Journey of a Muscle God 2

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Day Two:

I really expected to start today off in the worst way possible. Jansen having slugged me in the chest yesterday, not only hurt then, I knew it would hurt just as bad if not worse in the morning. I mean come on the guy is a foot and two inches taller than I am and easily almost twice my weight if not actually double it, and it’s all muscle. My chest was to be bruised but good.

Surprisingly though, my chest wasn’t nearly as sore as I thought it’d be, nor as bruised. I must of involuntary jerked back in time ahead of his punch to lessen the blow or he didn’t really hit me with as much force as I thought he mustered.

Still even though that went better than I thought it’d be (I expected to be black and blue from the center of my chest outwards to at least halfway into each pectoral muscle – Jansen has really huge hands!), Jansen still managed to make things horrible throughout the day.

We’ve not come across any area as of yet that would be considered landscape, city design area, which is what Jansen would be working on per his expertise. So with nothing to do, instead of helping others, he’s sitting around being bored and irritable. So far he’s managed to rearrange Dr. Taro and Eoin Aodhagáin’s work area – surprising as those two are probably the best suited to bring him down if he gets too out of line - but they had to reset up their who area for trying to recreate tools they find fragments of in the dig.

Let’s see, he’s also nearly destroyed a possible find of the Yamamoto twins and took swipe at Dr. Waterford when he went to explain what Jansen was doing wrong. Oh, and I can’t forget that Dr. Atkins is about ready to kill him. Jansen totally ignores what he’s doing unless it’s important to him and today picked up a “stone slab” out of a chair and nearly threw it to the ground which would’ve shattered it into a few dozen pieces needing to be repaired. It could have caused a great loss as that stone slab was a stone tablet with words on it that Dr. Atkins has been studying all day.

At least one find has been interesting and figured out today. Reverend Crowley said he came across it, while walking through the major ruins, what we think is the vast temple dedicated to the entire pantheon of the Greek gods, although the legend is it is Olympus itself – home of the gods.

There is what appears to be a gigantic entry way to the temple, an ante-room, but off of that, behind or built into the rocks of the mountain, there is what appears to be a prayer room, with a spot for an oracle. Mikolos Valissiou and Dr. Atkins confirmed that the theory of it being a prayer room was very sound, especially given an area that looks as if it was meant to hold a pot of herbs over a fire and prayers to the gods said over them.

Reverend Crowley brought over a recreation of a Greek vase and set it, carefully, into the ring to show all how it would work and be set up…kind of odd he would know how to set up an ancient Greek prayer room, but still it was interesting. He even seemed to joke, or was it delight, in using me as an example of how they prayed to the gods at the same time getting in a dig at Jansen. He walked over to the vase, raised his hands over it and entoned:

“O mighty god, Duuuuuuke. Thank you for saving us from the rock monster known as Jaaaaaaan-seeeeeeeeeen.”

All of us, except for Jansen, laughed at this spectacle. Jansen stormed off threatening to break the vase, the ring, and stuff the pieces up Rev. Crowley’s butt. But the heat of the moment was cooled down by the heat of the day. I wound up feeling a little tingly, like something was moving through me, all over my body, and I got a bit woozy. The twins helped me back to my tent and all of us pretty much called it a night.

Rev. Crowley however, continued his little duties as man servant and came back to my tent with some more of the delicious tea made from the native plant. I don’t know if it made me feel better, but it put me to rest and I’m retiring for the evening now.

Good night – Dr. Duuuuuuuuuke the aaaaalmighty Bradshaaaaaaaaaw.


Day Three:

I felt totally amazing this morning. As a matter of fact, I think this mountain air must be good for the body. I’ve got to ask a medical doctor about this at some point in time because, this morning as I was taking my shower, I noticed that the bruising on my chest was completely gone. Very odd, for I am quite sure that the blow I received should’ve left a bruise for a couple of days if not up to a couple of weeks.

No matter, my eyes got bruised by shock today from the same offender. Jansen, not having much to do, although he could certainly help any of us out here on this dig, decided that he would take the larger stones we weren’t using, going through, or breaking up, and make them into make shift weights for lifting. So this morning we all get up and look out expecting to see the twins in their usually T’ai Chi stances, instead we see a very broad and big, bulging, pumped, vein-y, and red Jansen hoisting and lifting these semi-boulders – in a pair of speedos!

From an artistic perspective this could have been quite a handsome, perhaps even beautiful thing, but with all his grunting and screaming and eye popping straining…he looked perhaps a little on the gross side.

Drawn or not, the moment wasn’t good as at one point he just let a boulder fly and it nearly hit a couple of students. A ruckus was soon to begin, Jansen ready to come out swinging, and two pissed off students soon became scared and about to take a trip to the hospital. I ran in front of them, standing between them and Jansen… it worked. He stopped but then in a surprising move, turned to walk away and shrug his hands saying “whatever.”

However, upon swinging his hands to make the motion, he managed to clock me square in the jaw and I went down. I was only out for a moment and Jansen lightly apologized to me stating it was an accident. The rest of the staff wasn’t impressed with him or his apology. I just looked up at him as soon as I got my bearings and said, through clenched teeth, that they day goes on without any stalling. Of course this wasn’t going to last for as the noon time sun rose high to beat down upon us, the heat coupled with Jansen’s blow took its toll on me and once again I went down.

I came to inside my tent. Crowley was there with a bit of something for me to eat as well as two cups, one with a spatula sticking out of it, the other was with the aroma of the tea from the flower that was becoming more and more familiar and friendly to me. After I had eaten my lunch, Crowley had me sit down in a chair, prop my feet up, while he looked at my jaw. It was indeed red, and purple, and black, and blue and swollen. He smiled and he picked up the second cup and began to smear a paste across my jaw, telling me it was a good healing salve that would draw out the toxins created by the body from the damaged tissue. To groggy to argue with him, I allowed this and finished my tea in between slathers. I then fell fast asleep.

I awoke in the late evening, just after dusk. To my amazement I felt fine… I felt almost exceptional. Except one thing... my clothes felt a little snug. Nothing much..just like I had gained a couple pounds and that they were no longer the comfortable, lounge about clothing they once were. This included my shoes too. Well, to tell the truth, I just didn’t feel comfortable in clothing suddenly. I attributed this to having slept in them; sleeping in one’s clothes and a chair, always makes one feel exceptionally odd in some way.

However I was getting many stares as I walked through the camp. Everyone would walk up to me all smiles, but then looked very puzzled at me, like something had changed. I just smiled and nodded and made my way to the latrine tents to wash my face.
- my face… I bent down over a dry sink, a wash bowl and pitcher full of water, and poured the bowl full and splashed the cooling water over my face, steadying myself for the pain I would feel as my fingers grazed my jaw. But there was none. Picking up a towel off the side of the wash stand, I dried my face and looked into the mirror – there was no bruise. No black, nor blue, nor red, no bump, nothing…

Dr. Atkins came in to see if I was alright. I told him I was fine. However I knew something was wrong, for I don’t think my vision was correct, I had lost some sense of depth. When Atkins came towards me I thought as though I was constantly misjudging where his eyes were. I should be looking slightly up as he’s three inches taller than me, but it seems like I need to look more straight on. I wasn’t sure what to think about this.

Well it mattered not, for I needed to make rounds to see how all the stations and people were doing, but everyone could be heard talking behind my back, what about I don’t know, but I knew it was about me. At the end of my rounds I made my way up to the temple site where I passed Reverend Crowley and the two students whom I protected earlier in the day. The students quickly greeted me with smiles and then averted their eyes from me for some strange reason. Crowley was quick to see how I was doing, almost as if he was pleased with the progress, and then praise me for what I had done earlier in the day.

After they left, I went into the temple site and I lay down in the middle of the floor. I stared up into the sky, watching the constellations as they slowly appeared, attempting to pick out and identify them as they came into view. Somewhere in the distance I could hear a couple people talking about Crowley and how he was doing something, like actually leading a couple of students in worship of the Greek gods, but the name intoned wasn’t one anyone has heard before.

However I was getting sleepy again and for some reason, I felt increasingly comfortable in this temple. Temple…. I began to look at some of the markings and the layout, picturing the whole set up as complete and my mind began to tell me, “No, this isn’t a temple, it’s a house. It’s a home!” Do we have it wrong? Was this really a great temple of worship, or is it only that smaller structure on the outskirts?

Soon visions began to fill my mind: lightning bolts, winged horses, female archers, dryads and male counter parts to them. I was lying on the floor of the temple, but I was nude, and these female and male spirits came to me all smiling and rubbing my body, playing with it…. I was soon lost in euphoria. A feeling, a lust, a…power….was rising…growing inside of me. Soon the touch fest was becoming a downright orgy and I felt all this power rising in my groin. The more these being touched me. The larger the feeling grew. The touched my pecs – it grew. They touched my thighs – it grew. The kissed my lips – it Grew. They nuzzled my neck – it GREW. They fondled my balls – it GREW! They stroked my prick – IT GREW!

I awoke with a start. The feeling of lust, power, whatever had grown so real in the dream I felt like I was going to flood the entire valley below with sperm from my testicles. Yet, now awake, I noticed, it didn’t abate the increasing lustful urge! It was still building in my cock! I could feel my cock lengthening, stiffening stretching out my shorts making them tent so it threatened to damage my cock by making it bend while erect.

But this was not to be. I raised my head, as the sweat beaded and poured off my forehead, my bangs plastered, sticking to it sending the sweat into my eyes. Yet in the dark I saw it…I felt it… my cock slowly moved it’s way to find release out the bottom of a leg of my shorts and it continued to grow. Despite being awake, I could still feel those spirits caressing me, touching me, groping me, kissing me, causing my lust to grow and build and with it my dick…. I felt it getting bigger…larger….thicker…..harder!

I watched in horror…or pleasure? As my prick grew out my shorts and kept stretching out and out till it reached my knees, and so thick it filled up any gap in between my thigh and the shorts fabric. Still it grew… I lie there and felt it brush past my knee caps and then begin an ascent into heaven. Slowly it kept climbing up, but someone despite it’s length, in lieu of the fact of it’s thickness and weight, it was rising up and up and up, pulling on the fabric of the shorts, threatening to cause my leg to rise with it. But no, a soon heard short small ripping sounds…more…more…further further…until suddenly the short’s leg was gone, one of my balls falls out free suddenly feeling the cool night breeze.

Yet with that comforting breeze my cock stayed warm, hot, pulsing, and growing…I watched as this appendage of mine continued to grow, taller, thicker, wider, harder! It was as long as my leg I’m sure, and still continued to soar. Soon I know it had grown to become as long as I was tall. So thick and wide it was, it threatened to overtake my balls, my abs, my navel. The sheer weight and size of it was pinning me to the ground. I felt like I was sitting on myself. And again it grew! I felt like another person was standing on my crotch. BIGGER STILL! Oh god! I felt like…like….like….. Jansen was standing on my body.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I couldn’t take it anymore. The sexual spirits had won. I swear I felt the breeze itself stroke my cock, long, full, hard, and sensually, and the power in me could not be contained. I spewed and spewed. My dick became like a Roman fountain jetting water everywhere, only this was my seed, my cum. I saw it flying everywhere. I heard it plopping down around me in a circle. I felt splash onto me, wash over, stream and cream down my dick onto me, completely soaking my clothes, matting my hair.

And suddenly, after everything was washed a-white, I woke up again. Dry, except for the areas drenched with sweat. My shorts were whole. My dick was normal. No..not normal…it ached and I could feel a wet spot, fairly large, in my underwear. I was now cold though and shaking. Yet out of no where there was Crowley, I’m sure of it and suddenly he had a thermos cup of that hot tea to my lips. Something hot wasn’t what I needed, but I drank it down due to my thirst and there I fell asleep after feeling myself being wrapped in a sleeping bag.

In the morning…dawn exactly, I woke and picked myself up, along with the sleeping bag and started the walk down to my tent. On my way out I passed the side temple where I could see a faint light flickering and heard the tones of an intonation being sung. Crowley. He was up with the dawn singing prayers to what? To whom? He’s really getting into this re-enacting the faith of the Greeks. This would be fascinating to study, but I needed to get to my tent to write and to get some extra sleep.

Good nigh…morning. – Dr. Bradshaw

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