!”

-‘Neither can I!” Tucker seemed to be panicking. He looked down at his bare foot, realizing he was standing on something, only to be even more horrified when he saw his own foot atop Ashton’s hard cock.

-“I can’t move either Tuck, shit, what’s wrong with us?” Ashton’s voice was sleepily strained.

-“Are you kidding guys?! It’s so obvious what’s going on here! Look at me!” Harris annoyed, his voice strained and fearful.

The four other boys moved their eyes to lock on Harris who was standing like some kind of sleepwalker or zombie pose.

-‘That Mesmero dude must have hypnotized us after the show and did this to us!’ Harris reasoned to the group.

-“Yeah, but why can’t we move?!” Jayson’s voice too seemed to indicate he was trying with all his might to move away from Dean’s penis, but alas, could not tear himself away. “It’s like we’re glued together or something! Man, make this stop!” Jayson pleaded.

-“Ok guys, calm down, we can still think, right? I mean that hypnotist doesn’t control everything. At the count of three, we’ll all scream for help, someone’s gotta hear us!” Tucker suggested.

-“Good idea Tuck!” Ashton complimented his friend.

-‘1-2-3!’ Tuck spoke the words outloud, but when it came time to scream, all five boys could only manage a meager whisper, in unison,


-‘Man, what was that? How come we’re all whispering? We should be screamin’ our lungs out!” Dean was freaking out.

Mesmero sat back with delight watching five naked heterosexual men come to the realization, on their own, that they are essentially mindless sex slaves of this evil hypnotist. Obviously, because he was a hypnotist, it was easier convincing the subconscious of this, but once their conscious minds came to this realization, their total enslavement would progress all the more quickly.

Mesmero decided to raise the ante a bit. “Dean and only Dean… hear me and obey!”

From a semi-lucid Dean, a murmured response, “…obey”

-“Dean, you are the world’s best hypnotist! Repeat that outloud for your friends to hear!” Mesmero commanded the now semi-entranced teen.

Dean suddenly snapped back, announcing to his friends,

-“Guys! I’m the world’s best hypnotist!”

-“What the hell was that?” Tucker asked his friend.

-‘What?!” Dean had no idea what his friend was talking about.

-‘You’re the world’s best hypnotist?! Yeah right! I’d say that Mesmero guy was somewhere near the top of that list. I mean, look at what he did to us!” Tucker looked down at his foot again and saw Ashton’s penis, still hard. He’d never seen his friends’ dicks before, much less hard, and the sexual energy and tension in the trailer was palpable… he wasn’t turned on or anything, but his penis was hard and he was feeling hot. The feel of his buddy’s hard penis running the length of his sole, feeling it on his foot like that, had some kind of a “top” feel – somehow, Tucker felt somewhat better that he was standing atop Ashton instead of the reverse.

-“Dean! When I count to three you will able to move. You will circle around the trailer and hypnotize your friends. Remember you are the world’s best hypnotist – you will put them under hypnosis and make them your slaves!”

-“Yes Master.” Dean replied blandly, outloud.

-“Yes master?” Harris looked over at Dean. “Man, what the hell is wrong with you?!” Harris asked.

Dean suddenly came unlocked from Jayson.

-“Thank you man! Shit, I still can’t move! Quick, Dean, go get help!” Jayson was trying to think quickly, realizing that Dean was the only one in the group able to move.

Dean turned toward Jayson dramatically, grabbed him by the bare shoulders and began his world’s best hypnotist spiel.

-‘Look into my eyes Jayson… you are going to be hypnotized…. Going to sleep….sleep and become my hypnotized slave! You have no choice but to obey my voice… obey and sleep!”

Jayson seemed stunned. “Man, quit it! Go get help! What’s your fuckin’ problem?” Jayson asked his ever-determined friend.

-‘He can’t help it dude. He’s programmed or something!” Harris reasoned.

-“Shit! There’s no telling what that Mesmero’s made us do!” Tucker whined.

-“Jay, you are sleepy… sleeeeep… sleeeep…. And obey your master. I am your master Jay and you must obey your master!” Dean rambled on as Harris, Tucker and Ashton chuckled, albeit somewhat nervously.

-“This is so hokey! Dean couldn’t hypnotize a flea!” Ashton jeered. In the meantime, Mesmero was concocting the next part of his plan.

-‘Jayson, at the count of three, you are a hypnotized robot, you will obey Dean, your master, and you will be his hypnotized slave! One, two, three!”

Dean snapped his fingers in Jayson’s face and in that split second, it lost all animation.

-‘Jay, are you hypnotized now?” Dean asked seductively.

-‘Yes master. I am hypnotized and ready to obey!” Jay spoke in robotic monotone.

-‘Holy fuck! Jay! Man, what did he do to Jay!?” Ashton was freaking out.

-‘Relax, man, that hypnotist obviously programmed this all into us – no way could Dean hypnotize anyone! Jay’s still under, which means, maybe we’re all still under!” Harris’ thoughts were racing.

Mesmero, still invisible to his victims, approached the sleeping shell that was Jayson, whispering in his ear:

-‘Now Jayson, you will repeat after me and outloud for all your friends to hear, I am the world’s best hypnotist!’

The entranced dark haired teen repeated, as ordered,

-“I am the world’s best hypnotist!”

-“Holy shit! Jay?!” Tucker tried to turn his neck to see what was going on with Jay but he was just outside his line of sight, frozen as he was.

Dean in the meantime had simply “stopped”, waiting for further instructions from Mesmero, which were, ironically, about to come.

-“Dean, you will now hypnotize Harris! Repeat that!” Mesmero commanded in the boy’s ear.

-“I will now hypnotize Harris!” Dean blankly intoned.

-“Shit, no Dean, come on… snap outta it! Dean! DEAN!” Harris began to protest as Dean made his way over Ashton’s body to where the Harris statue was still standing, arms outstretched, one singular thought in his clouded mind… Hypnotize Harris!

One by one, the boys went under this way, re-hypnotized by their own hypnotized friends, transformed into hypnotists by Master Mesmero, only to be turned into hypno-slaves themselves once they had fulfilled their hypnotist duties.

Even though he knew they were not aware of his presence, he crept slightly toward the frozen forms of Tucker and Ashton. Ashton remained erect the entire time, his penis still under the sway of Tucker’s foot. Tucker’s erection had waned however, as he stared dazedly downward into complete nothingness.

Mesmero grabbed the young man’s flaccid dick and began to tug and pull, moving in slight, circular motions, it was only a matter of seconds before Tucker’s dick was pointing directly outward, semi-hard and growing.

Like a predator circling his prey, Mesmero made his way around Tucker’s frozen body so that he was now on his left side. He whispered seductively into the blank-faced teen’s ear,

-“Tucker, you are extremely turned on – you need to masturbate, but you cannot, you will not until I say… is that understood?”

Tucker didn’t flinch or budge an inch. His totally open subconscious mind just took it all in, as it was supposed to…

-‘Understood.’ He repeated weakly.

Mesmero surveyed the rest of his male harem – Harris, Jay and Dean were still hard, frozen in that position moments before.

-“Ashton, I want you to stand up! Jay, Dean, Harris – you three will come here and stand alongside Tucker and Ashton. Move!” Mesmero’s tone was one of a dictator and the boy’s had no choice but to comply with his request.

He positioned the five boys in a straight line. Being a trailer, that meant his only means of getting to his back bedroom meant stepping on a pile of toes. Taking a few minutes to straighten their positions out a little (Mesmero had a particular fondness for military-like line-ups), each boy was standing shoulder to shoulder except for both Jay and Tucker who stood at either end of the line.

Satisfied that his drones were in the desired position, Mesmero’s dictatorial voice was now replaced with his former, more seductive tone.

-“Boys! Hear me and obey! This is important because the fair is only in town until Sunday night, so that means tomorrow, you will each bring two friends to the fair to see my show. These friends must be male, they must be decent looking and yes, if you like you can bring brothers, cousins uncles – as long as they are male. You can bring more than two men if you like, but the minimum you have to bring to me is two men. Whomever you bring, you will make sure to do whatever is necessary to get them to come and see my show. I will take it from there. Do you boys understand? This is your primary mission!” He looked up and down the line to see if his requests were being processed. A chorus of sleepy “yeses” and “I understands” promptly followed, much to his satisfaction.

-“Tucker, who are you going to bring to see my show tomorrow?” Mesmero cooed.

-“My…brother Stewart… he’s only 14…” Tucker stammered.

-“You will not bring anyone to my show who is under 17, is that understood, all of you? Now, Tucker, who will you bring?”

-“My cousin Mark. My buddy Tyler.” Tucker sleepily complied.

-“Dean, who will you bring to see my hypnotist show?”

-“My twin brother Lance, and our friend Isaac.”

-“You have a twin brother Dean? Is he identical?”


Mesmero looked as though he was ready to bust a gasket. Twins!

-“Dean and only Dean! Hear me and obey! When you go home tonight, you will be so excited about taking your brother to see the hypnotist show tomorrow you will beg him to let you hypnotize him. You will do whatever you can to hypnotize Lance tonight and you will call me to report.”

-“I understand.”

So enthralled with the prospect of having “two Deans” in his trailer, possibly even as early as later on that night, Mesmero made a tactical, albeit timely decision.

-“Dean, take your clothes and get dressed. You are going to go straight home and begin working on your brother. I will give you a few tools that will help you to hypnotize him. Oh and one more thing…” Mesmero stopped talking and cupped Dean’s penis in his hands. He leaned over the blond to take one final whiff of his pubic hair.

-“Dean! Cum now!” Mesmero ordered, and like a mountain that had been volcanically dormant for eons, Dean exploded in ecstasy heaving white clouds of his own seed into the atmosphere of Mesmero’s trailer. The smell, to Mesmero, was intoxicating.

The blond haired young man simply stood there, still at attention, though totally spent. Mesmero cleaned him up, giving his stomach and crotch area a thorough tongue-bath. Once he was sure the boy was sufficiently cleaned up, he held him by his semi-flaccid cock and gave him his final marching orders.

-“Dean. Get your clothes and give me your socks and underwear!” Mesmero barked as Dean reanimated, scurrying about the trailer for his clothing. While he was looking, Mesmero approached Jay. Grabbing the brunette’s balls in this hand and with one simple voice command, “Cum now!” Jay, like Dean before him, let out a steady stream of semen, most of it winding up on the carpeted trailer floor.

Dean was now standing near Mesmero, his socks and underwear in his right hand outstretched toward the hypnotist.

-“Thank you Dean. You will not miss these! Now, before you get dressed, I want you to come here – come stand right here, on this spot!” Mesmero positioned Dean so that his bare feet were positioned right on top of the three biggest spurts of Jay’s cum.

-“Can you feel that on your feet Dean?” Mesmero asked seductively.

-“Yeah… it’s…it’s wet.” Dreamily, that was his best description of the sensation.

-“Do you know what it is Dean?” Mesmero continued with his manipulation.

-“N, uh uh.”

-“It’s hypno-syrum. Now that your body has come into contact with this hypno-syrum, you are becoming my slave, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Your feet will obviously feel it first Dean – total servitude to me… can you feel it, the hypno-syrum, making its way up your body, through your feet?”

-‘y…yes, I…I….can f…f….feeel it…” Dean’s suggestible body squirmed, as if some deep down part of himself was trying to fight what was happening to him. Deep down, Dean didn’t want to be anyone’s slave, but his ability to muster up enough resistance was completely taken from him. He thus continued to slip deeper and deeper under Mesmero’s sway with every suggestion he received.

-“Now Dean – lift your left foot!”

Instantaneously, Dean’s left foot was off the trailer floor, out of contact with Mesmero’s “hypno-syrum”. Checking the sole, Mesmero was satisfied to see some of Jay’s sperm affixed to Dean’s skin. It was now time to put Dean’s pants and shoes on. Mesmero wanted Dean going home with his friend’s spunk on his feet and this is precisely how he sent Dean off, moments later, fully dressed, still deeply hypnotized until he left the fairgrounds, with one mission in mind – to hypnotize his twin brother Lance and bring him to the hypnotist’s tent the next day.

Mesmero turned his attention back to the remaining guys in the trailer. With Ashton, Tucker, Harris and Jay still under and the extreme likelihood that they were each bringing two friends the next day, Mesmero laughed to himself… “I’m going to need a bigger trailer! Unless of course…”

-“Boys! Listen to me… I need a house for tomorrow night! Do any of you or your friends have a place that is all to yourselves?!

Ashton stepped forward, vocally,

-“Master, my parents are away until Sunday night!”

-“So it’s just you and Wes?” Mesmero asked excitedly.

-“No master, my sister Kimberly will be there too.” Ashton reported honestly.

-“Here’s what you’re going to do to make sure your sister Kimberly is not home tomorrow night, Ashton.. and I want you to hear me and obey, is that clear?”

-“Yes master. I hear and I obey!” the blank faced teen repeated his pre-programmed response script.

To be continued?