The Christmas Journal 10

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Journal entry January 3rd

Journal, it has done it…the spirit, the power, the entity of Christmas, whatever it is that comes from those houses has finally done it. It’s changed history. I know it’s done it before with where I live and my job, but now it’s really done it… all the way back to my original self. Something tells me I was average, somewhere around 5’8” to 5’10” I just have this feeling this gut instinct. Yet, thinking back to when Christmas started, that’s not how it is. Not anymore. But I don’t care… I’m bigger, stronger, broader, thicker, harder, more massive than ever before. There was a gap between me and some of the biggest men in sports and it just got wider. I’m sitting here, looking at the furniture for all my friends, visitors, tourists. The furniture, the cars, the food portions, the appliances, everything is so small. Getting tiny…and still…..I want that gap to become wider still. A HUGE FUCKING CHASM!

But I am ahead of myself in writing the days events. This morning was a feel-fest. The young college man, who plays football, and delivers food, was with me again last night. He slept by my side, resting his head on my left upper arm, his hand reaching up and stroking it, the fingers outlining each and every crevice. Talking, then mumbling, as he fell asleep, about how big it was, how much larger round than his head, his torso even. A tent appeared in his boxers, I don’t think it went down all night.

He woke up feeling horny, amorous, and he began by kissing my bicep, then running his tongue over every crevice and cranny, while his hands reached out and squeezed as hard as he could everywhere on my arm: bicep, tricep, forearm… Eventually getting really physical, really man handling my arm, squeezing with his hands like he’s trying to pop a soda or beer can. He complains softly that it’s not budging, not giving way, even though, I’m relaxed, asleep. But there is a sound in his hushed whisper of lust. The big 6’ 4” football jock can’t squeeze and hold onto my muscles like he grips a football, and although part of him is upset by it, the other half of him is getting turned on by it so much, he’s humping the mattress as he reaches out further and father, everywhere on my body to find a spot that will give, squoosh, under his touch.

It won’t happen. Soon after a long while, to help him keep up his grope fest, I begin to lightly flex the muscles he grapping at. It causes him to become more frustrated and to gasp out utterances of “SHIT” , “FUCK”, “DAMN IT!” I can feel his body as he forgets himself and throws more and more of himself on top of me to try and crunch, push, squeeze my muscles. I would think most people would’ve realized by now, even slamming onto a fifteen foot tall giant, I would’ve woken up by now, but he is zoned, lost in my size. He continues to grope and feel and massage. Words of complaint, or acceptance, or of ecstasy come out of his mouth in low moans and grunts: “So big… so fucking massive…. I’m nothing compared……like a kid…..”

His body is letting me know those words are from arousal. His muscles are swelling and tightening, his dick is throbbing harder and harder, the slightest touch, the slightest rub and he nearly loses it. Deftly I move my right hand to the base of my cock, and I hold it there, then begin to push slightly. I’m enjoying this attention… this worship, and I am getting hard. I know what I want to do, but I have something else in mind I’d like even further. I keep my prick pointed down as it engorges and inflated, thickening, lengthening to its rock hard size.

He’s been on top of my torso now for several minutes, grabbing, groping, every muscle, bulge, crevice he can. He wants to give in and fuck my pecs, I know it, but he won’t give in on this cycle to somehow attempt to make my muscles cave in to his touch. He’s laying flat on his back now…. His arms outstretched, pressing down, reaching for my chest, my obliques. His feet are kicking in at my abs, grabbing, stabbing with his toes, his heel blunting slamming away. He’s made so much motion, he’s managed to rip his boxers so they’re only clinging to his thighs just under his buttocks, leaving his cock exposed and standing proudly. Well, once proudly.

“HEY!” I give a soft but firm bellow. He snaps to for just a second. Awake from his reveillrie and realizing what he’s done. But before he can utter an apology or make the slightest utterance, I let my cock go. It comes springing to its upward position, then gets pulled down towards my abs by gravity. My prick hits the man square in the center of his body…almost the entire length. His chest feels it slam, his abs feel it ram, his balls feel it punch, his dick feels it squash. “Oh!’ escapes his lips just before it comes down upon him, followed by a “uuuhff!” of air being socked out of him, and last the guttural sounds of “Uh-ah-uh-uh-uh-ah-uhoooooooooh” as his body shakes and blows a huge wad of seed all over himself.

He’s dazzed, he’s in nirvana, he’s falling asleep. I gentle roll over to let him slide off onto the bed. He winds up backside up and I see his naked ass. Hmmmmm if only I could, but my pinky finger would probably stretch him behind his limits let alone my cock. Still, this made me hornier than ever and desire to be bigger still. I may have no companion, but it’s more than enough to see how men react to me. I lumber my way down to the living room, and plop myself down by the Christmas tree. Three that once stood almost a foot and half taller than me and now, like the jocks, just barely comes up one eighth to one fourth way up my thigh. I think about that, and about delivery man’s grope fest all over me and soon I’ve coated house ten to oblivion. It is so coated that although I hear a door, window, or something open, I can’t see it.

“On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me……..ten percent more of Dutch heritage.”

What? Ten percent more of Dutch heritage… what is that going to do? I sat there for a moment pondering it and waiting for the feeling to wash over me. Nothing happened. I got up..ate breakfast, still nothing happened. I went downstairs and worked out, utterly amazed at how much more weight I was lifting today. Still nothing happened. I went upstairs and did a shower show. Feeling myself and my pump all over. Amazed at even when relaxed how broad, thick and full I look, at how far my hands and forearms are away from my body due to upper arm and lat size. Still nothing happened. I went to get dressed, watching my lil football delivery hunk wish to help me out and struggle with handling my clothes. Still nothing happened. It was mid-afternoon, nothing had happened, and I was getting pissed.

I know I should be patient. These are gifts after all. I’ve done nothing to warrant them, or earn them. They’re just being given to me. I look at myself in one of the bedroom mirrors, Raise my arms up and do a double bi, stretching and straining the fabric on a custom made t-shirt. I look at my lil man as he stands next to me. To a lot of men he’d be a formidable foe, a man of size, to me he looks like a toddler to five year old. I smile. I should be happy, satisfied. If it stops now, I’m more than good. I should be patient. I want……more.

Junior jock tells me his buddy is coming over, would like to see me again. Looking down at him I say “Great, why don’t we go on an outing?” Getting out of the house will help take the wait or disappointment off my mind. When the other footballer gets there I have them load up two picnic baskets, one for the two of them, and the giant one for me. We load everything up in the custom made big rig. The whole diver’s side side is one whole door. The gas is on the passenger’s side floor board, the cutch and break on the driver’s. Stick shift is where the passenger’s seat should be. I sit dead center in the back, the sleeper part of the cab, while the sides are lined with two to three regular people seats.

We take off out of town, not sure where we are going. We take what back roads we can circling the areas surrounding the town. Eventually we come upon an old factory and warehouse that’s been up for sale for years. My lil jock cries out we should go in there and check it out. He gives a small wink to the other guy and we walk in, after finding an unlocked loading door that I can fit through.

Exploring the building, I almost feel small, normal again. Part of me sees to like it, the other hates it. But it seems like it’d be cool to have this place. I could stretch and jump and run and not have to worry about putting my hands….and forearms, through the ceiling. They guys soon have laid out a huge checkered cloth that I almost fit on when laying out across it. They begin to serve the food we brought and eventually get a lil bit of fun with some whipped cream. Well, you know the lunch ended right there. Soon they were all about groping me and feeling me. Spritsing parts of me with whipped cream and licking it off. Eventually they had me lying nude on this picnic blanket hard as a rock, and suddenly one was piling on bunches and bunches of grapes around my groin.

I looked at the second jock with a puzzled expression and my lil jock suddenly started taking pictures…

“These’ll look great on your website… How many bunches of grapes does it take to cover your manhood? Probably a whole vineyard.”

He laughed, jock two laughed, I laughed…and then I kind of silently belched. The black hole feeling had returned. It was happening. It was happening NOW! But I was so far away from home, from my food. I’ll die without the nutrients for the growth! I quickly turned and picked up a bunch of grapes and scarffed them down. I began picking them off of me shoving them into my mouth. Suddenly the jocks weren’t taking pictures anymore, they were unloading the food from the baskets like we just started eating lunch. I grabbed everything I could, stuffing it in. Smearing it all over my face as I ate like someone suffering from starvation. Still I needed more.

Suddenly one of them said….”We didn’t get the basket packed yet. I’ll have to get the food from the fridge.”

And there on the otherside of this section of the warehouse stood a fridge. One similar to mine. My lil jock strode over, almost ripping the door open, and there it was completely stocked to the gills. But what was a full fridge doing in an empty warehouse?

Suddenly jock boy two spoke up. “Well duh, but don’t get it from our fridge, ya idiot. You need to get his lunch from his fridge.”

Instantly there appeared another fridge, three times as big as the one the just appeared. No….it was just a gigantic fridge door, that led to a titanic walk-in cooler. The two of them made their way in and out of there so many times as I began to stuff more and more food in me, drink gallon upon gallon up tankard truck load of milk! All around me, signs of my house were popping up my dining room table and chairs, breakfast bar, stove, all doubled, their size, my size….kitchen tiles began to cover the floors, giant vast archways began to form with walls surrounding them separating the warehouse into various rooms. I knew this place. I was home. This was the kitchen, next was the living room, then the workout room, then the posing room, followed by my bedroom and the entrance way to the old administrative offices which were turned into the jocks’ and guest rooms, followed by my ginormous bathroom. The field out front had been redone. One side the parking lot was redone for my “car” and for vistors parking, the other side was fenced off and allowed to become dirt and field again and raised a good portion of my vegetables.

The house done, the hunger stopped, and I finished eating. I stood up, a little shaky, but not too bad. My jocks came and stood next to me to see if there was anything I needed. They acted like this had been my house all along. But I wasn’t home, here or at the Victorian home in town, or at the townhouse before that. I was back in time…back when I was being put through the last ritual, rite, of being measured against the wall. For some reason I was short. Like 5’9” I knew that wasn’t the case. Mom standing there looking so proud, dad just nodding like it was a good thing. And slowly…my head started going up and up and up and up and up, until there I was all those years ago, back in high school, towering over my dad, the mark on the wall coming up to six foot nine inches tall.

“Yeahp… dad sighed. If ya couldn’t tell before, you can definitely tell now, he’s out grown his old man. I tell ya, every once in a while that Dutch gene in our ancestry just picks someone in a generation to pop out on, and boy did it do it to you son.”

I know it was wrong…. I was never 6’ 9” and yet I knew I was… but I wasn’t… I wasn’t as tall as I am now. I’m not fifteen feet tall. I know it. I was 5’ 9” right? I was 5’ 9” and became fifteen feet tall. …. …. …. Became fifteen feet tall. If I was 5’9” and became fifteen feet tall, then what will happen now that I was 6’ 9” at……


The pain took a hold of me and I felt my feet bunching and flexing, then stretching and reaching….they quivered and shook as they grew and grew out and out… The same thing happened with my hands. Then it spread to my legs and my arms and my torso and finally my neck and head. In the reflection of the kitchen window I could see those two jocks of mine as they stood frozen in time, looking like they’re waiting for my next command. Little my little, their heads lowered, and lowered, and lowered, but they weren’t bowing their heads. They weren’t shrinking either; I was growing. Up and up I went, finally stopping with their heads now more even with my knees than coming up anywhere on my thighs. Then my muscles swelled out until I was proportionately the same size as I was before.

I turned around looking at the house, at my things, at their things and how much smaller they just become. I knew my new size now. It’s plastered with my stats all over my webpages. It’s in the news. It’s in the Guiness Book of World Records. I am sixteen and a half feet tall!

The boys came out of their suspended animation, looked around and then in shock cried out. “Oh shit we’ve got to get this place cleaned up for the dinner!”

At first I had no idea what they were talking about and then it came to me. There was a special “Dark Night Temptations Dinner.” A few select winners from my websites were able to come, have dinner with me, watch me workout, and then help the two jocks grope, fondle, and worship me till I exploded. It was great, surreal fun. When the crowd arrived I stood amazed, proud, haughty…. Even with a guy on the roster at 7’ 6” no one came up past the lowest tear drop shape on my thighs. I’M SO HUGE! I’ve got toes longer than big men’s feet. I’m so big, some of the visitors could rock climb on me. I can flex my index finger and produce a larger bulge than any of their upper arms! I’ve got men doing pull ups on my prick, then pulling themselves up and riding on it as I walk around the warehouse with footsteps that echo throughout the plant!

We ate dinner, I lifeted, I posed, we showered, and then basically an orgy. With guys climbing all over me, working in pairs, quartets, trying to make my muscles squoosh, to feel me up, to jack me off. Getting themselves lost in my anus. Getting themselves almost lost in my piss slit. Getting themselves crushed as three of them try to not even pick up but flip and rotate one “baby plate” of my weight set. No one can move them… No one can move me! I’m unstoppable! I can crush boulders in my bear hands! I can lift steel girders and bend them, maybe even twist them! And I want to become a man mountain of size….my head matches the peak, my shoulders are wider than the base. I want to dwarf the world!

I carried them all, when they were spent, worn out, and emptied of so much cum their balls threatened to collapse inward. I carried them all at once, plus some weights! to the staircase that leads them to their rooms. I am at the computer, typing to you, Journal. I will force myself to sleep because I know I need it. But I’m so full of energy…of power….of primordial size….I don’think I need to sleep. But sleep I shall, because sleep promotes growth. ….GROWTH…. I want to grow….MORE!! BIGGER! STRONGER! TALLER! THICKER! HARDER! I WANT TO DWARF MYSELF! UUgghh uuggghhhh ohmmmmmmmnnrrgggg AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGH! I’m blowing, knowing I have two days left…..and I…..shall…..grow……

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