The S.L.O.B.OX.O.B.S

New Entry: Sacred Journal of S.L.O.B.OX.O.B.S
Sacred & Loyal Order of Bears, Otters, Oxen, Boars, and Salamanders

It is a special night this evening...the newest of the initiates, new Salamanders, to come into the fold. The Order has asked me on this night to enter in my story as with it comes a change of name for the order. Oxen is no longer to be abreviated as "ox" in our anacronymic name. It shall now hence forth be just "o" and before it will be 'k.' Thus our shortened name shall now be S.L.O.B.O.K.O.B.S. But perhaps I should begin at the beginning of my story so all will know how this came to be...

My name is Jimmy...or was. I've been renamed James now; told it's a much better fit for my physique. A physique that changed, although I didn't want it to. I just moved to the city not far from the Order's woodland base. I did so after completing a college degree and was hoping to find work here. I should let you know I was young... well. I still am young. I have a very high I.Q., although that doesn't mean I always use it in common sense matters. But at any rate, I had completed my Bachelor's degree by the time I was nineteen years old and was now looking for work, amongst other things.

Being a young man in the prime of my life I was also looking for love, or at least maybe several flings to keep me preoccupied. Well, I was young and virile, not really looking to settle down completely just yet. I still wanted to explore the world, and so I did. I soon met some friends and after a year with them they decided that I was a right candidate to join the S.L.O.B.OX.O.B.S - The Sacred & Loyal Order of Bears, Otters, Oxen, Boars, and Slamanders.

I had heard my friends talk about weekend outtings with this group. They always seemed to come back actually more refreshed from these weekends of camping and outdoor actvities. Though there were a couple of times where they seemed completely exhausted too. I soon found out, however, this group was more than just a bunch of outdoorsmen. There were many facets and sides to these gentlemen, both as individuals and as a group. The only connection I could say that they had as a whole were one, they were all homosexual, which was great as I was too, and two, they either were all very built or like extremely built men. That last part is the part I would join and how I would come in.

I'm not a built a man. Sometimes the way I look I'm not even sure I've hit puberty and am a man at all. That is the way I looked... I was all of five feet eleven inches tall and weighed a whopping one hundred and forty pounds. Except for the top of my head, which sported a nearly platinum blond shock of hair, and a very sparse sprinking under my arms and around the base of my cock, I was smooth as a baby's bottom. Angelic, almost feminine face.... I was the perfect twink in the gay community. Oh, yes, that's perfect twink because I did manage to at least have one decent manly attribute - I had an eight inch cock when erect. I was told this is why new initiates were called "Salamanders." They were what the other's liked best to worship them, long, lithe, smooth, and with a tail; just like a salamander.

The others were big men...BIG men...some more than others, hence the reason why there were four other categories of brothers. Two belonged to the hairy set: Bears and Otters, while two belonged to the non-hairy or not so hairy set: Oxen and Boars. They could also be regrouped into another set of types: tall and short. Bears and Oxen being 6' 2" or taller, while those being 6' 1" or shorter were members of the Otters and Boars. All of them, however, did poses two traits equally: they were all hugely built like pro bodybuilders in either contest or off season form, and all were hung like porn stars.

I should interject that not all Salamanders were new initiates into the order. There were a few...four or five maybe at most that were older gentlemen, some still very svelt, some with a lil bit of a middle aged pot belly, but all of them were still pretty smooth, but looked a little more hung than most one would call a twink. I would find out later why and how this came to be. These men though were known as the "Shepherd Salamanders." That is they watched over the initiates while they were visiting and during their initiation rite and after while they stayed in the order until their time of "elevation" had come.

So....I was in heaven. I had found a good well paying job. Got myself a modest yet decent sized apartment to live in. I had made friends of many types and walks of life. I made many friends in the gay community as well, especially as a new member of this order. And as a new member of this order, a Salamander, I began to go on the weekend trips meeting all these Bears, Oxen, Boars, Otters..... who loved to be worshiped and do more than be worshiped. My sexual overdrive was sedated every weekend. There was always some hot muscled, hung, man to have fun with: cheer him on as he flexed and exploded out of clothes, oiled him up and down as he posed for me flexing this way and that, rubbing sun tan lotion on him as we basked in the sun by the pool, giving him a rub down after an intense workout, soaping him up and down in shower after shower after hunts, competitions, sports events, workouts, camping, Oooooooh the time I spent sucking or being fucked....rolling round, climbing, or cuddling massive mounds of muscle. My finger joints ache from the amount of groping and tracing of each mound, buldge, and crevice of muscle.

And I got to see so many too. Brothers of the Order came in by the hundereds it seemed to help out in the construction of a new outdoor retreat. For centuries, it had been said, we had been at this site but only repairing and slightly adding to the meger cabin out in the woods. Now we were building a full scale lodge with indoor recreational area, initiation area, personal cabins and rooms for each member that was a Bear, Otter, Ox or Boar, dormitory for the Salamanders, kitchen, dinning room, living room, workout area, pool, small theater and ballroom for music and dancing, along with gardens in front, a special initiation garden area in the back and all of the acerage was too be surrounded by beautiful walls to keep unwanted guests out, but allows for nature to travel back and fro.

As my degree had me studying many aspects of engineering, I was called upon to help with the design and building plans and their execution. During the time it took for them to complete the building I think I spent every weekend out there, assisting the builders, many of whom were Brothers of the Order, and tending to needs in the evenings. ... .... ....

At this time for explanation of what happened, I, Orion Smythe, the current Keeper of the Den, President as it were, of The Sacred & Loyal Order of Bears, Otters, Oxen, Boars, and Slamanders shall take over the narrative.
New initiates into our order, Salamanders, stay with us, so to speak, only for so long. After a period of time, which is different for each Salamander, there comes a time for him to arise to a new potential and become something more than what he currently is. Allow me to explain using my own life. When I became a member of the Order I was a frail young man, only 5' 8" tall and about one hundred and twenty eight pounds. I had deep, dark brown, hair on my head that was very straight and kind of stuck out everywhich way, but was hairless over the rest of my body, couldn't grow a mustache if I tried, like James, I was of decent size around seven and one-forth of an inch long when erect.

There is a special something that happens when the members of the Salamanders assist in taking care of the needs of the Bears, Otters, Oxen, and Boars. We kind of trade off traits. As they make love to us, they take us, they leave with us some of their testosterone via the oils and sweat in the skin, or the cum spayed upon us. Even though we wash and shower, the essence of the person we Salamanders make love to is left. Over time it builds up and eventually our bodies can not hold it anymore. It can not collect any more of this power and so we must change.

We begin to notice this change in our initiates when one of them begins to smell...they stink really, but not of sweat, but rather of musk. And thus I began to realize this of myself one day and so I went to my mentor in the order and asked him for help. Would he know what was going on? He did, and he told me of our Orders mystical happenings, how we all go through a change after spending so long of a time as a Salamander.
He gave to me a small vial and said "You may drink this and the changes you experience will only be small. You will basically a Salamander, a twink remain, albeit a slighty taller and more hung one. If you feel you would like to remain as you are for the most part, drink, but if you'd rather experience some greater changes, becoming taller, broader, thicker, stronger, more virile, then just relax and sit back... the stench of musk from you means you are almost about to change."

If you have met me or seen photos of me, one can tell - I did not drink. In the course of that day I grew...GREW to become a behemoth of a man. I grew tall, 6' 5", and I grew heavy... a man with the build of an amatuer -pro bodybuilder during the off season, with a goodly amount of hair that turned black and now covered most of my body, and a cock that rose to attention at twelve and half inches long.

And it was James' time. Some of the brothers had begun to notice a heavy scent of musk filling the air. We knew almost immediately whom it was. We had no new initiates for this year as we were in the middle of all that construction. And where many Salamanders turn after a year or so, maybe a year and half with us at most, James had been with us for almost two and half years - it was well beyond time for him.

But we didn't think anything like what happened, would happen. We weren't watching over all of our charges with the construction going on all around us. We had assumed James had been busy overseeing projects, his regular life duties, None of us could recall having spent that much time with him. We failed to realize, although he had not spent a great deal of time with a few of us, he had spent a little bit of time with so many of us.

I called for James to meet me in the Keeper's Office, usually where we allow the changes to take place. It is private, secluded, out of the way, even more so now in the almost finished new lodge. Salamanders going through the change can make their own minds on certain things and watch their changing body on their own, with only the Keeper and their mentor present to assist, help, coach, support. James' two co-mentors were not on site at this time, thus I was the only one there.

I had James sit down. I told him all about what happens in our Order, what the real rite of ascention is and what he was about to go through. James looked at me in awe and horror.

"No!" he cried out. "I don't want to change!" He was ademant about remaining a Salamander. He liked being the bottom. He like worshiping the huge men and being the small frail guy that made them look so much bigger. This was fine and he could stay for the most part as he was maybe only gaining a few inches in height and a few inches in his length of manhood. All he had to do was take the anti-gel exlir and he could remain his basic self. But this proved to be too much of a shock for James. He felt betrayed, lied to about what was happening to the initiates of the order. I tried to consol him, hand him the vile to drink from so nothing would happen, but he reached out, screaming in protest, thinking I was wanting to pump him up full of more chemicals to make him grow.

I underestimated his reach and I held the vial to loosely in my hand. He hit it, instead of me, knocking it free and sending it cascading to the floor to shatter and be lost.

"James..." I said. "It's okay... that vial contains something to stop the growth. We do allow that choice. Think of the Salamander Shepherds... why are they here? They had to make the choice too and decided not go through the whole process. Let me get another vial for you. You can take it and everything will be...."

Everything would not be alright. There was suddenly this enormous wave of musk filling the air of the office. It hit me, leaving me dazed and confused. Worse yet, it turned me on beyond all comprehension. With a mere couple of seconds I was at full erection, my prick caught in the hem and pouch of both my underwear and my pants, threatening to break my dick or bust my zipper. And then an orgasm hit me so hard and fast I collapsed to the floor, drifting in unconciousness.

And now I, James, shall pick up the story once again....

There I was standing in the office. I couldn't believe what I was being told. Yes, I felt betrayed. We should know about this consequence before we become full members. All these people I trusted, what other lies did they tell me, what were they really going to do to me? Alas, if I had kept my senses....and actually heard what Orion was telling me, I wouldn't be the man I am now. I could still be somewhat of my regular self...Maybe being 6' 1" with a 10 inch cock at most. But no, I had reached out and struck the hand that could have spared me. I doomed myself to lose myself by sending that vial to its crashing end.

So fate it seems chose a different destiny for me. Orion had many vials close at hand, but something happened to him that sent him convulsing, sprawling to the floor and passing out, and that's when it started. Panic had filled my vision when I saw him collapse, but suddenly I felt extreme pain in my feet. It felt like my shoes were constricting on me, on my toes, my arches, my heels. I struggled and managed to put one foot forward in front of me and could see the outline of my toes poking upward into my shoe top. More and more the pain continued as the row of my toes began to be seen clearer and clearer. Suddenly there were the sounds of ripping, tearing. I felt the cool kiss of the air upon the sides of my feet, soon to be felt by my toes as they came up and forward bursting out of the top. My feet kept throbbing and growing, stretching, and widening, obliterating my shoes and soon to cover most of what was left up. I watch in shock as my feet continued to swell, and swell becoming as long as one of the tiles on the floor, going and growing for two.

I had to get out. Whatever this source, this magic, energy was, I thought if I could just leave this building, these grounds, surely it would stop, and I would revert back to normal. I began to run out of the office. But I tripped and fell, fell hard, crashing to the floor. I lie there dazed and disorientated. My small lithe frame had to contend with these giant slabs of feet. I couldn't walk let alone run normally. I got up, tried to clear the pain from landing face first out of my head, though my chin and jaw ached something fierce. I moved my legs forward, but pointed my feet out sideways, running like clown from the circus. It took a bit to get used to, but soon I was able to run and the resounding slaps of my large, manly feet could be heard echoing down the halls and outside against the building when I got to the pavers and paths.

I ran and ran as best and as fast as I could, but this change was catching up with me. I made it into the courtyard, but suddenly stopped. Not of my own accord; my body just stopped mid-run and I felt this strange stretching feeling, and a moan escaped my lips. I was in the middle of passing one of the Salamander Shepherds. I knew him to be about 6' 1", and in that instant of the stretching, I was suddenly eye to eye with him, or at least very close. I felt the sensation of movement come back to me, right as the Shepherd grabbed me saying, "Brother, you're going through the change you need to be inside... let it happen..."

"No!" I screamed, and I shoved him away and continued on my running. Looking around, I had to get my bearings. The new outside gym area is to my right. Once past it is a path that heads right to the front gate, no obstacles, not to many people walking it. I took off. Yet once again the change came over me. Midway through the gym area the stretching feeling froze me once more and up I went. Juan come out onto that patio to begin a work out and froze when he saw me. I was eye to eye with him and I knew him to be 6' 4". He uttered some words similar to what the Shepherd had said. He took me by the arms to lead me back inside. I couldn't break his grip, he was to strong. I used my feet, stuck in the middle of his gate, sent us sprawling to the ground. But I was able to use his body to semi-stop my fall and get up quicker and ran for the path.
It would take a while to run the length from the lodge to the outer wall, but I had to make it. I just had to. But along the way...several times.... I froze and stretched. Each time the flower beds seemed to get farther and farther away from me. The tops of the trees seemed to get closer and closer. I wasn't stretching, I was growing, and it was at a good three to four inch spurt every time. I was growing to match my feet. Eventually I made it to the main gate, but the doors, yes we actually had doors put on this.... were shut, possibly locked, but I knew they freely swung. If I could just get them pushed enough I could get it so the lock would pop. But try as I might, as tall as I was, now even with the top of these great gate doors, I was exceptionally skinny, still too weak to push on large, heavy, objects and have them budge. ... ... ...

Meanwhile, back at the lodge, I was coming to and several brothers were there to assist me. "Orion" cried out one brother asking me what had happened, and I told him. "We've got to find James. He may have started to go through his transformation, but he doesn't want it. If we can get the anti-gel to him before he releases, he can go back to being normal and being the twink he likes being."

But I soon found out this was going to be harder than expected. One of the brothers who had seen James running for his life began to ask around for who his mentors were, and began to find all about his time with the order. Normally we monitor time with other Brothers. Normally an initiate has his mentor or couple of mentors at most and a few other Brothers whom the initiate has selected and he spends time with them and if feelings are mutual makes love with them. But in keeping the selection down to a few, the changes that occur in an initiate are limited, few, oh yes a vast difference can occur in size as one goes from Salamander to Bear, Otter, Oxen or Boar, but it is somewhat controlled. We have men of size, like football players but it will not create behemoths.

But we soon discovered no-one had kept track of whom James was seeing. His assistance in building and designing the new lodge had him meeting and greeting so many members of the order, and as we came to find out, bottoming for so many of them as well. All that input. All that energy from so many Brothers...and the list being told to me so far appeared to be a good eighth of the Brethren. I ordered a lock down of the area and a rally of all Brothers to help search the grounds. ... ... ....

Yet they would not find me in time. There by the gate I was frustrated because I could not budge the doors open. So I decided to run the length of the walls on one side. As part of the design there were areas where nature could come in and out.... the walls were a bit shorter there too. Perhaps I could jump it and get off this mystical ground. But I would lose myself. My new height I wasn't taking into account. Branches up ahead they were up soooo high, but I was forgetting I was now just as tall and smacked my head on several of them. With a pounding headache, dizziness, I crumbled to the ground. I finally sat up, leaning my back against the wall. I stared at myself trying to bring my eyesight back into focus. I couldn't believe how big my feet were: so wide.... And my legs were absoluting staggering in length. The seemed to extend several feet from where I was sitting. I tried to focus my mind. Got to get up and over or through this wall to get off the property, to break this spell. But then it started again.

"Auuuuugh! I screamed in pain as my legs, specifically my calves cramped beyond all beleif. The pain was inmeasurable. It made my feet flop and toes curl trying to bend this way and that to unflex my calves. Finally I began to see what what happening. My left leg stretched out, my right bent in an angle, I began to feel and then see this and out in time with my heart beat. My ankles began to thicken quite a bit, matching the size of my gigantic feet. My calves began to bigger...Bigger.. BIGGER! With each pulse of blood, every beat of my heart, they expanded growing larger, harder, thicker. I could feel them becoming so dense, so hard, and .....powerful. Each pulse they grew and got more cut, the veins begain to appear to rise fuller and higher on top of the skin, feeding the already large muscles and making them grow further. I watch as my calves grew so thick they kept pushing, out growing the shin line. Becoming so large, I feel the one on my left leg expand to hit the ground and begin to raise my leg off the ground, leaving my foot dangling.

Then the sensation moved up to my thighs. I felt it hit the inner area first. Oh gawd, I thought I was going blow a wad right there when it started. Spreading around my thigh, inner thigh, inner tear drop, outter tear drop, the ham string suddenly pulling so tight, and I could feel it thicken and get harder. Watching with my breathing as the tear drops got fuller, rounder, harder, thicker, more cut, between my calves and the thighs, my now knee length jeans began to split from the hems in several places and the tear just split open all the way to the waist band. My thighs swole so larger they began pushing on one another, pushing each other away and out. My legs now had to stick out at slight angles from my body because the thighs were so big and swollen yet defined and cut.

I shivered as the feeling moved across my groin and my buttocks. I raised up slightly higher in the air as my butt filled out so my torso sat upon to nice, full, round, hard, globes of muscle, that moved and bunched and tilted when the helped move my massive coloumns of legs. It was such a turn feeling my once pathetic, near non-existant ass swell up underneath me, becoming so padded, thick, and bubbled.

The sensation moved up my torso. Suddenly my abs were tensing, flexing. I began to heave forward a bit like I was doing small crunches. Soon I begn to gyrate my torso a bit instead of the crunches. Round and round, back and forth I moved, finally stopping, and heaving after the small set of calestethics. Yet as I looked down, with each breath my abs and obliques began to contract and pop, crunch in and expand, roll and swell. More and more these little bubbles of muscle began appearing down my midsection both the frontal part: one...two....three.... and the sides with so many cuts and groooves, so many little mounds of muscle it looks like I had been leaning sideways onto one of those latticed steel grates for hours.

And then it began to get hard to breathe. My shirt that was now a middrift on me began to get tight...tighter...tighter.... but it was all at my sides. My lats were developing, thicker...wider...fuller... farther....and I could hear the sinew and bones, muscle and ligiments stretching and popping in my back as I felt my shoulders and back expand wider and broader with each breath too. I tried to move my arms and hands to feel what was happening to me. Maybe to they and push back to keep it from happening. But I could coordinate it. My arms kept getting pushed up and up out from my sides. I tried as hard as I could to push down, force them to hang straight down at my sides, but my puny stick like arms couldn't compete with Atlas like lats, back, and shoulders. They becomes so thick, hard, dense, and broad, as I shifted my body, my every increasing and growing size and weight, I could hear and feel myself grinding into the brick wall, causing it to crack, crumble, and become squeezed to dust.

And still harder became breathing, yet I felt a need to breathe in deep and full. I had to... it was imperitive! I opened my mouth and sucked in air so deep and long, it was like I was trying to give a blow job to an invisible pythong of a cock! But as I did so, when I inhaled so deeply, I felt my chest get heavy, expand forward and out. In time to this new breathing is swelled larger, balloned greater, barrelled more and more! My hands reached in as best as they could, groping, massaging my developing pecs. Feeling these slabs of beef and they developed further and further, thickening, deepening. I could feel my nipples begin to travel downward under my palms as my chest balloned to mammoth proportions. Becoming a huge broad barrel on top of my chest. With each breath I saw parts of my disappear. abs shins.....huuuuuuuuuuuuh my feet. When I stood up now, and looked down, I could no longer see my feet, none of my legs, nor my abs. The was nothing but these two huge, swollen, dense, thick slabs of pure beef. My nips had grown a little too and were sensitive as hell and become erect and hard. My shirt hand now joined my pants and split down the front, sides, and back I wore nothing now but a ceremonial belt and collar that had decorative strips attatched to it.

And now my hands joined in. Like my feet before they began to stretch and reach, claw and grab, flex and point. They began to get thick and meaty, large....Huge.....MASSIVE PAWS! I could palm a basketball no problem...hell I could probably crush it. Fuck! I could crush bowling balls to dust and I knew to soon be true for with each turn and twist of my hands my forearms bunched larger, became more defined, allowed and ever increasing in size river of blood flow further up as what seemed like new veins rose and popped upon the surface. Like my calves developed so too did my fore arms until the hung so meaty, so full and yet it didn't end there.

Those veins snaked their way up and around the forearms hitting and injecting my upper arms, my biceps and triceps with power...POWER! They began to pulse and grow, inflate and balloon, swell with size cuts and definition. A little nob....a small ball...a base ball...a bowling ball.....a Soccer Ball....A HUGE PEAK.....A RISING MOUNTAIN OF MUSCLE! I raised my arms to do a double biceps pose and these two mountains of muscle, larger possibly than my own head rose up and bunched and peaked and balled all thick and hard and swollen with might rivers and snakes crisss crossing theiy valleys! And while I held that pose, I felt my arms become heavier and felt and saw the bottom of them get thicker, wider, growing more and more counter matching the mountain rising on top, these huge bunches on bottom make my arms insanely thick, damn near impossible to move against my chest, back, and lats. They added more strips as the split the puny sleeves only an eighth of the way through their growth.

Suddenly I snapped to, feeling my neck straighten and tighten. I could the muscle on it bunch and swell and mear moments I knew my neck had become thick....huge now as big as my head....muscular even thicker than my head at the bottom, thicker still threatening to become so dense, so big that even as tall as I was, long as my neck had become, it was now so packed with muscle it threatened to make appear as I had no neck at all. And then the sensation moved up into my face, right up to the top of my head.

I could hear and feel my jaw cracking and adjusting, my cheek bones too, my eye sockets, my brow line, my whole face was changing. But before I could get up and set out to find a mirror, I felt itchy all over. I close my eyes and told myself to ignore this part. If I started scratching I could tear my skin, cause a horrific rash, cause something to grow worse? I ha to ignore it until it stopped and yet it spread from out my groin and fown my thighs, over my calves, lightly onto the top of my feet, and yet also upwards, up over and across my abs, my obliques, my chest, my pits, midway down my upper arms, my forearms, my hands, and then on my chin, my upper lip, my jaw, and the top of my head and then it felt as those someone had poured water on my head and it came cascading down my head, my neck, my shoulders, and onto my back. Then it was gone.

I stood there a silence...feeling the breeze blow on me....feeling that breeze blow threw the hair all over my body becoming aroused as the touch of all this thick hair on my body being moved, tussled, kissed by the wind. Then I felt a long stand of hair be picked up by the wind and blown across my face. I opened my eyes and could see on my sides and in front of my I had shoulder length, flowing hair. I had to go see myself and not too far in front of me was a reflecting pool.

I took a step forward and began to stumble. The weight of my new legs threw me off balance. The size of my thighs threw me off kilter as they fought for room. I stumbled and stumbled, then stopped looking round in panic and wanted to run. There was something thunderous out here coming towards me. I could hear the foots steps. I could hear it breaking brick. Then I stopped and realized I felt it breaking brick. Turning to look behind me I could see dentations in all the pavers of the paths I had crossed and walked upon. In between in the ground were massive footprints that had to have been made by a sasquatch. Then I realize the trail ended where I did. I turned attempting to pad softly towards the pool. I stopped and peered down...

There in the reflection was the most massive bodybuilder I have ever seen. His arms hung out almost parrallel to the ground, his back, shoulders, and chest looked nearly as wide as he was tall, his arms looked nearly as thick as his own waist...his thighs were like three times as big as his waist, which was tight, very tight, so defined and cut. In fact all of him was defined and cut. His face was very handsome, almost angelic, save it had a very square and wide jaw line, deep eyes which were emerald green, slightly low but soft curved brow, nice straight nose, and topped off with this thick mane of honey-gold brown hair streaked with platinum highlights. And that hair didn't just hang off his head, he had a thick couple day stubble on his face, and mounds and mounds of it covering his body, almost all of it, except for the neck, shoulders, back and butt. And then I realized....that was me. It was my reflection.

I stood up straight... I didn't know what I was going to do I felt like roaring, shouting, in triumph in victory, I felt so huge, so strong, so powerful, so manly, Suddenly a wave erotic pleasure washed over me. It took me by surprise so hard I had to take a step back, and did so into the reflective pool. The water was only about eight inches deep, which to me is like two or three. It hit me again and brought me to my knees, one thudding into the earth making a dent, the other striking the edge of the pool, chipping the side brick. Suddenly I felt like someone was squeezing my balls for dear life. Like they had them in their hands and they had to crush them or die. But my balls were fighting back, swelling against the squeezer...inflating....ballooning.....swelling... .getting larger and larger, thicker and heavier! Eventually they stopped but they placed such a strain on my ball sack, the pulling sensation was intense, not to mention when the wind blew over them I could feel their size, get a sense of how large they were, resting so heavy upon my thighs, so thick, they pushed the balls out front and forward. And my balls began to church...and church.... I could feel cum developing in me... more and balls were getting heavy and hot with so much cum being produced in me! I had to reach and grab gawd! They barely fit in my own hand, singly!

Then the sensation returned taking hold of my dick. The arousal factor kicked in even more. I was getting so turned on, forget my cock, my whole body was swelling, inflating, getting a huge pump going on. My whole body was becoming erect! Then it happend the feeling over took me once again and I had to thrust! OOOOH! SHIT! When I thrust it felt like I slowly pushing my rod into some invisible ass, while at the same time it was being stretched. And as it got stretched it grew....thicker...longer....harder....veinier....m ore and more sensitive. But I could help it I had to thrust.... and Thrust....AND THRUST..... AND THRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST! More and more it just seem to come out of me, growing longer, hanging farther, weighing more, getting so incredibly thick, I don't think my own hand could go around it's circumfrance. And just when I thought it couldn't get any bigger - it became erect!

Feeling it grow into a stiffening solid hard bar, turned me on so much, I had to jack off right there. There was no other feeling, no other emotion. I had to blow a load and I had to do it now. My rod completely stiffened stuck out far enough now that I could see the tip beyond my chest. It was so long and thick and full and heavy that erect it stood straight out from my body. I could bob it...but it would never acheive a standing up position on its own it was so big. And so I splashed some water on it and I began to stroke. Each time going into a convulsive fit because each stroke sent such a feeling down me I jerked when I jerked.

But there I knelt, wanking away. Picturing myself being the object of Salamander worship, of Bear, Otter, Oxen, and Boar lust, knowing somehow I was so big, I could over power them all...I was that strong...that thick...that built...that cut....that hung....that virile...that potent...that powerful... I..... I..... oh gawd.... I....I was......I mm...!....Al-PHA!....ALPHA!....MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale!... ... ...

My spurt was so forceful...they recorded the longest rope shot some fifty feet away from where I was kneeling. But they couldn't tell that from a cum string found. No, my cum got soaked into the earth and the grass and flowers there suddenly grew to about two times their size, and there were about fifteen to sixteen different lines radiating from where I knelt of those new and improved flowers.
... ... ... ...

It wasn't until sometime after his blowing his load that we found him. We knew by then it was too late but we had no idea what kind of intense change he would go through. We found him there, this hulk of man, with these wild flowers growing in abandon and outrageous fashion. I told the brothers to step very carefully and one step at a time towards James. One didn't listen. He simply ran up to James to try and asses how he was, and what we needed to do to help him. Poor soul didn't make it very far. A mere five feet from James, the brother froze in his running gait, let out a small whimpered scream, with a facial look shouting he had reached climax and in two split seconds, Bam....BAM! The brother's dick had become erect and busted open his pants' zipper and he came on the spot. And came....and came... and came again....and yet still more. Every second of the next twenty minutes he let out small moans and groans like each minute he had an orgasm. Eventually he erupted once more, the softest, faintest moan escaping from his lips, his body keeled over on his side, shook violently like he blew one last load, and perished.
We all stood there awestruck. We had never seen anyone of us, even the biggest, most blessed, had never caused anything like that to occur. Not even those whose growth from Salamander to a Bear, Otter, Ox, or Boar at the start reeking of musk had cause what we just saw here. It began to sprinkle and we waited for the downpour to happen. We allowed it to wash James off of his powerful musk and cum as we sprayed soap onto him. We made a stretcher for him, to carry him back up to the lodge. What a chore. thirty or so of us it took to lift and carry him, not so much because of his weight, which is enormous, but because the girth, the length, the sheer size of him. One of our brothers, a very big bear, lay down on the ground, feet at James' feet level and had us all look...This big bear was 6' 6" tall and yet he only came half-way up James' abs. What had we done...what had we done. ... ... ...

But what's done is done. And by now I would not change any of it. I'm almost head and waist above any of the brothers in the order and even though there are some hassles, you could say I've grown to like my new body. Getting worshiped, even by the biggest bodybuilders in the world, every night, as I make them look like children. Having brothers cater to my every need. Oh it has it's price to pay. I'm used as building equipment around here, hauling this, lifting that, carrying this, but hell I get so turned on by it, especially when I can do things like take some of the smaller cranes or bulldozers and bench press them for some good workout reps. Course that was my first job too.

We had to create another new shelter, one just for me. It's my private room, my own bungalow, located right behind the initiation garden opposite side of the lodge. But it's even quite a bit big for me. Why? Well...

We're changing the name of the order as I said when starting this story. No longer are we S.L.O.B.OX.O.B.S - The Sacred & Loyal Order of Bears, Otters, Oxen, Boars, and Slamanders. We are now S.L.O.B.O.K.O.B.S. - What's the K stand for? It stands for me, but not just for me. See, like all members of the Order.... Like all brothers everywhere, I have needs. Those needs need to be fulfilled. And as big as I am, dwarfing all other members of the Order I will not be denied. But as big as I am...this giant mountain of muscle... this hugely hung supreme cock.... the brother's can't satisfy me the way I need....the way I want. Therefore we have a new name: The Sacred & Loyal Order of Bears, Otters, Kodiaks, Oxen, Boars, and Salamanders. I AM JAMES! I AM KODIAK! AND I WILL HAVE A HUSBAND! Come, Salamanders! Join us....see if you, can become my mate!