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"Yo! Aaronites!"



"Yo, Beau, Greg, you two ok?"

"We're fine..."

"Yeah, Aaron, wound up having food in the cafeteria today. It sucked."

"Oh, ok.... So..uhm... Aaronites.... if I have any left. So sorry for keeping you in the dark..."

[giggles from several guys]

"What are you laughing a..[looks around] Oh... hahahahaha...yeah I forgot about that. I'm kind of in the dark right now. Ok.. no pun intendid on that last statement. Let me see if I can clarify here... I'm sorry for not having an update in quite a few months. Especially since given my last one in November probably had you all thinking I was gonna quit. And that day... trust me.... I nearly thought about it.

"I got to talking with Kienan. He's got quite a bit of size on him, but not quite like a bodybuilder. More impressive is he's got quite a bit of strength running through him.....quite a bit! So I talked with him. Give a shout out Kienan..."

"Slainte, Aaronites!"

"And I also talked with Beau. Your turn, Beau..."

"Hi ScrrrrrrrrraaaaaAronites!"

"hahahahahahahahaha....So I talked with the two of them. Now, what I'm about to say, please don't take me wrong. I'm not trying to say that bodybuilders are weak. No, far from it, they do push around a hell of a lot of weight. But there is a difference, I've come to learn and understand, between strength training and mass training. One can be a huge bodybuilder, but still not have all the strength of one's body's potential. Did that sound right? That sound clear?"

"Yeah, Aaron you're fine."

"Ok, thanks Beau."

"So I talked it over with those two and I wanted to switch up my program a little bit. What is the sense of being hugely built, if I can get there...and not have the strength to go with it? We switched my type of program, so Beau & Austin work with me on mass building techniques and Kienan and Chuma work with me on strength building techniques. And the four of them have kept me at it. I could not have hired, or found, or asked for better trainers, motivational people, friends, brothers than they are. They have helped pushed me to my limits and thanks to Beaus knowledge, Austin learning that same knowledge in school plus added tutorials from Beau, Kienan's knowledge from lifting, and the knowledge I'm gainging through classes, we've not only pushed myself to limits, but been able to watch out for when breaking those limits were going to be harmful.

"Ok so... first things first, I'm sorry Aaronites that my last post seemed so down in the dumps. It was only into my second week of training, I was being pushed, I was being stuffed.. which by the way I got use to eatting...."

[chorus of men]

"And eating and eating and Eating And EAT-ing AND EATING!....hahahahahahahahahahahaha"

"hahahahah SHUSH!"



"So I finally got used to the eating so I can grow part, but that night I came in and I was so overwhelmed by my workouts, studying, eating, planning exams, planning work outs, I was so drop dead tired. OH! Which, I got the most amazing amount of sleep that night thanks, number one to Beau for actually putting me to bed...."


"Hahahaha SHUSH! It's not like that. I had passed out while recording my vlog and Beau came by to return my book and give me the special box and he simply swung my arms and legs in to the bed and covered me with a sheet, and I still had both my shorts and a shirt on, thank you very much."


"You are all pervs."

"Damn straight! Or...damn gay...maybe..."

"Hahahahahahaha, Angel! Aaronites, my friends are all weird too. Perverts, don't know how to describe themselves... blah blah blah.....hahahahaha. Any rate, Beau tucked me into bed, but only after he had attached a special box, that is an extention for my lil twin sized bed here in the dorm. Which then meant that my long legs....."


"Hahahaha guys, SHUSH!"




"Beau, Greg you all right?"

"Stubbed my toe."
"Stubbed my toe."

.... .... .... .....

"That is he stubbed his toe on the side of your bed extention. I uttered ... in surprise at his ....shouting...out."

"Okaaaaay, Greg. So, I was able to sleep well that night my legs and....big feet.... being able to be supported by a full bed, thanks Greg and the engineering part of the school. Kudos and applause for them."


"But I was so dead dog tired that night I started falling asleep in the middle of my vlog and I wound up prattling my woes to all of you, Aaronites. So if you felt disencouraged, thought I wasn't going to ever workout again, I'm sorry. I didn't give up, I did go on and you're about to find out what's happened. In fact, if you know some Aaronites who have left, bring them back in to the fold, let them know I'm back and able to finally show some progress on what I originally intended for this vlog to be.

"So first, right about here, Sven is gonna post up a picture of myself when I first started at 6' 9" about 260, skinny shit, except for a lil bit of a pooch. Now, if he'll move that over he'll put a pick up from just this last Hallowee....hey! Where'd that come from?"

"Ve found dat we had taken some pictures of you just before we started da really hard vorkouts and dis one is better that da shots in the costumes."

"Okay.... Well, as you can see there I am, my face looks a lil stronger, less child like, but you can see it's still me, this right about the time I stopped or finished with my surprise growth spurt my body gave me. A little skinnier I think than I was before proportionately. I was about three-hundred and twenty pounds. Ok so now, cut to a close up of my face in the dark.... Yes, it's all dark and I'm lit up from underneath and just slightly on the side for dramatical effect. This helps you Aaronites and other visitors see that my face has become even more angular, square and set over the last couple of months. It's a little hard to see as I've been gaining some weight, including in the face so it's a little rounded out right now... Can we get the lights?"

[lights come up to full]

"Ok, so now you can see my face a little better, in full light. You can not only maybe see some of the angles my face has taken on, but the fullness too, and of course this right here.... [ffft ffft fffffft] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my five o'clock shadow."

[cough] "Three o'clock"


[cough] "Lunch time"


[cough] "eleven a.m.!"


"Well.... it does.... your beard actually begins to show starting around eleven a.m."

"That is if you cut it. Otherwise, a couple day's stubble on you looks like a mountain man's, lumberjack beard!"


"huh.siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.....When I'm done getting huge and big I'm gonna take them all on and clobber them. hahahaha. Ok... so now all you Aaronites are going to want proof that I've still be working out so, Sven, back the camera up...."

"ohp! He's... yes he is he's turning red... HE'S TURNING RED!"

"SHUSH BEAU! Alright I'll admit it.... I'm not comfortable showing off my body...least not yet. But if I'm going to become a bodybuilder...."

"The world's tallest bodybuilder! hahahaha"

"Yes, guys, the worlds tallest bodybuidler, I'm gonna have to get used to showing off my self at some point in time. For now, it's just this shirtless shot."

"Hmmmmmm and look at that carpet."


"I'm just sayin'... can't help it if I have fantasies about lying a bear's bare skin rug."

"Uh-uh....Aaron is not a bear. Not at seven feet seven inches tall; he's a mo-fo kodiak."



"Would all of you SHUSH!"


"At any rate as you can see, pooch is back with a vengance...sort of. He wiggles and jiggles a little bit but not near as much as he did before. The same thing can be said for my entrie body. I look a little hefty...heavy and it kind of looks a lil like fat, but it doesn't jiggle and wiggle like fat does, and it kind of has the shape and some definition of muscle. But we're astounded at how much weight I have gained. I'm still seven feet seven inches tall, but unlike the last pic, shortly after becoming seven foot seven, I now weigh around fourhundred, four ten pounds. As you can see in this double bi shot. OOOOMPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Chest... HUMMMMMPFFFFFFFFRRRRRR......... let me get up and show off my back.......HMMMMPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF..... ahhhh... And to explain some of this size, Sven will now pivot over to Greg."


"Oh!.... ok... um Hi,....Aaronites. Well, the thing is we're not exactly sure we can explain this. Normally the average size male, working out for a full year can put on about twenty pounds of muscle, plus some fat during a bulking up phase, and then usually loses about ten to fifteen pounds of fat when he cuts down for competition. Aaron here, obviously, isn't an average sized male. It's number one hard to calculate because there is added weight per proportions as one gets taller and taller and taller than the average male. Number two Aaron was working out right after he stopped growing. The phase in which his body would begin to take on it's added muscle or adult sized weight, usually known as filling out by most people. So we think due to his stature, and due to the fact we were having him work out and work out and fueling his body for those work outs, we caused it to kind of go into a hyper growth state. So where as average man, pushing themselves to the max could gain about twenty pounds per year, Aaron managed to gain about twenty-five to thiry pounds, in a little less span of time.

"We would like to have run some tests, blood work, and have him continue through this bulk up phase, but he wants to get his body used to competition well as he wants to try and just look good for the summer..."


"And so we've started him on his diet and cutting up and will resume workouts and a bulk up come the fall semester."

"So Aaronites.... I have continued. You can tell I've finally reached adult hood. Although this [rubs hands across chest and down belly] is gonna be a bitch to get rid off come competition time, when I finally enter. I am glad that mom's genes balanced Dad's out so that... do a back lat spread for ya... HOOOOOMPFFFFFF ...... soo that I don't have any hair on my back. Aahhhhhhh, but I've got it in spades on my chest, abs, arms, legs, face, top of my head..."

"What about between your legs and abs?"



"Oh and the other thing....of course my voice has constantly lowered and lowered and lowered until finally resting here and I did get one request from an Aaronite to sing and see how low I can go, and how loud. Not sure if I can really sing...sing... so to speak, but here we go... Baaaaa....Baaaaa -aaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaah....."

"Whoa! Damn, dude."

"Good lord, does it say inflate to three-thousand PSI on your balls?"

"hahahahaha what? Ok..... I think that was my lowest note. So we lean in to the camera for the Aaronite and see if we can do this as loud as we can...... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"




"Fine... I'm fine, lost by balance leaning on this dresser..."

"Ok, Gre..."

"Oh shit I'm late for class... see you guys later..."


"I thought he said he was free this evening?"

"Who knows..."

"Ok well, that's about it for my vlog this time. Let Aaronites who have left know, I didn't fail them. I didn't stop working out. I'll post a collage of the fraternity's photos from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring bash and all that on the website. One last pose before we go....I do a crab shot. aaaahhhh HMPHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRAA AAAAAAAARGHAAAAH! Hmmm damn it kind of feels good doing that... kind of a turn on..."


"Oh and a couple of things before I log off.... this was a request from Aaronite, Brad. He wants to see my shoe up close... We'll... do you a little better, Brad.... First here is my old sandle it's size 23...twist and turn to see all the angles of it... the length...the width... the bottom of the sole..... and this here... is my newest shoe from the folks down at the fashion design department of the school.... again, kind of converse looking, in my size 30...the length....width..... bottom of the sole. And now, I'm holding both up so you can see the differences in size. This is because my size thirty foot is something like two and third inches longer than what my foot was when it was twenty-three.

"So those are what the shoes look like.... but I'm betting you'd like to see this instead.... especially since I've had quite a few Aaronites request this.... we've marked a long long black line out on the floor at the end of a floor tile... Sven go over there swing up and cam down on top of that area....... ok? There we go, black line across the floor... Now Greg had to leave in a hurry for class so someone mark down where Greg's size tens would end from the line.... Thank you Kienan... Everyone got their socks and shoes off their right foot?"


" Ok then here we go... Kienan!"

"12!" [SLAP!]


"14!" [Slap!]


"15!" [SLAP!]


"15!" [SLAP!]


"16!" [SLAP!]


"16.5!" [SLAP!]


"17!" [SLAP!]


"18!" [SLAP!]


"20!" [SLAP!]

"And finally myself.....30!" [SLAP!]

"Dude you're foot is like two and half tiles long!"

"Not to mention the width of that.....geeze!"

"And the size of that puppy again?"


"Oh... damn! DUDE! Have to shout that? That friggin rumbled in my chest...."

"Pit of my stomach..."

"Made me shake to my feet."

"I felt it in my..."


"What? what?"

"You feel everything with that diving rod of yours."


"Ok... say goodnite guys."

"Good nite Aaaaroniiiiiiites!"

"Nite, folks, Peace!............. THIRTY!"

"oooh Dude!"

"Fuck my ears... damn..."

"ooooh excuse me, I need to piss."


To be continued?