When the Bow Breaks, the Hero Will Fall

Everything seemed different to Jason Collins, as if everything in his known universe was suddenly resonating at an alternate frequency. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it was as if every tree outside, every house on his family's block, even his friends... they all seemed somehow... changed. It was almost as if, he thought to himself on his five-minute walk to school, that he suddenly awoke in an alternate universe, not quite parallel to the one he well-remembered and had inhabited, but darn near close. This recurring Twilight Zone thought-scape sent shivers down his spine, and he tried desperately to shake it as he neared school. He'd been showing up to school late most of this week and when he did get there, he showed up at the wrong first period class – twice! Today, it seemed, would be no different he chuckled at himself as he checked his watch and shuffled into the three story brick building. He was late again.

Had Jason been able to remember, he'd know why felt so discombobulated and out-of-step with things. In the week since he'd been back from visiting his brother Josh up at _____ State, Jason had been receiving nightly phone calls from Scott Thorpe who kept him up until the wee hours of the morning. Last night was no exception to this relatively new late night rule.

Now, he was nodding off in first period chemistry, and would have nodded off most likely, had his peripheral view not caught sight of a pair of sneakers and a pair of bare feet off of whom they had been dangling. Jason looked up to see if he could tell whose feet he was looking at. They belonged to Aaron Huntley, someone Jason used to be chummy with in Junior High. Aaron had let himself go entirely; he was fat, and was an integral part of the school's self-pronounced geek-squad – part of the Chess Team, the Math Club and the committee to elect his grade's valedictorian... Jason and Aaron really stopped being friends in grade nine, when Jason made the junior football team and was suddenly surrounded by dozens of jocks and hot wanna-be girls from several of the area's schools. Aaron, at 15, was left to find a new circle of friends.

Jason's eyes immediately went back to the overweight, blond boy's feet; they seemed to be almost doing a dance in and out of his black and white triple-E Pumas, as if Aaron's plumply, wrinkly heels were trying to hypnotize him or something...

The next thing Jason knew, everyone was getting up and leaving class. He must have nodded off he figured as he rubbed his eyes and tried to exorcise the cacophony of cobwebs from his muddled brain. He was about to get up and join the exodus-melee when he realized for the first time that he was hard as a rock. He quickly ducked back down into his chair and pretended to be looking through his notes, trying desperately to make 'it' go down as quickly as possible. He straddled out of class moments later, his binder and text book at his deflating crotch, thoughts of Aaron Huntley's bare soles, still actively ingrained in his subconscious memory-banks.

The day continued on with Jason in this perpetual fog; even his social studies teacher noticed and commented on it. Try as he might, he could not shake the fogginess from his brain; even having a double mocha latte at lunch didn't do the trick! He debated going home early again but he couldn't afford to miss another math class so he finally decided to trooper it out and stay for the remaining three periods. If he had to slap himself silly, he'd be awake and alert for math class he decided almost militantly. Enough was enough.

Jason would indeed be present for calculus class, but once again, thanks to Donny Fletcher and his flip-flop-clad feet, Jason's thoughts were entirely elsewhere for most of the 1-hour period. As he stared intently at the wrinkly skin of Donny's thin, pink soles, all he could think about was how deeply he missed his brother Josh and how he desperately longed to see him again, soon. He would email his older brother as soon as he got home he decided, not realizing or remembering that he had been doing so every day since returning home, by virtue of one of Scott Thorpe's many post-hypnotic commands.

As he made his way home, Jason Collins seemed to come alive, for the first time that day, suddenly fully awake and alert, charged even. He bolted into his house and ran upstairs to his bedroom to turn on his desktop computer. Moments later, his email program was open and receiving some ten messages with attachments from... none other than his big brother Josh!

Jason was beyond ecstatic; like a kid unleashed at a chocolate factory, he could barely contain his excitement. His big brother Josh had sent him pictures! He didn't even care what the pictures were of. Just the thought that his older brother had obviously been thinking of him was enough to simultaneously settle him down and gear him up. He did a little jig-dance in anticipation as he debated on whether to open the files as they downloaded or wait for them all to be in his inbox and then click through them in a sideshow He opted for the latter. As he sat, watching the download bar slowly progress rightward on the screen he adjusted his crotch and unbuttoned his jeans, in subconscious anticipation of what he somehow knew was imminently to come.

This was not the first photo-email barrage from Josh that Jason had been in receipt of. Hardly. In fact, all week long Josh had been sending Jason pictures of himself and Paul showing off their bare feet (as well as other bare body parts) in every position imaginable. Were he not himself responding to post-hypnotic commands, Jason might have realized too that in all the pictures sent to him, both his brother and his broad shouldered Latino roommate looked like mind-controlled zombies. Anyone seeing their faces would have instantaneously known that the young men were either heavily drugged or deeply hypnotized. Jason didn't really think about how they looked, just that they looked good. They looked hot.

The last message was just finishing up the download when he impatiently decided to start his sideshow As the first picture file opened, Jason's first thought was, 'shit, they're both naked, what the fuck?', but as soon as his eyes were drawn to the photo's foreground, his gaze, like his mind, was immediately held captive. Resting side by side on Josh's coffee table, were Josh's size-11 soles on the left and Paul's size-10's on the right. Heel-to-toe views of both pairs of feet were fully afforded - from their scrunched up heels pressing down against the wooden table to the twenty toes aligned almost side by side with each other in the picture's midsection, Jason was utterly mesmerized by the sight.

Seeing Josh's bare feet always did this to him. They hypnotized him. He sat mindlessly gawking at the screen as the sideshow continued. The next shot was a close up of Paul's hairy five inch hard dick being rubbed along Josh's sole. At this sight, Jason instinctively knew that he needed to masturbate. He yanked down his jeans and grabbed his cock through his underwear. The next photo showed Paul's cum all over his older brother's foot. As he saw that image, Jason was teleported back to a recent dream he had where he had been allowed to do the very same thing, effectively raping his brother's gorgeous size-11 feet while Josh just sat there, powerless to resist. He was so very near climax now as the next photo came on the screen, enveloping his awareness entirely: It was the reverse of the last one. Now it was Josh's erect dick pressing on Paul's much wider, slightly darker skinned and more wrinkly sole.

Jason was beside himself, in heat, heaving his young, thin body forward and backward, lifting his butt on an off the chair in a kind of pelvic ecstasy as he wanked his hard rod to an ever fuller and fuller mass.

-”Ugh... bro... cum on his foot, cum on his foot, Josh! Do it man!” Jason spoke into the screen, in a state of euphoric pre-orgasmic bliss.

As the next photo appeared in the sideshow, Jason exploded all over himself. Seeing Josh's semen trickling down Paul's sole is what had finally did it. As he slowly descended the orgasm staircase, his penis slowly deflating back to its normal size, the photos continued to appear on the screen, each one as hypnotically alluring and sexually enticing to Jason as the last. He couldn't move though. He was spent, utterly hypnotized himself. Instead, he continued to watch the photos come up on the screen, a trance-goofy grin on his blank-eyed face as each new shot appeared in digital, only inches away from his hypnotized stare.

The shot of Josh and Paul with each others heels in their mouths got Jason to twitch alive again, if only somewhat. It was followed by a photo of Paul lying rigidly atop Josh, resting his heels on Josh's thin, elongated toes; both boys were lying in an extremely unnatural, rigid posture. Several shots later, Josh had Paul's erect dick in his mouth and Jason was now hard as a rock once more.

It was literally as if these photos were taking Jason on a pre-arranged flight path, with multiple stopovers. Each time he climaxed, it was as if he were coming in for a landing; as he continued to watch the photos appear before him, his own jet engines revving, his erection reconstituting, he prepared for another round, another take off in the friendly-skies, fully refueled and raring to go...

He was just about to peak when the last photo, an extreme close-up of Josh and Paul's erect dicks, side by side, dissolved into a mostly blank screen.

The last photo wasn't a photo at all. It was a small graphic with a private invitation link to an X tube website. This seemed to jar Jason from his frozen, hypnotized state, enough so anyway to allow him to move, albeit temporarily.

He somehow knew what he had to do. He mustered the strength in his right arm to move toward his mouse and click on the icon. Below it he noticed a password code: HYPNOTIZE. This meant he'd have to type, so he adjusted his desk chair and straighted himself up a bit, readying his sluggish body for the monumental task. That's what it felt like to Jason anyway. He typed in the designated password at the prompt and collapsed backward in his chair to watch, once again almost freezing in his slumped-over position. Without realizing it, his hand immediately went back to his still stiff crotch.

The video began with Josh and Paul, naked, standing in front of the television at stiff attention, in their living room. Beyond them, on the television set, was an exceedingly familiar red and black spiral that was spinning and pulsing, spinning and pulsing. The camera panned around the two naked young men starting at their backsides, Paul's rounded bubble butt and Josh's thinner, almost hourglass shaped butt were in full view, as were the back of their heads and their backs. The camera though quickly made its way to the frontal view where the viewer's attention was all but commanded by two massive erections, on full, unobstructed display. Neither boy was moving; neither seemed to be as much as breathing, and neither seemed to care or have any awareness of the fact that they were being videotaped in their 'hardened' birthday suits. Their blank stares, that ever-familiar black and red spiral he saw playing on Josh's television set in the background, Jason had a fleeting second or two of revived self-awareness, muttering to himself, “Shit, I think they're hypnotized!”

To anyone else this revelation would have been beyond obvious. But this was Jason's subconscious mind processing something he believed he had never seen before.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind the camera. It was a familiar voice, that's all Jason's hypnotized mind registered. Familiar...

-”Paulo, I want you to tell Jason what I told you to say!” The voice was authoritative and Jason's clouded mind knew he had to listen to and obey it.

The camera zoomed in on Paul's motionless face. He hadn't shaved in several days and his face was peppered with dark stubble. The frozen, blank-faced Latino suddenly moved his lips. It did not sound like Paul's voice though. It was deeper, sleepy and mechanical:

-”You are hypnotized Jason. Like Josh and me. You will do as you are told. Obey your hypno-master.”

Paul sounded like he was reading off a shopping list... 'a loaf o bread, a jug of milk and a stick of butter.' For all his current awareness, he might as well have. Jason though, took what Paul said with the utmost of seriousness, bluntly repeating back at the screen, in semi-whisper, “I will do as I am told.”

The voice from beyond the camera, once again barked orders authoritatively, this time at his big brother Josh.

-”Joshua! You will give your younger brother his first official hypno-mission since being back home.” The camera once again panned in, now on Josh's face, the taller of the two hypnotized hunks.

Like Paul, Josh barely moved any of his face muscles to respond, mostly his lips and mouth, that's all. His eyes wide open, ever-locked on the television set meters away.

-”Jase, you will hypnotize dad tonight. Hypnotize dad. Hypnotize dad. Hypnotize dad. Hypnotize dad.” Josh kept repeating those two words over and over, with each repetition they seemed to be ingraining themselves into Jason's hypnotized mind. He had heard them before. He knew he'd be hypnotizing his father sometime soon. Most importantly, he knew what he had to do to make that seemingly unlikelihood, a bone fide reality.

Part of Scott's nightly regimen on the phone with Jason was going through the young man's friends and contacts, with his help of course, trying to determine the best local 'target' a.k.a. 'hypno-companion' for Jason. They had narrowed it down to his two closest friends, Eric Tripp and Jimmy Muldoon, when it occurred to Scott that Jason was already in super-close proximity to another man. His father! With Mr. and Mrs. Collins divorced, and Mrs. Collins now shacking up in Boulder with her former ski instructor, that left Jason and his dad, alone, in the Collins' family Tudor-styled home.

It was the perfect set-up Scott realized; a scenario asking to be played out.

Scott had Jason send him pictures of his father, Jonathan Collins. The photos he initially sent were over ten years old but still showed a very handsome man in his late thirties. To be sure the man hadn't let himself go into his late forties, Scott had Jason take several candid digital shots of his dad on Tuesday and send them his way. Without even realizing it, Jason even took one photo of his dad, loading the dishwasher, in his bare feet!

Scott was more than pleased to see that at 48, Mr. Collins was still in excellent shape and had a full head of dirty blond hair. Actually, he didn't look like either of his sons that much. Whereas Josh and Jason were brunettes, with relatively similar fair skin tones and almost delicate facial features, Papa-Collins was a dusty blond (with wispy traces of white/gray sexily located at the temples exclusively); he had a medium to dark skin tone for a Caucasian, a slightly larger than average nose and he seemed to be lightly stubbled, definitely more hairy than either of his sons. He also had the most distinct yellowish-green eyes Scott had ever seen. In fact, Jonathan Collins' eyes most closely resembled Brent Spiner's, the android lieutenant commander Data of Star Trek the Next Generation fame.. When he first saw them, Scott thought it might have been a lighting issue, but after going through several of the photos, he was amazed to see that this was actually Jonathan Collins' real eye color.

The thought of having all three Collins' men under his sway was sufficiently enticing to the young hypnotist that he decided to put Jason on task immediately. And what kinkier way, he thought, than having his hypnotized brother deliver the final orders – the orders to hypnotize their father! There would be plenty of time to 'nab and grab' one of Jason's friends later. For now, Scott decided, Jason's entire focus was going to be on his father, Jonathan Preston Collins (or J.P. as he was known to his friends and colleagues).


-”Dad, you know how I'm taking Psychology this semester, right?” Jason began his conversation with an outright, boldfaced lie. He was not taking psychology that semester.

Jonathan Collins, who had just finished putting away the dinner dishes turned to his youngest son, a look of confusion appropriately pasted on his face.

-”You're taking psychology?” He was almost floored by the revelation. He never took Jason for someone interested in that kind of mambo-jumbo stuff.

-”Yeah dad. I thought I told you. Anyways, we all had to pick assignment topics out of a hat and I got hypnotism.” Again, another boldfaced lie. Jason wasn't truly lying though. In his clouded mind, he actually believed every single word that was coming out of his mouth. He was in fact taking a psych course and he did indeed have a project to complete on hypnotism. Scott made absolutely certain that Jason believed this entirely.

-”Hypnotism huh? Sounds interesting...” Jonathan Collins tentatively encouraging tone belied the fact that he knew better than to ever discourage his kids from any form of academic engagement. He was a university drop-out himself and he knew how hard it was to make it in the business-world these days especially, without solid academic credentials. After many years of struggle in his early 20's, he had ultimately emerged triumphant, starting his own drywall business in 1993 and growing it to where he was now CEO of his own construction and demolition firm some 17 years later. But it was nothing if not a continuously arduous struggle. He wanted better for his sons; a quicker, surer way to success and academia, higher learning, was the stealthiest path toward that goal. He believed this implicitly.

-”I guess. But the problem is...” Jason stopped short of finishing his sentence. He may not have realized it, but this was ALL part of Scott's pre-programmed script, a way to ensure the hard-headed senior Collins cooperated with and went along with Scott's hypnotic endgame.

-”What? What's the problem, son?” Jonathan asked sympathetically, noting that his son seemed more than a little nervous, perturbed even. Again, this wasn't typical Jason behavior, so what this said to Jonathan was that his son was in some kind of desperate straights.

-”Dad, no one will let me hypnotize them. I asked all my friends. They're all chicken. And I have to hypnotize someone in order to complete this report!” Jason was almost whining, like a child who was denied their favorite toy at the toy store. Once again, this was all part of the pre-programmed script, not only the words, the sound of them, the body language Jason was emitting... All of it was designed to entrap the presumably untrappable Alpha-male in J.P. Collins.

Jonathan Collins was momentarily immersed in his own thoughts.

Jason hadn't asked him formally for his help, but he could tell his son needed him to complete an academic assignment. Normally, he would have been more than happy to help out... but what? Did Jason want to use him as his guinea pig? The thought of being hypnotized, being out of control, really didn't sit well with the senior Collins man who had prided himself as being a man who was always in control of things. Suddenly his thoughts flashed back to a particularly silly Gilligan's island episode he had seen as a kid, where Gilligan was hypnotized and turned into this 'yes master' robot thing... He always found that episode a little scary to watch because ultimately by the end, all the castaways were turned into those 'yes master' robot things.

He snapped himself back to the here and now. His youngest son was inadvertently asking him for help with a school assignment. Surely he couldn't begrudge him. He'd have to put his own personal fears of hypnosis behind him and make the offer:

-”Ok, Jase. Whatya say I let you hypnotize me?” Jonathan Collins volunteered stoically, he was trying ever so desperately to put on a 'brave face'. At worst, he decided he'd play along with the kid, what harm could it do, he figured?

Jason's face lit up and his crotch twitched involuntarily several times, almost as reward for accomplishing what he would have guessed only a week ago would have been the impossible. Jonathan Collins was the last person on Earth to voluntarily submit to something like hypnosis and Jason knew it. He had told Scott that very same thing which is what prompted the shrewd hypnotist to concoct this elaborate subterfuge game of academic cat and mouse which was now ultimately proving highly successful.

-”Dad, are you serious? You'll let me hypnotize you, for real? Like, it has to be for real because I have a whole series of tests and experiments to do with you once you're under.” Jason explained, using his most serious and simultaneously desperate of faces.

Jonathan briefly thought about it again and then ultimately relented, “Son, if it's for school, then it's all cool!” And he gave his youngest son a jovial high-five. “So, when do you want to hypnotize me? Now?” Truth be told, he was anxious to get this over with and was partially hoping his son wouldn't be able to put him under, even though he did sincerely want to help him with his project. The thought of being out of control really scared him, deep down, and the last thing he ever wanted was for either of his sons to see him as scared, weak or out of control.
Jason was racing.

-”Um, ok dad. Why don't you go make yourself comfortable on your couch in the study and I'll be there in a few. I have a CD that I want you to listen to before we begin. It should help you get more focused and relaxed before I put the DVD in.” Jason bolted up the stairs to get the CD in question.

For Jonathan Collins' part, his heart had stepped up by several beats. Were he to be honest with himself, he'd have to admit that he was feeling more than a little uncomfortable with all of this.

-”What CD? ...What DVD?!” He called after Jason who was already out of earshot. “Oh well, back to school for me, I guess...” He sighed and sneered and went off to his study to lie down on the couch as his youngest son had directed, kicking off his slippers as he did.

He was more or less ready to be hypnotized, he decided; like he was doing his bit for king and country, moreover, for one of his sons' academic advancement. This would probably be the only scenario where he'd allow himself to be put into such a potentially vulnerable situation. Should it happen, he trusted his son not to take advantage. Little did Jonathan Collins know...


The familiar black and red spiral played on the 36-inch Mitsubishi television screen in the Collins' study as Jason, and father, Jonathan continued to stare at it blankly, stroking each other's cocks in virtual unison as it spun and pulsed, spun and pulsed... Both were under so deeply they didn't even notice Scott and Josh entering the room. The two had driven for four hours straight according to Scott, 'to enjoy some special family reunion time.'

-”Very good Jason. I see you had no problem hypnotizing your father, just as I told you. And you must be Jonathan Collins.. I'd shake your hand but yours seems to be a bit busy at the moment.” Scott joked to himself mostly, eying Jonathan's hand mechanically stroking his son's six inch erect dick while Jason did the same with his father's similarly sized rod. Jonathan's stare was locked on the spiral, his hand never once leaving Jason's engorged rod, his face never once giving any indication of awareness that there was now a total stranger standing right in front of him, in his study, and that he, THE Mr. J.P. Collins, of Collins Construction & Demolition, was standing there, in the buff, naked, jerking off his youngest son while his son did the same to him.

-”Are they...? Doin' it?” Josh asked half-dreamily but with a tinge of concern and disgust peppered in. Josh was in fact under but Scott had been keeping him in a very light trance state just for company sake on the long drive. Having a mindless zombie with you as a travel companion did not for the most interesting road trip make, Scott had pre-decided. Scott and Josh spent much of the drive-time talking about other boys that Josh knew that he could potentially bring to Scott once his first target, Harris Tong was acquired. (Josh was still working his six foot tall half-Korean-half American swim team partner).

-”Yes Josh, your brother and father are doing it... in fact, at the count of three Jason, why don't you turn, face your father and cum all over him! 1 – 2 – 3!”

The zoned-out teen turned to face his father and in seconds, reflexively jismmed all over him, as instructed. His initial power-squirt leapt all the way up to Jonathan Collins' forehead; his second, made it onto his hairy chest, right below his left nipple, the rest was either in Jonathan's still masturbating hand or trickling down into his own mass of dirty-blond pubic hair. Jason continued stroking his father who had been hard as stone for nearly 45 minutes now and counting.

-”Ew that's gross!” Josh had just enough wherewithal to know that what he was seeing was not something he found particularly appealing.

-”I'm sorry you feel that way Josh because it's time that you rejoined your family – like a good hypno-slave.” Scott put his emphasis on the last two words he had spoken.

Almost exaggerratedly, Josh came to immediate attention, as if a rubber band suddenly snapped him into this unnaturally frozen pose. His face, most especially his cavernous blue eyes were instantly vacant. "Hypno-Slave" was his and Paul's trance cue. Only Scott could say it with any effect, but when he did, it meant switching into an empty, obedient shell-mode, where he'd wait forever if necessary for Scott to issue him commands. And then, he'd obey them, without thought, without question.

-”Why don't you start by sitting down on the couch and taking off your shoes and socks Josh? I'm sure Jason has been dying to see your feet. Haven't you Jason?”

Scott grabbed one of Jason's butt-cheeks and gave it a firm squeeze.

-”Yes sir. I love my brother's feet. I will do anything for Josh's feet.” Again, that dream came to the forefront of Jason's mind, the one where he was eating, sucking and fucking his brother's high-arched, pink soles, feasting on his majestic toes and then ultimately cumming all over them.

Scott's lips were now inches away from Jason's face cheek. He turned briefly, to ensure that Josh had followed his instructions. Sure enough, Josh was sitting on the couch, his shoes and socks strewn on the floor alongside his now twitching bare toes.

-”Jason... your brother is barefoot. In a moment, I will allow you to go and worship his bare feet, but first, I want you to look down at your father's feet. Look at your father's feet Jason!”

Jason directed his gaze where he had been told, looking down at his father's slightly hairy toes and insteps. He believed his father wore a size twelve shoe. This was the extent of the independent thought Jason was now exhibiting, trying to remember what size shoe his father wore.

-”That's right Jason. From now on, your father's feet will have the same effect on you as Josh's feet. They hypnotize you. You want them in your face, on your cock, you want to masturbate all over your father's soles. You want to own his bare feet. When Josh is not here Jason, you will get just as much pleasure from your father's feet as you do from Josh's. Do you understand?”

-”I understand.” Jason's penis twitched a few times as he continued staring at his father's perfectly proportioned toes, each one appropriately shorter than the last. His nails were trimmed and his feet were clean, free of calluses, bunions or blemish. They were perfect as far as feet went, Jason decided and his gaze locked on even deeper as if he suddenly wanted to know every inch of his father's feet, especially his soles and plumply toes.

-”Say it then, my dad's feet hypnotize me!” Scott commanded the entranced teen.

Staring at his fathers two manly big toes, Jason repeated, “My dad's feet hypnotize me.”

-”You will keep saying it even now as I allow you to go and worship your brother Josh's feet. And Josh you are frozen, you cannot move unless Jason moves you. Go Jason, go down on Josh's feet!”

The hypnotized teen turned like a zombie, detaching himself from his father's continuous grip for the first time in nearly an hour. For the first time in over an hour, Jason's penis was free and he was no longer holding his dad's in his. He made his way over to Josh, repeatedly repeating the mantra he had been instructed to repeat.

Jonathan for his part was still hard as a rock, standing there like a department store mannequin, waiting to be dressed. Scott approached him next.

-”Jonathan, I want you to look at your hand. Look deeply at the palm of your hand.” Scott lifted Jonathan's cum-drenched hand so that it was practically aligned with Jonathan's ever-focused view of the television screen. As Jonathan stared at his hand virtually mindlessly, beyond him, the hypno-spiral on the television beckoned most of his attention. “Do you see what you have on your hand Jonathan?” Scott prodded, intent on pushing the issue.

The normally in-control businessman looked as though he were about to lose it. Were it not for that spiral on the television, commanding so much of his mental attention and energy he probably would have. Instead, he meekly and dryly acknowledged that he could in fact see what he had on his hand. He knew what it was, but preferred not to think about it, even this deep down in this relaxed subconscious state.

-”Tell me what it is Jonathan, tell me, what's this liquid dripping down under your manicured fingernails... you see it... you know what it is... tell me!” Scott was jerking Jonathan's seven inches of bone as he barked out the question. Jonathan's breathing was reactively, increasingly heaving and heavy.

-”It's... it's my son's semen...it's... it's...dis-gusting!” Jonathan was repulsed, just completely unable to offer more than that modicum of resistance. His will, like his mind was asleep on the sidelines.

Scott lifted Jonathan's hand and began rubbing it in his face, making sure to get much of it under and into his nostrils. The stubbled businessman, his face now painted in streaks of cloudy white sperm, had a look of horror on his face but it was soon replaced with total subservient acquiescence

-”It's not disgusting Jonathan... it's the sexiest smell you've ever smelled. Yes... it's turning you on right now knowing that I'm rubbing your son's seed all over your face... so hot... such a turn on isnt' it Jonathan... your son's semen in your nose in your ears, on your lips... turning you on.”

Jonathan was trying to process all of this. His son's semen was in his nose? And the smell, that funky musky ammonia-like smell, turned him on? Did it? How could that be? How in the world could that be...? He wasn't gay...!

-”Don't think about it Jonathan, just believe it, know it to be true.. And say it, say it out loud: My son's sperm turns me on! REPEAT!”

There'd be no harm in him saying it out loud Jonathan mentally relented, unable to fight the suggestion: 'My son's sperm turns me on.'

There. He said it. But he didn't believe it... did he?! Jonathan was processing all of this as he would a dream.

Scott was beyond ecstatic. He knew a preliminary albeit substantial barrier had been crossed with Jonathan Collins and he was increasingly looking forward to breaking this so called, 'man's-man'. He was well on his way to achieving this Olympic-sized goal.

He surveyed Jonathan's hairy, masculine body as he continued to stroke his circumcised cock. Jonathan Collins had hairy, muscular legs. There was no flab or fat to be seen, a tribute to his thrice-a-week workout regimen no doubt. He also noted Jonathan's hairy toes; neither Josh or Jason had any traces of visible hair on their toes; you had to get down, fairly close-up to find one or two light blond wisps on either of their big toes, but that was it. Jonathan's insteps were also fairly heavily clad in dirty blond hairs.

-”Keep repeating it Jonathan and as you do you're going to find that you have to...” Scott didn't even have to finish the sentence as Jonathan let out an ecstatic whimper just before exploding himself. Scott had just gotten out of the immediate line of fire but was close enough to collect as much of the prize as possible. Jonathan's initial burst of sperm was now on the carpet, inches away from his own bare feet.

-”...sperm... aaargh.... turns... I... uh... me... on... my son's... uh.. sperm turns me on. My son's sperm turns me on. My son's sperm...” As his orgasm subsided, his voice came back to a more even, robotic inflection and pulse, almost mimicking the red and black spiral's heartbeat-like rhythm.

And behind him, Scott still heard traces of, “My mmmph dad's mmm feet uh hypnotize me... My dad's feet hypnotize me...” in between slurps, licks, bites and deep inhales of Josh's resistant-free size 11's. Jason practically had half of Josh's size 11 foot in his mouth while using the other to effectively masturbate himself with. Josh, as per his instructions, sat frozen, a veritable piece of statuary staring straight ahead at the bookshelf-wall as if he were watching the most engagingly fascinating movie. Though he wasn't staring at the spiral (the television was at the other end of the study), he might well have been if you went by his vacant eyed stare alone. Scott noted that one of Josh's feet, the one being used to massage Jason's now erect dick, was already wet and damp either from pre-cum ejaculate or from Jason having tongue-bathed it initially. Either way, Josh was getting a nice foot bath thanks to the tactical like precision of his younger brother's hypnotized tongue and mouth.

-”Jonathan, why don't you go ahead and sit down next to Josh on the couch.” Scott directed as he took a moment to take a huge whiff of Jonathan's semen, what bit of it he had collected and remained in his right hand.

-”...son's sperm turns me on. My son's sperm turns me on.” Jonathan kept repeating as he stepped over his discarded bathrobe, and made his way to the couch, plopping himself down like a sack of potatoes.

-”You may stop saying that Jonathan. You too Jason. Stop what you're doing and stand up please Jason.”

Jason immediately pulled Josh's five long toes out of his mouth and pushed Josh's other foot off of his hard cock. He had been only moments away from another eruption, but he had to stop.

Jason stood up quickly, his hardened cock bobbing from side to side from the sudden jump upward.

-”Jonathan, Josh, I want you both to put your feet up on the coffee table, side by side so Jason may compare them.”

Jonathan and Josh did as they were told.

-”Now you see Jason... your father and brother have practically identical soles... both turn you on. But from here on in, you will only lust after Josh's feet when you are in the same town. You have your father's feet now, they are basically yours whenever you want them. And Jonathan, whenever Jason, your youngest son, says the words, hypnotized-foot-slave, you will immediately remove your shoes and socks and hand them to him. You will then allow Jason to do anything he wants to your bare feet. Do you understand?”

-”Anything he wants to my bare feet...und'stan...” Jonathan sleepily droned.

-”That's right. And as soon as Jason starts to worship your bare soles, you will find yourself going back under deep hypnosis... even Jason touching your bare feet will send you back into deep hypnosis. And when you are under, you obey Jason. He is your master. Say it!”

-”When I'm under I obey Jason. He is my... m...master?” Jonathan's sleepy voice repeated, though the question mark tone on 'master' made Scott realize he might need further reinforcement and programming.

-”Josh, why don't you remove the rest of your clothing. You look so out of place for our Collins family reunion, besides, I brought the video camera, remember?!” With so much to distract him, Scott had just noticed that Josh was still in his clothing, minus his shoes and socks of course.

-”Yes sir.” Josh sprung to his feet, eager to comply and free himself of his cumbersome clothing. They were like shackles to him he suddenly realized, and he needed to be free of them immediately.

As Josh hastily disrobed, his developing erection was revealed, at first, through his white boxer-briefs, then, as he slid them down, his dick snagged the elastic waistband, causing it to be pulled down briefly before it bounced right back upward. Josh didn't realize it, but after receiving so many hours of hypnotic programming from Scott, this simple act, snagging his semi-erect cock on his underwear's waistband as he pulled them off, was something he now did every time when in Scott's presence. Scott just loved to watch the spring back effect of Josh's and Paul's penises as they "inadevertantly" caused their penises to react to this ever-so-slight slingshot effect.

-”I am naked sir.” Again, pre-programmed verbal statements of the obvious implied, to Scott anyway, total mental acquiescence. Josh was totally dominated, moreover, his subconscious mind knew it and accepted it and was effectively, announcing it.

With all three Collins men now naked before him, Scott was determined to have some fun with his adopted family while making sure that Jason and Jonathan received as much programming as possible before he and Josh had to take off into the night. They couldn't stay beyond a few short hours and the clock had been ticking...

Jonathan was the key to this whole evening and being that he was Scott's newest acquisition, Scott decided to work on him for much of the remainder of the evening. There was something to working with someone twenty years his senior, something Scott had not anticipated would excite him as much as it was, particularly with both his sons present and well, almost looking on...

Scott Thorpe never did know his real father, but as soon as he was old enough to be interested in it, he was practicing hypnosis on his step-father. Seeing Jonathan sitting on the couch zonked and naked took him back to that first time he had his step-father in a similar scene, some 15 or so years ago when he was 10 or 11. Of course, Alex, the man his mother had remarried was Asian and looked nothing like the three Adonises present and before him now but the age variant, the fact that he was taking down someone much older than himself, turned the young hypnotist on something terrible.

Himself gawking at Jonathan's hypnotized, zombie-like stare, Scott was suddenly put back in mind of the first time he had his step-dad, Alex, invite his younger brother Adrian over to play Sega Genesis; of course, that was just a ruse to get Adrian there – another male-subject for young Scott to experiment on! As soon as Alex brought Adrian over and convinced him to let Scott put him under, something in Scott's pre-pubescent mind clicked. He suddenly realized, before he'd even attempted to hypnotize Adrian, that he wanted Adrian now to bring him his next guinea pig and so on, and so on... Even back then, in pre-puberty, the thought of this type of serial hypnosis, creating a string of hypnotized men, each bring him his next victim, turned the budding hypnotist on beyond the ability words had to communicate..

In fact, in the week since Jason had left, both Josh and Paul had begun the process of speaking with their friends about Scott, heavily playing up the young hypnotist's hypnotic prowess and abilities. Scott had reviewed both boys' Facebook accounts and determined which two young men from their friend lists were the most likely (and the hottest) to go along with being hypnotized. Paul was to “go after” fellow wrestler friend Brandon Clarke, a cute, muscled blond guy that reminded him of "Big Moose" from Archie comics fame. Like the fictitious character, Brandon wasn't all that sharp of a knife, but after hearing Paul's report, Scott decided petulantly that he really wanted, nay, needed to see his "dagger"! According to Paul, who had seen Brandon naked in the showers at school several times, Brandon had the hugest cock Paul had ever seen! Paul was to offer Brandon a quick-fix solution to improving his study habits and thus, getting better grades – Scott Thorpe and his magical powers of hypnosis.

Brandon "bit" almost immediately and was scheduled to meet with Scott tomorrow. Josh too was given the task of snagging one of his buddies from the swim team – Harris Tong. Harris though, slightly more intelligent than Brandon and ever the skeptic, was not at all sold on the fact that hypnosis was going to help his swimming performance. Josh would be increasingly persuasive though and would continue to play Scott up until young Harris ultimately relented and agreed to at least "try it".

Scott snapped himself back to the scene playing out in the here and now, his own brain on veritable overdrive with thoughts of so many young men soon to be under his sway. "Vroom Vroom, Va va voom!" he joked aloud, to himself. There really was no one else in the room to react to anything he said unless he phrased it as an order or hypnotic command.

-”Jonathan, turn and look at Josh. What do you see? Look closely at your son...” Scott was suddenly relentless in his desire to break J.P. Collins, big-shot business mogul, and now, his hypnotized servant.

Jonathan's head turned ever so slowly, his eyes locking on his son, who was standing at the foot of the couch. “He's... he's naked.... and... he's...”

-”And what Jonathan? Say it!” Scott commanded, intent on breaking every last shred of resistance and independent thought from the self-declared alpha-male.

-”H...he looks... hypnotized.” Jonathan said trying to adjust his focus, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Was his oldest son Josh really standing there now, in his den? Naked? And hypnotized? Wasn't he at school some 275 miles away? ...Surely, this had to be a dream, a sick, perverse nightmare, Jonathan's subconscious reasoned to itself almost defensively.

Thankfully Scott was prepared for all would-be mounted defenses:

-”Seeing Josh and Jason hypnotized... it turns you on. Seeing any man hypnotized turns you on. Especially good looking men. Hypnotized and good looking men turn you on.” Scott continued his pre-arranged programming with more than a little bit of relish and power-rush.

Still staring at his son, realizing his body and mind were erect, in every sense, Jonathan muttered back, 'good looking men turn me on.' Scott seized on the middle-aged man's source of relent:

-"Good looking hypnotized men turn you on!" He inserted into Jonathan's script.

-"Good looking hypnotized men turn me on." He droned, totally subjugated by the voice commanding him.

-”In fact, you're going to think of a friend of yours that Jason and you can hypnotize together. Like a father-and-son project. Yes, that's right. When I leave here tonight you will only remember that Jason tried to hypnotize you and failed. He couldn't hypnotize you. Couldn't hypnotize you. But he needs to hypnotize someone... so you are going to think of someone you can arrange for Jason to hypnotize. A young man, perhaps, in your employ?” Scott raised an eyebrow, tentatively assessing whether or not Jonathan had followed all of these intricately woven lies and deceptions he was expecting to him to act upon and carry out.

-”My new assistant – Ian Banks... he's only 21 or 22 or something.” Jonathan was trying to imagine, the tall, thin, African American, Ian, standing where Josh was right now, at military-like attention, like his oldest son, with his hard dick pointing ceilingward. Try as he might, he couldn't see it, despite really, really wanting and trying to.

-”Very good Jonathan. You are going to ask Ian to help you with Jason's project. Offer him a financial incentive if necessary.”

-”I understand. Offer to pay him to help.” Jonathan's face suddenly seemed to go even blanker. Scott had evidently forgotten that when he directed the businessman's attention toward his oldest, visiting son, he was also asking him to return his gaze, at least peripherally, to the red and black spiral, still pulsing and spinning on the television screen to his far-left.

-”Perfect.” Scott chimed. “Josh, Jason, I want you each to grab hold of one of your father's bare feet. NOW!” The "NOW" wasn't really necessary as both boys were already en route to Scott's specified location, without question or second thought. No, the authoritative tone he was using on both hyonotized brothers was like window dressing, unnecessary, but wholly adding to his fantasies of mental domination.

Both Josh and Jason moved into location, each taking hold of one of their father's bare soles, Josh taking hold of his father's right ankle, Jason, the left.

-”Jonathan you cannot move. Your sons are going to be using your size..." Scott cut himself off, realizing he had no idea what size foot the senior Collins man had. "What size shoe do you wear Jonathan?" Being that his foot was only ever so slightly wider and larger than Josh's he guessed Jonathan's foot size as 11 1/2 or 12, tops.

The blank-faced businessman responded as succinctly and simply as he knew how, "12, sir". It wasn't every day some stranger asked him his foot size, but one might think he had been answering that question everyday. To his hypnotized mind it was a question as innocuous as 'what's today's date?' or 'what's the temperature outside today?' or 'what time is it?'

Scott seemed to be bursting at the seems in expectant enthusiasm, like an expectant mother about ready to give birth. It was that monumentous a feeling to the young hypnotist.

-"Perfect, Jonathan, perfect! Your sons are going to be using your size 12-feet as their personal cumrags and you're going to enjoy it. It turns you on. Having both of your sons' sperm anywhere on your hypnotized body turns you on!”

Jonathan Collins was frozen stiff, his two blank-faced sons still standing there off to each side, each with one of his feet in their hands, thoughts of their cloudy white seed imminently arriving onto his naked, hairy body sending spasms of excitement through his own re-solidifying cock.

-”Boys, I want you to get on your knees and put your faces into your father's soles, using your free hands to masturbate. When you are just about ready to cum, you will stand and cum all over his soles. Your fathers feet turn you both on. Do you understand?”

Jason and Josh responded with their almost congruent and ceremonial-sounding, robotic 'yes master's' before dropping to the carpeted floor at their father's feet while jerking their own hardedned dicks in compliant unison.

Scott took out his video camera and began to shoot. This scene would definitely go down as the best father-and-son picnic he'd ever attended. Ok, so there was no potato sack racing.... but watching all three men's ballsacks spasm at his suggestion, like pulsing hypno-discs themselves, was enough to nearly hurl hypnotist-Scott over the climactic edge. Still, he kept it together, knowing this was only Session #1 with all three Collins' men. There was much more to cum, as far as Scott was concerned.

Scott looked at his wrist-watch with some degree of concern. It was quickly approaching midnight. Like a Cinderella fantasy-story, well, almost, Scott had decided that Josh and he should leave by midnight to be back by around 3:30 or 4 am. This last part of the evening would have to hold him. Besides, he knew he'd be getting a blow job from Josh in the car on the ride back and that Josh would be so desperate to play footsie with his crotch that he'd be begging for attention the entire ride home. As for Jason and Papa-Jonathan, Scott knew it was only just beginning with these two related housemates.

For now, seeing the three naked Collins men engaged in a three-way foot jerk while capturing it all on tape was enough to initially sustain him.

Scott instinctively knew he'd be looking for new offices soon. Indeed, it was only a matter of time he reasoned, before he, Scott Thorpe would be moving up in this world, possibly to join the construction and demolition business as J.P. Collins' ever-silent but no-so silent business-partner. All in good time he decided responsibly and tactfully, all in good time.

The video ended moments after Scott hung a sign around Jonathan's neck that read “Hypno-Slave”. Seconds later, first his youngest son Jason, then, the elder, Josh, came all over their father's soles as he just sat there, blank-faced, sign around his neck and all. The final shot zoomed in on Jonathan's left foot and the stream of Jason's cum racing down his sole.

-”Time to go Joshua. Get dressed. And wait for me in the car!”

-”Yes master.” Josh dropped his father's inanimate right foot, causing it to bounce off the floor several times as he did; the sudden drop also forced several droplets of Josh's semen to wind up on the carpeted floor, where Jonathan's bare foot ultimately landed. Joshua started to get dressed.

-”Jason, Jonathan, remember, after Josh and I leave, you will not remember us being here.” Scott made sure to erase that very crucial tidbit. It had occurred to him, a little late he realized; the memory could have caused complications down the line for all concerned, so it was a 'good-save' as far as Scott was concerned.

Josh was out the door moments later, a sleepwalking zombie destined for Scott's burgundy-colored Ford subcompact in the driveway.

Scott had just one more thing to do before exiting the scene:

-”Jonathan, Jason: You will both get dressed now. Wait ten minutes and then wake up. Remembering only what I've told you each to remember. And the fun begins...” Scott watched as the two sleepwalkers gradually started reassembling and then putting back on their clothes. He pressed stop on the dvd player and made a quick exit. He had an important rendezvous with a pair of lips and a pair of cum-drenched bare feet in the car, to say nothing of tomorrow's meeting with the blond, super-buffed wrestler Brandon Clarke. If things worked out well with him Scott decided, he might even create his own little private wrestling team; having his hypnotized slaves fight over who got to be with him, sent anticipatory shivers up the young hypnotist's spine.

As he entered the car, he found Josh predictably sitting in the passenger seat, staring straight ahead at the absolute dark of night through the windshield. His right shoe and sock were off, his bare foot correctly positioned alongside the gearshift and his fly open, with his flaccid cock hanging off to the left, facing the driver, again, just as Scott had previously specified.

-”I see you are ready for me Josh.” Scott smirked as he entered the car and slammed the door shut and started up the engine.

-”Yes master. I am ready for you, sir.” And with that utterly subservient utterance, Josh's six inches of manhood spasmed slowly back to life. So too did Scott's.