The Massage

I don’t know why you want this recording blog, but I guess I’ll play along with it. I am, however, going to speak very low as I don’t want everyone looking at me. So, here I am. I’ve driven three and a half hours out to the middle of nowhere to get to this special spa you’ve told me about. At least it doesn’t look like a sixties commune, but it was some kind of farm or something at one point in time.

I’ve parked the car and walked up a little stepping stone path to the front door of an old farm house. There are two large barns that have been spruced up behind it. One looks like it’s been made into a hotel or bed and breakfast, the other has lots of massage therapists coming in and out of it. I’ve gone up the steps, in the door, and the living room has a reception desk in it, where I’ve checked in and been asked to wait for a guide to take me to the deluxe spa suite. But I guess you heard the lady, huh? Deluxe suite? Thanks. I don’t know why you think I’m so special, but I appreciate it.

Ya know, I don’t mind being treated nice, but I don’t understand why ya got me this spa treatment. I’m not really into all that. It’s cool. Not that I’m against it, but not really my bag. And why treat me? Not that I don’t appreciate the attention; God knows I need some. But I’m not gonna polish up into a diamond or anything, ya know? An amethyst maybe, but no diamond. Hahahaha. I’m mean, I’m middle aged, average height, thinning hair, just earned my 30’s fifteen pounds, not that I wouldn’t like to get rid of that. I really don’t know quite what you see in me. Not, that you only look at guys for physical reasons…

Wait…. Oh. My escort is here. She’s leading me out the back. Hmmmm.. wow. Smell just kind of punches one in the nose. No wonder, extensive herb garden here. Man, it goes on and on. Wonder how many herbs they go through a year? She’s leading me out into a back pasture, and going down into a valley, looks like we’re heading to a ravine. Okay, this is kind of scary… lol. Did I come to a spa to get my back worked on or did I come to join a cult? WHOA! There’s a cave down here… a …a….cavern. She’s lead me into the cave and there’s a manmade door here….Pardon?......

Okay the tour guide gal, whatever she is, she just ushered me into this room made from the cave and told me to wait for my personal therapist. Huge room too. They pretty much just built a wall to fit into the front of the cavern with a nice door. Let’s see… I’m sitting against the entrance wall, so to speak. It’s a nice living room set here: two side chairs, a nice couch, very long too about 8 foot I think, coffee table, side tables, some nice lamps, and a stereo system, pretty extensive one too. There’s an area across from this where it looks like a hot tub. There’s water that cascades into from the right, but it’s not steaming like the water in the tub. Further right though, it looks like a natural spring is there. It is nice and calm, although decent current at the bottom where it goes further back and under the cavern. Up top is gushes in, almost like a spray, a fountain where it comes into the cavern. There is some kind of apparatis with a…I don’t know a cloth gurney, hanging from it and it can pivot that around to the hot tub, the spring and a table. I’m assuming that table is where I’ll be getting my massage.

Oh, the door knob is jiggling. In case he talks to me a lot, I’m going to turn the voice activator on, on the recorder. Here he comes….Jesus! Okay I’m saying this really soft and low I don’t know if you can here me, but this fucker is huge! His head come up to the top of the door frame, so he’s gotta be pushin’ around 6’8” or 6’10” as broad as the door itself, and if it weren’t for his height, I’d say he has the musculature of a gymnast. Fuck, the size of his hands….he gonna massage me or break me in half?

“Goot Morgan! How are we today. Iz dat a phone? No? Okay. Dat’s fine. You haf your own muzik to lizzen to. Dat’s okay… I kin verk arount dat, no problem. You take off your cloze unt I’ll geet tings zet up here, jes?”

I’m taking off my clothes. Sven, I saw his name tag, he’s caused that apparatus to swing and lower the cloth gurney into the hot tub. Now he’s getting out quite a few bottles and jars and lining them up on a tray, which he’s pushed over next to the table. Damn, lotta herbs used in the deluxe suite.

“Okay, mr. noodie-man… ach, don’t be ashamed off your body, you look fine. You go zit unt relax in zee hot tub there, while I get zie rest of minah schtuff zet up.”

I’m stepping in the hot tub. Wow… it’s not to bad, just a touch warmer than a nice hot bath. Lot more comfortable than most hot tubs, they scald. Wait, he’s motioning me to submerge. Hold on a sec….. … ….. …. Okay, back. Didn’t want to take the headset under water. Although if I could breath underwater, I think I’d like to stay under there forever. My whole body is tingling from the heat and the bubbles. This alone was worth the money you paid. That gurney though… there’s enough material, room, for like two of me, maybe more. Not meaning to be cruel, but I’m betting there are some pretty hefty, overweight people that get their back and legs worked on here. Hmmmm man, this feels great… I think I could go to sleep… wait he just came up to me.

“Hi. Zleepy? Ha haaaaa! Don’ woory. You relac-ks. I’m just goink to plaz dis crystal on your forehead. Keep it dere till I lift you out.”

Hmmmm…. Sven better lift me out soon or I’m just going to be putty in his hands. Just sitting here has already made me feel all loosey-goosey and my tension gone. I feel energized. Almost youthful. Whoa! He’s started the machine, the sides of the cloth are rising up and pulling up on either side of me. Damn… my nipples are hard as a rock now, the air feels so cool compared to that water. Now I’m being lowered on the table and the cloth is dropping down on either side of me and over the table like a tablecloth. Duh, that was kind of an obvious description wasn’t it.

“Okay. Mina name ist Sven unt I’ll be your perzonal derapist. Let me take dat crystal off your forehead and you flip around on your tummy for me, jes?

“Hmmmmm. Dis is nice… very nice…. U are special…very special…I tink I give you extra treatment, no charge. You are a very gracious soul. And you shoult be as handzome on the outzide az you are on de inzide. Relax unt let Sven take care of you; I’ll give you a whole new life.”

Whole new life, don’t I wish. What is a massage going to give me that’d make it a whole new…a-ha! Ooooh……aaaaaaaaaah…..okay that’ hurt a little bit, but he’s definitely working through the tension of the muscles…aaaaaa-HA!---ha…ha….hahahahah.

“Zorry. It hurt a bit at furst, but it gets easier the longer ve verk at it.”

I’m telling you if I didn’t have you, his looks and strength, I’d almost let Sven have all of me he wants. Oh man… he’s doing like deep tissue massage. I don’t think I could lift a finger if I needed to get out of this place. This is fuckin’ unbelievable.

“Unt now we begin the massage with the clay.”

He’s walking over to the stream, the slow side. He’s gathering…looks like mud. Wait… it’s got more of a solid consistency and it looks a little more red than brown. Good knight he’s grabbing a lot of it… looks like he’s filling a…what is that… a wheelbarrow? Jeeze, he’s pile a huge mound of it on there. Do I need that much? UH! He just plopped a huge amount on my back… well… it doesn’t feel slimy…

“Furst ve verk it all in, just a liddle.”

Ah…oh…man….he’s coating me all over with this stuff…

“It’s gut for you… jes, even up dere.”

He’s coated my entire torso and now he’s just done my face and head, hair included. At least it doesn’t smell. Well, it does but it smells fresh, like the spring. Now he’s going down my back side and working on the legs.

“Now da fun…more clay…more verk…ve sculpt.”

What does he mean we sculpt. OH! He just dumped more clay on my foot… hmmm…. He’s really working it in. Rubbing really hard with his hands…fingers…thumb. Man my foot feels kind of numb. Oooh… feels like he’s pulling on my toes. They feel like they’ve come off, but they feel released, loose, stretched? A little more clay… he’s working it in… now he feels like he’s cupping it, rounding it? Flattening it? Wiggling it between my toes… ah ha ha ha… uhm…whoo. That stretching feeling again….. oh…ah…. On man… He’s just put my right foot down and is going to TOW—own….hmmmm on my left foot. My right is so totally relaxed it must be asleep. It feels kind of heavy, thick. I feel like I’ve got a size 24 shoe on or something. Ha ha.

Whoo-ooh. He…h..h…he uhm just started on my ankle and my leg… aha…my right leg that is. He’s put down my left foot – it feels exactly like my right, very heavy loaded down with clay. Hee hee! Ah! O-ho!.... He…he… he’s pulling on my leg, my lower leg, my shin and calf. Man he’s…he’s uhm…really working that clay in there isn’t he…uhm aha… I’m…I’m gonna go silent for a moment.

…Okay. He is really the muscle worker. I’m am so loose, so un-tense I can’t feel my legs. Well I can, but not below the knee. I feel like my shins leg are numb and all…long? And he’s piled a huge amount of that clay on each of my calves and worked it in, rubbed it, mounded it, shaped it? They feel real heavy. A now he’s just started on my thighs. He’s doing the same thing he’s just piling the clay on and… OH-ah! U-huh… uhm…if he doesn’t watch it he’s goin’ to fuckin turn me on. He’s, uhm really rubbing the clay in and piling it on. I don’t know how much more I’m going to be able to take this, cause he has to rub my inner thigh ya know. Oh man… this feels odd… he’s….shit! He’s pilled so much clay on each of my thighs, I can’t close them. My legs are laying out wide, like I’m doing a snow angel or something and the air is then of course, hitting my balls, my prick, and goin’ up my butt crack. Wha-ha!

Hmmm, uhm….okay. He’s just slapped two blobs of that clay on my butt, one blob on each cheek and he’s really rubbing it in. And now…n…n…n…now he’s… molding it? Shaping it? I think… I think, I’m going to have to stop this massage. My legs feel like nothing and yet everything. I feel like my legs have been stretched or something. They’re numb, yet they feel so substantial with all that clay on them. Now he’s got my butt feeling the same way… well it feels bigger, yet tighter. Must be the clay partially drying ya know. But all that rubbing in the clay and working my muscles with the hands… I don think I can hold on. I’m going to pop a boner or SOMETHING!

Hoooooooooooooo…heeee….he..he…he….(smack of lips)….uh…huh…huh…. he just started up the sides of my torso and moved into my lower back. I don’t know what is uhm A-HA! Uh….uh…..huh…. w…wuh… .sss…. his hands gliding up my sides while he’s pounding more and more clay on the sides and the back, just under the arms and shoulder blades, or the push in he’s doing, the digging, and scrapping of the clay from around my waist. I swear HE! Ugh… uhm… He…he is digging into my guts, squishing them, but then he moves out and t..t…t…t…ti-CKLES! He tickles!…sides… add, pushing, more of that clay. I can’t lay comfortably with my arms at my side now, they’re angled out too far because of the clay.

Hmmmmm…the clay… yes, more clay is being added. This fucker has added so much clay on my back I think it’ll break under the weight. Now he’s adding more clay to my shoulders and the upper back. OH! He just pressed, or was it pulled, on my left shoulder… no, he pressed, and now he’s pulling on my shoulder…what the fuck? Now, he’s mounding more clay on, he’s peaking it near my neck and smoothing it out down my shoulders and then moving it into my back….shoulder blades…UH! He’s started on the right side now. Feel so…..heavy….in the shoulders…on my back…. I can feel the clay touching my neck…Pfffttth! Ach…cough cough cough….

“Hold on now. I must do your faze. All your head actually.”

Okay…he’s just done my head. He slathered that clay all around my neck, pulled on it I think. I’d say I feel stretched, but between the clay on my neck and the clay on my shoulders I don’t think I can move my head. He turned on the apparatus and had it flip me over. Once done, he went over my face to with his hands…muttered something about squaring my jaw just a bit and highlighting the point of my chin, oh and thinning my nose just a hair. He put some herbs on top of my head too, several of them, mentioning something for thickness, for length, for deep color, and golden highlights? Don’t know what that was but at least it wasn’t cucumbers on the eyes.

Oooh god….he’s rubbing my chest. He’s piling on the clay, more and more, and he’s rubbing it in. Hmmmnnnnnnn! Fuck! It felt like he pulled my nips, pulled them up and out or something… like I can feel them exposed to the air even though my chest is like under a half a foot of the clay. He’s gonna give me a raging hard on if he doesn’t stop it. I mean that nipple thing…I felt that way down THE-er-AH-air…..He’s pulling me down, tickling me at my abdomen area, felt like he was pulling at it. Ugh…oh… hmmmn….…he’sssshhh…uh uh uh…he…ah…he’s…really digging into my abdomen, working it ha-ARD! Ooof…. That’s okay it’s almost done only my arms are next, I mean he certainly can’t work on my… HOLY SHIT!.... HE!.....UHMNNNN! UGH….Huh Huh Huh HUH! O MY GOD! He’s massaging my prick! He’s piling on the clay and WUHU-HU-HU….UH…uh…uh…. work…working it in and stretching…oh lord…it. How am I not getting hard? …….

Sorry. I had to keep quiet there for a moment. He was just….well….working….uhm…massaging my penis. I can’t believe he did that. I mean fuck… I didn’t get hard. How the hell that happened I don’t know. That was just wild. I never expected that. Totally unprepared. Ya couldn’t get any personal ya know tha ah ah haaa..AH FUCK MY BALLS! HE’S MASSAGING MY BALLS! HE’S….He’s….he’s…. placed a bunch of clay around my nuts and whu-WHU-wha-whu-working it in. Damn I’m gonna spew. Don’t care if my prick isn’t hard or not, if he doesn’t t.. t.t..t.t…st…st.. .ST... STOP!... OOOoooohhh gaaaaawwwd… I’m goin to spend a load all over his hands. Aaawww…. Why…why…won’t…won’t I cum? I can feel it…welled up inside me…me….

Oh good…he’s…he’s moved on to my arms. M..m..more of that…that damned clay. Like my arms are going to help. Every inch of my body has been worked over. His touch has been so sensual, so deep, him working on my arms….yeah, I’ll just shoot a load out my fingertips. Oh my god. Thank you... if I don’t remember to say it later, thank you, now, for this massage. Don’t know why you wanted me to have it or why I was deserving of it but, thanks. This was…man….sex should be this good. He’s put down my right arm and is working on my left. The other feels all numb, as he’s pulled on it forever. I want to bring it in close to me but he’s added so much clay around it that it’s competing against the clay next to my back and sides. If he does the same to my left, and it feels like it, my arms are going to be sticking out somewhere between a forty-five and ninety degree angle from my body. This is….awwww… I’m still reeling from my prick, man. He’s done with my other arm now. Hold on…

“Okay, talk tieeme iz ova for a sehcunt. Let me take dat. Now cloze your eyez unt mouth. I’m goink to schpray you so you come out with a nice olive glow all natturally. Hold on…”


“Gut. Herez you little phone back. Da rest is auttomattic. I put you in da zauna for fifteen minutes. Schtay on da cloth. The machine will pull you out unt den lower you in to da schpring on da slow moving side. Sit in there until da beeper goez off.”


He’s left. Damn. Would’ve loved to have gotten another good look at him; wanna know who I leave a big tip for. Jeeze it’s hot in here. I don’t know how the cloth can hold me and all this clay; we’ve gotta weigh a ton. Not only that it’s making it worse cause the machine is raising on one side and causing me and the clay to rotate around and then it goes back and has me roll over to the other side. So hot! It’s really freakin’ warm in here. I’m gonna breathe deep for a moment try to concentrate away from the heat. …

Hmmm…hey I guess the recorder is still on. I uh… fell asleep while I was in the sauna. Real hot, but boy, this spring feels refreshing. The machine dropped me in here at an angle. I’m reclining in it with me head pointed at the head of the spring or the current so it’s splashing against the top of my head and cascading down my body. I just heard the beeper go off. Actually it woke me up. I guess this process returns all the clay right back to the spring; I can’t feel any part of it on me what so ever, not in my hair, under my nails, between my toes, on my….well you know where he massaged me. Damn!

Wait, there’s a noise at the door. Someone else is coming in. I’m going to go silent for a while until I find out who….HEY! ahaha… ya know I was just leaving the last part of the audio blog for ya. What are you doing here? Wanted to see how I fared through the massage huh? Well, I can get out now. What are you staring at. Why are you looking at me with the smile? Alright I’m getting out now so, uhm, turn around okay. Thanks…..

I’ll just go grab my clo….HEY! I said turn around, why’d you turn back? Let me…let me grab one of these towe……….uhm…….uh….. who’s arm is this? This…this…thing is… huge! It’s beyond huge…fuckin swollen. Look at the veins poppin out all over it…it’s like a professional bodybuilder or something… this…this…ain’t my arm…. What do you mean it is? What are you doing….

No stay back… stay back…stay..ay…ay….yyy…..Did you get shorter? I mean you look really small. Like only up to….chest?!? WHERE’D YOU GO? I can’t see you. My vision is blocked by…by my….that’s gotta be my gut, my chest can’t be that big, broad, thick and wide…. That just can’t be my… MY! MY MY MY GOD! What did you just….did you just finger my nips? I…I….I….didn’t even see your hand….I didn’t even see my nips! Are they there? Whaddya mean they point down? How do nips point DOW WOW WOWN!....

Sssssstop that! Thank you. What? What are you doin? I can’t see you because of my chest, I need to move these arms around too to see? I mean…. Forty-four? What do you mean forty-four? That’s what these are? What are these? My…my…my arms?!? No, my arms…these….aren’t… can’t be…..sooo big….poppin….swollen…veiny….fuck! tighten my fist and jumps up…pops…plumps….forty-four you say? Cold? What’s cold? The spring… yeah…

I can’t see you. Where are you? What are you doi….What do you mean you’re right in front of me? Down there? What do you mean down there? Below me… below me how? What are doing? Is that your face I feel on my abdomen? Did the top of your head, your hair just brush my nips? What do you mean abs with an s? OOH! Oooh…. Did you just grab on to my abdome…I can feel your fingers…uhm…I can feel them, like my skin is surrounding them, each of your finger tips…how… how does that…. What do you mean eight pack? Two, four, six, eight…..I have a wall of eight abs….of eight…right… I’ve never had a wall of abs. No space in between to FEEE-EEE-EEEE-HEEEL! SHIT! I’ve got to back u…uh…wah!......

Okay… I just tried to back up and my legs wouldn’t work together… I’m havin to swing them out wide to walk…I feel like I’m shifting side to side in order to walk, like a webble or something, like my legs are too big… to big? I’m sitting down here, now tell me what’s goin….on…. whose feet are those? Those down there. Mine!?! No… those aren’t mine they’re like two of those tiles long and those tiles are a good foot square. And they’re really wide too, so thick…manly….not my feet. I’ve got average feet, thin…not big…long…meaty…they wiggle their toes when I think to wiggle mine… My shoes are right there, see… they’re just my…they’re so….small….tiny…like half my size… Pants…so short…legs…so…thin….waist is…smaller than my arms?

What are you shifting over there? Weights? Why are you shifting weights? To see how much I weigh, how do you think I’m going to get weighed? It’s what I’m leaning on? Right okay so I stand up and I’m fully on the plate, right… no biggie here. I’m just a paltry little 155 pou… eighty five! There’s no way I can….I’m not that big…I’m not that….well….arms…so swollen…forty-four…veiny….chest…eight pack…. That’s it I’m done. This is too freaky….

Come on, out of the way! Move it! Don’t close that door on me! Don’t you lock it neither. Come on, I’ve got to get out I’ve got to figure out what’s goi…going….on….why is the door so small? What do you mean it’s not small? It’s fucking tiny! The top of the door frame comes right at my shoulders, well, a little lower than them but not by much. Then, you only come up to my…. I need to sit down… I gotta make it over to that couch… I… wah!... uh…. I CAN’T FUCKING WALK! I can’t move my legs normally, they’re too big or something… and what the hell is that smacking my thighs? It’s long…it’s thick…it’s heavy…

What do you mean sit down? Oh, okay, I’m at the couch… Couch…kind of small isn’t it? I thought it real long when I came it, but it’s only what, about two inches longer than I am? And those chairs, so tiny looking.. Look down… look down where? At my crotch?!? Why?! That’ll answer what’s smacking my thighs? How the hell am I supposed to look down at my crotch, my…these….MAN TITS ARE IN THE WAY! Mirror… okay yeah, there’s a mirror directly acro….ss…sss…sssssss…. what is that… there…. There… between my…that’s what’s smacking my legs? That’s what’s smacking my legs! What the hell is that? It looks like a gigantic…yeah! It looks like a gigantic….what do you mean it’s my dick? That’s not my dick… that’s enormous! That’s so big! What do you mean it’s not big yet? What do you mean it’s not big…where’d you go…I can’t see you beneath my chest, what you… I’ll just look up and see you in the mirror then… what are you…NO! NO! Don’t do that! Don’t do…whuuuuuhahahahaha…uh… uhm…. Ah….s…ss..sss…stop….s…… STOP! QUIT IT!... Oh my god…what are you doing… what are you…. Oh fuck…it’s getting bigger…Bigger!.... BIGGER?!? Oh my….mahhhh-ha-hiieeee god!... uh….hmmm… nnnn….ghhhhhh….. wuh…wuh….wait….wait… WAIT! There….there’s a….there’s a…there’s a phone over there by the table………call the front desk and tell them we’re going to need this room for another four hours… least.