Something Hypnotically Afoot...

© 2002

Chapter Two: Han

Everything was a fog. Total darkness but for that one resonating voice that seemed to echo out of nowhere. A cerebral stillness, paralysis almost seemed to engulf everything in Han’s clouded periphery – his mind asleep, his will no longer his own. He could feel his naked, nubile body being commandeered, occasionally even touched, licked, but like his paralyzed mindscape his body was motionless, frozen in a mock-soldier’s attentive stance. Never before had he felt this powerless, this uninhibited, utterly vulnerable. And then that commanding voice speaking directly into his sleeping brain:

-“You will hypnotize your friends and bring them to me!” came the autocratic voice that seemed to emanate from everywhere.

Han felt compelled to repeat the command, though he wondered how he would comply with this most bizarre request.

-“I…I will hypnotize my friends and bring them to you.” His voice was drawn, monotonous and vacant. In fact, it didn’t even sound like his own.

The nineteen-year old freshman, an exchange student from Kobe, Japan, was totally helpless to resist. For a brief moment, his subconscious self seemed to wander off, as he wondered how he ever got into this weird dreamscape, but all too quickly, he decided to just go with the dream. It was after all, the first dream he ever had where he played the part of submissive.

-“You will only hypnotize your male friends!” The voice was back and instinctively, Han knew he had to repeat the instruction, however odd.

-“I will only hypnotize my male friends.” Came Han’s robotic response.

And then that voice again, this time closer, as if its source was practically on top of him:

-“You will remove their shoes and socks and lust after their bare feet!”

-“I will remove their shoes and socks and lust after their bare feet.” Han’s mind was racing now at the thought of doing what he had been ordered to do. How would he accomplish all this and moreover, why would he want to? He always thought women’s feet were ugly, never mind men’s feet! He could hardly imagine himself lusting after men’s bare feet!

-“Han! Listen to me! Listen to your master and obey!” The voice that seemed to be simultaneously emanating from every point in the universe, was now commanding his complete, focalized attention.

His mind slipped willingly and intently into the commandeering voice before him. He could feel something on his own bare feet, but not until the voice started up again did he realize it was someone else’s bare toes standing atop his.

-“Han, you are gay! You lust after men! You want to hypnotize them and render them barefoot! This turns you on. Doesn’t it?”

Han’s mind was having difficulty processing the first piece of the puzzle. He wasn’t gay, was he? As he struggled to repeat the command, he could feel his penis being manhandled. The voice soon started up again, this time speaking directly into his ear, more powerfully, deeply.

-“Han, listen to my voice. I am your master. You are my slave. You must obey your master! Repeat that!”

-“I must obey my master.” Han answered back instantaneously, immediately feeling the joyous sensation of lust emanate from his now seething loins.

-“Now Han, you are gay. You lust after men, you want to hypnotize them and render them barefoot before bringing them to me! REPEAT!” The voice sounded more authoritative than it had ever before and Han felt compelled to obey the words and repeat them, in his choppy, robotic voice:

-“I am gay. I lust after men. Must hypnotize them. Must make them barefoot… bring them to you…” Hans mind was now spinning with its new set of commands. His first thought, how he would hypnotize his college roommate Garret and how he longed to see Garret’s bare feet again. He never paid any attention to Garret’s feet, but somehow instinctively he knew he wanted to see him barefoot, again, and soon!

His assailant dislodged from his feet and he felt some relief. At only 140 pounds, Han wasn’t that big and somehow he knew whoever was standing on him was bigger and heavier than he was. A few more commands came, but Han’s subconscious kept them from his conscious mind and as the fog started to lift from his dozing head, he was able to make out a figure, standing now in the darkened far left corner of the room, eyeing him inquisitively.

-“Jeff?” Han mouthed as he slowly came back to reality.

-“Yes Han. You may get dressed now but you will leave your socks with me.”

-“I understand.” Han was awake but still in some kind of hypnotic fog. It didn’t register with him that he was in his psychology teacher’s office talking with his T.A. and totally naked! Never mind that he just told his T.A. that he could keep his socks!

Han sat back down on the chair. His body ached all over from the strain of standing so straight but he managed to pull his sweater over his head. His underwear and pants were a bit more of a struggle as his legs seemed numb, but he managed them. His shoes and socks were over where Jeff was standing.

-“I just have to get my shoes…” Han slowly got up and began walking toward the handsome psychology T.A. Six feet tall, blue eyes, blondish-red hair. How come Han had never noticed how cute he was? He leaned down to pick up his size eight loafers when he realized Jeff was barefoot much like him. Then, much to his dumbfounded surprise, rather than reach for his shoes, he fell to the floor on all fours; kneeling, he began to voraciously kiss and lick Jeff’s bare feet.

-“Excellent Han. I think you are ready!” Jeff exclaimed, an aura of victory to his voice.

-“Yes master. I am ready to do your bidding.” Han responded monotonously as he continued to satiate himself in Jeff’s huge feet. Jeff took a seat in the chair, allowing Han access to his enormous soles. Han was in ecstasy as he manhandled and fondled, licked and even gently bit at every inch of his T.A.’s feet. His penis was bulging through his pants, he wanted to cum so badly, he was so turned on by Jeff’s bare feet! With Jeff’s left foot in his mouth, he instinctively used his free hand to position Jeff’s right foot directly atop his own erection. It wasn’t long after that Han collapsed onto the floor, his pants covered in semen. He couldn’t move. He went to sleep. Deep sleep…

Seeing the collapsed Japanese boy on the floor, Jeff smiled slyly, stood up and went to the phone to place a call. There was a moment of silence before Jeff began to speak.

-“Yes master.” His voice sounding more like a robot then a 21-year old college student. “I have hypnotized Han as you ordered. He is ready to do your bidding.  I await further commands…”


Chapter Three: Garret

-“I’m telling you Han, I don’t know if it will work on me.” Garret whined, almost like a baby. Truth be told, he had a long, hard day, half of it spent arguing with a chemistry professor over a grade he believed he wrongfully received. The last thing he wanted to do was participate in more school-related bullshit.

-“Garret, listen to me. Have you ever been hypnotized before?” Han asked as Garret sat down on his bed preparing to remove his shoes.

-“Nah, not really. When I was in elementary or Junior High one of my buddy’s once tried it on me, but I’m too strong willed!” Garret boasted as he tore off his converse sneakers, throwing them half-way across the room.

Suddenly Han’s attention was drawn to his roommate’s socked feet. It was as if his gaze was magnetized to them.

-“Yo, Han! What are you hypnotized or something?” Garret asked jokingly while snapping his fingers in Han’s direction.

-“Huh? Oh sorry. Nah I was just looking at your feet. What size shoe do you wear?” Han asked still slightly disoriented, but ever curious.

-“Thirteen, why, what do you care?” Garret asked as he massaged his socked feet still sitting on the bed unwinding.

-“I dunno. I always wished I had bigger feet. I only wear a size eight.” Han replied sadly.

-“Big fuckin’ deal! Man, I can think of more important things than the size of your feet! Get my drift Kamasaki? HA HA! So what’s this deal with your psychology class and why waste your time hypnotizing me? If anything, you should try it on some girl you want to fool around with! That way if it really works, you can at least feel her up!” Garret joked as he began to peel of his socks, seeming to ready himself for a shower.

Han picked up on it too.

-“Are you taking a shower?” He asked Garret as nonchalantly as his turned on body could allow.

-“Yeah, then I’m gonna hit the sheets, I’m bushed!” and with that Garret took off his Tommy Hilfiger jersey revealing the sculpted and bronzed physique of a swimmer- very different than Han’s undeveloped, thin, child-like body.

-“The hot water is off. We got a notice this afternoon. It’s off until tomorrow morning.” Han blatantly lied to his half-naked roommate, for what reason, he knew not.

-“Ah shit! My luck man!” Garret stepped out of his pants so that now all he had on was his yellow and black boxers.

-“Guess I’ll just go to bed then.” Garret announced to the air as much as he did to Han.

-“Wait, Garret. I need to hand in this hypnosis report tomorrow by lunch and since you’re going to bed anyway, can’t I try to hypnotize you?” Han was practically begging now.

-“I guess you can try – but I should warn you - I’ve got a strong will – my ex-girlfriend once tried to hypnotize me too and it didn’t work. But, ok, go for it!” Garret challenged as he plopped himself down on his bed, bare feet facing Han. For the first time, Han got a good look at his roommate’s bare soles. He had seen Garret barefoot before, many times, but never seemed to notice how sexy the bottoms of his feet were.

-“So, are you gonna hypnotize me or stare at my feet all night?” Garret joshed the semi-entranced Han.

-“Sorry. Are you comfortable?” Han asked with mock-concern.

-“Sure. Go ahead. Hypnotize me!” Garret practically ordered. Han laughed to himself. Soon it would be him giving the orders, not the other way around.

Without even thinking, Han stuck his hand in his pocket and removed what looked like a mini-flashlight. He looked at it for a couple of seconds, at first uncertain what to do with it. Then it all came back to him.

-“Garret, this is a strobe pocket light. I’m going to use this to hypnotize you.” He explained as he turned the pocket light on and the room’s lights off.

-“Whatever, just make it quick, I’m feelin’ kinda hypmatized already if you know what I mean!” Garret yawned and stretched for the last time under his own free will.

Han approached his roommate’s bedside, sat down on the side of the bed and turned the light into Garret’s eyes.

-“Whoa, this is gonna give me a headache!” Garret winced.

-“Just keep staring at the light – it will get easier to do so. Listen to the sound of my voice Garret, let it take you to the most relaxing space you’ve ever been to. That’s right, keep looking into the light and listening to my voice… You want to sleep, sleep, you are very tired, let your mind relax, let your mind open to my voice. Your eyes Garret, your eyes are now transfixed to the light…”

Garret stared blindly into the light and managed a response,

-“Uh – yeah…” his voice trailing off into oblivion.

-“Sleep Garret, sleeeep! Clear your mind of the day’s troubles and listen to my voice taking you deeper and deeper and deeper into hypnosis.” Han amazed even himself, where had he learned to hypnotize, he wondered.

-“So relaxed now Garret, your body is totally limp – feel the numbness beginning to engulf your toes, your feet and ankles as it spreads up your legs. Your mind is a blank, you hear only my voice, only my voice and you know you must obey...”

-“Obey...” Garret responded back, already slightly under. The light was still flashing in his eyes, but his eyes were nearly shut, his body, noticeably more relaxed. Han picked up Garret’s arm and let it fall back to the bed – Garret was as limp as a jellyfish, now it was time to turn his mind to jelly.

-“Focus on my voice Garret. You are deeply hypnotized. You must focus on my voice – give me the control! Let me guide you through your trance!”

-“Trance.” Was all the entranced Garret could manage to blurt back.

Han got off the bed and stood there for a few seconds in the dark, admiring the speed with which it all worked. Garret was under his power, staring vacantly at the ceiling, almost naked and totally oblivious to his surroundings. Now it was time to have some fun…

Han walked to the foot of the bed and kneeled on the floor, placing his nose and mouth right up against Garret’s bare soles. It was heavenly. Even though his roommate didn’t shower, his feet didn’t reek of staleness and sweat but moreover of chlorine. He deduced Garret had swimming practice earlier.

Han himself was hypnotized staring at Garret’s plump and juicy feet, he kneeled paralyzed as he allowed his eyes and mind to focus intently on Garret’s bare soles. Soon, he had a need for some action. He could no longer control himself. He began to lick his roommate’s soles, and soon found himself holding both of Garret’s feet in his hands and massaging his penis in a rhythmic motion that seemed weirdly familiar. A few times he wondered to himself what he was doing, but his conditioning took over and commandeered his subconscious mind, imploring it to continue. That is, until Han’s cum found itself all over the sleeping Garret’s arches and heels.

He exploded onto him in three giant bursts and once satiated, he nonchalantly dropped Garret’s feet to the bed, leaving them dangling off, covered and dripping in his seed. As he pulled his penis away from Garret’s cum-drenched feet, a string of semen almost two feet long connected Han’s manhood to the sleeping Garret’s heel; until finally, Garret’s heel won, snapping that rubber band of cum out of Han’s penis and onto his awaiting foot.

The hypnotized Han made his way back to the headboard where Garret lay, paralyzed in hypnotic sleep, his now deflating penis still fully exposed, practically in Garret’s face.

-“That’s right Garret. You must obey me! In a moment I am going to wake you up. You will get dressed and come with me to my T.A.’s dorm room. Is that understood?” Han checked to see that Garret was processing everything he heard.

-“Get dressed. Go with you…” Garret replied back, obediently.

-“You will get fully dressed but you will not put on your socks – you will instead go barefoot in your sneakers and you will not realize that your feet are covered in cum. Do you understand?”

-“Barefoot, no cum, unda-stand.”

Han quickly got himself dressed and ready, while continuing,

-“Now at the count of three, you will wake up and like a robot you will carry out my instructions! 1-2-3!”

-“See I told you I couldn’t be hypnotized!” Garret snubbed his friend. “So whose this T.A. we’re going to? And why are we going there so late?”

Garret then rose out of bed and began to get dressed, mechanically, not questioning any further what he was doing. Han smiled to himself, watching Garret intently as he slipped his sticky bare feet into his sneakers.


Han knocked on Room 330 as previously instructed. Within moments, a half-dressed Jeff appeared at the doorway.

-“Han, and this must be your roommate Garret? Come in! Come in!” He greeted the two amicably enough.

Both Han and Garret looked at Jeff in awe – his body was that of a weightlifter and very intimidating. Since he wasn’t wearing a shirt, it was all either of them could do but gawk at the powerhouse that greeted them at the door. Garret snapped to first.

-“Uh look no offense, but what are we doing here at midnight on a Tuesday night?” Garret asked both Jeff and Han.

Jeff looked both men over before responding.

-“If you don’t mind, could you take off your shoes guys? I just had my carpets washed and I want to keep them clean!”

Han and Garret removed their shoes in unison. Neither was wearing any socks, but this didn’t seem the least bit odd to either of them. Jeff, for his part wasn’t wearing any either.

-“Han brought you here because he was hypnotized to do so!” Jeff began as the trio made their way to Jeff’s living room area.

-“You mean Han is hypnotized?” Garret asked incredulously, sitting down on the couch. As soon as Garret made that statement, Han stood at military attention, his arms suddenly out-stretched before him like a sleepwalker.

-“Holy shit! Look at him! He’s fuckin’ hypnotized!” Garret exclaimed, partially in shock, partially in fear.

-“And so are you Garret!” Jeff beamed as he flung the pocket strobe light out of his pocket and hit the unsuspecting eyes of the swim team’s finest new recruit.

-“” Garret couldn’t formulate a sentence. In his mind he suddenly knew that he had been hypnotized by Han before but couldn’t remember anything that had happened during or since. He was now frozen in the strobe’s bathing light again, unable to move, unable to speak.

-“As for you Han, you will report to Professor Vine’s house. It is just off campus – here is the address. The professor is waiting for you now!”

-“I…yes master.” Han was going to question the order, but was suddenly overwhelmed with a compulsive need to obey.

He put his shoes back on and left the dormitory heading out toward the main road in an almost sleepwalking state.

He walked for thirty minutes, the cold air nearly clearing all the cobwebs from his mind. Several times he questioned himself, what was he doing out in the darkness in the middle of the night, on this quiet stretch of road leading up to Carper’s College? And then he saw the tiny cottage, with the lights on and knew instinctively he had to be there.

He rang the doorbell and was greeted by his professor holding yet another portable strobe device, which he shone in Han’s eyes much like Jeff had.

-“Come in Han – come, come to me!” came the commanding voice.

Han’s arms flung forward, so that like a sleepwalker, he entered the professor’s house in a daze, repeating the instruction as was previously done,

-“Come…” his voice was robotic, removed.

-“That’s right Han – come to your master! Obey your master!” Han couldn’t resist but to move closer to his master.

-“Now Han, we’re going to turn you into a statue. You’d like that don’t you?”

-“A statue?” Han’s mind was processing the wording.

-“That’s right – you like the idea of being a statue don’t you, slave?” the professor coaxed.

-“Yes master.” Han responded not even sure he understood the question.

-“Come with me Han. Come downstairs and I will introduce you to my other statues…”

-‘Yes master.’ Han responded and continued to walk toward the professor with his arms outstretched.

In the basement there were four other men on raised platforms of sorts. All four were in identical positions: On their knees, arms seemingly plastered to their thighs, rigid, as if at attention, eyes open wide and vacant, staring straight ahead. All four men’s bare feet were dangling off their platforms, and all were naked, sporting nearly fully hardened erections.

-“Han, I’d like you to meet my collection of hypnotized men-statues – this is Tyrone, this is Jean-Claude, Chad and this is Shaun. You know Shaun, from psychology class?”

-“Yes master.” Han responded back.

-“Since you are new to our school and you don’t know that many people I figured you’d do better here, as part of my collection. You did hypnotize your roommate Garret though did you not?”

-“Yes master, Garret is hypnotized and with Jeff now.”

-“And he is on the swim-team, correct?”

-“Yes master.”

-“Excellent, so Garret and Jeff can continue where you left off. For now Han, why don’t you take your place alongside Tyrone!”

-“Yes master!” Han was lead up to a podium style elevation in the middle of the room. Once standing on it, the professor pushed his shoulders down so that he was on his knees, right alongside Tyrone Robins. He could then feel his feet being dragged and his body manipulated into position. Then his shoes were pulled off his feet, as were his sweater and pants. Han could not move. Finally the professor pushed Tyrone and Han together so that their arms and thighs were side-by-side.

-“Excellent Han, now you are frozen, you cannot move an inch except for your penis which will harden stiff like the rest of you.”

The paralyzed Han had no choice but to freeze in total obedience, his bare flesh in direct contact with Tyrone, a six foot seven inch tall basketball player that was supposedly expelled for drug use at the beginning of the semester. As his penis hardened into position, Han could feel his mind vacating – leaving him, as if he were no longer there. A small tear fell down his cheek as Doctor Vine took a moment to admire his latest addition.

-“Oh yes, you will do just nicely Han, just nicely indeed.”

Doctor Vine then made his way behind the frozen nineteen year old where he had a perfect view of Han’s and Tyrone’s backsides – their backs, asses and bare feet – frozen in time, hanging over the podium, they were so inviting. He couldn’t help himself but to bend over and fondle Tyrone and Han’s frozen feet, together, as if they belonged to one statuesque form. Soon his trophy room would be full and the next phase of the master plan initiated…


Garret stood absolutely motionless, frozen in time – his body a metal beam. His clothes had been removed. His long muscular arms glued to his muscular torso, his bare feet, still covered in dried-up cum, perfectly aligned and side-by-side; his neck stretched upward and forward, like a soldier in a drill inspection. He had no clue where he was. He was even starting to lose track of who he was as the foreign voice continued to pipe into his mind like a self-help tape. Only he wasn’t being helped.

-“Garret, do you know what Han and I have done to you?” the voice seemed almost sinister, deep-throated and raspy.

-‘Hypnotized…me’ Garret replied back. Though he had taken leave of most if not all of his senses, somehow in the back of his mind, he still knew he was deeply hypnotized.

-“Yes Garret, very good. You like being hypnotized, don’t you?” Jeff asked while adjusting his shorts to free his own ever-rising member.

-“Yeth – b-ut… can’t move…” his voice was strained like the rest of his rigid body.

-“That’s right Garret, you can’t move. You are so deeply hypnotized, you cannot move. You are under my control now Garret, you must obey me! Say it!”

-“Under your control. Must obey…” He shot back as if he were at a vocal tennis match.

-“I am your master Garret. Only Professor Vine and myself control you now – you will refer to both of us as your master, is that understood?”

-“My master. Yes master.”

Jeff took a moment to admire Garret’s body – well sculpted, bronzed from all those afternoons at the outdoor pool, barely any body hair on him but for some yellowish strands on his legs and chest. His crotch was a different story though. Jeff had never seen a blond guy with brown genital hair. He found himself fascinated and drawn to that region. At about six feet tall, Garret was a very good looking specimen, one he knew would one day be put on display at Professor Vine’s museum.

-“Garret listen to your master and obey!” Jeff snapped himself out of his reverie.


-“Who are your three best friends?” Jeff inquired.

-“Matthew, Warren and Vlad.” Garret didn’t even have to think – he had known all three since Junior High school, they swam together, spent most of their summers together and were now enrolled in Carper’s College, together.

-“Describe Matthew to me. What does Matthew look like?” Jeff probed the entranced nineteen-year old.

-“Matthew is cool. He’s funny. Makes me laugh.” Garret spoke fondly of his best friend.

-“No, no, Garret – what does Matthew look like? How tall is he?”

-“My height I guess.”

-“What color hair does he have?”


-“And his eyes?”

-“I dunno. I… I can’t remember.” Garret tried to remember if his friend’s eyes were blue or green, but he just couldn’t picture them in his mind’s eye.

-“Would you describe Matthew as good-looking?” Jeff prodded further.

-“I guess so.” Garret always thought Matthew was better looking than himself, but somehow it was he who ended up with all the hot dates, Matthew usually wound up with his leftovers, or discards as he called them.

-“You are going to hypnotize Matthew. Repeat that command Garret!” Jeff ordered.

-“Hypnotize Matthew… b…but, how?” Garret couldn’t imagine himself trying to hypnotize one of his buddies. For one thing, he didn’t know the first thing about hypnotism.

-“I am going to teach you slave. You must hypnotize Matthew and bring him to me is that clear?”

-“Must hypnotize Matthew and bring him to you… Clear master.” Garret was being reprogrammed bit by bit and was powerless to do anything about it.

-“Once Matthew is hypnotized you will take off his socks!” Jeff commanded.

-“Take off his socks…” Garret responded back, already conditioned to his required repetition of commands.

-“You like Matthew’s bare feet, don’t you?” Jeff asked.

-“No master.” Garret responded truthfully, having never given his friend’s feet a thought.

-“You long to see Matthew in his bare feet Garret, repeat that!”

-“I long to see Matthew in his bare feet.”

-“In fact, Matthew’s bare feet turn you on. REPEAT!”

-“Matthew’s bare feet turn me on.”

-“Now what about Vlad and Warren, are they good looking too?” Jeff asked, wondering if Garret could successfully hypnotize his three friends simultaneously.

-“I dunno. Why?” Garret’s first bout of rebellion since he had entered Jeff’s room and went into hypnotic trance.

-“Obey your master Garret! I am asking you these questions because you are going to hypnotize all of them for me. You are also attracted to Vlad and Warren aren’t you?”

-‘No… please… I… er… I…” Garret pleaded.

-“Yes Garret. You are attracted to Vlad, Matthew and Warren repeat that!”

-“I… I… am attracted to Vlad, Matthew and Warren.” Garret replied back, shocked that he was being manipulated as such.

-“Now describe Vlad for me slave!” Jeff barked, losing patience.

-“Vlad is shorter than me – black hair, hairy all over… still talks with an accent. He’s from Ukraine or Russia.”

-“And what about Warren? What does he look like?”

-“Warren has red hair, blue eyes and is a little taller than me – he’s got more muscles than any of us…” Garret was always a little jealous of Warren’s physique.

-“Garret, you are going to hypnotize Vlad and Warren as well – and just like with Matthew you are going to take off their socks. Your penis will harden like a rock when you see your friends hypnotized and barefoot and you will need to masturbate, on their feet!” Jeff was pushing him against the wall.

-“Penis…harden…friends…hypnotized…barefoot…masturbate…yes master.”

Garret’s reality was spinning off its axis.

Jeff was satisfied that Garret had received as much conditioning as his being could tolerate, at least for the first session. Now all that remained was to teach Garret how to hypnotize his three best friends.


Chapter Four: Vladmir

-“Oh c’mon dude, you ain’t ever had Roseanne Lockhart, she’s the biggest prude on campus!” Matthew ribbed his friend Warren playfully.

-“Yeah I heard she was saving herself until marriage!” Vlad added in.

-“Yeah well, maybe we’re getting married!” Warren answered stupidly, more for lack of an appropriate comeback line.

Vlad and Matthew laughed at their friend Warren. He might have been a looker, somewhat popular with the dumber ladies, but he wasn’t that popular, and he certainly wasn’t the smartest in the group.

The three friends walked toward Building D where they had swim practice. The gym was housed in Building D, but it was also part of the Fine-Arts department, so the threesome had become accustomed to seeing freaky looking students around the main entrance. This time was no different – standing right by the doorway, a Gothic, pierced-all-over, blue haired smoker named Nick. The three had run into him before and usually jabbed him about his fruitcake appearance.

-“Well, if it isn’t little blue boy!” Matthew kibitzed, a jab far tamer than his usual repartee.

-“Oh fuck off!” Nick cajoled back.

-“So that’s what he wants dudes, he wants us to fuck him!” Warren joked.

-“Yeah he only wishes!” Vlad threw in.

Matthew looked the blue haired freak up and down, surmising a few things about his sexual orientation.

-“You know if I were you Nick, I’d put a dress on and join a freak show, I think that look would be best for you!” Matthew laughed aloud at his own thought.

-“C’mon guys leave him alone. He’s probably down to his last Prozac anyway!” Vlad joked as he yanked the door open.

The three amigos made their way into the building, downstairs, to where the gym and swimming pool were located.

-“Hey are we meeting Garret here?” Vlad asked his friends as he opened the door to the locker room.

-“I dunno, I tried calling his place this morning but he wasn’t there!” Matthew announced as he sat down on his regular bench and began to take his swim gear out of his gym bag.

-“He probably scored again. Who was it last week? Tricia something?” Vlad asked the other two.

-“Tricia Morrison. And I think he’s had two other chicks since then!” Warren boasted for his normally braggart friend.

-“Alls I know is if I were getting as much action as Garret, I’d be failing every frickin’ course I was taking including swimming!” Matthew joked moronically as he whipped off his sweatshirt in a single motion.

The three laughed in unison and continued to strip down to their underpants. When Vlad and Matthew were naked and Warren down to his last few bits of underclothing, the slipshod looking Garret stumbled in, nearly tripping over his own two feet in the process.

-“Hey guys, am I late?” Garret asked nonchalantly as he took a locker right next to Vlad’s.

-“Nah, we’re all early!” Warren replied.

-“Cool, ‘cause I wanted to do some warm…” Garret’s words were cut short when he leaned down to unlace his shoes and noticed all three of his friends standing alongside him, barefoot. He had never noticed their feet before, but somehow he was strangely drawn to them, even gawking at them.

-“Dude, what’s up with you?” Matthew asked Garret, pushing him to the side of his locker.

-“Oh, sorry, I just zoned out there for a minute – I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

-“Yeah like which girl to pop next!” Matthew jabbed.

-“Well, I’m gonna go do some dives, I’ll see you guys in the pool!” Warren announced, and he started for the main-shower area which lead to the pool complex.

-“Yeah I’m ready too, see you inside Garret.” Matthew tagged after Warren.

-“I’ll wait for you Garret.” Vlad volunteered.

-“Thanks Vladdy. Hey, have you ever been hypnotized?” Garret found himself asking the question without even thinking why he was asking it.

-“Hypnotized? As in you are getting sleepy? No why?” Vlad asked.

Garret’s face turned expressionless as he reached into his gym bag and procured the pocket strobe light given to him by Jeff.

-“What’s that?” Vlad asked.

Garret didn’t hear him. In his mind, a mantra of sorts was replaying itself – “Hypnotize Vlad…Hypnotize Vlad…Hypnotize Vlad…”

-“Here, look at this!” Garret pointed the device directly in Vlad’s eyes.

-“Hey! That thing is hurting my eyes! What’s the big idea?” Vlad asked his entranced friend.

-“Just keep looking at the light Vlad, you’ll soon find out!” Garret ordered.

-“What is it gonna hypnotize me or something?” Vlad turned back toward it and seemed willing to play along.

-“It makes you sleepy Vlad – sleepy… your eyes, so heavy, so relaxed. Listen to the sound of my voice, hear my voice as you relax deeper and deeper into the light. Sleeeep!” Garret droned on with his pre-arranged script that Jeff had given him. Vlad for all his resistance was now unable to look away from the entrancing light.

-‘Shit, you’re really hypnotizing me!” were the last words out of Vlad’s mouth before he went into light trance.

-“So relaxed Vlad – you hear only my voice, all other sounds are blocked out, only my voice to guide you through this. Sleep now Vlad, that’s right – sleep deeply. Close your eyes now Vlad and go to sleep.” Garret droned on.

-“Sleepy.” Vlad acknowledged as his eyes closed and his head plopped down on his chest. He was standing but off balance somewhat so Garret grabbed the five foot nine inch friend by the shoulders and directed him to sit down on the bench behind them.

-“So relaxed now Vlad, you will do anything I tell you, because you trust me, right?” Garret checked to see how deeply Vlad was under, picking up his bare arm and letting it fall back down to his side like a limp banana peel. Vlad was hypnotized.

-“Trust you.” Vlad repeated.

-“Now Vlad, I want you to put your left foot on your right knee, that’s it, very good Vlad!” Garret was salivating. Not only had he managed to hypnotize Vlad but now he got to stare at the sole of his buddy’s foot for as long as he wanted. Vlad’s foot wasn’t all that long, but what it lacked in length it made up for in width – Vlad had very wide feet, Garret guessed he wore a size ten or so.

-“Vlad, what size shoe do you wear?” he asked, almost sounding like his old self, but never once taking his eyes off of Vlad’s bare foot.

-“Ten and a half.” Vlad could barely speak the words he was so exhausted, so removed.

Garret knelt down on the floor so that his face was right up against Vlad’s bare foot. He took a large whiff and then with his tongue, a large lick up and down his buddy’s left foot.

He wasn’t able to cum though – for some reason, he just couldn’t. Instead, more of his programming kicked in.

-“Vlad, you are going to get dressed and come with me to my friend Jeff’s room, he wants to meet you. You will get fully dressed, but you will leave your socks with me. Is that clear?” Garret asked his motionless friend as he pocketed Vlad’s socks.

-“Yeah. No socks.” Vlad responded vacantly.

-“Now at the count of three you will carry out my orders. If anyone asks why we are skipping swimming practice today, it’s for personal reasons, you got that?”

-“Yes – personal reasons.”

-“Excellent, now get dressed Vlad and hurry!”

Vlad shook himself alert more or less, rising like an automaton. He walked slowly to his locker to take out the clothes he had only moments earlier hung up.

-“So who’s this Jeff person we’re going to see?” Vlad asked as he slipped his pants back on.

-“A friend of mine – he’s cool. I know you two will hit it off!” Garret resounded slyly, putting his pocket-hypnotizer back into the gym bag from whence it came. He watched as his friend Vlad, like a sleepwalker of sorts, fiddled with his shirt buttons, and paid close attention to Vlad’s look of confusion when it came time to put on his shoes and socks. Finally, Vlad decided to go sockless and Garret watched as his buddy put his bare feet into his converse sneakers, much as he had been doing lately.

The two left the building, passing Nick on the way out, with not even a word to Warren or Matthew who were, by then, wondering what the hell had happened to the twosome.


-“Ah Garret, you work fast. Who is this, Vlad I presume?” Jeff asked not taking his eyes of his latest acquisition.

-‘Hey, how did you know my name?” Vlad asked Jeff.

-“Garret’s been telling me about you, come in, come in!”

Jeff welcomed the boys into his humble, albeit well decorated abode.

-“Nice place!” Vlad chimed as he took a preliminary casing of the dorm.

-“Please take off your shoes guys!” Jeff ordered pleasantly enough.

Vlad and Garret removed their shoes and left them by the door. Once again, both boys were barefoot.

-“Hey is this guy a friend of Han’s?” Vlad asked Garret semi-jokingly, aware that his roommate Han was brought up in a culture where shoes came off upon entering a house.

-“Han?” Garret seemed to not know who Vlad was talking about.

-“Han, your roommate from Japan?” Vlad reminded him.

Jeff stepped in at this point.

-“Han has transferred back to Japan – he no longer attends school here at Carper’s.”

-“You’re kidding? So you’ve got the room all to yourself you lucky bugger, why didn’t you say anything?” Vlad asked. At this point he could tell something was wrong with Garret. He was standing in a sort of soldier’s stance – on high alert, staring straight ahead and didn’t even seem to hear Vlad’s question.

-“He can’t hear you Vlad.” Jeff chirped.

-“What?! What do you mean he can’t hear me?” Vlad asked incredulously.

-‘I hypnotized him!” Jeff responded.

-“No shit! So like he’s hypnotized right now?” Vlad seemed fascinated by it all, walking slowly toward Garret like an uncertain kid in front of the lion cage for the first time.

-“Yup! He’s completely under my power, aren’t you Garret?”

-“Yes master, I am under your power!” Garret responded like a robot.

-“This is fucked up, why… how… I don’t get it!” Vlad was at a total loss for words, which indicated to Jeff that it was a perfect time to re-introduce Vlad to the strobe light.

-“I did it with this!” Jeff lunged the device into Vlad’s eye-shot just in time to subdue the confused teen-ager. Jeff would have put him under sooner but he was so enjoying listening to the remnants of Vlad’s Russian accent and will.

-“ARGH!” Vlad almost shouted, completely taken off guard, but within three seconds, he found he couldn’t look away. The device that had hypnotized his friend Garret, had now entranced him.

After about two minutes of induction, Jeff looked over his latest boy-toy.

-“You will do just nicely Vladimir. That is your full name is it not?”

-“Yes – Vladimir Corsenko.” He replied sleepily.

Jeff liked Vlad’s hypnotized voice even more than he liked his regular sounding voice.

-“I see you have hair on your feet Vladimir. Does this mean the rest of you is hairy too?” Jeff prodded.


-“It’s getting very hot in here, why don’t you put on your bathing suit Vlad?”

The stunned teen moved slowly in undressing but once down to his swimsuit, Jeff froze him in place.

-“You are a hairy one Vladimir – I think the professor is going to like this! Stay frozen until I tell you to move.”

Jeff walked to his desk and picked up the phone to call Professor Vine.

-“Master, Garret has hypnotized his friend Vladimir Corsenko. He is here with us now. He is very hairy master.” Jeff’s demeanor seemed to change too whenever he made these phone calls to the professor. He knew he had to stand up straight. He likewise knew that when talking to the professor he had to address him as master and talk robot-like into the receiver.

Professor Vine was pleased with this latest report.

-“Keep Garret there for now. I want you to bring Vladimir over to my house as soon as possible. You will follow my usual instructions, is that clear Jeff?”

-“Yes Master. I will bring Vladimir over to your house. I hear and I obey!” Jeff spoke out loud as if responding to some drill sergeant. He hung up the phone moments later.

-“Vladimir, you will get dressed now. The professor wants to see you. You will stay hypnotized and when you see the professor you will address him as your master, is that understood?” Jeff had little time to condition the boy so he decided to keep him hypnotized, just to be on the safe side.

-“I understand. The professor is my master.” Vlad responded blankly, totally unaware of what fate had in store for him next.


-“Master, this is Vladimir Corsenko.” Jeff spoke robotically to the shadow at the door.

-“Excellent Jeff, why don’t you both come in! Welcome Vladimir Corsenko, Jeff here tells me you’re a hairy one!” Professor Vine said playfully.

-“Yes Master.”

-“Why don’t you both come to me, come, come!” Professor Vine coaxed the two men toward the basement stairwell.

Jeff’s arms rose in front of him, and he walked toward the professor like a sleepwalker. Vlad stumbled behind, his mind still a fog. As the trio made their way down the stairs, Vladimir walking behind the entranced Jeff, walking behind Professor Vine, the collection of statues slowly came into view. In his mind’s-eye, Vlad could feel something was wrong. He wasn’t in as deep a trance as Jeff or the others and yet he was compelled to follow.

Upon entering Professor Vine’s museum, Vlad slowly regained more of his senses – for here was some of his fellow students – Han included – Garret’s roommate that had supposedly returned to Japan.

-“What is this?” Vlad managed to blurt out indiscriminately.

-“This is your destiny, my slave Vlad!” Professor Vine spoke with a masterful confidence that seemed to defy reality.

-“I… I dunno, I can’t…” Vlad was trying to break free of his hypnotic shackles, still disoriented, but his mind growing increasingly clear.

-“Remove your shoes Vlad!” Professor Vine spoke masterfully.

-“Yes master!” Vlad could hardly believe he was referring to another man as his master and yet, he found himself kicking his converse sneakers off in complete and total obedience.

-“Now Vlad, you will take your place alongside Jean-Claude. Remove your clothing immediately!” Professor Vine ordered.

-“Yes master.” Vlad did not want to comply but he found himself obeying nonetheless.

He ripped off his jersey and then his jeans, and finally his swimsuit, leaving him a naked, vulnerable shell.

-“You are very hairy aren’t you Vlad?” The professor inquired of his newest enslaved teen.

-“Yes master. Why am I…?” Vlad asked, the last bit of his own will resurfacing, despite the hypnotic controls exerted upon him.

-“I see you are not under deeply enough – Vlad, look at the light!” Professor Vine instructed the entranced Vlad.

-“Yes master!” Vlad replied, compelled once again into the hypnotic strobe light. He was quickly subdued.

-“Sleep…deeper and deeper Vladimir – you must obey your master…obey…obey…obey!” Professor Vine intoned.

-“Obey my master. Yes master.” Vlad blanked out even more than he had before, and was waiting to receive further commands.

-“Jeff, you have hypnotized almost all the statues I have in my possession, I think it’s time you took your place next to Shaun! Take off your clothes Jeff, now!” Professor Vine ordered.

Though he knew that Jeff was an excellent hypnotist, he held a lot of faith in one of his newer subjects, Garret, who would hypnotize his friends and render them his loyal subjects.

-“Yes master!” Jeff declared obediently, before taking his place alongside Shaun Greene, a first year business major who supposedly took off for South America on an expedition to hunt for ancient civilizations. Shaun was a tough one in terms of people not missing him. Professor Vine had spent weeks conditioning him to tell others how his calling was in South America, and how he was heading there to find what he was looking for.

-“Now Vlad, tell me, are your parents in state?” Professor Vine enquired.

-“No master. My parents live in Kiev, my aunt and uncle live in Indianapolis.”

-“You will call your aunt and uncle and tell them you are going on a research expedition to Africa, is that clear?”

-“Yes master – to Africa.” Vlad replied completely enthralled.

-“Then you will take your place alongside Jean-Claude as my newest slave-statue!”

-“Slave statue. Yes master.” Vlad replied vacantly.

Vlad stood dazed for a few seconds, in his pile of discarded clothing before walking slowly toward the podium and Jean-Claude. Professor Vine helped maneuver him into position much like he had done with Han. He then took a moment to admire his growing collection of men.

-“I’m going to have to get some more platforms – two per platform seems to be the limit!” He chuckled to himself before grabbing his video camera. He shot every one of his slaves, from every angle.

Professor Vine then collected some of his things and left. He had Garret to deal with yet…


Professor Vine entered Jeff’s dorm room to find yet another statue standing in the center of the room, immobile, and naked.

-“Garret! Turn around and face your master!” Professor Vine spoke authoritatively as he shut the inner door of his office.

Garret turned mechanically toward the voice that had spoken to him. Professor Vine gasped at the sight of Garret’s exceptionally good looks, McCaulley Culkin meets Leonardo Dicaprio.

-“Garret, you have proven to be a very good hypnotist…” Professor Vine started out.

-‘very…good…hypnotist.’ Garret mumbled back in return.

-“And who are you going to hypnotize next Garret?”

-“Either Matthew or Warren, master. Whichever I can get next…”

-“No, listen to me slave. Listen and obey me! Which of your two friends is the red-head?” Professor demanded slyly.

-“Warren, master.”

-“Then you will make extra effort to ensure that Warren is the next friend you will hypnotize! Is that clear slave?”

-“Yes Master. I will hypnotize Warren next.” Garret replied back obediently.

-“Now lie down on the floor Garret – on your stomach!”

A vacant eyed Garret replied, robotically, “Yes master” before complying.

Professor Vine smiled at the level of instantaneous compliance. His plans to do to Warren what Jeff had done to Garret, made his erection all the more solid. He unbuckled his belt and let down his pants, kicking off his shoes and his own socks in the process.

-“I shall enjoy having you and Warren as my hypno-slave henchmen. You will try to make sure you hypnotize Warren, here on campus, in your room, when you two are alone. Tell him you need to speak to him alone, is that clear Garret?”

-“Yes master, alone.”

-“Now prepare for me slaveboy!” Dr. Vine fell to his knees at Garret’s feet. He would take this one from bottom to top.



-“I don’t get it either. It’s weird. Garret was weird don’t you think?” Matthew asked.

-“I dunno. Everybody’s weird from someone else’s point of view I guess.” Warren was jazzed. He had just received his first B in Philosophy and felt like dispensing complimentary wisdom of the ages. Which in Warren’s terms added up to about sixty five cents worth of information. Matthew was sure he cheated on that exam.

-“Dude, I’m serious. And then we leave him alone with Vlad and suddenly Vlad vanishes? Don’t you think that’s a little weird?” Matthew asked.

Warren was putting on his left sock and stopped at midpoint to think about what Matthew had just said.

-“Look, I ain’t joinin no cult or anything like that so you don’t have to worry about me.” Warren tried to reassure his roommate as he continued to put on his sock.

-“But what if he does something to you?” Matthew asked half-jokingly.

-“Like what man? Drug me? I don’t think so. Not Garret man. Dude, what are you on?” Warren asked.

-“I dunno, maybe I’m just shitting over my two exams next week. Maybe I am being stupid. Whatever.” Matthew was kind of upset that he was being excluded from Garret’s summon, but in a strange way, he was relieved. He knew that after talking to Warren, if he couldn’t get through to him, he would covertly follow him. He knew he was going to Garret’s dorm room – to talk. But he also knew Garret and he knew Warren – they wouldn’t stay in Garret’s room all night long – they would go somewhere. And he was intent on finding out where.

-“So dude, have fun. I’m gonna keep trying Vlad’s room but his roommates have no idea where he is.”

-“Maybe he had some kind of family emergency… I dunno man. I’m not psychic.

Warren finished getting dressed and headed out to Garret’s room, on the other side of campus.

Matthew was never too far behind…


-“Hey Gar, what’s happenin’ man?” Warren punched his friend Garret in the left shoulder.

-“Not much War, come in, come in!” Garret instructed as he left Warren in the entryway and headed back to his bedroom to shut the television.

Warren took a few moments to look around Garret’s apartment. With his roommate Han gone, the place was looking rather sparse.

-“Hey dude, are they gonna give you a new roommate?” Warren asked as he entered Garret’s pad.

-“I don’t think so – but honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I miss having someone around.” Garret answered as he walked back into the main room.

-“If I wasn’t bunking with Matthew, I’d move in here dude. I think your place is bigger than ours. So guy, what’s the scoop with you? Where’ve you been hanging out? You know Coach Hodges is about ready to kick you off the swim team!”

-‘Really? I only missed a couple of practices!” Garret whined as he opened a bottle of Absolut and poured two glasses worth.

Warren looked Garret up and down from head to toe, figuring if anything was wrong with him, he’d notice. Matthew was just paranoid he finally concluded.

-“Dude, you still drink Absolut?” Garret asked as he slipped a decent amount of Rohypnol into Warren’s Absolut.

-“Yeah sure man – whatever.”

Garret re-entered the living room with the two drinks.

-“Dude, so you still like hanging with Matthew?” Garret started.

-“Sure, Matthew is funny, he’s cool!” Warren replied somewhat defensively. “Why? Since when do you have issues with Matthew?”

-“I… er… look dude, I’m not going to say anything – I was just asking.” Garret mused.

-“Look you brought it up – tell me. What’s your issue with him?” Warren pushed.

-“Ok look, before Han left back to Japan, Matthew was here and Han asked if both me and Matthew could help him with some school experiment thing.” Garret started.

-“SO?” Warren intoned impatiently.

-“So, Han hypnotized Matthew first and Matthew completely freaked man. When Han asked him to describe the person he thinks of most while jerking off – he answered Garret and Warren.”

-“Get the fuck out! Matthew ain’t gay!” Warren protested. “Besides, if he were hypnotized, anything’s possible, right?”

-“Dude, have you ever been hypnotized?” Garret asked his red-head friend.

-“I’m not sure.” Warren answered uncertainly.

-“Not sure?” Garret asked.

-“Um, it’s funny you mentioned it – ‘cause Matthew hypnotized me or tried to last week or so. He said it was for some psych class!” Warren sounded a little worried now.

-“Geez man, you let Matthew hypnotize you? He has the hots for you man!” Garret was really working Warren now.

-“I…I…I don’t really remember what happened that day, it’s all a blur, I…” Warren was getting nervous.

-“Dude, Han taught me how to hypnotize, if you want, I can help you to remember what happened, but you must let me try and put you under.” Garret wanted Warren’s cooperation.

-“Hypnotize me? Again? Ah, oh, whatever…I can’t believe what you’re telling me man, this is nuts!”

-“Warren, trust me man. It’s why I’ve been cuttin’ away from Matt. I mean he’s a good guy, but… you know!

-“I just can’t believe it. Not Matthew. No way! But if you think hypnotizing me will help, then go for it. Hypnotize me!” Warren sat down on Han’s old bed.

-“Just stare into this light Warren. Keep staring at it. That’s it. It doesn’t seem to bother you. It’s actually quite relaxing. You could begin to see it circular patterns, deeply imbedded beneath the light’s surface, can’t you?” Garret drew the light closer to Warren’s face so that it was almost touching upon his mount of smaller-than-average freckles.

-‘Yeah – I can see it!” Warren repeated, semi-entranced.

-“Go deeper Warren. Allow your mind to focus on me. On my commands. Listen and obey…” Garret droned into his friend’s left ear.

-‘Listen n’ obey.’ Warren repeated by now completely transfixed and thus, past the point of no return.

-‘Deeper and deeper Warren. Clear you mind. Empty it. Know only one thing. You serve me and Dr. Vine. We are your masters! Repeat that!” Garret ordered the dozing giant.

-‘serve only two masters you and doctor vine.’ Warren mumbled back not even certain if that was his own voice talking, it already sounded so distant, so vacant and empty.

-‘I want you to lie back on the bed now Warren!”

-‘Ok…sure’ Warren replied, seemingly confused.

-“As you lie down, you go deeper and deeper into my power.” Garret spoke as Warren reclined backward, missing the headboard by no less than an inch.

Garret then positioned Warren’s sneakered feet so that they were dangling off the foot of the bed.

-“Warren. Listen to me and obey. I want you to say the phrase, “I am hypnotized, take my socks” over and over again until I order you to stop, is that clear?”

-“Yes. I am hypnotized, take my socks… I am hypnotized, take my socks…” Warren repeated dully.

Garret leaned down and began to unlace Warren’s shoes. He had seen Warren barefoot hundreds of times before then but somehow this time was different. This time he was going to take his own sweet time admiring Warren’s large, manly feet.


In a fog, Warren lifted himself off Han’s bed and proceeded to put his wet sticky feet, without socks, into his sneakers.

-“Wow, that was amazing! How long was I out?” Warren asked his friend Garret.

-“About an hour or so. So you don’t mind heading out?” Garret checked to see if the suggestion was taken.

-‘No. Not at all. Though who is this Doctor Vine dude and why do we have to see him tonight?” Warren asked finally getting his right heel into his sneaker.

-“He’s a better hypnotist than me. I’m pretty sure Matthew has been hypnotizing you regularly and that he’s done certain things to protect himself from any of us finding out. I think the professor can help you access those memories.” Garret was enjoying playing this mental game with his weaker-minded friend.

-“What are you saying Gar, Matt hypnotized me and did what to me? Fuck me? No way man! No one could be that hypnotized! No way!” Warren protested.

-“Dude, so how come you kept calling Matthew your master? Saying shit like you will always obey your master? I can’t figure it out in there man – it’s like Matthew has rewired your brain!

Warren spoke nervously, yet adamantly, “This is nuts! I didn’t say Matthew is my master, did I?”

-‘Only about thirty times. Every time I wanted to know something, Matthew has you blocked it out. The only weird thing I was able to get out of the whole session was what you said about your feet.” Garret began cautiously.

-‘My feet? What about my feet?” Warren asked still nervous.

-“You said something about your feet being enslaved to Matthew – that he and he alone can hypnotize your feet. What did you mean by that?” Garret asked his friend peculiarly, much enjoying the mind-fuck he was playing on him. It was serving a double purpose too this ruse of his – helping to knock down some of Warren’s own barriers while getting Warren to trust him, and distrust Matthew.

-“I…I have no idea. I can’t believe I said those things when I was under with you. I don’t remember saying them!” Warren whined. “What the hell am I going to do?”

-‘That’s why we’re going to Dr. Vine. He’s really good with hypnotism – he’ll help you.

-“Fine. Lead the way. But after he hypnotizes me, no more! I feel like I’m being bounced around a little too much.”

-“Sure. No problem. I’m sure Dr. Vine will be the last person to ever hypnotize you again. Let’s go!”

The two left Garret’s empty dorm room not realizing that Matthew was down the hall waiting and watching intently. He knew it would only be a matter of time before Garret and Warren emerged to go out somewhere and he was determined to follow them. The game, to quote Sherlock Holmes, was now afoot!


-“Shit my feet are freezing for some reason!” Warren whined as the two made their way up the professor’s drivepath.

Garret chuckled to himself for he knew it was his own once hot cum freezing on his friend’s bare feet as he walked in the October New England cold of night. The thought turned him on immensely and he began to walk with a slight limp, to accommodate his growing erection.

-“Dude, this is it. We’re here, quit complaining and be nice to the Doctor. Remember who he is!” Garret intoned.

-“My master.” Warren responded, taken aback by his response. “Hey, why did I just say that? Garret? Hullo?”

Garret was at the door already and it was being opened. He seemed totally entranced. For a moment, Warren wanted to run, but he felt compelled to continue walking toward the open door and his friend.

-“Ah, I see Warren has decided to join us. Come Warren, come into my home!”

-‘Uh…sure.’ Warren replied not sure whether he wanted to go in or not. His feet were following a different leader though it seemed, marching him straight up to the house, past his friend Garret who was still standing frozen on the welcome mat outside.

The door closed behind Warren as he came slowly inside, leaving Garret frozen on the doorstep outside. Behind the door was Vlad, naked and totally spaced out.

-“Vlad, what the hell is this? What’s going on here?” Warren was slowly becoming paralyzed, with what he thought was fear. It was however a post-hypnotic command that Garret had implanted earlier. As he walked further and further into the professor’s home, his body would stiffen, making it harder and harder on him to move.

-“Your friend Vlad cannot hear you. He hears and obeys only his master now. Isn’t that right Vlad?”

-“Yes Master. I hear and obey your commands.” Vlad spoke like a sleepy military sergeant.

-‘Shit. He’s hypnotized. And where’s Garret? Is he under your spell too?” Warren asked the professor.

-“Yes, Garret is one of my slaves. And you might be surprised to know that so are you.” The professor was enjoying watching the remnants of Warren’s will assert itself.

-‘You’re a sicko man. No way am I under your power. I still got all my marbles!” Warren protested.

-‘Take off your shoes Warren. That’s an order!’

Warren instinctively kicked off his running shoes.

-“Why the heck did I just do that? I didn’t want to!” He questioned himself out loud.

-‘You have no choice but to obey me. Now sit down on the chair! Put your right foot up on your left knee. I want to show you something Warren!”

-“Geez, I’m doing it? Fuck, stop this! It’s like my body has a mind of it’s own. Ok, what am I looking at?”

-“Look at the sole of your foot Warren. What do you see?” Dr. Vine asked inquisitively.

-‘Skin.’ Warren answered truthfully.

-“Look deeper – you see how your skin shines in some areas? Look deeply. See it?” Dr. Vine toyed.

-‘Yeah, so. What is that?” Warren asked all innocently.

-“Keep looking at it Warren – notice where it shines, where it glisten and gleams… look deeper, look at your bare foot Warren, look at it and let it to hypnotize you!” Dr. Vine was slowly rehypnotizing Warren using Warren’s own foot spotted with Garret’s cum. That shine you are looking at belongs to your friend Garret I’m afraid.” Dr. Vine began.

-“What? What do you mean?” Warren asked groggily.

-“That’s Garret’s cum on your foot. He’s programmed to masturbate on the bare feet of all the guys he hypnotizes. He’s already put you under my power Warren. That’s why you can’t resist my commands!”

-“This shit here is Garret’s fuckin’ cum? Shit, get it off me! Get it off my foot!” Warren began to squirm in his seat, stirring himself out of the light trance he was in. He continued to squirm but his right foot was still stuck on his left knee and he couldn’t raise himself off the chair he was sitting on.

-“Relax Warren. Soon you will be doing the same. Like with your friend Matthew. I want you to hypnotize him and masturbate on his bare feet. Is that clear slaveboy?”

-“Fuck off! You’re a real sicko, you know that!” Warren was still struggling in his chair, still frozen in his last commanded position.

He however continued to struggle.

-“Shit, why can’t I move my fuckin’ foot man?” Warren was entirely frustrated.

Dr. Vine eyed him sympathetically before responding,

-“Your feet, just like your mind and the rest of your body – belong to me now Warren. That is why you can’t move your foot – that is why you can’t get off the chair, until I command it that is! HA HA HA!.”

-“What did you do to me, you sicko!? I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna…”

The professor cut him off.

“I think you should put your foot in your mouth warren, now!”

Warren seemed confused and dazed for a moment. Without thinking about the ludicrousness of the request, he grabbed his right foot and plunged his three biggest toes into his mouth. He then suddenly returned to his belligerent self, this time, with his foot stuck in his mouth.

The professor always liked to see the look that came next. It followed the vacant-eyed sleepy look he liked so much, the waking up look and then, the realization that in a span of a few seconds, the guy could be manipulated any which way. Usually, it was a look of horror. Warren couldn’t speak with his three biggest toes crammed into his mouth, but his eyes spoke his story. He was horrified.

-“Don’t try and speak my slave Warren. You will soon be released. Remember this?” He showed Warren the flashing strobe light that Garret had used to hypnotize him. “This is how your friend Garret hypnotized you. But I’m going to try a new technique with you Warren. Oh rest assured, I will hypnotize you and ultimately enslave you, the process has already begun. But I think… hmm.. where is Garret?

A blank-faced Vlad, frozen at attention at the door replied,

-“He is outside Master. Awaiting commands.”

-“Bring him in here!” Dr. Vine commanded.

-“Yes Master.” Vlad responded like a robot. Warren was becoming so scared he was certain he was going to have a heart attack.

Garret walked into the house his arms out-stretched toward the Doctor.

-“Come to me slave Garret, and you too Vlad. Come!” Vlad’s arms also flung forward as he walked mechanically toward his master behind Garret.

-‘Now, Garret. I think you can strip now.” Dr. Vine ordered, all the while concentrating on Warren’s terrorized face. Garret got undressed quickly and once totally naked, resumed his attentive stance on the Doctor’s right hand side.

-“What would you say Warren if I told you I was going to re-hypnotize you using only my voice and Garret’s and Vlad’s penises? Have you ever been hypnotized by a penis before Warren?” Dr. Vine was having a lot more fun with Warren than he normally has with his subjects, probably because he was most attracted to him. Warren wasn’t necessarily Playgirl material but he had that Midwest American, red-head, boy-next door look he fell over for. He just knew Warren was his favorite of all the men he’d captured and hypnotized thus far.

-“You can take your foot out of your mouth to answer me slave!” Dr. Vine commanded.

-“I’m nobody’s slave!” Warren protested meekly as his toes came out of his mouth.

-“So what do you have to say to being hypnotized by the two penises of your friends?” Dr. Vine coaxed him on.

-“Go to hell! C’mon guys wake up! Snap out of it!” Warren tried to get to his friends.

-“Good try Warren. They hear and obey only me. I am their master. Isn’t that right Vlad, Garret?”

Vlad and Garret didn’t even flinch, responding in monotonous unison,

-“Yes Master.”

-“Come to me Vlad. Come to me Garret!” The professor edged up to Warren. “Now Warren, I want you to witness the level of control I have over your friends. Garret, Vlad, erections now!” The professor’s voice was almost that of a mad scientist.

Within seconds, Garret’s penis began to inflate to its full, illustrious size of nine inches. Vlad’s penis was already semi-hard, so he was able to go rigid even faster.

-“Now, Garret and Vlad, I need you standing side by side.”

The two erect slaves shuffled until they were standing side-by-side. Standing behind them, the professor positioned the strobe light between their thighs and then locked the two boys in place. He then sat down on the floor alongside the duo so that he could reach both slaves erect penises. He then began his induction with no warning.

-“That’s right Warren, you are shocked – but you are also incredibly turned on, aren’t you?” Dr. Vine used his one free hand to grab at Warren’s crotch. Through his jeans, he showed no signs of sexual excitation.

-“Soon your body, your mind and your penis too will be hard like a rock Warren. Just keep your eyes on the swinging penises, watch them go back and forth in the flashing light. Feel yourself drift deeper, to where you were before, so sleepy, so relaxed, so at peace. Their penises are hypnotizing you Warren, say it.”

An entranced Warren repeatedly blankly,

-“Penises…hypnotizing me…”

-“Deeper and deeper Warren, listening and obeying my voice. Do you know who I am Warren?” Dr. Vine tested some of Garret’s work.

-“My master.” Warren replied back like a robot.

-“That’s right Warren. Now, sleep even deeper, sleep – sleep. Hear only my voice. Obey only my voice…”



From outside Matthew couldn’t make the whole scene out. But from what little he could tell, it seemed as though Warren was being restrained while Vlad and Garret were getting hand service from this older professor looking guy.

Matthew didn’t know what to do. What if by some slight chance, this was all consensual? Were his buddies into this kind of underground stuff, and how come he never knew about it? He didn’t want to involve the cops unless he was certain foul play was involved. He thought about ringing the doorbell but figured he should stay hidden in the bushes by the window for as long as he could, so that if he did see something was wrong, he could do something about it.

Then he almost had a heart attack. Because the windows were frosted, visibility was a challenge, but it seemed as though Warren suddenly stood up, took off his turtle-neck sweater, stepped out of his pants and underwear and was just standing there, alongside Vlad and Garret, who seemed to be in similar naked states.

-“What the hell is going on in there? What are they hypnotized or something? They’re acting like fuckin’ zombies or something!” Matthew ducked back down to take a few moments to process what he was seeing. He had yet to figure out what he was going to do, but first things first.


“Alright men -  there’s three of you here. But one of your buddies is absent. It’s time to turn all of your attentions to hypnotizing Matthew. I have a space for him on one of my platforms. You know I just realized, except for Vlad, Garret and Warren, you two have never seen my slave gallery. Come, I will show you!” Dr. Vine lead the trio downstairs. As the three friends walked toward the stairwell, all their arms sprung upward in mid-air. Matthew caught a bit of this ceremonial walk as the three left the room.

-“So they’re in some kind of trance, there’s no question about it. So now, what the hell can I do?”


The basement was starting to fill up. One the first pedastol kneeled the entranced, naked duo of Han and Tyrone; behind them, Jean Jean-Claude kneeled alone, Vlad having been extricated from his place alongside him. Across from Jean-Claude, a pedastol containing Shaun and Jeff, both perfectly frozen in place, staring directly ahead, vacantly, as if totally enthralled. Chad kneeled alone behind them, the same vacant look on his face as all the others.

-“Vlad, take your position alongside Jean-Claude!” The professor ordered.

-“Yes Master.” Vlad replied before allowing himself to succumb to the pull of the podium. Within fifteen seconds he was frozen in place – that same frozen look on his face.

-“Now Warren, you see my statues?” The professor asked the entranced teen.

-“Yes Master.” Warren replied back robotically.

-“You want to see your friend Matthew here, don’t you? Frozen and under my power? I think he would look nicely next to lonely Chad, would you like that Chad?”

The long haired blond boy in the back responded with a very deep monotone of a voice –

-“Yes Master.” Never once did his eyes flinch or waver from their central staring point.

The professor made his way down the aisle, fondling each slave’s genitals, gently testing each to see if any of his slave-statues needed milking. He was usually able to tell by a feeling he got when he lightly fondled the guy’s ever-erect sack. His trek through the statues of men revealed a surprise of sorts.

-“It seems four of my statues need milking. I thought I milked most of you weeks ago? Oh well, Chad, Jeff, Han and Tyrone, I want you all to stand up and come to me! I want you all standing in line, perfectly straight, let’s go!” The professor barked.

The four guys dismounted from their podiums, limping and in Chad’s case, crawling toward his master’s commanding voice. Both of Chad’s legs were completely asleep – he couldn’t feel them.

-“Now, stand all of you! You too Chad, stand at total attention. You are all metal beams – your bodies are becoming solid as metal beams – you cannot budge an inch – totally under my power! HA HA!” Dr. Vine noticed that the foursome’s erections had become even more pronounced. They were getting used to getting milked like this, in a group setting.

-“Today we have a special treat! Warren – come here!” Dr. Vine ordered the entranced red-head toward him.

-“You will help me milk Tyrone and Jeff. I will take care of Chad and Han. On your knees Warren!” Dr. Vine ordered.

-“I… I… don’t want this!” Warren protested before dropping to his knees in front of Jeff.

-“Yes Warren we know – but you are under my power – you have no choice but to do as I command. Now, take Jeff’s hard rod in your hands!”

-“No… I… I… don’t… want…” Warren was struggling against his whole upbringing and years of biases. Despite the ripping struggle playing out in his mind however, his body moved to the beat of a different drummer – his arms flinging forward, the palms of his hands coupling the entranced Jeff’s erect genitals.

-“Why? Why are you making me do this?” Warren pleaded in sheer horror.

-“Because you are my hypnotized slave boy now Warren, and you will obey me forever!” Dr. Vine turned Warren’s head toward him so that he might give him another dose of the hypno-strobe light. As the light pulsated through Warren’s light blue eyes, his stare became all the more vacant, removed. His hands were still very gently fondling Jeff’s ever-aroused penis.

-“Now Warren – I want you to concentrate on Jeff’s dick. Move it slowly back and forth and watch it very deeply… it makes you sleepier doesn’t it Warren?” Dr. Vine coaxed.

-‘Sleepier…’ was all Warren could mutter back.

-‘You are aware Warren that I am hypnotizing you using nothing but Jeff’s penis now?” Dr. Vine asked the once-wavering lad.

-‘Yes master.’ Warren replied back monotonously.

-“Tell me then Warren, what am I doing to you now?” Dr. Vine asked the entranced teen.

-“Hypnotizing me with Jeff’s penis.” Warren droned on as expected.

Just then there was a large thud that came from the room’s entryway.

-“Alright you sick pervert, I’ve heard enough! Wake my friends up right now or I’m calling the cops! Geez, how the fuck did you get them so brainwashed?” Matthew asked in awe as he did a double take at Jean-Claude, not sure whether he was real or a mannequin.

-“Matthew, I presume?” Dr. Vine walked slowly toward the angered teen.

-“Stay away from me psycho! I ain’t gonna become one of your little statues! Just wake my buddies up and we’ll be on our way!” Matthew directed, evidently nervous.

-“But then what about your feet Matthew?” Dr. Vine asked to throw the nervous guy a curve ball.

-“My feet? What about them?” Matthew asked, still a little freaked by the scene now frozen in front of him. Vlad and Han were kneeling on a podium, Garret was standing naked in the middle of the room, Warren was fondling some guy’s dick in the middle of the room, and four other guys Matthew didn’t even recognize were all frozen and naked.

-“Your feet Matthew – they long to serve me. You want me to enslave them!” Dr. Vine inched closer to Matthew, nonchalantly taking his pocket-light out of his jacket pocket in the process.

-“You’re sick! You ain’t going anywhere near me or my feet for that matter!” Matthew affirmed, looking down at his wet converse sneakers and feeling the coldness on his toes.

-“Tell me Matthew, before I wake your friends up here. Have you ever been hypnotized?” Dr. Vine asked.

-“So what if I was…” Matthew answered tentatively.

-“So you have been! And have you ever hypnotized anyone before Matthew?” Dr. Vine got even closer to the heavy-breathing stud of the swim-team.

-“Actually, yeah, I hypnotized Warren last week or two weeks ago, so?”

-“So you must be a pupil of Dr. Finegold. He is one of my slaves too!” Dr. Vine chuckled outloud.

-“So what are you saying? Dr. Finegold hypnotized me already? Yeah, right. I think I’d know if I were that hypnotized!” Matthew blew off the Doctor’s first volley of suggestion.

-“Matthew, look into this light!” Dr. Vine commanded as he raised the light to Matthew’s vision field. “Look deeply at the light and sleep. Free your mind – free your body, just relax and listen to the sound of my voice take you deeper and deeper and even deeper into blissful, relaxing sleep.”

Matthew stood transfixed. He hadn’t counted on the professor having such a high-tech device capable of freezing and mentally commandeering someone in seconds. He knew he had fallen victim to something that was bigger than him – he was powerless to do anything about it, and he envisioned himself, in a few moments, naked and standing before the professor, ready for some faggot action. The thought slowed down his conditioning, but once under Dr. Vine’s power, a slave is incapable of resisting, even major commands like that.

-“Now Matthew, tell me, how many times have you been hypnotized by Dr. Finegold?” Dr. Vine asked the entranced teen.

-“Thirteen times, sir. Dr. Finegold is my master. I am his slave.” Matthew heard what he was saying, but was already too relaxed and spaced out to care.

-“Is this why you hypnotized Warren last week?” Dr. Vine asked with curiosity.

-“Yes. My master saw a picture of Warren and ordered me to hypnotize him.” Matthew replied back as if recalling some Sunday afternoon picnic.

-“Tell me Matthew, did Dr. Finegold tell you to do anything to Warren’s feet, if and when you hypnotized him?” Dr. Vine wanted to know if his hold over 60-year old Saul Finegold was as strong as he thought.

-“I… I had to take off Warren’s socks and cum on his bare feet.” Matthew replied sleepily.

Matthew continued to be transfixed by the pulsing light. He could feel his jacket and sweater being taken off, but all he could do was continue staring at the light. He felt his T-shirt being tugged off and then, the zipper on his jeans came undone and the next thing he realized, he was being lead toward Warren in the center of the room, with nothing but shoes and socks on. The light still flashing in his face and words now entering his brain at the speed of light it seemed.

-“Matthew, sit down on the floor!” Doctor Vine commanded.

Matthew immediately sat down on the floor, taking his eyes off the flashing light for the first time since his induction begun.

-“Now, Warren. What did you have to do to your friend Matthew?”

-“Hypnotize him and make him barefoot.” Warren replied like he was asleep.

-“Now, here’s the light, here’s Matthew, hypnotize him for me and do as you were commanded to do! Now as for you Matthew – you will wake up in a few moments, but when you do, you will think you are back in your dorm room, that it’s late at night, you have insomnia and you have just agreed to let your roommate Warren, hypnotize you. You will not realize that you are naked, or that you have shoes on. Is that all clear?”

Matthew processed the list of requests to be sure he understood.

-“Yes it’s clear.” Matthew chugged back.

-“Excellent now, Matthew at the count of three you will wake up. Warren, you will begin to hypnotize Matthew immediately after I wake him up. Is that understood slave?” Warren barely managed a blank-faced nod.

Dr. Vine turned his focus to Warren now, anxious to see if he would carry out his post-hypnotic programming on his supposedly unsuspecting room-mate.

-“One, Two, three!” Dr. Vine snapped his fingers and Matthew jarred himself awake.

-“Just sit back and relax dude. It’ll work better if you just relax your whole body!” Warren picked up as if in mid-conversation with his buddy Matthew.

-“You’re sure you know what you’re doing, hypnotizing me?” Matthew asked somewhat nervous.

-“Dude, I hypnotize Garret all the time. I promise you I won’t go turning you into a chicken or anything like that!” Warren joked as he took the light from the professor and began shining it in Matthew’s face.

-“Wow, what is that?” Matthew managed to ask before slipping back into light trance.

-‘Your destiny Matthew. Keep looking at it, as you go deeper and deeper into it, you go deeper into my power. I am your master now Matthew. And you are my slave!” Dr. Vine was happy to see that Warren’s huge member was now standing at complete attention as he watched his best friend succumb to his hypnotic power.

-“Now Matthew, I am going to take off your shoes and socks. As I remove them, you will feel yourself going even deeper into hypnosis, totally under my power, and helpless to do anything unless I otherwise command it. Is that understood Matthew?” Warren asked holding Matthew’s left ankle in mid-air as he undid the laces.

-“Yes Master.” Matthew replied back blankly, not even aware that his own sneaker was being unlaced and removed, followed by his wet sweat sock. Within seconds, Matthew was lying totally naked on the floor, under Warren’s power, and under Dr. Vine’s total control.

Warren lifted up his friend’s left foot and took a moment to look at it intently. He found himself entranced while focusing on Matthew’s bare foot. As he continued to stare into his sole, Warren could feel the precum dripping from his own penis. He stepped one step closer to Matthew and thus laid Matthew’s foot on his own imminently exploding cock. Eight seconds later, with Matthew’s foot still being used to stroke his fleeting erection, Warren’s spewed out more cum that Dr. Vine had seen from any one of his subjects. Dr. Vine was entranced himself to see just how much fluid young Warren discharged, much of it winding up as ordered, strewn over Matthew’s bare foot.

-“Excellent Warren. You are ready. Now, stand at attention!” Dr. Vine ordered the red-head.

-“Yes master!” Warren complied immediately, dropping Matthew’s foot to the floor, so as to stand up completely straight.

Matthew remained totally immobile.

-“Garret, help slave Matthew onto Chad’s podium here! Chad, it looks as though you’re getting a long-haired companion here on your stoop. You and Matthew are going to be a team. Is that understood Chad?”

-“Yes master. It is understood.” Chad replied back from his place in the center of the room.

Garret moved slowly toward what was once his buddy Matthew. He helped the comatose teen to his feet and then led him to the designated podium.

-“Position him like the others Garret! Obey your master!” Dr. Vine ordered Garret. Like an automaton, Garret manipulated his best friend so that like everyone else in the room, he was kneeling erectly on the podium, his bare feet hanging off it – he looked exactly like all the others in the room, except for one thing. He was not erect like all the others, Garret included.

-“Slave Garret, you will help Matthew get erect, now!” Dr. Vine commanded.

-“Yes Master!” Garret responded, a part of his brain still shocked that he was actually touching a penis, much less his best friend’s penis! Still, Matthew seemed completely oblivious but for the fact that his penis was hardening more and more with each and every stroke.

-“Freeze Garret! Freeze Matthew, neither of you can move!” Dr. Vine shouted as he noticed the tip of Matthew’s circumcised penis appearing over the kneeling head of Garret, much as the sun rises over a mountainous horizon. The blank, helpless look on Matthew’s face was priceless and no doubt the work of Professor Finegold. Matthew looked like a sleepy deer trapped in oncoming headlights – frozen in place now by hypnotic cement.

-“We must finish with our milking. Warren. Here is a cup for Jeff. Masturbate him!” Professor Vine commanded the red-headed teen.

-“Yes Master!” And Warren began vigorously shaking Jeff’s penis back and forth until alas, after some sixty seconds, Jeff exploded in a modest sea of semen. Warren captured nearly all of it in the designated cup. Once tapping Jeff dry, Warren turned toward Dr. Vine who was labeling Han’s cup after a similar procedure.

-“Excellent Warren! Now slave Han, slave Jeff! Return to your podiums and assume your positions!” Dr. Vine barked.

-“Yes Master.” Jeff and Han replied in unison before returning to their platform homes.

-“Now let’s see. Jean Jean-Claude, come here slave!” For the first time in weeks, the tall and lanky dark-haired Frenchman moved, it was almost surreal.

-“Yes my masteur!” Jean Jean-Claude’ frozen arms somehow flung forward as he walked robot like toward the professor in the center of the room.

-‘Take this cup and paintbrush, Jean Jean-Claude! Use the cum inside to completely cover the soles of Shaun’s feet. You are an artist – you hear and you obey!”

Jean Jean-Claude stood frozen for a moment before walking sleepily toward the frozen Shaun. Shaun used to be very ticklish on his feet, but intense hypnotic reconditioning has helped him to maintain complete control.

Jean Jean-Claude approached the blank-faced, immobile Shaun-statue in awe. Shaun had a beautiful body compared to his, and it seemed somehow, a much cuter face. When Jean Jean-Claude went around Shaun’s backside to work on his feet, he was in awe by Shaun’s perfectly symmetrical bubble-butt, to say nothing of his large, manly and well-kempt bare feet.

Jean Jean-Claude dropped to his knees in veritable ecstasy. He opened the cup and proceeded to dip his paintbrush in it. He began with Shaun’s heels, gently covering them in Han’s special Japanese seed. Soon, Shaun’s heels were glimmering in all of Han’s transluscent glory as Jean-Claude moved down Shaun’s feet ever so patiently. Shaun for his part, did not budge an inch – remaining completely inanimate throughout the procedure.

Dr. Vine stared at the blank-faced Warren who was now mechanically masturbating the frozen Tyrone. Tyrone’s erection was the largest of the group, measuring ten and a half inches in length. He also stood vacant-eyed at soldier’s like attention, seemingly oblivious to the fact that some naked red-head was jerking him off. Professor Vine had tried to teach Tyrone how to hypnotize, at one time hoping he would bring him more of his friends, but Tyrone just couldn’t do it. He had tried to hypnotize his friend Jamie, but Jamie proved to be a poor subject and after the failure, the Doctor decided to take Tyrone off hypnotist assignment and into his cellar-museum. It was also around this time when Jeff Saunders came into his graduate class and professor Vine knew as if by instinct that Jeff could make an excellent hypnotist. His instincts proved true, as Jeff hypnotized Jean-Claude, Han, Shaun, Chad and re-hypnotized Garret. Until Garret, the professor just assumed Jeff would continue on as his official student-hypno-henchman. Now Garret, younger and with greater access to the 18-20 year old swimmers, would prove to be Dr. Vine’s best trump card.

-“Garret! Come to your master!” Dr. Vine snapped.

Garret’s arms flung forward as his naked shell walked sleepily towards the Doctor.

-“Garret, take this!” Dr. Vine handed Garret the small cup with Chad’s cum in it. He also gave him a small paint-brush similar to what he gave to Jean-Claude.

-“You will use the paint in that container to paint the sole of Matthew’s right foot. His left foot is already covered in Warren’s cum, he might as well have some of Chad’s man-seed on his other foot. As you paint your friend’s foot with Chad’s cum, you will find yourself turned on to the nth degree – you desire Matthew and his bare feet sexually excite you, as does his frozen, hypnotized form. Is this all clear Garret?” The professor asked, readying his pocket-strobe light in case Garret seemed at all resistant.

-“Yes master. I hear and I obey.” Garret replied like a robot, before walking toward the back of the room where the entranced Matthew kneeled, perched on his pedestal like some kind of man-trophy.

Garret approached his buddy and took a moment to admire Matthew’s erect penis. He had never seen Matthew erect before despite the fact that he had seen him naked hundreds of times, often in the showers after swim practice. Garret then took a final glimpse at his friend’s face. The normally expressive, and fine features of Matthew’s face were completely gone. In its place, a slack-jawed stoned look that Garret also found particularly sexy. He knew Matthew was under deep hypnosis, he even knew he was under deep hypnosis, but he couldn’t care less. His conditioning prevented it. As he made his way to the back of the podium, Garret saw Matthew’s bare feet, as if for the first time. If he had seen Matthew naked hundreds of times, then as swimmers, he had seen Matthew’s bare feet thousands of times, but this time was different. For the first time, Garret became aware of just how sexy his best friend’s feet were. They were perfect as feet went, but as Garret looked deeper into them, all he could think about was how badly he wanted them and their owner…

Garret removed the lid and began painting the toes on Matthew’s right foot with Chad’s cum, just as Warren succeeded in getting Tyrone to cum. Having not released in over two weeks, Tyrone’s ejaculation was explosive, and the black teen collapsed to the floor after getting the last of his juices squeezed out of him by the hypnotized Warren.

-“Leave him there Warren! Here, take this brush and get to work painting Vlad’s feet. I think he’s my only slave that had never had his feet painted with cum before. Obey me Warren – go to Vlad!” Dr. Vine pointed.

Warren stood shakily and approached the frozen form of his buddy Vlad. He dropped to his knees at Vlad’s bare feet and began painting them as instructed with Tyrone’s sperm. Vlad didn’t budge an inch.

The professor moved around the group, more turned on that he’d been in a long time and it was all thanks to the five new slaves he had acquired over the last few weeks – Han, Garret, Vlad, Warren and Matthew. And from all indicators, the fun, was just starting.



-“I can’t believe Matthew and Vlad dropped out! It’s just nuts! Matthew and Vlad were better students than me!” Warren chimed as he walked around his new dorm room, totally naked.

Garret sat studying in his chair, also naked.

-“Listen Warren, Matthew is fucked up. He hypnotized us and made us lust after his feet. As far as I am concerned, good riddance!” Garret’s reasoning belied the fact that he and Warren were doing their everyday thing in their birthday suits.

-“And what about Vlad? Why do you suppose he checked out?” Warren asked.

-“He was accepted into some kind of African-exchange program, you know that!” Garret further reasoned.

-“Yeah I know that’s what everyone says. But why didn’t Vladdy ever tell us about it, huh?” Warren asked his roommate with a degree of suspicion in his voice.

-“Warren, he did tell us about it – it’s just that Matthew blocked a lot of crap out of our heads and filled the voids with crap. DO you know I still have dreams sometimes at night where I wake up because Matthew’s bare foot is squishing my face and cutting off my oxygen?” Garret was going at 100% now, intent on getting Warren onside.

-“Garret, do you think those memories that Dr. Vine helped us to get at – do you think, they’re real?” Warren asked nervously playing with his feet.

-“Warren, they’re more real than either of us know. Dude, Matthew was a closet foot-fetishist. Imagine how many times in swim practice he was eyeing our feet and getting off? Warren, you remembered what he did to you too! Cumming all over your feet, making you paint my feet with your sperm – dude, those are memories I would like to sooner forget. But it’s not that easy. Maybe we should be seeing Dr. Vine regularly. What do you say?” Garret asked his friend.

-“Uh sure.  Just… is he going to keep hypnotizing us? I don’t know if I can deal with any more memories cropping up.” Warren declared with certainty as he dismounted the bed and made his way to Garret.

-“Warren, Dr. Vine hypnotizes us whenever he wants to anyway – that’s part of the deal remember? We’re his hypnotic slaves. We must obey his commands!”

-“Uh…yeah… I remember. I am his slave. Garret, why do I have a sudden compulsion to hypnotize you?” Warren spoke slightly softer as he neared Garret.

-“That’s because that is what you are programmed to do – but not hypnotize me – hypnotize our next-door-neighbors, Boyd and Jonathan. I think Dr. Vine would like them in his collection, don’t you?” Garret asked as he turned to Warren and noticed his erection.

-“Dude, you’re hard as a rock. Why don’t you go next door and ask for “test-subjects”,that ought to give you some release.” Garret suggested.

-“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Hey, if I hypnotize them, I’ll bring them in here, for both of us to enjoy!” Warren promised as he turned to get his clothes on.

-“Deal. Just do me a favor! Don’t totally blank them out. We wanna have some fun with ‘em, right?”

-“Right. See you in twenty-two!” Warren said as he left the room, his jean shorts open, his shirt half on and half off, no shoes or sock on his feet to be seen.

Garret’s face went suddenly blank as he reached for the phone.

-“Master, Warren is hypnotizing our next-door-neighbors, Boyd and Jonathan. Boyd is light blonde. He is five feet seven or so. He is about 160 pounds. He is studious master and he wears wire-rimmed glasses. Jonathan is about six feet tall, very thin, dark skinned, black hair, and hairy body. They’re both under twenty master.” Garret’s report was thorough, the way the Doctor liked it.

The Doctor kept Garret on the phone for a while, further deepening Garret’s trance and his control over him.

-“Listen to me Garret. When Warren returns with one or both of your neighbors, you will each masturbate on their feet. Is that understood? Dr. Vine ordered.

-“Yes master. I will masturbate on Boyd or Jonathan’s bare feet!” Garret replied blankly.

-“And then, you and Warren will bring the new slave or slaves to me, is that clear?” Dr. Vine chirped over the receiver.

-“Clear master.”

-“Then I am going to hang-up. After I do, you will wait thirty seconds and then wake up, hearing the dial tone, you will think you answered a hang-up call. You will not remember making this phone call. Repeat!” Dr. Vine ordered.

-“I will not remember making this phone call.” Garret barked back.

-“Oh yes, and Garret… what are you wearing now?” Dr. Vine asked playfully.

-“Nothing master. I am totally naked, as ordered sir.”

And then there was the dial tone.


-“Awgh c’mon Warren. We’ve only known you for a few weeks, what would you say if we wanted to hypnotize you?” Boyd asked as he folded some of his laundry. Warren immediately noticed that Boyd was wearing Tevas flip-flops, his bare feet, exceptionally manicured and well taken care of in full view.

-“I’d let you do it. In fact, my first semester here, I allowed this Japanese exchange student to hypnotize me for the same class. I got so into it, I signed up for the class this year. C’mon, it’s not working on my roommate Garret and chances are, it won’t work on you guys anyways. Just let me try!” Warren whined.

-“I don’t mind you trying to hypnotize me Warren.” Jonathan smiled, trying to be friendly and polite.

-“That’s the spirit Jonathan, now what about you Boyd? Come on, I promise I won’t turn you into a chicken or anything!” Warren chirped.

-“Oh alright. I guess there’s no harm in it.” Boyd conceded, putting his laundry aside and sitting down on the foot of his bed. “What should we do?”

-“Why don’t you each lie down on the beds and I’ll just talk you each into a light trance. Then, I’ll use this special strobe light to intensify the hypnosis, assuming you’re under in the first place. Ok?” Warren asked readying himself for his date with destiny. He was so anxious to hypnotize Boyd and Jonathan that in his excitement, he almost came in his pants. It was all he could do to contain his penile excitement as Boyd kicked off his flip-flops before plopping himself onto his bed, now barefoot. Jonathan, he noticed, was wearing gray sweat-socks.

-“Alright guys, just listen to my voice and relax. Try and block out all other sounds and distractions as you focus on my relaxing voice. Let yourselves go – release all the stress and tension of the day while you focus on my voice. Never losing focus of my voice. Deeply relaxed…focused on my voice, feeling sleepy, but still focused on my voice. Listening to the sound of my voice…” Warren’s hypnotist voice purred on like this until he was certain that both Boyd and Jonathan were lightly under. He stood and admired his work for a moment – two guys, asleep now because he made them that way. It was so hot, he squirmed as he adjusted his bulging crotch through his shorts. Now the only question was, who gets the strobe light first – Boyd or Jonathan.

Warren decided on Boyd, since he was barefoot already. He dropped to the side of the bed and activated his strobe light, positioning it on Boyd’s already entranced-eyes.

-“Look into the light Boyd – look deeper into the light – feel your will leaving you – you have no will of your own – you obey me, your master!”

A deeply entranced Boyd responded back mechanically, “I obey you my master” as he continued to gawk at the spiraling lights.

-“Deeper Boyd, deeper, you are being hypnotized – your mind and your will are frozen Boyd – you obey only my voice. You are my slave, and you must obey all my commands.”

-“Must obey all your commands.” Boyd replied back like a robot.

-“Now, as for you Jonathan, open your eyes and look into the light!” Warren commanded of the sleeping teen.

Jonathan opened his brown eyes and was immediately hit with a mega-dose of the hypno-beam. His eyes were transfixed, his stare already sufficiently vacant.

-“Look deeper into the light Jonathan and surrender your will to me – obey me Jonathan, for I am your master, and you are my slave! Deeper and deeper Jonathan, feel your mind and body becoming paralyzed – you are frozen stiff now Jonathan – you do not feel your socks coming off your feet now!” Warren continued to hold the light with his left hand while maneuvering Jonathan’s feet closer so that he could remove his socks. Jonathan had very thin and long feet, but his socks were still exceptionally tight. Warren struggled for a few minutes as he ripped Jonathan’s socks from his feet.

Finally, he stepped back. His first attempt at hypnotism was obviously a success and Doctor Vine would be very proud of him. But first, he had to do good on a promise he made to his friend Garret, nearly half an hour ago. He would bring the hypnotized Boyd and Jonathan into their dorm room for some real fun.

-“Attention slaves! Boyd, Jonathan, sit up and obey me!” Warren commanded. In unison both Boyd and Jonathan sat up in bed, both sporting looks of complete compliance and vacancy.

-“You will both come with me back to my room!” Warren commanded before turning to leave. Both Boyd and Jonathan got off their beds, moving like sleepwalkers toward the door and the waiting Warren.

Looking over the sexy twosome, Warren knew that Garret would be very pleased as well.



Dr. Vine walked amidst the jungle of frozen hypnotized college men, admiring each one’s frozen form, each one’s bareness. He had always been attracted to the sight of a man’s bare feet, particularly the soles of their feet, and from as early on as he could remember, he was using hypnotism as a guise to explore his male foot fetish. His older brother Joey bore much of the early brunt of his younger brother’s hypno-foot fetish and for a while, the fifteen year old Chuck (now Dr. Charles Vine) was satisfied.  It wasn’t until grade ten or eleven or so that he began to use his older brother, for recruitment purposes. And Joey brought home many good looking college friends, whom he had hypnotized on Chuck’s behalf. And so it began. In University, Charles Vine learned everything there was to know about hypnotism. He practiced on anyone willing to partake, women included, but he quickly realized, he liked having the men “under his spell”, and he set out on a series of experiments designed to increase his cognitive and motor control of deeply hypnotized male subjects. One of his first subjects? His professor at the time, Dr. Saul Finegold, then a distinguished gentleman in his late forties, but as Charles recalled, still at that time, very sexy.

Dr. Vine emerged from his reveries feeling a tad claustrophobic. His collection was indeed growing. At this rate, he would soon need another basement, he thought for a moment as he played with Vlad’s frozen left foot.

-“I can store a few of you in my bedroom, upstairs!” Professor Vine suddenly snapped to, determined to decide which three boys would have the privilege of domiciling in his upstairs bedroom.

He left Vlad’s foot to stand at the entrance of the basement, examining his harem of hypnotized college studs. As he did, he nearly stepped on the oncoming and entranced form of Dr. Saul Finegold.

Dr. Saul Finegold had been head of the Psychology Department at Carper’s for ten years, before retiring and turning to teaching part-time. He was a tall, five foot eleven, graying man, who still had specks of his original orange hair color on his head and face. He sported a beard and was even hairier than Vlad. Doctor Finegold made an excellent slave-statue twenty years ago, but know he was functioning as Dr. Vine’s chief-hypnotist.

-“Ah, Saul, what are you doing here?” Dr. Vine enquired as he flashed the strobe light in Dr. Finegold’s eyes.

-“I am here to report master!” Saul eyes became even more vacant, his will, totally compliant.

-‘Then go ahead, Saul. Who else have you hypnotized for me lately?’ Dr. Vine asked.

-“His name is Enrique Galissos, master. He is nineteen and has a steady girlfriend master who is getting suspicious.” Saul Finegold droned on, sounding remarkably like his ex-student Chad, someone who he had referred to Jeff, for some psychology tutoring.

-“Have you masturbated on his bare feet yet?” Dr. Vine asked as he brought the ever-flashing strobe light closer to the sixty-year olds eyes.

-“Yes master. He has absolutely gorgeous feet master. Like Shaun, perfect, long and meaty, as you like master!” Dr. Finegold wasn’t even aware of where he was, much less what he was saying.

-“You will also note that Matthew is now permanently a part of my slave collection. In fact, I am even debating bringing him upstairs to my soon to be constructed boudoir slave-gallery. What do you think, slave?” Dr. Vine coaxed the blank faced senior.

-‘I hear and I obey!’ Dr. Finegold replied, standing to attention and awaiting further instructions.

-“Then take off your shoes and socks when you address me! As my slave, you know you must be barefoot in my presence at all times!” Dr. Vine commanded masterfully.

-“Yes Master!” Saul Finegold replied blankly before kicking off his duck-boots and peeling off his construction-type socks with his big toes.

-“Now my slave Saul, who do you think are the three best looking young men here?” Dr. Vine asked curiously.

Saul Finegold took a moment to exit the depths of his trance to thoroughly look around the room. Within seconds he had his robotic answer.

-“I think Chad, Matthew and Shaun are the best looking slaves you have master.” Saul droned robotically.

-“You know slave, I think you are right!” Dr. Vine exclaimed triumphantly, before ordering Shaun, Chad and Matthew off their podiums.

Within seconds, the blank-faced trio of Chad, Shaun and Matthew disembarked their frozen platforms and approached the two Doctors, arms ever-outstretched, wills ever paralyzed and commandeered.

-“Saul, take Matthew, Chad and Shaun to my bedroom upstairs. Lie them down on the bed and await further instructions!” Dr. Vine ordered his blank-faced colleague while still pushing the strobe light closer to his eyes and face.

-“Yes Master. I hear and I obey.” Saul walked behind Shaun and pushed his naked back forward, ordering the threesome, “Mush you dogs! Up the stairs now! Obey me! Get on your knees dogs and follow me up the stairs!”

Chad fell first. Then Shaun, then finally Matthew. Each on all-fours, Dr. Saul proceeded to lead the “pack” up the stairs this way. He knew it would entertain his master all the more. Doctor Vine for his part was examining each “dog’s” butt as they made his way past him. Soon he would have them all, in his bed, to wake to with every morning.

-“Now as for the rest of you – remain frozen. You belong to me. I am your master. I will return shortly!” Dr. Vine left the room, eyeing Vlad’s dangling foot from the corner of his eye. He liked Vlad’s feet, particularly since they were wide and very manly. Maybe he’d have Vlad join the group later when the foot orgy he imagined would be underway.


- “So which one do you want first?” an enthusiastic Warren asked the naked Garret, who was still on his swivel chair studying.

Garret popped his head out from his book to see the mesmerized twosome of Boyd and Jonathan standing alongside Warren.

-“Geez, they look out of it. How long did you expose them?” Garret asked seriously.

-“Dude, they’re not exposed, well, except for their feet I guess.” Warren answered back semi-comically. “Besides, I told you I wouldn’t touch them until you had your way with one of them!”

-“I’ll take Boyd – he looks like he might even be a virgin!” Garret exclaimed out of nowhere.

-“You think?” Warren asked stripping off his shorts and t-shirt.

-“Who knows. Alright, get them both on the bed, we’ll check ‘em out!” Garret was behaving oddly, but Warren just dismissed it as the study mode he was in.

-“Alright Jonathan, Boyd, I want you to walk to the two beds and lie down on them. When you do, you will be ten times more deeply hypnotized than you are right now.” Warren droned on, much like Dr. Vine had taught him.

Boyd and Jonathan moved sluggishly toward the beds at the end of the room. Boyd lay down first and immediately seemed to exit his body. His draped form caressing the bed, he lay motionless, totally commandeered. Jonathan was lying down too now. As he did, his face took on an even blanker expression, as his mind focused unilaterally on the next set of commands he would receive.

Warren looked over the two comatose youngsters and turned toward his friend Garret.

-‘So you like? Warren asked pointing at the beds where Jonathan and Boyd lay.

-“Actually, neither is really my type. But I guess it could be interesting to play around with Mr. Preppy here. Geez, look at him! Dude, he completely out of it!

-“Well, he’s not. He’ll obey any of my commands!” Warren defended himself. “Just watch! Boyd listen to my voice and obey…” Warren began sluggishly.

Boyd, eyes closed merely repeated back in a whisper, “Obey”.

-“Your body is heating up – you are on fire – you want to take off your clothes. Sooo hot in here now Boyd – you want to be totally naked.

The blonde haired Boyd took a second or two to process the suggestion before beginning to squirm in the bed. He was obviously beginning to feel the heat, completely unaware of the fire that was soon to follow.

He began by slipping out of his sweatpant-shorts, then, his t-shirt came off. Finally, his Calvin boxers found themselves at his ankles, as Boyd, now cooler, became noticeably more relaxed.

-“His body is decent. Nothing to write home about.” Garret inspected Boyd’s frozen form. “So like, why did you pick these two as your first subjects War?” Garret asked.

Warren looked around the room nervously a little before replying.

-“If you want the honest truth, even though I know I’m not gay, if I was, I’d be attracted to Jonathan. There’s something weird about him, I dunno what it is…” Warren tried to rationalize his choice of victims to his discerning friend.

-“Really, you think Jonathan is hot man?” Garret asked joshing his redhead friend.

-“I like a skinny guy and I like the fact that he is hairy. I also like the fact that he is dark-skinned, and his face seems almost perfectly designed for hypnosis. Look at his face Garret – he’s not even under that deeply and look how zoned out of it he looks! Dr. Vine will love it, especially how since we saw how much he liked Matthew looking like that!” Warren suddenly stopped himself.

-“Garret, what if Dr. Vine still has Matthew in his clutches? And he didn’t actually leave the school?”

Garret’s eyes were glued to the soles of Boyd’s feet. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them, even to answer or acknowledge Warren’s question.

-“Garret, what’s with you, are you hypnotized or something?” Warren asked his semi-entranced buddy.

-‘Wha? Oh, yeah, I think I’m going under or something…” Garret’s voice waned.

Warren turned toward Jonathan to sneak a peak of Jonathan’s bare feet. Still clothed, Jonathan hadn’t moved an inch since he lay down on the bed. Warren’s eyes caught Jonathan’s bare feet and within seconds, he was in a similar state as Garret – paralyzed, sleepy, not knowing what to do.

The two stood there, over the beds occupied by Boyd and Jonathan, for what seemed like hours, each completely enthralled with the sight before them. Then, after some time, Garret turned robotically and approached the phone. Picking it up without thinking and dialing, Garret was soon speaking with Dr. Vine again.

-“Yes Master. Boyd and Jonathan are here and hypnotized. So is Warren master. Yes Master, we will bring them to you tonight master. I hear and I obey.”

Garret hung up the phone and turned toward his frozen buddy, Warren.

-“Get Boyd dressed. We have to go see Dr. Vine.” Garret commanded sleepily.

Warren replied back dazed,

-“Dressed…Boyd…Dr.Vine…I understand…” And he slowly began to re-dress his hypnotized victim.



Dr. Vine’s bedroom-boudoir was, like his basement, starting to fill up. On his Kingsize bed, lay the comatose and hypnotized bodies of Matthew and Chad and Shaun in that order. All three were lying down but none of them looked comfortable. They had been commanded to put their bodies into a metal-beam state and each was lying at strict military style attention. Of course, given Dr. Vine’s bias for the male foot, all three boys were lying just at the point on the bed so that their ankles dangled off the footboard. In the corner, standing at vacant-eyed attention was Professor Finegold, also completely mesmerized.

Dr. Vine walked into the room with a bottle of hot scented oil he had prepared for his men’s feet. He took a second to admire the three pairs of bare feet dangling before him as he knelt down to get to work. All three guys had had their bare feet painted earlier with semen and now dried, the skin on their soles of their feet had that crinkled look Doctor Vine loved so. He was about to start applying the oil to Chad’s left foot and Shaun’s right foot when a thought occurred to him. He hadn’t played with Saul’s feet in years.

He stood up to examine the once princely professor he hypnotized years ago. Not bad. Then he wondered,

-“Slave Saul? Do you still go every week for your pedicure?” Dr. Vine asked while staring intently at the blank-faced sixty year old.

-“Yes Master!” Saul barked back complBoydtly.

-“Slave Saul, I want you to lie down on the bed next to Matthew. Since you hypnotized him first you should be apart of his complete enslavement!” Dr. Vine was in virtual ecstasy as Saul Finegold made his way to the bedside and then, positioning himself much as he did the three others. He was now completely a part of the group.

Dr. Vine took a moment to admire Saul’s bare feet. Though he was sixty, if you were just looking at his feet, you couldn’t tell.

Dr. Vine began by massaging Saul’s left foot against Matthew’s right. Interestingly, both men had similar sized feet, Matthews being slightly thinner and longer than Saul Finegold’s. As he massaged their feet with ever greater intensity, he watched for any sign of reaction from either of the two men. Nothing. Both hadn’t moved an inch and Matthew’s exposed penis remained ever pointing northward.

He moved on to Shaun and Chad – two of the boys he most prized in his collection. Garret and Warren had since joined this list as well for their good looks and now, their proven abilities as a hypnotist. He thought about it for a moment, the prospect of retiring Garret to his bedroom boudoir and then he decided against it. As he continued to massage Chad and Shaun’s feet together, rubbing the hot oil into them like a man possessed, he secretly wished Garret could be there with him now, though he knew he would be there shortly, with several new specimens.

Shaun and Chad’s eyes, wide-open and totally vacant, continued to stare upward at the ceiling as if watching some engrossing movie. Neither flinched as the hot oil made contact with the bare soles of their feet, and like Matthew, both sported large erections throughout.

Chad for his part was totally lost. In his mindscape a recurring mantra replayed like a record stuck on a single track: “Must obey my master…must obey my master…” his internal voice droned on an on until his mind, completely vacant and paralyzed, stood eerily still. He had no conception of where he was, who he was, or anything about his past. No, in place of all these synapses, were mantras of obedience.

Shaun by contrast, knew from the moment Jeff hypnotized him that he was hypnotized. Of all Dr. Vine’s victims, Shaun, no matter how much hypnosis administered, retained the most of his once dominant personality. Once a weekend frat-partier, a womanizer and a pervert, Shaun’s perversions were corruptible, he could be made to service men, but he had to be in that deepest possible state for him to react nonchalantly, as expected. He lay on the bed, oblivious to the others around him, but he knew someone was massaging his foot. He also could tell that someone was massaging his foot alongside someone else’s, as he repeatedly felt like his foot was being rubbed up against someone else’s. Beyond that, he didn’t have the energy, strength or focus to care.

Dr. Vine loved Shaun’s large feet and spent much time lost in his soles. He felt himself going into a trance as he massaged Shaun’s foot in a rhythmic, massaging motion. As Dr. Vine continued to stare at Shaun’s foot, he became more and more entranced, unable to look away, unable to think clearly. Instinctively and without thinking he undid his trousers and began stroking his penis, Chad’s foot dropped to the side in the process.

As he continued to stroke and stare deeply into Shaun’s foot he suddenly became overwhelmed with a compulsion to stand up. His moment of ejaculatory bliss was almost there and he wanted to ensure that Shaun’s right foot got the gist of it.

His explosion was unprecedented, further clearing his mind, further rendering in him a compulsion to rub Shaun’s bare foot up against his slowly deflating penis, still leaking cum. Shaun, for all his awareness, lay paralyzed, oblivious to the show that just took place on the sole of his foot.

Using Shaun’s foot to squeeze the last bit of man-juice from his sack, Dr. Vine turned mechanically toward his dresser bureau. He picked up the phone and dialed the number he had been forced to memorize.

There was a moment of silence before a very different sounding Dr. Vine spoke into the receiver.

-“Master, in a few more weeks there will be 24 of us as you have requested. We are all your humble hypnotic servants and exist to serve you sir. Yes master. Your wish is my command. Two new slaves are being brought over now. Yes Master, I know what to do with them. Yes Master – I hear and I obey!” Dr. Vine’s body stuttered for a second before leaning down to untie his loafers, so he could yank off his shoes and socks.

-“I am barefoot master. I await further instructions.” His voice was more robotic and vacant than any of the men he had hypnotized to date as he continued to stare at the sight on his bed – four men, all ready to do his master’s bidding…


Chapter Ten: Assembly

Boyd and Jonathan followed Warren and Garret toward the house in the forest. It was cold again, as nights in New England tend to be but Boyd and Jonathan both remained entranced and totally oblivious to the fact that both their bare feet and ankles were frigidly nearing the point of frostbite. Garret and Warren too were in their bare feet, but they had sneakers on. Both Boyd and Jonathan were wearing tevas-style flip-flops, so their feet were completely exposed to the elements. They continued to walk zombie like toward the two forms of Garret and Warren.

The door was unlocked and Garret and Warren walked right in. Boyd and Jonathan followed in that order. As each walked into the professor’s house, each found his arms uncontrollably flinging upward, so that like sleepwalkers, the four boys stood in line, in frozen unison, awaiting the professor’s arrival.

Professor Vine stood completely immobilized, ears glued to the telephone receiver, eyes plastered vacantly straight ahead. The voice on the telephone continued to bark on as evidenced in Dr. Vine’s vocal reactions.

-“Yes Master. I will deepen the hypnosis of every single slave – I understand and obey master. Yes Master. I believe Garret and Warren have arrived master. Yes Master. Your wishes are my commands. I understand. I will remain barefoot until you arrive. Yes Master. I will remember nothing of this phone call. I hear and I obey!” The frozen and erect Dr. Vine turned to hang up the phone receiver. As he did, he snapped out his trance thinking aloud to himself,

-“Geez, I hate crank calls!” He turned back toward the bed where four of his slaves lay absolutely motionless. He relished the idea of further deepening their trance levels, but first, he wanted to meet Warren’s and Garret’s two latest male-slaves. He turned toward the doorway of his bedroom before suddenly realizing that he was barefoot. It seemed odd to him – Dr. Vine, despite his foot fetish, usually remained socked for most of his sexual encounters. Moreover, he couldn’t remember taking his socks off.

No matter, he thought to himself as he walked out the door and towards the stairwell, deciding not to put his socks back on. At the landing, he saw all four boys standing in his living room, each with their arms out-stretched, vacant eyed faces, and Garret and Warren sporting erections.

Dr. Vine approached the foursome slowly, somewhat disappointed in Warren and Garret’s choice with specimens. He looked the entranced Boyd and Jonathan over, immediately deciding these two latest victims did not measure up.

-“Slave Garret! Who chose these two boys?” Dr. Vine pointed at Jonathan and Boyd simultaneously.

-“Warren did master.” Garret replied blankly.

Dr. Vine eyed Warren who had still not budged an inch.

-“Warren, I believe you need to watch a few videos of mine. When you watch, I want you to pay close attention to the men in the videos – they have different looks, but they are all handsome, tall, muscular – these two boys you brought me look like average guys to me, I am looking for studs, is that clear slave?” Dr. Vine stepped one step closer to Warren, stepping on his bare feet with his own bare feet, he aimed the hypnotizer into Warren’s eyes and turned it on full-blast.

-“Repeat after me Warren! I will only hypnotize good looking men!” Dr. Vine barked as he eyed Warren’s vacant eyed expression slacken even more.

-“I will only hypnotize good looking men.” Warren responded back enthralled, and sleepily.

-“Come with me Warren, you are going to watch a video in the den- you will look at the men in the video very carefully and you will be very turned on by all of them. You will also take note of what they look like. When you see a guy on campus that has these qualities, you will become friends with him and hypnotize him, is that clear slave?” Dr. Vine intoned almost angrily.

-“Yes master, hypnotize only good looking guys… I understand.” Warren repeated what he knew Dr. Vine wanted to hear. In the back of his mind, he was still petrified at the thought of Dr. Vine asking him to recruit his two younger brothers – Rory and Quinn. With every last fibre of his previous being he would withhold their existence from Dr. Vine.

He followed the Doctor into the den and watched vacantly as the doctor set up the video and put it in. It was the video diary that Dr. Vine had made to date of all the men in his collection, and while diverse looking, all were good looking.

-“You will watch this video and become more and more entranced – you will want to hypnotize any of the men on this tape and you will beg me to allow you to do it. When you are finished watching the tape you will come to me Warren is that all clear?”

-“Yes master.” Warren plunked himself down on the couch preparing to watch the movie. Before leaving the room, Dr. Vine positioned Warren’s feet on the padded footstool, taking one last look at them before returning upstairs to deal with the Boyd and Jonathan issue.

He looked both up and down again.

-“Alright you both seem to have decent looking feet, I guess that’s a plus. Boyd, what size shoe do you wear?” Dr. Vine asked as he flashed his light in Boyd’s already hypnotized eyes.

-“Nine and a half sir.” Boyd’s voice was completely asleep.

-‘I am your master Boyd, you will call me your master when you speak to me!” Dr. Vine turned the dial on his strobe light causing the pulsing rhythm to intensify.

Boyd spoke more robotically this time,

-‘Yes master!’

-“As for you Jonathan, tell me, have you ever had sex with a man?” Dr. Vine asked as he turned the light’s focus to Jonathan.

-“No master, never.” Jonathan replied back.

-‘You are going to have sex with a man, do you understand me Jonathan?” Dr. Vine asked looking for any signs of preliminary resistance in Jonathan.

-“Sex with a man…yes master.” Jonathan was gone, having received a strong dose of Warren’s light, both he and Boyd were already deeply hypnotized when they got there.

-“Well, maybe there’s hope for them yet. Maybe I’ll keep them on guard duty or something. OR maybe… Boyd – I want you to go downstairs and await me there. I think you, Vladmir and Han are going to fall in love with each other.

-“Yes master.” And the blank faced rendition of Boyd proceeded to walk straight ahead toward the basement stairwell, arms ever-out-stretched.

-“Now, Garret, I’d like you to come upstairs with me, I have a surprise for you. As for you Jonathan, take off your clothes immediately! All of your clothes!

Jonathan rushed to comply and was soon standing directly behind a pile of discarded clothing, ever alert.

-“Now, Garret, did you or Warren cum on Jonathan’s feet?” Dr. Vine asked as he leaned down and picked up each of Jonathan’s bare feet one at a time, looking for evidence of dried cum.

-“Yes master. Warren did. I came on Boyd’s feet.” Garret could now remember the whole foot-orgy masturbation scene that took place in his room. A scene he had for some reason, blocked out.

-Proceed upstairs slave Garret. Jonathan, you will lock the front door and stand on guard. Do you understand?

The naked, hairy form of Jonathan only moved so as to comply with his wishes. He was totally spaced out.

Garret entered Dr. Vine’s bedroom and was immediately taken aback. His programming ensured that upon seeing any man’s bare feet, the soles of their bare feet especially, he would go into trance.

He stood for a moment, not even certain which pair of feet belonged to who. For a brief second, he thought he saw Matthew intertangled in the group, but his own trance quickly took over. Garret fell to his knees in awe and continued to stare at the four pairs of bare feet directly in front of him. They were his altar – he was under their control.

Dr. Vine entered the room triumphantly.

-“Excellent Garret, you’re going deeper into hypnosis, aren’t you?”

The blank faced teen replied back monotonously, as he continued to gawk at the pile of men’s feet before him.

-“Yes master – deeper into hypnosis.”

-“Now Garret, answer me honestly, do you have a brother?”

-“Yes master. Three.” Garret replied back blankly.

-“Names!” Dr. Vine barked at his kneeling servant.

-“Parker, Tyler, Kyle master.” As he said their names aloud he thought of them for the first time in weeks and yet, as he continued to stare into Chad’s, Shaun’s, Matthew’s and Dr. Finegold’s bare feet, all he could think of was how he could hypnotize his three brothers for Dr. Vine and how once under, he could get a good look at their bare feet.

-“What are their ages slave Garret?” Dr. Vine asked carefully as he stroked Garret’s blonde hair with the back of his hand.

-“Kyle is 26 – he’s a dentist…married…two kids. Tyler is the youngest, he’s only 14 and Parker is 18 master. He is looking into Carper’s for next year master.”

-“You are going to hypnotize all three of your brothers and bring them to me, but you will start with Parker. You will go home this weekend and play up Carper’s to him. You will offer to take him on a tour of the place and to introduce him to some of your new friends, and professors. I will be one of those people of course. But by the time you bring Parker to me I want him to have been hypnotized. You know what you are to do with him once he is under your power?” Dr. Vine asked slyly.

-“Yes master. I will masturbate all over his bare feet. I will take his socks and bring them to you and I will make sure he goes around bare foot as you ordered. I hear and I obey.” Garret wasn’t even thinking of what he was saying or how he would carry it out. He just had a sudden urge to hang out with his brother Parker – they were always closest, they hung out together a lot in high school and had some of the same friends.

-“Now Matthew, do you have any brothers?” Dr. Vine asked as he lifted Matthew’s left foot into mid-air.

-‘Yes master. But Glen lives in California now. He’s 27 and married master.’ Matthew sounded like a robot.

-‘Pity. What about you Shaun. Do you have any handsome brothers in your family?” Dr. Vine asked.

-“Yes master. Mike and Tray are twins sir – they are twenty one and they own their own gym in town.” Shaun gave Dr. Vine even more information than he had asked for, but it was valuable nonetheless.

-“A gym – how fascinating. Maybe eventually we could have our pickings of the clientele. For now Shaun, you will also go home this weekend and you will have an uncontrollable desire to hypnotize Mike and Tray – whatever it takes to get them to let you hypnotize them you will do. And once they are under you will also go into deep hypnosis. After that, you will take off their socks, and shoot your load on their bare feet. Is all that understood Shaun?” Dr. Vine asked, ready to flash his pocket-light in Shaun’s eyes.

-“Yes master. I will hypnotize Tray and Mike and jerk off on their feet, I understand.”

-“You will also bring them to me once they are under your power is that clear?” Dr. Vine intoned.

-‘Yes master. It is perfectly clear. I hear and I obey,” Shaun replied back mechanically.

-“And Chad, I think we knew already doesn’t have any brothers just two sisters right?” Dr. Vine asked.

-“Yes master – Sherry and Karin. They are seventeen and twenty two master.” Chad replied back.

-“At some point Chad, you will return into their lives and hypnotize them but for now, we’re going for an all male cast.’ Dr. Vine joked as he tickled the sole of Chad’s paralyzed foot.

-‘Yes master. I understand.” Chad blurted before going back into mental-paralysis mode.

Dr. Vine was about to go back to deepening his slaves trances when Saul Finegold spoke out.

-“Master, my son and two grandchildren are coming for a visit this weekend. My son is forty and his two sons are fifteen and seventeen.”

-“What are there names Saul?” Dr. Vine asked now walking toward the clothed but barefoot Saul Finegold.

-“My son’s name is Owen, his kids are Shane and Devin.’ Dr. Finegold droned on.

-‘You are going to hypnotize Owen, Shane and Devin is that clear Saul? When they are under you know what to do with them, then you call me. Understood?”

-“Yes Master – I will hypnotize my son and grandsons for you master.”

-And what will you do with them once they are under slave?”

-“I will masturbate on their bare feet master and make them your slaves.” Dr. Finegold’s voice slurred as he relished the thought of doing what he was proposing to do.



The Muscled-Man’s Gym was not unlike any other city gym. Run by twin brothers Tray and Mike, two professional trainers and Olympic athletes, the gym was the brother’s livelihood, enabling them to train for professional qualifications. Tray lifted weights and Mike wrestled, either way, the twins were identical in almost every way, including having the best toned bodies around.

On their desks in their office, pictures of family members, but mostly there were pictures of Shaun. Since he left on that sudden research expedition to somewhere in Brazil, his brothers hadn’t heard from him, missed him and had been worried about his whereabouts, they sometimes feared the worst. Though nowhere in the wildest imaginations would they have guessed that their brother Shaun had become a mindless mind-controlled automaton, sent back into their lives now, to capture and ensnare them into the professor’s hypnotic clutches.

Shaun was programmed to wait until after-hours to approach the club. One minute after eleven on Friday night, Shaun found himself outside his brothers’ gym, tapping lightly on the glass door. A beautiful woman who seemed to be a receptionist at first tried to shoo him off, but upon closer inspection, she could see that he was Shaun, younger brother of her bosses. She couldn’t open the door fast enough.

-“Get your ass in here! Man, you worried a lot of people going off to the rainforest and shit! How the hell are you! Your brother is going to be real happy to see you!” the sexy black woman stopped what she was saying to add, “You don’t remember me, do you? It’s me, Alex!”

Shaun looked at her with confusion. Why would he care who she is? She did seem vaguely familiar to him, but he couldn’t care less. He was there for Mike and Tray. Shaun looked around, the surroundings seemed familiar to him, as if he had been there, but in an alternate lifetime or something.

-“My brother? Only one of them is here then?” Shaun asked, almost glad that he could deal with them one at a time.

-‘Yup. Mike’s over in Dublin, attending some sports conference or something. But Tray’s here. Here, let me tell him you’re here!” and she ran off down the hall like a school girl, skipping towards Tray’s office.

Shaun stood there immobilized in thought for a moment. He would hypnotize Tray tonight and find out when Mike was due back and hypnotize him. Hopefully, he’d be back by Monday morning, when it was time for him to leave back to Carper’s.

His reverie was interrupted by a loud, boisterous cry and a hug that nearly shook Shaun out of his hypnotic trance.

-“Bro!!!” Tray screamed as he ran up to his brother Shaun, picking him up and nearly slamming him onto the carpet.

-“Where the fuck have you been? What the hell is up with you man? Brazil? Come on! You remember where my office is right? I want details dude! You owe me. Thanks Leanne, you can go home now, I’ll lock up.” Tray signaled his assistant merrily and she vanished in a poof of smoke.

Soon, the two brothers were tucked away in Tray’s office, kicking back and shooting the breeze. Once he was comfortable, and without thinking about it, Shaun kicked off his sneakers and let his bare feet hang free.

-“Ok, so this professor dude got you into the Maya and Inca civilizations, but I still don’t understand what you went off with him looking for?” Tray seemed a bit perplexed.

-“It’s kinda like a mantra for a mind-control ritual. The professor found part of it – once it’s read through and through, you can control the mind of any man.” Shaun boasted.

-“Sounds like a farce to me. Very Star-Trekish ya know?” Tray teased his younger brother somewhat.

Shaun eyed him thoughtfully before replying tactfully.

-“Tray, I didn’t believe it myself – so the Doc recited part of it at this guy Eliot in my class, turned him into a hypnotized robot – you shoulda seen the guy man. He was like the Doc’s totally willing slave! And that’s not the worst of it…” Shaun enjoyed the tease.

-‘Why? What do you mean?” Tray asked interested.

-“There are several governments including this one after the same documents – we had to fight them, just like in Indiana Jones and all. Wow it was amazing!” Shaun was panting in all his excitement. Without thinking he leaned back in his chair and put his huge bare feet on his brother’s desk, right opposite where Tray was sitting.

-“Uh ok thanks Shaun – I don’t need to fall under the mind control of your feet!” Tray joked as he physically pushed his brother’s feet from his desk before continuing.

-“So this sounds more like the X-Files actually. So you saw this ancient magic crap in practice? I mean, what did the Doc do to that guy Elliot?” Tray asked somewhat concerned.

-“The usual stuff you do with hypnotized people I guess. He just wanted to show me its power – convince me that I needed to join him on his mission. And once I saw what happened to Elliot, I decided, that’s it… I’m going.”

-“Amazing. So what did Elliot have to say once he was snapped out of it?” Tray asked with a smile.

-“Snapped out of it? No, no, the trance is permanent. Elliot still serves Professor Vine the only thing is he doesn’t totally know it.” Shaun explained.

-“That sounds illegal!” Tray barked back a little nervously, his abs beginning to curl on their own.

-“Dude, he doesn’t violate him in any way, he just can’t undo the magic spell, in part because we don’t have the second part of the document.”

-“Shaun, tell me, has Doctor Vine ever done this hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo on you?” Tray asked with serious concern.

-“Nah, are you kidding? But dude, it’s not hocus pocus! Like, look, Tray have you ever been hypnotized?” Shaun asked his older brother.

-“Nope, and I don’t think it would work on me. My mind is too strong!” Tray boasted.

-“I bet you I could hypnotize you Tray, right here, right now!” Shaun challenged.

-“No fuckin way man!” Tray was a little nervous at the prospect of anyone tinkering with his mind.

-‘So you are afraid then! I shoulda known. I bet you Mike lets me hypnotize him no questions asked!”

-‘Fine go ahead and try and hypnotize me – what do I care! Besides, they say you can’t be made to do anything against your will, right?” Tray asked as his barefoot brother approached him with the pocket hypnotizer.


Tray’s naked body lay sprawled out on his desk, his legs, past the knee hanging off, but because of post-hypnotic commands, his body remained ever-rigid, hard to the touch, muscles everywhere strained into somnambulistic paralysis.

It hadn’t taken Shaun long to hypnotize his older brother and he didn’t expect it would take him long to hypnotize Mike, but for the fact that Mike was only returning home on Tuesday. Shaun decided then and there that he would spend time programming Tray and leaving with him as soon as that was done.

Tray’s body was even more defined and sculpted than Shaun’s – he was a few inches taller, about seventy pounds heavier and slightly bigger-boned. Weighing in at 290 lbs exactly, Tray’s massive upper body strength was that of someone twice his size, and his legs could support over 1000 lbs of weight. Like the rest of his body, his legs remained frozen, two paralyzed beams jetting out of the table. Shaun circled his brother many times before coming back to the foot of the desk and to where Tray’s bare feet were suspending in mid-air. Shaun had of course seen his brother barefoot before, but somehow, holding Tray’s left foot in his hands, it was as if it were the first time. In seconds, Shaun’s erection grew out of his pants, seconds later, his seed found itself dripping over Tray’s enormous size 16 soles. He stood over his immobilized and entranced brother for a few moments, still enthralled, enchanted by the soles of his feet. It might have been several eons later, but Shawn’s reverie was interrupted by an almost subliminal set of commands resonating in the recesses of his fogged brain:

-“Bring Tray to Dr. Vine… Bring Tray to Doctor Vine…”

And suddenly Shaun was filled with a new sense of purpose. He snapped to, reaching to the floor to get his brother’s sweat-pants and sneakers back on. He decided he would dress Tray before giving him a few final instructions and waking him up. With Tray’s legs outstretched and rigid so, Shaun had no problem putting his brother’s sweat pants on him. For some reason, Shaun decided to take his brother’s underwear, just as he had done with his socks. Something told him Dr. Vine would be pleased with that decision.

They had a couple-hour drive ahead of them and Shaun wanted to hit the road now so they could get to Professor Vine’s house before midnight. Since Mike wouldn’t be back for days, Shaun decided to waste no time. He piped a few last minute commands into his brother’s robotic shell and then woke him up with complete memory block of the hypnosis experience.

-‘Say, Shaun… why are we going to see this professor dude of yours, is there some kind of problem?” Tray asked as he fingered the back part of his foot and his heel, through his shoe. His right foot was feeling itchy for some reason, though he hadn’t a clue why.

-‘What’s up Tray?’ Shaun asked his brother who looked somewhat confused.

-“I dunno it’s weird. My foot is all itchy so I’m scratching it and then I realized I’m not wearing socks. But I coulda sworn I was wearing socks today – and I’m sure I didn’t take em off anywhere, so I’m kinda a little puzzled. That’s all.”

-“Tray, when I got in here you didn’t have socks on… remember? Gee, I guess it is true what they say…” Shaun started.

-“What?” Tray asked.

-“I guess the mind does start to go when you get old.” Shaun jabbed his brother lightly in the ribs.

-“Shut up ya fruit I’m only a couple years older than you!”

And the two got up to leave. Tray set the alarm on the gym, took one last look at the place and left with Shawn for the toward Carper’s University.


-“Ah Shaun, is this your brother Tray?” Dr. Vine asked at the entrance of his country cottage.

Tray extended his arm toward the professor as his brother, now vacant-eyed and expressionless, replied:

-“Yes master. This is my brother Tray.”

Tray was visibly shaken by his brother’s referring to another man as his master.

-‘Shaun, what’s with that yes master bullshit?” Tray asked his hypnotized brother, at once realizing that something was wrong. Shaun didn’t seem to be budging an inch!

-‘Shaun? Shaun? What’s up with him? What did you to him?” Tray asked the doctor in a fearful panic.

-“Shaun, tell Tray – what did I do to you?” Dr. Vine was playing with Shaun and his handsomer brother Tray. He only did this with specimens that he considered exceptional like Jeff, Garret and Warren. He liked the mind-games associated with controlling a dominant, healthy heterosexual male.

Shaun continued to stare blankly ahead as his mantra came to mind and mouth simultaneously:

-“You hypnotized me!” Upon saying this Shaun’s stance became increasingly rigid as his body began to freeze at attention. Ever slowly his face turned blanker and blanker. As his arms automatically rose in front of him, Shaun suddenly looked like a zombie, from one of those B movies from the 50’s.

Tray looked at the Doctor in horror.

-‘What the hell is this? Man, why, how, why Shaun? What’s going on here?” Tray struggled to formulate a coherent sentence he was so flustered and nervous.

-“Tell him slave Shaun! Tell Tray what you have done to him!” Dr. Vine ordered the now motionless Shaun statue.

-“Must hypnotize my brothers and bring them to you…” his voice trailed off into sleep.

-“And… once Tray was hypnotized, then what did you do with him?” Dr. Vine quizzed his hypnotized servant.

-“I masturbate on the soles of his bare feet and then bring him to my master.” Shaun replied steadily.

Tray was overwhelmed.

-“What the fuck – is that why I’m here? So you can hypnotize me or something?”

Dr. Vine looked into Tray’s eyes.

-“You’re not that smart are you? You’re brother just admitted to hypnotizing you – you are already one of my slave’s Tray… take off your shoes and I will show you.

Tray found himself kicking off his sneakers in an awkward moment of cerebral compliance.

-“Now, why don’t you have a seat Tray!” The professor motioned Shaun’s older brother into place on his living room sofa. Tray, for all his athletic strength, could not stop his body from obeying. This made him think that he had to have been hypnotized before, probably by Shaun, under the duress of this Professor.

Like with Warren before him, the Doctor made Tray put one of his feet up on his knee so that he could see for himself proof of his own victimization.

-“Look at your foot Tray – look at it deeply – you see how it shines in the light? That’s your brother’s cum now drying on your foot. You wanna smell it don’t you? You wanna lick it don’t you?” Dr. Vine coaxed the stunned athlete on.

-“No! What is this!? This is sick! Stop this! I…I…” Tray’s voice trailed off into itself as he became ever more lured into skin on the sole of his foot. He now knew why his feet were so cold, so itchy – his brother had cum all over him! With his last bit of strength, Tray turned to see Shaun, still frozen at attention, unmoved from where he was before. He continued to have that same blank-faced look plastered on him like a still-life painting.

Just then, a naked Warren entered the living room.

-“Master, I have watched all the video-tapes you wanted me to – I am ready to do your bidding!” he announced robot-like.

Tray looked Warren up and down as much as his frozen stare would allow. Warren was someone he had known in elementary school, so he was shocked to see him here, naked and obviously under this professor’s control.

-“Excellent Warren. You can stay here with me now. I want to show one of my new slaves a demonstration. Now Tray –look at Warren over there. You see how completely controlled he is? He can’t move his smallest toe without permission from me. Isn’t that right Warren?”

-“Yes Master. My toes are under your power!” came a vacant reply from the tranced out redhead.

Tray looked the Doctor over, a look of horror on his face before he managed to blurt out:

-“You obviously have a thing for feet, huh? Geez, what’s up with you and that?”

Dr. Vine looked at Tray and decided he had had enough play for one day. From his lapel he removed the hypno-strobe light and turned it on Tray. Within seconds, Tray was entranced.

Dr. Vine was pleased.

-“Now Tray, I have a special mission for you!” Dr. Vine began.

-“Mission…” Tray blurted back sleepily.

-“You are going to hypnotize your brother Michael and bring him to me – you are going to hypnotize him is that clear?”

-“Hypnotize Mike, yah…  clear.” It took him all his energy to respond back.

-“And Tray – once you have Mike hypnotized you will take off his socks, and you will cum on his bare feet. Repeat that now Tray!” Dr. Vine ordered.

-“Hypnotize Mike, take off his socks, cum all over his feet.” Tray droned on.

-“Then you will bring him to me Tray, to me, to me – your master. I am your master Tray – you are my slave.”

Tray stared helplessly into oblivion as he repeated his mind’s inner-most mantra:

-“You are my master. I am your slave. I will bring Mike to you master, as you ordered. I hear and I obey.” His voice was the most changed of all the guys Dr. Vine had hypnotized thus far. With little or no prompting, Tray’s hypnotized voice seemed at least three octaves lower than the tone he was using moments earlier.

-“Now Shaun, come to your master, come see your older brother Tray, enslaved!” Dr. Vine commanded, and the blank-faced automaton that was Shaun merely responded with a “Yes Master” before repositioning himself closer to his hypnotized brother, Warren and the Doctor.


He couldn’t believe he was home for the weekend. It had been a grueling semester. Keeping up with his schoolwork was hard enough, but losing all three of his friends to various other life-directions, Garret was feeling a little depressed. At least when Warren was around, he had him. Now Warren was assigned a room at the other end of campus and they rarely saw each other. All the more reason Garret thought, to convince Parker to attend Carper’s in the fall. At least with his little brother in toe, he’d have a shot at making some new friends.

Parker wasn’t home though, again. According to Garret’s parents, Parker hadn’t been coming home much of late. He was living part-time with a woman fifteen years his senior and seemed to be distancing himself from the family more and more. Garret was at first concerned.

Then it dawned on him. Parker might be easier to hypnotize if he was in anyway vulnerable. Garret decided to call the number his mother had given him, hoping to catch Parker at Sylvia’s place.

An almost matronly voice picked up the receiver – purring hello, almost like a cat in heat.

-“Uh, hi. Is this Sylvia? I’m Garret, Parker’s brother. I was wondering is he there with you now?” Garret tried to maintain his composure. It had been a while since any aspect of womanhood got him aroused, but somehow hearing Sylvia’s voice, seemed to be doing it, at least somewhat.

-“He’s here…  um, but I’m not sure if he’s available to take the call…” Her voice vibrated through Garret’s ear-drums, enticing him to want to hear more.

-“Lemme see if he can come to the phone…” and she was gone for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually three seconds. Her hypnotic voice replaced by a very strained, almost pained voice, one Garret barely recognized.

-“Gar – is that you?” Parker spoke the words choppily.

-“Parker what the heck is wrong with you?” Garret asked concerned.

-“Dude, it’s nothing. Are you home or what?” Parker asked still using much the same inflection – his tone of voice was pure pain.

-“uh yeah, are you…?” Garret didn’t even have a chance to finish his thought, Parker anyhow, knew what his brother was going to ask next.

-“Yeah, I’ll leave here in a few minutes, I’ll be there in half an hour!” Parker shouted into the phone and then the line went dead.

How odd that was, Garret thought to himself as he readied himself for his brother’s illustrious arrival. Now if he was lucky, he’d be able to hypnotize Parker before their parents came home from an afternoon of shopping and bargain hunting.

Garret readied his father’s office for his encounter with Parker. He decided on that room as the milieu since it had the most comfortable, plush couch and the most adjustable lighting. He adjusted the lights to a near dimmer, turned off the phones, and pulled the blinds. Parker couldn’t have any distractions and neither could he. The clock was ticking and their parents would surely be home within a couple of hours.

Parker showed up at the house, surprisingly on time. He used his own keys to let himself in, as he was still living there part-time as well.

-“Dude, get over here man!” Parker yelled out to his brother on the stairwell.

Garret couldn’t believe his eyes. In just a few short months, his clean-cut brother had undergone a metamorphosis of sorts – his hair was longer, he had two earrings in both ears, a tattoo on his left arm, and the clothes of a grungy street urchin. Immediately upon seeing him, Garret was repulsed, and he knew, Professor Vine would not be interested in him, in his current form.

Garret ran down the stairs to give his younger brother a hug.

-“What the fuck happened to you? You look like a freakin’ genetic experiment!” Garret asked.

-“Close!” Parker beamed as he flashed a beam of light from a device very similar to the one in Garret’s shirt pocket.

-“Now Garret, listen to me and obey!” Parker didn’t know how to induce hypnosis, luckily for him, Garret was well-trained in the art of succumbing to hypnotic charms.

-“Listen to me Garret and obey! Obey me and your new mistress – Sylvia. You must obey her now. Is that clear?” Parker stroked his brother’s clean-shaven face as Garret continued to stare off into oblivion.

-“I think we’re going to have to do something about your look Garret. Mistress Sylvia prefers a much more macho kinda guy!” Parker chuckled as he switched off the light, leaving Garret paralyzed and hypnotized right there.

-“You will come with me to mistress Sylvia, Garret. She’ll want to inspect you and interrogate you.”

-“Yes master. I understand and I obey!” Garret followed his brother down the flight of stairs towards his crappy old Mazda parked in the garage. He had no idea what was going on, but was completely contented to follow his younger brother’s orders.


Saul Finegold was completely torn. With his son completely hypnotized  and tucked in for the night, which grandson would he hypnotize first – Devin – the nineteen year old jock, standing at almost six feet tall? Or Shane, the twenty-two year old nerdy-type, shorter, stockier, but still handsome in his own right. Each brother had their own room – Saul’s place was huge for a bachelor – five bedrooms and a basement that could sleep twenty if need be, as it sometimes did over the years…

He eyed both doorways, finally deciding on Devin as the grandson that would be easier to hypnotize.

He opened Devin’s bedroom door cautiously. It was only after one in the morning, and the boy had only gone to bed less than half hour before. Still, he knew the boy was tired. He drove the entire way up – part of Owen’s way of saying he trusts his son. Saul felt a moment of awkwardness at the thought of what he was about to do. The moment passed however when upon opening the door further, he could see Devin, in bed, covers kicked off, in some kind of hyper REM sleep.

-‘This is perfect!’ Saul thought to himself. ‘I can enter his dreams through hypnosis and enslave him there!’ He looked over at his grandson’s very long and thin feet. They were bare already and Saul’s conditioning was so strong. But he refrained from touching any part of his sleeping grandson. Yet…

Instead, he approached the headboard where the brown-haired, olive skinned nineteen year old lay. His eyes were so adorable like that, Saul thought as he watched his grandson’s eyeballs move back and forth behind their closed lids. He was already in heaven!

-“Devin, listen to me…” Saul spoke slightly but intently into his grandson’s unsuspecting, sleeping ear.

-‘Listen…’ Devin repeated sleepily, removed.

Saul was noticeably thrilled to have been able to gain access to his grandson’s subconsciously as swiftly as he did. With his own son Owen, Saul had to use the hypno-light and an extended induction script. For some reason, Owen put up some resistance towards the end of the session. It was irrelevant – but nonetheless Saul noted it before stripping his son naked and masturbating on both his feet. Now it was Devin’s turn.

-“Devin, listen to me an obey.” Saul threw the word obey in to test Devin’s suggestibility.

-‘listen and obey.’ Devin repeated back blankly.

-“Open your eyes son! Slowly, that’s it! Open your eyes and obey!” Saul held his grandson by the forehead with one arm, using his right hand he activated the beam. Within seconds, the already sleeping and receptive Devin was entranced and ready for further reprogramming.

He looked at his grandson – for a brief moment, he was in shock. What had just happened? Did he really hypnotize one of his grandchildren? And to what end? His thoughts began to race, seeing his grandson so vulnerable before him, he was compelled though to move forward with his hypnotic induction.

-“Devin, I want you to slowly stand. You are going to come with me!” Saul spoke softly into his grandson’s ear.

-“Come with you…” the hypnotized Devin repeated.

Saul was somehow happy to see that his grandson was only sleeping in his boxer shorts. It would be easy to disrobe him and lay him alongside his entranced, naked father.

-‘Come Devin…walk toward my voice…slowly…that’s it. Come!” Saul motioned Devin into the hall, past the bathroom and into his father’s room. Unbeknownst to them, Shane had witnessed this whole thing from his slightly opened bedroom door and he was intent to see where this was all going.

Why would grandpa hypnotize Devin and then bring him into Dad’s room? As the thought mulled its way through Shane’s calculating mindscape, he was slightly taken aback by a sudden knock on his door.

Catching his breath, Shane turned and opened the door fully to see his grandfather looking rather spaced, maybe even hypnotized himself, shining some kind of light in his eyes. Though he hadn’t quite gotten a look at it.

-“Shane, look at the light!” Saul commanded his eldest grandson.

-‘No! I don’t want to be hypnotized!” Shane protested as he bolted for his dad’s room. Whatever was going on, his father would know about it. Shane opened the door and was instantaneously horrified. There on his father’s bed, lay his father and his brother, both naked, lying side by side – both entranced.

-“Why?” Shane asked his grandfather who was now standing almost directly atop him. Saul was ever-determined to hypnotize Shane.

-“Look at the light!” The beam caught Shane by surprise, knocking him to the floor as he helplessly continued to gawk into it’s spiraling continuum. His dilated pupils now glued to the inner-frequency of the light – he was in a state of super-suggestibility.

-“Shane. Come! Get undressed!” Saul ordered of his hypnotized, older grandson. “Take off your underwear too, I need to check your penis out!” He commanded out of nowhere.

-“Sure gramps.” Shane replied, barely sounding hypnotized at all. In fact, but for the fact that he was complying with the request, Shane didn’t seem the least bit hypnotized.

He stood naked except for his socks at the threshold of his father’s bedroom door. The scene that had shocked him just moments before unchanged, though Shane’s reaction to it was most changed.

Standing in his slightly flabby nakedness, Saul escorted his grandson to the other side of the bed, to lie on his son’s right side. Once getting Shane on the bed, he positioned him in the same position as Owen and Devin; just the way Dr. Vine liked it – feet hanging slightly off the bed.

He stood back to admire his work, though it was far from complete. Neither man had even the slightest trace of erectile excitement and Saul knew he was destined to change that. He began by removing Shane’s socks, rendering him as naked as his father and brother.

Next, Saul Finegold found himself doing a very odd and bizarre thing.

-“Your bodies and minds are paralyzed – completely frozen. You cannot move unless I, your master, move you into a certain position!” Saul issued the command, neither of the three seemed to even hear, much less respond. Still, the suggestion took. Within a minute, Saul could discern a noticeable shift in his three victim’s body stances. They were all becoming rigid.

He pushed Shane’s body right up against and then under his father’s. He did the same to Devin, so that but for one leg each, both boys were now under their father – their ever-growing erections in direct contact with both his left and right inner thighs and ass cheeks.

Owen for his part was actually under the deepest. Saul had hypnotized his son before, for various reasons, but never for anyone else, like Dr. Vine. This time was different though. And Saul got a jubilant rise out of seeing his blank-faced Conservative son lying at attention, on top of both his hypnotized sons. Saul knew at that exact moment, that it was time to get the video camera.


Garret stood motionless as the soft purring voice behind him spoke, spoke directly to his inner-self.

-“Tell me Garret, who is this man who has been hypnotizing you?”

-“Dr. Vine.” He mumbled back.

-“I want to meet this Doctor Vine.” Sylvia cooed.

-“Only likes men. Hypnotized men.” Garret responded sleepily.

-‘Is that so? Well in that case, I guess we need to come up with a story... Listen to me Garret, listen and obey. You are going to bring both me and your brother Parker to Doctor Vine! In your head, you will believe that you hypnotized me and Parker together, because I wouldn’t leave his side. Is that clear?” The female dominatrix commanded.

-“Clear. Yes.” Garret replied vacantly.

-“Now, is there something you are supposed to do to those men you hypnotize Garret?” Sylvia asked curiously.

-‘Yes mistress’ Garret somehow felt more comfortable with a  mistress than a master – despite all his reprogramming – he was still, deep down, an all hetero-male.

-“What is it Garret? TELL ME!” Sylvia purred.

-“Must take off their socks and cum on their feet!” Garret responded robotically.

-“How interesting. So this Doctor Vine has a foot fetish for guy’s feet? Hmmm? So what are you waiting for slave Garret? Take off my socks and cum on my feet – once you do, you will believe I am your hypnotized slave. And for effect, you will do the same to your brother! Parker, come lie down next to your mistress. We’re both about to have a foot bath of cum.”

Staring blankly up at the ceiling, Parker’s response, predictable as it was, was still hot to the ear:

-“…foot bath of cum…” He replied monotonously before lying down alongside the woman who had been hypnotizing him now for some time.


Doctor Vine’s sleep was interrupted by a late-night phone call. Thankfully, he had Saul’s son Owen now on permanent phone duty. Owen’s sons, were sent back to their lives out west, but with a distinct itch to hypnotize their male friends. In the end, Dr. Vine decided that both Shane and Devin would be missed by too many people to merit keeping them in his compound. But that’s not to say he didn’t have some fun with them for the two days they were there… Shane wound up having sex with Jonathan, Warren and Han, while Devon was penetrated by Chad, Jean-Claude and Jeff.

Dr. Vine turned onto his other side, nearly knocking Matthew in the face with his elbow. Matthew and Chad were now permanent residents of his bedroom boudoir. He looked at Matthew’s sleeping face with adulation – the perfect profile, angelic, curved features that seemed to be blended together just perfectly. Matthew seemed to have the perfect face for hypnosis – wonderfully expressive even in it’s blank state.

The naked, helpless form of Owen Finegold suddenly appeared at Dr. Vine’s bedside. Apart from Dr. Finegold himself, Owen was Dr. Vine’s oldest slave. His mature features did not hide his age – Owen looked like a man in his early to mid-forties, but he was nonetheless good-looking.

-“Master there is a phone call for you sir.” The blank faced automaton recited as if from previously arranged script.

-“Who is it?” Dr. Vine mumbled to himself as he turned himself to face Owen.

-“The man said his name was Count Von Hypnolot master.” Owen repeated what he had been told. Upon hearing Owen’s words, Dr. Vine’s face went as blank as his and he automatically lifted the covers from his body and sleepily moved toward his bureau and his bedroom telephone.

Dr. Vine picked up the receiver of the phone, already in deep trance, but his voice proved it all the more.

-“Master. I hear and I obey.” Dr. Vine spoke robotically into the phone.

A few second pause and then another,

-“Yes master. I hear and I obey.” He hung up the phone and slowly started coming to. First, he had to take off his pajama bottoms so that he was totally naked. He didn’t really know why but for the fact that he wanted to be more comfortable.

-“Owen, Chad come with me!” Dr. Vine barked in a semi-sleepy monotone.

Like the rising dead, Chad lifted his corpse-like shell up and off the bed to follow Dr. Vine and Owen down the stairs and into the basement. As he and Owen followed Dr. Vine, their arms flung outward into midair, as if by conditioned response…

The lights to the basement were suddenly turned on.

A creepy stillness enveloped the room – a sound of nothingness that was almost too loud to bear… the room seemed suspended in time, its occupants, lost to the fabric of time and space – frozen in their familiar, attentive stances.

-“Now let’s see, who could join Owen and Chad?” Dr. Vine debated as he made his way up and down the aisle of frozen, hypnotized men-statues.

Han and Tyrone remained ever glued to each other. The Doctor debated taking them, but passed them over. Behind them, Jean Jean Claude stood frozen next to his new pedastol-partner, Boyd. Doctor Vine thought for a moment and decided to take the sexy Frenchman Jean Claude.

-“Jean Claude, come to your master!” he ordered authoritatively and as if by magic, the words served to animate the frozen Frenchman.

-“Yes Masteur!” He struggled to get off his knees, nearly throwing Boyd off balance, but finally, he made it to within a few feet of the professor, he stopped, arms ever-out stretched, his mind awaiting its next set of commands.

-“Now, let’s see who else is up to this task? Ha, ha!” Dr. Vine was amusing himself with thoughts of what he was about to do to three or four of his subjects.

He looked down the line. The pedastol previously occupied by Shaun and Jeff was now housing his two hairiest slaves Jonathan and Vlad, neither of whom could be seen in public just yet, so he passed them over too.

Jeff and Warren, the professors two red-heads were sharing the next pedastol, and once again, neither of them were gone long enough to be useful to Dr. Vine’s current plan.

With Garret, Shaun and Tray in temporary absentia, the Professor concluded, reluctantly, that Chad, Jean Claude and Owen would have to suffice.

-“Owen, Chad, Jean-Claude! Listen to me an obey… You are all going to come with me. NOW!!”

The three automatons simply followed Dr. Vine as he made his way hastily up the stairs, no idea what nefarious plot was being hatched in the hypnotized Dr. Vine’s headspace.


The road up to Carper’s college was pretty isolated. There were some cottages and a convenience store several miles down, but otherwise it was mostly forested, somewhat mountainous. The residents used the road often, but they only comprised a small percentage of its actual users. Professors and students with cars drove the road every day and most often.

It was barely dawn yet but the professor and his crew of three sleepy followers were making their way down the road, away from the University, toward an intersection on the road that was heavily frequented. Each man was carrying a lawn chair and seemed to be walking in a daze in the quiet still of early dawn.

When Doctor Vine and his group reached the intersection, he turned to face Owen, Chad and Jean-Claude.

-“Men, open your lawn chairs and get comfortable in them!” Dr. Vine ordered.

The three set up their chairs in order alongside each other. Each then got on their lawn chairs as ordered, making themselves comfortable.

Dr. Vine then made his way down the line, taking off each men’s shoes (he wasn’t too sure if the shoes he had given Chad, Owen and Jean-Claude were in actuality, theirs, but they fit well enough). He then pulled their sweat pants up, exposing their lower legs and bare feet, outward, toward the road, facing the oncoming traffic.

Then, Dr. Vine affixed a large piece of placard to the lawn chair he was carrying – a sign with some writing on it. All he needed to do now was find something heavy to secure the fourth chair and to give the three men a mega-dose of his hypno-beam.

A large (but not too large) rock availed itself to the task and only a few yards away too! How fortunate indeed. Once secured on the chair, Dr. Vine made his way up and down the group, thrice, zealously re-hypnotizing the men, almost as if his life depended on it.

He stepped back, adjusted Owen’s left foot so that it was perfectly parallel with his right, before turning and walking back to his cottage, the fog in his mind, lifting with each thud-like footfall.


It was an unusually warm and still October morning – barely a wind to speak of – and though it was only 7:30, cars were making their way up Carper’s road toward the University. Most driving by, at least at first, noticed the three men sprawled out on lawn furniture, but chocked it up to some oddball fraternity thing.

By eight o’clock however, traffic was increasing and occasionally a horn and even some expletives could be heard through windows of some of the passing cars.

-“Yeah, suck this ya faggots!” one particularly testosterone voice sounded before revving his car into fifth and peeling away like a bat outta hell.

Still more cars passed, some honking and laughing, others shouting out profanities, others merely slowing down to take a look. All the while, Owen, Chad and Jean Claude took it – they had no choice – they were oblivious to their surroundings and to what was going on around them.

Then at around 9:50 in the morning or so, a car stopped in front of the hypnotized and barefoot trio. Rather than launching into the familiar barrage of expletive or jokes though, the young man in the passenger’s seat got out of the car to take a closer look. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing:

Lying motionless on three lawn chairs, three men, their bare feet exposed sitting alongside a sign that read, “Worship our feet, suck our toes and we will pay you!”

Peter looked back at his best friend Adam, sitting in the driver’s seat of the car some thirty yards away.

-“Come on Peter, we’re already late!” Adam started his usual whine.

-“Dude, you gotta come and see this – it’s unreal!” Peter motioned Adam to the scene.

Adam was there seconds later, curious, but cautious.

-“Alright what’s the big deal, who are these… what the hell is wrong with them?” Adam asked his friend.

Peter was moving in closer on Chad’s frozen form. His eyes were open, but were totally frozen – his body didn’t seem to be moving or reacting to Peter’s attempts to distract them.

-“Fuck man this is nuts!” Adam suddenly jumped out of his skin – it’s like their fuckin mannequins or something, but they’re real!”

-“Adam, I think they’re hypnotized!” Peter returned.

-“Hyp-na-tized? And then what? Left here at the side of the road? Geez, someone really must have it out for these three if they’re fuckin hyp-na-tized!” Adam remarked.

Peter moved in closer to Owen.

-“This one reminds me a bit of Professor Finegold, my psych teacher!” Peter stated, “though he’s not as old as him.”

-“Dude, who woulda done this to ‘em?” Adam asked his friend curiously.

-“I dunno! But we should probably help them, don’t you think?” Peter asked.

-“You know how to wake up hypnotized people?” Adam asked incredulously.

-“No - but I’ve seen it done! OK guys, listen to me! At the count of three I want you to wake up and become your normal selves – you’ll be awake and alert and you’ll remember everything that’s happened to you!” Peter winked at Adam.

-“That sounds great!” Adam cooed his friend on.

-“1…2…3…!” Peter spoke the numbers with increasing authority and loudness, hoping for a complete effect.

Chad and Owen began stirring first, then Jean-Claude. Chad spoke first.

-“What the hell is this? Where am I?”  His voice was bewildered, somewhat frightened. “Who the hell are you?” he asked Owen who he noticed sitting next to him.

-“Owen Finegold. Who are you?” Owen asked equally concerned.

-“Finegold? As in are you related to Saul Finegold?” Chad asked with sudden interest.

-“Yes, he’s my father.” Owen answered back truthfully.

-“He was my Psych teacher!” Chad went on the attack.

-“He’s my teacher too!” Peter joined in. “But what does he have to do with any of this?”

-“Any of what? I can’t remember anything!” Jean Claude rubbed his eyes before instinctively putting his feet on the rubble.

-“OW!” his voice resounded loud enough so that it was clear to all those present that Jean Claude had no idea that he was barefoot.

-“Hey, we’re all barefoot!” Chad remarked looking at his own and Owen’s feet.

-‘I’m not!” Adam remarked jokingly. “Got my shoes and my socks!”

-“Guys, we found you here on the side of the road with this sign – you three were all under deep hypnosis. I’m kind of surprised I was able to wake you up as easily as I did!” Peter felt like a hero somewhat – after all, he did just rescue three guys from the side of the road!

-“Who would do this to us and why?” Chad remarked introspectively as he carefully placed his bare feet onto the pavement, His shoes nowhere to be found.

-“Well, we might as well get you guys to campus! Whoever did this to you will probably be there!” Peter suggested. Owen put his feet to the rubble next and limped ever so carefully toward the awaiting Jetta.

I have to speak to my father. This was all he could think about in his semi-clouded mind. Owen knew his father was into using hypnosis and that he was probably one of the better hypnotists in state, but that still didn’t answer the question – why? Why was he and these other two guys hypnotized and left at the side of the road to have their feet played with by passers-by? The whole concept made him very nervous, contemplating it, he felt like he had to throw up several times. He was determined to get some answers and for that, he needed to see his father – Dr. Saul Finegold.



In the cavernous basement chamber, off their pedestals and out of their kneeling position, the blank-faced trio of Vlad, Boyd and Han stood in the tightest of circles, facing each other, frozen rigid. The three were given the suggestion by Dr. Vine that they had magnets implanted in their penises – and their erect rods of meat were thus, magnetized to each other. As the boy’s stared off into each other’s eyes, they were doing two things – deepening each other’s trances while falling madly in love with each other. In each young man’s head a sexual hypno-mantra replayed and replayed – but the effects were subliminal, neither of the three had any idea it was actually occurring.

Dr. Vine for his part was in his office at school, with Dr. Finegold’s son Owen, Jean-Claude, Chad, and his two newest recruits, the naked forms of Peter Franks and Adam Rupertson. Dr. Vine’s plan and conditioning of Owen, Chad and Jean-Claude to “de-hypnotize” themselves as soon as a curious roadside on-looker tried to wake them, was priceless and bordering on brilliant! He had no idea where that level of deception came from – the plan, to leave his colleague’s son and two of his slaves on the side of the road inviting passers-by to play with their feet – seemed to be totally beyond him.

He was somewhat lost in thought as his office door swung open, somewhat violently.

-“So Chuckie – we’ve got ourselves a real party here, don’t we?” the familiar voice chuckled.

-“Joseph? Joey? Is that you?” Dr. Vine asked the shadowed form now standing behind the closed door.

-“Von Hypnolot to you Chuckie!”

Dr. Vine suddenly stood up from his chair and assumed a rock solid posture, a blank-face to match.

-“That’s better brother dear. So how does it feel – me doing the same thing to you – you did to me all those years, huh? You’re under my power now bro. You know, I think I might just put you on display and leave you here in this lab, to rot with these other zombies. You’d probably like that, huh bro?” Joey asked, laughing while grabbing his brother’s ever-bulging crotch.

Dr. Vine stared eastward, no reaction whatsoever, but for a blank “Yes Master.”

Joey looked around the room. Jean-Claude and Chad were definitely the better looking of the five. Peter and Adam were average looking – Peter still had a face full of freckles and Adam’s hair was disheveled and his stubble was due for a shave but otherwise he seemed cleanly enough.

Joey looked around the room and remembered some of his own experiences first and second year in College: How he had this bizarre compulsion to hypnotize every single male friend he ever came into contact with. He never really understood why – always chocking it up to the fact that he really wanted to hypnotize guys. He remembered the hypno-parties where he would hypnotize five, maybe six of his friends and then once under, get them naked and vulnerable and eventually introduced to his brother.

It was weird because Joey wasn’t gay – he chased ladies faster than most of the guys he hypnotized and took advantage of. Then he remembered how he found out about what he was doing – photos in his brother’s closet depicting his deeds – photos he obviously took, which lead him to believe that he too was a victim of his brother’s hypnosis agenda.

Joey leaned down and lifted Peter’s right foot into the air – by grabbing him by the ankle.

-“Slave Peter. What is your primary mission?” Joey asked testingly.

-‘Hypnotize my friends… cum on their feet.” Peter replied back as Joey dropped his right foot and lifted his left. No sign of cum or dried cum to be seen.

-“Peter, has someone cum on your feet yet?” Joey asked.

-‘No master.’ Peter replied dutifully.

-“Adam come here! You will masturbate on Peter’s feet now! Peter once you feel Adam’s hot cum on your feet you will become my slave forever… is that absolutely clear?”

-“Your slave forever…yes master.” Peter replied before lying down and lifting his bare feet into mid-air.

Adam began swinging and pulsing his rock hard dick back and forth rubbing it against the slightly rough skin of Peter’s bare soles. In the back of his mind, he knew what he was doing was wrong, he was even somewhat repulsed by it. But somehow, somehow he was also enslaved to it – just like he instinctively knew he needed air to breathe, he knew he had to cum on his friend’s bare feet.

Holding both of Peter’s pale feet by his lower ankles, Adam used Peter’s heels to massage either side of his balls, while manipulating all of ten of Peter’s toes all the way up his erect rod. Peter simply remained comatose, compliant, totally hypnotized.

For a brief second, Adam looked away from Peter’s entrancing feet and at his friend’s blank face. Immediately, Adam knew his buddy Peter was hypnotized and a second later, it dawned on him that he had been hypnotized too. The realization caused him to look back down at his friend’s feet which had now enveloped his entire penis on all sides. And then it happened: As commanded, Adam came all over his friends bare soles! As he wiped the last bits of semen off himself with Peter’s toes, he was again awakened to the subconscious reality that he was under some kind of hypnotic spell.

-…”Hypnotize…’ Adam managed to blurt out independently but with an inherent sense of urgency in his somewhat scared voice.

-‘Yes Adam, you are hypnotized. In fact, why don’t you repeat that over and over again, out loud. And each time you say it Adam, you will fall deeper and deeper into my power…!!” The younger Vine brother cooed.

“Yes Master.” Adam volleyed back before going into a mantra of “I am hypnotized… I am hypnotized… I am hypnotized…”

-“So Chuck, are you about ready to introduce me to the others – I’m dying of curiosity you know!” Again, as he spoke the words he manhandled his younger brother’s ever-erect penis, though his slacks of course. The real fun would be saved until later…

-“Yes Master. I hear and I obey!” Dr. Vine’s voice was indeed conditioned to this tone and inflection. For years, whenever Chuck would hypnotize Joey, he’d turn him into a robot. As a sixteen-year old boy readying himself for one of the biggest, hottest dates he ever had, Joey only now remembers all too well what his younger brother did…

Joey was literally half dressed, running around their shared bedroom like a chicken without a head. After all, Kimberly Galbraith was a babe – getting a date with her on a Saturday night was like an impossible mission to Joey, and yet he managed it!

Running around the room shirtless, with one sock on and one sock off and in his hand, looking for his shoes and his favorite shirt, Joey was a bundle of nerves to say the least. His brother Chucky (Charles post-19) wasn’t being much help either:

-“So you’re going on a date?” Chuckie asked coyly and childishly as he played with his bare toes.

-“Yes – and I’m going to be late, so I can’t talk now ok Chuckie?” Joey continued looking through the closet the two boys shared, getting ever more frantic as a result of not finding his favorite shirt.

-“But I want to talk now…!” Chuck protested. “Joey, look at my feet!”

-“Not now Chuckie ok? Look, kid, when you’re older, you’ll get it – ok? Guys go for girls, and you can’t make hot chicks angry by being late and stuff, ok? So cut your older brother some slack and shut the fuck up!”

-“Joey?” Chucky used that sneaky tone.

-“What!?” came Joey’s reply, having just located his favorite khaki-brown shirt.

-“Robot-Slave!” A voice that seemed to emanate from everywhere shouted at him.

Joey had just located his black dress shoes too and they were in his hand as the trigger phrase was launched in mid-air.

His hands dropped to his sides. His favorite shirt, discarded at the floor. His other sock, in his other hand, along with his black-dress-shoes, also dropped to the floor. Slowly, his arms glued themselves to his thighs, his neck stiffened forward and upward, his body became extremely alert, stiff as a previously arranged set of post-hypnotic commands set in.

-“YES – MASTER – I – HEAR – AND – I – OBEY!” And his blank-faced Joey was now the robot Chuck had programmed.

-“Who are you going out with robot?” Chuck asked ever-curiously.

“Kim-ber-la master…”

-“Is she pretty robot?”

-“Yes – Master – she – is very pretty...” Joey’s voice trailed off into oblivion.

-“Does she have a brother?” The masterful voice enquired.

-“Yes Master. One brother master!”

-“How old I he slave?” Chuck asked, still playing with his own toes.

-“A year or two older than you master.”

-“What’s his name?”

-“Clarke, master.”

-“Repeat after me robot – you will hypnotize Clarke tonight…!”


The next thing Joey remembered was accidentally spilling soda all over Kimberly so that he could slyly spend some time with Clarke and try and hypnotize him. It was working too, that is until Clarke’s father came into the den and saw his son staring blankly at a watch some strange boy was dangling in front of his face.

-“Just what the hell are you doing to my son…?” The stern, gray haired parent asked Joey, who was deciding whether he should turn the watch on Mr. Galbraith. He decided not to since he also realized that Clarke was coming out of his light trance.

-“It’s ok, dad, Joey was just tryin’ to prove to me that he could hypnotize me… and I think it was working!” Clarke explained slowly becoming more animated.

-“And you’re friends with Clarke –you look a little old to be in grade eight?” Mr. Galbraith was a keen disciplinarian as Joey recalled.

-‘No, actually, I’m here for Kimberly, We have a date!”

-“A date? And you think you’re gonna try that hypno-pocus stuff on my daughter!? Well forget that sunny-boy!! Kimberly, you’re date is leaving!”

And with that, Joey was escorted out of the house. But without Mr. Galbraith realizing that he had implanted a strong compulsion in Clarke to hypnotize his father and to be in touch with Joey and Chuck at a later time. Less than two days later, both Clarke and dad – Nathan Galbraith, industrialist, philanthropist and all-around humanitarian, stood naked before Chuck and Joey, awaiting commands.

Joey had dozens of experiences like that through much of the rest of high-school and through all of college. It wasn’t until he stumbled on an obscure shoebox in his brother’s closet – a shoebox containing photographic proof of his deeds: Pictures of him hypnotizing his friends, taking off their socks and playing with their bare feet.

In several photos, Joey was horrified to see that he had hypnotized his three best friends, Steven, Harry and Jake together, and then proceeded to orchestrate his first-ever foot-orgy. In all the photos, Joey had that same blank look as his hypnotized victims. Since he had no conscious memories of any of these experiences, Joey could only deduce that he had been hypnotized by his brother too.

It was while looking through that box though that he decided it was time for him to exact his ultimate revenge, on a brother that had essentially turned him into his robot-slave.



The basement was officially full. Shaun and Tray had returned with their entranced brother Mike. Matthew had been ordered via telephone call to join the group downstairs. And most recently, the hypnotized duo of Garret and Parker had arrived with Sylvia, the only female in the room, and the only one there, not actually hypnotized.

Sylvia was enthralled upon entering the room and immediately began fingering herself. The sight of so many powerless men, somehow reduced to mindless statues was too much for her to see though and she abandoned total control, falling to the floor, pulsating violently, the only female in the house proceeded to masturbate herself while staring around the room at the selection of men that would soon be at her disposal, ready to do her bidding.

Just as she began what was to be her first orgasm, Joe Vine entered, followed closely by the hypnotized Owen, Peter, Jean-Claude, Adam, Chad and of course, his extremely hypnotized brother, Dr. Charles Vine himself.

Joe was immediately taken aback by Sylvia and what she was doing on the floor. Still, he maintained his heterosexual wiles about him as he ordered Charles,

-“Brother, inject her with Rohypnol – she’ll be my slave!” Joe didn’t whisper, Sylvia could have heard him, but for the fact that she had never been this turned on before in her life.

Dr. Vine injected her with a mega-dose of the date-rape drug in the thigh. Within seconds, Sylvia’s hypersexual body posture eased as she seemed to collapse in on herself.

-“Now brother, bring her to your office and hook her up to Program-6!”

-“Yes Master!” Dr. Vine droned as he lifted the semi-paralyzed form of Sylvia and carried her upstairs to his computer terminal where the last bit of her will would be drained.

Joe was now left with a room full of naked, semi-naked and fully dressed men. He especially liked the sight he saw in the middle of the room – Vlad, Boyd and Han – three slight but good looking young men, frozen in a form of circle, connected by their erect dicks.

-“Oh this is precious! But the three of you can come unglued for now. I want everyone in this room to stand up if you’re not already, and walk to the far back wall! Come on slaves! Hear and obey your master!” Joe spoke with crisp, reverent authority.

Slowly the foggy-minded men began to move toward the far end wall. Only about 27 feet long, the men would thus have to squeeze close to each other in order to comply with the request. Joey had guessed this in advance.

The men were soon piled up against the wall and Joey issued his next few sets of commands.

-“If you are wearing clothes, you will remove them now!”

Peter, Owen, Jean-Claude, Chad, Parker, Garret, Mike, Tray, Adam and Shaun began removing their clothes, almost in unison. Each boy moved the same way though – slowly, mechanical, their wills in some kind of commanded dreamscape. The rest of the men, already naked, stood absolutely still.

-“Now, we’re going to move down the line! As I grab hold of each of your dick’s, your whole body will stiffen and become erect. You will then tell me your first name. As you do, you will look into my eyes and become my love slaves!”

Joe looked at both ends of the wall, deciding which end to start at first. He decided to start with his right side since the first guy standing there was a red head and like his brother, he had a proclivity for red haired men.

Joe approached the muscled red head in admiration – a beautiful body, a model’s face. He grabbed hold of his limp penis and watched the stud’s body stiffen like a board. When he was as stiff as he could make himself, he spoke, robot-like in compliance.

-“I am Jeff master.” The red-head spoke mechanically his eyes transfixed to Joey’s, he managed a meek, “I…I…love you master!”

Joey proceeded to move down the line. After Jeff, there was another red head – actually, an orange head. He grabbed his penis hard, tugging it upward.

-“Warren master” The blank-faced teen introduced himself.

A black man stood next to the orange-haired Warren and Joe found himself particularly aroused at the sheer size of him, not to mention his endowments. Limp, Tyrone’s penis was still larger than Han’s or Boyd’s erect penises! He grabbed hold of Tyrone’s dick in the most sensual of ways. He inched closer to him until his feet stood atop Tyrone’s – the two were in veritable eye-to-eye lock.

-“My brother didn’t tell me he hypnotized a brother! Probably ‘cause he knows I like you ‘em much. Look into my eyes slave!”

Tyrone’s body went from erect to super-erect as even his fingers and toes seemed to be stretching forward in compliance with Joey’s orders.

-‘I am Tyrone master. I am your love slave.” The black teen’s eyes were wide open but they revealed a total emptiness typical of one of Dr. Vine’s victims. He stared blankly ahead, past and even through Joey who was standing right atop him, he entered into his comfortable will-less world compliantly and without second thought, without any thought for that matter.

Chad stood next to Tyrone. His body seemed to become alert and erect by the sheer proximity of the hypnotist. Next to Tyrone, Chad provided an interesting contrast – very white, longish thin blond hair, blue-eyed…He was good looking but right next to him stood Garret – the swimming Adonis who had hypnotized all his friends and had turned into one of Charles’ favorite subjects and supposedly, best trained hypnotist proteges, ever. Joe noted this as he moved on down the line, bypassing Garret in favor of the man who stood alongside him, now getting equally rigid.

-“And who are you slave?” Joe asked grabbing the balls of another particularly good looking young man.

-“I am Mike master. I hear and I obey!” He blurted out like a brainwashed soldier.

-“You are my love slave Mike, you will do as I say!” Joe waved his hand in front of Mike’s face as Mike repeated slowly,

-“I am your love slave. I will do as you say.”

Joe fondled Mike’s chest for a few moments before moving on down the line. Mike was after all, a body builder and quite possibly, he had the best upper body physique of any of the men there. Particularly the man that was standing next to the frozen form of Mike.

-“And you are?” Joe asked, almost uninterested.

-“Jonathan, master.” As he said his name Jonathan could feel his manhood being handled and his body stiffened instantaneously in response.

-“You’re rather thin and homely looking aren’t you? Not normally what my brother goes for…” Joe looked Jonathan over from head to toe. “You’re thin as a rake – where’s your chest lad?”

-“I…I…” Though his eyes remained ever-locked straight ahead, one could tell that even hypnotized, Jonathan’s feelings were being hurt.

-“Yes, yes – Jonathan is it?”

-“Yes master.”

-“Report upstairs to my brother!”

-‘Yes master.’ And the naked Jonathan detached himself from Mike and Peter. No sooner did he take one step did his arms fling involuntarily into mid-air. He could feel his face stiffening too as his mouth opened and his eyes, wide as they can be magnetized him to his point of destination.

Joe watched Jonathan, the zombie-robot exit the room before moving on down the line.

-“You I know – it’s Peter right?”

-“Yes Master. I am your love slave!” Joe barely touched Peter’s penis and it went from limp to fully erect in less than five seconds.

Standing tall next to Peter, the very hypnotized form of Matthew.

-“And what is your name, Adonis I presume?” Joe coaxes as he cupped both his hands to gently massage Matthew’s ballsack.

-“My name is slave master.” Matthew responded robotically and without thinking.

-“Ah, so you’re the one my brother finally decided upon then, huh?” Joe asked sounding victorious. Matthew for his part did not answer, primarily because he didn’t understand the question or its implication to the grand scheme of things. He would however soon find out.

Joe didn’t need to go through the rest of the line-up, the rest were all worker bees. Joe knew that his brother had chosen Matthew from all the men here to be his personal life-long slave and that as such, he entrusted Matthew with information, key information, he would need. But not right now. He decided it was in his best interests to finish with roll-call just to ensure that his brother didn’t create a “back-up” slave.

Standing on high alert already right next to the statuesque form of Matthew stood Tray – another Adonis in his own right. “If you go for that type” thought Joe to himself as he noted how similar in appearance Mike and Tray were.

Tray’s eyes widened with blankness as he felt his penis pulled to the left.

-“TRAY MASTER!” His voice was that of a military officer.

-“Tell me Tray, did you hypnotize your brother Mike or did he hypnotize you?” Joe continued to move Tray’s ever-growing penis from right to left.

-“I hypnotized Mike master. He is your love slave like me.” The Tray of last week would have been mortified even contemplating such a scene much less participating in it, seemingly willingly!

Standing next to Tray was Vlad. Already erect, already staring off into outer space – Joe didn’t even have to touch him and Vlad responded.

-“I am Vlad master. I am your love slave!”

Joey seemed pleased.

-“Excellent. I like a slave who can anticipate my needs before I order them to. You will do just nicely Vlad!”

-“Yes Master.” The Ukranian boy resounded blankly.

Next to Vlad, a blond young man of slight build. Externally he wasn’t that exceptional looking, however upon looking down at his feet Joe immediately knew why he was there. The boy had a model’s feet.

Joe grabbed the blond haired boys penis and pumped it a few times.

-“Boyd Master. I am your love slave!” Like all the others, his body stiffened into a plank, his face, an equally blank look.

Standing next to Boyd was Jean-Claude.

-“I know the Frenchman. You’re name again?” He pulled Jean-Claude’s penis down toward the floor causing the Frenchman to groan in pleasure.

-“Aah. Jean-Claude masteur – I em your leuve slave!”

He grabbed the next man’s penis and jiggled it around slightly like someone trying to start their car’s ignition. The hypnotized man began to grow erect as he felt compelled to say,

-“I am Owen Master. I am your hypnotized love slave!”

-“Yes, yes Owen. I can’t wait to see your father again. And don’t you have two sons that should be of age if I’m not mistaken…?” Joe pulled Owen’s face to his own. Owen was basically his age and the only one there who was.

-“My…my father already hypnotized them!” Owen’s strained voiced conceded. “They had to go back home to California… couldn’t stay and serve the master…”

-“Pity. We’ll have to have them out here for spring and summer breaks then shall we?” Joe said as jovially as he could.

-“Both my sons have already hypnotized one of their friends – they will all be coming for spring-break master!” Owen reported proudly.

Standing next to Owen, the hypnotized body of Shaun, another good looking specimen who seemed to look a lot like the older brothers Tray and Mike.

-“Tell me your name slave!” Joe once again grabbing the unknown guy’s penis.

-“Shaun master. I am your hypnotized love slave!”

-“Shaun are you related to Tray and Mike here?” Joe asked.

-“Yes master. They are my brothers. I hypnotized Tray and he hypnotized Mike.”

-“So we have a real family reunion here on our hands, huh?

-“Yes master!” was all Shaun could think of saying.

The line seemed to go on forever. Next to Shaun, another good looking young fellow stood perfectly immobile. A Japanese boy, who looked as though he could pass for fifteen was literally squashed between Shaun on his left and Parker, Garret’s younger brother, on his right. As Joe looked the oriental boy over, he noticed how squashed he was – leaning to one side (toward Shaun) like a tipped statue, his bare feet in direct contact with Parker’s, his head resting blankly on Shaun’s brawny shoulders.

Joe couldn’t resist the temptation any more. The Asian boy identified himself as “Han” once Joey lightly fondled the boy’s less-than-average-sized penis. Deeply entranced and more recently “programmed” into a love triangle with Boyd and Vlad, Han’s entire mindscape seemed to be preoccupied with his lustful thoughts for them, so getting hard upon being touched was virtually effortless, an automatic response.

-“Han, like Han Solo huh? HA! Tell me Han, how old are you exactly?”

-“Nineteen master.” Han’s robotic mind blurted out the words, again, in robot-speak.

-“Very well. I thought you might still be a minor. You will do just nicely Han. Tell me, do you have any other male friends on campus that are Asian, Han?” As Joey asked the question he continued to rhythmically massage Han’s now erect penis in a circular motion.

-“I…no…master I do not master… ah…ah…”  Han seemed near the point of ejaculation so Joey stopped his circular massage of Han’s penis abruptly only to grab it hard, again, standing on the young man’s bare feet so as to get right up into his eyes.

-“Listen to me Han. Listen and obey! You cannot and will not cum until I give you your permission slip. Is that clear slave Han?”

Almost at the point of release, a very strained Han replied, as expected,

-“Yes master. Permission slip. I hear and I obey!”

Already on top of the young Asian, Joey took out the pocket hypnotizer, turned it on and directly into Han’s already vacant stare. Joey enjoyed this part the most – subjugating their wills and wiping their identities slowly – was just such a turn on to him.

Parker was perhaps another mistake Joey deduced. He grabbed the young man’s balls and Parker immediately perked to attention.

-“Parker sir. I am your slave.” As Parker said the words, his penis began to inflate, again requiring very little prompting from Joe.

-“And how did you come to join us Parker?” Joe asked inquisitively.

-“Mistress Sylvia…wanted to…” Parker was clearly struggling against months of programming at the hands of Mistress Sylvia and Joe could see it immediately. Rather than take advantage of the lad, Joe decided to send him upstairs for some re-programming.

Finally, next to where Parker had been standing stood Adam, also somewhat disheveled in appearance, but Joe knew, give the boy a shave, cut his hair and he’d be a real stud. But that would have to be another day. For today, Joe had some building plans he wanted the men to carry out for him and he wanted to get them started on it right away.


Upstairs in Professor Vine’s second office stood the hypnotized and immobilized forms of Parker, Jonathan, Dr. Vine, Dr. Finegold and sitting in a steno chair at one of the computer terminals, a very hypnotized Sylvia sat gawking at a spiraling disk that seemed to be pulling her deeper and deeper into an endless abyss. The four hypnotized men in the room seemed oblivious to her and each other as each stood at attention in mindless obedience waiting their next commands. Only Parker and Jonathan were truly naked. Sylvia, Dr. Vine and Dr. Finegold were fully clothed but for shoes and socks.

Joey walked into the room, satisfied at what he saw.

-“excellent mistress Sylvia, I see you have completed level 12 already – you will make an excellent slave!”

The blonde haired woman simply responded back meekly,

-‘excellent slave…’

-‘Now Parker, look at your former mistress, she is a slave like you! Look at her!” Sylvia, turn around, stand up and initiate “Greeting Program Number Three!”

Like an automaton, Sylvia rose from her Steno chair and began undressing. When the woman stood totally naked before the men she simply spoke,

-“Greetings. I am a hypnotized robot. I obey all commands and I exist to serve my master. What do you want me to do master? I am awaiting your commands…” As she spoke the words, like every other male in the household, her body tightened, muscles stiffened, even her eyes felt as though they might bulge out of their sockets!

-“Now Slave Sylvia, answer me this. How long have you been using hypnosis on men?” Joey asked slyly.

-“Five years or so master.” The female robot replied.

-“And how many men have you hypnotized in this time?” Joey asked his newfound slave, probing even further.

-“Maybe like ten or twelve master.”

-“Well which is it?” Joey asked impatiently.

-“Twelve master.” Sylvia’s voice trailed off…

-“Are you in touch with any of these men anymore?” Joe asked finally.

-“Only one master. He is my second cousin Dakota, but he lives in St-Louis now master.”

-“Damn!” Joey had hoped by hypnotizing Sylvia a whole pre-hypnotized harem of men would become available to him. Still, he thought to himself for a second before continuing with his interrogation.

-“Sylvia, if you wanted, could you get back in touch with any of these guys you’ve hypnotized?”

-“Yes master. Three of them still chase me – if I wanted them I could easily ensnare them, they are excellent hypnotic subjects master!”

-“What are their names and ages slave?” Joey barked.

As Joey spoke to Sylvia like a dog, he paid close attention to Parker who seemed very intrigued to see his once masterful mistress so completely subjugated.

Sylvia however was compelled to render her report:

-“Gordon is an East-Indian fellow I once had a flavor for, but he wore kinda thin. He’s about 28 or maybe 30 now.” Sylvia took a breath before continuing. “And then there’s Franklin – a black fellow in his thirties. Bald as they come, but a decent body, for someone who is like 5’7. He was too small for me!” Sylvia heaved a final breath before continuing on with her report. “And then there’s good ole Mr. Sanchez – my landlord. I’ve hypnotized him dozens of times, but still no matter what I program him to think, he’s still after me. He’s really good looking but he hasn’t been in this country for a long time so he doesn’t speak English well and he doesn’t know our customs… he’s also younger than me – like 23 or 24 or something. His father, in Cuba, owns the building if you can believe …”

-“Very good Sylvia. When I snap my fingers you will awaken with one mission in mind. You are to get dressed, go home and call Gordon, Franklin and what’s Mr. Sanchez’s first name?”

A blank faced Sylvia responded, “I think it’s Juan but he goes by the name Tom or he tries to. That’s why I still call him Mr. Sanchez!”

-“Fine, you will go home and you will hypnotize Tom or Juan or whatever his name is immediately. Once he is hypnotized, you will bring him into your bedroom, lie him down on your bed, take off his shoes and socks and proceed to invite Gordon and Franklin over for an evening of hypnosis. Once you have hypnotized those two you will bring them into your bedroom and position them on the bed alongside Juan or Tom. You will take off their shoes and socks as well. Finally, once this is all done, you will call my pager and wait by the phone for my call. Is all this understood?”

-“Yes master I hear and I obey. I will hypnotize Juan, Gordon and Franklin tonight and page you once I have done it. I understand master.”

-“And just to make sure you don’t fuck up in any way – Jonathan, come here slave!”

The naked Jonathan stepped forward to within a foot of Sylvia and Joey.

-“You will go with Sylvia and make sure she obeys my commands. If she does not you will use this on her until she does. Do you understand slave?” Joey handed Jonathan the pocket hypnotizer and commanded him and Sylvia to get dressed and get going. Jonathan exited the room to retrieve his clothes downstairs, while Sylvia slipped back into hers on spot.

-“As for the rest of you, Saul, Charles, Parker, you will come with me!”

The three slaves followed behind Joey who seemed to be leading them down to the basement.

Upon entering the basement chamber, a wonderfully spectacular view to behold: Like a giant Jenga puzzle, the men in the basement were lying stacked atop one another forming a mountain of men almost five feet tall! The men lay at erect attention. Most men were positioned in such a way that they had at least one pair of bare feet in their faces. But together their rigid bodies formed a magnificent structure – one that could potentially catapult an unknown artist smack into the art-world limelight.

At the bottom of the “stack” of Men, the four biggest men served as the buildings foundation – Tyrone, Tray, Mike and Jeff. On top of these men lay the next two biggest men in an “X” pattern: Warren’s face was right up against Tray’s face and his brother Mike’s feet while Jean-Claude, not the biggest but certainly tall, completed the “X” so that his face was right up against Tyrone’s, while his feet were in Jeff’s face.

On the next level, three perfectly erect beams of men going horizontally – this level was occupied by Shaun, Chad and Owen. Shaun and Chad lay on either side, and Owen, flipped around, had Shaun’s bare feet to the left of his face and Chad’s bare feet to the right of his face.

On top of these three men, another twosome of men lay perpendicular to Shaun, Chad and Owen. Adam, and Peter lay similarly paralyzed, supporting the next layer of hypnotized men.

On top of Peter and Adam, Vlad, Boyd and Han completed the human pyramid. The three boys were positioned in such a way so that their hands were touching each other’s erect crotches.

The pile of naked men before them was hypnotic in and of itself, and Joey seemed pleased. Looking off to either side of the man-puzzle, he was likewise pleased to see that Garret and Matthew had done their jobs and supervised. They each stood at attention on either side of the pile of men, awaiting further orders.

-“This is beautiful – just beautiful.” Joey mumbled to himself.

-“Beautiful…” Dr. Vine mumbled back.

-“In fact, Parker, why don’t you, Garret and Matthew climb on top of Boyd, Han and Vlad. Give our smaller boys some sense of what Tray, Mike, Jeff and Tyrone are experiencing with over a thousand pounds of weight on their bodies. How are you doing Tray?”

-“…Fine…master…tired…a little…” Tray responded choppily.

Joey watched as Garret and Matthew positioned the pedestals next to the man-pile so that they and Parker could get atop it.

Garret got on top first and almost by instinct, he lay down in the direction of the “master” so that his feet were in full view. Matthew did the same and finally, so did Parker.

-“Now brother what do you think of the sight before your eyes?” Joey asked with a tinge of victory in his voice.

-“I…er… I am really turned on now master…” Dr. Vine responded.

-“I think it’s time you and Saul got naked, don’t you think. Remove your clothes Doctors! NOW!”

Saul and Charles rushed to remove their clothing, once done, they stood patiently awaiting further instructions.

-“Well this bites! Chuck, you’ve let your bod go down the drain- look, even Saul has a better physique than you! How old are you Saul?” Joey asked as he grabbed the professor’s limp penis.

-“I am 60 master!” Saul bellowed out.

-“And you’re 48 or so isn’t that right Chucky?’

-’37 master.”

-“I think you and Saul should get married. I really do, and you know, I think you two should consummate your love for another right here, right now!!” he commanded authoritatively.

Both men’s expressions changed in an instant – gone were the blank stares, now present, insatiable lust, the kind that could potentially never be quenched. As the two doctors in the room went at it, Joey fastidiously captured every movement on digital camera, for posterity’s sake. Of course, most of the snapshots were of the human-jenga puzzle in the middle of the room. Entirely man-made, Joey thought to himself as he watched his brother get it on with his former university professor and mentor. The smell of victory was indeed sweet!



Like the Biblical tower of Babel, there seemed to be no end to the construction of Joey’s mythical mountain of men. None had moved an inch in the four hours they had been there and now they were about to be receiving even more guests. Dr. Vine and Saul Finegold had already been placed in a human-x position, atop Garret, Matthew and Parker, but they were told to expect more “tops” anytime soon.

AN hour went by, maybe more. Eventually a voice from upstairs was heard bellowing orders and the familiar sound of shuffling down into the basement came next. Joey was followed by Sylvia and Jonathan who was followed by Gordon, Juan and finally bringing up the rear, the baldheaded, African-American, Franklin.

Juan seemed momentarily perplexed as his subconscious mind tried to yield to his conscious. The sight before him was obviously too much for his hypnotic conditioning to accept.

-“I not gay! What this is?! They all mens here!” He spoke in broken English, his sexy Spanish accent still half asleep.

Joey of course was quick to respond by using his pocket strobe light on the young Hispanic man. Within seconds he was subdued, like the rest of the men there. Joe planned on introducing Juan to Han, Boyd and Vlad at some point – the trio would some day become a quartet he thought to himself amusingly.

He had already seen Sylvia’s three slaves naked – at her house, but part of the rules in this house was, males had to be naked at all times. With one order from him, the three hypnotized men discarded their clothes zealously in compliance. When finished, they stood at absolute attention, awaiting Joey’s orders.

Then without verbal prompting, Joey himself lead each man up to the podium alongside his male-monument so that each could climb atop it, becoming alas, a part of the hypnotic superstructure. He lead Gordon first, positioning him so that he would be in the middle. Then Juan was led up the podium and positioned so that his bare feet were practically in Saul’s face. Franklin was last to be placed, but he was positioned atop Dr. Vine so that his bare feet were literally nestled in his brother’s face.

Again, Joe stepped back from his sculpture to admire it. It was now practically his own height and he stood at 5’10”! He turned and noticed the hypnotized statue of Jonathan standing naked still at the doorway. To his left, the naked Sylvia, standing erect and awaiting commands.

-“Shit, what to do with the you?” Joe walked up to Jonathan almost as if he were facing some huge challenge in his artistic career.

-“Get down on all fours Jonathan, you are a dog! My pet dog!! You will worship at my feet. You live to serve my feet – is that clear slave?”

-“Yes master.” Jonathan replied blandly, before dropping to the floor and grabbing at Joey’s Doc Martins with his mouth in attempt to pull them off. Joey rather liked the effort his new pet was putting in so he sat down on the floor, making it easier for Jonathan to get at his shoes and feet.

Like an animal in the wild that hadn’t eaten in weeks, Jonathan voraciously ripped off Joey’s shoes and tore off his socks with his teeth.

-“Ah! You’re an animal Jonathan! You would think you’ve done this before!” Joey said nearing the point of ecstatic bliss.

-“I have master. My ex-girlfriend used to love it when I played with her feet. I liked it too.” He explained before putting Joey’s left heel into his mouth as if it were a huge turkey drumstick.

-“But this is much better! Men’s feet turn you on! Women’s feet turn you off. Repeat that slave dog Jonathan!” Joey wanted to reinforce Jonathan’s homosexual conditioning, which was already firmly intact.

He had to use his hands to get Joey’s left heel out of his mouth, but when he did, a blank, calm

-“Men’s feet turn me on. Women’s feet turn me off!” And less than a second later, Jonathan was back to his mission of devouring his master’s left foot.

Joey was in heaven. Whenever he did open his eyes, his view was better than a hotel room with an ocean view. Dozens of pairs of blank eyes, naked, hard, erect bodies, their bare feet, all commandeered into one incredible art exhibit of hypno-obedience. Joey’s only concern during all this was what to title his work? A few thoughts came to mind: “Pile of Men?” or “Dream-House” or maybe even “Hypno-models build and keep house”.

Jonathan had came twice already, on his master’s command and on his feet, as instructed. Even though Joey knew this was his brother’s programming being acted out, he still loved it today as much as he did three decades ago, when he hypnotized his first friend Brian, and shot a load all over his bare feet. Just recalling that first scene in his head gives Joey an erection each and every time. He could easily remember how helpless Brian was, particularly once Joey had introduced him to his younger brother Chuck, hypnotist extraordinaire. His brother Chuck must have used Brian’s feet as a cum-rag hundreds of times in those few years before his family moved back to Iowa. Up until 10 years ago, Joey was still getting “hypno-mail” from Brian! He had programmed Brian to go into a trance every December 26 at midnight. Once in his trance, he was to go somewhere private and compose a hypno-erotic letter which he would post the following day to Joey with no recollection of having done anything. It was glorious, particularly on the years when Brian sent photos!

Joey had Jonathan the dog lick the cum from his body before getting up and grabbing Sylvia, abruptly pulling her like a rag-doll upstairs. Now he was ready for SEX!

Jonathan the dog was getting bored. He peed several times already mostly on the huge structure in the center of the room. He had no idea what it was, but it smelled somewhat rank to begin with, so his dog-brain figured, why not? Still with his master upstairs with the door closed, he was beside himself. He needed his master. He needed his master’s feet. He imagined his master’s feet in his mind – how they looked, how they were shaped. And then, from this corner of his canine eye, Jonathan spotted them – a virtual replica of Joey’s feet! He’d have to stand on his hind legs so as to be able to reach them, but he needed to worship something!

His impatience gave way and he approached the superstructure of hypnotized men from the North side. Balancing himself on his tiptoes, Jonathan’s uncertain dog body swayed back and forth until he gained the equilibrium necessary to be nose to arch with Charles Vine’s hypnotized bare feet. But for the fact that they were a few years younger, his feet were identical to his older brother’s. Jonathan was now in heaven. He began licking Dr. Vine’s feet, slowly, erotically, using his tongue to draw sensuous circles of saliva all over both his feet. A few times he almost toppled over, but he managed to catch his balance with the help of Vlad and Han’s feet, two layers down. He hung onto them and climbed his way back up, twice! Back to his master’s feet – back to his blissful existence of foot worship.

With no warning a siren from a passing firetruck outside startled dog-Jonathan, his swift 180 degree turn, once again causing him to lose balance, only this time, his attempts to hang onto Vlad and Han’s feet were hopeless as the pile of hypnotized building came crumbling down to the ground in one giant blast.


-“What the heck was that?” Joey literally had to listen in mid-thrust, his penis well entrenched in Sylvia’s hypnotized hole.

-“I do not hear anything master.” Came Sylvia’s robot response.

Joey listened for more noise. Nothing. Whatever it was, it would wait. He was kinda in the middle of something after all…

-“What the fuck?”

-“Hey, who the hell are you? Get off me!”

-“What’s going on here?”

-“Shit where are my clothes?”

-“Jesus, we’re all naked!”

The man-monument’s fall had woken up only about eight of them but it was enough to incite a temporary panic amongst those eight guys.

-“I’m getting the fuck outta here!” a terrified Boyd tried to stand up but his ankle had been twisted.

-“Han, is that, you?” Garret asked, amazed that he was seeing Han again. “I thought you went back to Japan?”

-“Garret? I don’t know what’s been going on! Where are we?” Han asked back still groggy.

-“Guys, by the looks of it, we’ve been hypnotized or something – I mean look at these guys. What’s up with them?” Jeff pointed around the room at the layers of men still sleeping erectly.

-“You hypnotized me!” Han suddenly turned to Jeff accusingly and with horror on his face. You did this to me!” Though he was almost a foot shorter than Jeff and over 150 pounds lighter, he was ready to kill the red-head but for two key interruptions.

-‘Yeah man, you hypnotized me too! You said it was for some experiment!” Shaun started in on Jeff before realizing first that Mike and then Tray were among the men lying in the rubble. “Holy shit! Mike! Tray! Wake up guys! Holy shit – they’re like zombies or something!” Shaun was panicking now as he turned back to Jeff. “You’d better de-hypnotize them or whatever it is you do, right now!”

Tyrone jumped in next offering the second key interruption. “Man, I was hyp-mo-tized by the professor, by Jeff too, but I got the feelin that Jeff was as hyp-mo-tized as the rest of us!”

Garret looked around the room quickly to see if there were any other friends of his present. He went into shock when he first spotted Warren, then Vlad, then Matthew. Did he somehow hypnotize them? Something inside Garret told him that he did – he could vaguely remember flashing a certain device in front of Vlad’s face, but aside from that his memories were sketchy at best.

HE turned in shame and next saw what would literally have given him a heart-attack ten years from now. His younger brother Parker, lying totally erect, naked like the rest of them. Now he knew he had something to do with this whole thing, he just didn’t know what.

-“Alright look guys, obviously we’ve been hypnotized or brainwashed or something, but we’re ok now, so let’s get the fuck outta here and ask questions later!” Adam pulled the half woken up Franklin toward the door and motioned the others to follow behind.

-“Dude, we’re naked! We don’t know where the fuck we are! And some of us have family here! My fuckin brother is lying here under some kind of spell and I ain’t just gonna leave him!” Garret protested as Jeff, Tyrone, Boyd and Han shuffled toward the door, each coupling his ballsack with his two palms, embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated.

Garret and Shaun looked at each other as the others made their way up the stairs.

-“It’s up to you man! We could always come back real quick and bring help!” Shaun offered.

Garret thought about it for a moment.

-“You know whoever did this to us, chances are he or she probably has some kind of keyword or a way to make us all fall under their spell again. If whoever that is comes home, we’re screwed. So maybe we could do more damage from outside the house! Alright Shaun, let’s get outta here!”

Garret looked over at his brother, and then at Vlad, Matthew and Warren, as if for the last time. It was an eerie feeling he got at that moment, like he’d never see these guys again. Shaun kissed both his brother’s goodbye, neither budged an inch even during the collapse. In fact, both brothers had other men’s body parts strewn all over theirs. Shaun felt sickened at the scene, but he knew he was now getting out of it.

Garret and Shaun ran up the stairs and out of the house following Han and Boyd toward the main road. The road that lead up to Carpers!

-“Shit! I know where we are!” Garret exclaimed.

-“I even know whose house this is!” Shaun proclaimed.

-“Fuck, who?” Garret asked eager to find out who was behind all this. All the while the group continued to run, right up to the main building of the college.

-“Professor Charles Vine. Psychology Dept – specialist in hypnotism and mind-control. I laughed at some of his theories last semester, I guess I shouldn’t have!”

-“But I don’t even know a professor Charles Vine. I don’t take psychology classes!” Garret declared defiantly as their mid-afternoon jog up to campus, naked, continued. By now hundreds of fellow students and teachers had seen them – ALL, running around streaking. A few of the boys were recognized by several staff members and each would later receive disciplinary action. First things first – get clothes. Step two: Call the police.

We had to settle for used towels we found in the men’s locker-room. It was the closest building and I figured I could use the phone in the Coach’s office at the swimming pool to call the cops.

Imagine the eight of us, running with towels around our waists through the pool area to the opposite end where the Coach’s office was tucked away. There was a girls swim class going on and they didn’t seem to mind any.

Our coach wasn’t there but the phone was available and Mrs. Coach or whoever she was, wasn’t paying us any attention, so we entered the Coach’s office and I dialed 9-1-1. This sadistic game of hypnotizing us, and our friends, was about to come to one grinding halt!



-“I…I don’t get it officer. This, this was the place!” Garret couldn’t believe his eyes. The basement he had just fled from less than an hour ago, the one covered in hypnotized men, was empty, the house, its grounds, equally vacated.

-“Where did they all go?!” Tyrone asked stupefied.

-“Are you sure you boys are feeling alright? You didn’t do any drugs did you?” The second officer asked flat out.

-“Look officer, my two older brothers were here, and I’m telling you they were in some kind of trance. Their eyes were wide open, they were still breathing, but they were like frozen solid and they couldn’t hear me!” Shaun was panicking as he recalled the disturbing scene to memory.

-“And my younger brother was here too and several of my friends – there must have been like thirty of us in total or something…” Garret was trying to remember.

-“And you all saw and experienced the same exact thing?” The first officer asked in slight disbelief.

Adam spoke next.

-‘He doesn’t believe us! I can’t believe he doesn’t believe us! Dude, we woke up in this room, an hour ago and we were naked! And the room, it was like filled with dozens of other naked guys! It was fuckin surreal fag-fest if I ever saw one!”

-“I don’t know whether to write this all down or take you boys in to see a therapist!” The first officer joked uncomfortably, undoing his top button and flipping out his note pad.

-“OK, you. What’s your name?” The officer pointed to Jeff.

-“Um Jeff Postman sir. It’s all true. In fact, I remember being hypnotized by professor Vine and I remember him making me hypnotize other guys and then I had to bring them to him! I couldn’t control myself, it was like I was totally under his power.” Jeff winced as some more recollections filtered into his conscious memory.

-“And don’t forget the sex stuff!” Boyd exclaimed nervously. “He made me… he made us…” He couldn’t finish his thought. Instead he turned toward Han who was standing right alongside him and grabbed his hand affectionately. Han responded with a warm smile and a wink, tightening his grip on Boyd’s cold palm.

-“I think he made us gay!” Han said ultimately. “Before all this hypnotism stuff, I never once thought of another man, ok? But now, even right now, I can’t help myself but think about what’s happening inside Boy’d pants!”

-“Er, that will be enough for now I think – we have it, the important stuff anyway…” The cop was clearly shaken by Han’s words and his outward displays of affection for Boyd.

-“Wait, sir, you didn’t ask me anything!” Franklin protested.

-“Do you have something to add…? The policeman’s voice trailed off implying that he expected Franklin to provide his name.

-“Franklin. And yes. You see, I remember being hypnotized but not by a man. I was hypnotized by a woman… I just can’t remember her name. But it was definitely a woman. A blonde woman!”

-“A woman. Ok got it. Lookit, I suggest you boys get a good night sleep and maybe even consider getting a little therapy. If what you all say really did happen, you’re all gonna need some, and if it didn’t, then you all definitely need some therapy, just not hypno-therapy, right Frank?” the officer nudged his partner in the ribs.

-“Yeah right Gary! Hey, I’m getting sleeeepy!” He tried to join in on the joke. 

-“So wait, are you like gonna look for them? What about my brother?” Garret asked the police officer as he seemed to be preparing to leave.

-“And my brothers!” Shaun echoed in.

-“Look, we’d have to file missing persons reports. For that you’ll have to come down to the station tomorrow. But ten to one, your brothers and friends will show up. If anything, this whole thing sounds like one big fraternity prank. Hey are any of you pledged to any of the houses?” The policeman asked.

Not one of the eight boys were part of any Frat.

-‘Too bad. My brother and I went to Carper’s years ago, we were pledged to the Gamma Epsilons. Now that was a frat! Never did anything with hypnosis mind you, but you kids these days, always experimentin!” The cop smiled to himself as he walked to the entryway.

The two police officers then left. The eight boys remaining in the once museum showcase basement stood horrified as memories gradually tricked back into their conscious minds – memories of things they had to do while mentally and physically imprisoned in this very room.

-“I, er think we should get outta this place!” Han suggested, putting his arm around Boyd and nudging him toward the threshold.

-“Garret?” Shaun noticed Garret was deeply lost in thought, his expression, almost hypnotized.

-“Yeah. I was just thinking… I wonder where they went to… all those guys that were here I mean. I just hope Parker, Matthew, Warren and Vlad are ok, you know?”

-“I know. Believe me I know. I brought my brothers to Dr. Vine, I remember hypnotizing Tray anyway. Shit wherever he is, and whatever he’s going through it’s all because of me man!” Shaun was guilt-ridden, feeling nauseous.

-“Shaun, you were under this guy’s control – you didn’t know what you were doing, none of us did!” Garret now tried to console Shaun.

Jeff jumped in next.

-“It’s true. I also feel sick and guilty over what I did, but I know I couldn’t control myself – that sicko did this to us and we should all make a pact right here and now that we don’t sleep until we bring him to justice!” Jeff cooed on like some kind of 50’s superhero.

Jeff, Franklin, Adam and Tyrone piled out of the room leaving just Garret and Shaun behind, both boys left to wonder about the whereabouts and well-being of their brothers. Would they ever see them again? And what sort of damage would be inflicted on them in the interim. Both boys minds filled with dread as their imaginings became more and more grotesque, more and more vivid…


Buying an old British cruise ship, refurbishing it and installing it at sea as the first ever exclusively gay-male cruise line was the brain-child of Joey Vine, bankrolled through one of his many loyal servants. Actually, it was Juan’s father, the Cuban industrialist who was now one of Joey’s loyal slaves. Cuban men, Joey found out, were particularly receptive to hypnosis and Joe figured he had Castro to thank for that.

Although he had lost eight of his boys on that fateful day, he quickly recouped and recovered his losses, relocating his entire harem to Miami, where his boat, the U.S.S. Manhouse was docked and readying for its maiden voyage. With a personal servant crew of over 200 and another 500 or so still un-hypnotized, including the dashing blond Irish captain, Captain Garret McDoud, Joey couldn’t wait to get out to sea with all these seamen. Ok, Captain Garret McDoud wasn’t the Garret he lost that day. But he did have Parker to remind him of the young man. Cleaned up, Parker bore a striking resemblance to his older brother Garret.

The twins, Tray and Mike were immediately made into Fitness Directors and instructed to hypnotize every good looking gym-bunny to cross their paths. After only six cruises, Joey found he had over one thousand men from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and even the Middle East, hypnotized and under his power. And this was still, just the beginning.

Owen Finegold, Saul’s son, was made Chief Purser and he relished the idea of serving endless lines of men on daily basis.

Warren and Matthew, best buddies from elementary school, became the two lead dancers in the nighttime Cabaret on board ship. Known simply as “The hypnotized zombies” their routine every night would involve, dance, a striptease, hypnosis, and of course more hypnosis. Joey had initially tried Juan as a dancer/hypnotizee in the routine, but he was not as warmly received as Matthew and Warren. So, Juan was reassigned to the job of assistant dishwasher of kitchen number six. A rich boy from birth who never had to do a real day’s work, Joey decided it was time to work Juan to the bone. As it turned out, Juan proved to be an exceptional dishwasher of kitchen number six.

Chad and Parker ran the ships in-house escort service and were available for hire themselves to interested parties. Collectively, the two studs had hypnotized forty seven men after the first six cruises and their averages were on a definite upward slope, so Joey was very pleased with this duo.

Jean-Claude and Gordon were kept busy as waiters in the Captain’s private dining room. There, Joey could seem them servicing other men all day long, while having them service his needs all night long. It was sheer bliss. Jean-Claude and Gordon’s entire worlds commandeered by their ever-present need to serve!

Freckle-faced Peter and ex-dog Jonathan were also assigned positions on board the U.S.S. Manhouse. Both were given intense workshops in Masotherapy and both quickly became reflexology experts, massaging men’s feet for money, these two slaves of Joey’s were perhaps among his happiest. Truth be told, Joey was rather hard on Jonathan after it was revealed he had caused the disaster back home – the one that caused Joey to push up his whole agenda. Still, it was no matter. Everything in the end, turned out just fine.

Oh and Dr. Vine and Dr. Finegold? They were married on board ship last week and have bought a cottage somewhere in Vermont. The happy couple is even thinking of adopting a child from China or India, and Charles Vine is already praying for a boy…

As for Joey. He had his revenge. He had his choice of male-servants, he had the life he had always dreamed of. Sylvia remained on-ship, though she never left his room. She was on-call 24-7 for whenever her master desired her for sex or play. Of course, if that special call came in, Sylvia was instructed to answer it and forward it to Joey’s mobile immediately. She had no idea who this Tom Leblanc person was, but he seemed to be very important to Joey…


This chapter is as yet, incomplete and un-authored. Given how I ended this story, I would like to extend a formal invite to Hyptrance (one of, if not the best m4m hypno/mc authors on the Internet today) to scribe out Chapter One. Carte blance mon ami!

As a loyal fan of Hyptrance’s work, in particular his Tom Leblanc series (but many others as well) I would consider it a great honor if he would agree to undertake this. In fact, when I started this story I had it in mind to mention Tom Leblanc’s name in the last sentence of the story, hoping to lure the author Hyptrance into my literary world, even if it is for only one chapter – even knowing that he’s not “particularly into feet”.

I don’t in any way mean to take his time or talent for granted. I am a fan of his exceptional work, like so many others, and I would be truly honored if he took me up on my humble request…