The Christmas Journal

Journal entry December 24th

It was a horrible day today at work: I hit a curb on the way to work and bent the driver’s side front rim causing my tire to go flat; The printer broke down, umpteen receipts that were lost were suddenly found and had to be processed before I could leave, customers were down right rude under the stress of the holidays. It was just down right horrid.

I turned on the local Christmas station while driving home from work, hoping the music would cheer me up. No such luck. I drug my feet walking into my house. My tree twinkled and blinked greeting me from the living room as I walked by in the foyer. At least I had enough spirit to do that, but there were no gifts under the tree. None incoming for me, and none outgoing to any friends.

Turning to look at myself in the mirror, I stared at myself for a long, long while. All 5’ 9” 180 blubbery pounds of me, topped off with stringy, dark lifeless brown hair. No highlights, no contrast, not even a pretty shade of brown or a dark shiny black, just this dull, muddy brown of a mop crowning my head. Looking deep into my blue eyes, so dark they were almost black, I nodded my head and mumbled to myself, “Something has got to change….something has got to change.”

Slowly I crawled my way up the stairs. Turning into my bedroom, I loosely grabbed a hold of a basket and threw it to the floor. Out tumbled various magazines and catalogs. Methodically I picked out the ones concerning hair styles, plastic surgery, weight lifting, health supplements, and plopped them on the bed. I laid out on the bed, kicked off my shoes, and circled several needed items in them. Change would come, but I would have to work for it, and I needed to plan what all I would do.

Tomorrow will be Christmas, but I’ll sleep in after planning all of this for a brand new year. Besides, my neighbor, Lief, you know the one I’ve written in you about before… about 6’ 6”, 260lbs of solid beef, thick chestnut brown hair with kind of reddish highlights, and a booty and package that doesn’t look too bad either, even though I’ve only seen it wrapped. Well, he was asking if I celebrated and then told me about the twelve days of Christmas. That the Christmas season actually only begins on December 25th and goes through January 5th. So I’ll plan ahead and I can celebrate on the 26th…not that that matters. Besides they kept bumping my vacation time at work, and now, I’m taking off those twelve days anyway.
So…I’ll….go….back…to the…..catojigsno….catelogs….now….and plam ni ….plan my………..

Journal entry December 25th

Holy cow… I’m not sure where to begin. This whole thing is to exciting…to weird…to scary. I………………. damn…it’s so hard to hold you now. I gotta get used to how small you…. Wait… I need to start from the beginning of the day.

I feel asleep last night writing in you, clothes and all. Woke up late this morning and as embarrassed as I am to say, horny as hell. My lil’ six inch erection was hard as rock and I had all these thoughts running through my head a big, muscular, hung, strong men… Anyhoo I decided to head downstairs, grab something quick to eat for breakfast, take a shower, probably a cold one, and then figure out what to do.

On my way to the kitchen I went through the living room and dining room, and upon reaching the kitchen doorway I stopped, froze. Something registered in the back of my mind. Something was odd in the living room. Something was there that wasn’t there last night. I turned and looked through the archway and stared at the spot under the tree. There was a circle of items, gifts. Gifts….shaped like buildings? And they were in a circular formation around the tree.

Stooping down, I tried to pick one up, but the whole set of them lifted at the same time and I couldn’t manage all of the, it was too big a circle, too bulky an item. Sitting it back on the floor, I tried to open the lid to the gift box I used to pick up the whole mess. It wouldn’t open either. In exhasberation, I sat down on my couch and suddenly noticed a note, or letter, on my table.

Picking it up, it said:

“Each day you can visit a new home,
Receive tons of gifts without having to roam.
But something is missing for our little scene.
You have to add it, but be very keen.
How you add it could cause joy or rifts,
How you add it could determine your gifts.”

I’d like to say my interest at first was piqued, but I only wanted to find out what it was not because I wanted it, whatever it was, but because I wanted a clue as to who broke in my house. So I sat and stared at it….it looked like a ring of houses. They were different styles of houses from around the world all in a little snow setting with kids making snowmen, or people ice skating, or skiing, or an old fashioned sleigh ride. All connected….how did they get this around the base of my tree?

It was then I realized that the roofs of the houses were all bare. And odd thing; all that snow on the ground, but no snow on top of the houses. I…. I…I don’t know exactly what made me do it. Why I decided this was course of action to take. My hard on was still raging despite or because of my fear. My balls ached and I still felt like I should fuck someone or pound my hand at least. Maybe that horniness mixed with my anger at the pervert who broke, silently, into my house. So I walked over to the tree, knelt down, and I hand pumped my cock like there was no tomorrow.

“Snow they want… HA! Snow they’ll get!”

I humped hand. I humped my hand but good! Upon reaching climax I pointed my lil pecker down and I spoo-ed all over the roof of that first house.

“There’s your damn snow!”

That’s when the strange shit started to happen. I sat back on my feet, my plump lil torso leaning a little back. Suddenly I heard music, soft, very faint, but I recognized the tune. It was the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’ It quickly became very loud and the chorus suddenly rang out, ‘On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..’ And then the roof flipped open like a lid and all of my cum, instead of flying back on to the tree like it should, I was the one getting hit and looking like I was flocked with snow.

‘One half a meter in height…’ The song sang and a wave of nausea came over me and I crumpled to the ground. Getting up, I shook my head to clear it, and looked into the box…there was nothing. “What the hell!” I thought, thinking this was all some kind of joke.

But suddenly….I was filled. I’m not sure with what: nausea, power, hunger. I went clamoring toward the kitchen. Somehow I knew I had to…eat? Eating would make it better. I flung open the fridge, pulling everything off the center shelf and onto the floor, I grabbed the gallon milk jug I got the day before yesterday and I started chugging, gulping, sucking it down. Something came over me. I went mad. I polished off the gallon of milk in mere minutes tossed it aside and then proceeded to go after all the cheese in the fridge as well.

I couldn’t breathe I was stuffing it in so hard, so fast. Worst, I couldn’t stop. Next I ran into the pantry, grabbing the can opener on the way. I was on some kind of high, or something…at a point when I came to, I realized I had eaten all of the kidney beans and green beans in my pantry and was busy munching down on a stalk of broccoli. Dumfounded in my belief of eating the broccoli raw, I hadn’t realized I targeted something else.

On the kitchen dinette table was the big food Christmas basket my boss gave out as a bonus. I thought it was stupid before, but now, now I tore into it. In seconds I opened up a can of almonds and devoured it and then of all things, I tore into and scarfed down the cans of sardines! Then as if my brain, or my body, came to realization I went back to the fridge, grabbing and stuffing the apricots from the basket down my throat first, and made absolutely no work of some salmon that was in there at all.

I woke up from this stupor at the mess that was my kitchen, wrappings and empty cans everywhere. I needed to clean it up. Suddenly I felt woozy. I knew it. Now, I was gonna be sick. I would hurl all over my floor to add to the mess I had to clean up. It felt like my stomach was now a black hole, sucking in all my energy, threatening to turn me inside out and then suddenly………… WHAM!

An explosion came out of me. I had to, I needed to, reach and stretch all out, all over my body. I stood up trying to get my bearings and I saw the chair top I was going to grab move a little further down. I turned to steady myself upon the fidge. WHAM! I was looking at the very top of it, like my head was even with it’s top. That’s not right… I’m not that tall.

WHAM! I was looking down on top of the fridge. DOWN on top of the fridge. That’s not possible. I turned to move and found it difficult to do so. My pants have become so tight, my shirt as well. The hem of the pants ridding up on my ankles, almost my to my calves. My shirt sleeves we half way up my fore arms and I had just got them two months ago. My waist band was tightening, cutting off circulation. I moved to the doorway to steady myself.

WHAM! I walked passed it and stopped, realizing the bottom of the door frame was brushing my hair. I stepped back, looking almost directly at the bottom of the door frame, through the top of the door way. That’s not possible. I stepped forward, got to get to the bathroom, take a shower, get to the hospital. WHAM! BAM!

Oof… my head slammed into the door frame…What the hell, I just fit through it. Barely, but I just fit through it! No…my head matches the top of the door frame now! Ducking, I ran, stumbled, fumbled my way to the bathroom. My shirt beginning to split down my back, under my arms, the buttons straining and beginning to pop. My jeans hem catching on my fat calves, the waistband cinching up my waist threatening to cut my body in two. I struggled to get the tight clothing off where it hadn’t torn and ducked into the shower.

Letting the hot water run over me…..the shower head coming up to my….neck? I tried to feel the heat, inhale the steam…let it clear my mind, sooth my aching body. The soap bar seems so small. Like I my palm, just my palm could hold it like a tiny leaf in a bowl. The shower head mounted so low on the wall? The knobs so tiny? I turned to face the shower stall doors and walls, knowing them to be a height of 6’ 4” a good seven inches taller than me.

I lurched back seeing I could see, easily over them. I stood there staring in disbelief, trying to feel with my toes to step stool someone had to have placedunderneath me without my knowing. I walked forward, trembling, staring at those wall, not believing they only came up to like just under my nose or above my mouth. WHAM! The feeling hit again and I watch the top of the shower wall slowly but surely shrink away down…down….down….and I stood there shivering because my chest and legs and all were fine in the steam confines of the shower, but my shoulders, neck and head, now stood above it, exposed to the colder air in the bathroom.

Eventually after a while I came out of the shower. The water had now run cold and I crawled back into bed trying to get warm. I realized I spent about an hour and half in there in a daze, but during the last part of it I hadn’t noticed any new growth. Stretching to straighten my sheets and comforter on top of me, I was surprised as my feet popped out from underneath them, my legs coming out about a foot, maybe a lil more than my mattress. My head was touching the headboard. MY HEAD WAS TOUCHING THE HEADBOARD! And yet still, my feet stuck out!

I curled up into a ball and drifted off to sleep. I woke up later in the afternoon and I put on some sweat pants, the only thing of mine that semi fits me right now, and went to go clean up the kitchen. I bumped my head on every door frame. I misjudged distances left and right, I nearly took off my head walking through the family room and into the ceiling fan.

It’s not a dream…I think I’m going mad, but it’s not delusion that I’m seeing, that I’m perceiving about me and my body. I stood up straight and tall against the kitchen wall and placed a pencil on top of my head. Nothing else on me has changed. My dick is still the same size. My feet are too, well larger than they were before, but still same size proportionately, but still seem so small for my frame. My shape is the same as it was only proportionately larger.

I would feel odd, maybe cheated because nothing else really changed about me. However, the height change is incredible. I’m 7’ 4” tall. SEVEN FEET FOUR INCHES TALL!....Maybe I’ve been cheated by what the gift gave me, but maybe not. There are eleven days to go and I wonder if they will give me another gift tomorrow. .. .. ..