My Hypnotic Summer Camp Experience

Alright, Sherwood Lake wasn’t the ideal place to meet babes, being a summer camp for troubled boys and all, but as it turned out, about half the staff there were supposedly of the female persuasion. I’ll be frank – I hadn’t gotten any since the beginning of the school year and I was tired of me-myself-and-I if you catch my drift. Ever since Cassie broke up with me, life just hasn’t been the same. My grades went up – I guess my parents were happy to hear that but life wasn’t all about school, was it?

It’s true. I could have gotten a job in town, one that paid better. But still, I earned my lifeguard and instructor’s certification so that I could take jobs like these over the summer months. And it wasn’t that bad pay either. The way I saw it, if I could have my pick of even a handful of bikini babes, my summer would be salvaged, my male ego, recouped and I’d be ready to face the next academic year, rejuvenated.

My name is Dean. I guess I’m your average dude all around. I mean, I’m no babe magnet, but it’s not like I’m a babe-repulser-beam either. I’m kinda tall and lanky – without shoes I stand at about 6”4, and I’m still struggling to top the scales at 200 lbs. I figured this summer would give me the opportunity to tan and buff. I’m kinda pale skinned, with blondish hair, green eyes and some freckles on the face– I’m no slouch in the looks department, but I tend to rely on my sense of humor to impress the chicks. I couldn’t wait to get started scouting out the playing field at Sherwood Lake.

The first week there was miserable. Most of the female staff were either specialists, nurses, cooking people – I found this out when group after group of kids came to the pool, with their MALE counselors, male junior counselors and male counselors-in-training. I was so pissed each time a new group came to the pool I kept looking for bikinis, tits, something – nothing. Well, at least I was making some new guy friends, but that wasn’t why I signed onto this job. Fuck!

One of the guys that had taken to talking to me while I was on lifeguard duty was this weird kid named Zeb. He was eighteen or so and was the senior counselor of a group of 12 and thirteen year olds. He was a bit of an oddball, but he was always nice enough. The kids he was looking after however were an altogether different story. When they were in the pool, they were getting instruction from Mitch, the other lifeguard here (I taught the younger kids). There was never much for me to do anyways, so I usually just shot the breeze with whichever counselor or junior counselor just happened to be standing around.

Zeb was probably one of the most boring people to talk to. He was a little slow with his speech and he had a low monotonous voice, which when coupled with his weird accent, made understanding him quite the challenge at times. At times, I just zoned him out, deciding not to pay too much attention to what he was saying. It never really seemed to be that important anyway.

One day in the first week, while on duty with Zeb’s group, I noticed one of his kids in the pool with some kind of pocket watch. The kid was actually swinging the watch back and forth in front of Bryce’s face. Bryce was Zeb’s junior counselor and he took over watching the kids with Mitch when they were in the pool. Why was that kid trying to hypnotize Bryce, I wondered to myself. Truth be told, I was fascinated by the whole scene: Bryce was actually allowing himself to follow the watch back and forth! Probably just going along with it for the kid’s sake I figured.

-“Hey Zeb… come here!” I called Zeb over to my lifeguard chair. “Who is that kid?” I asked pointing to the kid with the dangling watch swinging in the air.

-“Oh that’s Hiro – he’s actually quite a good hypnotist, we just have to watch him!” Zeb explained hastily before leaving my side and going around the pool to where Hiro and Bryce were standing. From my perspective, it seemed as though the kid actually hypnotized Bryce – he was frozen and he wasn’t moving an inch!

-“Hiro! Give me the watch! Give me the watch now! Wake Bryce up now Hiro, c’mon! Wake him up!!” Zeb ordered with a level of authority I had not yet heard from him.

And with a snap of the fingers in front of Bryce’s face, suddenly the hypnotized teen was animated again, unfrozen, seemingly unaware of what had just gone down! It was the weirdest thing! How did the kid learn how to do it? I had so many questions but figured I would leave it to Zeb to fill in the blanks.

-“Sorry Dean, Hiro is actually a good kid, he just has this ability that he abuses…” Zeb started to explain.

-“What ability?” I asked.

-“He’s like this master hypnotist! He’s already hypnotized me several times since last week, a few times without my even knowing it! He’s quite good, but he could do a lot of harm if he’s not watched!” Zeb explained somewhat sympathetically.

-“Are you saying this kid can hypnotize anyone he wants?” I asked awestruck by the revelation.

At first, Zeb seemed hesitant to answer, but it was only a few seconds longer than normal, so I figured he was thinking of what to say. I certainly did not believe some 12-year old kid could just hypnotize me! No fuckin’ way!

-“He’s already hypnotized our entire bunk – as far as I know there haven’t been any bad effects or anything – I mean, I don’t feel any different, I haven’t done or said anything that off – I just think the kid likes to hypnotize people is all. Hey Dean, have you ever been hypnotized?” Zeb asked me curiously.

-“Actually, once one of my friends tried to hypnotize me, but it didn’t work, I guess I have too strong a will.” I was boasting – no one was gonna take me down, especially through something as cornball as hypnosis, pahlease!

-“I promised Hiro I’d let him hypnotize us all tonight just before lights out – believe it or not, it actually cuts back on the noise and hassle of sleep time!” Zeb explained somewhat jokingly.

-“I can see how!” I answered, before responding, “Hey, maybe I’ll stop by your cabin tonight, see what this kid can do!” I said it before realizing I should have made it a surprise visit, but what they hay? If the kid could hypnotize me, let him have his fun! I wasn’t gonna make it easy though, that’s for sure!

-“Sure Dean, come by around 9:30 or so.” Zeb gave me a wink and a coy smile. Odd I thought before going back to watching the pool.


It was 9:45 when I finally got to Zeb’s group’s cabin. Since he had the oldest group of boys, they put their cabin way out in the wilderness, or so it seemed. From where I was being housed, it was practically a thirty-minute walk! I decided I would sneak around the back of the cabin and have an impromptu look-see at what if anything, was going on. I don’t know which would have been worse, walking in on them unexpectedly or witnessing the scene that I did.

I peeked through the window to see Hiro pacing up and down the cabin’s wood planked floor. There were ten beds in the bunk, however, the beds had been rearranged so that they were all on one side of the room – they were all touching, as if forming one giant bed! On it, twelve pairs of bare feet were visible, each pair dangling off the foot of the beds at exactly the same point along the ankles. I could hardly make out whose feet belonged to who – the two biggest pairs – Zeb and his junior counselor Bryce, were lying smack in the middle of the group, side by side. From what I could see, it seemed the entire bunk was lying on their beds at strict military attention.

What the hell was going on? I remember thinking to myself, before seeing Hiro drop to his hands and knees, kneeling at Zeb’s bare feet! His nose was almost right up against the soles of Zeb’s feet! How gross is that? Obviously this Hiro had some kind of a foot thing. He moved down the line, stopping at several of his fellow campers, playing with their feet as well. But it was what I saw next that really disturbed me. With some kind of voice command, (I could barely hear what was being said inside) Zeb rose like some kind of a robot and stood opposite Bryce’s bed so that I could no longer see Bryce. The next thing I see is Zeb, pulling down his shorts and underpants and using one of Bryce’s feet to jerk himself off! When he turned slightly, I could see the look on Zeb’s face – absent contentment. I think he might have even blown his load on Bryce’s feet, I didn’t stick around to confirm it though. The whole scene horrified me and I stepped backward onto a bunch of twigs that just happened to be there. Shit!!

I heard the door to the cabin open. Deciding not to run, I hid behind some wild shrubbery. I was stunned to see who came round back – Marlon – the camp director! He had that same glassy-eyed look as Zeb, he was hypnotized too! For some unknown reason, (probably that weird foot-fetish scene I had just witnessed) I glanced down at Marlon’s feet, noticing he was wearing some kind of flip-flops. He still couldn’t see me, though he tried. Had he brought a flashlight I would have been discovered. Thankfully, he turned and walked back into the cabin after about a few minutes of looking.

As I was leaving, I peeked into the window one last time. I shouldn’t have. Now, Marlon, Zeb and Bryce were standing side by side, all were totally naked and seemed totally out of it. All of their dicks were hard and each was fondling the dick of the guy standing next to him. Hiro sat at the foot of one of the bed, massaging one of the hypnotized campers feet as he watched on. I couldn’t believe it! Tomorrow I decided, I would have to talk to Zeb…


-“Zeb!” I cried out as soon as his group rounded the corner to the pool.

-“Hey Dean, how come you didn’t come by last night?” he asked me, obviously oblivious to what had happened the night before.

-“Zeb, I gotta speak to you pronto, come here!” I couldn’t hide the panic in my voice, I was no actor, and not about something like this.

-“What’s up Dean, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Zeb remarked with some concern in his voice. I guess I must have looked as worried as I sounded.

-“Listen Zeb, I was there last night – I saw everything! You don’t remember what happened to you last night do you?” I asked him.

-“Sure I do. Hiro hypnotized all of us and we played duck duck goose all night and musical chairs, and oh yeah, something to do with football!” The look in Zeb’s face told me he was being serious – this was what he remembered of the night! There was football involved but not the kind Zeb was alluding to. I didn’t even know where to start!

I climbed onto my lifeguard chair and began to take off my tevas when I stopped myself. Remembering last night’s scene in particular, I wished I had worn socks! Fuck.

-“Ah look Zeb, I was there for a while, and there were no games like that being played – although there were a few other games going down, I don’t know if you want to hear this but… “

-“Dean,” Zeb cut me off, “hypnosis is a funny thing – I know, because I’ve been hypnotized before – you shouldn’t freak out – was it your first time being hypnotized last night?” Zeb asked again, almost slyly. What the fuck?!

-“You already asked me that yesterday! I told you, I’ve never been hypnotized and I certainly wasn’t hypnotized last night!” I exclaimed getting more and more nervous. I had something to tell Zeb and he kept interrupting me with stupid questions.

-“Alright chill out Dean. I think if you think back really hard you’ll remember being hypnotized!” Zeb said it with such confidence it threw me off my mark. What the hell was he talking about?!

-“What? What are you saying? I’ve never been hypnot… .” And then it dawned on me. The conversations we had the last week – when Zeb was going on and on about how soothing and relaxing the water was, and how relaxing my job must be… what if when I thought I was zoning out, he was actually hypnotizing me?!

-“You see, I told you, you could remember now! It doesn’t matter, you already belong to Hiro!” Zeb looked at me blankly and chuckled to himself.

-“What? Are you fucked? I don’t belong to no one, much less some twelve year old punk of a kid!” My brain was racing, trying to recover memories I had no authority to access. I felt momentarily stumped and paralyzed with a cold, foreboding fear.

Zeb looked at me curiously, with a raised eyebrow and a glaring, intense look he spoke directly into my mind’s eye:

-“You remember Dean? You’ve already bowed down to him several times! Remember? Hiro thinks you have sexy…” Zeb trailed off the thought, as if implying he wanted me to fill in the rest. And suddenly it all clicked… and I knew what I had to say:

-“Feet.” I answered back dreamily, all other thoughts dropped by the wayside.

-“That’s right Dean, you have sexy feet! Repeat it!” Zeb was speaking in an entirely different tone now, I barely noticed, but he sounded more like a drill sergeant than some nerdy 18 year old.

-“I have sexy feet!” The voice coming out of my mouth sounded more like that of a robot than mine. Somehow though as soon as I heard myself say that, I felt paralyzed as though a wave of energy washed over me and left me totally helpless. I sat on my elevated lifeguard’s chair, stunned that I couldn’t move. And then, I felt my Tevas being pulled off my feet one at a time and my toes left to rest bare on the metal wrung of the chair beneath me.

-“Open your eyes slave Dean!” the voice inside my head commanded. I obeyed but my vision was somehow changed, fogged and unclear, like a dream. To my left, it seemed as though Zeb’s entire group were lying on their towels, again, at military attention, their bare feet just dangling over the pool’s edge at their ankles. On one end of this line was Bryce and on the other end of the line, was my buddy Mitch. When did they get a chance to hypnotize Mitch, I wondered to myself, before wondering that very thing about myself. Somehow I knew I was hypnotized at that moment, but I felt totally powerless to do anything about it.

-“Get down now!” Zeb barked.

-“Yes master!” Was that me calling Zeb master? I musta been really out of it! What a number these guys were playing on me… on all of us! And still, even knowing this, I was powerless to do anything but obey the voice.

We walked along the pool’s perimeter before coming to the area where Zeb’s group lay seemingly comatose. It was an eclectic group of kids all of them under Hiro’s power. I felt hatred for him, how could he do this to all of us, but then suddenly the swinging watch came and I took my place alongside Bryce, ensuring that my ankles and feet were positioned precisely as instructed. My body then seemed to turn to stone.

Though completely inert, I could still feel my feet being played with by someone in the water. I even thought I felt lips and teeth on my feet, as if my big toes were being sucked on! At one point I could feel my foot being held up against Bryce’s foot. From his knee downward, our bodies were in complete unison. I even remember feeling the heel of my right foot being rubbed against the heel of Bryce’s left. Finally, even though I was hypnotized and totally powerless to resist what was happening, I fit it all together. For about a minute I seem to recall feeling like my left foot was being rubbed against someone’s penis! A small one at that! I felt myself coming to, stressing over what I thought was being done to me. But just as these thoughts washed over me, the swinging watch reappeared, and I felt compelled to follow it back to my dream…

-“From here on in, you will all lead very different lives, serving me your master. I am your master, you are all my slaves! Repeat that!” came some majestic sounding voice.

Almost in unison, a group of 13 of us, “You are my master, I am your slave!” I felt totally commandeered – as if someone had some kind of password into my brain, used it and was now using me as some kind of puppet or mannequin. And even with all this realization, I still was powerless to do anything about it. And I knew somehow this was only the freakin’ beginning…


-“Hey Matthew!” I called after the Athletics Director as we were both on our way to the specialist’s meeting.

-“Hey Dean, what’s up?” He asked casually as he smacked me on the back jocularly.

-“Matt, can I show you something I found?” I tried to sound mysterious, concerned.

-“Sure thing, whazup?” He walked toward me.

-“Ah, why don’t we hang a left here, down this trail, it’s kinda weird...” I invited him down a seldom-if-ever used forest trail, staying several strides ahead of him, purposefully.

-“Uh, ok… .” The handsome red head just signed his enslavement papers, I thought to myself.

-“Um, I was walking on this trail when I found this… now dude, just look at it, for like sixty seconds or so and you’ll freak out what it does… it’s amazing!” I spun the medallion at his eye-level as instructed and began my speech.

-“Matthew, you have to relax your body and your eyes to see what I’m saying, I’m not going to give it away, I want you to see it. Just relax into it. Your eyes Matthew, keep your eyes on it, watch it very intently- make it your universe, makes you sleeeepy Matthew, sleepy… .” I droned on like that for another sixty seconds or so. As Hiro predicted, Matthew would be an easy subject. And me? Well, my penis was hard like a rock the entire time. I never thought I’d say this, but the thought of taking down a guy with this hypnosis stuff and making him a slave was such a turn on. Now all I had to do was deliver the sleepwalker to Hiro as instructed and then I could eat lunch. After lunch I had the eleven year olds coming in for instruction so once again Mitch was teaching and I was watching. Actually I planned on speaking to the group’s junior counselor, Aaron, a sixteen-year old kid, not much older than my little brother who was also named Aaron!

As expected, Matthew’s head bent forward after a little over sixty seconds of intense focusing on the medallion. Now, I had merely to render the athletic director barefoot as per Hiro’s request. Funny, I never took off another guy’s socks before, so I wasn’t sure how to do it. I had Matthew sit down on a log while I removed his tennis shoes and then his white sweat socks. Matthew had really manly feet I thought, comparing his to my thin, long, flat feet, I knew somehow Hiro would like Matthew’s feet better than mine. The thought frightened me somewhat. I pocketed Matthew’s socks and put his shoes back on. I then instructed him to follow me to Zeb’s bunk where Hiro was waiting. Matthew didn’t respond or talk for that matter, but he did move like a sleepwalker, out of the woods and towards Zeb’s bunk in the far distance.


-“Here is Matthew, master. He is hypnotized as instructed.” I literally handed the entranced Athletics Director over to Hiro as if giving him a puppy to take care of for the day. I turned and was ready to leave when Hiro spoke,

-“Where are you going slave Dean? I need you here to assist me with Matthew… ”

His voice entered my brain and immediately formed a law – I couldn’t help but repeat, “Assist with Matthew… ”

-‘Yes that is right, come in Dean, come in! Where are Matthew’s socks, Dean?” Hiro asked me.

I reached into my pockets to withdraw Matthew’s socks handing them to Hiro.

-“Here master,” was all I could muster and I handed the white sweat socks to Hiro.

-“Now Dean, come with me, come…” Hiro made some kind of gesture in front of my eyes, and I felt magnetized to him. Unconsciously, my arms raised in midair as if somehow my fingertips needed to be closest to Hiro at all times. I musta looked like one of those zombie’s from some B-rated horror movie!

-“Now, freeze Dean!” I heard the order and I complied in mid-step.

I could still hear what was going on with Matthew, though I was removed from it, despite the fact that I was standing but a few feet away.

-“I want you to lie down on the bed Matthew. Keep staring at the watch, that’s right… .”

I could hear the now familiar sound of sneakers being unlaced, taken off and finally, dropped to the floor, repeated. I even heard the slight gasp from Hiro immediately after the first shoe dropped to the floor. His induction of Matthew continued and I allowed myself to go with it too, going deeper into hypnosis, until jarred awake by Hiro giving Matthew a phrase to repeat.

The now zombified Matthew sounded like a robot as he repeated, “I have the sexiest feet in the universe.”


By the time lunch was over, the incident with Matthew was a far-distant memory. I noticed he never came to lunch mind you, and neither did Hiro. I even asked Zeb about it.

-“Hey Zeb, aren’t you supposed to have ten kids in your group?”

-“Uh huh.” He answered wolfing down his spaghetti lunch.

-“So how come there are only nine at your table? Lose a kid?!” I joshed.

-“Hiro is with the Athletics director, they’re going over some kind of special programming… ”

-“Oh. Seeya later!” I chirped back, anxious to get back to the pool and to Aaron.

Aaron Palmer was the Leonardo DiCaprio of our camp, despite his age, he did seem older both in appearance and demeanor. He could have been a model had his sights been so set, but they weren’t. He was very modest, boyishly cute and unaware, still immature enough to not totally know how to handle himself with girls… You know the type. I couldn’t wait to hypnotize him for Hiro.

Aaron already loved coming to the pool because he knew it meant hanging out and talking to me. Truth be told, the kid kinda looked up to me, though I don’t know why. If I looked like him, I could have had my choice of any girl… His sandy blonde almost-shoulder length hair was complimented by his tanned skin and aqua-blue eyes. His body was in perfect shape and so was he. As soon as he walked through the pool gates, I somehow knew I had to hypnotize him.

His group changed in the shower rooms as usual and Mitch took over his training duties. I began to clean up some of the clutter near the changing room. As expected, it was less than three minutes before Aaron came by to chat.

-“Hey Dean, what’s up?” He asked all curious and uppity.

-“Aaron, can you give me a hand with that box, I want to store all this crap inside!” I needed to isolate him from the group. I couldn’t fathom myself taking the pocket watch from my pocket and swinging it in front of his face in front of everyone.

-“Sure thing, but don’t the younger kids use these things?” Aaron asked me as he followed me into the shower area.

-“They do, but only in the early mornings and late afternoons. Aaron, can I ask you a question?” I began my rouse with somewhat of a weak lure, but I was admittedly new at this.

-“Sure, shoot!” He said as he put the box down where I directed.

-“For the staff party we want to hire a hypnotist, trouble is the camp director won’t allow it for some stupid reason or other. I’m curious to know what you think we should do… ”

-“A hypnotist? That’s so cool. You know, I heard a rumor that in one of the older kids bunks there’s a kid who’s a pretty good hypnotist. Maybe we can find out who he is and have him do the show!” Aaron certainly threw me through a loop – I didn’t think Hiro’s isolated hypnosis exploits were starting to make it to the camp grapevine.

-“Actually, I used to hypnotize when I was in High School.” I never once even tried to hypnotize anyone. Somehow I knew these lies I was telling were all to get me to a certain point of trust with Aaron.

-“Really, you know how to hypnotize? Hypnotize me! Come on, I’ve always wanted to see what it was like… ” Aaron was actually excited, and invited me in so to speak. No doubt he would make an excellent subject. And before I withdrew my pocket watch I looked down toward the floor, as if by instinct, and felt reassured when I saw Aaron standing in front of me in his bare feet. My dick was already moving to half-mast, so I knew I had to act quickly…

“Why don’t you lie down on this bench over here and we’ll try a quick induction!” I offered while pointing to a bench that was literally half the width of Aaron himself. I knew if he had to lie on that bench, he would have to do it at strict attention. Another body posture my master seemed to like. Finally, I instructed Aaron to lie with his ankles and feet hanging off the bench. I’m not sure why, again, I think this was somehow Hiro’s doing.

-“Wow this is so cool, you’re actually going to hypnotize me!” Aaron was about ready to ejaculate, or so it seemed. I’ve never seen someone so excited about being hypnotized!

Aaron lied down and I inconspicuously examined the soles of his feet. I can’t remember when I became so interested in feet, much less guy-feet, but I do know that Hiro likes my feet... Hmmm. I wonder if there’s a connection? Aaron’s feet were clean and shapely. He must have seen me staring at his feet though because a second later he shook me from my trance,

-“Dude, you gotta thing for feet?” with a wide-assed grin.

-‘No Aaron, I was just wondering – you’re how tall, about 5’7 or so?”

-“Yeh I guess. I dunno.” Such a cute answer. He probably didn’t know how much he weighed either!

-“And what’s your foot size?” The question just popped outta my mouth like an unforeseen burp.

-“11, I think. Why?” he asked still grinning.

-“Cause I’m 6’2” and my feet are only size 13! In relative terms, you’ve got huge feet!” I said with a touch of admiration in my voice.

-“Yeah I know! My feet often cause me to trip over myself. Ok enough about my feet, hypnotize me!” Aaron liked to give orders it seems, this despite the fact that he was going down.

I took one last look at his eager, innocent face and tried to photograph that image in my mind. In a few moments, Aaron’s face would be completely void of expression.

I took one last glimpse at the stud’s bare feet, turned, adjusted my crotch and withdrew the pocket watch.

-“Now Aaron, I need you to focus all of your attention over here on the swinging watch – stare it down with your eyes, but in a relaxing way. Let it make you sleepy, sleepy. Watch as it swings back and forth, back and forth. As you gaze into it, you feel your whole body relaxing into hypnosis. It feels really good so far doesn’t it?” I asked, noticing the look of pleasure on Aaron’s young face. This was the initial hook.

-“Yeth, gud… ” He responded back his eyes still noticeably glued to the pendulum.

-“Keep watching it Aaron, let that deep feeling take over your body, your mind, your eyes… Your eyes Aaron, are getting heavy, so heavy, they want to close. As they do, you will become all the more conscious of my voice. Focusing on my voice, that’s right Aaron, your eyes are closing now – deeply asleep, deeply asleeeeeep… .” I paused as I watched the sixteen-year old’s eyes shut close. He was in phase one.

-“Now Aaron, focus on my voice. With every word I utter, you find yourself getting sleepier and sleepier, going deeper and deeper into the abyss of my voice. As you drift downward, you want to obey my voice – it is all that you can hear. I want you to block out every other sound Aaron, except the sound of my voice, which is taking you deeper and deeper and deeper into hypnosis… ” I trailed off again, this time noticing his slowed breathing, his motionless body and his extreme focus on my voice. It was time to put phase two into action.

-“Aaron, can you hear me?” I asked as I rose from the bench alongside his.

-“Yes,” came his monotonous reply.

-“I am attaching two thousand helium balloons to your ankles as we speak… ” I began, taking one of his ankles in hand and pretending to do what I said I was doing. “As soon as I let go, both of your feet will begin to rise slowly in mid-air, do you understand?” I asked.


I fiddled with his ankles for about a minute, getting myself rock hard in the process. As soon as I let go of his left ankle, both his feet began to rise in the air. When they were at my crotch level, I issued the command:

-“Freeze. You are a statue. You have no feeling in your lower body – it is rock solid. Tighten every muscle in your body Aaron, that’s right, tighten… tighten. You are a metal beam, you cannot move – you are paralyzed, completely under my control until I say unfreeze, is that understood?”

-“Yes.” He uttered in a strained whisper.

His feet were rigid, glued together it seemed. In fact, Aaron’s entire body seemed to be under enormous strain, complying with my commands. I felt bad for him for a second and then imagined the watch swinging in front of my eyes again, and soon, the only thought in my brain was – hypnotize Aaron… cum on his feet…

I grabbed Aaron’s ankles simultaneously and put them right up against my bulging crotch. As soon as I did I felt this surge of energy in my penis and within a second, I was overflowing! Never have I released that quickly, it was almost instantaneous! Though it seemed odd, I felt compelled to clean up my mess using Aaron’s bare feet. I used the soles of his feet to rub off all the semen from my body, leaving him with sticky-cum feet.

-“Aaron, at the count of three you will rise. You will not notice anything different about your feet – they will look and feel totally normal to you, is that clear?” I asked wanting to make sure he didn’t wake up to the confusion of finding cum on his soles.

-“Yes,” he answered me blankly.

-“You will go to the pool area to retrieve your shoes and then follow me to Zeb’s bunk. Do you understand Aaron?”

-“Yes.” He was still in oblivion.

-“1-2-3!” And for effect, I snapped my fingers.

The look on Aaron’s revived face was priceless – total confusion and fogginess.

-“What just happened? Did you? Was I? Hypnotized?” he asked in disbelief.

-“Aaron, you’re an excellent subject. Would you consider being a subject for the staff show, assuming there is a staff show, that is?”

-“Are you kidding? This hypnotism shit is amazing. Wow, I don’t remember a thing! What did you make me do? Cackle like a chicken, bark like a dog?”

-“Aaron listen, why don’t we get our shoes and go for a little walk, huh?” I looked at him intently.

-“I was just thinking the same thing!” And with that, Aaron put his sticky feet to the floor, no cognizance that he was walking on my seed! This turned me on to such a degree I almost wanted to re-hypnotize him then and there, you know, to release another load! But this was not part of my orders.

-“K, I’m ready. I spoke to Benji and he said it would be no problem if we took off for half and hour or so… ” Aaron seemed excited about our little excursion.

-“Aaron, have you ever met Hiro, in Zeb’s bunk?” I asked.

-“He’s the hypnotist dude, the Japanese kid right?” Aaron asked.

-“That’s right.”

-“Well, I never met him, but I heard all kinds of stories about him.” Aaron began.

-“Like what?”

-“Well that he hypnotizes his entire bunk every night and has them do his chores and work and stuff.”

-“Nah, that’s all rumors – Hiro is actually a very talented kid. I just figured given how good a subject you are, Hiro would want to meet you.”

-“He’s not gonna try and hypnotize me is he?” Aaron asked a little afraid.

-“Aaron, I’m right there, trust me, he doesn’t do anything abusive. I’m just curious. It took me less than five minutes to hypnotize you. Hiro is a better hypnotist than me. I wonder how quickly it would take him to put you under?” I was sort of initiating a challenge.

-“I’ll see. If the kid gives me the creeps, I ain’t letting him hypnotize me!” Aaron seemed so resolute it was almost cute, as if he had a choice! As we walked up the inclined pathway toward Zeb’s bunk I couldn’t help but imagine Aaron’s bare feet in constant contact with my semen and just as Hiro predicted, this thought would give me a hard on, yet again!

We got to the bunk and a familiar wave of something washed over me, it was very sudden.

-“Are you alright?” Aaron asked.

I just stared at the doorway for another few seconds, almost entranced myself.

-“Wha? Yeah, I’m fine, I was just… oh whatever, let’s just go inside… ”

We opened the door to find Hiro looking over one of the bed’s in the room. There was someone in it – and from the looks of the size, it was a counselor!

-“Master Hiro, I have brought you Aaron as ordered. He has been hypnotized but is semi-awake now!” I heard myself talking but it was as if I wasn’t speaking.

-“Excellent Dean. Tell me, did you masturbate all over Aaron’s feet as I instructed you to?”

-“Yes Master. Aaron’s feet are covered in my cum!” I answered back, the robot in my voice returning.

-“What? What the hell are you two pulling my leg or something? Dean, this kid isn’t your master, what the fuck are you saying? Cum on my feet!? Dean! Dean! Wake up!” Aaron tried to twist and turn me around but I was in statue mode and couldn’t budge an inch.

-“Forget it Aaron, Dean is as gone as one can get and you’ll soon be joining him. Have you met Matthew, your athletics director? He is also my slave!” Hiro pointed to the large set of bare feet on the bed.

-“Lookit, I don’t know what you’re up to kid, but I… ”

-“Take off your shoes Aaron.” Hiro whispered as he stared the sixteen year old straight down.

-“Take off my shoes” Aaron repeated and he kicked off each of his shoes as ordered.

-“Now, sit down on this bed Aaron!” Hiro pointed to the bed alongside Matthew.

-“Yes,” Aaron replied, somehow under Hiro’s spell.

-“Now show me your feet Aaron!” Hiro commanded. And with that, Aaron’s feet began to rise in the air.

-‘You really did shoot your load all over his soles, excellent work Dean, I think you are ready for a new type of mission.” Hiro dropped Aaron’s feet to the bed and approached me. Again I was looking at the swinging watch go back and forth, back and forth. On either side of the watch were my two brothers – Aaron the younger one on the left, and Corey, my older half-brother on the right. As the watch swung back and forth I knew what I had to do. I had a weekend off coming up in two days and would return home for that time. While there, I will hypnotize Aaron and Corey and bring them to Hiro.

-“Do you understand slave Dean?” I head my master’s voice loudly this time.

-“Yes Master. I will hypnotize my brothers Aaron and Corey sir. I understand and I will obey!”

-“Now look deeply into my eyes Dean, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper Dean, even deeper, and deeper… .”


Home for the Weekend

Boy, was it good to be home for the weekend. Camp was ok, I was adjusted to it and all, but I was beginning to miss some of my creature comforts. The first thing I did when I got home was take a bath – I needed one badly. Next, I’d go bother Aaron in his room.

-“Hey Aar, I learned a new trick at camp, y’wanna see?” I asked trying to establish the best lure for him. For Corey I knew a bet or contest would be the best option, but for Aaron I knew I still had sufficient respect from the bugger, just for being me!

-“Sure. What kind of trick?” He asked all curious.

-“Hypnotism. Have you ever been hypnotized bro’?” I asked slowly beginning to feel that wave wash over me again.

-“Actually Corey tried to hypnotize me last week!” Aaron revealed.

-“Really?” I asked, blown away by the coincidence.

-“Nah, just kidding.” Aaron joked. “So what do I have to do, do I have to lie down or something?” Aaron asked all excited.

-“Just take off your socks bro!” was all I said to him. I could tell he was looking at me weirdly before he sat down at the foot of his bed to remove his gray sweat socks.

-“Ok, Dean is there something else you want me to take off?” Aaron joked, making the suggestive face of a male hooker.

-“That’s fine Aaron, now just like back on the bed… ” And as soon as he did, I noticed my younger brother’s bare feet. I don’t even remember seeing them before but right then and there Mr. Dicky sprung to attention. How come I never noticed Aaron’s sexy feet before? I snapped myself out of my reverie to remind myself that I too, as hypnotist, needed to be barefoot during the induction. It was only logical. I pulled off my socks at the thought.

-“Any reason why you’re taking off your socks Dean?” Aaron asked.

-“My feet are hot.” I tried to sound as casual as possible. Just like when I hypnotized Aaron the camper, something inside me compelled me to be barefoot, as if I knew I had to be barefoot for some odd reason when I hypnotized both my brothers.

Once again as with Aaron the camper, the sight of my brother’s bare soles was turning me on and ravenously so. And once again my eyes couldn’t help but wander in that direction.

-“Yo, Dean, whose being hypnotized you or me? Snap out of it already!” Aaron practically ordered.

-“Sorry, I was just thinking back a few years and remembering you had kid-feet. Dude, your feet have grown! What size do you take man?” The question allowed me another few seconds of staring.

-“Nine. I grew three sizes in a year!” Aaron said boastfully. “Now can we get on with it!”

I hypnotized the heck out of Aaron. For some reason I was compelled to continually wake him and re-hypnotize him, deepening his trance state each time. It just felt right. He made an excellent subject and would need to be given the list of orders he was about to receive.

-“Aaron, who are the guys you hang out with now?” I asked amidst the various other operant conditioning suggestions flying around. “Aaron, open your eyes and answer the question, like we practiced, remember you are a robot. You will speak, act and think like a robot, is that clear?” I was almost attacking him with my mind. In fact, I felt compelled to grab him by his shoulders and stare him even deeper into trance and I did that several times as well.

-“Yes master,” Aaron proclaimed like a happy robot. “I hang out with Ian, Hugh, Alistair and Adam master.”

I looked at my blank faced brother and felt immediate shame over what I was doing and for what I knew I was about to do. I felt uncertain and yet I… I could see the watch swinging back and forth, compelling me to obey…

-“Aaron, you are going to hypnotize Ian first is that clear?” I picked the one friend on the list that I knew. The others were all new names to me.

-‘Hypnotize Ian first. But… but… I… ”Aaron was struggling with the order despite the depth of his trance.

-‘But you don’t know how to hypnotize, is that what you were going to say little brother? Well, let’s just say that by the time we are done here, you will be well on your way to becoming an accomplished hypnotist.”

In his dazed state he repeated, “Accomplished hypnotist.” I knew I had him good.

-“After Ian is hypnotized, you will bring him to me. Then I want you to go after one of the other three. Which is the best looking?” I asked quite overtly.

-“What?” was all Aaron could mutter and I could see his confused face struggling to process the information.

-“Aaron, who is better looking, Alistair, Hugh or Adam? Tell me, I command you!” I was starting to like seeing my little brother so hopelessly under my power and despite my mental commands to the contrary my member was turning into a brick.

-“Hugh is probably… master.”

-“Now repeat after me Aaron. Socks are for wooses. I will never wear socks again.”

Aaron looked right through me as he repeated, ‘socks are for wooses. I will never wear socks again.”

With that I grabbed both my brother’s ankles and strategically placed each heel on the other side of my scrotum. I then began manouevering his cold, bare feet to accommodate my erection. I was so turned on by all of this – I needed an outlet and yet, as I thought of that my erection immediately diminished. I was somehow not able to cum until I heard otherwise. From who I don’t know. Certainly not Aaron. He didn’t even realize where I was sticking his toes!

-“So Aaron, what are your plans for tonight?” I asked.

-“I’m getting together with Heather and Ian. We’re going to the cinema.”

-“Cancel with Heather. Go with Ian alone. Repeat!”

-“Cancel with Heather, go with Ian alone.” My blonde haired brother repeated.

-“When you are alone with Ian, what will you do?”

-“Talk about hypnotism then hypnotize him… ” He looked to me blankly for confirmation.

-“And? Go on!” I ordered.

-“I will get Ian to take off his socks and I will keep them!” Aaron continued, “And then I will bring him to you, I understand master.” Aaron’s face was priceless as he repeated the commands I gave him. By the end of the weekend, my own master would have several new acquisitions – all thanks to me and our shared/combined foot fetish.

I grabbed Aaron’s ankle one last time, putting his bare foot right up to my eyes, nose and mouth – I was enthralled. I knew I had to wake him and yet I wanted to play with his feet all night. I knew I couldn’t though. I was already late for going over to Corey’s place, to hang and talk. Though I knew I had something else to do there too.


-“Hey Dean, come in, though shoes off, I just had the carpets washed,” Corey had turned meticulous since he moved out on his own. It was amazing to see.

-“Sure thing Core. Hey I like what you’ve done with the place. Cool!” I kicked off my Nike Airs revealing my bare feet. I immediately relaxed and looked downward at the carpet, inconspicuously checking Corey’s feet all the while. Barefoot! Perfect I thought to myself.

-“Hey Dean, what’s up? Howse camp? Any hot babes on your hit list yet?” Corey asked as he went to the kitchen to get a couple of brewskies.

-“Nah, most are dogs there. There is one girl there, but she’s kinda weird, I dunno… ” I tried to be tactful in seguay.

-“Why what’s weird about her? Here!” He asked, handing me the beer.

-“She into weird stuff – crystals, magic, hypnosis – stuff like that. She’s got three or four of the male counselors turned into her personal slaves!” I tried to sound skittish.

-“Sounds funky little brother, why don’t you go for it?” He asked me.

-“well, it’s not as if she hasn’t approached me. But even the way she did that man, she’s weird I’m telling you. We were the last two to vacate the specialist’s lounge after lunch one day and she turns to me and starts swinging a fucking watch in my eyes, telling me to sleep and to obey her – sheeesh huh?” I asked Corey with an uncertain look.

-“Dean this all sounds really kinky. I’d go for it if I were in your shoes!” he boasted as he put his feet up on the same over-stuffed ottoman that mine were on. At that moment again, I was lured to Corey’s feet, this time, I was treated to a great view of his soles. Even though he was my brother, Corey was built very differently and his feet were more like Matthew’s, the Athletics Director, more meaty and plump.

-“So you’d let a strange girl hypnotize you just like that?” I asked incredulously as I continued to stare at his feet.

-“If I trusted her, sure, why not?” Corey asked.

-“Dude, the three other counselors she has under her power are completely oblivious man. They are like robots some times and then they’re like normal and they don’t remember anything! It’s freaky!” I kicked the bottom of his foot lightly with mine.

-“Sounds kinky Dean, I guess you just haven’t had as much experience in the sex department!” Now he was giving me one of his traditional jabs. In Corey’s eyes, if I wasn’t having sex with a different girl every week, I was bisexual. Every month, I was gay.

-“So I guess you wouldn’t have any problem with me hypnotizing you then, you trust me, don’t you?” I asked slyly.

-“Dude, you couldn’t hypnotize me!” Corey challenged.

-“Wanna put your money where your mouth is?” I challenged.

-“Nah, screw the money dude, just go ahead and try. If you can hypnotize me, I say go ahead and make me do whatever you want – that’s how sure I am you won’t be able to do it dude, no offense sorry.”

-“Look into my eyes Corey!” I said suddenly jumping from my place on the couch to spot alongside him. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled his face straight up to my eyes, the way Hiro and Zeb had done with me when they hypnotized me. Then it occurred to me while I was staring my older brother down in full hypnotist mode, maybe I was doing all of this because I was acting under some hypnotic spell. And then I saw it again – the swinging watch going back and forth in front of my eyes, commanding me to obey.

-“Corey, look deeper into my eyes, deeeeper… .listen to my voice and let it take you deeeeper and deeeeper into hypnosis, open your mind and relaaax Corey, so relaxed – open your mind to my voice – sleeeep, sleeeep Corey!” And with that I gave him the famous sleeper hold, I needed him out quickly.

I continued my verbal induction for thirty minutes all the while massaging and playing with Corey’s sized 12 feet. Like with my brother Aaron, I had never noticed Corey’s feet before, much less felt sexually magnetized to them as I was. Like Aaron, Corey proved to be an excellent subject.

When I thought he was under deep enough, I began a similar question series as I had with Aaron, though in several instances, my hypnotized older brother’s answers truly blew me away.

-“Corey, what guys are you hanging out with these days?” I asked calmly.

-‘Whomever my master allows me to.” I thought his answer bizarre, nowhere did I remember instructing my brother to call me master.

-“What do you mean Corey, who is your master?” I asked, not certain I wanted to hear the answer.

-“My next door neighbor Jack. He is a hypnotist too and hypnotizes me often.” Corey responded dreamily more than a robot this time.

-“How often?” I asked.

-“A few times a day and every night.” Corey responded back as if drifting back off to sleep.

-“Corey, when did Jack start hypnotizing you?” I asked.

-“I don’t know. Jack is my master.” Corey repeated now, scaring me somewhat. I had no idea how to circumvent some other hypnotist’s programming. I needed another plan. I… I must call my master…

I called the camp and asked to speak with Hiro. The female receptionist, Rosalee, was fired and Jake, the Assistant Camp Director was now answering phones. Jake was obviously under Hiro’s power as well. When I asked to speak with him Jake merely replied,

-“I will summon the master” the thought of young Jake under Hiro’s power was so hot, so hot, I… I… I wanted to cum, but as soon as I thought about it, my penis shrunk down.

-“Master, I am at home and am hypnotizing my older brother as ordered. He is under however one of his neighbors has been hypnotizing him and has him under his spell. I don’t know what to do!” I sounded lost but I truly needed orders.

-‘Listen to my voice Dean. You will go next door and introduce yourself to the neighbor. You will then hypnotize him and bring him into the fold is that clear slave?”

-“Yes Master” I replied back monotonously before hanging up.

I left my brother lying there, in trance as I walked, myself in a trance toward the door to the hallway. Jack was in appt 402 as I recall Corey saying at some point. I knocked on the door and was amazed when a short, overweight, hairy, ugly dude answered the door.

-“Well hello there!” The ugly dude sounded so welcoming.

-‘Um, hi, I’m Corey’s brother Dean, are you Jack?” I asked uncertainly.

-“Yes, yes I am. Come in, come in! You know, your brother is a great neighbor, so helpful and kind.” Jack began as he lead me to a chair in the living room.

I decided to come right out with it.

-“So tell me Jack, how long have you been hypnotizing my brother?”

-“I beg your pardon? Is that what Corey told you, he was pulling your leg!” Jack chuckled.

-‘So you’re not a hypnotist?” I asked inquisitively.

-“Well, I am a hypnotist – I work with people to relax them, to help them focus. You know at first on one random object or spot and then later entirely on the sound of my voice which I am told by the way is very hypnotic, very soothing to listen to, isn’t it Dean?” Jack asked. I didn’t realize it at the time but he had already began waving his finger back and forth, much the same way Hiro and Zeb did, so I was immediately compelled to follow its motions back and forth, back and forth.

-“Sleep Dean, your body is very sleepy and heavy now isn’t it… you must sleep. Hear my voice in your head Dean, nothing else, not another sound exists beside my voice. Sleeep, going deeper and deeper into hypnosis with every word I utter, with ever syllable, you are going deeper and deeper and deeper… .” His words trailed off somewhere, but I soon found myself paralyzed, naked, and lying at stiff attention on his bed. I knew at that moment that Jack had hypnotized me. I tried to move but I couldn’t, though I couldn’t see any restraints either. I could move my toes and when I did, I felt the feet of someone else opposite mine.

-“Core, is that you?” I asked.

-“Yeah, Dean! I can’t turn my head but I’m glad to see you. I see you met Jack… your new master!”

-“Look into my eyes Dean, deeper and deeper you go. Now tell me who is the boy you call your master?”

-“His name is Hiro… .” I responded back dreamily.

-“You are going to take this special amulet with you back to camp – use it on this Master Hiro of yours. Once he is under your power, I want you to contact me – I will take care of things from there, understood?” Jack grabbed hold of my penis and gave it a few strategic jerks – the cum flew out of me in an Olympic like jaunt.

-“There is more where that comes from slave Dean. I do not deprive my slaves of sexual pleasure I let them feast on it. You will bring this repressed boy to me so I can fix him, is that clear?” Jack ordered.

-“Yes Master.”

I recall very little about that night. But somehow I remember Corey and I lying next to each other on the bed, completely paralyzed, completely subdued.

And I left back to camp a day later, Jack’s mission fresh in my mind.


Return to Camp

The minute I returned to the camp’s grounds I could tell something was different. It was almost as if you could smell it in the air. I had been gone for three days, but somehow it felt like I had been gone for months. I parked my beaten up old Camaro in the lot and proceeded to the specialist’s lounge. It was a five minute walk and it felt good to stretch my legs after an hour and a half of driving.

I walked into the specialist’s lounge and was shocked at the sight I came upon. It was like something out of a horror-porno film: Mitch, Matthew, the Tennis instructor Noah, the entire kitchen staff and janitorial staff were lying naked on the floor. The lounge seemed frozen, not one of the twenty odd men were moving in the slightest. Each had vacant eyed expressions on their faces, each appeared completely oblivious to their surroundings and circumstance. They were all in some kind of trance!

I ran up to my buddy Mitch, tripping over one of the kitchen staff’s bare feet. I turned to apologize but Jose was ever-frozen, stiff, as if I hadn’t even touched him. I looked at his feet and was immediately compelled to take off my shoes. I looked around further and noticed I was the only one in the room with socks on. It was weird, it just felt wrong and so before I decided on anything else, I took my socks off and left them strewn on Jose’s hairy chest.

-“Mitch, Mitch, can you hear me? Mitch, c’mon man, snap outta it, wake up!” I yelled as I shook his frozen body almost violently. He didn’t even flinch.

-“Mitch, come on wake up!” I screamed as I slapped him hard across the face.

-“Wha, what is happenin, what the fuck? Dean, what is, what have you done to me?” Mitch was completely incoherent – he didn’t seem to know where he was, how he got here, and his nakedness, along with the nakedness of almost two dozen other men around him was evidently, freaking him out.

-“Listen to me Mitch. Everyone here is in some kind of hypnosis – I think that Hiro kid hypnotized everyone here at camp!” I tried to explain.

-“What the fuck are you saying shithead? Look, what the fuck is up here, where are my clothes?” Mitch demanded, cupping his hands over his crotch.

-“I dunno Mitch – I just got back to camp three minutes ago! How long have you been here?” I asked taking off my shirt and handing it to him.

-“Thanks I don’t know… so you mean I was hypnotized?” Mitch asked me.

-“It seems that way, unless you can think of another hypothesis… ”

-“Shit look at these guys – is that what I looked like?” Mitch asked.

-“Actually, you seemed even more gone. If I’m not mistaken that kid Hiro has been hypnotizing you and me since the first day his group came to the pool!”

-“Yeah well we gotta stop him!” Mitch began to take off toward the door.

-“Uh Mitch, you’re naked remember? And chances are if Hiro has been hypnotizing us as much as I think, he has us both conditioned to respond to triggers.”

-“Triggers?” Mitch asked vacantly.

-“Yeah post-hypnotic triggers. You know, he says a word or phrase and we slip back into that hypnotic state.”

-“So you mean that punk can hypnotize either of us, at will?” Mitch asked while scratching his red-haired chest.

-“Looks that way. Mitch, look. When I was home this weekend, I met with one of my brother’s friends and he’s a hypnotist too. He gave me this!” I withdrew the pendulum from my back pocket and put it at Mitch’s eye level.

-“Ok, so what?” Mitch asked.

-“I think our only way out of this is to turn the tables on that punky kid – hypnotize him!” And I began to swing the watch back and forth in front of Mitch’s eyes. What was I doing? I wondered to myself as Mitch came increasingly drawn in by the swinging amulet.

-“Why are you hypnotizing me?” Mitch asked in a struggle.

-“I… I don’t know… ” Was all I could answer dreamily and I continued to monitor his eyes swinging back and forth in unison with the medallion. Mitch would soon be under again, but this time, he would be serving me, not Hiro.

-“You must relax and focus on my voice Mitch – I am hypnotizing you!” I announced almost triumphantly. As far as I could recall, this was the first time I ever did this to Mitch and I was instantly turned on by the helpless, zoned out look on his face.

Enter Hiro followed by Zeb, Bryce, Myron, Aaron and a handful of other junior counselors – all male of course. I knew I had to act hypnotized lest Hiro realize I wasn’t under and then god only knew what.

-“Ah Dean, my barefoot slave – welcome back. Did you complete your mission this weekend?”

-“I did Master.”

-“So when will your brothers be joining us?” Hiro asked as he quickly grabbed my dick. I felt instantly repulsed – why?

-“I see you aren’t under as deeply as I am used to having you Dean, remember your trigger?” Hiro was coaxing me.

-“No! Don’t wanna remember!” was all I could mutter like a child.

-“You will remember Dean, you have the sexiest… say it, I command you slave!”

And then something in me just clicked, as if by automatic reflex, I responded,

-“Feet. I have the sexiest feet!” And I felt a wave of reward wash over me, as if finally subduing, untensing from this very tense situation.

-“Excellent Dean, now tell me, where did you get that amulet?” Hiro enquired, partially lifting it to my vacant view. I felt compelled to look down.

-‘My master gave it to me.” I replied.

-“Master? Dean, think now did that man, Jack was it? Did he hypnotize you?” Hiro prodded me for answers, but suddenly I knew what I had to do.

-“Hiro, look deeply into the watch as I hold it before you, relax Hiro, let your eyes relax!” I began to hypnotize the kid and at first he seemed genuinely interested in going along with it – until I think he realized he was actually being hypnotized – that’s when he pulled himself away and commandeered Noah and myself out of the rec-house into the woods.

Dean! Stand at attention. You are in the army. You are a soldier. I have just immobilized you with a new paralysis beam – the effects are temporary but for now, you cannot budge even the smallest of muscles in your body – you are under my control. Say it!”

-“I AM UNDER YOUR CONTROL!” I heard a voice that sounded like mine, wow could that be me?

-“You will call this Master of yours and tell him you have completed your mission. Tell him to come here with both your brothers as soon as possible. Is that understood?”

-“Yes Master. For that I will need to tell him that I have hypnotized you. He may want to speak with you to confirm that I have obeyed and completed my mission.”

-“I will be there in case that happens. Come, we must go now! Noah, you will follow us!”

-“Yes Master!” Came Noah’s ape-like response as he emerged from the woods following directly behind us.

I was then instructed to call Jack. I did as I was told.

-“Jack, Hiro is with me – he is completely hypnotized and so is this whole camp thanks to him! Now that you control Hiro, you control the camp, you are the all-time best master!”

-“You have done well Slave, but is this Hiro kid really under? Let me speak with him!”

-‘Yes Master. Hiro – your master wants to speak with you!”

-:Yes?’ And for the first time ever I heard Hiro in some kind of subordinate position, even if it was being acted out…

-‘I understand master, I will obey you. My slaves are your slaves. Yes Master!” Hearing Hiro like that got my booster rockets going.

-‘When may we expect you then mighty master?” Hiro was obviously curious. A pause and then a somewhat diabolical, “Excellent – we will see you in afew hours!”

And he hung up the phone.

-“Jack and your brother Corey, Aaron and two of his friends are on their way up here. Soon, they will all bow nakedly before me. Ha ha hah!” Hiro laughed liked the evil mad scientist in the movies and truth be told, it turned me on. Knowing that my brothers were en-route up here to serve my master made me feel so proud.

-“Slave Dean. Which of your brothers have the sexier feet?” Hiro asked, grabbing my balls.

-“I… er… I think Aaron’s feet are more boyish – Corey’s are more like a man’s!” I answered dreamily.

-“Have you ever seen Jack’s bare feet?” Hiro asked me, still somewhat probingly.

-“No Master!”

-“What about your brother’s friends? What can you tell me about them?” Hiro was now swinging the watch given to me by Jack in front of my eyes.

-“My brother’s friend Ian is average looking, kinda nebby but preppy. I think he’s also bringing his friend Allistair who I don’t know.”

-:Excellent. We will all greet them as they come in. Dean, you will take your brothers to the recroom – rehypnotize them, freeze them and then yourself and then wait for me. Is that understood?”

-“Yes Master – Hypnotize my brothers. Freeze them. Await your orders. Yes Master!”

-Noah, you and Mitch will escort Allistair and Ian to the game hut and hypnotize them there! You will then wait there for me, all of you in trance is that understood?”

-“Yes Master!” Noah replied back vacantly.

The hours past so slowly until finally Jack’s Lumina pulled into the gravel parking lot.

I immediately ran to get Aaron and Corey from the car who were both sitting topless and shoeless, sockless too!

Noah and Mitch also escorted Ian and Hugh (Allistair could not come) out of the backseat and into the golf cart which would take them to sports.

Leaving Hiro to meet with his most latest acquisition – the hypnotist Jack.

-You must be Hiro!? What a fine looking lad you are. I’m going to enjoy having you rub my feeee… ..” Jack’s voice trailed off as Hiro pushed his eyes ever forward onto him.

-“Sleeeep Jack, you cannot resist my eyes… my eyes… .they command you, they way they do all men – you must give in Jack… give into my eyes… !”

-“No… ” was all he could mutter at that point – his eyes completely transfixed on Hiro’s. He came up to claim a camp of hypnotized men and wound up becoming prey himself. He thought this to himself as his will felt removed ever so slowly.

-“So Dean, this place is cool – where are all the guys?” My brother Aaron asked me. I couldn’t believe it!

-“What?” I asked him again.

-“Yeah the hot dudes with toes for me to suck on.” Aaron replied back. Little did he know where we were going. I opened the door to the specialist’s lounge and there, on the floor were twenty four pairs of guy-feet for all three of us to devour. I could tell Corey was bulging at his shorts too.

-“Say Corey – when did you get into guys feet? You used to always be talking about women’s chests!” I joked with him.

-“Guy’s feet are so much sexier – look at this dude – this must be a size fifteen or something!” Corey ran to the rear corner of the room to lift up the foot he had seen from across the room. The foot belonged to none other than Zeb who like all the other frozen, hypnotized men in the room, he seemed to be lying immobile on the floor, naked and at strict attention.

-“His name is Zeb. He’s the one who hypnotized me!” Why was I bragging, I wondered to myself.

-“Yeah, well his feet are mine!” Corey declared as he unzipped his shorts.

I didn’t even realize my other brother Aaron playing with B.B.’s bare feet. B.B. was the Drama director, a black dude, at about twenty six he was one of the oldest men present.

This is nuts – my brother’s have the same foot fetish thing I do? What were the chances of that? Unless… and then I saw the watch swinging back and forth before my eyes, even though I knew no one was there, doing it to me again, I dropped to my knees. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed Jose’s left and right ankles simultaneously, unzipped my shorts and placed both his heels on my emergent erection. I then commanded Jose to sit up. Surprisingly, he obeyed!

With his feet in my crotch and his vacant stare in mine, I proceeded to play a little.

-“Jose, repeat this – You are my master – I am your slave!”

A very hypnotized Jose, responds almost immediately thereafter,

-“You are my master – I am your slave!”

It seemed as though all three of us – Aaron, Core and myself were cumming at the same time and it was precisely at that moment that Hiro walked in with a naked Jack chained to a leash. Jack or at least what I remembered of him was gone. The transformation was frightening – he had been so commandeering. Behind Jack and Hiro trailed a naked quad consisting of Hugh, Ian, Noah and Mitch all of whom blankly entered the lounge to lie down as instructed.

“I want all the men who have been hypnotized by this man, Jack to stand at attention please!” Hiro ordered.

I, my brothers Corey and Aaron stood, as did Ian and Hugh.

-“I want you all to see what I have done to your FORMER master! Slave Jack do you have something to say to your former slaves?” Hiro then grabbed Jack’s balls and forced them into erection.

-“Ah, yes Master – I have been hypnotized by Hiro – he is a better hypnotist. He is my master. My feet serve him. You slaves will serve Hiro now like me we are all hiro’s barefoot slaves. Must obey Master Hiro, must obey Master Hiro!’ Jack’s voice trailed off into oblivion. Clearly, he no longer posed a threat to Hiro’s plans…

To be continued?