My Boyfriend's a Warlock... & He Controls TV!

PROLOGUE: It All Started With a Ranger...

Just days before my 18th birthday I decided to open up to my boyfriend about my whole hypnotism fetish. How I liked to see guys hypnotized, how I fantasized about it a lot, especially with guys that I totally knew I could never have. I told him everything, every little nuance about what got me off from the fantasy. I mean, it felt good to get it off my chest and share, but also, I felt a bit silly, admitting to such an off-the-wall, off-beat fantasy. But, I kinda figured, if we were going to be involved for the longterm, as it was becoming increasingly clear we would be, he'd have to know all there was to know about me.

I thought I had dropped a bomb! Who knows how someone will react when you tell them something really personal and potentially embarrassing? Little did I know what my revelation would ultimately lend itself to by way of outcome. Cal was cool with it and all, and we talked about it, but he wasn't really showing much enthusiasm toward the whole subject, so I kinda figured, I wouldn't push it, deciding to drop it off of our couple-radar, for now.

On the day of my 18th birthday, three days later basically, Cal, my adoringly gorgeous Adonis boyfriend tells me – surprise - he's a warlock! And not one of those Dungeons and Dragons RPG people who dresses up and goes to Star Trek conventions convinced he can turn milk into cocoa, but the real McCoy, a real honest-to-goodness male-witch, with powers and everything.

Ok, you have to have been there to see this scene playing out as it did because words can hardly describe my reaction. I mean, obviously, I was stunned speechless, not sure if my boyfriend had turned to the bottle that early in the day or if he'd been smoking something illegal. Cal was over at my place, it was just a little after noon on a Sunday. He was sitting on the side of my bed and he just blurted it out as plain as day. I had to laugh out loud, not sure where he was going with this one. I'll tell you, it took a lot more gumption and awkward pauses on my end when I told him about my whole hypnotism thing, no joke!

That's when Cal did a little gesturing with his fingers and all of a sudden, a pair of worn, white tube socks appeared in his awaiting, outstretched palms. It was a neat trick.

-”For you., mon cher!” He offered them to me lovingly. I was confused by the parlor trick and had no idea what he was talking about. Maybe I was out to lunch, I don't know...? He's giving me worn socks for my birthday?

-”They belong to Shawn. I just snatched them off his feet as he was wearing them!” Cal boasted; I was still unconvinced, highly skeptical even.

-”Shawn Pastorel?” I guessed only because Cal and I had talked about him before.

No way! I couldn't believe it. If I hadn't seen the socks just suddenly appear as such I wouldn't have believed they could have been Shawn's. Still, it could have been a smoke and mirrors trick. I asked Cal to show me more of his “powers”; I guess what I was really asking for was more proof.

Seconds later, the six foot tall Adonis, Shawn Pastorel himself, the guy every single girl and gay guy in school had a crush on, was standing barefoot in my bedroom, a look of protracted confusion on his face. I could tell he was about to ask where he was and what was going on when Cal waved his hand and Shawn simply froze in place.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, what I was hearing. Was I really involved romantically with a... a warlock?! I mean, what other power could magically transport people in and out of rooms across miles of geographic space? (I think Shawn lived at least ten miles or so away from me).

I wanted one more piece of proof. I needed one more piece of proof from my would-be “Warlock Boyfriend.”

-”Can you hypnotize him?” I asked my boyfriend slyly, staring at the frozen stud standing before me a look of complete confusion on his lightly freckled face. Actually, in his frozen state, Shawn already looked hypnotized, but I wanted to see if I could have some fantasy-fun with him. (Cal knew that like everyone else, I was in love with the guy's physical exterior, nothing more. In day-to-day life Shawn was a total dickwad).

Cal was more than anxious to instantly oblige. “I can do you one even better than that!” He winked at me, tongue literally in cheek, clapped his hands twice and in under an instant, Shawn was on his knees, kneeling at my feet! What a rush! Cal clapped his hands together once more and Shawn's voice spoke: “I am here to serve you master. I am your hypnotized slave. Command me and I will obey.”

This sealed the deal for me. No amount of money could have got Shawn Pastorel to say any of that shit to me, no way, no how! This whole scene just sent electric shivers through my entire body as I mentally contemplated what Cal's powers meant to a budding young hypno-fetishist like myself.

And though I was almost completely immersed in Shawn, I could tell Cal was loving what this scene was obviously doing to me (on multiple fronts). I could tell, no, I KNEW my boyfriend was watching me intently, enjoying that I was enjoying the fun and festivities as much as I was. And it was only a little after noon! The day was yet young... and I just found out my boyfriend could turn water into wine!

-”Cool, huh? Yeah... actually, simple teleportation is boring for me. I'm into much more creative things now.” Cal bragged before turning his attention back to the kneeling barefoot hunk. He passed his hand along Shawn's large body and with that pass, Shawn's clothing seemed to dissolve away, so he was kneeling in his full glory and my eyes were glued to his 'ginormous' thick cock and low hanging ball-sack practically touching the floor. The guy was built like a bull!

Cal suddenly grabbed the blank-faced Football player by his chin and forced his gaze upward at him. I had to grab one of those ass cheeks and squeeze with all my might; then, I grabbed them both and pretended to be about to mount my new jungle-gym plaything.

Cal had a different agenda and plan for the afternoon it seemed, and since he did have a plan I didn't even think of questioning him. He seemed to turn his focus on Shawn, momentarily.

“You will return home, forget all of this. But you will have a compelling urge to hypnotize your older brother... what's his name Tony?”

-”Peter I think.” Shawn may just call him Pete but I'm pretty sure his name was Peter.

-”You will hypnotize Peter. Repeat it slave.” Cal sounded like a masterful drill-sargent commanding a junior line of trainees into mental submission. I loved it!!!

Still on his knees, his head bent almost auspiciously forward, a nude Shawn Pastorel repeated the command, visualizing his older brother Peter going under as he did, “I will hypnotize Peter.”

He did this in MY bedroom!

Ok. So suffice it to say, my curiosity was beyond peaked as I made my way closer to Shawn. I stroked his motionless, clean-shaven, dimpled cheek. I suddenly snapped myself out of it to realize Cal just said that doing this was boring to him? I was suddenly very curious to know what someone with powers like him found “not boring”.

“...Like what other creative things, Cal?” I asked anxious to hear more from my bewitched boyfriend.

With a wave of my boyfriend's manly right hand, Shawn was gone from my bedroom, as quickly as he had arrived. Now you saw his giant penis, now you didn't. His vanishing act forced me to put all my attention back on Cal again. I didn't mind. He was as wonderful to listen to as he was to look at.

He seemed anxious to tell me what creative things interested him, if teleportation was considered 'boring'.

-”Well, I've been dabbling in time travel for the last few years or so, but recently, I got on a new kick... thanks to you Tony.” Cal seemed to be thanking me for something I honestly knew not what. My look of confusion prompted him to go on, explaining further:

-”When you told me about your hypnotism fetish and how there were a bunch of television shows you saw growing up that turned you onto the scene, well... it got me thinking...”

My head was spinning. Time travel? And now, tie-in something to do with my hypnotism fetish? I had to know more.

Cal sat back down on the bed's edge to continue.

-”Well, like remember you said you saw a particularly hot Power Ranger's episode when you were a kid, when Tommy was under some kind of mind-control and was forced to turn against the other Rangers and attack them?”


Of course I remembered that episode. That one stuck in my head an was burned into my subconscious memory for life as far as I was concerned. And I remember telling Cal about it as one of my earliest memories, possibly even an activator of my hypno/mc fetish. It was so hot seeing the long-haired rebel in Tommy go from total fight-ready resistance to complete mental slavery in a manner of seconds after being hit by Zed's powerful red hypno-beam. I can still remember how his eyes glowed red and how his face and voice went blank as a zombie as he agreed to Lord Zed's commands without question.

Cal continued, interrupting my pre-pubescent reverie with further explication:

-”Well, I went back in the past to the studio that shoots the show. I replaced their “original Tommy gets hypnotized script” with one you'll likely find waaay more stimulating. Then, I had everyone there shoot my revised script. I then had them edit it for me and give me the only copy that existed. As far as their entire production team knew, they were “off” that week shooting publicity sequences, it was amazing! HA, what a blast!”

I was trying to process all of this information, my brain on overload. “So what are you saying...? I asked leaning in toward Cal not quite sure where he was going with all of this.

-”I'm saying I had it transferred to DVD. Happy birthday Tone!” Cal handed me a DVD that was marked simply Power Rangers Episode 000.

I looked at him excitedly, as if for permission to put the dvd into my player that very second. This couldn't be what Cal said it was – no way. Cal nodded in the affirmative, a sly grin on his face. I couldn't imagine what he had done to improve on an episode that I had for so long considered ultra-perfect, on so many levels.

The DVD began with Cal, standing there with the four male members of the Power Ranger team, each in their single colored spandex costumes. One by one they introduced themselves.

-”I'm Zack, Black Ranger.”

-”I'm Tommy, Green Ranger.”

-”I'm Billy, Blue Ranger.”

-”I'm Jason, Red Ranger.”

Then finally, after they had all identified themselves, they turned adoringly toward Cal, my boyfriend, and spoke directly to him, away from the camera, blind looks of adulation plastered across all their side-profiled faces.

-”And Cal is our master.” All four young men proclaimed wholeheartedly in mind-fucked unison. They then dropped to their knees almost on cue, removed their helmets and began to go after Cal's fly, making quick work of his black denims and his black Calvin's underneath. The four of them were like four babies looking to suckle from a single nipple, only in this case, the nipple was Cal's eight inch long upwardly pointing cock. An impressive sight to be sure, no magic required there, I can vouch for that.

The episode that Cal had rewritten and swapped the original for was 100 times more powerful and intense to watch, playing up to virtually every facet of my hypno-fetish as I had described to my obviously attentive boyfriend. He really was paying attention!

The first part of the episode was virtually identical to what I remembered, until Tommy got zapped by those mind control beams coming from Zed's power staff. If I'm not mistaken, the original staff's top was shaped like a crescent moon, but somehow Cal must have also gotten into props and made a few adjustments there as well, because atop Zed's staff now was a giant human phallus. That is what Zed used to hypnotize Tommy but the fun didn't end there. In fact, it was just getting underway.

Cal stopped the video at that precise point by an understated hand gesture, at the precise moment when Tommy was bowing and proclaiming his servitude to his master on the screen.

-”Ok, Tony, you've seen pretty much what you remember of that initial episode, with a few modifications...”

-”I loved the penis on the staff bit! Classic” I inserted with a chuckle. Techincally though that could have been photoshopped in. Still, it was a cute effect to be sure.

-”I knew you would. Just to tell you Tony, this is a 70-minute long episode. I had them edit minimally from my mental specs. We don't have to watch the whole video now... I can fast forward to the best parts.” Cal suggested but I wasn't all that sold on that plan. I knew that now that Tommy was under his control ultimately, it was only a matter of time before the other three male Power Rangers were likewise, taken down, in this, Cal's version of the script. I wanted to see the whole 70 minute movie, from beginning to end. I didn't want HIGHLIGHTS!

-”Cal, I appreciate what you did here and I'm still blown away by all this but I kinda would like to... you know... watch this...” I pointed at the paused screen, almost desperate to get my time in front of it. I was the birthday boy after all, right?

-”Done!” Cal spoke the words and they seemed to hit me like a hammer, completely catching me off-guard. I was dizzy too.

I shook my head clear. What just happened? I was sitting in my chair, I was covered in my own cum and I had a clear memory of the entire episode Cal had re-organized and presented me with for my birthday present.

-”Was I just hypnotized?” I asked Cal with a raised eyebrow, parting me hoping I was, part of me wondeirng why I couldn't remember if I had been.

-”Not at all. I'd never hypnotize you Tony without your permission.” Cal reassured me. “I simply sped up time in this room by 71 minutes. You watched the video – I even got to slow things down a bit to watch you splooge all over yourself. You really liked that scene didn't you?” Cal's voice had turned increasingly seductive, particularly as he described me making a mess all over myself.

I knew exactly which scene he was talking about too because that was the one I came to. All four male Power Rangers were in Zed's darkened, cavernous lair; they were lying so close to each other and side by side that their bodies were touching from shoulder(s) to wrist(s); their costumes had been discarded and lay on the floor in a giant rainbow colored heap; all four were erect; all four guy's eyes' were wide open, all four repeating over and over again in a zombified unified drone, “I am your hypnotized slave”, “I am your hypnotized slave.”...

Cal must have known that seeing the four teenage superheroes I grew up with naked, hard and hypnotized would be my literal tipping point because almost in unison all four hypnotized guys came, alongside me. The on-screen/in-person timing was veritably synchronous – it was like I was there with them!

The shoot (pardon the pun) was amazing, in part because Cal was using the real actors, the real sets, the real everything, except for the script. I had a few questions still for my suddenly all-powerful BF. More than a few, actually.

-”Cal, how did you get the director and all the other production personnel to go along with doing all this?” I asked, totally beyond curious. I mean an episode costs time and money to produce, someone had to pay for the week's loss, right?

Cal was blunt in in his answer, 'the director, I hypnotized him, along with several of the producers, camera men; we shot it closed-set and we limited access; all those I didn't hypnotize I just cast a forget-spell on them as I left, like that editor idiot, Malcolm whatever... what an asshole, tsk!”

Clearly Cal had many stories he could tell me beyond this little birthday present and my mind was starting to bubble over in terms of all the possibilities that my boyfriend's powers now potentially afforded me by virtue of extension alone. Suddenly, I was connected to someone that mattered, someone that had true power, someone that could very literally, make all my fantasies real, and more.

-”Are you ready?” Cal suddenly asked me, holding out his hand in an almost Peter-Pan gesture. Part of me knew what he was talking about the other part, wasn't sure. He wanted me to go with him... somewhere... somewhen... I just knew it...!

-”For what?” I asked a little freaked still, but really, all in a good way. I must have been glowing I was so happy!

-”We're going on a tour of TV LAND. Oh, not the television network to be sure but the entire north American television network enchilada from its inception to end and we're going to rewrite and re shoot scripts as we go. You game, birthday boy?”

Cal rolled his tongue in my direction, using it this time to beckon me into his firm, warm embrace. I was glad to see we'd be travelling first-class!

I mean, you tell me... what idiot wouldn't jump at such a chance? I was born ready for this!

I looked over at my ever-enchanting beau – my man. Boy, was I lucky! Just a year and a half or so older than me, but oh so wiser than his years. He had the most gorgeous mane of dirty blond hair which he wore shoulder length most of the time. He had very fine and chiseled features, a sculpted, somewhat pronounced brow, well-defined cheek bones, a manly chin and Adam's apple I just loved to go after with my mouth... His face was like a young Patrick Swayze's or a young Val Kilmer's, circa Top Secret days. He had the most piercing light blue eyes I had ever seen and truth be told, part of the reason why I told Cal about my whole hypnotism fetish was because I wanted him to hypnotize me with nothing more than his eyes, forcing me to stare into those gorgeous light blue eyes of his as he put me under his power. Cal's eyes could stimulate a reaction out of a cadaver and at 18, I was nowhere near that state, thankfully. In fact, very much quite the opposite. I really needed to get off... and soon. Cal sensed my 'urgent need' and we preapred to leave, holding hands, his arm around my shoulders. I knew he would take care of me no matter what.

...I mean seriously, who needs Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Ave when you have a genie in a bottle in love with you and you simultaneously in love with him? The entire univeral timeline was suddenly our playground. And where did we chose to go?

If we were going to traipse around Hollywood and hobnob with celebrities of eras past, I kinda knew where I wanted to start, and if I'm not mistaken, so too did Cal. We were on page.

I turned to him slyly, my right index finger in my mouth, my left pointing to my soiled jeans' crotch.

-”Space...” I began, intoning that I intended him to continue where I had left off.

He waved his hand in the air and I was suddenly wearing a gold and black costume I all too-well recognized. This was too freakin' much!

-”...the final frontier.” Cal continued as he snapped us back to 1966 Desilu Studies, on the Paramount lot. We were shooting in studio 3C and I suddenly knew everything about the show's shooting schedule as well as all the hot new and juicy details of the script Cal had prepared in advance. I just had a couple of last minute add-ins I wanted included and we would be ready to begin shooting.



The best part of the Star Trek episode fantasy that we were doing was that I got to play the part of a lieutenant on-board the original Enterprise! Cal had written me in as if I was was a regular cast member, Lieutenant Commander Tony Mancello, Security Chief. To everyone present, I was part of the Star Trek family, one of Roddenberry's own character creations.

Being back in the 1960's was a trip in and of itself; the hairstyles, the clothing, the cars, the social unrest, Vietnam, you name it. But being on the set of Star Trek and shmoozing with a young, debonair William Shatner and the rest of the cast was enough to send shivers down my star-crazed spine. Still, I couldn't let that show too much because “I was a regular cast-member”, right? I had to be cool, calm, collected... I should have thought to bring some of mom's Perkoset, seriously, who the hell was I kidding, running lines with William Shatner, lines where I actually hypnotize and enslave him? And I should remain calm?! Aaaaaaargh!!! I felt like skipping and screaming from the rooftops!

Cal's Star Trek script actually called for my character to be hypnotized first. I would then isolate and hypnotize Captain Kirk. From there, Captain Kirk would proceed to hypnotize his two senior male crew members First-Officer Spock, then Doctor Leonard McCoy. Once those three were “under”, McCoy would start calling the senior male staff members for random follow-ups to their last physicals and one by one he would administer a drug that would transform them into mindless, albeit obedient zombies. By the end of MY would-be episode, I was to be standing sandwiched between Sulu and Chekhov, with Scotty and Spock on Sulu's right and Kirk and McCoy on Chekhov's left. We were all naked, hard and and shooting our loads well before the show's climactic climax. In fact, that WAS the show's climactic climax, and let me tell you, it was galactic and simultaneously earth-shattering in its total orbital effect.

Man, some of the scenes Cal wrote into that Star Trek script were so erotically brilliant and then so professionally executed by virtue of the actors. ...Like when Kirk, Chekhov and Sulu had to disrobe one another completely because they believed their alien subjugators were offended by slaves who tried to hide behind articles of clothing. (In Cal's master-script, the bad guys, the ones responsible for all the male-on-male mind control scenes, were a new race of aliens with powers unlike any those the Federation had ever encountered before). Cue music crescendo/suspense music! Ha!

Every scene Cal included was hot and because he wasn't truly limited to producing a 42 minute long product for network production (the final product could be 88 minutes long for all Cal and I cared); scenes could go on longer and be more detailed both scripturally as well as how they were captured on film. For instance, there was one scene in the middle of the episode or thereabouts when Spock was commanded to take off his boots and count his toes. The camera began that scene in an extreme blurred close up of Leonard Nimoy's sole and gradually panned out to reveal not only whose foot it belonged to but also, what he, Spock, was doing with it. Spock, like all the others, obeyed instantly and was soon joined by Chekhov's character in the toe counting scene. The two would quickly progress from toe-counting to toe-sucking before completely going down on each other, literally ripping the clothes off each other like animals in heat. Spock finally gave Chekhov a Vulcan nerve pinch and with the young ensign now unconscious in his Vulcan's hands, Spock did what the script called for. He began to make out with Chekhov's unconscious lips.

For my part, I was content just to be working with Walter Koenig, going over lines in one of only a couple of our little scenes together – the one where he and I were standing side by side, naked, hypnotized and waiting for further orders was my favourite to rehearse. Though we both had minimal lines in that scene (a few yes master's each) it gave us a chance to bond and for me, to see Chekhov practicing his best hypnotized voice, stare and act. We even began to fool around with it, for real, in between scenes, I was actually trying to hypnotize Ensign Chekhov, in full costume and everything! Happy freakin' birthday to me! I'll tell you, this was one present I'd never ever contemplate returning.

Our timeless trek through TV-Land didn't end on board the Star Ship Enterprise, in fact it only began there. There was an episode of Gilligan's Island that I wanted Cal to interject his special creative prowess into and I was determined for that one to play out next. We were fairly close in terms of a time frame, we'd only have to jump ahead a couple of years of so.

I was of course talking about that all too memorable Gilligan's Island episode where the evil villain shows up in a boat with a mind control ring and traps Gilligan by getting him to put it on. As the episode progressed, one by one, all the castaways fell under the ring's spell. But I wanted the professor, actor Russel Johnson, much more featured in that episode. Of the four male castaways on the island, only the professor did not use the phrase “Yes master” when responding to the evil villain - the other three men did and came across as far more mentally capitulated as a result. In Cal's and my rewrite of the script, the professor was to become a feature staple of this classic mind-control episode retake, whether he wanted to or not.

I told Cal the basics of what I wanted to play out on our deserted tropical isle and we were suddenly there, nano-seconds later, standing in an entirely different lot, at the beginning of yet another shoot-day. As usual, only a minimal production crew had been assembled and Cal had taken care of everyone who might have otherwise been suspicious as to who we were and what we were in fact doing there. This shoot was not being catered for the first time, the vending machines out back would have to do. There really was nothing at all to worry about.

Again, we started shooting the script exactly as it had been initially written; this seemed to be another of Cal's production trademarks. This technique also ensured consistency in the episodes we were re-shooting, they felt real and authentic as a result of Cal's approach. So yes, the episode begins with Gilligan finding the ring, putting it on his finger and forgetting about it until later that night, when the villain, summons him via that special ring, to his cave-lair on the island. Yes, in case you were wondering, I was now playing the villain in the episode, Doctor Borris Blankoff! Who else was I going to play, Ginger?

With Gilligan walking mindlessly into the cave as I had instructed, the new script called for me to order him to remove all his clothes and for us to have mindless sex. I had a change of heart as we were shooting and with a few waves and passes of Cal's hand, everyone was up to speed on my on-spot changes. Imagine, just imagine if it actually worked that way in real life?

I issued my NEW instructions to Gilligan:

-”You will go and put this ring on the professor's finger. Wait for it to activate. Then, the two of you will return here, completely in my power.”

Gilligan stared blankly ahead, looking oh so deliciously vulnerable while he simply replied, almost in a strained, dry-mouthed whisper, 'yes master.'

We fast-forwarded to several scenes ahead in Cal's script, to the ones that called for Gilligan to slip one of the mind control rings on the professor's ring-finger while he slept. After he performed this task he would step back and await the professor's ring to activate.

Russel Johnson actually played a really good hypno-zombie or so I initally thought. Cal later explained to me that he had to apparently hypnotize him for real to get him so well suited for the part. Interestingly, we learned while there that the original script did have the Professor saying “yes master” to Borris Blankoff, the bad guy, but Russel Johnson felt it undermined the authority and scientific nature of his character and ultimately refused to say it. Now, he had no choice in the matter, he'd not only be saying it, he'd be playing up the role of hypno-zombie-slave, big time.

Gilligan and the professor were next seen walking blank-faced, single file through the jungle towards my cave. As I heard their approaching footfalls I exited the cave to greet them.

“Ah, I see you have brought the professor to me as I ordered. Very good my little guinea pig. Now take this ring and bring me the skipper, GO!!!” I pointed in the general direction of the castaway's huts and watched Gilligan take his first few steps back towards their camp. That's all I needed to see from him for now. No, my attention was on the gorgeous hairy-chested young Brainiac that I now had complete control over. I unbuttoned several of the buttons on his white shirt revealing some more of that chocolate-brown chest hair.

-”So tell me professor, do you know what I have done to you? Since you are so smart.”

-”Gilligan put a ring on my finger... it's controlling my mind... m... master.” It sounded as though the professor didn't want to call me master but was somehow forced to do it, a well played scene played out by the now ever-relenting, hypnotized actor.

-”No, it is not the ring controlling you Professor! I am controlling your mind. I am your master. You obey your master!”

“I obey my master.” he repeated in the sexiest of sleepy voices. The professor was officially mine to command!

-”Now, into the cave, remove all your clothes and stand against the wall awaiting me.”

“Yes master.” He sluggishly shuffled into the cave, subservience present in every step.

The professor and I had penetrative cock-in-ass sex while a very hypnotized Gilligan and Skipper looked on, each one's hands masturbating the penis of his buddy. I pounded the professor's virgin asshole like a bulldozer breaks through concrete. All three men assembled in my cave naked, all three getting off, all three hypnotized out of their minds... now here was en episode of Gilligan's Island I wanted to see, and ultimatley, have in my collection!

From Gilligan's Island, we fast forwarded in time about a decade or so to the set of C.H.I.P.S.. I have to admit, I always wanted to see an episode of that cheesy California Highway Patrol cop show where the two motorcycle cops pull over some dude for some speeding violation or something only to be ambushed-hypnotized by the driver; of course, he'd make them abandon their California Highway Patrol-issued motorcycles on the highway. In my fantasy, I'd have Ponch (Poncherello), aka Erik Estrada be first to go under, followed by his partner, the cute and blond Larry Wilcox playing Jon Baker. In my fantasies that's as far as it often went though; I never really followed through on the construction of a subsequent erotic story-line; for me, just imagining that scene was enough top get me off, what happened after was sauce and I was about to get creamed! Cal was more than ready to fill in some of the blanks and gaps in my rather juvenile vanilla-flavored CHP-fantasy.

When we got to the Chips set and the new script suddenly came into my mine and everyone's head space, it was as if we'd been working on it for weeks as a team. I immediatley knew I was going to love this one. Kidnapping the two hypnotized copsright off the highway and then going down on them back at my humble bachelor pad, which wasn't going to stay humble for very long, was a great follow-through. In the script, I commanded officers Ponch and Baker to bring me money, to go on the take, to become corrupt, to steal, cheat, I changed them completely from officers of the law to thugs, in only a handful of scenes. But while I was doing that I was also given the scriptural authority to masturbate the either or both of the two young actors/police officers, at my discretion. I even got to strip them naked and play with their bodies towards the final scene – hey, it was all part of what the script called for.

As the bad guy once again in the Chips episode, Cal wrote me out as getting away after I set fire to an abandoned motel where the two very hypnotized and semen-drained highway cops lay, unable to move from their positions on either of the double bed's they occupied. They would be found just in the nick of time by their Sargent.

But it was the final scene that would be the most telling perhaps. It was two weeks later, and officers Ponch and Baker were at a bar, after work hours just hanging out and shooting the shit. The flashing multi-colored lights in the club began reflecting off of Ponch's over sized mood-ring and was actually causing his partner to stare into it, dazedly. When Ponch noticed, he quickly took the initiative, “Hey partner, ever been hypnotized?”

His partner, Jon Baker could only stare and reply in a single syllable. “Mfh!”

-”Maybe we should continue this back at my pad man. Stay here, I'll go pay the check and we'll be outta here in a sec.”

-”In a sec...” an almost stoned officer Baker replied back to no one. Ponch had gotten up from the table and was already paying their tab.

And the scene faded to black as the Chips closing music and credits took over. What a hot episode that neither actor would ever remember shooting, but alas, I had video proof of it all. Indeed we did shoot it. I was there.

That's when it occurred to me. The fact that I could return to my time and still retain video proof of episodes we shot that no one will ever remember working on, suddenly made me realize how powerful I could potentially become, particularly if I chose to go down the now ever-popular extortion route. While not my thing normally, I had to give it some pause - having a video of me having sex with Brad Pitt for example had to be worth, what? A villa in the south of France or something, right?

I made a guest appearance on Mork and Mindy and completely hypnotized the heck out of Mork, aka Robin Williams. I had complete control over his hairy naked body as I commanded him into a series of poses and dances to fit my whim. He was my puppet for most of the episode, even attaching a mind-control device on the back of Mindy's bald-headed father, and, once done, he had to bring him to me, his Supreme Master.

Of course, my 70's sitcom hypno-jaunt with Cal had to take me back to...

Welcome back... your dreams were your ticket out...
Welcome back...

Man, was that an episode to remember! Our Welcome Back Kotter episode really kicked it up by several notches – we even made it a three parter because there were just too many good scenes that could not wind up on the cutting room floor; from each Sweathog being taken down individually, to their teacher, Mr. Kotter, walking in on my activities with his students and threatening me with all kinds of trouble if I didn't 'wake them all up and get them to put their clothes back on” it was an amazing ride.

As Mr. Kotter gave that, his final order, I gave my ambush-signal to my four hypnotized young Sweathogs. They were on their teacher in seconds, holding him down so that I could attach the “teacher's-only mind-control helmet” to his head. As soon as the helmet was on him, Mr. Kotter's face became blank as a freshly cleaned blackboard; all signs of resistance, of independent thought now completely gone from his empty mind. He simply stood there, on a backward angle, his back arched in previous protest, while the four young men continued to hold him in this awkward of pose.

In my Welcome Back Kotter episode I worked primarily with none other than Vinny Barbarino, AKA John Travolta, ultimately turning him into my robot-sex-toy whenever and wherever I wanted, even in the middle of Mr. Kotter's social study class! Everyone (students/actors/crew) knew what was going on but everyone was programmed through post-hypnotic suggestion not to be able to talk about it or tell anyone. The Sweathogs became my student front-line defense while Mr. Kotter took up that same role but on the faculty end of things. (The director was holding down the front in terms of the production's technical staff). By maintaining a regular hypno-hold on the five principle characters, everyone else in the class (and the production) would fall into line, no matter what I had them do or say. They were all MINE!

Cal had written a really cool scene that took place at midterms. Everyone was nervously scurrying into Mr. Kotter's class to write their tests, everyone except the four Sweathogs, and Mr. Kotter himself. Mr. Kotter rounded the corner down the hall and made it into room 13 with a few seconds left to spare. He made some kind of passing joke about how Vinnie, Horshack, Juan and Freddy were probably planning to take their tests at home, in their sleep. That was their cue to walk into the classroom in a perfectly organized line. All four boys had on pajamas and were barefoot, Horshack was carrying his stuffed teddy bear. All four boys walked with their arms out-stretched before them, like stiff wind-up toy soldiers that also happened to be sleepwalking in some B-rated sci-fi movie straight out of the 1940's! They almost looked like a three stooges or some kind of modern-day Laurel and Hardy take-off.

As the test time in the class advanced, students were finding it harder and harder to focus on their tests what with Mr. Kotter and Horshack having sex on the teacher's desk, and with Freddy Boom Boom Washington getting his black-assed feet worshiped by the half-Jewish half Puerto-Rican chronic excuse giver. Juan for his part, had his pajama bottoms around his ankles and was stroking his huge cock in precision timed waves, each one seemingly bringing him another pulse of full-body excitation. And Vinnie? Vinnie was lying stretched out and naked between two classroom chairs and tables, the ones that are attached and barely big enough to hold a book on? I had his body as rigid as a plank of wood, every part of his six foot one inch frame from his long and plump toes to his Italian brow were feeling the muscle strain I had previously programmed into him. His whole body shook in its complete and utter rigidity, a tribute to his mental effort at maintaining such excellent mind and body focus and control. When I finally did allow Vinny to cum, he hit the ceiling he was so utterly mesmerized and tantrically turned on (I had been turning him on and off like a switch for more than an hour already); he had been ready for blast-off for more than an hour I realized and it was bordering on cruel not to let him have his release. Besides, I had already planted my seed all over his body in front of all his classmates. Vinny the cool, was now Vinny the slave covered in cum. Watching him cum, virtually on command, by the hand of another man, that would be me, there were several female students in the classroom who simultaneously heaved a sigh of total sadness and loss. And I felt for them, I really did.

Of course, the episode ended with everyone but Vinny snapping out of it when Juan Epstein realized his sudden lusting for Freddy's size 14 basketball player feet had to be due to my hypnotic tinkering. He forced me, literally under threat of brute force, to remove all the post hypnotic commands and programming from them all, Mr. Kotter included. But I left one doorway open into Vinny's hypnotized mind and this implied by episode's end that that was not the last time Vinny would be hypnotized by the likes of me. Maybe I'd be back for some creepy Haloween special or something? Who knows?

Continuing on in the 70's sitcom bandwagon, we made some quick side trips to other shows from the distant past – We stopped in on All in the Family and rewrote an episode that had Mike, aka “the Meathead” and his African-American next door neighbor and friend, Lionel Jefferson, getting hypnotized by one of their common friends, that would be me. Believe me, by the time that episode was over the Meathead had truly earned his Father-in-Law's nickname, I made sure 100% certain of that!

Cal and I also stopped in too on the set of MASH, another all-time classic sitcom. Cal had written an entirely new script for us for MASH involving a Korean villain who shot himself in the arm just to get hospitalized at the 4077th but only as a ploy to hypnotize the staff there and turn them all into his worker-slaves. In the script, the Korean man would never hypnotize women, only the men. As he brought them under his control, he'd make them go to the supply tent, take off their shoes and socks and wait for him there.

Radar, the youngest, the company clerk was my first victim. It almost had to be Radar! He'd come to the recovery tent everyday to provide cheer and random niceties to the healing, this included I realized, seeing how I was doing. I caught his eye almost immediately. He tried to fight it, to look away, almost in fear of what he felt happening, but try as he might, Radar couldn't take his eyes off of mine once they had initially locked. Father Mulcahey, the priest was next. He was easy to hypnotize and didn't seem to put up any resistance whatsoever, going under deeply and quickly with just a few of my intense gazes and a single hand-sway.

B.J. Honeycutt was next to fall victim to my hypnotic gaze followed by his best friend and often fellow culprit of camp mayhem, Hawkeye Pierce. After them, it was Colonel Potter, Klinger, and finally, Captain Charles Winchester the Third.

When I got to the 4077 supply shed that night I couldn't believe the supply of toes being afforded to me, displayed just for me, because I had ordered it! In no time at all I had all seven of them naked and masturbating, groans coming from all corners, some louder, some softer than others. I just kept hoping there was nothing flammable in the supply shed because everyone on staff assembled in that shed including myself that night was on fire.

We next made our way to the set where they had shot the Dukes of Hazard, to an episode shoot date that just happened to coincide with my birthday as luck would radnomly dish it. The episode we “barged in on” had already called for Luke Duke, aka, Tom Wopat to be hypnotized by an unscrupulous hypnotist that Boss Hogg had hired. Cal's new script would keep everything up until that point, Luke's bed-side hypnosis session, staring at that old-fashioned pocket-watch as it swung back and forth... After that though, it would be a whole different script, entirely! Luke would be sent off to lure his blond haired cousin, Bo Duke, played by John Schneider, back to the hypnotist's office where he'd also be hypnotized. For good measure, Enos and Cooter were added to the list of hypno-subjects the perverse hypnotist went after. At the show climax, I am revealed to be the real villain in that I was the one who had been hypnotizing Boss Hogg and his hired hypnotist the entire time. That allowed me to enter the scene, give both Bo and Luke Duke some of the best head I've ever given, bringing them both to climax in no time at all. I left Cooter and Enos to the background, figuring, I was there to TAKE the Duke Boys down. So, I focused on the Duke cousins until the end of the episode where Luke Duke was awakened by an accidental gun-shot, realized what had been happening and managed to turn the tables on me. In the last scene of the episode, I'm taken away in handcuffs, hypnotized by none other than Luke Duke himself! How cool was that?!

It was a fairly good and convincing episode. Cal's writing (or wizardly concocting skills, whichever you prefer) were getting better with each studio we visited, with each project we worked on, whether we were going backward or forward in time.

After the hot and heavy sex scenes in the Dukes of Hazard script rewrite I found myself wanting something a little less steamy and maybe a lot more HYPNO or control-oriented. So I asked Cal if he could take us to the set of Star Wars episode 2 where the new script would have the inclusion of a mind-control hypno ray that takes down Jedi Knights. I wanted every single male Jedi, even Yoda himself, standing blank-faced, in a line-up, awaiting my commands, like hypnotized toy soldiers. Of course, my primary focus would be on hypnotizing Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christiansen, aka Obi Wun Kanobe and Anakin Skywalker respectively. They were my primary targets; but by venturing off into the “Yoda” territory, I knew I wanted this particular fantasy to be less about sex and more about mentally commandeering powerful male energy and subduing it, making it subservient to my will. And speaking of things subservient to my will, both Obi's and Annakin's “light sabers” proved to be particularly good at coming to attention, obeying my commands, even jousting with each other, as directed. “En guarde!”

In fact, just a little postscript to the Star Wars 'saga', when Ewan read the rewrites to the script and realized he was in several mind control scenes, one with Hayden and the other with Jimmy Smitts and Samuel L. Jackson, he asked Cal about it, the senior script supervisor on set.

Cal immediately motioned me over to have a listen to the star's brouhaha.

-”It's just that I don't see Obi Wun Kanobe under anyone's spell. You've turned him into a mindless slave for like twelve or thirteen pages of script!” Ewan whined almost like a spoiled child that was not getting his way. (It was so cute). Apparently, Hayden Christiansen had no problem with his rewrites, or if he did, he voiced no issue with them. Maybe he was still too new to the franchise to put up much of a fight about anything. This being Ewan's second film in the role, he perhaps thought he had more leverage. Little did he know! Ha!

Still, Cal pandered to Ewan's concerns, as diplomatically as possible.

-”Not totally mindless Ewan! In the end, you rise above it and break free of the mind-control.” Cal pointed out and I jumped in too, just to make sure Ewan was cool with what Cal's script was calling for. I mean, I suppose it didn't matter since Cal could have just zapped the obedience right into the British actor whether he liked the new script or not.

-”Look, Ewan, bro' I don't have to go down on you fully, I'm sure we can do a cut-away.” I was trying to bargain where it really wasn't necessary or called for.

Cal looked at me and smiled. Ewan acted as though he hadn't even heard me. It was like living inside an ever-changing fantasy dictated by my mind's dictates and Cal's all too powerful magic. What a mix! What a serendipitous merger Cal and I were; a perfect fit as deemed so by both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes themselves.

We had started our journey with Star Trek, now it looked as though we were going to end it with Star Wars. Either way, I was truly seeing stars, actually, in so many more ways than one!!

...But I didn't want it to end there. I wanted it to continue. So badly! I had so many places I wanted to go back to and “rewrite”, like... there was even one Conan O'Brien skit where he refused to be hypnotized and I often wondered how cool it would have been had he agreed and let himself go under.

...Or that insane Adam Sandler skit when he goes to the hypnotist that keeps farting? I wanted to replace that hypnotist in the skit, with myself, a non-flatulent prone hypnotist with designs on Adam's cock and brain. Eventually, I made a mental promise to myself that I would return to these and other distant destinations in television's past. Hey, when you're traveling back and forth through time, tomorrow and yesterday start to take on much less of an obtuse significance - they become actual destinations like Paris, Madrid or Shanghai.

Of course, there was always the daytime and newly revived nighttime Soap Opera circuit of yesteryear or what was left of it today, in the here and now, where I was now inhabiting at 18 years old. Writing in a serial hypnotist that was determined to undermine as many soap opera denizens' lives as possible by hypnotizing fellow male cast-members... that could be more than hot, and the storyline prolonged for months if I so choose. The possibilities seemed pretty darn close to endless.

Reality shows --- that's what's been missing from Survivor! A contestant that uses hypnosis to manipulate game-play from beginning to final-two.

Cal had different plans though it seemed. It was time to leave this fantasy timescape for the familiar. It was time to go home.

EPILOGUE: ...And it ended with a kiss

-”Now, at the count of three, Tony, you will open your eyes and be wide awake and alert, fully aware, fully remembering that I hypnotized you and took you on the fantasy trip of a lifetime. You're going to love your birthday present I gave you, aren't you?”

I had only one response, there was only one: “I'm going to love the birthday present you gave me.” I droned mechanically, something inside me telling me that I already had and would for a very long time to cum.

“1 – 2 – 3 ! ...Happy Birthday lover!” Cal leaned in and kissed me ever so gently on my dry, parched lips. His lips were moist, fuller, voluptuous even and I sank back into them like a wet dream.

Happy Birthday indeed!