The Vu Doo That You Do, Yon Don Deux Well

Remy was just putting away a special project of his in his lab’s safe when he was startled by the voice of his co-worker, Chaz.

“What are you taking so long doin’, Remy?”

Remy looked up at his mousey little co-worker hoping not give the feeling of horror across his face. He sat there, squatted in front of his safe, eyeballing his cute as a button friend. Remy was all of 4’10” tall, very lithe, although not skinny. He had wide bright blue eyes, strawberry blond to golden brown hair that cascaded down his shoulders although it was already noticeably thinning up on top, a neatly trimmed narrow line of a beard going across his jaw line and upper lip and there above his unbuttoned top button shirt was the beginnings of a forest of chest n probably ab hair. His shoulders we decently broad compared to his waist, which was a nice fit trim, and complemented by a nice ass. If Remy were average height he’d be a nice solid although average piece of beef with a look that would turn many a head, save for the thinning hair.

This was in contrast to Remy’s looks. The two together created a comical almost Mutt & Jeff sight, for standing next to Chaz was a near giant of a man: 6’5” tall, ruddy complextion, deep brown eyes, jet black hair – clean shaven face though, stocky muscled but slight beer bellied man of around 260 lbs, a slight sprinkling of hair across his chest, one-hundred percent pure creole.

“Earth to Remy!”

Remy shook himself awake so to speak, and smiled at Chaz, while slamming the door to his safe shut.

“Sorry, Chaz. Just picturing the fun we’re going to have tonight. Happy twenty-fifth, buddy.”

“Oh? Got something really special planned?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do, but since it’s a Friday night, it’s a special b-day party and it don start till 10 p.m. and set to go all night – you know how we Cajuns like to party. So, go home take a nap and get some rest cause you’re gonna need it this evening, bud.”

With that Chaz flashed a smile at Remy, turned and walked out the doors. Meanwhile, Remy laid a lil’ statue and a lit candle (carefully placed in a large tin container) in front of the safe door, then turned off the lab lights and went to his house to get ready himself.

************************************************** **************

Around nine forty-five in the evening, Remy lay on the horn of his old beat up pick up truck in front of Chaz’s aprartment. Chaz came out almost hopping down the sidewalk, too excited to see what was going to happen for his birthday. He was dressed kind of country but a little too smartly to be classified as such: nice white, button up, dress shirt, with a buttoned vest of multi-hued greens all over it, new blue jeans, and black cowboy boots.

Again his look contrasted Remy’s to no end: semi-tight v neck t-shirt, unbuttoned plaid cowboy shirt – so done because it was way too tight for his build, all of it un-tucked, hanging over his faded, well worn, blue jeans, and large brown hiking boots, topped with a Louisianne style cowboy hat.

Remy didn’t say much as he drove them out to the club they were going to spend the night – Chaz was a chatterbox the entire way. As they pulled up to the place, Chaz’s eyes opened wide and the reflected the club’s neon sign well: Red Jeans & Dice.

“We’re havin’ my party here?”

“I guarantee. You’ve got $250 to blow at the gambling side of the hall, we have a full birthday buffet for everyone to chow down on, the bar is – as it always is – fully loaded to get us fully loaded, and the dance hall, band, and karaoke is all ours for the evening.”

“Awesome! Who’s all inside?”

“Well, most of our co-workers and then most of our week-end buddies, nudge nudge, wink wink.”


The two went into the entrance, but Remy pulled his buddy into the bathrooms before they hit the main hall.

“What are ya doin’?”

“Well, I hate to mess up your look, but we have a tradition in these parts…ya need to be prepared for it. Take everything off but your underwear.”


“Chaz, in all the time we’ve known one another, ya don’ trust me? Just do what I say and it’ll be alright. If anyone catches ya without these markings, you’ll be dead meat. You’ll never live it down.”

Chaz looked confusedly at Remy, but eventually agreed. Remy pulled out something that kind of looked like a pen, or a marker, from his pocket and uncapped it. He then began to make a series of lines around various parts of Chaz’s body: around the neck, around the shoulders, around the chest, around the upper arms, around the abs, around the waist, around the thighs, around the calves, across the bottom of his entire foot heel to middle toe tip, and finally one line up from the bottom of one heel to the top of Chaz’s head. Each mark felt odd, it felt like being drawn on, but the touch almost seemed cold as if they were small metal bands. Remy then told Chaz he could put his outfit back on.

“Trust me, if they caught a look of you without the tribal markings tonight, they’d parade you naked through town. It’ll come off easily in a couple of weeks, I used henna, and the only mark anyone can really see is the one around your neck, but most people will think you’ve got a choker on or somthin’.”

From that point on the night became a blur, it picked up speed so fast. Everyone welcomed Chaz and cheered and jeered him for his birthday, wishing him well, giving him gifts, and of course all stuffing their faces with the huge spread of food lain out before them. Drinks flowed, laughter bubbled, conversations were going a mile a minute and then they pushed Chaz into the casino part and they all threw money away like it was last decade’s fashions. Of course, it was only a matter of minutes till Chaz had blown his birthday money away, but that’s the nature of casinos.

It was shortly before midnight, Chaz had said good bye to most of his co-workers and friends, they all needed to go home and call it an early evening. However, his and Remy’s week-end buddies were still all present and accounted for and ready to keep going until they closed or brought the place down. By now Chaz had had a few too many Captain Cokes and was beginning to feel the effects of it not too mention to show the signs of it. Eyeballing Remy from across the room, he, as best he could, sauntered over to him and attempted to hop upon a barstool next to Remy. When this didn’t quite work, several times, Remy finally lifted Chaz, one handedly, onto a bar stool.

“Thatshhhh, what I like about you Remmmy. Alwayssh there to hep me up.”


“Yessshhh…. Ya know, thissh birfday parddy is absorutry awethome.”

“Glad ya like it.”

“Ya know whadda make it more awethome….you! I don know if youth notished thish, but I’f been eyebullin’ you fer shometime. Why…why…why haffen’t we evah got ourshelfs togedder?”

“Uh-huh….that’s the Captain talking….”

“It ishhh not! I’ma seriousssh, Remmmy. Ovah all my fantishies,…includin’ my one to finally grow and be bick and shhhtrong, hell even averashhhh, I….I ….dream abut bein wishh you….”

“I think you need to go and dance some of the rum off, you’re toasted.”

“Am not!” and Chaz slammed his hand on the bar. “Bardrink! I need another tender, pleashhh!”

Remy laughed heartily and winked at the bartender, making a hand gesture that called two of their friends over. Whispering to them, he pointed to the dance floor, and the two pulled Chaz with smiles and laughter out onto it and soon had him shaking his tush everywhere. While that was going on, Remy pulled out a little pocket type computer from his pocket and called up a file. Once up it flashed the heading: Subject: Chaz and began to list all of his stats, Height 4’10” neck 11”, upper arm 12”, waist 25.25”, calves 11.5”, shoe size US men’s 6….. After going through all the measurements, Remy smiled broadly and then looked up and focused on Chaz dancing the night away.

For a moment the music and videos all stopped, interrupted by the chiming of a clock. Well that is to say upon the screens the faces of lots of different clocks appeared and a digital chime was heard announcing the hour of midnight. This was followed by lots of cheers, laughter and oohs and ahhhs, for many people in N’Orleans midnight was just the beginning of the night, not to mention that all must be careful of the witching hour.

As soon as it had stopped, everything started up again and Remy focused his gaze even harder upon his friend Chaz. Beads of sweat broke out across his forehead as he watched the drunken dance across the floor. Nothing seemed to be happening. Was his prayers for his friend unanswered? NO! He mustn’t think like that or else he would cause the answer be negative; he must have faith. And then he saw it begin to happen on the dance floor. Chaz suddenly kind of jumped a little and then included in his dancing a bunch of what seemed like stretching movements. Remy so wished he could be out there on the dance floor to see what was going on, but he knew he’d find out more information and see more from out here.

With that his computer started to blink and flash and bleep, and held it up looking at the information watching it change, watching the numbers increase. Remy scanned the dance floor, watching Chaz as it seemed his clothes became a little snug on him, his form filled out a bit more…quite a bit more… the hem of his jeans rising up to above his ankles, the side hem showing more curve to his thighs, the vest bottom moving up above the belt line, the shoulder sticking further out from the vest’s arm holes. And the computer flashed new stats when Chaz began to dance a little more normal again, fifteen minutes having passed: Height: 5’ 2 ¾”, Chest 38”, Upper Arm 17 ¾”, Abs 31.75, Waist 28”, Thighs 26 ½”, Claves 17”, Shoe US Mens 10 ½ …

“Whoa!” Thought Remy to himself. “I should’ve thought about that when I chose my model…..oh well…big feet are pretty sexy.”

Weight: 183 lbs …

Remy worried now a little about his choice of model for this experiment, but realized it was too late now to do anything about but enjoy the show, and he focused his attention back on his friend who was again moving in a stretching fashion while trying to do a limbo amongst a crowd of buddies that were getting an ever increasing interest in him. Slowly, surely the hem of his shirt came out of his waist band, revealing ever so slightly a set of abs that were bunching, crunching, forming and growing, becoming more cut and larger in size. The top of the vest drew further apart, as did the top of his shirt, but the buttons gave on it as they were over his expanding chest. Meanwhile under the arms the shirt began to rip and tear removing the sleeves from the body as everyone enjoyed Chaz’s expanding lats and back.

It was just as well for the arms of the shirt were giving up and splitting down their sides in both the upper arms and forearms barely clinging on and leaving a series of fabric strips that were connected just barely at the delts and at cuffs on the wrist, or more correctly mid forearm with a straining button.

Not to be outdone, the jeans were screaming in pain as the thighs began to split the sides from knee to hip, while the hems were getting caught on the calves trying to continue their ascent up the leg, but having problems hurdling the newly diamond shaped muscles. Yet it wasn’t jeans that everyone heard ripping, but the lower sound of ripping leather and the deepening yelps and moans of Chaz, as his feet continued to grow. They had already pushed the boots to the limit during the first growth spurt, bending and bunching inside a way too small pair of boot, causing it to expand and over form, outgrow, the solid base that was the soles and heel. But now the large dogs simply were too big for this doghouse and they caused the seems to rip and explode out of the leather that held them. Soon, although with a pair of handsome looking leather spats around his ankles, Chaz was dancing barefoot.

Above and beyond this though was the notice of an animal amongst the dance. Chaz’s pants becomes so tight after this second round of growth, that it begins to form around an increasing snake like form that’s working its way down his inner thigh. This captures everyone’s attention so much, that they forget the must raise the bar for Chaz’s limbo attempt for he’s grown a bit more since the last time he went under it.

Ignoring Chaz’s cursing for hitting his head, Remy looks down at his palm computer and eyes the stats in surprise: Height: 5’ 7”, Chest: 55 ¼”, Upper Arm: 25 ¾”, Abs: 38.5”, Waist: 31.5”, Thigh: 30 ¼”, Calves: 24 ¾”, Shoe: US Men’s 13, Weight: 263.5lbs

Remy nods his head and smiles in approval… oh, he’s gonna like this, and so will Chaz. But those two aren’t the only ones who approve. The crowd dancing around Chaz has taken notice of his muscles and new size. They have begun to dance with him, feeling his arms, shoulders, back, buns, and thighs up as they dance round and round him, congratulating him on his birthday, giving him cat calls and whistles. Several have done what everyone wanted, they’ve stripped Chaz of his threads, for literally that’s what they’ve become by now and removed what was left of his shirt. Just as well, for the growth has caused him to work up a tremendous amount of sweat and his clothes are completely soaked and damp. His vest is still there, very tight and spreading more apart at the shoulders than it used to its waist now hugging the mid section of Chaz’s abs tightly and looking more like a decorative bra attempting to keep his pecs reigned in. Unfortunately Chaz’s growth shows no signs of slowing and a couple of buttons are breaking free from the vest allowing the chest to roll over and hang with a larger and larger shelf formation.

The jean’s hem has now got itself caught up, not on the expanding calves but on the expanding knees, and they show signs of their journey with small tears at the bottom. However, they are quite pleased with themselves for the have done far better than the leg sections of the jeans which have given in mercilessly to he expanding thighs and butt, even the waistband has given up and popped it button during this third part of growth.

Yet the attention is still focused on two other players, the ever expanding base, the feet of Chaz growing larger and larger and wider and wider, much needed to support the growing mountains of muscle and keep them upright. Yet, everyone wondered if the old wives’ tale was true about the size of the feet and the size of the man and more and more kept staring at the strip of cloth left intact on Chaz’s inner thigh that hid his lengthening and thickening python.
Again Remy’s computer tallied up the score: Height: 6’ ¼”, Chest: 67 ¾”, Upper Arm: 33 ¼”, Abs: 42 ¾”, Waist: 29 ½”, Thigh: 36 ¼”, Claves: 32 ¾”, Shoe: US Men’s 18, Weight: 340.5 lbs

And yet again once more, Chaz’s dance began to take on stretching movements, bunching movements, flexing movements. The last few buttons flew off of the vest at the same time the back gave way with a loud and roaring rip. For that point on his torso seemed to just continue to expand trying to fill up the entire space around him. Every breath his chest rose a little higher, stuck out a little further, developed a crevice a little bit deeper, cuts, striations, formed more and more clearly and in larger multiples as the mounding shelf grew and grew further from its torso. The same occurred to his neck and his shoulders and his back creating an ever widening slab of muscle that any tattoo artist would love to sink his needle into just because of the size of the canvas on which to work.

And the arms kept swelling and inflating larger, rounder, more solid, pumping and plumping and pulsing with power. Snakes began to bunch and gather underneath near invisible skin as the veins rose and popped up underneath already taught skin. Chaz kept trying to put his arms down, but there was no place to put them. His back growing so vast, his lats sticking out so thick, told the heavy and thick arms there was no room for them and pushed them out and away at near forty-five degree angles.

But how was the top staying on top? How was the mountainous mass of muscle staying balanced, for as the abs bunched tighter and stronger, more and more bricks added to the cobblestone walkway, the waist appeared to be getting narrower. But this was alright for the butt just behind and beneath them continued to bunch and bubble its way out further and further, showing itself to be so full and yet so firm. But these were to be outdone by the thighs which became so huge that Chaz had to stand with his feet maybe even wider that his shoulders were. His stance now gave him the appearance of the letter “X” from afar. As he tried to dance, move, and walk he found himself having to roll his legs and kick them out sideways when he walked for they no longer fit together directly under his waist. Should the thighs have come together his calves still might not allowed the feat to be done.

By now the vest, the shirt, the pants, the boots had all given way to Chaz’s swelling and growing form. His underwear too might have been gone, the waistband stretched to the limit and it beginning to look like dental floss on him, but his cock was snaked out the side of his leg and so only his balls provided any strain, not that it was a moderate strain to say the least. But that prick had grown and grown like the rest of him and hung, soft, halfway down his thigh.

Now the dancing had stopped and an all out grope session began. While he was growing, men around him began placing their hands upon his various muscles, usually his arms or thighs, trying to see how few hands it took to go all the way around and of course over time kept having to add one more hand in the circumference. Indeed many of the men fondling him gave up trying to see who could contain the mounding biceps and triceps or the thicken thighs and opted for the pulsing heart shaped calves.

Having once stood shoulder height or lower to almost everyone in the room, Chaz now towered over most everyone, a few athletic gentlemen excluded. But even if there was a man who stood taller than Chaz now, the was no denying, he was the master of mass, the begoning bulge of beef and if he had the strength to go with the size he would indeed be a force with which to be reckoned.

Once again the whirs and purrs of Remy’s computer alerted him and he looked down to the screen to astonishing stats. Height 6’5”, Chest: 81 ½”, Upper Arm: 41 ¾”, Abs 49 ¾”, Waist: 31 ½”, Thighs: 42 ½”, Calves: 41 ¼”, Shoe: US Men’s 22, Weight: 514 ¼ lbs.

By now the crowd had chanted and cheered and goaded the naked Chaz outside to test his strength. Although almost sober he was still drunk enough to be lead into many a situation. He now found himself under one. For a true test of strength they decided to put Chaz up against a car. Standing a bit taller and many a pound heavier and thus stronger than Arnold Schwezzeneger in his prime, the crowd figured, if Arnold could pick up the back end of a car, perhaps the new Chaz could pick one up totally. One handed, Chaz lifted the back end of a car with ease and then proceeded to walk himself under it and hoist it over his head while standing upright. The crowd roared with approval, ooh, awing, and wetting the pants in a non-urinal way. But amongst the oohs and awwws, Remy appeared and stood amongst the crowd. The lifting of the car was the last boost of adrenaline needed to clear Chaz’s head and upon seeing Remy, glancing down and seeing his heaving chest, across to see his bulging arms, his whole body…

Glancing again at Remy, he started to set the car down, but kind of let it fall from his grasp so that a few feet from the ground it fell nose first crunching the bumper. Chaz paid no attention to that, however, and he walked right up to Remy, now standing eye to eye with him albeit far broader and thicker than Remy could ever hope to be built. Remy grabbed his hand and again the two made their way to the bathroom. In the complete light of white bathroom, Chaz looked at his new self, flexing his guns, popping his thighs, bouncing his pecs, feeling his abs, until he finally looked up at Remy and mouthed two words: “How…..why?”

“Chaz, I thought you’d like this. You even said it yourself in your drunken state a while ago. It was always your fantasy that you’d grow up one day. Even if it wasn’t huge, you’d grow up to become at least average.”

“I also said that over all my fantasies, I’d like to be with you. That had surpassed all of them. You were the first person to befriend me when I got here. You were the first person that talked to me about my…interests, and showed me the clubs where we all had the same likes. You helped me out with some fixit jobs around my apartment, you like some of the same things. I thought we had an ever growing relationship that might turn into something.”

“It did! It did….it’s just…I was damn near two feet taller than you and two and half times your weight, how were we ever going to get it on? I’d break you in half, if not just kill you in bed. I figured this way…. You… you could have two fantasies: One be a huge behemoth of a guy and two, you’d now be large enough, we could be together.”

There was a long silence between them and then Chaz walked up, placed his hand upon Remy’s chest, pushing him into a wall and then raised his arm up flexed, resting the elbow against the wall as if to trap Remy.

“And what about now, might I not break you?”

“Possible, but although you’re…” and Remy whistled long and low while looking up and down Chaz, “probably about twice my weight and build, I think….hmmm…I hope at my weight I’m strong enough to be able to take….moderately, what you can dish out.”

At that time, Chaz’s look on his face became very surprised, then lustful, then smirking, and slowly drifted down his body. Remy looked down and saw Chaz’s dick come to life and watched it grow and grow and grow from it’s flaccid state about half as long as his thigh to rise full mast as long as it now.

“What the fuck! I didn’t plan on your member being like that?”

“Well what did you plan on?”

“Well I….I planed on it being only half as long as your thigh when erect.”

“And how exactly did you plan it and all of this?”

“Uhm…okay…well…. See, I’ve pray to the gods of Voudon for a while and I’ve asked for a lot of stuff for myself, but never really got anything. Still I figured since no medical intervention was going to help you, I thought I’d try a prayer and spell and see if they’d grant you, your wish, on your birthday.”

“Apparently they did but how did I come about this size, this is a little big even for you to dream up I think.”

“Well. I fashioned a voodoo doll as a representation of a changed you.”

“And how did you make it look? And I guess you used a lot of wax?”

“Well I used a slightly different method… see I uhm….took one of those Hulk action figures and coated it with the wax, then I made the face look like yours, trimmed down the waist a little, and gave it thingy to be your penis.”

“So you did give me a member this huge…”

“No, I didn’t. I…..well…..oh crap!”


“I meant for it to be that half as long as thigh large when up, but being made out of soft wax….it might have drooped down looking like a flaccid cock. But I still don’t get why it’s growing so huge erect?”

“Does the doll change the properties of the body/person it’s made to represent?”

“No, why?”

“There’s your answer, because I’m a grower.”


“My dick might have only been about 2 ¾ inches long when soft but it became 5.5 inches long when erect.”

“So you’re prick doubled in size?”

“Yep, and apparently….” Said Chaz as he took his hand to pull down on his cock and let it rise back up and slap his chest “it still does.”

The two men enjoyed a good laugh and spent the next several minutes posing in front of the mirror, Remy in front, Chaz behind to dwarf Remy’s posing. The whole time, Chaz was looking at his body, feeling himself up, standing behind Remy and inhaling his scent, causing himself to be slightly aroused and his dick to begin leaking precum.

“So…how did you get me to be the same height as you? If it was a representation of the hulk wasn’t he supposed to be at least eight feet tall.”

“That was easy… I put some of the same wax and coated a piece of paper on it which had my image. I made my image the same height as the doll, and then drew height markings around the image proclaiming me to be my 6’5” height.”


The two were about to press into one another when suddenly a couple members of the gang burst through the bathroom door.

“Guys, you gotta come quick and watch the news.”

“Man, I’m having a moment here with my man, and besides, I’m naked!”

“Who do you think made you naked? When the clothes couldn’t hardly hang on anymore all of us were the one’s stripping it off. Besides you left us nude and weight lifting a Cadillac, like it should bother you now? Besides you gotta come here and watch, the report says your guy’s lab is on fire.”

The two muscle masses looked at each other and then ran out onto the dance floor where the video screens were all showing the new, the local lab all aflame. After the news made most of it’s story, the lights went out, the neon came on, as well as the music and everyone started to dance once again. Eventually Remy took off his shirt and used it to help form a crotch sling for Chaz’s new member, after which everyone dance around and round him. They got into another how many hands wrap around his bicep when an argument erupted.

“It’s like six hands.”
“No seven!”
“No six!”
“Guys, I think its eight!”

Chaz meanwhile was constantly rolling his shoulders, he felt like he couldn’t get unstiff like he needed to stretch. Remy sensing this motion and recognizing it backed up from Chaz and looked down at Chaz’s feet. Slowly but surely he saw them stretching, widening. A few minutes ago they were just under one and half of the regular tiles on the floor, but now they were fast approaching two, two and half, three…
Slowly, Chaz’s head reach up and up and up until it was hitting the ceiling and cracking the plaster attempting to get beyond. His shoulders were now amongst the spot lights, getting burned, and smashing them off every time he flinched from the pain. Slowly he watched as all the men started getting smaller, shorter, tiny. Glancing in horror as he watched Remy go from top of head to middle of nose to chin to shoulders to mid chest to mid abs to waist to crotch to just under his butt.

“R..R…Remy..what’s happening?”

Remy pulled out his computer and noticed all of Chaz’s stats had doubled.

“Uhm…Chaz…don’t freak out, but you’re uhm…12’ 10” now.....”

“What! How?”

“I….I….don’t know how, the spell might be going on all night but everything connected says you should still be 6’5”.”

“That’s what you wrote on the paper was that you were six-five and the same size as my doll right?”

“Yeah, that’s what I wrote down on that transparency sheet when I copied my image.”

“Transparency sheet? Remy, there aren’t any at the lab we ran out two days ago and the order for the new reams won’t be in until Monday.”

“No…no there was at least a couple of them on Baeuman’s desk. I borrowed one from him.”

“Baeuman’s desk! He didn’t have any transparencies….that’s that’s where his kid was drawing on….shrinky dink paper!”

“Shrinky dink paper?”

“You locked the doll and the image in the safe didn’t you? That’s what you were hiding at work…”

“Yeah…but I didn’t think…this shouldn’t have….”

“The safe in the fire is acting like an oven!”

“Damn, Baeuman and his kid. He’s always got to get him everything. Especially the new stuff.”

And at that time, a commercial ended… “That’s right if you’d like even small stuff, just keep the magic paper in the over twice as long and watch it shrink yet again. If you loved Shrinky Dinks, you’ll love new Shrinky Double Dinks. Suddenly the shoulders began to press into the ceiling.