Behold, the Power of Words 2

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Dante and Cedrick were sitting in Tea House of the Cherry Moon, finishing their dinner and discussing their outing this afternoon.

“Can you believe the size of those two?”

“I know, they’ve got to be like eight feet tall!”

“And just as wide! All that muscle mass on them…woof!”

“I know I think they stand with their legs so far apart and their arms hovering in the air cause there’s so much muscle it pushes them out fighting for space.”

“Yeah, it’s no wonder they’re leading our local college team on to victory.”

“As they’ve done so for the last three years”

“Who can compete with all that? Jeeze, I’m still surprised I didn’t pop a boner right in front of them. Ed Thornton and Patrick O’Matán. How on earth did you ever arrange for us to meet them in person and get their autographs and pictures? For that part, when did you learn about this place. The food is great and the tea selection is awesome.”

“Well, for them I just happened to know someone who knew someone who happened to be connected to…one of those kinds of things, ya know? I just heard about this place today. Overheard about it from a couple talking in the hallway while we were waiting for Thornton and O’Matán.”

“Well, I thank you for the birthday gift. Meeting those two will definitely be an inspiration to my new training regimen; you know how hard it’s been for me to gain. I’m not trying to pack it on as much as they are, but I’m still just a stick figure after two hard years of work. And you know how much I love tea and this is some of the best shit I’ve ever had.”

Dante took a sip of his tea once again and leaned his thin, 5’ 11” frame back, as well as his head letting his thick ebony hair flip back out of the way of his cocoa colored eyes. He had a slight ruddiness to his skin, the last vestiages of his Italian heritage, olive complextion that had been toned down with other north western European in his family.

Cedrick in his 5’8” average build frame, topped with a mom of strawberry blond hair that hung lose and wild, almost anime like, in front of a pair of ice baby blues, sat across from his friend with a smirk. He watched as a glaze formed over Dante’s eyes and then he blinked and shook off the day dream.

“Oh crap! Look at me space out. Well, it’s been a long day, I guess I must be tired. And I’ve still got homework for classes due Monday. Shit! Is it dark outside?”

“Yeah, dude. We’ve been sitting here talking for a few hours.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed. Time flies when you’re having fun right?”

“Or when you’re with good company,” said Cedrick and he placed his hand on top of Dante’s.

Dante blushed slightly and took his hand out from underneath. The two got up to pay and leave and as they walked out the door, Cedrick called out a friendly, “Night, Mr. Chi.” They drove back to their apartment where they watched a little TV and then the two went to their separate bedrooms to retire for the day.

The next morning while fixing breakfast, Dante felt antsy. He wasn’t sure what made it so, but he just felt like he needed to get out and do something. Cedrick suggested powershakes for breakfast then cause if they made and ate a full meal for breakfast, they’d never get out in time to see or do anything.

“Agreed, Ced, but where do we want to go?”

“Hmmmm, how about we go up to your parents’ cabin and spend tonight and Sunday night up there and come back Monday morning. We can go straight to classes. There’s lots of spots and shops and hiking and biking and climbing to do or see on the way up there. That should definitely get the antsiness outta ya.”

“Cool, but are ya sure you want to be seen with me for so long two days straight?”

Cedrick walked up behind Dante, leaned his face into and around Dante’s head and whispered low, “Yeah…I like to be seen with my boyfriend.”

A small surge built up in Dante’s stomach and then spread out through his entire body as his shook his next breath out and said in a hushed whisper, “B-b-boyfriend?”

“Yeah…boyfriend. Dude, let’s face it. We’ve been spending more and more time together. We seem to be happiest when we’re spending time with each other. Hell when one’s schedule suddenly came open, we’ve cancelled plans with other people so we could hang out. I’ve caught too long of glances from you, you’ve caught them from me….I think it’s time we call a spade, a spade, and see where we go from here. You agree, boyfriend?”

Dante blushed and turned his head away, but leaned his back into Cedrick. “Yeah, boyfriend.”

So they packed up some gear and clothes and food into a car and proceeded to head out to the cabin. After about two hours of driving they were coming through a town that enjoyed gearing itself towards all things western, including its large tourist attraction a huge western, cowboy, Saloon and General Store. Dante glanced a little longingly as they were coming up to passing the store, when suddenly Cedrick pulled into one of the parking spots.

“Why are we stopping here?”

“Hey, you wanted to get out and do stuff, and I know you’ve wanted a good pair of boots for a while now. Let’s go check ‘em out.”

On the way in there was a very large, antique, cigar Indian statue. It was placed out front, along side a piece of the wall that had a height chart marked on it with a sign that said “How to measure up to Great Bear?” Although very cheezy and touristy, the guys decided to do the bit and take each other’s pictures standing next to the statue. But when Cedrick showed Dante his, Dante was quite surprised.

“Wait, wait…there’s something wrong, I must’ve been standing on the floor molding or something.”

“Why, what do ya mean?”

“That’s saying I’m six feet tall. I’m not six foot, I’m five foot eleven inches.”

Cedrick convinced his pal to stand up again next to the chart, making sure his feet were flat on the floor. He took the picture again, then walked up and placed his hand on the top of Dante’s head and when Dante took a look at both of them, it proved he was six feet tall.

“That’s not right. I know it’s not right.”

“See I told you, you were a lot bigger than me.”

“I’m not four inches taller than you. I’m not at the six foot mark.”

“According to this you are.” And Cedrick wrapped his arms around Dante’s waist and pulled him in whispering, seductively and low, “See, you’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my big boyfriend.”

Dante’s stomach did flips again and he felt a power surge through him. His clothes seem to hug him tighter. His feet seemed to be suddenly cramped. For a minute he thought he saw Cedrick get smaller. But Cedrick walked away and opened the door to go inside. They walked over to where the boots were and Dante sat down and took off his shoes so he could try on a pair of boots. He sat for a moment marvelling at his feet. He never realized how long they looked before, or had they. He was sure his feet didn’t look that long before, but they couldn’t have just grown that way over night.

A customer service rep came over and asked what kind of boot Dante would like to see and after hearing him explain what style and color he’d like he asked for Dante’s shoe size.
“Ten and half.”

The sales person stopped. “Excuse me sir, but those aren’t ten and half feet.”

“What? It’s what I’ve been wearing in shoes since my freshman year in high school.”

“Well, I know my approximations very well and that’s not a size ten and a half foot, that’s at least a twelve.”

“There’s no way. I’m only five foot eleven.”

“Six foot!”

“Shush, Cedrick. I still know I don’t have a size twelve shoe.”

At this the salesman went back to the counter and then came back with a Brannock device to measure Dante’s foot. After placing Dante’s foot in it and adjusting the bars on the side and tops the device clearly showed that Dante wore a US men’s size thirteen and half, normal width. With that the Salesmen went to go get the approprate size boot.

“This is too weird, Ced. I know it’s not that long since I’ve measured myself. I am simply not six foot and I don’t have size twelve shoes or thirteen and a half boots. I know that’s not right.”

“But the evidence is right there.”

“You sound almost happy about it…”

“Why shouldn’t I be, I’ve got a big boyfriend with big feet. You can keep me all safe and protected and you know what they say about men with big feet.”

“Oh, come on!”

Cedrick laughed and leaned in “You’ve gone from being my big boyfriend to being my big-footed boyfirend.”

Again the butterflies returned to Dante’s stomach, flitting round and round and round until suddenly flying off in a million directions throughout his body. His vision appeared to adjust looking straightout higher and higher. He felt his butt, his frame, taking up more and more space on the bench. His clothes felt like they were trying to attack him, choke him, suffocate him, pinch him, before he suddenly heard a couple rips, tears, and felt the open air hit his waist line it now being exposed. He came to when the salesman returned and attempted to try on a pair of boots to Dante’s dogs. But having just measured, the boot didn’t fit. It was way to small and tight. The man looked questionably at Dante’s feet and then put it back into the device, reajusdted the bars to come up with a size sixteen one E wide.

“What the hell!” said Dante and he stood up, then lurched back as he realized Cedrick almost only came up to the top of his shoulder. “Cedrick….something’s wrong here. You’re looking very short. My clothes just burst…my feet are huge…I know you weren’t ever almost a foot shorter than me…”

“Are ya sure Dante? Cause you’re looking like it right now. Let’s go back out to Great Bear and prove to you how tall you are.”

The two returned to the front of the store with Dante backing up to the tape measure wall paper. Ced stood back and took his picture, then put his hand up on top of Dante’s head and when Dante walked out from underneath it revealed him to be 6’5”

“Holy hell! I know I’m not that tall. What the hell is going on…”

“Easy…easy…we’ll figure this out. Let’s take a moment to cool down, focus and we’ll think of what to do.”

“Right what am I going to do about this? I mean what can be done about this this…this is….”

“What? You’ve gotten a little taller and stronger. What’s so bad about that?”

“Well….I guess nothing is that bad about it but, what if it continues. This isn’t normal.”

“Just take it easy, getting freaked and panicked about it isn’t going to help. Look there’s a gym across the way. Why don’t we go over there run you through your daily work out to clear your head and we’ll see what we can do from there?”

Reluctantly Dante agreed and after running back into the general store to purchase some gym clothes that fit Dante, the two headed over to the gym. On their way out of the general store though, they used one of the smaller side doors and Dante kind of got repelled by it when he tried to walk through. He stopped looking panicked at Cedrick, but Ced calmed him down and had him twist just slightly. His head cleared the frame, it was just this was a narrow door Dante was now a little too broad for it.

“It’s not that bad” said Ced “It just means your workouts are improving your physique.” And he placed his arm around Dante’s waist as they walked over to the gym and said approvingly, “Dante…my broad-shouldered, big-footed boyfriend.”

Again, for flips and turns and knots grew in Dante’s stomach with a feeling of power spreading through him as he could have sworn he heard more rips and tears come from his clothing, while the sun and the breeze caressed more of his body. The two reached the gym and Cedrick opened the door, which was fairly wide, but once again Dante was repelled by the frame, smacking his head slightly on the top bar.

“OW! What the hell! Okay…in order for me to have his that bar I’d have to be taller than 6’ 8” that means I’ve just grown 4 inches on the way over!”

“Easy…easy! Big man…. You just focus on relaxing with a good workout and I’ll go talk to the staff. They usually have some kind of medical personnel at a gym. I’ll see if he knows where the closest doctor or hospital is and we’ll take it from there.”

Dante got changed into his new gym clothes becoming even more dismayed as they seemed to be a little snug for something he just bought to fit. It included the shoes to which made him feel even worse. Still, he strode into the weight room and tried to think of what set he was supposed to be doing today. Chest. That’s what it was, chest. He went over to an unoccupied weight bench, loaded up some weights and started to work out. He did about fifty reps easily without breaking a sweat. He lay there looking up at the bar confused for a while.

Suddenly there was a guy there, fairly well built, with a smirk on his face.

“Greetings, my name is Doug. You alright? You look a little confused or off.”

“Well… I’ve got a bit of a problem on my mind right now. Not sure working out is the best thing to do and….well…I’m definitely not getting any pump or workout right now.”

“Ahhhh gotcha. Well, if I might be so bold as to suggest, a little more weight is probably need for a big guy like you. Been a while since you worked out? Ha ha ha. As for concentrating, sometimes drawing out others around you, and help from a friend to keep you focused could help. I’m not your friend, just an aquaintance right now, but it’s a good fill in, and I do happen to have a set of these…”

At which point Doug pulled out a pair of weird looking headsets. “They’re like a cross between a two-way radio headset and an ipod. They’re great for workout and workout partners. Just plug the two jacks into your ears, clip the li'l pod onto your waistband and….. crrrrrrrk Can ya hear me? Cool…now since you need the focus, just flip through that pod for a couple of minutes and select whatever songs get your motor goin' for a workout and I’ll get ya set up.”

Feeling a little better, having taken his attention off his growing problem for the moment, Dante flipped through the selections and created a list of music to play. He did grow a little nervous though as he saw out of his peripheral vision Doug was loading quite a few plates onto the bar, but he thought I guess my workouts are helping me cause the weight he had on was far too light. After getting his music selected and Doug finished stacking the plates, Doug hit play on Dante’s pod and then nodded his head in agreement saying good choice and helped him go through the motions of a killer chest workout.

They were almost done with the last set of reps for the chest workout, Dante working up quite a set, feeling pumped all over and inside from the encouragement Doug was giving him, when Cedrick walked up. Doug looked up and kind of gave him a rude glance for interrupting, but Cedrick pointed at Dante and mouthed the word “boyfriend.” Doug nodded, reached into his back pocket, pulled out another ipod-set and tossed it towards Cedrick who put it on.

Crrrrrck “Welcome to the set, li'l man. I’m Doug. Your boyfriend needed a little help to get him focused and going, so I came over to help. We’re almost done with this set and you two can take off if ya want to.”

Crrrck “S’okay, I’m here to support him, let him work out as long as he wants to. ‘S’not like I’m going to complain about the view.”

“Okay, but what did the med person say, Ced?”

“The town basically has a personal doctor. Being Saturday he’s off, out on the golf course, but they called him and he said he’d come in as soon as he was done with the lower nine.”

“Okay then I want to finish this set and work something else. I’m too pent up and with you helpin' me out, Doug, now I kind of feel too good.”

“Alright…last set of five…maybe ten…drop and push it up man.”

And with that Doug pushed Dante to lifting an good amount of weight through a last couple of reps. Dante lay back out of breath, but smiling, his chest heaving and rising in the air, swollen with veins crossing over the dales and valleys.

“I think your work outs are helping tremendously, Dante,” called Cedrick and he walked over and playfully slugged Dante in the chest. “Hmmmmm….getting pretty thick there….meaty…broad and wide…. my broad-shouldered, barrel chested, big-footed boyfriend.”

The flips returned again to Dante’s stomach, stronger than ever before. He swore he could feel power growing, gathering inside his gut and then it was released. He swore he felt the clothes become exceptionally tight, then ripping, exposing his newly pumped muscles, the hem revealing his midriff, his feet blowing out the sneakers…but he didn’t care. He wanted to stay focused and work out some more.

Doug on the other hand, started to back up and utter “What the…” but Cedrick glared at him and shook his head no. Then looking over to the wall he nodded towards a poster of Ed Thornton and Patrick O’Matán. Doug made a motion with his hands indicating swelling or growing to which Cedrick mouthed the word ‘bigger’. Doug looked down at Dante and kind of smiled. Cedrick thought he saw a little movement in Doug’s groin area, but didn’t care about it when Doug shook his head in an approving manner and clicked on the ipod.
“Lookin’ great man, but let’s keep that pump and feeling going for a long as you want. What part next?”


And Doug and Cedrick began to reload the bar and prep it for Dante. Doug put him through all sorts of curls and reps positive and negative free weight and machine, the whole time Dante’s arm plumping and pumping, bunching and bulging, popping with veins increasing in size and pump. Doug coaching him on through each lift, while Cedrick cheered him on with approval….

“My broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, big-footed boyfriend.”

And Dante expanded, widened, filled out, thickened. He called out he wanted to work out his abs and so they took him to another bench. He sat down pausing just a second…Did Cedrick only come up to just under his chest a moment ago? He shook it off at Doug’s orders and adjusted himself as best as he could on the bench. It seemed too short, but worse of all too narrow? He had to balance his width on the bench? Soon he was crunching out ab exercises left and right, striaght, bends, twists, turns, knees to elbows, back lifts…. Till he stood up at the end, walked over towards a mirror, lifted up his shirt (just ever so slightly) and crunched his abs in a pose.

“Mmmmm looking good. It’s paying off for sure. My broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, big-footed boyfriend.”

Dante closed his eyes, feeling the pump shrink down into his belly, increase by like ten fold and expand out and he swore he could feel himself inflating, stretching, reaching, growing. This…this is what a pump feels like?....yeah….” He opened his eyes and though the scene looked strange…his feet didn’t have any shoes on them, just socks that looked like ankle ones but he knew he had on mid-calf. There were some rags or something surrounding his feet. His shorts looked really small and tight like he was wearing a 1970’s fashion. His shirt only covered up his chest, but it was ripping down the front, the sleeves were blown and just covering his traps. But a bark from Doug sent him back to thinking about the workouts and he stated he wanted to next do his calves.

They just barely got him into a machines and on benches to do this, but they pilled on the weight, more and more and he couldn’t believe his eyes on the poundage Doug was expecting him to hoist, press, or lift, still he was able to do it…he felt good, he felt strong, he felt powerful and he worked harder and harder more and more, moving more and more weight around, feeling the pump, the tiredness, the tightness developing in his muslces. Finally, the calve work out done, he stood up to flex and shake them out, viewing his growing massive hart shaped, hard as diamond calves. Cedrick again appeared, kneeling down and rubbing them…

“Damn, these are calves, Dante. Hmmmmmm My broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, bulky –calfed, big-footed boyfriend.”

Once more the feeling of power overtook him and he stood taller, straighter, wider, thicker, broader…. His arms fighting for room with his lats and back, his thighs fighting for room with each other and…other things. He looked around him and things looked so small. Guys Cedrick to Doug’s size, seemed to only come up to his waist. The posing mirrors stopped at his shoulders. The machines we’re looking like child size weight benches. His shirt was gone, his shorts were becoming posers, and his socks just barely covered his feet, the hems just barely going over the heel. Doug snapped him out of it again and told him to come over to another area he had worked out for him and they’d do thighs now. So Dante got into position on a stack of tables and jury-rigged pullies.

Cedrick looked a little worried at first at Doug, but then saw what he had done. He saw as well that the wet spot was forming on Doug’s crotch, probably matched his own and after another approving nod from Doug, Cedrick knew he now had a new partner in his plans for his boyfriend. So began the thigh workout, lift after lift, extension after extension, curling, pulling, pushing, and the crevices and cracks deepened while the teardrops bulked and bulged more, higher, thicker across his legs and when it was done folks in the gym were wondering if anyone would ever think of the term Quadzilla for DeMano? Defacto? Defuncted champion anymore. Dante rose up and walked around shaking and popping his thighs, cheered on and talked through it by Doug while Cedrick purred on…

“My broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed boyfriend.”

“OOOOooohhhh,” moaned Dante as once again he swelled and flaired and pulsed and grew while he did a posing routine to walk out and release the tension in his muscles. To get the blood flowing further and further through them and increase the pump. He definitely looked like an amateur bodybuilder now, popping and plumping in all the right places, thick but hard, cut and defined. Veins standing out creating criss-crossing creeks all over his sculpted body. The socks gone, the shirt gone, the shorts and underwear were all that’s left, barely strings holding on with an ever shriking piece of cloth that was just barely holding a huge piece of meat (even proportionately to his size) and balls.

Everyone in the gym was now standing around him. The majority of them looking like they only came up to his crotch, but they cheered and routed, shouted and clapped as he struck a pose to shake his muscles and soon he began to just start posing more and more and more. Someone, the manager had come up and taken a picture and then disappeared, only to return a few minutes later with a print out of it that he taped over the poster of Ed Thornton and Patrick O’Matán. This struck him hard. He wasn’t bigger or better than Ed and Patrick they were like eight feet tall? He started to shake his head to reality, looking over at Cedrick.

“Wait…Cedrick, I need that doctor. There’s now way I can be this big…not in this short amount of time. I’m not that huge…I’m not a bodybuilding beast…”

Cedrick wasn’t sure what to say when suddenly Doug appeared with a clip board in his hands, winking at Cedrick.

“Here big man, sign off on this form so the doctor can see you. He’s right this way through these double doors. We’ve set up a special area so he can look at you alone.”

Dante signed off on the paperwork and slowly followed Doug to and through the doors. Before he went through though, Doug turned up the volume on his ipod. “Don’t worry or think about anything. Just listen to the music, think about your pump and how good and strong you felt. The doctor will talk to you and walk you through your examination.”

Dante walked into the room. It was pitch black. He thought he heard someone talking…was it the doctor? He wasn’t sure over the music and he could barely feel and figure out where the ipod hung on his tightening waist band.

“La…..entleme….elcome…nex ..nd las....estant for…..Mister…..Town, Dante…… GOOD LORD!”

Suddenly a voice rang crystal clear through the headset. “Good afternoon, Dante. I need to see you move into various positions so I can examine you.” It was a german accent, very poor and fake, Cedrick looked over at Doug who looked down at a gentleman he was holding and had given a fourth ipod set too. The little guy, switched off the ipod and whispered hoarsely. “You said I was supposed to be a doctor. It was the only thing I could think off!”

Doug lightly smacked the back of the guys head and he continued. “First let’s take a look at your front, stand up straight and face the light.” Suddently there was a set of blinding lights streaming down hot and heavy upon Dante and he stood up straight and tall.

“Next turn to the side, extend and cup your hands together bringing one arm in front and one to the side slightly turning your torso to the light.”

“You mean like a side chest shot?”

“Yes. Exactly like that. Since you know bodybuilding poses, I’ll just give them to you like that. Okay? Now face the back and give a double bi…….Now flare your back……pop your hamstrings and show your calves….”

And for what felt like hours the doctor asked him to do pose after pose after pose so that he could view all his body and see how it was moving and working and if anything looks abnormal. But over time it seemed that the music was being drowned out more and more and he swore he heard the sounds of a crowd cheering, applauding, whistling, cat calling…. And when the doctor finally asked him to do a crab shot, that was all she wrote. The sound of the crowd erupted into a deafing roar that nearly shattered the darkened windows of the back stage. As Dante moved to stand up straight and remove one of the ear plugs, the extreme light softened and more lights came on and he could see an entire auditorium full of people all cheering and clapping and stomping and soon chantting… “Crab shot…crab shot…crab shot….” Not sure what to do he did another crab shot and the crowd erupted once again.

Eventually the lights came up enough on stage and all around Dante gathered other gentlemen, each of them bodybuilders of some decent size, cut, proportion. A gentleman in a suit, looking fairly broad himself waved his hands in the air, motioning for people to take their seats. He motioned for the other body builders to gather round him and he couldn’t believe how small and short these guys were.

He was starting to shake his head to clear it when the gentlemen in the suit grabbed a microphone.

“WOW! I told you our town could do it didn’t I?” and the crowed errupted again. “And that we’d save the best for last right.”


“I’m sure we know the outcome, cause this….” And he pointed up and down Dante.”Is something we’ve not seen the likes of since we hosted Ed Thornton and Patrick O’Matán!”


“Easy easy…so we’ve got to wait for the official word, while we’re waiting, I’d like to thank all of you, and of course, all these fine contestants”


“Go on, all of ya give em another pose real quick. Just think of the time and dedication and hard work it puts into creating the Adonis, marbleized, Greeco-God like statues of pure athleticism and power!”


“but thank you contestants and you audience for making this a very successful, open called, Mr. Western Town!”

As the crowd settled down again, a man came up with an evelope and handed it to the announcer. “Like I said, we were just waiting for the formailty, after that last contestant. Ladies and Gentleman, your first ever, Mr. Western Town is…….DANTE FORZE!”

“RAAAAAAAAAAH!” and the crowd started to cheer and Dante was shocked and a little lost, but then smiled and lightly flexed and popped his muscles like he had nothing and the crowd started chanting “more more more MORE MORE MORE MOOOOOOORE!” Until he eventually did an entire posing routine again, ending in a raise double bi shot the likes of which Lee Priest or Sergio Olivia usually only pulled off, and the crowd went wild.

After thanking the contestants and the contestants all talked and got pictures with Dante and the chairman handed him his check and trophy and terms of the contract, which made Dante’s head swim. Doug winked at Cedrick and nodded over to a large semi and trailer and they ushered Dante into it. In the front of the trailer was a large pile of cushions and pilows and blankets arranged so one could lay down on it. Cedrick looked at over at Doug as Danted collapsed onto the pile.

“Where did you get the trailer and semi, all these cushions, who’s driving and where are we going?”

“Relax. The Rig and trailer is mine and my partner’s. Say hi to the new friend, Cedrick, Spence.”

“Hi!” came over the ipod.

“The cushions and all the stuff is either part of the loot your boyfriend just won, or you’d be surprised how much free stuff someone wants to give to a soon to be famous champion. They love to be able to say ‘I supported him when….’ As far as where we are going, that’s up to you.”

Cedrick smiled and gave directions to the cabin to Spencer, and then walked up to Dante who was lying in a dreamy like state.

“Ced…I feel so huge….so strong…so powerful….and all those people….”

“Shhhhhh, rest baby. You’ve just had a very full and exciting day. Done a lot, especially with your workouts.”

“But I’m no great feat, no massive man…those people.”

And Cedrick lifted up the trophy and held in front of Dante. “Aren’t wrong. You were selected by judges and won. You have this trophy. You are a bonafide bodybuilder.” And Cedrick smiled at Dante, and then slyly at Doug. “You are, my broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, body building boyfriend.”

Again the power welled up in Dante’s stomach, and again it spread out through his veins, across his muscles, into his bones, throughout his body, as it began to reach and stretch, pop and flex, expanding like a slowly filling balloon, increasing in size, strength, definition, bulkier, stronger, harder, taller, broader, thicker, than ever before. For the last time, ripping tearing sounds were heard and with a finaly snap the waist band crotch front gave way exposing something else that had developed becoming just as much taller, thicker, harder, and veinier as the rest of the body. And even though his saw it in his vision that the trailer seemed to get a bit narrower, that his limbs got longer and thicker, his feet and legs without him moving somehow pushed pillows and cushions out further away, Dante’s mind was caught up in how small the trophy looked in his hands.

“This trophy looks so small….but it’s supposed to be really big. Yet in my hands it looks like a regular size? Shouldn’t it be like half as tall as I am?”

“Shhhhhh…it’s okay. Remember all you hard work… you’ve grown…so big….so strong…your hands have gotten that way too. Thick, and long, and big, and strong. Like a bunch of little arms with massive guns your figners are. You just have to realize you are and always were a big guy….”

“Yeah….?” And Danted turned his hands this way and that.” My hands look pretty big. Course lifting and working them a lot causes them to develop too…”

“Yeah….you know who you are…My broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, bear –pawed, body building boyfriend.”

And Dante’s head rose higher and higher as his neck got longer and longer from growing taller and taller, but it got thicker and thicker too matching his head as his muscles developed further and further. His back broadened and thicken looking nearly as wide as he was tall as his delts and sholders and back and lats stretched and bunched and flaired. His waist tightened even more, bunching with six eight cobblestones of power making the difference between waist and back width absolutely massive hardly tapering looking more like an entire wall stacked onto a pile of single bricks. His arms ballooned, pushing out more and more til it looked like they were as thick around as his waist. The thighs inflating, pulsing so many thick and huge teardrop shapes, screaming at the arms they were nothing as they were almost one and half times the size of the arms, while the calves said the arms had nothing on them all of them fighting for room and Dante’s growing body.

Yet covering those thighs was a hose that was getting longer and thicker with each pulse of growth. He had started out with a little garder snake and it had grown into a black snake, a moccasin, a cobra, a python, and was threatening to become an anaconda now. Doug shuddered and the wet spot on his crotch grew.

“Fuck me… I don’t know what you’re doin to him, but I think it’s wonderful. Look at that friggin bazooka he’s got.”

Cedrick looked over at Dante, “Hmmmmm yeah….just wait… growin boy…growin man….My broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, bear –pawed, bazooka dicked, body building boyfriend.”

Once again Dante flex and rolled his abs as the power took root in him again and he just simple SHOOOOM! Spread out in every direction exploding with power and size. His chest rising up and up, getting thicker and thicker, forming not a shelf but a plateau, rising up more and more, spreading out wider and wider, hanging harder and heavier, pushing his nips down farther and farther as they too increased in size and length. His arms rounding and mounding rising in higher and higher peaks even though they weren’t flexed. Becoming truly the size of large canon balls with just as much punch and power. His shoulders bunched higher and higher mounding up like mountains threatening to over take his neck. His delts balled and swelled inbetween the shoulders and arms screaming for space.

His thighs pushed out more and more, he would always stand at a shoulder wise distance, the tear drops swelling, the backside throbbing against the bubbling butt cheeks, the hamstring becoming a taught thick suspension cable of power connecting to the largest, heart throbbing shaped, set of calves ever seen. All of this leading to a pair of massive feet that was getting longer and wider in order support the gigantic frame. But this was lost to the fact that Dante’s soft cock head was now lying near his knees raised up near his crotch over a pair of well sized, full, and churning balls. Next to them lay a pair of humungous hands that looked able to stroke it off.

“Jeeze dude! How big is he gonna get?” said Doug in amazment.

“I’m not sure.” Whispered Cedrick with his headset off. “I got him hypnotized whenever I mention a seductive phrase he’ll grow and grow until he blows.”

“Well you better figure out something soon, cause I think he’s probably a little bit more than twice my size.”

Cedrick backed up and looked at Dante’s expanding form. “You think so?”

“You ever see that Pepsi commercial where they supersized Tony Romo?”

“Yeah they made his twice his size.”

“Right. He’s six-three so they made his twelve-six. See how the other players looked next to him?”


“Now look how I compare to him.”

“Holy shit!”

“Dude, I’m six-four. So he’s gotta be around thirteen something.”

“I can’t be thriteen foot something…that’s too tall!”

But Dante knew it was true as he saw the diminutive approaching figures that were Cedrick and Doug.

“What the hell! My god…. I’m huge!”

“Most massive man on the planet, I’d say.” Smiled Doug up at Dante.

“It’s okay… we’re taking you to the doctor’s lab to see what he can do.”

“What he can do, what should’be done! A couple more feet and I’m like twice as tall as Pat and Ed. That’s too big!”

“Dude…there’s no such thing as too big. I think ya look great. All huge, hung, pumped, massive, muscular. Proportionately I think you’ve become the biggest built bodybuilder out there. “

“This isn’t funny!” and Dante slammed his fist into the side of the trailer causings it to shake and bounce. There was the sign of scretching tires and some more swerving but soon the semi and trailer were rolling as usual.

“Uhm guys, you better calm our friend down. Another blow like that and we could tump.” Called Spencer through the headset.

“Calm down Dante, you’ll get us all killed if you go off like that. We’re in a moving semi.”

“You mean, get you killed! LOOK AT ME! I’m like the hulk; I’d survive the crash!”

“Yeah, but dude, think of the power and strength you’ve got. That prick…man what it must feel like to stroke that thing off.”

“This isn’t right!”

“…not to mention those balls…man when ya blow, ya’ve got to feel really orgasmic with the rush of the amount of spoo those puppies have gotta unleash. Bull balls man, bull balls.”

Dante raised his hands “But I shouldn’t be thriteen feet something inches tall!”

“Shhh shh shhhh, you’re not babe….”

“I’m not? Look at you compared to me! I’m a giant freak!”

“No, your not.”

“Then what am I?”

“You…you are…my broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky–calfed, big-footed, bear–pawed, bazooka dicked, bull-balled, body building boyfriend!”


And the two backed up as once again Dante spread out even further….father….broader…..

“Dude, if he wasn’t thriteen foot something, he defitnitely is now. We gotta keep him busy, sedated till we stop and get out.”

But then the truck stopped and the engine shut off and Spencer was heard getting out of the cab and opening the back trailer doors.

“I hope this is your cabin, cause I’d hate to think of us trying to keep him in there during……JEEEEEZUS! What the hell he’s like gone up another three feet or something.”

“I know, Spence. Lil’ guy here has got him on like hypno grow or something. Triggered every time he says a prarticular phrase. If it kind of turns the big guy on, he’ll grow even bigger n badder than before. Problem is it’s going to continue until he finally spews. He just had another growth spurt after Ced commented on his bull balls.”

“Well we better get him to stop quick cause as large as your guys’ mountain cabin is, I’m gonna wonder. Put his ear pieces back in, if he takes off you can still state your phrase through the sets. By the way, it’s bull-necked. Haven’t you ever heard that phrase before. Football players, and weightlifters, they got bull necks. Those balls are huge like those bouncy-rider things… ya know like ballons.”


“He’s coming out of it, dude.”

“Shhhh, I’m here, My bull-necked, broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky–calfed, big-footed, bear–pawed, bazooka dicked, balloon-balled, body building boyfriend.”

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh” Looking like something from the Hulk movies, Dante’s frame once again expanded and grew in every direction pulsing with power and size. His skin now recovering some of his Italian heritage glow, deepening into a darker tan that showed off every crevice, nook, cranny, shape, and size of his massively mounding muscles.

“Dude, you’ve gotta keep it going, keep him growing to make him spew. What’s else do like about him?”

“I love his olive skin.”

“Well it’s getting darker, add it to the mix.”

“But tan doesn’t fit!”

“Fuck! Must I come with the phrases for you two all the time. Bronze ya idjit!”

“It’s okay. I’m here…and you look so great…so massive…so hot…my bull-necked, broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, bear –pawed, bazooka dicked, balloon-balled, bronzed, body building boyfriend!”

Further Dante’s body errupted with power, broader, thicker, harder, stronger, longer, taller, veinier, plumped, pumped, swollen, fierce, massive, collosal, now with his hair getting longer hanging down to his shoulders and it developing thicker and thicker around his chest, abs, forearms, legs, and groin. His dick thickening and rising up higher and higher.

“He’s getting errect. You’ve got to be close to cause those balls to explode. Keep piling it on!”

But Cedrick paused, looking at his boyfreind.

“Waddaya waiting for. Ya wait too much longer you’ll have to start over again and ya won’t stop him till he’s fifty feet tall!”

“Sorry, it’s just I didn’t know he’d become hairy. I like him smooth….”

“Well now isn’t the time to worry about what he’d change into. Besides, he looks hawt as hell hairy.”

And the two turned to Spence. “I don’t care I think he looks good both ways. Come up with a phrase to make him do that.”

“Be both hairy and smooth? How the hell is that supposed to happen?”

“I don’t know…like on season off season?”

“Okay… but how do I phrase that.”

“I don’t know!”


“For God’s Sake Spit it out, dude!”

“Uhhhhmm…. My my….My bull-necked, broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, bear –pawed, bazooka dicked, balloon-balled, bronzed, by blistering heat bare-skinned, by blizzard briar bushed, body building boyfriend!”


“He’s hard…he’s errect, but those balls aint contractin’ Something else.”

“There’s nothing else. What else can I describe about his body?”

“Dude, you haven’t mentioned his height yet.”

“His height…but that’s tall…”

“Bunyan sized, ya dummy! Like in Paul Buyan! Oh fuck, Doug, the trailer is getting trashed by his width…”

“My bull-necked, broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, bear –pawed, bazooka dicked, balloon-balled, bronzed, by blistering heat bare-skinned, by blizzard briar bushed, Bunyan-sized, body building boyfriend!”


“SHIT! There goes the sides…dayum he’s fuckin’ huge n gigantic. His prick’s a quiverin. He’s about to blow. Ya need one more phrase and we’re gonna help him.”

“What?” said both Doug and Cedrick.

“Doug, you walk up and take his left side, I’m taking his right, when lil’ bit there says this next phrase, reach over and give mega nips a stroke and keep doing it. You, loverboy, this is your man, help it along, walk up there and stand at his head and rub that head, slit, whatever as much and as best as you can.”
“But what do I add.”

“I don’t know…”

“Dude, we’re trying to make him blow, add that. It fits.”


“Just say it. He’s blowing. Blowing sproo.”

“No, blowing brew.”

“Yeah, so much it’d burst a condom.”

“Aliteration, dumb partner o’ mine. It burst a bottle…”


“For god’s sake he’s blowing bottle bursting brew…. NOW RUB!”

“My bull-necked, broad-shouldered, barrel chested, bulging-biceped, brick ab-ed, burgeoning-thighed, bulky –calfed, big-footed, bear –pawed, bazooka dicked, balloon-balled, bronzed, by blistering heat bare-skinned, by blizzard briar bushed, Bunyan-sized, blowing bottle-bursting brew, body building boyfriend…”


And with that Dante arched his back and raised his pelvis up as he began to grow outward and upward with power and size one last time. His balls seemed to grow and double in size then contract speedily and a torant of cum gushed through is slit like Old Faithful. The stream hit Cedrick and knocked him back, clean and clear over Dante’s growing head and face. He bunched and he bucked and reached and stretched and broadened and thickened and grew and enlarged with power, size, muscle, definition, strength, balls and prick the ultimate alpha male. When he subsided, his cock shrinking, although flaccid could one call it shriking, his torso, face, and hair covered with cum, he wiped his eyes, flipped the trailer roof and sides off of him and stood up.

Beneath him he caught a glimpse of Doug and Spencer trying to ensure they weren’t crushed by the metal trailer sides or by the enormous feet of Dante. Coming up somewhere between the top part of Dante’s calves and his knees they stood back marveling at the massive mountain of muscle in front of them. Slowly Dante raised his arms and redid all the poses he performed earlier in the day, ending with a very good and huge crab shot. He turned to walk around, his legs definitely kicking to the side as he walked forward, his arms hanging in mid air as they couldn't lay straight down the side of his body. His chest shelving and jutting out so far from his torso so that Dante neeeded to bend down to look over them and see who was there.

“I’m fucking huuuuuuuuuge!”

“Yeah, dude about that I can explain it for ya if….”

“No…I know.”

“You do?”

“Yeah…Mr. Chi told me what I was programed to do after he woke me up.”

“And you didn’t tell Ced…you sly dog you.”

“This feels incredible. Awwwwwww….so powerfull…..hhhhhmmmmmm….so strong….yeaaaaah… massive…..”

“Uhm, dude, you might need to check on your boyfriend. You kind of shot him over your head.”

“He’ll be alright.”

“Uhm yeah…so what did you say when Mr…uhmm…”


“Mr. Chi told you what was going on?"

"I uh had him do some more hypnosis.”


“Yep, so I could build some more muscle and size.”

“So you added to the muscle growth?”

“Yeah…oh look, hey Ced, you okay?”

In walked Ced, completely covered head to toe in cum.

“Yeah….Sorry, Dante. I guess I should let you know how you’re growing.”

“Really, you know?”

“Well it was all do to me. I found out about the place from Ed and Pat….they kind of told me how they got so big and I knew you always wanted to be big, so I arranged for a little meeting. Got you hypnotized to grow and mass out. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Well, I’m a bit larger than I need to be, we’re not gonna have much of a relationship with this size difference, but other than that…” And he did a double bi “I’m actually beginning to like this.”

“Really…cool….cause I gotta tell ya I like the thought of you and your big body…being so massive….so large……so strong….me so small……covered in your…..cum……excuse me a moment guess…I need to take care of some buisness, sure you understand.”

And with that, Cedrick proceed to pull his cock out from his zipper and start to stroke off.

“Uhm sure, dude. I think both of us could join you in that sentiment. So…..big dude, what are you going to do now that you’re sooooo effin’ huge and swole?”

“Well, I’m gonna show off, compete in some competitions, well I did just win my first, right? But before I do that I’m gonna make some modifications to this cabin to occomodate me and some friends, spend some time with my new lover.”

“New lover? You’re gonna drop him so quickly because of his size.”

“No…didn’t say I was gonna drop him…”

“Oh, ya hopin to pick up an extra one?.....” Doug glanced over at Spencer. “Maybe two….”

“Well, I supposed I could do that…”

And the sound of clothes ripping, tearing was heard again.

“….but that’s not what I meant.”

“Well what do you me….” Ripp riiiiip rRRRIIPPPPPp “Oh my god, those ripping sounds! Dude, you’re growing again!”

“No, I’m not growing again.”

“But those ripping noises.”

“I’ve outgrown all my…. clothes, remember?”

“Then what is…”

“Ahhh uuhhhhh D..D…D.D…DANTE!?!”

“Like I said I caused my own hypno session….and when that person got turned on by me…he’d join me.”