Part 1

Daniel was busy examining the hieroglyphs on the side of the wall, wondering what these strange markings meant. The day was calm, pleasant, not as hot as usual for a tropical rainforest. Indeed, it almost seemed a little too quiet around these unexplored South American ruins. Leaning his short wiry frame against an opposite wall, Daniel brushed his wispy brown hair out of his eyes, took a drink form his canteen, and sighed.

“What do these mean?”

“Exactly what I want to know.”

Daniel jumped in surprise and turned to see Damien Bartel, the man in charge of this little excavation. Cold, hard, uncaring and ungiving, Damien strode his 6’2” frame out of the shadows to stand next to and over 5’6” Daniel. Although only 170 lbs, he still seemed somewhat mountainous to Daniel’s 110 lbs and a shiver went across the young man’s back as Damien’s solid black eyes pierced his…

“I’m not paying you to sit on your ass and do nothing! I want a translation of that as soon as possible. This is to be the next greatest find since the tomb of Tutenkommen. I want to know everything about this giant race and want to know it now!”

“I….I’m….I’m trying sir, but these hieroglyphs don’t make much sense. In fact it seems that some of these are more like pictograms or drawings.”

“So what’s so hard to read of them?”

“It just looks weird. This one here…. It appears to show a man, possibly a woman, because here….here it shows her pregnant, and then there’s the giant man. I’m not sure how this is fitting together. It may take quite some time.”

“We may not have much time. There are guerillas in this area and they could come upon us at any moment. I wanna know about this supposed giant race. Who cares how they were born! I want their tombs and treasure. Where is that, huh?

“You concentrate on that. I will leave Tomas here in case you begin to lose your concentration.”

Damien walked away, leaving behind Tomas and young man of good size: 6’6” tall, close to three hundred pounds, olive toned, fairly cut, with big puppy dog eyes and a mop of thick, black hair. Tomas smiled at Daniel, almost devilishly, or was it lustfully? Daniel dreamed about Tomas since he first laid eyes on him and wondered if he was being watched by a guard or a model.

“She’s holding low.” Said Tomas, breaking Daniel from the fantasy day dream he nearly fell into.

“P…P…Pardon?” Said Daniel, wetting his parched lips.

“The woman in the picture…. If that is a pregnant woman, she’s carrying pretty low isn’t she?”

“Hmmm? Uh…ahmmm… yes, I suppose she is.”

“She’s carrying twins too.”

“What.?” Said Daniel as he began to eat a snack of tortilla chips and salsa, fumbling the chips as he listened and stared at his guard.

“Look at the picture. There’s a little line here makes it look like almost two stomachs; two round forms. …. Are you sure this is a woman?”

“It uh…it has to be. If that were a man he’d be…. That is to say….he would have….”

“An incredible pair of balls?”

“You’d know all about those wouldn’t you…”


“Uhm, yes, you uh… could be right, it could be a guy instead. I… uh…. I…I … I…I…I..should’ve seen that.”

“You enjoying the 3,000 year old chow?”


“That ancient bowl of mush there. You’ve been dipping your chips into it for the last couple of scoops. Taste good?”

“Oh!” Daniel nervously laughed, “Yes… I wanted to see what its composition was.” And he scarfed down a few more scoops to make his point.

“Man. How do you stand it in here?”


“It’s too freakin hot and humid in these chambers.” With that Tomas unbuttoned and pulled off his t-shirt, while Daniel dreamily stared as it clung to the large man’s form. Rippling, stretching, as he peeled off the cloth skin, Tomas took the shirt and then mopped his brow.

Daniel suddenly felt like his groin burst. Nearly letting out an audible gasp, he realized he was instantly sporting a boner that felt hard as concrete and throbbed in pain.


Damien was back and barking orders.

“You’re relieved of duty. It’s almost dark and everyone needs to turn in and put out all the lights so we’re not spotted. Dumb-nial, get to bed.”

In the dark of his tent, Daniel lay there trying to think about the hieroglyphs, what they meant, or attempted to go to sleep, but his thoughts kept turning to the sight of Tomas taking his shirt off. Over and over…. Peel after peel….. flex after flex. He imagined that Tomas was stripping for him. Stretching his briefs, his dick throbbed, pulsed and ached to be touched, which Daniel soon complied. Imagining himself touching Tomas, rubbing his hands all over his muscles, the shoulders, the chest, the abs, the groin, and Tomas’ dick. More and more exited Daniel grew and he felt his briefs become tighter in his groin region and he moved his hands to adjust and fondle his balls…

“Jeeze…,” thought Daniel. “I must be more exited than I thought. My balls feel a bit large. Must be producing a bunch of cum…” Faster and faster he worked his rod, hoping to reach a climax and some sleep soon. With a few guttural sounds he nearly reached climax, when there was an exhaling sound, a sharp sting in the neck, and Daniel soon passed out, feeling his balls become larger.

“Get up! Get up you lazy ass!” Damien bellowed out as he cracked a stick across Daniel’s butt. “It’s time to work again and we only have so many hours of daylight per day. Make your way to the ruins. If I see you’re still here in an hour, I will beat you.”


Daniel got up out of bed, walking to his hanging sink to wash up a little, he had to jig a bit as he felt a little tight in the underwear department. He took a sponge bath and started to get dressed, but something seemed amiss, his clothes felt tight and his shoes didn’t seem to fit.

“Did my feet swell?”

Looking down at his feet he noticed that they now stuck out beyond the length of his shoes. They weren’t swollen they were longer, wider. He sat there dumfounded for a while and slowly began to look himself over. He saw abs, and a chest, and arms. Not huge but definitely more than he had before. A spread of hair was starting over his torso that once was marble smooth. The hem of his pants came up above his ankle. The pull of his shirt felt tight across his back. He went to reach for a mirror and found his hand reaching beyond its usual grasp, the arms being longer. Looking at his watch he realized he had little time left.

Poking his head out of the tent, he glanced over to Tomas’ tent and seeing no one was there, he ran straight for and inside it. Once inside he rummaged through Tomas’ trunk and duffle bags until he found an extra pair of pants, shirt, and shoes. Putting them on, he was quite surprised. Although a little large on him, they didn’t seem soooo long or even tent like on him. There wasn’t as much swimming room in this outfit as he initially thought.

Daniel sprinted out of the camp, down the trail, and into the ruins, where he immediately smacked his head on the top of the doorway and fell on his ass – hard! Shaking the stars from his head, Daniel stood up and wondered how that happened. He never had to duck before. Ducking now, he entered the ruin, quickly lit the torches, stood up straight against a wall, made a mark, and measured it.

Given the size of the shoes and their soles, Daniel backed away from the mark and tape measure and muttered in amazement, “ Six foot three….” And from the feel of the shoes, which were a fifteen, he guessed his wore a size thirteen.

“What the fuck happened?” Thought Daniel, “How did I grow?”

“Breakfast, Senior?”

“Huh” Broken from his train of thought, Daniel turned to look down upon Cristobal, one of the guides.

“Breakfast, sir? I noticed you left camp without heading to the mess tent so I brought you something.”

“Oh, uh….thanks.”

All through the day Daniel studied the markings and carvings, listened to villagers for stories and legends. Nothing seemed to make things clearer about who the giants were, where they came from, and where they went. Wondering about that puzzle and the one that happened to him, Daniel was only comforted by Cristobal who brought him breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even a couple of snacks and a late supper as well, full of local traditional dishes. Alas, at the end of the day he knew nothing more about the giants.

Lying in his bed, he ran his hands up and down his naked body, feeling his new muscles, their crevices, their peaks. “Not a large build,” He thought, “But certainly more that what I had at 5’ 6”.”

“You like your body, yes?”

Daniel sat up in bed and tried to focus his eyes in the dark. Cristobal was there standing next to his bed.

“Shhhhhhh. Lie down and let me take care of you.”

“What?!? What are you doing here?”

“I am turned on by you.”

“You’re what?!”

“Turned on by you.” Cristobal pushed Daniel flat upon the bed.

You’re not used to being an object of lust hmmm? Of being the tall one. The one people look up to, desire to be, or desire to have. To have those who lust after the touch of your cock….. it’s what? Around thirteen inches full now, no?”

Cristobal’s hands reached out and touched Daniel’s cock as it began to lengthen, stiffen, and grow.

“Stop. You can’t…”

“But I am. And I shall.”

Daniel shuddered and stretched as wave after wave of pleasurable touches came over him. He moaned and groaned in sheer delight for so long. The entire time he felt his balls, swell. Stretch out. No, they grew and grew and grew. Soon Daniel felt like he had a full money pouch hidden beneath his cock.

“What have you done to me? My balls feel huge. To walk, just walking, is going to rack them. Oh my god!”

Cristobal’s hands had done their work. Quivering, shivering, shaking and quaking, Daniel writhed on the bed ready to explode. But that last touch didn’t come.

“Help me man…. I’ve not climaxed yet. I need a touch. I need a stoke! C’mon, man, make me cum!”

Grabbing Daniel’s hands and holding them above and down, Cristobal whispered, “Not yet.”

Daniel rolled his eyes as he felt his balls swell more and more till he thought he was holding two balloons between his legs. Suddenly, the swelling stopped and his balls seemed to collapse in on themselves with a feeling of sending cum throughout his body. A tickle sensation ran up from his groin to his bottom lip and Daniel flopped and bucked until with a scream he suddenly released and shot cum clear across the tent.

Sweat pouring off his forehead, sitting in the dark, Daniel wondered what kind of orgasm was that? He soon found out. Suddenly his feet seemed to cramp and then he extended them as if trying to do some yoga move. He felt them… reach….stretch….. grow! Longer and longer, bigger and bigger and the pain moved up his legs. More and more, without him scooting down he could feel his feet, his knees, his legs going father and farther off the end of the bed.

It wasn’t long till that jolt, that flip hit his stomach, worked its way out through his arms and to his hands. Slowly, painfully, Daniel brought one of his hands up and touched it to his face. The palm covered his whole face and he felt it cover more and more until his palm covered his whole skull alone, without his fingers. The weight of his hand was flattening his nose, making it hard to breathe, until his head began to grow with the rest of his body.

As his shoulders moved beyond the edge of the top of the bed, a cracking sound was heard, followed with a crash, and the young man soon found himself on the floor, although it barely felt like a drop of any considerable amount. Trying to figure out what was happening, how did he break the bed, he soon heard a tearing sound. But Daniel knew he had already ripped out of his underwear so there was nothing on him to make the tear. His confusion was soon cleared as he felt the hot evening breeze caress his feet…. It was his tent. He just out grew his tent!

Rolling face down, Daniel attempted to push himself up to a kneeling, then a standing position, but his muscles started to quiver and shake. His heart, pounding and racing already, thumped harder, faster, louder than ever before. It was in his calves he felt it first, or was it his ankles? No, it was possibly even in his toes, his feet. He felt them get firmer, harder, stronger? It worked its way up the calves causing them to spread his legs apart. Working its way past the knees, the sensation ballooned his thighs to massive proportions forcing the legs to be apart from one another at angles. It moved into his abs as Daniel moaned loudly and clutched his stomach. Feeling like he was breaking out with something, the man could feel his waist expand slightly, thicken and yet tighten, and then four, six, eight bumps forming a plethora of ridges sprung up underneath his arms.

“It’s too damn hot in here…” Thought Daniel. “It’s hard to breathe.” This, however was because his chest was expanding, fuller, thicker, broader, more barreled, and heavier with each breath. Cupping one of his pecs in his hand, he squeezed it feeling it’s strength, it’s power, it’s size, and firmness.


It felt like there was a two foot difference between the top of his pecs and the top of his abs; what a fucking shelf! But it became hard to reach in and grab his pecs as his arms began to balloon, and swell with massive strength and power. Forming mountainous peaks, Daniel’s arms did battle with his lats with an ending result of his arms hanging further and further at an angle from the torso.

The tent by now had given way and draped over the hulking frame of the young linguistics professor. Finding his strength, and much much more, returning to him, Daniel stood up and cast off the tent revealing a massive, bulging, towering figure in the glow of the moonlight. Attempting to stretch off the last of this ordeal, but looking more like a posing routine, Daniel once again succumbed to this mysterious orgasmic power as he felt it burn, bubble, and boil over in his stomach once again, but to have it pour into his prick this time. Standing still and having a supreme dry orgasm, the lad watched as the power poured into his dick and his dick poured out of him, thicker and thicker, longer and longer, further and further down, despite the size of his balls which were gaining in size too.

Feeling a bit light headed, Daniel stumbled back and was quite surprised to hear the noise and feel the vibrations he cause from stepping. Looking around it seemed like everything was half its size.

“Is this real?” Wondered the young man. “Have I grown, yet again?”

The answer came when Tomas bounded around the corner of the tree line Daniel was camped near.

“Alright, lil’ man! What’s goi……”

Tomas never finished his statement. Daniel never issued one. There in the glow of the moonlight they both realized, Tomas only came half-way up Daniel’s thigh. Even if the height wasn’t a problem, if Daniel was as tall as Tomas, but with the same proportioned build, Daniel would still outweigh Tomas by about one-hundred pounds easily and make top professional bodybuilders look like children. This doesn’t even begin to mention the anaconda from Daniel’s groin that stared Tomas in the face……


Part 2

“Holy shit! What the hell happened?” Cried out Tomas. Lowering his head to take in all of his charge, he realized looking straight ahead he was eye to massive, ripped, thighs with Daniel. About what would normally be chest level, he saw movement, something resembling the rise and lowering of a chest when breathing deep, but the sight didn’t ease his mind. It was no chest rising up and down, but the top of Daniel’s calves, pulsing, throbbing with power. Tomas, stumbling back, looked up again to the face of his one time captive. Daniel… was smiling.

“I think my dick head is as big as your top head!”

Daniel took two steps, the sound of his feet making a tremendous heavy pad on the ground and creating a little tremor around his immediate area. Placing his feet on either side of his former guard, he looked down from on top of Tomas. Tomas, looking up, realized he gazed straight up into a pair of giant balls; he needed to arch his head back, and with one arm move the massive, limp hanging, piece of meat that was in front of him.

“Hmmmm yes, touch it again tiny Tomas.” Said Daniel with a smile.

The thoughts that have been going round and round in my head about you…. And now what do I do? If I even finger fuck you, I could split you in two I think.”

Stumbling back with a look of fear and awe Tomas attempted to make a break for it, but Daniel proved to fast for the now tiny man, who picked him up one handed and brought him up to his face.

“I think I shall see what a puny little dick feels like in my mouth.”

“I think not!”

Daniel nearly dropped Tomas and looked over the road. Turning his head, Tomas looked too. There stood Damien and most of his henchmen to boot. Daniel, thinking of his new size and power bellowed out:

“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it? I can take you.”

“But can you take these?”

With a snap of his fingers, every henchman in produced a bazooka and pointed it at Daniel.

“A bullet at your new size might not be sufficient, but trust me, you’re not so big yet, as to throw these lightly aside. Especially forty to fifty of them.

“I had my suspicions about how the giants lived, came to be, and went. I was looking for their buried treasure, mummies, gold, but if I came upon their secrets, well that would be a grand bonus. But, here you are, discoverer and tester of those secrets before me. I can’t have that. I want that secret to create an army under my employ, to even be a giant myself.”

“Oh, like I’m going to tell you how that’s done?”

“No, but you probably have it in your notes or journal. I’ll be reading those while you’re locked away. … Move or die!”

Gesturing down the path with his hand, Damien proceeded to lead Daniel towards another section of the camp the young professor hadn’t seen before. There, was a large steel building, resembling an old airport hanger.

“IN!” shouted Damien, as he gestured for Daniel to walk into the hanger.

As the mighty steel doors shut Damien called out, “You’ll notice that my men are surrounding the building. Again, I remind you that this many missiles you will not survive even at your current height of around what 14–15 feet or so?

They will be on guard twenty-four and seven. Even think about moving and you will be dead. Once sealed, this building is capable of taking severe punishment, even from you, so you will be staying here a long while, or at least until I’ve learned to become bigger that you. Enjoy your stay…piss ant. Weld it! Oh… before you do, throw Tomas in there as well.”


“Tomas, you were hired help to keep him in check. You can’t do that now, so you are of no use to me. He, who doesn’t earn his keep, either gets shot or stays in the box. Would you prefer to be shot?”

Tomas answered by moving into the hanger.

“Hmmm! You show some signs of intelligence along with the brawn. Interesting.”

Not being able to think of a plan, and very tired from having not gone to bed and the growth spurt he’d gone through, Daniel went to sleep. Tomas, once Daniel’s guard now his cellmate, walked to the other side of the hanger and leaned his back against the wall underneath a small window.


In the morning, Daniel awoke and saw Tomas standing near a window and looking out.

“Mornin’. … Are we still surrounded?”


Daniel stretched and looked in awe at how he could touch, grab hold of the support beams for the ceiling. It gave him a great feeling inside. Wrapping his hands around two, he lifted his feet and hung from them.

“Are you crazy!” Yelled Tomas. “If you try to bust out we’re toast!”

“I’m not tryin’ to bust out. Well… all right I did want to see how strong these things were. They're holdin’ me up, so they’re not gonna break. Damn the luck.”

“So what are you doin’ then?”

“Pull ups. What else? Might as well get some exercise.”

As Daniel began the pull-ups, he saw Tomas turn in disgust, but could have sworn that a few points during the repetitions he looked back and stared.


The day went on and on. The two men didn’t talk or motion towards another. It was dull. It was quiet. It was boring. Breakfast came. So too did lunch and dinner after. Damien wasn’t going to starve them; there was a full plate each time for Tomas and three for Daniel. Around seven another plate came with a message from Damien that said, ‘an extra snack for being good and quiet pets.’

Daniel wolfed his plate down and flung it to the wall. A couple of guards came and looked in, to which Tomas just smiled and shrugged his shoulders at them.

“This fucking SUCKS!” Bellowed Daniel as he stood up and began pacing the floor. “My mind is going nuts. I’m very hot, and bothered.”


“Yea! Bothered!” said Daniel flatly, looking at Tomas as if he could eat him alive.

I’m once again fucking horny as hell and I can’t do anything about it cause you’re too fucking small. I can’t beat off as it’ll mess the place up and I can’t beat the place and break out or I’ll die. This sucks in the extreme!” And Daniel just whipped his legs out from underneath himself and sat on the ground hard. The shock nearly made Tomas tumble to the floor and caused more looks from the guards.

Wetting his lips Tomas looked hungrily at Daniel and said, “No… I suck in the extreme.”


“I said, ‘I suck in the extreme.’”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”


Before Daniel could notice, Tomas ran in between Daniel’s legs and began to rub his mighty balls. Daniel let out a low moan and tried to move but was suddenly struck paralyzed.

“What… what are you doing?”

“The lil’ slave, Cristobal, talked to me through the window last night. Damien doesn’t know what causes the growth. He doesn’t know that lil’ shit fed you the local flora and made you the mountain of muscle you are now. Well, Cristobal is still working in the kitchen and guess who prepared your meals for you?”

Daniel’s eyes grew wide in surprise and shock.

“Yeah, baby’s been eatin’ his growth formula again.” Said Tomas with a sly smile.

“But, but… I can’t make love to you, and what are you doing?”

“I know you want me. I knew you wanted me from the first time we met. I saw it in your eyes and ya know what? For bein’ a lil’ piss ant, wimpy guy, you were fuckin’ cute as a button. So… if at fifteen feet you can’t take those launchers out there…. Let’s see what happens if you reach twenty or thirty….”

“No! Tomas don’t!”

Tomas ignored Daniel and began to rub the ball slowly up and down, up and down, from the shaft to the butt, then round and round in circles with his arms, and then he unzipped his pants and began to hump the crevice of the two mounds with his dick.

“Oh… stop..p..p..p…p… pp.p….pl…e..eee…ase….”

“Not on your life, mister. We’re breakin’ outta here.”

Tomas then crawled in a slinky like manner making sure his skin rubbed Daniel’s skin as he climbed up onto the abs and then up to the base of the chest, digging his hands into each of the crevices between Daniel’s muscles. Stopping at the chest he twisted and pulled at Daniel’s teats and then began to suck on them.


Daniel rolled his eyes in the back of his head. He could feel his balls expanding again. Pushing his legs out to the side wider and wider. Tomas jumped down and ran back in between the giant’s legs caressing the balls and they grew out towards him.


Tomas didn’t listen. He squeezed himself between the mighty thighs and inflating balls to plunge his arm into Daniel’s butt hole, massaging the way with his fingers as he went.

“AHHH OH! YOU!…..You!…..you…ah… ah….BAST-ard! OH-OOOOOOO!”

Barely squirming out from under the balls, Tomas somersaulted out, stood up and turned to grab the mighty python that was throbbing, becoming angry and pulsing out of Daniel’s groin. Dropping his pants he cried out, “I wish this was your ass!”, and drove his prick into the mega piss slit before him.


Daniel began to buck and flop as his balls swelled up and over his legs, engulfing the lower part of his shaft.

Spreading his legs and arms out in a stretched and fisted position he cried, “I’M GONNA CUM!”

“Not this time!” And Tomas throwing his belt over Daniel’s dick, held each side with his hand and slid down the base as if he were sliding down a wire. At the bottom he wrapped it around the giant’s prick, cinched it, and bolted it shut, tightly.


Daniel’s boys swelled again, it seemed almost doubling their whole growth of this time and again collapsed upon themselves. Arching his back, Daniel released a low moan that not only became louder with each passing second but also seemed to get lower and lower and lower in deep rich bassness.

Tomas shot to the roof as Daniel’s dick suddenly sprung upward growing incredibly long and thick. Glad was Tomas that this happened quickly as the dick instantly grew too large to hang on to and the roof now held him to it.

Daniel was slapping his hands on the ground and sounds became louder and louder as his hands grew longer and lager and thicker and wider. slap. SLAP. Thump. THUD. Boom! BOOM!

The guards not thinking on what their command was, all went to the windows to see what was going on inside. This occurred just in time as Daniel’s mighty legs shot out in tremendous growth towards those very walls sending the wall, windows, glass, and guards flying to the ground. This was immediately followed by the mighty arms, which after their stretching, increased proportionately in mass and size. As Daniel watched might veins rising up to the surface of his skin he could feel his arms raise off the ground as his arms became engorged with further muscle and blood. As he wondered “Am I getting even more muscular than before?”, he felt his butt, back, legs all rise up due to the taught, tight, throbbing muscles of his ever growing body.

Looking down to try and find his legs, his chest rose and rose, higher and higher, thicker, harder, meatier, until he could see nothing of his lower self. Not the abs. Not his groin. Neither his legs, nor his feet. There was nothing save the infinitely barreling, widening, chest with massive hard teats pointing out. Only one thing showed past the wall of chest and that was the massive dick that rose high above, or rather far and out, Daniel’s body.

The building, despite it being made of steel and concrete, now lay in rubble. Daniel, realizing he was a giant in the truest form now, began to buck and spasm in orgasm over the idea. He felt a burning hot river of lava pour into and up his pecker until he sent a torrent of cum spewing high and over the remaining guards, encampment, and all. As this happened, it took Tomas, who had been clinging, no, pinned, to Daniel’s cock head, and shot him far, far away, the sound of his screaming fading into the distance.

“I’m sorry Tomas,” said Daniel breathlessly.

The remaining guards came to their senses and all pointed in the building, or rather the rubble’s direction and let loose. The odd thing was instead of many, many explosions occurring at the same site, there began to be many stray shots landing here and there sending the camp into a great state of disarray. When the missiles were used up and the smoke cleared, the guards stood in shock and horror at seeking the huge, hulking form that still stood.

Checking his body out, Daniel realized that he had a few cuts and bruises, perhaps one good cut on him and some minor burning. When the firing began, he started moving his arms in blocking like motion and swatted many of the missiles in away, sending them off in various directions. Those that hit cause only minor irritation. Daniel looked down at his body and began to laugh a bit. Looking over the crowd of guards, he realized they came up, maybe to his ankles, and laughed harder, and harder, and more, more, mightily!

“You lose, dipshit,” yelled Daniel as he stuck a crab shot pose to emphasize the point.

Who’s gonna stop this baby?” Daniel now did a double bi pose and then lifted his foot and slammed it to the ground causing many to fall to ground and building to shake and their foundations to crack.

“Whooo-hoooo!” Shouted the young man in voice now so large and powerful the yell made many wince in pain. He laughed and chuckled, flexed and posed. He shot glances at some of the guards as he hit a pose and held it, then laughed when he saw some of them orgasm and stain their crotches.

“Who’s…<STOMP> the big <STOMP> man <STOMP> on campus <STOMP> now?!? Ah- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

During all his posing and flexing, Daniel didn’t hear nor notice the next trick up Damien’s sleeve until they all lined up on one side of him, their mighty barrels pointed his direction.

“So, you grow again, Daniel. Very nice. You dick I think is becoming too large perhaps, draining too much blood away from your brain. You did not think that I would be prepared for something like this, huh?”

Daniel stopped his self-pose down and looked to see a whole platoon of tanks before him.

“I have calculated such matters in my head, Daniel. As the bullets were to small before and the missiles were not, so now are the missiles, but not these tanks. I have your journals and now I have Cristobal. I think he might be key in the matter, so I don’t need you. I hope you enjoyed your power and life for this brief time, but now you die. Gentleman…..FIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!”

Suddenly without warning, Damien’s tanks rose up into the air. A deafening sound of bending metal filled the air and Damien landed with a thud to the ground. A short time after the tank all mangled and bent landed next to him.

Battered, broken a bit from the landing, Damien staggered and looked around.

“What the hell happened?”

“I! I happened!” boomed a loud voice.

Damien looked up in surprise and horror to notice it was Tomas, now super-sized, as the giant’s foot came down and crushed him completely.

Tomas looked at Daniel and said “I’ll take the high road, if you take the low.”

Daniel in shock, nodded, landed on the ground sending tanks hopping into the air and then swooped them with his arm to the side. Tomas came to the other flank and started kicking them around a bit, picking up a few and tried to toss them into one another.

While they were doing this, Daniel looked over and stared lustily at Tomas’ form, which was now equal to his.

“What happened to you?”

“I’m not sure. I flew through the air landed at what felt like miles away and felt the rain of cum land on me. I thought I was dead but thought, ‘At least I get to enjoy the taste of his cum before I die.’ Next thing I know, all the cum is being sucked up into me, suddenly I’m bucking and throbbing, then cumming, and I’m huge!”

“Ya look fine to me. Hey, uhm… did you mean what you said before?”

Both of the men stopped their play with the tanks and stood straight up. Tomas moved in toe to toe, nose to nose to Daniel and said, “You bet I did, lover.” The two hugged each other for a long time not only enjoying the emotional embrace but also feeling each other’s muscles up at the same time.

Breaking apart Tomas says, “Hey, who else but a guy this size <side chest pose>, can be your lover?”

The two laughed and started to wrestle, which by the lusty look in their eyes might have become more, but they were interrupted.

“What’s going on?” asked Tomas.

Listening to the shrieking native, Daniel answered, “The guerillas are heading this way. They have an army about three times the size of this little group and they are all driving tanks to boot. They also know we’re here.”


“They know there are two giants. They’ll be prepared.”

“Shit! What are we gonna do?”

“I’m not sure. The shells that got through hurt like hell.”

As the two stood worried, they heard a shrill whistle. Looking down they saw a smiling Cristobal.

“Hey, Cristobal. You made it through that ordeal? Cool! But what do you want? We’ve got guerillas coming.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Cristobal replied. “I don’t think they will be a problem.” Clapping his hands there appeared native after native with large plates balanced on their heads of the local specialty that had been Daniel’s main course the last three days.

“Eat, enjoy, and grow gentleman. My people once were the servants of the giants, and we will be so again. All we asked for then, and now, is protection from the outside world.”

Looking at one another with smirks, Tomas says to Daniel, “Are you up for a feast and love making?”

The two ‘small’ men chuckled.